The Old 1-2


I am utterly drained after yesterday’s match-and I was only watching it on the telly! I’ve been to some crucial games in my time,such as the 4-2 or the latter matches in The Centenary Season,stopping ten,etc. I’ve sat through our victory at Tannadice in 2008,and endured some possibly not as notable but no less important occasions. 

None was as mentally and physically draining as yesterday. I have no idea how our players managed to continue going to the well,throwing themselves at the ball or trying to hit again on the break. 

The second half in particular was like the bloody Alamo. 

You all saw it,so to briefly recap,we did not start too well. A cheap goal down inside two minutes. But an equaliser around five minutes later. And for all that they threw everything at us,there can be little doubt that we created the better chances. Our defence was probably busier than theirs-indeed,our back five all had an argument for winning Man Of The Match-but our forwards too were sharper,our mids just that bit quicker. In thought as well as action. 

In what was an all-round performance,one where none of our players left a damn thing on the pitch,I will mention one player as my own Man Of The Match. This is something I have declined to do for over two years now,but the performance-even apart from his winning goal-of CCV was something special. 

And I would like to take this opportunity too to offer an apology to Willie Collum. I pointed out just the other day,in the lead-up to the match,that I thought he was the best referee in the country. Talk about being damned by faint praise! He was all of that yesterday,his was as strong a performance as any I’ve seen in such a pressure cooker. Frequently presented with decisions to make,he never took the easy one. Almost all day,he took the correct one. 

There is so much more that I could say here about yesterday,but I’ll leave that to our contributors. You’ll all do it better anyway! But suffice to say that our title challenge is in a better state today than yesterday morning. And probably in a better state than my ticker as well. 


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Wilkie Collum probably just reffed his last Glasgow Derby. He didn’t stick to the Lanarshire guidelines. I am still walking on air
We had at least 4 players go down with cramps and none of theirs?


Good morning all from Govanhill.


Morning all,

Great performance yesterday.

Would like to give a special mention to that Joe Hart save in second half. Very crucial and kept us 2-1 ahead.

Enjoy your day. 🍀🍀


Loved your prediction on Superbru !!!!!!!!

HH 💚💚

Noel Skytrot

Staff member assaulted, broken glass thrown at the keeper, items thrown at our players. Aye, they’re not called huns for nothing. Maeda was my MOM.


In the excitement of yesterday I hadn’t realised an unexpected bonus. Livvy are toiling for top 6. That suits me just fine. Despite beating them last time around I’d rather the bhoys go elsewhere rather than back to that pitch. Hope they don’t get the results they need to overtake Hibs and Ross C.


Happy Hoopy Monday folks
Cheers Leggy 👍

Willie enjoying himself yesterday
Everything Celtic (@aboutceltic) Tweeted: Willie Collum enjoyed Rogic opener 👀

Great performance, have to mention Taylor, not my favourite player but he was exceptional. Keep it going boys!

Big Audio Dynamite

Good morning from a strangely subdued Brigton.

Fireworks? Not tonight Josephine! 😜


Need to get down the gym and do some weights. Gonna need to bulk up to carry all the newspapers I’m about to buy this morning.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Those of you that still have a workplace should have a fun day!

Andy Pandy 2

Good morning all. Not posted for a while, apart from my little quip yesterday, but just thought I’d pop in and add my little contribution about yesterday’s events. As much as we love to see attacking football, I cannot remember in recent years being so delighted to see a proper defensive display from our team. Hats off to all of them, from back to front they were fantastic. So hard to pick out any individual, especially the back four, but have to say….Maeda??? I bet he runs to and from training every day!!! As Jobo says enjoy your day guys, especially those who are working with those of the blue persuasion 😉

Saltires en Sevilla


The team had guts to come back from that early setback – got in about them and bravely pressing high even hen thy slipped us a few times- stuck to the plan.

Still amazing to see us holding out for another 2nd half I thought losing a goal. Managed to get out and create a few too.

As for referee – he did his job. During the week we had helpful insights to his human side. Personally, thought he let far too many illegal tackles go unpunished and that led to heftier and heftier challenges. From both teams Tbf

Easy to see why he missed nonsense by superstar Libero Jack on GG… and doubt there will be any more action on that one.

Saw a wee stat on superstar Libero Jack: ( can’t be bothered to check mainly because I want it to be true…)

Played against Celtic 34 times: Won 5; Drawn 1; Lost 28; scored 2 goals: 1 red card: and 3 yellows.

Bigging up guys like Jack, might go some way to explaining their Currant ( sic) dilemma.

St tams

That was so sweet yesterday. Had a great day in the Kerrydale bar than back to the Anvil for another few and home in bed for 7pm.
Feel fresh as a daisy this morning.

Great team performance and excellent work ethic.
Hard to pick a MOM, there were so many great performances, but a special mention to Maeda , I was exhausted just watching the wee guy.
Also thought Collum had a good game, other than Maeda penalty incident, which was a bit unsighted for.
Can’t wait for next Saturday

Gordon64 Showing Their True Colours


It’s true to say Collum didn’t make one of his usual blundering I’m-the-talking-point-here decisions but he constantly kept getting in the way of our passing lanes, often with his back turned. No game awareness whatsoever and still an absolute diddy of an official.

Noel Skytrot

Did anyone see the SA banners held up at yesterday’s
match which besmirched Tommy Burns, Jock Stein and Lou Macari ? Thet truly are a shower of horrible hun bastards using SA to score points against a footballing rival.


Morning all…when we had to we dug deep and found a defensive performance we really didn’t think we were capable of! And we took our chances when we had to, although Abade could have shown a bit more composure to make the game a bit more comfortable and enjoyable! Rogic, Maeda, Starfelt and CCV were the standouts on the day but due to the intensity of the game we needed the subs. Every player contributed to that result, every player carried out Ange’s instructions but had to improvise as they went because we were under pressure for such long spells. It was a Champions’ performance and will live long in the memory.
Police Scotland, the SFA and SPFL must be held to account if no action is taken against individuals and TRFC for the shocking scenes yesterday. That a Celtic physio has to have treatment for a head cut after being struck with a glass bottle is disgraceful…a return to the 70s/80s. That Police Scotland cannot guarantee the safety of our support unless they arrive at the stadium 2 hours before kickoff is a disgrace. Good for the 700 in the stadium but the bigger picture is gloomy if this is what we need to accept to attend a game of fitba in 2022!

Prestonpans bhoys

Point to note against the SMSM coverage of the game. Our bhoy Hart only had one notable save, the rest your granny could have saved.

As for objects thrown, any other league in the world would incur sanctions. Will the PLC board say anything, we know the answer…….😕

Billy Bhoy


Aye it was a tense watch. A nightmare start, we get our noses in front, and the second half was the best defensive shift a Celtic team has put in since the David Marshall inspired 0-0 in the Nou Camp.
I thought, apart from Hatate who was subdued, every player played heroicly. Even the much maligned Greg Taylor had his finest 90 mins in the hoops.

A couple of wee points. Sevco shelled 47 crosses into our box and we cleared 43 of them. I thought that was beyond the ability of our back four. Simply stunning.

Also, I just read on FF that the bottle from the hun end was thrown as Hart was entering the penalty box for the restart and it smashed against the crossbar! The two bottle incidents should put the tin lid on any hun allocation for future games at Celtic Park. I’m already fearing the worst if we win the next one.Particularly as my son has a ticket!

bada bing1

I watched the game in the Vogue, just after FT an old guy was attacked outside by about 15 huns with hammers and blades,guy needed CPR,hope he’s ok.


Celtic TV (@CelticTV) Tweeted: 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙚 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙡𝙚 🚨

A double from the Bhoys give us the three points at Ibrox in the 𝐆𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐠𝐨𝐰 𝐃𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐲

Sit back and enjoy, Celts! 🍀

#RANCEL | #COYBIG | #cinchPrem


That’s deplorable. Hope he’s ok and they catch some if not all of the culprits. Dreadful.


Day off today and thoroughly enjoying watching the game back in the knowledge we were triumphant.Like Bobby says I too am getting to an age that my old ticker was under severe pressure throughout the live 90 minutes.The fact that our players having gone 1 down early continued to adhere to the game plan and trust in the tactics and each other speaks volumes for that group of players and their respect for the manager.Proud of the team and the 700 hardy souls who were in attendance to witness an outstanding performance.

Conversely their fans reverted to type when beaten,throwing bottles,injuring a Celtic staff member and as Bada highlighted the cowardly attack outside of the Vogue.A way of Life indeed,even if their football team is not good enough to invigorate their hatred there is always the marching season.Scotlands shame does not begin to cover it.

Well done Celtic,a lot of football to be played yet but we are in good hands.

Have the Huns finally Binned the Old Firm?



I’ve just read the 2 bottle incidents, but let me tell you there where bottles, coins and even eggs raining dow on the celtic supporters yesterday


Confession time. I wear one of those watches that tell you your heart rate.

Had I watched yesterday’s game live instead of in full later then I would have needed a new watch or a coffin.

A therapeutic consequence of viewing later is the comments do not cause the same anger as they do at the time since stuff like “Juranovic is all over the place” pales into insignificance when you know the outcome.

His through ball to Maeda was class when I saw it.

Ralston is made of steel and had Abada shown better technique when a Ralston cross landed at his feet it would have been “do unto others as they have done unto you” time.

Whilst Hatate was less noticeable it was his perfectly pitched pass to Maeda that broke up Rangers period of press. Maeda fed Jota, who fed McGregor who thought ” sod this for a game of sojers and charged into the box to lay the ball back. Hatate’s shot brought out a palm save from Alan McGregor and big Tam , showing the technique level Abada has still to reach, scored a vital equaliser at a vital time.

Whilst the game was on I delivered a grandson to his mother across the city enabling his Rangers supporting dad to watch the game.

See me? I’m all heart.


If I were Duracell I would replace the bunnies in their advert with Maeda’s.

Perhaps some Japanese battery maker already has.


There are undoubtedly health benefits in watching on delay. We’re two of a kind in that respect.
My mum used to beg me not to go to the games given how worked up I’d get beforehand.
It’s not got any better as I’ve aged. I’ve spent some long hours out in the wilderness whilst the match is being played. Every minute seems like 5.
If we lose I don’t watch it back.
If we win, feet up, popcorn in, and enjoy every single second of it.

I’ve already voiced my opinion on the match yesterday but probably should’ve mentioned Calum Mcgregor’s tenacity that allowed us back into the match so quickly. On another day, a start like that could’ve seen us suffer a few goal defeat, but his determination to get that ball delivered ensured the momentum Rangers had was lost.

He spoke very well afterwards too. Seems a diamond of a lad.


Re bottle throwing:

What assurances can Rangers give Braga and UEFA this will not happen when Braga visit? If it does what sanction would UEFA impose?

Rangers have a massive behavioural elephant in the room they need to eat before it tramples them to death.



The constant running down of Rangers defenders by Maeda unsettled them and his defensive work rate back was exceptional,stick a heart rate watch on that guy.As for Calum McGregor humble as the man is and exudes he is one hell of a footballer.That cultured left peg and the determination and drive he brings to the team for me is crucial.I know having read in the past he was or is not everyone’s ideal captain but I have always thought of him as the fulcrum in our team,pivotal to all we do in getting us up the park.Comparisons to Scott Brown were pointless as different captains like different managers can gain respect and achievements in different ways.For me the captaincy has emboldened Calum made him a better player and we are a better team for it.We had many great performances yesterday.The much maligned Greg Taylor and Carl Starfelt stepped up also in what was a game to enjoy back.As stated Juvanovic “all over the place”,came on strong thereafter,Taylor’s “starting position totally wrong,”still nullified the danger.
Might have to look back but prior to Anthony Ralston coming on was he holding a celtic scarf or am I tripping?


Replying to




Last Sunday, You made us an arch, And the very next day, You threw it away, The times near, We’ll be drowning in beer, And dancing with Postecoglou.

1:16 pm · 4 Apr 2022·Twitter for Android


Totally agree with all of that. I heard the “starting position all wrong comment”

Depends who you’re marking I guess. Greg Taylor could give me 10 yards and still get back to me 😁

Prestonpans bhoys


Yeah that old firm thing at the start of the game had me wondering what the hell it was all about.

I’m guessing it was a ‘get it up you’ to club 1872 and the other groups😵😱

bada bing1

Repeat of the game on Sky now

Big Audio Dynamite

Penny for the thoughts of the Sydney super cup organisers.

If you freely admit to being unable to guarantee ANYONE’S safety within your sporting arena, how can you be given a safety certificate to hold an event involving tens of thousands of people??


The record books show that Ibrox is never an easy venue from which to take full points. Even the Lions struggled on quite a few occasions. This time we showed that we can battle to win despite losing the first goal. I was worried at 1-0 because we did look to be “all over the place.”
Tam’s equaliser settled us and rattled them, big time. Joe only had that one save to make late on after that and we looked the more threatening side.
Daizen Maeda is a force of nature. He harassed their back four all game and didn’t give them any easy options out of defence. I accept that he is not the smoothest in possession but I’ll bet his team mates love him in the side. He is one tough cookie.
I also loved Tony Ralston’s stiffener on Kent. One of them made some remark and his reply I’m sure was unprintable on a family blog. The message to them was clear. You ain’t bullying us today.
The league is ours, failing a catastrophic collapse which I don’t see happening. What price were we after the 1st six league games?
I think the SFA will be forced to take action against Sevco for the bottle throwing. The scenes were beamed round the world and I think there will be a partial closure at Ibrox for one or two games. Had it been a UEFA run game, it would be a hefty fine and two matches behind closed doors, AT LEAST. I know Ms Sturgeon made a fairly bland comment, but there will be a few MSPs from both Labour and SNP who will call for the SFA to take action. The Celtic board must make a strong statement. Imagine the reaction from the Debtdome if Celtic fans had done something similar?
Clyde superscoreboard should be a good laugh tonight.
There is now no doubt that Ange knows the deal. We have a top manager and I hope we can keep him for a few years.



Snap in all respects.

Most games I can handle but playing them is a watch breaker.


Paddy Power ripping the piss 🤣🤣🤣(warning sweary words)

Paddy Power (@paddypower) Tweeted: “For you Rangers… the Chase is over.”

Celtic are back on top in Scotland, and Rangers fans aren’t dealing with it well.

It’s an Old Firm #FanDenial…


That was a good read. I’m just about settled down after yesterday’s shenanigans.


I’m loving those links. Tam Sellic son is some Bhoy. Now I know that shadenfreude is wrong…it is however, a whole lot of fun. 😀

Hail Hail.


Beating the huns certainly rejuvenates this elderly Tim. Watching Tony Ralston going right through Kent nearly made me climb a mountain. I said nearly.


Watching the Scottish news there was a feature on how badly the Govan food bank is struggling to provide needy families.
Might be another worth consideration for some charitable help?



That was a good read. I’m just about settled down after yesterday’s shenanigans.

. Now I know that schadenfreude is wrong…it is however, a whole lot of fun. 😀

Hail Hail.
Wrong? If Catholic try finding a priest who is not a hypocrite who would seek penance from you for it.

Say ten Hail, Hail Marys and Glory Be to Ange at worst. 🙂



That clip you posted yesterday of the female sevco fan getting a selfie with Ange really has tipped a lot of Huns over the edge. The replies to a tweet some hun put on twitter about it are horrendous they really are scum end of.


Beating the huns certainly rejuvenates this elderly Tim. Watching Tony Ralston going right through Kent nearly made me climb a mountain. I said nearly.
I crushed a grape I was that gleeful.

Sol Kitts

Just clocked Sturgeon describing the Huns behaviour as thuggish and mindless, thus winning the award for stating the bloody obvious. What she fails to address is that her government has enabled that sort of behaviour by not instructing the police to carry out their primary duty of upholding the law when the hordes went on the rampage in George Square, and refused to criticise the police when they not only failed to stop an illegal march through Glasgow City Centre but actually provided a police escort for it.
Is it any wonder that they now believe they are untouchable? Nothing will change until the authorities, football and political, start dishing out punitive penalties. They could start by reviewing the cctv footage from yesterday – every seat behind that goal is allocated by ticket, so by now they should have identified the perpetrator and arrested him. That, however, would require the cops to be interested. Much easier to do nothing except make soothing noises and hope everyone moves on to the next Ibrox disgrace.

Craig 76

The thoughts of 1 of the 700 at Ibrox yesterday



Last 10 minutes yesterday I walked round the practice area at EK Nerston Golf Club.

Not good for the auld ticker, but ended up, well you know the rest !!!!

Hope your well and HH 🍀🍀🍀

Awe Naw

Can anyone update me on the state of the arbitration process being carried out by the SFA on the dispute between Sevco and the SPFL with regards cinch ?