In Ange,We Trust!


Looking back to Saturday gives me a warm glow,even if I wasn’t over the door once I got back from work in the morning. Our first half performance especially was simply a joy to behold. As of course was the pleasure evident from the players with each of the goals. 

The highlight was clearly the hat-trick from G-Mak,his second in succession at our famous ground. That is the first time such a feat his been achieved since Henrik in our Seville season,and while we all know what is said about comparisons,Giorgios is showing us all that he has no fear of wearing our treasured number seven jersey. Not only does it not shrink to fit inferior players,but he is filling it handsomely and doing it-and himself-justice. 

Of course,it wasn’t a one-man show. Far from it. Gio’s talent for goals has to be matched by the talent of others to provide the ammunition for him. That’s the thing about our team-that it IS a team! No longer are we a bunch of individuals,this is a group of players who know how to play for the collective,and they celebrate each goal as though they themselves have scored it. 

Another “striking” feature about Saturday’s goals was that all of them came from us winning our aerial encounters. The first was a towering header by G-Mak,far post from a Jota cross and reminiscent of Chris Sutton and John Hartson in their prime. The second came about when Maeda made space for himself in the box to get on another far post cross,this time from JJ. The keeper saved that effort,and also the follow up from G-Mak,but could do nothing about the third header when the latter put it in the only available spot for him. 

The third was a whiplash quick reaction from Maeda to whip home after his partner had won the first header,while the fourth,a spot kick,came about from concerted pressure from us in their box as they attempted to head clear from another cross. 

We are really not in the business of allowing ourselves anymore  to be bullied in either box,and that is a really good feeling. No more shutting our eyes at our end,or preparing to be frustrated at theirs when we pump the ball aimlessly into the danger area. We are a work in progress,but that progress to date has been swift. 

Watching G-Mak’s second goal again reminded me of another striker from our glorious past. And one goal in particular. I can’t remember which game,just that it was one of the times we put six past Hibs in a final,with Dixie Deans scoring a hat trick each time. Jinky tried to hit it from the edge of the area but it was heading for the corner flag until Dixie flung himself at it,turning Jinky’s effort into a lovely assist as the ball bulleted home. A great reaction header,no time to watch the ball coming and figure out where to put it-though G-Mak clearly thought about his on Saturday! 

So what do we have in this man? Is it a clone of BBJ,KoK,The Evil Genius,or Dixie? Well,of the four,I’d be inclined to go for the latter. Dixie was very much a pipe and slippers type who only came alive inside the penalty box,and while our current number seven has more to offer than that,and is more than willing to play his part from wider or deeper positions,we now know where he is best suited. 

All of which throws Ange somewhat of a dilemma. Because we already have a star striker in Kyogo. And with his return to fitness looking likely after this international break,AP has to consider how best to use him,G-Mak and Maeda. Both of our Japanese Bhoys look well capable of being Impact subs,and the possibility of rotating them is a mouth-watering prospect. Which defenders would like to face either of them coming on fresh after an hour and trying to take them on when the other has already given them twisted blood? Or the battering ram of a hungry G-Mak,eager to remind the boss what he is capable of? But MAHE made another observation on Monday which AP will have to consider-that Gio doesn’t look like the kind of player well suited to being a bit part player. 

His form demands that he starts every week. His performances suggest that he will reward the manager for providing him the platform. His style hints that he needs regular game time. But Kyogo was a first pick every time for us before his injuries hamstrung his season,and Maeda is just a bundle of unstoppable energy,and no little skill. 

But this is the equivalent of a first-world problem,and one that AP will be glad to have. It sure makes a change from the problems he faced when he first joined,when we could barely buy a goal. Our form since Christmas has been revelatory,putting a huge smile on the faces of the fans and the players. Whichever decision Ange makes will be made for the betterment of the side,and without much thought for simply keeping the players happy. That part is down to his own man-management skills,and I’m confident he is well-enough equipped there to succeed. 

GARRY,much missed,used to say-“In Ange,we trust!” And indeed we do. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning Bhoys and Ghirls

Saltires en Sevilla


Good stuff. How Ange will accommodate all our bundles of creativity is a tantalising prospect

It seems unlikely Jota will stay … just reading the runes… therefore, is it possible that Ange will factor this into his season run-in and rely on him less? Building the partnership for next season.

The good news is that we are in great shape for 22/23 in both mid and attack. The only question mark appears to be CDM as we do look light there. Perhaps Gucci is the bhoy, and there are promising signs … if so, we need to start seeing evidence of that in the run-in.

Or buy the 22/23 starter asap!

In defence it’s not as rosy a picture… don’t think CCV will stay, just reading the tea leaves …we are mid-season and promise not to break a vow to refrain from singling out individual players for criticism.

It’s just not there! Much work to do -the guys in position are trying very, very hard and their commitment and effort isn’t in doubt, hugely appreciated … but !

Overall, who would have thought we would be here now? and yes, after listening to the extended Ange interview posted by Craig76 yesterday…

oh Aye

In Ange we trust.



A dilemma- of the good type.

In a recent interview Ange clearly stated he doesn’t have favourites. It is not just about the team picked either – His is a squad collective.
The players know they will get a fair crack if they show willing.

With particular reference to the game on the 3rd
It is difficult to see beyond a starting three of Daizen GG Jota with support off the bench from Abada and Kyogo.
Abada has found himself benched but you feel his very effective link up on the right with JJ and Matt in the last Huns game could be rekindled, even if it is as a sub.

This would allow Jota to switch wings after Daizen has run himself into the ground closing down the threat of Tavpen marauding down our left. Stifling that tactic goes a long way to curtailing the Huns effectiveness.
Bassey or an out of form Barisic don’t offer the same threat. They should have enough to worry about with Jota or Abada.

Bringing Kyogo on for a 20/30 minute cameo would be perfect. Running at a knackered Goldson and Balogun/ Helander would be a frightening proposition for them.

If JJ and CCV deal with the black arts of Kent and Morelos I am confident we can take something from the game.


And, as always, we have to factor in the Hun in the middle, officiating at their spiritual home.


S e S

The great incentive for CCV and Jota is CL football.
If they decide to play lower half EPL or Championship football for double/ treble wages there is not much we can do.
If CL nights at Celtic Park doesn’t entice them there are plenty of options out there for us.
Not dismissing their fantastic contributions this season but Had you heard of either when they signed?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
The 1 hour Ange interview that came out yesterday was just fantastic. So yes, you’re right, In Ange, We Trust as Garry did say (although in Garry’s mind there was definitely a space after the comma 😁)


Sorry not wishing to hog the blog – one further thought.
Those vids of Craig76 highlighting great goals, in particular the Lyon game, gave a rookie a magnificent platform and he was signed by Sir Alex.
Jota take note.


Actually,we put six past Hibs in Cup Finals on three different occasions. League Cup,68-69 when we won 6-2. Again in 74-75,winning 6-3. Scottish Cup 71-72,when we won 6-1. So I think the header I referred to was in the 6-3 match.





That Dixie header from Jinky’s shot was at CP in the league, a week after the 6-3 final. We won 5-0 that day. Dixie’s second hat-trick in a week.


I think that even recent history reveals that players who want to play elsewhere should leave. We want only the players with total commitment to play for the jersey. It’s frustrating that the club brings in players who for whatever reason cannot get first team football elsewhere, Celtic showcase their talent and the next thing is lots of clubs eyes are opened and off they go, a downside to modern football I suppose. Someone at the club is obviously looking around to spot these hidden gems, the upside is we get them in for a part or a whole season. It begs the question, do we need a development academy when these cash rich clubs can dangle wads of cash at our young players? That itself asks another question, in which direction is the club going? No EPL, no Atlantic League, no stadium development, just Limbo. That leaves the Champions League and I would be very happy to settle for that, a steady procession, a settled manager with settled players who want to be here, giving their all,making steady progress and getting better every season, that must be the aim. It would be great if they would tell us their long term strategy.



I am unsure that either Jota or CCV has done enough to make themselves high profile targets for even the lower echelon clubs in England or Europe. If they think they can better progress their careers at such a club,who are we to argue?

Sure,we can point to the CL,and we can certainly point to the many precedents of players who have left us and promptly disappeared. But then,there’s the likes of VVD to counter that. Or even Forster,who finds himself back in the England squad.

Of the two,CCV will probably be harder to replace. But even that may have the silver lining of allowing Starfelt to play in his proper position. Jota is a more exciting talent,but his contribution since around Christmas-following his comeback from injury-have been less noteworthy. I genuinely want them both to stay,though. They will get even better for us over time.



Was it? Bloody hell,he must have loved playing against them!

St tams

Good article Bobby. I’m going with Gio being a new Dixie
If CCV and Jota don’t decide to stay, let’s hope we have alternatives lined up and don’t wait until the last minute to start looking, as we done in the past have in the past


“I am unsure that either Jota or CCV has done enough to make themselves high profile targets for even the lower echelon clubs in England or
Europe. If they think they can better progress their careers at such a club,who are we to argue?”

Guess that’s my point. Perform at the very highest level and you get noticed.
Both are young enough to make a reputation here and then take it elsewhere after a couple of years.

However money, not prestige and trophies, talks louder to some.


Good morning all from McKinnons bar


Delighted to be corrected.
I still think we grubbed Hibs 5-0 at CP the following Saturday, with Dixie scoring another three.


An old jakey was staring me out earlier. Took me 3 pints before I realised it was a mirror.


My tuppenceworth on the shape of our squad for next season.
There will be some ins and outs. I think Ange will see who comes through the full pre season fit enough to play his system. He will sign a couple none of us have heard of. I’m more than happy to trust his judgement.
But even Ange won’t be thinking much about next season. We’ve got a league to win this year. Jota and CCV are here till May at least. If they are to move on, then they leave as winners with our best wishes.
If we are to compete in the CL Group stage, we defo need added quality in central defence, left back, and midfield. Ange will know this better than me. We’ll be able to gauge Ange’s ambition by his changes/improvements to the squad.
I’m sure that Ange will walk if he doesn’t get the backing he needs. Celtic are quite flush and Ange has so far got pretty spectacular bang for buck. Surely even our board can see that Ange is worth a punt.



We deal with CCV Jota when this league is won.
I imagine Ange will be no nonsense- simple question are you with us or not?

He will add quality at left centre and fullback and upgrade our def mid options, perhaps Guchi more than his fellow countrymen has found it dodgy to adjust and needs time.


Difficult not dodgy 😀

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye- hadn’t heard of either before… if they don’t want CL and prefer mid table then we ever hear of them afterwards. You make very good point about Alex noticing players in CL games. Doubt he’d notice or care much if they went to Palace of Brighton etc ( no offence to both those clubs btw)

Bobby – I’m really going to resist the temptation to respond on that backfill option you suggested ….😇

Bawheid – Good point buddy – do we feel we are preparing/geared up for Europe? It feels like we are not and the evidence is glaring.

BRRB – hehehe- where is that bar -is it town centre ?

Saltires en Sevilla


Well said buddy – our Ange will know exactly what has to be done and where/when etc.

Awe Naw

This wan seems most appropriate today

Da ya think I´m a Greek god Mate ?


Guess we will see if any 1 takes a ticket
celticfctickets (@CelticFCTickets) Tweeted: Tickets for away match v. Rangers are now on sale to eligible STH
Tickets have been allocated to those STH who were originally offered tickets for the match v. Rangers on 15th March 2020 which was cancelled.

Prestonpans bhoys




Afternoon all,

I’m all for CCV and Jota staying but bottom line, if Celtic win the league and they both want to play elsewhere, well I for one would wish them all the best and , thanks for the memories, and move on !!!

Job done and look for replacements.


10.13 in McKinnons Bar ???

Did your alarm not go off and you slept in 😜😜😜


Saltires, it’s on the Gallowgate just at Glasgow Cross. Leggy, I never left last night. Comfy chairs.



Good God, there’s not even a barrel in there to scrape…. 🙂



CT, an interesting and varied clientele….

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We have taken the 700 tickets for Ibrox, selling on our website, which means we will give them the same for Celtic Park……….should have told them to shove them


Bobby, stick with the current attacking trio. It’s working, they are fit, G-Mak is a real handful.
Abada, Forrest, Kyogo is the strongest backup we’ve had in donkeys years. Those six will score the goals that deliver silverware.

I think G-Mak will relish the derby games. Their twelfth man is their best player.

G-Mak scores the goals that brings the title and he’s suddenly in the POTY conversation.

Hail Hail


Oh, happy day of Thor

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mahe gmak could not lace wullie wallace joe mcbride stevie chalmers or bobby lennox bootlaces, but he might prove me wrong, heres hoping,another true story🤩

big packy

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Wee part time job for you JTT53

Scottish Football Away Days (@days_scottish) Tweeted: VAR set to be introduced in Scotland?


An excellent summation. The Dixie goal from the Jinky ‘cross’ happened in the 6-3 LC final in October 1974. I remember the game vividly to this day. Had a fine view of that goal from my position in the North Enclosure…right on the 18 yard line. I was also lucky enough to be in Main Stand at CP, one week later. Dixie again destroyed the poor Hibees with another hat-trick. 5-0 to the ‘Tic.

I seem to remember that the offside rule was scrapped altogether for that LC final…either that, or a player could only be ruled offside after the 18 yard line.

Hail Hail.


Congratulations Daniel hopefully 1st of many with the club 👏👍

Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: ✍️ #CelticFC is delighted to announce that it has completed the signing of Daniel Kelly on his first professional contract.

Daniel has joined on a three year contract. Everyone at the Club wishes Daniel well and every success for his
future with Celtic 🍀



I wrote the article as I always write,relying on my interpretation of recent events-such as is the main part of it today-or my memory of events from long ago. To be honest,if I could remember what I heard in the classroom those days as well as I can remember what I saw every time I watched Celtic,life could have been very different!

When I write about my interpretation of events,I’m more than happy for people to disagree with me. It’s an opinion. Life would be boring if that were not the case. When I write about my memories of long ago? They tend to be facts,at least in my memory and blurred with time. Well,they are long ago,so I’m happy to be corrected,and equally happy for those memories to be embellished.

GER57 embellished my memories today with a reference to the 5-0 game,one where we were three up in less than half an hour,killing off what we thought were our challengers that season. October 19,and Dixie did indeed score a hat-trick. It was the following week,at Hampden,that the goal I mentioned happened.

Now,ffs do not get me wrong here! I’m not trying to say I was right and you were wrong. Nor that because,actually,that was the case then you need to fact check first. Sod that-we all have our memories,and they are there or thereabouts on the important things!

You guys were a week out. I forgot an entire six goal final against Hibs in 1969! I prefer that we write from the heart here,the same way we would comment in a discussion in the pub. Then,if there’s any reason to finetune the actualite,I suppose we can fact check. Meantime,the narrative of having the discussion reminds us of other events.

Like just how much Dixie must have loved playing against Hibs. Or,alternatively,our post-New Year collapse as we went for our first ten. What a shambles that was…


Good leader (God bless Garry Bhoy)

Most of you are correct that it was the 26th Oct 1974 in the LC Final, Joe Harper scored the hibs hat-trick, with Dixie scroring our hat-trick including the diving header. However i’m quite certain that his other hat-trick in the 5-0 game against hibs was on the week before around the 18th Oct in the league.



Nearest I get is Shrewsbury,mate. You’ll need to blame Brexit,Covid or Putin. I’m pleading the fifth.

big packy

BOBBY🤩 hope you are well buddy, did I tell you the time I went to the air balloon pub and it was closed,🤩 another true story


I remembered because i did a leader on Dixie, he score a hat-trick in 2 cup finals (both against Hibs) 1972 SC Final and the 74 LC Final, only Scottish player ever to do so.


Evening .

Just a quickie

My syndicate horse ( Melchoir) runs in the bumper at Musselburgh tomorrow. Last race.

She opened at 16/1 on 365 which does not reflect her chances. She’s shortened to 10:1 very quickly.
She’s fit and well, though there are slight concerns with the drying ground but they have been watering, so hopefully it’ll remain good – good to soft.

She will also be better over hurdles next season but tomorrow’s bumper isn’t a deep race and I’d think she’d have an each way shout.

I wouldn’t put anyone off having a modest each way bet on her – always assuming of course you can afford to lose should she not run as expected or perhaps bump into a couple of decent first timers.

You can put a line through her debut run. She hated the heavy ground.

Gl if you try.

Don’t shoot the messenger should she run poorly.



She is 6/1 on PP. 365 or the exchanges best value right now. 10/1 .



Thanks for the tip-off! Yours and Jobo’s winnings are not forgotten,but my iPad iOS 10 is unsuitable for the donation sites. I’ll complete them over the weekend on my phone.


Here’s a 3 part story that I bet a lot of you can relate to following Celtic

Part 1


No need to rush . No need to post proof either! I’m sure you’ll get it sent!

Thanks again

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