The Ex Files

No, myself and Bobby have not morphed into Mulder and Scully as much as I liked the show, but sometimes it’s interesting to have a butchers at how our ex players got along. Or at least I think so.
So with that in mind,,,


Thomas Rogne is a player who brings a smile to my face, I enjoyed his time in the Hoops. How he can still pull on a jersey is beyond me, I recall he was a treatment room special but there you go. He had decent pace and a very good sweeping tackle, and Scandinavians can handle the local climate nae bother.


He coulda become the mainstay of our defense, but his body failed him time and time again, so much so that at one stage it was thought he just wasnt cut out to be a professional football player.


Wrong. He’s still playing at the tender age of 31 for Apollon Smyrnis.
Okay they aren’t exactly giants but he still managed 60 plus games for both Gothenburg and Lech Poznan after leaving Celtic so at least the chap managed to eke a decent career out of the game (still is) despite any injury woes.
I believe it’s fair to state he warmed the treatment table more than the Tims hearts, but no hard feelings.


One player who never got much of a chance to warm the Tims hearts was Miku, despite starting upfront for the famous Barca victory. I believe he got the nod due to having performed well against that particular defense before, and he had a good game that night before his replacement stole the limelight.


He’s currently playing in Spain’s third division with Deportivo la Corina, I recall they were a solid Primera Division team but financial woes hit (or lack of governance failed them).


Another former Celtic striker, only 32 years young, is currently gracing the Cyrpriot league with just under one goal every three games (7 in 22) according to Wiki.
During the 13/14 season he banged in 23 goals in 39 appearances for Sporting Gijon yet despite those great figures Stefan Scepovic hardly got a look in whilst playing in Glasgow the following campaign. 19 games with four goals during his spell with the club tells me he wasnt rated or suited the system. Or given much of a chance.
Very typical of the time, I thought he was a good player, and I wasn’t alone in that, our old friend TET was a fan of his. He’s the ultimate journeyman player, having graced 18 clubs in his career so far, in many far flung places.


Speaking of Spain, can you believe our old right back Saidy Janko is playing there, Segundo Division for Real Valladolid!
We took a punt on him probably on the strength of being good enough to gain a contract with Manchester United, and discovered he wasn’t for us. Infact most of his employers discovered that, he never really settled anywhere.


One player who did settle down post Glasgow life was a certain Tyler Blackett. Another Manchester United graduate, he gave four solid years to Reading post Celtic amassing 110 appearances.
I can’t say he wowed me during his stint, infact I can’t recall any of his three games for our club, but Peter was a total sucker for a EPL reject, so snapped up on loan for a season he was.
He was also Drain. Money. Down.


It’s often stated that the only way after Celtic is downwards, and it’s fair to say none of the quintet mentioned above played for bigger clubs after departure, but we know there’s exceptions to the rule ala Henrik.
Come to think of it, he was an exception to most rules, and it’s fitting he lifted the big cup with Barca.


Most of the above were simply too raw to make a major impact at the club, which feels strange given that Liel and Jota are barely out of nappies yet setting the heather on fire. They were, in the main, squad fillers at a time first team ready players were asked for, and therefore they tended to flop when handed the opportunity. Of course Lenny wasn’t in a position of strength, couldn’t or wouldn’t say no to more bodies, but not worldly enough to have his own targets.
That’s why they are mere ex’s, not former legends or even stalwarts.
That’s why changing tact, and buying players the manager knows or has deemed of sufficient quality seems such a breath of fresh air, when as a matter of fact it should be simple business practice.


The above punts are now remnants of a bygone era, millions wasted not to mention the time involved, but they donned the world famous hoops, and now have pictures and probably stories for the grandkids.
They lived the dream, even if they didn’t fit the team.

By Mahe.

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Ange is our leader 🍀

Watch open goal terrific interview


Can take the Bhoy outta Coatbrig but you won’t take Coatbrig out the Bhoy

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One for you GFTB and Garrybhoy


On the article … loads of clubs take punts, just a pity Celtic need to offer terrific money to get a result and sometimes when very good money is on offer we might lose a CCV or a Jota …. If a player does well they can then ditch the club … if the player doesn’t do well they still collect their contractual wage … so sometimes the club isn’t at fault .. but I agree with Mahe let the manager succeed or fail with his own choices 🍀


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Good read mahe … forgot about most of them.


Bedtime for me …

Cheers for the welcome bhoys


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A thing of beauty

Interesting article Mahe and just a small tincture of the players signed and money wasted whilst the laird of thorntonhall was our de facto DOF. Honestly there can’t be many clubs that have wasted more than us in the last 15 years on utter dross. As you rightly point out he was a sucker for an EPL reject and I recall Olivier Kapo coming on at Celtic Park and me thinking he’d be decent because he’d played at a good level. He was anonymous and was moved on quickly. Now it’s ok for me to think he’d be ok because I haven’t done any due diligence and asked others in the game their opinion. Seems Lawwell didn’t either. Repeatedly!!
You also mention Tyler Blackett. I am astonished this guy played any professional football after leaving Celtic. In a European game (can’t recall who the opponents were) I have never seen a player be so scared in all my time watching the hoops. He was literally paralysed by fear.
For all the disasters and I sure would love a list!! – there have been successes, VVD being the obvious but I see that Jeremie Frimpong is a possible target for Barcelona. Can I add here and now if he moves to Barcelona it will confirm what a lot of you already know. I know nothing about football. I cannot see how he is anywhere near that level. When he played for us and when he played against us this season my opinion never changed. Quick player but suspect defensively and dreadful final ball. Let’s see how it plays out. Doesn’t stop me hoping we’ve got a sell on clause though😂😂


“That’s why changing tact, and buying players the manager knows or has deemed of sufficient quality seems such a breath of fresh air, when as a matter of fact it should be simple business practice.”

Exactly that.

Agree with GFTB, good 30 min interview on Open Goal.
Ange talks about bringing in players he knows.
Using Daizen as an example. And what he expects from them.

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If Barca are after Jeremie it’ probably suggests more about Barca these days… think the guy who wasn’t even Wolves best player is now playing for them… I think young Frimpong is doing well but is actually one of the “boards” successes… Man City kid done us a turn them turned over for many millions …. And a terrible defender into the bargain …. I wish him well like most ex-Celts but I think Celtic done very well in that deal …. his final ball is still rubbish at Leverkusen 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Morning Everyone,

I thought I’d have a look at the news in Israel to see what they are saying about Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Premier is Jewish and there’s also 250,000 members of the Jewish faith in Ukraine and obvious links between Israel and Russia in respect of Syria.

I’m not looking at the wider picture in respect of Israel and the Middle East, just the Ukrainian situation.

“Ukraine official said to claim Bennett pushed Zelensky to ‘surrender’ to Putin deal. The Times of Israel.”

Less Detail in this article…

Oligarchs head out of Russia?


CFC … don’t ever admit to agreeing with an eijit like me 🙂 …. I love listening to our manager he has it all, serious, sarcastic, funny and intelligence … as for Darien Maeda in my opinion he could be even better than Kyogo, a true professional who never stops, reminds me of MacAvennie in our centenary year without the blond tips and not having to disappear to meet up with the Japanese Jenny Byth after every game

A thing of beauty

Japanese Jenny Blythe 😂😂




Ange is indeed a very shrewd operator. Very good in interview situations.

Having said that the Open Goal Bhoys are hardly going to test him with their fawning, softball approach😀

We will see the best of this squad next season.
With CCV or equivalent, Jota or equivalent, a better left centre back and left back Ange will complete his squad.

Daizen doesn’t strike me as a “ whur’s the geishas?” type.


Your point on Frimpong being a poor defender peaked my interest.
As you know i show great disdain for the possession obsessed coaches who litter the footballing landscape.
The vast majority are sheep and lack the ability to properly implement such systems.
One thing it has done is elevate fast forward moving fullbacks who cannot defend.
The constant recycling for the easy pass often means the full back just stands in the vicinity and his opponent does not try to beat him but just returns ball backwards and sideways.
I watched the oft praised and defensively hopeless Barisic get mauled when his country played Portugal and they constantly went past him with ease.
What Abada did to him could easily be replicated if opposing coaches threw out their possession obssession and switched to a simpler pass and move system. Likewise with Tavernier.
Also if you notice Kent rarely takes on defender until in vicinity of box where he knows they are wary of his penchant for diving and refs willingness to award penalties. When he receives ball wide further from goal he usually either passes or cuts across field.
Barcelona probably don’t expect Frimpong to defend in it’s true sense but merely add pace to their forward movement.



🙂 that was far funnier than my reference


The centenary season is probably the only season I remember about

I really like the “0open goal” bhoys, mainly because I think they are good at what they do and make a good show out of kidding on they are daft…. But deep down realise without injury/stupidity they could have been contenders, so in my opinion think they see professional football from both fan level and the “could have been me” side …. Anyhow Ange is uniting nearly all Celtic fans in a way that I haven’t saw since Tommy Burns … probably more so, as I can still remember a few who gave Tommy grief as a player…. 🍀


A t o b

Could be an interesting summer for ex Celts onward moves benefitting us.
KT- Real M rumoured, MD- Man Utd, JF – Barca.

A few million hopefully in sell on fees. Enough for a CCV and/ or Jota?



Cheers for correcting my spelling … I did try and type Blytbe 🙂 … spelling is usually one of my OCD/s at least if I am posting rubbish make sure it’s spelt correctly … better go wife and daughter won’t make their own breakfast on a Saturday …Celtic on a Monday night makes the weekend seem a lot longer



Both bring a smile to start the day👍🏻

Take your point about the O G Bhoys as fans and one time coulda been contenders.

Unity is strength.


Ffs … seemingly I need my glasses on to be able to spell Blythe !!!!

Anyhow my point was Dazien Maeda could end up
Ange’s best signing and will score many goals for us, can’t wait to see him and Kyogo on the same football field 🇯🇵🍀


The Japanese contingent will get a well deserved rest at seasons end and be raring to go in July/ August.
Hopefully with quality additions in key positions.

We obviously have much to do this season in 9/10/11 games, but next season holds much promise.


Welcome to the blog IsabellaVal, I’m sure there are a few old men on here looking for happiness!🤣🤣🤣


Morning all,

I’m blaming that BRRB for feeling rough today !!!!

Time for a Nakamura 🍺🍺🍺

Enjoy your day folks 💚

A thing of beauty

Agree about frimpong being a poor defender but I also think for a Barca level, his final ball will be the downfall of the move.
I also saw that KT is linked with Real Madrid. One thing about Tierney is he can defend one on one. That’ll help his cause but not sure he’ll have enough going forward. Every player has a flaw I suppose. I am always looking for perfection and it’s just not possible. Unless his name is Paul McStay.



Great stuff. Excellent topic for an article.

I assume you used the oul’ pinstickers guide to pick out those players from the vast multitude of choices?



Frimpers has gone from an occasionally exciting wing back with great pace but poor defensive skills to a top Bundesliga club at €14m…

To being a target for Barcelona? In little more than a year?

About thirty months from his debut against us?

Football,bloody hell…


ATOB and Fan… Ange’s system shows the necessity for good defending in the modern attacking game. We’ve not got it, unfortunately. But players who understand the requirements can make it work so if Frimpong does indeed move to Barca you’d expect the standard of players and their understanding on their role in the team would allow Frimpong to flourish. It’s also worth remembering that he is still young, too, with a helluva lot to learn. Conversely, of course, he might be one of these guys who has a frustrating career of just never hitting the heights you thought he could!


A t o b

Or Henrik Larsson.

JF I see as a poor man’s Dani Alves, whose final ball is also hit or miss. But good luck to the lad if it happens. A career trajectory everyone would envy.

Prestonpans bhoys


That’s made my day, the return of the harry hunts😕 to the capital.

The OL went bust here in Prestonpans years ago, pre covid the bastewards would bus down to the town and march. All would take a piss outside the labour club as the saw that as a Celtic haven. Knobs😵


Frimpong moving to Barca? Remember there are more transfer rumours than transfers.

The current Barca side are a poor shadow of the days of Messi, Xavi and Puyol. Xavi, now the coach, is trying to play the tippy tappy of his day but does not have the players to make the final killer pass. Worse, he does not have a goal scorer of renown. The result is a slow moving, clueless team that offers little threat in the penalty area. Galatasaray showed them up in the Catalan capital the other night.

They need speed from somewhere and Frimpong has that so I can see him getting a shot. What was interesting was the role played by Wolves’ loanee, Traore. Barca play him as a wing back. He is immensely talented on the ball but poor at decision making. Occasionally, he scores a spectacular goal but usually he does a Rogic and loses the ball. As we saw in RM vs PSG, losing the ball against a counter attacking team can be fatal. However, my real point is Traore is being coached differently at Barca. He has been told, stay wide to get the ball and cross it into the centre. He is a different player at Barca. Trouble is Barca does not have a finisher. Neither Traore nor Frimpong can fix that.



Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Apparently I’m watching Cheltenham in the company of that dumpling Leggy next week. The things I put up with to get a beer.


BRRB If jesus was real he’d love you. 🤣


SES as far as our background images go, if I come across some images I like, what I tend to do is throw them into a photo editing software such as Gimp or Inkscape, mainly because they are free programs and I use Linux as my operating system.

I ain’t paying Adobe £250 a year for Photoshop, (i’d rather eat bees) then i’ll either add to the images or combine some images (the one currently showing is two images I combined), or start from a plain background and add images to it, to get something I think might enhance the site backgrounds. Sometimes it works 😀



ASWGL, if Jesus was real he’d buy me a fecking beer.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM colour blind bhoy thanks for your reply last night, another croy bhoy on the blog 👍 bet you you will know my family, my second name is the same as a certain ryan from these parts who has now left us😎 dont know what age you are, but do you remember duffys wee shop not far from barbegs crescent and the holy cross chapel.H.H.

Couple of questions.
1 At a pk does the keeper have to have two feet on the line or one when the ball is hit.
2 Should “the rangers” pk been given on Thursday.


Tim Horton
As far as I know a keeper can’t move off his line until ball is kicked
Have not seen the foul but as it the Huns then NO it should never of been a penalty

I’m sure Mr Sol Kitts will clear the issue up 😀

Billy Bhoy

Only one foot requires to be on the line. I thought he was well out when the ball.was struck but VAR would (or should) have picked that up. Mind you, the Kent penalty decision is a shocker. He had lost possession of the ball then deliberately kicked the defenders legs!

Thanks for the reply.


I’m sure it will be as heavily scrutinised and dissected and cross examined over and over again, till heads will fall, by the ever vigilant Scottish media. The same as our corner was.

Having an “impartial” Dutchman in charge of var at their game obviously helps *cough*

Have faith 😜



As I understand the rule The keeper should have at least one foot on the line as the kick is taken.
McGregor was up to two yards off the line as he made the save. Should have been a retake.

The Huns pen was played for by Kent. Not for the first time he has won free kicks by leading into the defenders leg.
The ball had already been knocked wide off his (Kent’s) shin.



As I understand the rule The keeper should have at least one foot on the line as the kick is taken.
McGregor was up to two yards off the line as he made the save. Should have been a retake.

The Huns pen was played for by Kent. Not for the first time he has won free kicks by leading into the defenders leg.
The ball had already been knocked wide off his (Kent’s) shin.


The ref and var man both Dutch.


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Saltires en Sevilla


Can ye play left back?


Hi all,

That BRRB makes Oliver Reed look like Mother Theresa !!!

Still good company.💚

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