About a week or so ago, a couple of comments caught my eye, but alas time wasn’t on my side to reply or properly converse on the subject.
To summarize, still upset over the last decades events poster digs up supporters.
Replies answered I just go to watch the team, one said I’m sick off this now, we all know what happened, and choices have been made.
Or words to that effect, and there’s really no need for names in this instance as the underlying message there is the crux of this article.


We do know what happened, how could we not? For years Nimmo Smiths farce and Res12 dominated Celtic cyberspace.
I’m not going to restate the past and there’s very little if any point at this juncture.
As stated, choices have been made.
Long ago in many instances and frankly it’s rare to read about the aforementioned events these days.
We’ve decided and moved on, don’t want that topic dragged up again, was the message here last week, and it’s clear that’s the stance of the vast majority of Tims.
Yet theres an underlying message in those replies.


Boiled down, moved on and just watching the team is an admission.
There’s no cause, ethics, or morals involved here, the football team is the be all and end all.
And we are staying to watch our football team.


Looking back, instances of the club/board/company being at one with the support are hard to find. Colluding for a draw in finals for the extra replay money caused riots, it’s generally accepted our greatest ever manager was treated poorly at the end, the new business model placed Martin in the slow lane.
While the Foundation is a genuinely good cause, there’s an element of box ticking involved on behalf of the clubs PR department. One needn’t be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.
There’s many more examples but the fact is we, club and fans, rarely see eye to eye.
The last decades’ events are the prime example.


So Glasgow Celtic aren’t the good guys, the ethical team to follow. A good cause.
It’s a business, or company to be precise. And like any company, they are in it to make money. That’s been the case for generations, it’s relevant ‘now’ because events forced those in charge to show their true colours.
It stung many.


The truth is, Glasgow Celtic is a very special club due to the relationship between the supporters and the team.
The support can and have lifted the team to great heights, while some of those who graced the Hoops have inspired supporters, becoming living legends actually.
This symbiotic relationship cannot be bought, others wish for it.
It’s always been about the team and the fans.


Two generations ago (give or take) Fergus stood up for the club, and his investment. Incredibly rich Irishman buys the club and I guess the expectation was that he would take up the mantle.
Company, team, fans all united.
And for a while it did look good with Seville being the highlight.


The PLC were more than happy to cash in on football operations to the maximum, hands up who has Henkes 53 goals dvd in a drawer somewhere? They rode the wave, there was no cause or ethics involved, everyone from top to bottom got behind the team for three years.
The money was rolling in. Belfast CSCs season tickets were sold out with a nod at previous seasons end, it was hard to get your hands on the golden ticket (managed to make the 6-2 though).
There was no cause involved, no ethics or morals on the line,,we just wanted a European Trophy for the first time in many lives.
The relationship between the support and the team made those years magical, memories never to be forgotten,,,
but once again, there was no ethical or moral cause involved.
Dermot and especially Peter never made any ’cause’ claims in public, it’s either football or business full stop.


So why did many think the club would do the morally right thing a decade ago?
Marketing and Assumption.
Those running the show are happy to portray the semblance of a cause, the numerous flags of Ireland’s beautiful colours being the classic example alongside hiring many Irishmen.
Uniting the clans for a cause? No, raise interest levels thus profit.


I’ve wrote before about last seasons slogan, A cause, A culture, A calling.
With Scott Brown coloured green, white, and gold underneath.
It’s very Peter, it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. But there it is, the PLC not only implying but stating ‘a cause’.
And this after failing ‘the big test’, ask Auldheid.
Even after Res12 they cite ’cause’.
Brass and necks spring to mind.


Which brings us full circle.
Team and Supporters.
By no means can we claim to be ‘the best’ given that we are a hands off support, divided by past issues, having songbook issues, never mind the away tickets mystery.
Buy yet the same collective can create a world class experience and footballing environment due to the special bond between the fans and the team as mentioned. No cause but football, which after all is why a football club exists.
But marketing came up with their algorithm, and ’cause’ gets tossed about.


Anyone, anywhere, with a world class experience on their doorstep is very fortunate.
When a working class people realized they had could not only dream via those players, but effectively enhance their performance on the field, whilst raising the entertainment value, they were hooked and have been ever since.
That’s us, that’s who we are.


I’ve witnessed the supporters unite over certain off field issues, Oscar and Jay spring to mind, Kano too.
Recently our ‘brother’ Garry on a smaller scale, but they are more community issues rather than a cause of sorts.
The PLC were more than happy to propagate the cause myth, but when push came to shove okay it was an illusion.


The club wasn’t ethical or took the moral stance we would like, stating the obvious.
When was the last time you used an ethical company or one that takes such a strong moral stance it hurts the bottom line for a generation (if we had killed that club)?
They aren’t out there.
Your power, petrol, car, steak pie,,,all bad for the environment and giving profit to unethical corporations more than likely.
Your socks and trainers could well have been made in sweatshops.
Ethical companies exist on a small scale, non profit organizations and the Red Cross are prime examples, but a giant football club?
Keep looking.
Henrik said ‘we’ve got something special here’, we being the team and it’s relationship with the supporters at the time. He didn’t mention club or cause.
‘We’ says it all.


‘A Celtic Way Of Life’ means full time interaction with team live via ST, as much team news as possible, and being around other supporters pretty much all the time with the team and it’s form dominating your life. I’ve been there.
Again, notice there’s no cause bar the team.


Tommy Burns stated ‘you’re playing for a people and a cause’ at a time when the immigrant descendant, working class Catholic was being looked down upon.
That was two generations ago and the world has changed a lot.
A few years later Fergus got Farry sacked because he knew the fellow had fiddled him thus costing money,,,it doesn’t exactly scream ’cause’.
A word that means different things to different people, but ultimately is a tug at the old heartstrings for many.


The PLC were happy to throw it around, the algorithm and all.
Then it’s witnessed for what it really is.
And here comes the disappointment when the expectation and hype isn’t lived upto.
Again, bitterness remains.
The marketing didn’t meet the expectation.


That’s where we are right now.
A football club that makes a rich man richer like most others.
Standing up for principles and being ethical? Sadly that’s not our board.
For some reason the current lot were thought to be different but no, that’s not us.


So, as usual it boils down to the team and the fans.
That most special relationship, who shall embark on an incredible rollercoaster again this upcoming day of the Sun.
World class entertainment is expected in what could prove a crucial tie in the title race.


A quick glance at the CelticFC homepage shows only one soundbite.
‘One Club since 1888’
I don’t need to say anything. But at least the new Chairman isn’t pushing the same ’cause’ angle.


We’re a Scottish football team with Irish roots playing out of the East End of Glasgow. As a supporter it’s exhilarating at times, right now actually.
Every game is huge, hundreds of thousands involved personally or emotionally, near or far.
The team,the Tims, the game, the thrill, the points.
That’s where we are at. No ethics, no cause, morals etc just like the rest of football and the world.
Just pay up and enjoy the ride, it’s a great ride and all.
Just come to watch the team.


Which is fine, and actually things are a lot simpler without the subterfuge.
If we are a straight up business then don’t make it personal, focus on the team. Quit tugging the heartstrings, no more cause bs. That way no supporter would be lead up a garden path only to come out of the bathroom stall with just his @#$& in his hand.


Now that this current board have been found out so to speak, everyone knows what they are dealing with.
Entertainment and Profit.
That’s the business we are in nowadays, scruples be damned.
Football shall not become a safe or moral haven for the masses,
Me and you had no say in that decision,
which is so very disappointing.
The only talking shall be done on the pitch it looks like.


We as a support must accept our position, ideologically separate from the ruling company, but having a very special almost unique bond with the team.
That sometimes creates magic.
That’s today’s Celtic.
The cause is a full house and three points.
The worlds not perfect, and our club certainly isn’t.
Times have changed.


Acceptance is the final stage of grief. Part of the Celtic dream died, eleven players carry our hopes and dreams rather than the entire institute.
Same as it ever was.

By Mahe

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Fantastic piece Mahe. I have tried to walk away because of the behaviour of lawwell, bankier and Co. Like many love of our team makes it near impossible. Money is the be all and end all for them, I believe they deliberately created the circumstances to save sevco last season. I will never forgive them for costing us 10.


For me having to force the board to pay the National Living Wage was the eye opening

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
A really interesting read, Mahe, thank you for that. My goodness, you are almost suggesting that the club and the company are completely separate! Hope that doesn’t catch on!

John brown

Very interesting indeed

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye …they have the supporters dangling on strings … moreso now than ever before.

At least we only see the odd isolated comment here wondering why we aren’t more appreciative of the shower of utter charlatans sitting on that board.


… for stumbling from domestic success to abject European failure year after year …incompetence in plain sight

“ A football club that makes a rich man richer like most others.
Standing up for principles and being ethical? Sadly that’s not our board”

You called them right buddy.


This board manage/ have stewardship over a very specific brand, created by shared cultural heritage, that supplies a unique product to its supporter customer base.
The brand operates in a very small, competitive marketplace, where another major rival with a more or less equal sized market share exists. A duopoly.
Issue is these market shares aren’t transferable, like other products.
They exist only to support one brand or another.
In their wisdom our board have decided our marketplace is too small for us to develop if the other brand disappears.

Unlike the marketplace for other goods and services there is no alternative choice to the supporter/ customer for this product.

To walk away from this brand is akin to denying one’s heritage and creating a vacuum in our lives.

Not an easy thing for hundreds of thousands of us to do.

The only option is to move to a bigger, more competitive marketplace, singularly or together, where the duopoly becomes financially insignificant.


Morning all! Some good points Mahe! As you say there’s little or no point in covering old ground but in the year when “The Auld Firm” agree to play a friendly thousands of miles from home perhaps your article has more relevance to 10 years ago than you intended.
Maybe the PLC do just want their Corporate Buck and are happy to milk the support but the fact is what is happening on the streets is definitely much more disturbing than The Despicable Mr D trying to make a few easy coins!
As far as a cause is concerned…it couldn’t be more relevant today! The resurgence of Right Wing politics, anti-Independence movements, Police Scotland refuse to act in blatant facilitation of Orange Order and TRFC support law-breaking, mass disorder in George Square goes unpunished while other groups are kettled as troublemakers, on a less important level but equally worrying questions over referees’ allegiances, motives and methods, our own pro-IRA songbook and the always present Ibrox songbook…damn fucking right there is a cause!


Thanks Mahe for a thought provoking read.
All of the best supported teams are now big companies which generate massive revenues. These millions attract uber capitalists and criminals who use the people’s game to money launder on a massive scale. For example, Minty sank borrowed capital into the old Rangers and syphoned much of it back to his companies by way of contracts for catering, ticketing, security, hospitality etc. Winning trophies kept the hordes happy and our media made sure that no bad news was broadcast, even to the extent of not reporting blatantly illegal behaviour. Barcelona and Real Madrid have been involved in massive financial shenanigans for decades, again with virtually no media scrutiny.
These bastards don’t care if some clubs go bust. They’re just vehicles for making cash. Who GAF about the fans? Our club of choice would have been allowed to go bust by the Kelly and White regime. Fergus stabilised our finances, built the new stadium with our cash and then the money men took control. Btw, are we sure that Fergus wouldn’t have done something to save Rangers in 2012?
One club(or company) cannot rise above this corruption on its own. The smaller clubs in Scotland reckon we need the OF, bigotry and all, for them to survive. So, do we stop going and forego our favourite pastime, or do we conveniently hold our noses and try to simply enjoy the fitba’?


To add to my own comment and answer GER57
I have long held the opinion that Fergus would have done the same as the present Board re the Huns.
He is first n foremost a businessman.

Saltires en Sevilla


Agree lads .. Fergus was interviewed immediately after Rangers’ Demise

He made it clear that he thought it would be a mistake ( I’m paraphrasing and being generous to him ) not to allow them back into the top division

He had his commercial bunnet on at the time …

did he ever take it off?

Where I would give Fergus some credit on this – really doubt he would have remained silent during the heavy doping going on after 2000 and he might have demanded stronger enforcement on clubs like Sevco repeating same behaviours

We will never know


S e S

Fair point about the terms Fergus maybe would have demanded to punish the Hun.
He was a tough cookie. More backbone than the present lot but a businessman at heart.


S e S

What Would the furore have been like if they came straight back into the top division but were a self confessed new Club? With Nae baubles?

How many would have done walking away I wonder.

Prestonpans bhoys

Willie Collum ref on Sunday, could have been worse I suppose😵

bada bing1

Willie Collum ref on Sunday



A very measured and diplomatic article. There is little doubt that the death of the huns and their continuing to walk amongst us has widened certain schisms in the Celtic support.

More so,the response to that from our club itself. The latter in particular will always be a disappointment to me,if hardly a surprise unfortunately.

The facts are indisputable-for anyone willing to look for them! Sadly it seems,many Celtic fans still get their “facts” from the SMSM,others aren’t bothered,still more will hold their nose and refuse to let those events stop their enjoyment of a Saturday-etc-trip to Celtic Park. Or the pub to watch it on the telly with their pals.

As you all know,I’m in the last-mentioned group. And if I still lived back home,I would have a season ticket. I would still be as vociferous about the cheating done in the last decade by the huns,and the decades before. I would be as scathing as I’ve always been about our board-your mention of Jock’s scandalous treatment,which was the last straw for a 14yo me.

But I’d be there every week,regardless. Geography stops me attending. The board never have,the huns never have.

Neither ever will.

I love life in Swindon,strangely enough. Though I genuinely miss my family,friends and football. In that order.

Though not on a match day!



Excellent post.

Afraid I’m in the “Hate/Detest the Board” but “Want to Watch” team, brigade.

There are many like me, who love going to games and many who won’t set foot inside Celtic Park as long as the current Board are in situ. To be honest, I commend their stance but my love for the team, outweighs theirs. But what I would say, is that I would never criticise anyone no matter what they believe.

We are all Celtic Supporters and I wouldn’t have it any other way 💚💚

Hail Hail 🍀🍀

bada bing1

Hetate subbed at HT👍

bada bing1

SF tickets on website


Well Bhoys and Ghirls,

The highly anticipated “Opening of BRRB’s” wallet finally takes place on Friday 1st April in The Shipbank, Glasgow around 1.30.

I’m reliably informed that if he finds anything bigger than a florin or Half crown he will buy everyone in the pub a drink !!!!!!!!!

There’s a few big names attending,

The Lurking Tim will lurk I suppose and talk absolute nonsense and David 66, a well known poster on CQN, is flying in for the occasion. Well I don’t know if “ Dial a bus counts, as flying in ???

More guests are expected and everyone on SC is cordially invited.

It’s a not to be missed event 👍👍

Hopefully see you there 🍀



I’m somehow reminded by your post of Jock’s famous put-down of then huns manager Dave White,after he had predicted that his team would beat Celtic 2-1 the following day.

“Only a fool would predict an O** F*** result!”

So,a day out on the bevvy wi BIGRAILROADBLUES,THELURKINTIM,yourself and DAVID66 and hopefully a number of others? On April Fool’s Day?

Only a fool would predict anything but carnage!!!



If Celtic was not run on strict business terms and, thus, unable to find funds to buy players that are competitive domestically and in Europe, I wonder how many “fans” would still support the team?

The situation is not as simple as the Board are only interested in money versus some “pure” idealistic concept of the club. In reality, the truth is somewhere in between those two extremes of the temperature scale.

The origins of this debate go back to shortly after the founding of the club when it moved from being a purely charitable organisation that included football as something for members to do, to an organisation dominated by putting a winning team on the park. Incidentally, part of that involved buying and constructing a suitable park to house more paying fans…..a venture supported by businessmen and publicans of an Irish persuasion.

In short, the described tension has been there almost since the club was taken out of Brother Walfrid’s hands.

Unless Celtic revert to an amateur club, there can be no football played the Celtic way without a strong financial base. How many want to follow amateur football?


Margaret McGill

Good post Mahe.
However, there are many clubs who are routinely fucked in Europes 3rd division that are a team like no other.

bada bing1

Welsh injured for U21s


Thanks for any compliments folks.
I guess I’m hoping we all recognize it was naive to imagine the club had ethics. But the board helped grow that myth in fairness.

The team is the cause full stop.

Enjoy your day
Hail Hail



All so true. Yet it took the 3rd placed Bundesliga club until the last few minutes of their tie at home to beat us. And we took the points from the team then placed second in La Liga.

Yes,we have to improve in Europe-and I’m not ignoring the other part of your comment. And Glimt was a disaster. Losing to a Tolkien character! But there are positives and undeniable improvements there.

Building on them,learning from errors-don’t take off your front three!-is the next step. Just have a bit of faith,oul’ son!!


I couldn’t help but draw certain parallels between the issues you race and what is now my biggest passion, the horse racing.
Most of my disposable income goes on travelling the length and breadth of the country watching the horse racing. For many years I worked down south and would travel back and forth to watch Celtic. Not only this country but across Europe too. The cost was considerable, but at that time, I was fully invested emotionally. So the thought of leaving England on a Friday or Saturday morning to cover a 700 mile plus round trip, whilst a bit of a drag on occasion, particularly when stuck on the M6 for hours at a time, and especially when travelling back having watched some turgid football, I nevertheless would still focus on the upcoming fixtures and organise my life around matchdays. Of course as the TV companies increased their control on the fixture schedules, the logistics became more complicated. Sunday afternoon kick offs especially meant either a very late return home on Sunday evening, often midnight or later, or taking a holiday on Monday.

Inconvenience yes, though I used to think I was probably lucky relative to the Irish supporters travelling by car/ferry/flights etc.

Anyhow it wore me down though I continued to go along. When I semi retired and moved back home, I was thinking it would be fantastic. Off to the games with the sons and grandsons. The reality proved somewhat different. My sons were not questioning whether or not it was worth supporting the team, that’s as inherent in them as it was in me, but they were certainly starting to question the behaviour of the board.
In my opinion, the first real doubts in their minds arrived on what should’ve been a joyous occasion, a cup final victory, but the appointment of Neil as permanent manager immediately after that match had them questioning the ambition of the board.
Of course, supporters like yourself and a sizeable number of SC / CQN posters had been raising concerns for a number of years, and I honestly think age and experience plays a major part in determining at which point you start to cry enough is enough.

So I drifted away, and they have slowly but surely done likewise. I decided I’d get my football fix in the rough and ready form of the east region junior league. Conference X to be exact. Doesn’t really get much lower in respect of the standard, however, I have to say whilst the standard is low, there’s an honesty in that division that I find warming. Even the referees are, on the whole, fair and doing a good job in my opinion. I’ve followed Whitburn, Fauldhouse and Armadale around the region, choosing my match depending on what looks the most competitive on paper, and it’s been enjoyable. £6 or £7 entry in that division, which isn’t too bad. ( though I do know through regular communication from another poster on here who follows progress in the highest league in the West of Scotland, that there is an element of dubious refereeing in that particular league, as well as questionable financial practices. Seems the higher you go up the levels in sport, the integrity becomes questionable, which, brings me to my point on the parallels between racing and football.

I attend almost if not all of the meetings at Musselburgh, Hamilton, Kelso and a fair few in Ayr and Perth. These are all small courses relative to the top ones such as Cheltenham, Newmarket, Ascot for example. They attract the smaller trainers, and when I say smaller I mean in respect of prize money earned. These trainers are no less hard working than yer Nicky Henderson’s or Willie Mullins but they’re extremely limited in what they can achieve because the structure of racing at the very top is increasingly squeezing them out.
We’ve just witnessed Cheltenham’s festival. It ran over 4 days, and has been over 4 days from 2005. Until then it was a 3 day festival. There’s now talk of them shifting to 5 days.
For most of the punters they’ll be rubbing their hands at the thought. There is however growing concern amongst the smaller trainers and more discerning punters, that such a move will be very detrimental to the sport in respect of the quality.
The Irish are totally dominant in the ‘ championship races’. A lot of the best horses are avoiding each other at the festival and the result is you’ll start to see more and more races at the festival with fewer runners . So Cheltenham need more runners in the races that already exist rather than add another day to the 4 that already exist. Why will they add another day, and believe me they will?, they’ll do it because 280,000 plus spectators attended this year. 280,000 paying inflated entry fees, and even more ridiculously inflated prices such as £8 for a Guinness, will tip the scales to 5 days. The quality of the 5 days will diminish. Mullins and the Irish will continue to dominate the novice world along with the champion races and the smaller trainers will continue to suffer, having only the handicap races to aim at, and even then it’ll be a tremendous challenge to compete.
So the very fact the punters keep turning up in droves will eventually see the product they are supporting diminish in quality. When your racecards end up with smaller fields and tighter betting markets, and less and less each way opportunities, they’ll soon start to moan, not realising that they’re the root cause of it. I was invited to Cheltenham this year but couldn’t make it. If they move to 5 days I’ll not be visiting even when time permits. I’ll continue to support the smaller tracks along with the junior football clubs.

As you’ve rightly said all along, the board at Celtic will continue to serve up mediocrity for as long as the punters roll through the gates. The key to improve it would be a boycott, but I neither expect to see one at Cheltenham or Celtic Park. When Cheltenham moves to 5 days, and 325,000 turn up over the festival, will they start thinking about 6 days?

Incidentally this isn’t a cry for a boycott, I fully respect everyone’s entitlement to spend their lives in whichever way they choose, I’m merely adding my own opinion.



Celtic’s embrace of a commercial/business model first took place within 5 years of its founding. A limited company was eventually formed in 1897. This step provided the funds and momentum to propel Celtic forward as the major force in the Scottish game. Much to the supporters delight, I imagine.
We could have remained amateur like Queens Park and fallen behind or disappeared altogether like Renton and others.

We have always been a business with a support based upon a shared cultural heritage.

The more things change…

Margaret McGill

Bobby let me paraphrase. Most Tims concur with our comfort level in Europe as long as there’s a bigotfest.
Bored know this. They’re millionaires because of it.



I cannot argue with your paraphrase.


Just to add a little to your, smashing read of a post, here’s next years, prices, for Cheltenham.
For those that don’t know the Best Mate enclosure is a long way from the winning post, a bit like a restricted view ticket at football.
Tickets for the opening day next year are priced from £35 in the Best Mate Enclosure, £52 in Tattersalls and from £83 in Club.
That’s a rise of a tenner in the Best Mate and seven pounds in Tattersalls.
When you see the prices you can see why Cheltenham want a fifth day, with over 70,000 in attendance.
I’m with Twisty though, it wouldn’t benefit racing as a whole.

Saltires en Sevilla


Can see a model where we run professionally on sound business principles, with all profits being invested in fitba on the park and some worthwhile social causes.

The idea that some folk get involved in Celtic just make a significant personal gain, via dividends, is just completely unacceptable to many fans.

It drives poor decision making.

It’s unnecessary, and a viable model can be achieved without adopting Amateur status.

The question remains to be answered … Why are we a PLC?!

On the general point .. totally accept not enough care about this detail and just want to watch Celtic, which is a fair enough position to adopt.



Cheltenham has definitely been devalued as a “Championship”” meeting by the addition of the extra day. It has led to far too many handicaps of dubious merit,and much duplication,especially at the novice level.

The Festival organisers should have looked in particular at the precedents set in Ireland by Punchestown in April and Galway in July. Both are still tremendous in their own right,but the majority of the races now are middling at best.

The quality on offer at Musselburgh on Friday,and the fair sized fields too,shows that there is a market for that level,just below the traditional Festival level.

Cheltenham should stick to its strengths.



Cheltenham has definitely been devalued as a “Championship”” meeting by the addition of the extra day. It has led to far too many handicaps of dubious merit,and much duplication,especially at the novice level.

The Festival organisers should have looked in particular at the precedents set in Ireland by Punchestown in April and Galway in July. Both are still tremendous in their own right,but the majority of the races now are middling at best.

The quality on offer at Musselburgh on Friday,and the fair sized fields too,shows that there is a market for that level,just below the traditional Festival level.

Cheltenham should stick to its strengths.


An excellent examination on the disconnect between the support and the board. Do you think that the board will ever realise that the football department IS Celtic?

Something that I inherited from my dad, is a withering cynicism and scorn for all Parkhead boards. Bob Kelly was generally disliked by many supporters in the early-mid 60s. Most of the support during the Stein years were too busy celebrating the good times, to be overly bothered by what was going on at boardroom level. For me, the rot really started in the early 80s. Starting with that fecker Nicholas, it became clear that the board had no will or desire, to hang onto our better players. The final straw for many of my generation, came when Big Billy was forced out by the then board, in the close-season in 1983. Events improved when Cesar returned, and led us to great things in our Centenary Season. The biscuit tin returned and we had to endure a decade of failure, being beaten time and time again by a financially doped team. Then, to crown it all, Michael Kelly took a seat on the board. From that moment on, we were Donald Ducked. The board under Kelly-and the infamous Terry Cassidy-made it very clear that their own self-interest came before the club…or the supporters, for that matter. “Save Our Celts” and “Celts For Change” then sprang up, and gave focus to the protests of the support against the board. Then enter Fergus. Fair play to him, the North Stand was built to replace the Jungle. This only happened, because the support funded the rebuild by way of the share issue in late 94-early 95. After this issue, the support as a whole held 40% of the total shares. After the 2nd share issue-a share rights issue-months later, that 40% was diluted, and continued to be diluted, by further share-rights issues. It was at this point, that the suits and the money men-thieves, collaborators and parasites all-took control of the club. If the support as a whole were better organised back then, could something have been done to stop that 2nd share issue?

I’ll finish with one final thought. I have yet to hear of a Celtic supporter who grew up with pictures of the Celtic board on his/her bedroom wall…or if there were, they were used as dart-boards. 😀

Big Packy

From yesterday. All good here. All the best to you and Joan.

Hail Hail



I’ll try to keep them in order but could be like bringing a knife to a gunfight !!!!

SeanConneryCSC . 🍀🍀

big packy

MAGUA, god bless you pal👍


Just read back. I am instructing my lawyers to take action against slanderous allegations on an impoverished pensioner. I shall cease proceedings if copious amounts of beer are purchased for me on Friday. Regards- Johnny.



Your “Cease and desist” notification is duly noted,and suitable recompense in lieu of damages will be provided as and when the miscreants are available

For instance,next Friday. Or the first weekend in Belfast,etc. There is no suggestion that the plan might be to get you pished and dip yer wallet after you pass out.

Just saying,like…



“ I have yet to hear of a Celtic supporter who grew up with pictures of the Celtic board on his/her bedroom wall.”

My argument exactly. Well said,sir.

Wee question for all…have Celtic yet distributed to the support the SC semi-final tickets? I only ask, as the “Celts are here” site is reporting that both Celtic and *Rangers end tickets are up for grabs, on one of those dodgy on-line ticket touting sites…at the bargain price of £350. Is this a case of supporters selling on tickets…or are the tickets available forgeries?

Big Packy

Cheers pal. 😀


You know it makes sense.


You are a man that obviously does not take himself too seriously. I have always found this to be an excellent character quality to possess. 😀


Just to be clear, my last post referred to pictures on the wall…and not the dipping of BRBs wallet. 😀


If you’re on the ticket scheme you can get them online now, IF, you’ve been lucky in the ballot! There’s not enough to go around unsurprisingly!



With the Celts set to face Rangers at Hampden Park in just under three weeks’ time, we can confirm that tickets for the Scottish Cup Semi-Final on Sunday, April 17 have been balloted amongst Season Ticket holders who are on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme.

We do not have enough tickets for all STH who are on the HCTS and therefore tickets have been balloted amongst eligible STH.

Tickets are available to buy online only and there will be no ticket sale from the Ticket Office for this match.

DEADLINE: The deadline for Season Ticket holders who have been successful in the ballot to purchase a ticket is 2pm on Monday, April 4.

It’s a 2pm kick-off at Hampden Park on Sunday, April 17 and tickets are available to buy online only, priced:
South Stand – £35 / £15 Concession
North Stand – £35 / £15 Concession
East Stand – £25 / £10 Concession
Buy Online
Payment will not be taken via the HCTS and tickets must be purchased online.

Please ensure that you log in to the e-tickets website rather than Club website.
Booking fees apply.
Concessions tickets (Under 16/65+ only).
Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.
No upgrade of concession tickets is available – tickets are for the use of the Season Ticket holder only.

Please ensure that you purchase the correct price – tickets should be purchased based on age rather than Season Ticket held at Celtic Park. Tickets purchased at the incorrect price will be cancelled. Tickets are for the use of the Season Ticket Holder only.

Visit to secure your ticket and be there as the Hoops head to Hampden!



Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Abada played full game for Israel U21s,Juranovic didn’t play for Croatia, O’ Riley playing at 7pm for Denmark U21s🤞

bada bing1

O’Riley starts on bench for Denmark 👍🇩🇰

bada bing1

Getting the idea,Ange has been pulling favours in re international games this week?.McGregor, O’Riley subs,Juranovic didn’t play,Bitton home 2 days ago…

Craig 76

Click the link and see how many you can get

Jobo Baldie

McGregor and Taylor both on the bench tonight with their slippers on. Ryan Jack forced to play the 90+ minutes 😁.
Brilliant debate on here today. I don’t deny that financially Celtic benefit from having a city rival. But they could still have had that whilst making subtle moves on the ‘you’re not the same club’s argument such as treating them just like every other visiting team, charging g, what, £29 for the game. Regardless of what they charge in return. Before long, their hordes would have been tying themselves in knots wondering why its £52 at Ibrox (answer -they need every penny) yet £29 at Celtic Park ( we wont go bust by ‘losing’ £23 × 800 fans!). Posting in a bit if a rush but hope you see what I’m getting at…
Off to cheer on Scotland. Yes, even Ryan Jack!!!!

Saltires en Sevilla


You have mail – (Sat 9th April for Final buddy )