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What are we to make of the current events in Ukraine? These were well-signalled in advance,ever since Putin began the build up of forces around the country in the early autumn. While it may lead to the autumn of his own political career,and hopefully its death knell,it has also spread chaos in a much wider sphere than “mere geopolitics”

It has seen one country ostracised from football,while another has suspended its league operations and international matches. 

But are these “faraway countries about which we know nothing”? In these days of the Internet and JFGI,there is no country anymore which fits that description. Though maybe North Korea comes close. But closer still is the plight of Chelsea FC,due entirely to its ownership by Roman Abramovich and his alleged close links to Putin himself. 

I don’t deny the veracity of those reports,as I’m sure that due diligence on the matter has been done. And the speed with which the sanctions were imposed on him strongly suggests a previous awareness in government/intelligence circles of those links. But is it fair to impose the sanctions on the club that he owns? 

Well,all is fair in love and war,and while there is no doubting his affection for the club,there is also no doubting that Russia has declared war on Ukraine,a sovereign nation whose right to exist is denied by Putin. And there are increasing reports of Abramovich’s closeness to Putin. In this case,I have to support the sanctions imposed-indeed,I thought that the game’s rulers,national and international,were slow off the mark. Even if i do have concerns that HMGov has effectively taken ownership of the club,placed it into administration AND appointed itself as administrator. Given their competence levels elsewhere,Chelsea fans should be worried…

And so we have the very real prospect of the current club world champions going out of business! The sanctions imposed mean that they cannot provide more than £500,000 of financial assistance to visiting clubs,and must not incur costs of more than £20,000 for travel to away games. It seems that autograph hunters are most likely to meet their heroes at King’s Cross/St Pancras or the EasyJet check-in desk!

I had my own theory about Abramovich’s arrival at Stamford Bridge,back when it happened. That he was making a high-profile purchase in our national game as a means of protection from Putin. That the ownership of such a famous London club would act as a means of deterrent or protection. Even if he WAS then close to Putin,with that man he would be looking for any clues that Putin might be ready,as with so many before and since,to turn on him.  

I still think that was his motivation,as he seemingly had shown no previous interest in football. The possibility that his divorce from his then wife was also to shelter a significant sum from any potential fallout has also been raised,and widely discussed ever since. But he and his advisors will have their work cut out to get out of this one. 

So too will Chelsea. The government has essentially confiscated the company,while denying it funding. And since that funding has included over £1,500,000,000 in “loans” from Abramovich-a way round the Financial Fair Play regulations-it will take a brave or foolish billionaire to pay a further £2,000,000,000 for the privilege of buying a money pit. And a bloody good accountant to configure it all as a tax loss!

Additionally,they desperately require a new stadium,and you can ask any supporter of Spurs or Arsenal what happens to the playing side of a club when the bills for that stadium start piling up. Meanwhile,the club play the “sporting integrity” card in an attempt to have a cup-tie at Middlesborough played behind closed doors. Really…

Well,good enough for them,in my opinion. I have little or no love for that club,their demise-whether that be a reduction to their former status or their eventual disintegration-will see me shedding no tears. But what does any of this have to do with Celtic,I hear you ask?

Well,assuming you’ve stayed with me this long,it transpires that it costs Chelsea around £900,000 to open the ground on a match day. I can only assume that the costs are inclusive of such as policing,stewards,catering staff,etc. Of course,they can deduct the staffing costs for the club shop as that is no longer able to trade!

So probably around £25m pa just to make the game available for fans to watch? Blinkin’ flip,that’s a tough gig. And I very much doubt that it can cost Celtic much less than that to host home games,given that it is a far bigger stadium. All of a sudden,it looks as though most of the income from season ticket sales are swallowed up simply by opening the doors for those ticket holders!

I don’t know how the report arrived at that match day figure,but I’m sure it wasn’t just a wild guess. I wish Celtic would release their own costs for a match day,it might open a few eyes to the travails involved in running a football club regardless of size. 

Of course,Chelsea paying £25m to open the doors is a drop in the ocean when compared to their annual income for doing so. But it amounts to 25% of Celtic’s highest ever annual income. Fortunately,the club has by and large been well run financially over the years,even if many of us disagree vehemently with the methods required. But here’s another thought-just how much equity confetti is required over Ibrox way to achieve that? And how much longer can that source or sources be counted on?


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Gombeen Man

“Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!”

– Blessings on Patrick’s Feast on you all. –

Maybe someone will tell the ignoramuses in the Old Firm, Celtic Plc Support that Pádraig brought a form of Christianity to Ireland that had much in common with the Reformed Protestant Churches?

Pádraig lived about 600 years before the Romanisation of Ireland really began with the Synod of 1111.

Neither Pádraig nor any of the other Celtic Saints were formally Canonised by Rome, they lived before that process was adopted.

The Celtic Christianity of Columba, Brendan Columbanas and hundreds of other Irish Saints was always viewed by suspicion by Rome and was smothered by the ruthless expansion of Roman Catholicism in mainland Europe and to Britain.

The first Irishman to be formally Canonised was Saint Malachi in 1148.

Rome’s frustrations with Celtic Ireland led to the issue of the Papal authority of Pope Adrian IV for the Norman invasion of Ireland, led by Henry the II in 1171.

That led to going on to 900 years of Anglo-Saxon oppression, mainly rooted in Roman interference in Irish affairs.

“As if they know they’re history?”

Nothing changes.

The dumb, lazy, Old Firmisim of that Hun-Taig brainwashed mindset.


Good morning all from Govanhill. St Patrick’s Day high jinks and jolly larks begins at 12 at the Scotia Bar. All welcome to buy me drink. Even Leggy.

The Gombeen Man

Why was Saint Malachi the first Irishman Canonised?

His mentor, St Bernard of Clairvaux paints the picture of post Viking Ireland…

Drawn from St Bernard of Clairvaux’s hagiographical account of St Malachi’s life.

“In the fifth century Ireland was converted from heathenism to Christianity. Through the three succeeding ages it became the principal seat of learning in Christendom.

In the ninth century Ireland began to feel the grievances which followed the invasion of the sanctuary in other countries. It was infested in its turn by heathen barbarians, who under the general name of Vikings, ravaged at the same time the maritime districts of France, England, and Scotland, and finally, made establishments in all.

Through a long and unavoidable intercourse between the natives and the oppressors of religion and law, a great relaxation of piety and morals gradually took place, and, through the accumulation of so many evils, the nation was, in a great degree, sunk in barbarism.

It was in this state of the nation that the glorious Saint, whose life we are writing, was born. Malachy, called in Irish, Maol-Maodhog O’ Morgair, a native of Armagh…A disciple so meek, so humble, so obedient, so mortified, and devout, could not fail, by the assiduous exercises of penance and prayer, to advance apace to the summit of evangelical perfection.

The Archbishop made him his vicar, to preach the word of God to the rude people, and to extirpate evil customs, which were many, grievous, and inveterate, and most horribly disfigured the face of that Church.

St. Malachy discharged this commission; abuses and vices were quite defeated and dispersed before his face; barbarous customs were abolished; diabolical charms and superstitions were banished; and whatever squared not with the rule of the gospel could not stand before him.

In the thirtieth year of his age, was chosen Bishop of Connor (now in the county of Down)…Upon beginning the exercise of his functions he found that his flock were Christians in name only, but in their manners savage, vicious, and worse than pagans.

However, he would not run away like a hireling, but resolved to spare no pains to turn these wolves into sheep. He preached in public with an apostolical vigour, mingling tenderness with a wholesome severity; and when they would not come to the church to hear him, he sought them in the streets and in their houses, exhorted them with tenderness, and often shed tears over them.

The Archbishop Celsus was taken with illness, of which he died. In his infirmity he appointed St. Malachy to be his successor, conjuring all persons concerned, in the name of St. Patrick, the founder of that See, to concur to that promotion, and oppose the intrusion of any other person. This he not only most earnestly declared by word of mouth, but also recommended by letters to persons of the greatest interest and power in the country, particularly to the two kings of Upper and Lower Munster.

This he did out of a zealous desire to abolish a most scandalous abuse which had been the source of all other disorders in the churches of Ireland.

For two hundred years past, the family out of which Celsus had been assumed, and which was the most powerful in the country, had, during fifteen generations, usurped the Archbishopric as an inheritance; insomuch, that when there was no clergyman of their family, they intruded some married man and laymen of their family, who, without any holy orders, had the administration and enjoyed the revenues of that See, and even exercised a despotical tyranny over the other bishops of the island.

Notwithstanding the precaution taken by Celsus, who was a good man, after his death, though Malachy was canonically elected, pursuant to his desire, Maurice, one of the above-mentioned family, got possession (of the Administration and Revenues of the See).

Malachy declined the promotion, and alleged the dangers of a tumult and bloodshed. Thus, three years passed till Malchus, Bishop of Lismore, and Gillebert, Bishop of Limerick, who was the Pope’s legate in Ireland, assembled the bishops and great men of the island, and threatened Malachy with excommunication if he refused to accept the archbishopric.

Hereupon he submitted, but said: “You drag me to death. I obey in hopes of martyrdom; but, on this condition, that if the business succeed according to your desires, when all things are settled, you shall permit me to return to my beloved poverty.”

They promised he should have the liberty so to do, and he took upon him that charge, and exercised his functions with great zeal through the whole province, except in the city of Armagh, which he did not enter for fear of bloodshed, so long as Maurice lived, which was two years more.

At the end of five years, after the demise of Celsus, Maurice died, and, to complete his iniquities and increase his damnation, named his kinsman Nigellus for his successor. But King Cormac, and the Bishops, resolved to instal St. Malachy in that See, and he was acknowledged the only lawful metropolitan in the year 1133, and thirty-eighth of his age.

Nigellus was obliged to leave Armagh, but carried with him two relics held by the Irish in great veneration; and the common people were foolishly persuaded that he was archbishop who had them in his possession. These were a Book of the gospels which had belonged to St. Patrick, and a Crosier called the staff of Jesus, which was covered with gold, and ornamented with rich jewels.

By this fallacy some still adhered to him, and his kindred violently persecuted St. Malachy. One of the chief amongst them invited him to a conference at his house with a secret design to murder him. The Saint, against the advice of all his friends, went thither, offering himself to martyrdom for the sake of peace; he was accompanied only by three disciples, who were ready to die with him.

But the courage and heavenly mildness of his countenance disarmed his enemies as soon as he appeared amongst them: and he who had designed to murder him, rose up to do him honour, and a peace was concluded on all sides. Nigellus not long after surrendered the sacred book and crosier into his hands.

A raging pestilence, which broke out at Armagh, was suddenly averted by his prayers, and he wrought many other miracles. Having rescued that church from oppression, and restored discipline and peace, he insisted upon resigning ‘the archiepiscopal dignity, according to covenant, and ordained Gelasius, a worthy ecclesiastic, in his place.

He then returned to his former see: but whereas the two sees of Connor and Down had been long united, he again divided them, consecrated another Bishop for Connor, and reserved to himself only that of Down, which was the smaller and poorer.

Here he established a community of regular canons, with whom he attended to prayer and meditation, as much as the external duties of his charge would permit him. He regulated every thing, and formed great designs for the divine honour.”

(Throughout his life Malachys’ diligence and evangelical zeal had impressed St Bernard of Clairvaux.

In 1148, Malachy began the ardous trip to Rome, stopping enroute at Clairvaux. On arriving at Clairvaux, he fell sick and died in the arms of St Bernard, on 2 November 1148.

Malachy became the first Irishman to be Canonised by the Pope Clement III, in 1190.)


Happy St Paddy’s Day to all Sentinels, and a particular mention to Oglaich if you’re lurking…I hope all’s well for you!Here’s a wee tune for the SC All Week Club (BRRB and Leggy 😁)

Noel Skytrot

Happy St Patrick’s Day to everyone thats into that type of thing.

There’s been plenty of comments around Abramovich and Chelsea due to his links with Mr Putin but not enough people talking about the City consortium and Newcastle, who have very, very dodgy folk bankrolling their clubs. This whole episode has shone a spotlight at the very soul of football, particularly the EPL

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Any chance of Red Star bri ing some extra tea time enjoyment to St Patrick’s Day? They are 10/1 to qualify. If they just get an early goal….. 🤔


Good article Bobby with good tie-in to the associated costs of Celtic and our nee’bors’ day to day costs, a question that’s been asked many, many times – how do they manage to survive? We’ll never know until there’s no alternative other than let us know, they’re pretty much well protected and insulated from any kind of Financial Fair Play as we have a governing body unwilling to act to make the game fairer and better here. A one paragraph doesn’t do it justice but neither are enough facts or information available for anyone to compile a complete dossier of TRFC’s shenanigans since ’12. So we are where we are for the time being.
On the Abramovich and Putin situation a little-covered aspect of the restrictions on the oligarchs’ assets is how much has been moved around on behalf of Putin. There have been suggestions Comrade Putin’s personal wealth sits at an incredulous $500 BILLION!! Putin needs these guys to protect his money, that’s exactly HOW and WHY they are able to do business across the world…otherwise we might have seen many more KGB murders a la Skripol and Litvinenko!

The Fenian Whaler

Couldn’t care less about Chelski, hope they and the whole rotten edifice of the EPL collapse. As for Putin denying Ukraine’s right to be a Sovereign nation perhaps he is just learning from the West in how to interfere in a country’s democratic process



I only previously knew about Malachy via his prophesy about two Popes. And from working in Oxford with a fella of the same name. Naturally,I called him Malky!

Great stuff,and a very brave man for that or any other time. Thank you.

Saltires en Sevilla


That’s some match day cost – we must be lucky to clear £1m per game ( after vat)

The squeeze on Chelsea will surely have an impact on all similarly funded clubs ??

Saltires en Sevilla

Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️ to all Sentinel’s

Plenty of porter today yasssss

Saltires en Sevilla


Fantastic reading as usual and looking forward to all your items. Thanks

☘ Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘





H H.
Glad iam not within a thousand miles of Belgrade today, Wot with all those lovely Deady Bears in town for their game tonight,
Anyhow enjoy Paddys Day and cheltenham races.



I think this is the 1st time that the Bobby sands
Diary has not been published on here.
So here is day17.


In my humble opinion, the sanctions on people like Abramovich are largely a cosmetic exercise for Western governments. If Abramovich and others were close to Putin, they would have had a heads up on the invasion. Consequently, they would have had time to minimise its effects on their assets. That is probably why Putin delayed the invasion. Abramovich stated that he was prepared to sell Chelsea and write off the selling price by donating it to refugees from the Ukrainian war. So whether Chelsea’s assets are seized by the Government or given away……Abramovich has written them off.

Personal sanctions benefit leaders such as Johnson, Biden etc be making it look as though they are doing something and being tough on an aggressor. If these countries were keen on doing something then acting to remove Russia from the World Trade Organisation, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, or at least some of them would be effective. Supplying arms when it is too late and upsetting a few rich Russians are sops to getting re-elected domestically.

Further, I am confident that Chelsea will continue and at a top level. Selling it for 1 pound on condition that a rich billionnaire picks up the running costs will still be attractive to quite a few.

Incidentally, interfering in a memorial service for an English internationalist, from pre-Abramovich, is not a good look for any government seeking re-election. That penny will drop pretty quickly.



Happy March 17 to everyone. Today once again marks the success of the global Irish brand.

This year is particularly powerful for me since my good friend and neighbour planned to have a dinner party to mark the day and the easing of Covid restrictions. Sadly, today he is fighting for his life in hospital. He has multiple interrelated problems including a stroke, recovery from heart surgery and a fall. This is made worse by an infection picked up during heart surgery. Please pray for Barry or spare some good thoughts for him. He is a really good person who deserves a break.

Rebus for Barry



ARD MACHA always put it on.

I hope he is still fighting fit for the first weekend in June,as a few of us are heading over.

Btw,not bloody cheap!


Rebus, God bless Barry.



You know he will be on my hotline upstairs.

Cut out the middleman,talk to The Boss,job done. And I hope that works for your friend.

Actually,I hope for a helluva lot more than that. Pass on my good wishes please,the least I can do.

Hopefully my Plan B prayer works. And there’s 26 of them buggers.

The Gombeen Man



I’ll repost that item again. It’s on the editing room floor somewhere in Sentinel Towers.

Anyway, from St Bernard’s biography of the life of St Malachi…

“Nigellus was obliged to leave Armagh, but carried with him two relics held by the Irish in great veneration; and the common people were foolishly persuaded that he was archbishop who had them in his possession. These were a Book of the gospels which had belonged to St. Patrick, and a Crosier called the staff of Jesus, which was covered with gold, and ornamented with rich jewels.”

What were these two relics of Saint Patrick?

Without possession of the items Saint Malachi was unable to assume his role as Archbishop.

The Book of Gospels, I might talk about later, if I have time.

The other item is the crosier. It’s the Staff you normally see St Patrick holding in pictures. In Irish it was called the Bachal Isu or Staff of Jesus…

I know we might think folk a thousand years ago were a bit gullible but we’re the generation that accepts 55 Titles can be won in 12 years. Where Liquidation didn’t happen and where senior Executives don’t open emails.

The story goes that after Patrick escaped his servitude in Ireland, he was given the Bachal Isu by a hermit on an island in the Mediterranean. The hermit had been given the Staff by Jesus, who told him to wait for Patrick and give it to him.

The Staff therefore was sacred. Folk would swear on it. If they weren’t telling the truth great problems lay ahead.

For fifteen generations the Staff had been in the hands of the Ui Sinaich family. A senior layman of that family had been Archbishop. The Bishops answered to him.

Relief came when Malachi’s predecessor as Archbishop, who was a Ui Sinaich, broke with tradition and became a priest.

The Church had Jesus’ Staff back. It was taken out of Ulster and kept in an Abbey near Dublin. The place became known as Ballyboughal (the town of the Staff).

However, when Malachi was about to become Archbishop, the Ui Sinaich Clan somehow got hold of it again…There were two Archbishops. One a secular member of the Ui Sinaich family and Malachi.

Seemingly Malachi eventually bought the Staff back (It had been hidden in a cave).

Via Ballyboughal it found it’s way to Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin.

Unfortunately Henry VIII had other ideas.

St Patrick’s, Bachal Isu or Staff of Jesus…

Was burned in a bonfire outside Christchurch Cathedral during the Reformation, in 1538. It was decreed a “superstitious relic”.

Have a great day.


The Fenian Whaler
Good post.
The revisionism of what will lead to the deaths of many innocent people is nauseating.
Putin,Biden,Zelensky,Lukashenko and NATO.
They all are responsible for this crisis.

Big Audio Dynamite

Rebus, sounds like Barry could do with a change of luck.
Wish him all the very best 💚


Good morning troops and happy Paddy’s day to one and all.
Best wishes for Danny.

I see the Union Bears are demanding the foreign friendly gets scrapped. There may be trouble ahead.

Hail Hail

That’s so sad about your friend Barry, talk about bad luck he sure needs some good luck……….thoughts are with him.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM rebus, best wishes to your friend barry 👍 can anyone spot JIM on this, cyber pint if you can ,, plenty of hoops tops as well,


Packy, that’s brilliant! Wonder why it’s so busy? LOL 🙂 Been there many times!



big packy

just seen you on the webcam jim with your leprechaun suit on,🤩 keep them irish tunes coming,H,H,

big packy
big packy

JIM, john mcormack was my dads favourite singer, he sang most of his songs, this was one of his favourites,


Lovely stuff Packy.

A thing of beauty

Thoughts with your pal Barry, hopefully his health can improve soon.

big packy

JIM, colour blind bhoy would not have known my dad very well, as he emigrated to glenboig in 1952 when he married my mother 😎but he would have known my granny and my aunt alice, 2 wonderful singers that graced croy miners welfare club in the late 70s 👍

Bar 67 mobbed, live music. Christa Coyle till 6pm then 7pm Tony Ray. ☘️

Margaret McGill

What about the Tories confiscate the 2000 or so £10m+ UK properties, most in London, that are used in City of London money laundering schemes for Russian oligarchs, for Ukrainian refugees? Fairs fair.

big packy

MAGS, great to see you on ,you tell the truth, and belated thanks for your kind thoughts regarding wee joan 👍

Billy Bhoy


As the Queen has vacated the 775 bedroom Buck Palace maybe the Government could confiscate that to start with?

bada bing1
Margaret McGill

Billy Bhoy

I’m having a wee chuckle at the respective comments on the news that the Sydney Cup may be in doubt..

Celtic fans: The “Old Firm” friendly is in doubt.

Huns: The Old Firm “friendly” is in doubt.

Semantics eh?

Margaret McGill

Billy Bhoy

The Old Firm friendly “is in doubt.”
Timantics 🙂

bada bing1

Red Star 1 up


Heading home after an afternoon with BRRB and guest celebrity, who you might recognise from CQN “ The Lurking Tim” .

Great patter and really enjoyed their company.

The TLT can fair talk but good laugh 😂

It’s good to be a Celtic Supporter 💚💚💚

Don’t tell BRRB, Jimi Headaches was a shite guitarist 😜😜😜


Warning contains sweary words and Huns being beat up
Mick reo Hatate 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 (@quigley_mick) Tweeted: Guy shouting shitebags out a hotel window while rangers fans watch one of there own gettin leathered.. hellllllp him hellllp him 😂😂😂😂

The tam Sellic sons handy work to the above

Tam sellic son (@TamsellicsonIII) Tweeted: