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Monday night’s comfortable quarter-final win at Tannadice resulted in a semi-final draw comprising four teams-Hibs and Hearts of Edinburgh,and Celtic and rangers of Glasgow. With a one in three chance of two derbies available,the Sorting Hat took that same predictable option. So a salt and sauce derby on the Saturday,followed by the real thing on the Sunday. 

Easter Sunday,btw. I remember Easter Sunday 1996,also semi-final day against similar opponents,inasmuch as they say they are the same but they’re not the same. But then,I remember a lot of bad things,it keeps my natural ebullience and confidence in check. 

(As does a quick check in on my betting accounts-or worse,the prospect of a doing from ATHINGOFBEAUTY,whose natural pessimism before and during matches is only surpassed by her sheer joy and relief after)

With a suitable nod to War Of The Worlds,”who would have believed…

Really,who would have believed about five months ago that we had it in us to be so close to an unlikely and utterly magnificent Treble? Oh,scratch that “magnificent”-we’ve already won seven of them,so this may be The Great Eight. 

Okay,you’ve got the picture. But how do we actually go about achieving this for real? Well,a bliddy guid start would be three points on Saturday! Yes,we are at home-but against a Ross County side who have won their last three,pushed their way into the top six,and who have made life famously difficult already this season. For us and for the huns. So the wiser amongst us will not be counting our chickens going into the match,nor amongst our opponents either. 

Yet,I suggest that should also hold true for the other lot too. Dundee cannot buy a point lately,and along with Aberdeen and Motherwell have no wins in at least their last five. (BBC stats are useless for these purposes!) But much of our unlikely position as tabletoppers comes from the huns’ woeful form away from home since New Year. So,in the spirit of Cheltenham Week,I’ll quote some lines from a familiar ditty. 

There’ll be time enough for countin’
When the dealin’s done”

That goes for the weekend,and it goes for the season too! But I’ve got an article to write,and ATHINGOFBEAUTY is 400 miles away-and I can always turn my phone off. 

Or emigrate. 

If we still have our three point lead on Monday morning,it means we go into the international break knowing that we return at Ibrox on 3rd April. The following week sees us at home to St Johnstone,with them away the following day in Paisley. After which,the post-split schedule will be configured. And considering how tight it is below the top three,it is anyone’s guess which teams will join them. But again in the spirit of Cheltenham Week,I’m gonna make one of them prediction things. And at odds of 6/4,despite being a virtual certainty. I’d put the mortgage on it-except I don’t have one. And in these uncertain times,I recommend no such thing to anyone!

Celtic v Rangers will be either the second or third game of the five-my main bet would be the second,which is a 4/1 shot. It won’t be the first,as it is the week after our clash at Hampden. The league will try to avoid it being a season-defining game-over Hootenanny too. And that means three O** F*** games inside a month-and that’s without replays! 

So we go into tomorrow’s game knowing that we face a season-defining MONTH! No pressure,then…

But how many of us thought that August had already defined our position,if not our season? How many after the G-Mak penalty early October against Livingston? Or St Mirren over Christmas? 

Yet these players always return to the well,always run through brick walls,always have a pride in their product-as true professionals should-and are showing up for the fans,giving us back our pride in a turnaround not seen since The Blessed Martin. More of a turnaround,in fact-25 points against 21. Though not yet complete…

Less than a decade ago,we gave the best club side in history a 2-1 defeat to take home to Barcelona. I give full credit for that to Neil Lennon and his backroom team,who spotted a flaw in their approach. I hope to remember to give it the credit it deserves in a few months,with an article on the subject. Yet few expected it,fewer still backed it with cash at the bookies. 

However,the ground was full,and it was rockin’! And btw,the upper tiers DO move at such times,as they are designed to do. (The Ronny Moran Stand at Anfield had to be underpinned after we visited late last century!) 

Though I doubt the ground has ever moved for so many at one time as when Tony Watt scored THAT goal! 

So where am I going on this? Well,a better man than I has frequently said that magical things happen at Celtic Park. Maybe I should have used that as the heading- but he’s a lawyer,and I’ll take a doing from ATHINGOFBEAUTY against a copyright action from a lawyer EVERY day of the week!


Above article by BMCUWP

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It’s because of results like ours v Barca that I’m optimistic about Celtic’s chances in any game. I’ve felt horrible after many a poor show, most of which resulted from poor performances, but the memories of the great nights outweigh the bad, in my head at least.
I could ponder the ones that got away, but it’s sport and nobody wins all the time, nobody.


Good morning all from Govanhill. I may venture into McKinnons for a hearty breakfast.

The Star Above The Crest

I had a quid on Wanyama 1st goal and 2-1 @ 260/1 that night. I was the only guy in a pub full of Celtic fans who cheered when Messi scored late on.


I guess that that is one of the attractions of football, the uncertainty, but it certainly adds to the excitement and makes the winning all the sweeter.Usually Ange looks on in the rain wearing his penguin jacket keeping watch for any marauding Orcas, but confident that all his good work has been done at – Bobby Lennox-Town. Last years heart bursting disappointment still leaves a bad taste but you canny change the past, so, embrace the future.

BTW – you have mail.


As long as we are well prepared, which Ange will ensure we will be, and we bring our A game to the pitch we should be confident of a result against all comers in the next 9/10 games.

We have nothing to fear from Any of our opponents.

The Huns, to their credit(?) have done well in Europe. They were lucky to be drawn against a limited Red Star side. Partizan, whom they trail domestically I think, were scudded 8-3 on agg by Feyenoord in the third tier tourney.

Maybe partly explains the Huns success. Their headway in Europe does not make them world beaters and is irrelevant to what happens domestically.

The Gombeen Man


Take Two…

Good luck with trying to decipher that period.

There were essentially 5 groups, active in the country.

The Gaelic, Old English, New English, The English and Religion : Quite a mix.

Add to that influences from the Norse Tradition. Names like McAuliff, son of Olaf, McBirney, son of Bjorn.

All vying for their own individual self-interest and power. All with an agenda, an ideology and a belief system. Sometimes using force, sometimes deception, occasionally submitting, buying time then reneging.

What must be stressed is that this was an ongoing battle for survival against a foreign power; England. Further complicated by religious conflict.

Sometimes we can get lost in the detail of who did or said what. The simple reality is that this was an unrelenting campaign of English colonial brutality.

It really isn’t an examination of the pros and cons of the Gael or his religious integrity. It’s really about the abuses of a neighbouring nation.

Contrary to popular belief, The Gael had a reasonably sophisticated system of governance. The Brehon Laws. They had provision for divorce and a criminal code based on a system of compensation.

The 5th Christianity of Patrick and others resulted in the the Golden Age. It was based on Monasticism. Irish scolars educated Europe’s elite.

It wasn’t based on the Diocese but the Monastery. Christianity had been superimposed on Gaelic Culture. With the arrival of the Vikings and the destruction of most of the Monasteries, confusion reigned.

Canterbury had emerged as the powerhouse of Roman Catholicism in England. Celtic Christianity was not fully embraced by Rome.

England had ‘benefitted’ from the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Norman. Celtic Ireland, was labeled a backward, barbarian, savage place, even by Rome.

Gaelic culture was simply different to the emerging culture of England and Europe.

Ripe for conquer and plunder, divided, backward and heathen.

This false image of the barbarian Irish sub-class is still deeply conditioned into the British psyche – and of other immigrant groups.

Capital punishment really came to the fore in Ireland with the arrival of Roman Catholicism and the English Common Law.


Just about every Irish myth, story or legend I’ve come across sees our hero visit Scotland at one point or another.

The Gaels were back and forth between Ireland and Scotland for generations. They hired Highlanders or Western Islanders as mercenaries to fight against the English and opposing Clans.

These Scotmen were feared and were a vital component in the defence of Ireland.

They were known as Gallowglass, in English.

Gall = Foreign
Óglaigh = Warrior/Soldier.


Not enough is made of the contribution of Scots to the defence of Ireland.

A problem of the Gaelic system was the system of Tanistry. This related to succession and meant that a Clan leader was elected from members of an elite group.

The second in command was the Tánaiste but that didn’t mean automatic succession. It was democratic process which led to feuding.

The title of Tánaiste survives in the Irish Government to this day.

The absence of Primogeniture led to seemingly never-ending infighting, which the English  ruthlessly exploited.

It meant a lack of certainty about who controlled what and this lack of clarity was exacerbated by the incursions of the Tudors.

Surrender and Re-grant of lands by Gaelic Lords was always unlikely to work. It introduced primogeniture but caused conflict within Gaelic Clans. It also caused inter-Clan conflicts.

Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone (The Flight of The Earls) is a good example.

Hugh’s father, Philip (allegedly) was the product of an affair between, Phillip’s father, Conn O’Neill and a married woman called Alison Kelly.

Nothing was known by the O’Neill Clan of Phillips’ existence until he appeared on the scene at age, 14-16.

He was welcomed into the Clan by his father, Conn and took up a prime position.

When Conn submitted to the Crown via Surrender and Re-grant, Phillip became Heir Designate.

This meant Philip’s son, Hugh and his children were in line to inherit Tyrone. The other brothers would lose the right to be elected Chieftain/Earl.

A huge move away from the established practice.

Predictably this didn’t go down well. Phillip was later murdered by a family member and so began a cycle of bitter infighting.

Hugh O’Neill was then raised by wealthy English settlers, probably in the Pale and became comfortable with the the English code of conduct. Hugh was even introduced at Court in London.

He also fought for the English. In many ways he was groomed to be sympathetic to England.

It didn’t work out that way.

Spend a little time and look at his life, that’ll paint a picture. Look at how he was able to interact with the English and the tensions with other Gaelic Lords.

This cycle of infighting is replicated throughout the Gaelic system. English generals and politicians would set them up against each other.

(Tanistry also evolved into the hierarchy of the early Church, much to the dislike of the Bishops. See the difficulty St Malachi had from yesterday.)

At the beginning of the 17th Century England attempted to remove the system of Tanistry…

‘the true cause of the barbarism and desolation which was in all the Irish counties’, and that it was ‘void against the king, as being prejudicial to his profit and prerogative’.

The removal of the Gaelic Lords made way for the Plantation of the North but paradoxically also undermined the English.

They had lost a powerful potential ally and had little leverage with the Gaelic population. Maybe that’s why they went to such great lengths to keep some semblance of co-operation with favoured sections of the Gaelic hierarchy?

England perceived Ireland as an opportunity and a threat. What would the population be here if there hadn’t been a systematic destabilisation of the population and economy over a number of centuries?

The 9 Years War cost England £2m. The cost of the war undermined the position of the Monarchy. The Irish weren’t the only folk who resisted the growing power of the King/Queen.

The English public were in acute state of anxiety about Ireland. The island had to be controlled. Ireland was the Ukraine or Afghanistan of it’s day.

Our descendants were today’s Ukrainian or Afghan refugees.

These factors led to the Scorched Earth policy, Plantations, Cromwell, Transportation, Penal Laws, Depopulation, Demonisation…

The dominance of England over her neighbour was parasitic. Over the centuries, Ireland was stripped of her resources; her people, her lands, forestry and agriculture.

A systematic erosion of Gaelic land, nobility, people, resources, culture and religion.

This was accompanied by the suffocation of the economy. Eventually when the War of Independence came there was better cohesion.

No conflict between Chieftains, different military tactics and the impact of the displaced diaspora overseas, influencing the media.

…Until disagreement resulted in the Civil War.

A familiar story with the end of British Colonial oppression, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Middle East.

Ultimately this was about power and a stronger neighbour demanding more and more.


Did it prove to be a unifying force among the Gaels? Did it hold the whole fabric of Irish society together during the darkest days?

With the denial of education during the Penal/Land Laws period, it was often the Priest who  interceded with Baliffs on the behalf of the people.

One things for sure, there was no hope of the indigenous Irish acknowledging an invading English Monarch as the Head of “God’s Holy Church.”

Throughout every period there is a tendency to legitimise a sovereign, tribe, country by producing (often concocted) evidence of direct lineage to God or the Divine.

This can be traced to the Stone Age, Egyptians, Windsor, Rome many Parliaments even football teams.

The fear of God still means Power

Unfortunately, the Church and it’s leaders were often embroiled in controversy. More difficulty for Roman Catholicism came after An Gorta Mór, as the Church became more powerful.

It was at it’s best when it was relatively powerless and lived the Gospel.

It’s probably simplest to take one family from each group and do a mini case study.

For Example,

1) O’Neill or O’Donnell.

2) Plunkett or FitzGerald.

3) Lord Mountcharles, Lord Lucan or the Earl of Essex.

Here’s a starter…

Note the Castle,%2C%20no%20windows%2C%20no%20chimneys.

Lord Lucan’s Mayo Bolthole. Note his ancestor  nicknamed, ‘The Exterminator’ by the locals.

Slane : Rock Concerts a Royal Affair and The Ascendancy



Looking forward to reading it. Your first article was excellent!


Thank you kind sir. Saltires sets a high bar, here’s hoping you enjoy it.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all.
Not sure that we’ve had an opportunity this season to go 6 points clear but it’s there for us tomorrow. Need to keep an eye on the leagues top scorer, Regan Charles-Cook but, remember, we don’t actually lose many goals at all from open play. So don’t commit fouls or corners and we will have no set pieces to defend – simples!

Prestonpans bhoys

Morning bhoys from a sunny trossachs, coffee sitting on my decking, this is what retirement is all about😊

And having a glass of wine in five or six hours time👍👏👏👏👏


Prestonpans, 5/6 hours? I admire your restraint old chap. 😂


Despite the negativity over TRFC’s European adventures let no-one be in any doubt to reach the quarters of any Euro competition takes more than luck and favour as has been suggested here and elsewhere. That it has been done by a club which hasn’t yet reached it’s 10th birthday suggests a minor miracle. There’s not many on here wouldn’t love the ‘Tic to be in their Europa League position. I still hope they get pumped every game!!
The Trossachs sounds just the ticket on this beautiful spring morning!! Enjoy, PB!! I’m heading east this morning, taking my wee girl to Edinburgh Uni for an entrance interview!



Good luck!!!


Cheers, BOBBY. It’s an experience thing ofr her, she doesn’t want to go to Edinburgh, rather stay at home, but this is a good opportunity for her to see what she needs to impress an interview panel. Her ambition is to be a PE teacher so this interview today includes her having to do a gymnastics display ffs!!! I’m glad I’m just driving her and not her assistant!! 🤣🤣🤣



There is no dispute that the Huns have done well in Europe but luck does play a part.
Luck of the draw.

Both Serbian teams lost in Europe, by a total margin of 12-5, suggesting they are pretty weak.

The quarter final draw will be interesting- please God not West Ham and “Battle of Britain” pish for weeks.
That tosh plus the scope for trouble would be bad news for Scottish football.


Wee treat for Mike in Toronto
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#AlteredImages tracks?


That tosh plus the scope for trouble would be bad news for Scottish football.

With the Huns involved trouble is more than likely. It would only be bad news for “Scottish Football” because it’s the Huns. Scottish troublemakers would be pilloried.
If it was us and, however unlikely, there was trouble it would be caused by Celtic fans.

Having been to all of the London pre season games a few years ago it’s clear that we were welcomed and brought some entertainment to the locals.



Yip, that’s the point.
Tarred with the “Hun brush.”

Gordon64 Bohemian FC: The club with Bob Marley on the shirt and working class values at heart

One again the huns get the easiest draw.

Braga then RB Leipzig or Atalanta if they get through, away first legs.


Margaret McGill

A Happy St. Patricks to you too Mahe my friend.

Margaret McGill

OMG its quite possible the huns could get to the UEFA(Europa) cup final!



The luck of the draw…again.
40/1 shots.



Good luck to your daughter!



Best of luck to the lassie today.

Bobby, I think we whitewash them, three wins.

Happy day of Frig and have a great weekend everyone.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mags the celtic supporters who are shitting themselves in case the rangers get to the final or even win the eufa cup, ive got news for them, the rangers are deid ,this is the infamous glesga rainjurs, and even if they win it ,they will never ever win the big cup,another true story,👍

big packy

JIM im in linlithgow british legion, club just me and sol kitts,, sol has yet to buy a drink and we have been here since 11 this morning, its strange we keep getting dirty looks is it because we have our sellic taps on,🤩


Used to love visiting Linlithgow Packy. Mary Queen of Scots was born in Linlithgow Palace. A good pub I liked on the Main St was The Four Marys. When I worked in Bo’Ness I used to pass through ‘Lithgy every day.

Prestonpans bhoys


That’s it, after Big Packy’s post about drinking since 11am, the drinks are being opened 🍺🍸🍹🍷🍻

Let Friday begin…………


Prestonpans, a man needs a hobby. Let the good times roll….👍

big packy

JIM funnily enough we have just moved to the four marys, lovely pub, sol just opened his wallet and moths flew out,,another true story,🤩🤩

big packy

BRRB where are you now, sol kitts and I are getting fed up being cold shouldered by these linlithgow guys, let us know where you are and we can meet up🤩🤩

Craig 76

BP, I’m in Shawlands. All welcome as long as they are buying me copious amounts of beer. 🍺

Good luck to your daughter, my uncle was a pe teacher went to Jordan Hill.Brian Cox did not have any kind words about him.

bada bing1

Embdae know if you can get a bus from outside Accies Vaults Hamilton, to London Rd or Parkhead X,ta

big packy

BRRB, we will be there shortly 🤩🤩


Reminder that Superbru predictions are needed by 3pm tomorrow. Good luck!

big packy

MCAFF good luck to your wee lassie👍 I once went to hamilton technical college in 1968 to sit my engineering exam, I was the only one not wearing a rangers tammy, and would you believe I failed the exam ,another true story,🤩

bada bing1

Craig- thanks mate,my Bhoy usually gets train to Dalmarnock ,but line is down again for a couple of months HH


Bada Bing 1👍



Impressive reply to BADABING. Bet you can’t find a route for me from home to work that doesn’t take a bloody hour at least,most days,or involve a taxi when either of the busses doesn’t bloody turn up!


Grumpy Mick on the rampage. Wouldn’t have you any other way young fella. 😂👍


Shane MacGowan (@ShaneMacGowan) Tweeted: “But fifteen minutes later / We had our first taste of whiskey / There was uncles giving lectures / On ancient Irish history”

Watch ‘The Body of An American’ live in ’86

#ThePogues #ShaneMacGowan



The buses in this area were bad enough when I was only going into town for beer. But going to work-and having two of the bloody things to catch? Blink in’ flip…

Prestonpans bhoys

I’ll be watching the game tomorrow via my pass to paradise. Six points clear and pressure on them, long time since we saw a title race, there’s a whole whack of weans who have never seen this😵😱



Twisty…28 pts+21=49 +10= 59+13=72
Chalmersboy…21pts+13=34+6= 40+10=50
Bada…18pts+21=39+5= 44+10=54
Trm…18pts+8=26+9= 35+15=50
Ccb….17pts+3=20+8= 28+0 =28
Bmcuwp…16pts+7=23+10= 33+0=33
Leggy…16pts+10=26 +5= 31+9=40
Frodshambhoy….15pts+3=18+21= 39+1=40
Junglegerry…13pts+15=28+11= 39+9=48
Weet weet weet.. 13pts+9=22+13= 35+13=48
Cfc…13pts+14=27+14= 41+3=44
Jtt53..11pts+10=21+10= 31+6=37
V.p..8pts+14=22+19= 41+18=59
DRM..8pts+10=18+8= 26+10=36
Cce.. 6pts+18=24+5=29+18=57

Surprise surprise the winner is

TWISTY £50 +£50 to charity of your choice
Well done mate

2nd place
VOGUE PUNTER £25 to charity of your choice
Well done mate

Booby prize
Same points
C76 had most winners
So JOBO Wins the Booby prize
£25+£25 to charity of his choice.

Thanks for all taking part

And special thanks to
Thank you for keeping the blog in the Celtic ethos.



Once again Thank you….

Chalmersbhoy BMCUWP

Brilliant Bhoys my charity in CB,s name

CHAS thanks again.hh


VP, CHAS a great choice of charity!