So it’s the CL group stages then – or is it?

 I’m sure like many of you I conceded this year’s title when we lost our first three away games. I officially threw in the towel when we lost at Livingston in September.
So, it’s with some disbelief that I find us now on the brink of regaining our position as perennial champions of Scotland!

Of course, this season of all seasons it’s particularly critical as, as the SMSM have been assuring us since July, the champions go straight into the Champions League group stages and hoover up a guaranteed £40m.

So, wasn’t it absolutely unbelievable that within hours of Celtic winning at Ibrox to firmly instal ourselves as hot favourites to pick up this game-changing prize money the SMSM are frantically scrambling around trying to find reasons why this might not now happen.

They are homing in on the quarter final ties involving Chelsea and Villarreal. Chelsea face Real Madrid. The “hope” is that Chelsea who sit third in the EPL go all the way in the CL but fail to hold on to their top four place. If they were to be overtaken by Spurs and Arsenal this would apparently prevent Celtic from gaining automatic qualification.

As if Chelsea, currently owned by a Russian oligarch and practically achieving pariah status in word football aren’t despised enough eh?

Similarly, Villarreal sit 7th in Spain and are well out of any chance of CL qualification so victory over Bayern Munich takes them two steps away from depriving Celtic of the automatic spot. That would definitely spoil our long standing mutual affection society we have with the Yellow Submarine.

As if this isn’t enough bad news for Celtic fans to deal with the SMSM have thrown in the caveat that it is really only £17m that is absolutely guaranteed-the rest being made up with gate receipts etc. Funny how we didn’t get this level of financial analysis during the months when The Rangers were leading the chase!

Oh well, at least it gives us all an added interest in the remaining CL matches.

Oh, and before anyone tries to tell me that I shouldn’t be counting my chickens anyway with 6 league matches still to play – don’t bother.

I’ve already counted them, plucked them and thrown them on the BBQ!

Billy Bhoy

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Morning all,

Billy Bhoy, good article.

But, I’m a “One game at a time “ sweet Jesus, man so will only be focused on Saturday afternoon v St Johnstone, hammer throwers.

Still I like your optimism 👏👏

Hope to catch a few of you Bhoys and Ghirls in Johnstone this afternoon.

For everyone else, enjoy your day 🍀🍀


Billy Bhoy,

Enjoyed the article.

Like Leggy I like your optimism but I wont be celebrating until we cannot be mathematically caught.With our 16 goal difference advantage it’s like another point and Ange will keep the players focused but I remain cautious.With Bobby Madhun getting the semi final I would anticipate Cheating Beaton will get the Celtic Park derby gig and with Dallas in situ v St Johnstone I remain in the time will tell camp.All things considered and previously discussed winning the league this year would be an outstanding achievement,just the 6 hurdles and 6 hun loving criminal refs to negotiate.

Look forward to more of your leaders Billy.Good to see SCs like you and Saltire allowing Mahe and BMCUWP an occasional breather.

Prestonpans bhoys

Billy bhoy

Interesting stuff, was not aware of the 4th paragraph conundrum for us, SMSM must have spent hours working that one out 😂😂pity they don’t spend the same amount of time on hun finances!

Big Audio Dynamite

Police Scotland say they will get right on finding the broxi bottle bringers …right after they find the Lamborghini limbo dancer and the Lawwell family lawbreakers.
Also not much talk about the amount of times opposition fans and players have been pelted at that shithole.
Just a few weeks ago the Motherwell fans were pelted with bottles …in Nov it was Hibs players!
Type in something like: Opposition fans and players pelted @Ibrox …and when you do, try and count how many times there is the promise of investigations or probes by either the police or league authorities. (Did I miss the outcome of all these investigations??)
Reading the msm, you might be led to believe Sunday was an isolated incident …it’s anything but.
This appeasement of their outrageous behaviour is gonna cause another innocent person their life …only a matter of time!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks for the article Billy Bhoy.
Qualification for the Champions League is significant because of the riches it brings. or the riches that can be missed out on. That is why winning the league this season brings extra significant. When Triggers Broom FC produced their last accounts in November or December 2021 significant concerns were raised over their ability to continue to trade, long term. However, with them sitting top of the pile at that time and with the fables CL money just a few months away then all would surely work out in the end. But nobody told Ange. If we do go on and win the league that’ll be enough for me. I’m honestly not bothered whether we go straight into the CL or have a qualifier. We will get much more enjoyable ties in Europa League group rather than some potential drubbings in the CL.


Get those selections for TWISTY’s Aintree Competition picked,folks!

ALL entries MUST be made before the start of the first race at 145pm.

St tams

Good article Billy Bhoy.
Liked the last paragraph 😁

Jobo, I’m with you on qualifying for CL or Europa.
Having watched some of the CL this season, we are knowhere near that level at present.

Prestonpans bhoys

You’ll recall the statement put out by the hun that this years title was the most significant in their 150 year history(sic).

I don’t think that the comment was about their survival more about them being able to challenge for trophies. They are in a perfect storm; think the tap from directors etc has dried up; no potential investors (insert mugs) on the horizon; klanbase sense of entitlement on overkill moreover the they are going tonto. Put in the King, Ashley and god knows who else they are goosed.

They have no alternative but to cut back expenditure, are we looking at the late 70’s early 80’s model. Hope so👍👍👍

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Billy Bhoy for the fine article. You’ve kind of summed up why I don’t like to watch or read the news.

There’s just too much mischievous drivel out there.

Now’s the time for basking in the panic at Ibrox and making the most of the moment…


Carlingford is a fine spot and also a EU sanctioned preservation area for leprechauns.

They have a Leprechaun Hunt there for the kids on the slopes of Slieve Foy every May. We used to bring the kids up there.

Don’t panic the area is marshalled to protect the actual area where the real leprechauns still live.

The view from the summit of Slieve Foy across Carlingford Lough at the Mournes is spectacular. I used to be able to tell you the name of every mountain.

This pub is worth a visit…

A really handy site is the National Folklore Collection,

It’s based in UCD and is recording in a digital format stories written by schoolchildren in the south from the 1930s.

You can search in a number of ways, surname or place name.

Say, Newry or Carlingford, Donegal, Kerry, Drogheda or maybe Inishowen.

The children’s stories say a lot about local traditions, the feast days, the English, bailiffs, superstitions etc…

Here’s an example from Drogheda…

“In olden times there was an Order of holy men – Dominicans – who had their house in the old Abbey of Drogheda and also at Mellifont. In these days monks or religious orders were persecuted by the English government here, and often it was not safe for the monks in Mellifont to venture into Drogheda for their food and other wants, so they made use of an old white horse which they owned. They strapped satchels on him one on each side and sent him into Drogheda each day by himself where he miraculously made his way to the brothers in the old Abbey where his satchels were filled with food.”

– You might remember talk on here about Mellifont last week??


See the mention of Mellifont above…I’m still searching for that famous Battle there…


Yes I can remember being told about places the Reformation didn’t reach.

I haven’t been to the places you mention.

It’s interesting though. If you trace the story of Kilcoo from the Cairns of the Neolithic period, the Celts, Christianity, Normans, Plantation, Conflict, Partition…

You don’t need to leave the Townland to have a good grasp of the whole story.

Have a good day.

The Gombeen Man


I think you mentioned Donegal a few days ago and talked about how the women lived there…

This is a bit dated but it’s an interesting short piece by Trevor Philpot.

Patrick McGill wrote about the Donegal folk in Scotland. He’s worth reading, it’s heavy but worthwhile.

Till Later.


Great stuff,BILLYBHOY. MAHE and I are grateful as always,as I suspect are our readers!

The prospects of us winning the title this season are truly mouthwatering,and for the various reasons you mention. Ten points from our first seven games? We have no chance-and I agreed. In fact,it reinforced my views at the beginning of the season,that the new manager and players needed time to bed in.

Automatic CL group stages for the title winners,with around £40m? We can write that off,that puts the huns that bit closer to us,and to solvency. Etc,etc,our prospects were not good only six months ago.

And what a difference those six months have made-even to the media analysis of how much that CL bounty might be worth,and even whether it is actually guaranteed in the first place!

Six league games and maybe two cup ties for one of our most memorable seasons ever? I’d have taken that six months ago. And at the moment,I have my fingers toes and eyes crossed!!!


I hope everyone enjoys their 130th Anniversary celebrations today. Good chance that COSYCORNERBHOY will be there with you. You can ask him for his memories of the game…


Aye Mick and get a slap for my cheek.



If your lurking, a speedy recovery to your Mum 💚



Nah,he’d just fine you a pint.

Someone mentioned OLDTIM67 the other night. Now,D is a diamond,a lovely guy whose only fault is trying to beat everyone to the bar. ALL the time. First time COSYCORNERBHOY and him met,OLDTIM67 was a bit pissed off that my Dad was actually six months older than OLDTIM!

They had a ball regaling us with their memories of The Famine Years,the joy of those occasional victories,the utter disbelief they felt when we were top dogs at home and in Europe for years. The perfect double act for a hoot,holding centre stage and giving the rest of us a chance to get to the bar for once.

Have a great day,mate. Pass on my regards to all. I’m off to my cot. Back to my usual night shifts from tonight after an unexpected and unwanted shift off them!




My bestie for the last forty years,whose delight in Celtic is all my fault. Mind,I was thinking of ditching him after the first five years as a bliddy jinx.

And then came The Centenary Season…


Happy Birthday Sol Kitts! 🙂


A good read Billy Bhoy 🙂

Saltires en Sevilla

TBM cheers buddy

Saltires en Sevilla

Anyone heading out today please note:

Venue isn’t open until 2pm



Hooooooopy birthday 🎂 to SOLKITTS



I had an article on the subject nearly ready for the go,but it was only fair to give today’s headline to BILLYBHOY. It is scheduled for tomorrow instead,with a few minor updates.

Absolutely disgraceful what they get away with,and I focus mainly on their actions in and around the stadium. I don’t even mention incidents like the one outside The Vogue on Sunday,as an example.

Mind you,neither have the SMSM.

Prestonpans bhoys

A happy hoopy birthday to SOLKITTS


Happy Hoopy Birthday Sol Kitts from me and BRRB, who is taking a breather under the table, before the big do, this afternoon 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😜😜😜😜😜😜

Angel Gabriel

Twisty’s Comp .
1.45 Erne River
2.20 Pied Piper
14.55 Protektorat
15.30 Eparante
16.05 Jett
16.40. Bold Enough
17.15 Law Ella .

Thanks for organising Twisty . Top man . HH

Billy bhoy

An excellent read. Feckin’ hell, you’re almost as paranoid as I am. 😀


Another brilliant and informative post. Many thanks.

Sol Kitts
Many happy returns.

Hail Hail.



I’ve copied your post into the dedicated article. See top of the page for it.

Good luck!

Back home for a fortnight at end of May,so hopefully get a few of the troops put for a night in The Market. Been way too long.

Mind you,that includes a weekend in Belfast,which I am really looking forward to as well.

A thing of beauty

Happy birthday Sol,
I know we say this all the time but I love Celtic supporters that weren’t born into it that wee bit more. Obviously I never knew that about you when you took me to the games, you were just my brothers pal and I was just a wean but you realise things as you get older and I love how you get the Celtic.

Billy Bhoy

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.

It started off as a quick post before last night’s games, turned into a wee rant and then I reckoned I could flesh it out into an article. The previous four were considerably longer in the making.

It was good to get it all off my chest.I’m sure a few more of us could give it a go

Following on from what I said, the Chelsea result (and Benfica the previous night) were good for us – Villarreal not so much! One to watch next week!

Saltires en Sevilla

Happy Birthday Sol Kitts have a good one.


big packy

happy birthday SOL, you always ask how wee joan is doing, she is doing fine pal, have a great day,


Billy Bhoy

Good points, well made.

The hypocrisy of the Fourth Estate(!) laid bare.

I wouldn’t worry about Villarreal too much. Of course they have a chance but Bayern drew away in the previous round and won 7-1 at home.
Also, the other main contenders all look too strong.

The CL is set up for a small pool of teams to win.

Outliers don’t feature, even from the top 5 leagues- in the last 25 years only Porto can be considered outsiders.


Cheers Billybhoy, and like yourself I think it’s a wrap. Up into the 30s today here, summer is upon us. Working in the heat!
Have a great day of Thor everyone.
Hail Hail

IF (capital letters to emphasise it’s not stuck on yet) we win the League and get to the CL group stages, I think we need to bring in several more quality players to have any chance of competing and to avoid the embarrassing thrashings we have received from the likes of Barcelona and Bayern. Ange has added a number of quality players this season but I think he now needs to target a number of taller players who would be able to fit into his system.

It seems churlish to mention our defence, who were heroes to a man on Sunday and largely responsible for the grin which has been adorning my face since then, but I think if we are to be able to compete in the group stages we need another two tall centre backs and another two taller full backs as well as a goalie to increase Ange’s options. We don’t know if we’ll have Carter-Vickers. Starfelt (who I like) is right footed but plays on the left side of central defence. It looks awkward and I think it’s the major cause of the heart attack inducing passing the ball around inside our box. It’s not helped by Joe Hart passing the ball to him in some awful situations. Juranovic is a brilliant player. I think he is real quality but is short in stature and in games where it might not be working for him we could do with a taller replacement. We also have the vastly improved Tony Ralston but I’d still add another. At left back, Greg Taylor has been absolutely outstanding over the last six matches. Again his problem is lack of stature. We have Scales who is tall and I think he’s a good player but Ange has only used him sparingly. If Ange doesn’t fancy him then we need a tall alternative. We also need another reliable goalie to keep Joe Hart on his toes and in case Joe gets injured. Someone who is good with the ball at his feet would be helpful.

A good quality defensive midfielder wouldn’t go amiss either. Bitton and Callum can play there but we saw on Sunday how effective Callum is playing further forward when he left three opponents training in his wake at our first goal. Bitton is very accomplished as a defensive midfielder. He is tall and hard and a good passer of the ball but he often lets himself down when the red mist descends so another player to give us options would be welcome.

I think we’re generally well off in midfield with Callum, Rogic, Turnbull, Hatate, O’Riley and we’ve yet to see how good Ideguchi might be.

We don’t yet know if Jota will stay. We have Abada, Giakoumakis, Kyogo, Maeda (I think we have to sign him per the loan agreement) and James Forrest who has had a terrible season due to injury. It looks as if we could do with at least one other to give us options.

Having said all that we have a number of players who have been around for a while but seem to have fallen out of Ange’s plans or seem to be permanently injured: Barkas, Bain, Bolingoli, Welsh, Ajeti, Soro, Mikey Johnston, Karamoko. The future looks uncertain for most of these players.

Ange spent money on the players he brought in this season but I don’t think it was a fortune. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to work similar magic with recruitment as he has done this season to further improve our squad for next season. He needs plenty of capable, quality of players to sustain hiss all action style of football that has brought so much joy to the Celtic support this season. It would be terrific if we could pocket the £40 million and get to the last 16 and pocket some more.

I can’t wait till next season and I’ve got my fingers well and truly crossed that we can add the League and the Scottish Cup to our trophy haul this season.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby 12.05
They are out of control (Literally) and highly dangerous.
With the more dangerous elements becoming even more emboldened after each hollow threat from the authorities comes to nothing.
If that was any other club on Sunday, there would have been swift & decisive action taken.
We will get another load of faux outrage when it costs some innocent their life.
Truth is, that shithole should be closed to the public …heck, they even admitted they couldn’t guarantee anyone’s safety!
When they said that, their safety certificate should have been denied.


Gordon…the Bella Caledonia article, despite a huge amount of facts and statistics offers zero alternative to the status quo other than a wee hope that “The Old Firm” get out of Scotland! It may well have been a decently written article but it was ultimately just sour grapes. A bit disappointing really!

A thing of beauty

Billy bhoy,
Should have said earlier, I enjoyed your article but the chickens on the barbie is giving me the fear.
Welcome to the blog, hope you’ll like it here. Excellent post that sums up the feelings of a lot of us. We are doing well but no where near where we want to be. I think Ange knows that and the board will have been told his expectations I’m sure. We are scouting in places we’ve never considered before and I hope this will continue. I think there may be a couple of gems from Australia that Ange will also know about. I completely agree about the height factor. We are a small team and there are not many of them making inroads in Europe. Bodo Glimt epitomised this. I don’t think one player was under six foot but none were slow and cumbersome so players like that can be found and needn’t blow the budget.


Billy Bhoy…good stuff today but I’ve got to say even in the darkness of our worst start in years, I never gave up on Celtic’s ability to perform this year. I did doubt whether we would wIn the league but never for too long! TRFC have proved they don’t have the stuff. #GarryToldUsCSC


The Fourth Estate: Top marks for creativity, zero for accuracy. Who could forget those front pages of coffins and hearses.
Shouldn’t be counting my chickens certainly not even eating them with bird – flue around, even them kid’s Kinder eggs are having to be handed back because of salmonella – ella. I hope it gets fixed before Easter, I live for those chocolate eggs filled with Dairy Box’s sweeties. Sorry Billy Bhoy but after our dismal start to the season I couldn’t wait to call time on the season, I’m already looking around to book my Celtic CL holidays.


Heading home after a fantastic afternoon celebrating the first Celtic Scottish Cup win 💚

Saltires, fantastic, your a credit to everything good about Celtic 💚

Magua, Belmont Brian and young Martin, loved your company and superb. 🍀🍀

Finally, CCB,, you wee rascal !!!!

Your a delight to your generation and well, Thank You 👏👏

We owe you a few drinks and might visit Irvine CSC to repay you 😜😜😜

The afternoon is what Celtic fans are all about 👏👏👏💚💚💚

Hail Hail 🍀🍀🍀


A fabulous afternoon in Johnstone laid on by Saltires. Can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed myself so much. Many thanks to P and his lovely wife M. And to Andy for the home made pakora. 👍🍺💚

Cosy Corner Bhoy

A shout out to SenS for a fantastic afternoon, for me anyway, though still going strong when lightweight me left!
Could not have been better imo, with contemporary photos decorating the walls, an excellent entertainer with some original songs, to me anyway, a goodly turnout of SCs and first class purvey from SenS’s good ladies.
My thanks to bar owner Dave also for enabling the event to occur.
A small world event added to the magic! I met a lhad who worked beside me more than 50 years ago.
Once again, thanks to all who attended. Don’t forget…. Belfast still beckons for those who can make it.

Bigrailroadblues Hope that worked. Clockwise, BRRB, Magua, Leggy, Martin, Belmont Brian, Saltires en Sevilla. What a day.


Cosy corner Bhoy, you are an incorrigible old rascal. Thanks for the pints P. Hail Hail.


Delighted that the day went well,everyone. Apologies of course for my absence.

Some coincidence for COSYCORNERBHOY meeting a fella for the first time in fifty years.


A pleasure to meet up with you again.


Brilliant to meet ye for the first time. I certainly hope it will not be the last.


A pleasure as always.


I cannot thank you and your good lady enough, for organising a a quite brilliant day. The YNWA at the end of the set was the stuff of legend.

and finally

BelmontBrian63 and Martin

Thanks for your company Bhoys. A fine day in the company of true Celts ..who could ask for more?

Hail Hail



That is a blatant attempt to gerrymander the current status quo.


Guess there is an update happening as screen gone all transparent 👻