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There has been almost a decade of negotiations between European football authorities and the clubs about the fabled Financial Fair Play regulations. That these are very much a thing to be desired is pretty much a universal thought amongst fans and even the clubs themselves across the continent. It permits at least a nod to the concept of a level playing field,one where certain clubs might have a mightier clout than others due to the income they generate,but at least it is earned on the back of their income. 

Football has been going for about 160 years since the foundation-by a Scotsman!-of the FA in 1863. I doubt anyone back then thought it would become the worldwide phenomenon that it has,it was originally intended as a formulation of rules for “public” schools,so that when the players went to Oxford or Cambridge,they were playing to those same rules. 

In Scotland,of course,we are well used to clubs playing to different rules. One club in particular springs to mind. And that club is why any attempt at such regulation is highly unlikely in Scotland. Even if we can point out that it is for their own good-and have the evidence from less than a decade ago to prove it!

Sadly,it isn’t just the huns who scream and stamp their feet at the prospect of FFP,or an equivalent. Everyone with their eyes on the prize wants to win,and some clubs and owners are more than happy to go to any ends to achieve that. Always with the thought in the back of their minds that success will bring the financial reward that covers the initial outlay.  That was maybe fine back when a provincial club like Huddersfield could win three titles in a row,or when Forest could buy the first ever million pound player. 

It’s a bit more difficult when you are running an outfit which reports debts approaching €1.5 BILLION euros. That will be Barcelona then,though Real Madrid,Atletico and Valencia are hot on their heels. The current European and world club champions owe a similar amount to their owner while Manchester United are around £600m in debt,even as their owners suck fortunes in dividends and the stadium disintegrates before their eyes.

So one might think that FFP is much to be desired,that it might rein in the excess in the transfer market and the wage/agent bill? Seems not so. Virtually all of the big clubs-read,the ones already in the most debt!-have campaigned against it. It seems that they want to protect the hegemony that they have over the big money-raising competitions,canny have a wee upstart from the likes of say Glasgow winning the continent’s premier competition having spent about £50,000. 

No way,Jose!

So FFP is gone,not that it mattered much anyway. The big clubs who were in breach over the years could afford the top lawyers to fight it. Cost them about a Messi weekly wage every time,equivalent to you or I dropping two bob down the back of the settee. It has been replaced by Financial Sustainability Regulations,and you really have to look into these yourself. Regulations they aren’t,much less so sustainable. 

If any of the existing “big” clubs can find a bank stupid enough to cover their debts,EUFA et al will conveniently permit that. If a bottomless pit of an owner can do that,even better. Woe betide though any new kid on the block,like a Manchester City or Chelsea (and who,where,were they only twenty years ago?) Or a PSG?

These new rules are not designed to protect the game. They are not intended to prevent  fans such as ourselves watching powerlessly from the sidelines as our clubs become a rich man’s plaything or a political pawn. They are quite specifically targeted at keeping the current hierarchy exactly as it is. 

Welcome to that European Super League,via the back door. Less than a year after we shut the front door on it. 

Above article by BMCUW

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Good article Mick. If you get on your private jet you can land on Glasgow Green and be in the Shipbank for 12. Leggy’s buying.



I hope you all have a terrific day,mate. Raise a glass to at least one absent friend,there’s a good chap.


Looks like we have lost the battle to have Ben Doak sign his first professional contract with us.



I will indeed. To Garry Duncan and yourself. 👍🍺

The Gombeen Man

So the Ibrox power brokers caved in to the outcry yesterday about the little anticipated Old Firm joint venture to Australia.

The fact that the Executives at Celtic Park have any truck with Sevco, is disappointing to put it mildly. The hostility of the Sevco support has done Celtic a favour.

Any venture involving Sevco is doomed to failure. They are toxic. The notion of a prestigious tournament involving a Club that has shown nothing but contempt for the game highlights Scottish football’s race to the bottom

There’s truth in the adage about the consequences of wrestling with a pig.

I’d a quick look at the Australian Sports News this morning and came across the story about Boris Becker’s troubles.

Seemingly Boris is being tried at Southwark Crown Court in connection with allegations surrounding his bankruptcy. He’s accused of not being entirely honest about the declaration of his assets, including the whereabouts of his Grand Slam trophies.

A comment from the Prosecutor caught my eye…

“There is a consistent policy throughout the history of bankruptcy legislation, which goes back hundreds of years, that bankrupts who play the system, act in bad faith, should be punished and that, in short is what the prosecution say Mr Becker did here.”

I’ve no knowledge of the case and wish Boris well.

Compare and contrast the above with 55 Trophies, 150 years, heritage…yada, yada, yada…

Financial Fair Play in Football,?

There’s more confetti shares at Ibrox than a New York ticker tape parade.

It was absolute lunacy to get involved in the deal. Club 1872 and their cohorts have done Celtic and Sydney a favour.

It’s ironic too that the Rangers militants chose to hurl tennis balls onto the field of play to register their protest at the Sydney joint venture.

I wonder if Boris noticed the contrasting interpretations of the term Liquidation?

In other news Celtic issued their Season Hook Renewals yesterday. My lad’s is £555.
It was pretty profound reading about concerns about heating bills and Season Hook Renewals.

The reasoning behind purchasing a Season Hook used to be the guarantee of a ticket for an Old Rangers game and the option of buying your seat for a top level CL game.

Rangers are dead.

We’re currently struggling to hold our own in the Europa League.

What’s the point in buying a Season Hook?

Oh right…

“We want our Title Back.”…”Neck and neck Old Firm race.”…”I didn’t expect us to be competitive this Season.”

£555 for a Season Hook to a third rate League.

Yawn, yawn,yawn.

History repeats.

The Fenian Whaler,

Thanks for your reply last week. Yes many of the Gallóglaigh did settle in Ireland.

Later the Redshanks were recruited from Gaelic Scotland Clans to fight in Ireland.

The blogs below are pretty interesting.

Alistair Mac Colla’s life is a good reference point too.

I’ll do something in more detail when I get the chance.



Prestonpans bhoys


I commentated on this yesterday, living cost rising at unprecedented levels, the PLC will I assume go ahead with Aussie adventure and net £6m.

So in solidarity with the support they raise the ST prices. My one is up to £572 and I don’t even get a seat😵😱


TGM…yip! The miscreants of Club2012 have indeed taught us a lesson, or rather, taught our PLC a lesson! Celtic showed incredible greed to jump into bed with the TRFC and should have anticipated the fallout before signing up to the tourney. TRFC have handed us a Get Out of Jail Free card. By the time the game comes round it will mostly be forgotten about, I reckon.
Further greed by CFC in respect of the Season Ticket increase of 14% I believe is always a boot in the knackers for the many who indulge their hard-earned on a Season Ticket as perhaps the only luxury they have – probably more common thank we think! CFC’s justification could very well be the huge energy price increases will significantly affect Operating Costs and is therefore justified. But it’s still a major blow and could very well be the catalyst for some supporters having to stop attending due to the overall squeeze. Incidentally, I put £60 of diesel in the car the other day and it half-filled the tank, two years ago that would have almost filled the tank! Worrying times for lots of people.

As has been said on here many, many times the support of Celtic at its most basic level does not require the supporter to be in cahoots with TRFC, or indeed our own toxic Board. My feelings for Celtic go beyond (or maybe don’t go far enough!) the machinations of finance or boardrooms although I understand they are necessary. Like a lot on here, even yourself TGM, we have an inherent curious love for The ‘Tic which is hard to abandon. So Yawn, Yawn, Yawn it may be but you still find a desire to comment on it…and there’s the nub! For some inexplicable reason no matter what we all find it hard to let go.


McCaff – just paid my ST; 6% rise


Thought you said it was boring on here😂😂


Cobeybhoy…6% in the good seats, 14% in steerage!! 🤣🤣🤣

Prestonpans bhoys

I always pay my ST in the last week, let them sweat😵


Price of my weekly bus ticket up by over 10%. And just noticed that Wetherspoon are increasing their prices due to the reimposed 20% VAT rate. Which is weird,because they didn’t cut them when it was reduced to 12.5%.

Mike in Toronto

In a period of almost unprecedented fuel cost increases, and almost to the day of meter reading/price cap increases, when some faimilies will be forced to choose between food and heat, (i) MP’s and MSP’s get a 2000 pound raise, and (ii) Celtic raise season ticket prices with the marketing slogan “Celtic – FUEL the noise”…its almost like they stay up at night, thinking of ways to stick it to people, and have fun doing it at the same time.

Celtic are taking the piss.

A thing of beauty

Really interesting insight here. But long but worth the effort. If I’d had this metric 15 years ago I would have appreciated Neil Lennon a lot more!!

Prestonpans bhoys

The look on my wife’s face when I told her they had put up the ST’s, no words were required😕


Hi all.
Just reading back.
I think Chalmersbhoy’s idea, is excellent.
Mick/Mahe and IT experts.
Is that possible, that at the end of every article, you could highlight, a go fund me, Patreon, Pay Pal, or something else, for Sentinel Celts, to help individuals with Fuel Poverty?
People could contribute as and when they wished, if they were in a fortunate enough position to do so.
I also agree with Twisty that we should try and help individuals in need, that we become aware of, rather than donate to charities, as such.
I know both Mick and Mahe have mentioned on many occasions about helping the poor, something like this would be wonderful if it could happen.


Cobeybhoy…6% in the good seats, 14% in steerage!! 🤣🤣🤣

That is a sore one all right


Thought you said it was boring on here😂😂
I have to say that it is most of the time – low comment traffic.
Not as boring as my work tasks today though


The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the replies lads.


Fair play for contributing here today. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an honest opinion.

For what it’s worth, my reason for dropping CQN was what I perceived as a lack of integrity in the editorials.

There’s nothing wrong in being pro-Celtic but the failure to address issues like Res 12, player and coaching staff recruitment, the performance of the CEO and the unnecessary politicisation of the P67’s writing were instrumental in my thinking.

It became more about what’s best for a select group of people within Celtic as opposed to Celtic and her supporters as a whole.

The plague of advertising on CQN not only frustrated me but seemed indicative of the priorities and type of people in senior positions at Celtic.

Without integrity, Celtic are nothing.

The lack of candour from the Celtic Board needed to be highlighted to the support. The failure to do so left us in the mess of last season.

Strategic gaffs like the Old Firm Derby in Sydney and Season Hook price increases are completely avoidable and reveal the complete lack of leadership in the Boardroom.

If it’s not exposed, it only festers.

I might not agree with everything the lads write on a daily basis here – but it comes from an honest place with the good of Celtic and Scottish football at heart.

Till later all.



I had read the announcement about a change to FFP and have taken no interest in checking further because experience tells us four things.

1. The new rules like the old will be broken or ignored if commercial circumstances warrant it.
2. UEFA know this but are unable to enforce their rules or make national associations apply them as UEFA intend.
3. Supporters by and large know this yet are prepared to pay through the nose for having the privilege of having a seat in the same place for the season even when proof of cheating on a massive scale is presented.
4. Some in the support not only do not see fair play as a number one priority , indeed sabotaged efforts to reform SFA, calling a well constructed Resolution of Concern at 2021 AGM in a format already used at the 2019 AGM , “garbage “.

So what is the point of comment?

I had the chance to get a tour around Hamilton Accies ground last week , Board Room and dressing room. I even met their head man , what a phenomenon that guy is with a sense of community running through his DNA. This is reflected in the set up of what is a true Community Club.

I said to my guide as I watched the young guys training ” this is what football should be all about , where results are earned on merit on the field of play not by a dubious referree decision that tips the balance in favour of the club who have disdain for fair play because “fairness” is a concept beyond their cultural ability to grasp.

Yup, Celtic would do well to strengthen the community aspect and communicate their aspirations to the Celtic support for whether we win the title or not, a body divided cannot stand.

Until there is any sign of a change of direction by Celtic, and why should they as long as the attachment to the same seat takes unquestioned priority, there is little point investing any time seeking domestic reform.

Scottish football is corrupt and not enough care enough to want to change it.


Morning troops on this fine day of Frig.

Big weekend ahead on many fronts. Hope it’s a good one.

On the charity front I’m more than happy to go with the flow or what’s popular. I did have a vision we could sponsor a soup kitchen/meals for the homeless once a month, but whatever is deemed worthy I’m in. I guess next week we should make a decision so keep any ideas flowing.
I read some of todays prices with dismay, others have so much harder than myself.

And the Club stick up the ST price.. That’s why the renewals are out early, another two months and many will say nah, can’t afford it.
Shame on them.

Take care everyone
Garry would have been buzzing, looking forward to this weekend. Rest in peace friend.
Hail Hail


“Scottish football is corrupt and not enough care to do anything about it”. How very true.

On your visit to Hamilton Accies, did you enjoy the “Fountain Of Youth Stadium”?, did you come out feeling re-invigorated, younger? with darker hair? or did you do your Hammy on the plastic pitch?

My thoughts and spare cash goes to the starving people of Mariupol, those under constant fear of death, by the Russian communist tyrant and President for life, Putin. How fucking dare he, kill innocent men, women and children and force them into starvation. Displace over two million innocent people. My sights would be trained on him. There was no fuel poverty when I was young, just Grandads mining coal allowance, central heating only came when North Sea Gas arrived at our door.

bada bing1

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou on Rangers dropping out of the Sydney Super Cup: “Whatever ticket sales we lose out on I’m sure my friends and family will pick up, mate, so we’ll be alright.”


Not ignoring the charity chat after introducing it, I’m snowed under with work issues today. Catch up later tonight or tomorrow

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mike in toronto great to see you posting, and you are on the money👍😎 dont forget us mike love to you and seamus sorry if that might upset a few posters who are having a great time ,who lambasted myself and mike on cqn for the great crime about talking about our dogs, hope you have a great swally, another true story,,and BTW why would a guy who posts on cqn and gives us stick about being boring still posts on here, another true story,😎

bada bing1

Guy in pub,gas and electricity, went up from £220 a month to £730…..😳

St tams

I see Neil Lennon is bumping his gums again.
According to him , he would rather be in second place chasing, that sitting top of the league.
Sums him up.
I wonder how long he’ll last in Cyprus

big packy

MAGUA JIM and SOL this might be my last night on here, im telling the truth the guy from cqn who they are all drooling over got myself and mike from toronto a warning about talking about dogs FFS and people on cqn are begging paul 67 to let him back on everyone is a chump on cqn unless you conform to this guy ive never ever liked bullies and this guy is a feckin bully dont care what bobby thinks,im off to attend to my wife and one other thing philbhoy know you are a friend of bobbys but you ever ever accuse me of hiding behind my wifes illness ill find you it wont be hard bo,ness is a hun hellhole so ill be looking out for you.,hail hail



You know how much I rated Neil Lennon as a player. Ronseal Neil,indeed. He played the Makalele role before Makalele did,and I think he did it better.


Packy, you have mail.



It is very much in out thoughts,but it also causes some problems. The last thing we want is for people to feel guilt-tripped into it,especially if some are struggling themselves.

I’ve been in contact today with a number of people,and everyone is up for that,with those certain caveats. It might be that the way forward is a dedicated PayPal account,no need to know who is putting in,and maybe three or four beneficiaries each month,rather than just one.

I’ve not spoken to MAHE about it yet,but I know he will go for anything that is for charity. More importantly,any suggestions on how best to go about it will be very much appreciated.


Canada are happy with their draw
In their only previous entry to the World Cup they didn’t score a goal. This time they will put up a great effort and surprise a lot of people



I used to work for Ronnie in the late 80s. He was one of four co-owners of the company at the time. His opinion of me was probably similar to mine of him.



BMCUW. 6.24.
That sounds good, I agree that no one should feel pressurised and it should be confidential.
Spreading it out to different charities, seems fair too, my only caveat, on that, for what it’s worth, is to keep it low key charities, like Mahe said Soup Kitchens /homeless and Twisty, individuals that need help.
I would think a lot on here already donate to more familiar charities.
The idea that PayPal ( or something else) could be available 24/7, is excellent.
It all sounds promising and positive, hopefully it’s achievable.
Thank you to all of you who put a considerable amount of effort in.



The guy I met was Colin McGowan one of the Directors and a tour de force.


Just a reminder that Superbru predictions are due in for 3 pm tomorrow

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Back in the early 90s, I was working in the customer services department at Kwik-Fit in Edinburgh, and one of my colleagues took a call from a customer asking what was the nearest Centre to the Isle of Dogs.
Quick as a flash he replied, ”Barking.” 😂😂😎
It’s Bethnal Green, in case you’re wondering….

big packy

SOL 😎 luv ya to bits 😎 sol hope you are ok pal, just had an e-mail from,my best buddy after you and magua,yes jim 😎


Jobo Baldie
What do you make of the draw
If we make it


For those of you who don’t live in the U.K. This is what is happening from today.
This is from Paul Lewis, a financial journalist.
From today people on prepayment meters who run out of money and disconnect themselves from electricity or gas will find their electric meter will still be ticking up at £3.53 a week standing charge and the gas meter at £2.62 – £6.15 a week to be without heat, light, or cooking.


Great afternoon ,

Big Jimmy, Davie 66, The Lurking Tim, Chalmersbhoy, STTB, me? BRRB, and a wee Luker called Eddie. ) Lovely guy!!!!

Great day?

We all think Celtic will win on Sunday 💚💚

HH 🍀🍀🍀

big packy

this needs to be said a guy on cqn mentioned my name think it was celtic forever, why mention my name as regards to big jimmy ive had my moments with him but it was years ago ,let it lie now FFS

big packy

MIKE if you are lurking, hope you are ok pal ,ive tried to tell the right story but its not my site ,incase i get blocked luv to you and seamus 👍

Sol Kitts

Just remembered this, don’t know why. What a terrible way to end your career…..

big packy

SOL if that post is aimed at me no problem buddy, still luv ya to bits, incase david66 and his mates are lurking, look back on the archives big jimmy is the one who is calling everyone a chump if you dont agree with him,another true story,

big packy

HEY this is my last night on here, so come on and defend big jimmy, lets see what you have got, BTW im wee jimmy

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
No mate, not aimed at anyone. I was reading about sportsmen and women who intended to end their otherwise illustrious careers on a high, only for it to go spectacularly wrong, and I suddenly recalled this poor guy. It was Eddie Waring’s commentary that I remembered, quick check on YouTube, and there it was. I loved Rugby League back in the day, couldn’t stand the posh boy version of the game.
Anyway, you daft oul bugger, you should know by now I don’t take potshots at my mates. 😎


Big Packy
Don’t be a twat switch your phone off, go listen to some music and just chill 👌

big packy

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