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I raised a number of points in yesterday’s article about how Rangers would deal with failing to rein in our lead in the league,while with every passing round of fixtures,there was one less game left in which to do it. How would they cope with the pressure-after all,at the turn of the year,ten games ago,they held a formidable six point lead. Now,with only eight fixtures remaining,of which we can only have three away ties,they find themselves three points behind. 

Will they crumble,fading away in the background,melting in our shadow? Or will they grind out the wins in the six games against others as well as bettering our return in the two O** F*** games? The players and management at their club are highly paid professionals,and have vast experience at many levels of the game. I cannot speak for them-let’s face it,they don’t speak to me!-but I am sure that they know exactly what they need to do in order to turn things around. There will be a few twists in the road yet before the season ends,and I genuinely do not think it is likely that either side will pick up all of the 24 points available. 

No,I don’t think that their players and management are feeling the pressure more now than is normal. They will adopt a professional approach throughout,one which we must match or better. 

But other parts of hunland are definitely cracking under the strain! During our second 9iar,the pundits would generally go through any minor advantage or wrong decision given in our favour-until about October,when they realised that there was little point anymore,the title was already ours in all but name. Last season,of course,they had little reason to do so-but they still carried on,old habits being hard to break. 

This season it has really been cranked up-crank being an appropriate word in this case. Every corner,free kick,penalty awarded to us is given the treatment,and is forensically examined for any slight suggestion that the officials made the wrong call. This is then “debated” for days on end,and filed for future reference should any similar or otherwise event occur. 

The panel on Sportscene,the shock(ing) jocks on the phone-ins,and especially their equivalent in the few print outlets still read by anyone,they are all queuing up to give their opinions on the latest controversy that they have manufactured. And hilariously,there are even suggestions that the referees are in on it,that they have a vested interest in making sure that the title is awarded to the east end of Glasgow,suitably bedecked in our green and white! 

I mean,you couldn’t make this up! But most of them don’t need to,because their fear of our success,and their bitter hatred for us blinds them to what they are seeing,blinds them to the laws of the game in favour of seeing what they want to see. 

Nowhere else in football is the media so heavily slanted in favour of one team and against another. Down south,journalists will cheerfully tell the readers,listeners and viewers which team they support. And then carry on as before,doing their job in a professional manner,without fear or favour. Which is as it should be. Politicians,whose influence in the game should not be understated,will happily tell you what team they support too-yet will pass laws and regulations which may affect the game. But they will affect the game across the board,affecting for good or bad all the teams,and not simply favouring one while damning another. 

Maybe it is time that the employers widened their alleged demographic to include ALL potential readers,listeners and viewers,and not just those who fit the bill by virtue of the team that they support. After all,if you aim your product at a very narrow section of society,you will eventually do or say something which will invariably piss them off. And who are you going to turn to then-the 90% that you clearly couldn’t give a flying one about beforehand? It should come as no surprise when they turn their backs. 

The only way we can stop these attacks on the integrity of the game and on our club is for their favoured team to no longer exist. And maybe it is there that we find the heart of the matter. That the pundits know or suspect enough about the financial black hole at the money pit that is Ibrox that a failure to win the league this season,with its guaranteed access to the Champions League pot of gold,will hole them fatally below the waterline. 

And the riches available from the following season onwards will dwarf even that! The new format,recently ratified,guarantees five home games in the group stages,with much-improved prize money too. If we win this season,can they ever hope to catch us? Worse,from their point of view-will failing to get their hands on the prize sink them completely?

A Third Rangers is unthinkable-but only because we must be running out of foolish but rich individuals. But it is a very possible outcome if they do not win the league this season. And that,I think,is why there is so much focus on every decision which comes our way. It’s why the pundits are in full panic mode,because they have seen the future if they don’t double their title count this season. And it is bad enough that they will sacrifice what is left of their professional reputation and integrity to avoid that.

So win this league,Ange. It just might be the most important title in the history of Scottish football. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Smashing new background from ASWGL!!!

The Gombeen Man

Good read Mahe,

What no Old Firm?

That prospect got me thinking of what other famous double acts are no longer with us…

Eric & Ernie,
Laurel & Hardy,
The Two Ronnie’s,
Abbott & Costello,
Francie & Josie,

Thankfully the Old Firm circus act is promised a few bob down in Sydney.

What must European teams think of Sevco’s funding model?

There’s a long way to go, fingers crossed Ange delivers.


It looks like it.

Have a great day everyone…

Saltires en Sevilla

Brilliant background ASWGL Where do you find these?

Saltires en Sevilla


Methinks they are gearing up for major match day decisions in both remaking ties with Celts

We ain’t seen nothing yet buddy

Saltires en Sevilla


Finally got to read your item from yesterday – wow!

The Bedsheets too? Never gave that a thought … seriously.

Even if we manage to get 100% renewable energy here, we still need to rely on oil based products from Russia and China … to function

Was hung up on The Thatcher (and her puppet masters) plan to destroy industry and manufacturing here, destroy wages and reduce expectations to the point where the work could return here at some future date but at slave wages … folk would be desperate enough.

Could we see Coal in Ayrshire, steel in Motherwell, sewing machines at Clydebank, cars at Linwood, trains at Springburn…Ships in Govan…?

At minimum wage.

Restoring an epiphone guitar that needed a new neck – every part came from China – some parts appeared to be sold by U.K. Vendors, but they came via China – the original guitar was made in Korea.

A mahogany neck with fretboard ( that didn’t fit) cost £30 – how did they source raw materials craft it using machine tools, pack it ship it halfway around the world via Suez? and still make a profit from £30

To buy the wood here would be £30




“The only way we can stop these attacks on the integrity of the game and on our club is for their favoured team to no longer exist.”

There is another way but that involves competing in a different, bigger marketplace where Oldfirmism becomes irrelevant. Where the duopoly has no great significance or special influence.
Operating under the auspices of an impartial Governing Body.

I’m sure we’d all welcome that.



Not exactly double acts but recognised duos:

Dumb n Dumber?

Del B(h)oy n Rodney?


Morning all!
TGM…what do Euro managers think of TRFC’s financial management!
I give you Jon Dahl Tomasson…



I know what you mean. I was in Asda last week,figured I needed some jeans for work.

2 pairs for £12!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
Good article Bobby, thank you. There is of course another possibility of a financial windfall for Sevco and although I try not to think about it, results like last night can’t be ignored. Don’t the winners of the Europa League get automatic qualification for next season’s Champions League? Eek…

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone, link below is from our 3-2 victory at Ibrox 4 years ago today. As good a 90 second’s listen as I’ve heard in a long time.



Morning all,

Good article Bobby 👍


You been on the ginger wine already ??? 😜😜😜


Excellent video. Fair cheered me up 😀😀😀

Enjoy your day folks

HH 🍀🍀

St tams

Good article Bobby

That put a smile on my face this morning and 😁🍀

Saltires en Sevilla


aye, there was a factory at Inchinnan could Make you a pair of jeans for £15 but that was in 1982

ye then went up to Barrhead to buy a bath to sit in and make them fit

Then to Listen buy a t-shirt of favourite group/band for £15 and get their double album for £16

Someone was doing alright – driving rolls into swimming pools 😉


SES and Bobby…the town of Cardigan in Wales was producing 30-40k pairs of jeans a week for M&S (okay with that ampersand, Jim?😉) until they outsourced to the Asian markets. Cardigan has a population of 4000 people and the death of the industry almost killed it. A small company, Hiut Denim Co, restarted producing jeans in the town re-employing the masters of the craft in the town. Beware though, a pair of Hiut jeans will cost a wee bit more than 6 quid…oh, and you don’t wash them for at least 6 months so that they fit you perfectly, so remember to wear clean underwear, boys and girls!!



Stoapit,yer scarin’ me!


Good point re. the professionalism of punters in England Bobby. Great example is Alan Shearer – a bigger Newcastle fan you won’t get, but listen to him give justifiable criticism when it is merited (and praise when it is due!) A proper, professional pundit.

Big Audio Dynamite

Great new background ASWGL ..had it in phone for months. Brilliant!

The way things are going, we could be looking at on of the most important title wins we’ve had …well, since the last one 😉



That clip had maybe Tam’s best goal for us,the much-lampooned “Whit’sthe goalie daein’,Tom” and a miracle save from Bain. I wish he had maintained his early form with us.



Outsourcing to China destroyed the textile industries in the isolated East Ayrshire villages. Hot on the heels of the wilful destruction of the mining industry,bang went the community.



BTW,they’d be no use for my work…

bada bing1
Colour Blind Bhoy

BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS at 10.33am, yes it’s a lot of great things packed in to 90 seconds, at that stage Bain did indeed look like he had potential. That game will also be remembered by me for one of the best and bravest substitutions I’ve ever seen when after Simunovic was sent off Rodgers put Eduoard on up front alongside Dembele. That took balls of steel and paid off brilliantly for the winning goal.



That decision threw them into disarray! They didn’t have a clue how to cope with it.

When we had Edouard on loan,option for £4.5m,I was on CQN in the October demanding we sign him now,rather than wait. We waited,it cost us twice as much. He was terrific for us,but sadly even 22 goals in his final season couldn’t and won’t rescue his I Wanna Be Edouard t-shirt’s future as a dishrag.

He started with a storm at Palace but has faded away from selection. That’s what happens when you take a year off,what you thought was instinctive,you find out actually needed work.

Anyway,past my bedtime,must dash!

Son Of Gabriel

As much as financial dominance helps…it always comes back to scouting. Always.

Son Of Gabriel

A thought on our gluttonous competitors;
While they have allowed contracts to dwindle to their end & into the last years to 18 months for many of their starters we can still assume that the players under contract do still hold a (now reduced) value – if they sell, and I’m sure they will be forced to – they are likely to be able to keep the lights on for another season at least.

I very much doubt it will be a competitive season but that will, as always, come down to scouting. If they develop talent already in their youth ranks & make smart signings anything is possible. Currently I expect the scale of the imminently required rebuild to be as big, if not bigger, than the one we faced last summer. Thus why I don’t expect a competitive season next year as long as we continue on the right trajectory.

The only way we can combat any challenge next season, if we win the league this year, is to be better at scouting and developing and keep piling on the dominance. We can’t rely on them to wither & fail. We have to aim to be the best club we can be and not the biggest fish in the wee pond.

bada bing1


The excellent Matthew Syed of The Times,nailing Abramovich 9 years ago…..

St tams

Son of Gabriel
We wont become the best club we can be , with the present board that we have.

It’s all about being better than the hun.
Well they are showing us up in Europe.

Saltires en Sevilla

McCaff – interesting about Cardigan and remember that advert .. good there is a fresh start now

Saltires en Sevilla

St Tam

Aye, buddy absolutely


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, saltires brilliant backdrop there pal, nearly as good as ASWGL🤩

Awe Naw


Thanks. I´ve renamed it. Da Ya Think I´m Sexy Mate


I predicted before the last Europa rounds that the huns were better prepared for European competitions.
Most teams play possession based football which for all it’s prettiness is not effective unless opposition lack structure and shape which we still do.
The huns have a well established shape and system based on quick counters.
Modern footballers have little experience of dealing with the quick counters and pace of Kent and Morelos and it terrifies them Dortmund being a classic example.
The huns also use the same tactic that Fergusons Utd used in 2007/2008 Champions league semis to knock out Barcelona with an inferior team by closing off passing space in the final 3rd and by winning 1 goal to nil over the two legs.
Playing the two lines close in either a 5/4 or 4/5 forces these teams to constantly recycle waiting for openings the huns don’t leave.
If a European coach was smart he should alter his midfielders instructions to attack their central defenders with pace as they are limited and since neither Barisic or Tavernier can defend play ball into space behind them.
Being more direct would cause them all sorts of panic.

We on the other hand have flair but lack structure particularly in centre of the park.
Our spacing makes us easy pickings for those same possession style teams.
We score goals but are incapable of defending them in Europe as without the ball we are poor.
In Scotland we score more than opponents so our fatal flaw is not exposed.
We have players with excellent skill levels but lack game intelligence.
So after rambling on my opinion is being better in Europe does not make them a superior team just one suited to that environment.

big packy

loved this song when I was a kid, https://youtu.be/ojiqyGvjbg8

big packy
big packy

Good afternoon all,

Out for a quiet pint in The Queens Park Cafe.

Last time in there 35 years ago !!!!

Still cracking pub 👍

Now in Shawlands and pumped into, yes, you guessed it, BRRB.

Enjoying a pre Cheltenham chat !!!!!


Arise Sir David, A Knight on White Statin’s. One of Scotland’s greatest businessmen the Scottish press said in 1988. There wasn’t a tin lid big enough that could keep a check on his ambition, debt sat on his shoulder like a vulture, his malfeasance unstoppable.
The Scottish media – 2012 style: RIP Rangers, 140 years of history gone in a puff puff of white smoke, the Scottish newspapers said in black and Craig White. Suddenly the rhetoric changed and a new version of the truth was being printed, it was the company that went Down Under, Fairy Stories and down right lies follow followed. Incorporated in 1899 so they were.
The Scottish Legal System: Vultures still picking away at the bones in Malicious Prosecutions.
The Scottish Football Association: Stewart Regan (Magician) – Rod Petrie – Campbell Ogilvie (Mr. two clubs). Headed the ten most wanted list, accused of stealing Scottish footballs honesty and integrity. That infamous meeting at the ‘Hotel Du Vin’, Reserve your seat for the game of “Would I Lie To You”?
All – Scotland’s football clubs could have forced change and changed the narrative but they chose not to. They could all have insisted on the truth, honesty and integrity but when the choice came they turned down the crooked path.
Billy retains his *Rangers scarf – wallpaper – duvet – carpet – light shade, but his debenture seat is gone along with the truth.
A *Rangers 3, possibly, I couldn’t give a fig, but it’s the lies especially from within and being shackled to them that makes me puke.

Great background ASWGL.

A thing of beauty

Great insight into the difference between us and the Huns. We need to get better without the ball, you are correct in that but I am hopeful we will learn. We conceded the most or maybe second most amount of goals in the Europa league and that needs to stop if we want to make progress. We must remember that the ibrox mob have been together for the guts of four years. They ought to know what they are doing by now. It’s quite an anomaly actually that they have retained these players for so long together. We can’t seem to get a team that plays together for two years without us selling most of it off. Interesting that they have not managed this yet they have consistently been better than us in Europe and last year gave us a doing in the league. If I’m Douglas Park I’d be asking questions of their sporting director. Unless of course Douglas Park doesn’t mind spending all his money on penny shares to keep the ship afloat.



As has been seen in Scotland they are a limited team who excel in the space granted them in Europe. Euro Teams take the game to them, leaving themselves open.

Any coach, or layman, can see where their deficiencies lie in defence. Vulnerable centre backs and attack minded fullbacks.

I agree with your final sentence.

St tams

Excellent assessment of them.

Margaret McGill

I see Rangers, slippy, Brendan and Bodo/Glimt all did well yesterday!
It must be their fault not our Ozzy kamikaze board.


Two words describe the condition under which Scottish football operates.

“Moral hazard” but there is either no appetite to understand what it means or address it where understanding exists.

A term the CST left on the cutting room floor when they ” edited” the Note of Concern Resolution their own members voted for.

So what chance of change when a supporters group who wish to form a Shadow Board do not want moral hazard acknowledged never mind addressed?


Leggy ‘Now in Shawlands and pumped into’ 🤔 That’s Shawlands for you 😜 HH

Said that in the club a few times,no doubt he is a good coach.
90 in 90 can watch all day……..love it.


Wtf pumped? Scandalous. That was the huns on 2nd February. 🤣



Fantastic !!!!

Like Shawlands, take a walk on the wild side 😜😜

Hope your well pumped up in the Vogue 👍


Leggy / BRRB Enjoy guys 👍🍻🍀HH

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