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The international break is drawing to a close,and most of the players will be at Lennoxtown today and tomorrow as we prepare for an important day out at The Victorian Lavvy,TM ACGR. Is this our most important game of the season?

Well,only until the next one-we’ve had a few of them before! If we win,it consolidates our hold on the league title-which would likely mean that the semi-final in a fortnight then becomes our most important game of the season. And if we win that,so then too does the final become our most important game of the season!

Dare we mention The T-Word?

April will give us a very good guide to that,and maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to post this article today instead of tomorrow! Two important games in a fortnight,with the possibility that the third will take place a fortnight later.

Ooooops,there isnae a 31st of April,is there? And anyway,the cops are never too keen on having an O** F*** game on a Bank Holiday Weekend under any circumstances. Too many breakfasts to deliver over the weekend long lie,I reckon. But if we win on Sunday,they dare not leave our league rematch at Celtic Park till the 8th of May as it could well be the day that we officially win the title.

Play it on the 24th of April,that could see the rest of the season as a damp squib,so the SPFL have a bit of a quandary. But despite the facts suggesting otherwise,the SPFL consider themselves no fools. They have pressed the nuclear button and gone for their only realistic option.

Alert Level One,Code Red. Call for Willie Collum!

The Blue Crew appointments of such as Beaton,McLean,Madden or Robertson-add as many names as you like to the list-won’t do. Too obvious. It would put them under too much pressure. Imagine trying to decide when the first red card will be awarded,the first penalty,the first disallowed goal? It makes those betbuilder things a tad difficult. Plus,there’s a Skulls meeting down the ludj at 10am,first Sunday of the month. Who ya gonna call?

Groundhog Day! (You sure?-ed)

IF Celtic win,note the capitals,the ball is so much in our court. That is not an option for the upper echelons in Scotland. It is certainly not an option at Ibrox either. They NEED this title to get their hands on the CL money,pay off the loan sharks. If they get the £40m,then they are free to carry on,hoping that they can double up the following season. It’s only fair after all,if I’m honest-they’ve contributed more than us recently to that fabled coefficient.

And if they get their hands on it twice in a row,their books will be approaching the black,on pretty much the same terms as ours. Their nightmare though is losing out on that £40m twice,and us getting our hands on it. That’s £80m to us,and £80m less of their debt paid off. That’s a helluva swing on,effectively,a few games.

And one in particular. Sunday. Hence Collum.

I actually think Collum is probably the best referee in Scotland,even if prone to losing control of games sometimes. Generally,he applies the rules and does so without fear or favour. But only in the low-pressure ones. Post him to European or international matches,he falls apart. High profile and Oor Wullie do not mix. Basically,he is a spineless jellyfish (they all are,ffs-ed) and therefore just the man for Sunday. He will by nature refuse to make a decision which just might see him pilloried in the SMSM,so it’s not like anyone needs to lean on him. The others I’ve mentioned would automatically take the decision that is best for Rangers,their team. Some,like Clancy and Walsh,would take the decision that is best for their career.

Collum just wants the paycheck and an easy life. I can’t blame him for that. But that’s SEVEN referees I’ve mentioned whose ability to do their job in any game involving Celtic and Rangers,much less them playing against each other,is compromised by the favouritism shown in Scotland to our soo’side “rivals”.

Would you rather have a biased referee-pick a card,any card!-,a career builder or that spineless jellyfish? Or would you prefer that somewhere along the line,our club had spoken out about refereeing standards,stamped their feet and nipped this in the bud years,decades,ago?

Every week we see both teams being refereed to different standards. Every week,the fans and the bloggers kick up about it. Every week,the SMSM highlight the slightest discrepancy in our favour while ignoring the constant elbows,number of penalties,you name it,seen when watching their favourites.

Don’t blame Willie Collum for his performance on Sunday. Our club have facilitated it for years.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Saltires en Sevilla

Bobby – a great analysis on the potential date of future games – a lot to consider and what could possibly go wrong?

Very much a game at a time now though, and any talk of T should be banished …until they wake up and smell the coffee …..after SF

On match officials for Sunday it’s set up for a huge dose of payback to Celtic for all those dodgy decisions we benefited from early in the season and that narrative ramping up now … the media on Monday will be full of it.

‘ it’s just levelling up … what goes around … honest mistakes’

Our Bòrd will remain silent, we know this for reasons already covered in detail this week, but doubt Ange would, and that man is no-one’s fool … and he has reach …

It’s a reach that goes halfway around the globe , when we think about that more seriously, his reach into APAC and their media, who seem to enjoy his candour and spirit, will be all over this match … might just cause the devious buggers here in Scotland to ca’ canny.

Imagine a few of our Japanese players interviewed back in Japan and calling out the standard of refereeing and pointing to a few specific examples…. before … the forthcoming games?

Ange wouldn’t …. encourage that stuff … or would he?

Saltires en Sevilla

Good morning fellow Celts… any snow anywhere?

From yesterday – thanks for comments folks hope I replied to everyone. Apologies in advance.

ATOB & CCB thanks and sounds like good news on tickets … at last!

CFC – re. One other person making comments elsewhere- Makes you wonder why someone wouldn’t just come on here and liven the place up with their entertaining chat …there is an ‘open door’ policy set up by the lads for that purpose …why not use it?!
Your own contributions here are always interesting and add to the feeling of community, maybe others don’t feel part of that community and that is. Pity because they would be made welcome.

It’s been said before, this is like a Supporters bus… sometimes only enough for a mini bus or a 30 seater.. then for bigger events the full sized coach and major events the double-decker. What is clear and obvious is that there are genuine Celtic folk here and sometimes that’s all that matters … it’s not always about fitba and sometimes the chat is just plain daft … and it might seem boring, or even inane. Fair enough … but anyone with even the teeniest wee bit/sense of compassion can see that from time to time all of our posters have relied on the companionship here … I know I have,,,

and I’m very grateful for it too.


Good morning all from Govanhill. I was planning on skipping the beer today in order to be rested for tomorrow’s piss up. Then one word came to mind. Naw.


I have some sympathy for Willie Collum. I read somewhere that he considered leaving the Lanarkshire Refereeing association because he and his family were constantly barracked whenever they went out shopping. Who in their right mind would be a referee? depends on what lodge you went to. Willie Bizarre is my mick-name for him, mick-name, because sometimes the decisions he makes are frankly ludicrous. What do you do, you like football but you are guff at playing it, you get a nice little earner from it and the chance to show off your nobbly knees, blow your whistle and be officious, a proper tyrant. Players scratch their heads in wonderment at some of his decisions and wonder if they are hallucinating. So, who would be a referee? as you stride out Beaton style making ten yards become nearer six with his funny wee stride, or grow a beard Mad-Hun style, blanking out the Celtic player lying on the ground with both legs snapped. Referees are just like accountants, they both have their own agenda.
Beware the foam spittle guttersnipes baying from the Ibrox stands as they try to do their conjuring trick of pretending to be the same club with the same history and the same cheating agenda. Jeez they came in their pants when UEFA sent them a congratulatory telegram on achieving 150 years of continuous history, I wonder if the Celtic board did the same?


Morning all. Another beautiful sunny day here on the silvery Tay – so far..! Sadly, only for a week more before our move to new place in Monifieth (also with a view of the Tay but not right on the water as here in City Quay).

Bobby, don’t disagree with any of your points on referees in general, however let’s just blow them away on the field of play.

Just caught your note on other channel re Friday: sadly cannot make it this time J due to packing for house move next week. Next time hopefully, give my regards to Big Jimmy et al, in any case you can have my share…🙄😉🤣🤣


Cheers A. Cash by bank transfer is fine. 😂

Saltires en Sevilla

TGM – Rocky Road to Ballyshannon on my list…

They say it’s not far …

Saltires en Sevilla

BRRB – some man Wish I had yer constitution 🍺




A man after my own heart!!!!

St tams

Don’t disagree Bobby on your take on referees.
I’ll be 62 this year and nothing has changed, going all the way back to Bobby Davidson. There are too many others to mention. Our club have accepted it for all those years. If we perform on the pitch ,the way we can, the referee, will be irrelevant.

Never dreamt at the beginning of the season, that we would be in with a great chance of winning the T.

Angel Gabriel

Good article.

I’ve never met Willie Collum , but he’s not a referee I’ve much time for. When you barely notice a referee , he’s generally had a decent game.
We always know WC is the MiB , when he’s the ref because you notice him immediately due to poor decisions.
Usually in the first 15 minutes.

I once sat beside a dude and his ( gorgeous) American girlfriend in the Jock Stein stand , the night it was Baltic (-9 if my memory serves me right ) when we played Kilmarnock midweek, a few years back.
The dude claimed that WC had been his teacher at school. Then said that the class couldn’t get WC to talk about football, at any time.
He reckoned that Sundays ref doesn’t even like fitba !!!

The Monday after he gave the sticky’s a well dodgy penalty against us at Celtic Park , his best friend was in the opticians where my Mrs worked.
He received a phone call from WC , and my Mrs had asked if everything is ok .
His pal explained he was WC’s pal and that he was distraught after making an arse of the decision at the game the previous day. !!!

Maybe WC just does what’s best for his career, or maybe he’s just a shite referee, but I’m not convinced he’s a cheat ?

If we play exceptionally well on Sunday, it wouldn’t matter who refereed the game.

Mon the hoops.

Saltires en Sevilla

Angel Gabriel

Thanks for sharing, interesting insight.

We repeat first half from last game, we win three points.


Mr Collum is just a ref, not dry good but just the arbiter on the field. As such he can have a good or bad game. I know he doesn’t have an agenda just makes wrong decisions and will probably be influenced by the crowd. It is the other ‘officials’ on the day that also give me concern.
Collina said that you should notice good refs as they control the game and make important decisions that set and maintain a tone for the game.
Do your best Willie.
Do your best Celtic


Enjoy reading sentinel Celts.. Don’t think I’ve enjoyed any game Willy Collum has refereed….. He’s typical of the consistently bad across the Board Refereeing in Scotland……Hopefully Ange has the Bhoy’s Drilled…C’mon the Hoopos

Ah Willie Collum….

Willie was a member of the Parkhead Emerald CSC years ago.
A good few of my mates have confirmed this.
One of them had a couple of photo’s – the one that always gets taken – everyone at the front of the bus.

One photo has WC in it but he’s not in the 2nd one. When I asked where he was the reply was ‘Probably Booking the Driver for parking on Double Yellow Lines’. 😁

And, so a career beckoned….


Jobo Baldie

What’s all this I’m hearing about Mr Morelos coming through Glasgow Airport on crutches…. Hmmmmmmm


No old Firm game in Oz official. Lucky Oz. Our board won’t be happy.

Margaret McGill

sounds lame

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM jim breaking news just had a text from solkitts and sol is in the know😎 the game on sunday is in doubt the rainjurs football club have said we will not play the match unless tom tiny wharton is the referee assisted by jim mcluskey, good tim name😎😎 and the linesmen are john beaton and bobby madden. jim you heard it here first, another true story😎

bada bing1

Guys remember to give your utility provider meter readings by midnight, seems it counts when working out your next tariff🤦🏻‍♂️

bada bing1

Fat Charlie out for the season is the rumour

Shameful Hun Statement….

“After it became clear the tournament organisers were unwilling to fulfil their commitments to Rangers, we have, with immediate effect, terminated the club’s agreement with the organisers.”

Translates as “Geez mer muny than the feenyins or weer no gon”.

Watch the summersaults by the SMSM to glorify this.



Packy, Sol Kitts has some inside information doesn’t he? Never mind if we score 7 we should be alright. 🙂

big packy

what you mean 7-1, someone asked the time in 1957, seven past niven was the reply, magua told me that im far too young😎😎


btw, I wouldn’t always believe Sol Kitts, last year he told me Tiny Wharton was due to referee a game. But he didn’t!

big packy

JIM how dare you solkitts comes from ardrossan and the last time I went there it was closed phew,what a relief😎😎

big packy

JIM did I tell you about the time I had delivered a load of kitchen furniture in peterhead, and was driving back south,stopped at the famous bervie chipper on the A9, got there just as it was opening, fresh haddock and chips, hey not in a newspaper like the old days, but in a cardboard box😎


Funny you should mention fish. I’m having Pink Salmon Fillets in lemon & dill sauce tonight for my dinner. Yum yum. 🙂


Season ticket renewals available for 22/23 season. Isn’t that a lot earlier than normal?

Sol Kitts

Must be a night for fish. I’m having smoked mackerel with a beetroot and lentil salad, with a horseradish dressing. 🐟🐟

big packy

HEY you two, I can only afford a wee fish supper, put that in your pipe and smoke it😎


I fair enjoyed that summation.

Big Packy

Bang on the money. 😀

So the Huns have pulled out of the Sydney cup? Good. At least someone has seen sense…and it ain’t our own beloved board. Bankier et al will be greetin’ into their champagne flutes…or should that be Orange flutes? The people of Sydney can rest easy, now that they know that their beautiful town will not be trashed by unruly elements. The chunky Colombian can also rest easy. Can you imagine him on Bondi beach? He would be terrified that some Aussie would harpoon him…an easy mistake to make, it has to be said. 😀

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

CT- the huns trying to look like they’re in charge, fannies, hope they get sued

big packy

MAGUA hi pal, a bit worried about sunday, wee jinky has failed a late fitness test, but there are two ghuys waiting in the wings, one of them is from ayrshire, yes I KNOW😎 luigi macari looks a good prospect,,,and a glesga chap kenneth dalgleish, so lets see what happens, COYBIG,👍

What’s that?


Big Packy

One game at a time is my mantra. The Bhoys should be right up for the game on Sunday. Mon The Hoops. 😀



bada bing1,

Re Meter Readings, if you have a Smart Meter do you still need to give a reading?



No need if you have a smart meter or are on a fixed tariff


Won’t do any harm though just to take a screen shot of both your gas and electric meters tonight and save it just in the event you think there’s something wrong with the bill.
You’re smart meter will know how much you’ve used up until midnight tonight on the current tariff prior to the new rates from midnight onwards.


If you’re screenshots are not dated send them to yourself by mail. That’ll confirm the dates in the event of any dispute.


Cheers, useless at this stuff.

I pay by DD and normally the heating goes off about now till Oct/Nov and I usually get a rebate.

That’ll be gone now!



Estimate your bills will increase by 50%. That’ll let you work out if you’re about to get a smaller rebate, or, more likely, what you’re likely to be underpaid by.

I was paying £120 per month . ( gas and electricity combined)

Anticipating this was coming I increased my payments to £180 two months ago. I’m assuming that’ll just about cover most of it it if not quite all.
Then I’ll have the fekkin same 50% to 55% increase at the caravan too. Painful. I genuinely don’t know how some families will cope with this. Expect the food banks to be full to bursting. It’s shocking.

In my lifetime this is the biggest bunch of self serving and corrupt government officials I’ve known. I hold Johnson and his cohorts with such a level of hatred it’s unhealthy. I’ve never hated a government so badly – and I lived through Thatcher.


I know many will be struggling with their own particular challenges right now but I just wonder if collectively we could have some sort of fundraiser /collection to help some who will be desperately trying to survive this year? Does anyone know of any families ( without naming names obviously) who could use some assistance?


Twisty I don’t know anyone who is in a dire situation but will be happy to make a donation.

Prestonpans bhoys

As the cost of living explodes especially if you have gas, our beloved PLC board announce ST renewals, at a price rise and no token Celtic superstore voucher. They are in a different world, money grabbing bastards. I expect the £6m Aussie money still on offer even excluding the hun😕


Twisty. 7.48.
I don’t know anyone, in a dire situation, but like Jim, I would be happy to help assist a family.
As for Johnston, I couldn’t agree more, my blood pressure is higher than it should be and I’m sure it’s just looking at him, that triggers me.
Anyway I will leave it at that, as Mick and Mahe would rather we avoided politics.
Roll on Sunday, Celtic have been trimmed from 2s to 15/8 with 365.
A penalty to be taken is 7/4. Which is the same price as a penalty to be taken in West Ham v Everton, match
Tottenham v Newcastle, also in the same day, is shorter at 13/8.


Perhaps when the price increases hit, someone on here may know of someone who could do with a bit of help. If so I’m sure there will be many who are fortunate enough to be in a position to offer some assistance who will do just that.

A little aside- I was heading up to Tesco in Musselburgh last week and there was a traffic problem, so I went a detour around Musselburgh’s town centre to save sitting in traffic. The road is went passed a school. It was lunchtime and there were hundreds of school kids heading back towards the school . All, or certainly most of them had subways, or fish suppers, or greggs takeaways in their hands.
I said to the wife, how much must it be costing some parents daily these days with regards to kids’ lunches?? Imagine you’d 3 or 4 kids all needing dinner money daily!! Even one or two kids ? Must be hard going eh?
Mind you, I worked away from home for most of my kids’ secondary schooling and she said “ well, I was £3 a day for each of them but that included £1 their bus fare.”

I was shocked! Whit? £12 a day for the four? £60 a week?? This would’ve been kinda 1998 to 2008 or so across the span of their secondary schooling.
What would that be these days? £5 per kid per day?

I told her it’s a good job I didn’t know. They’d have been on the spam pieces or school dinners!


Twisty, when the pits were shutting down in the early 60s my father, like a lot of miners, was unemployed for a couple of years. We were on free school meals! My mother gave us a penny each per day. I bought a caramel for a ha’penny and gave a ha’penny to the ‘black babies’ fund. 🙂