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Here we are in the second week of April folks, and Glasgow Celtic are swaggering to the title.


Can you bloody Adam and Eve it?


Garry Postecoglou certainly predicted this, very few others. An incredible sequence of events has culminated in an almost surreal season finale, the original underdogs now steamrollering everyone and everything in their path with one single aim, that’s almost touchable it’s so close.


Ange, once again, backed up early assertions that his team peak around the business end of the campaign, by design of course. A blind man could tell you that’s exactly the case for his current club.


To this mind, the big T isn’t the title, but the Treble, that’s how good we look and how much faith I have in our General. 


We’re king of the heap, top of the pack, with confidence levels so high it’s hard to see any domestic reversals on the horizon at all. 

I now expect the team to win every game, a very privileged position to be in, and never an easy position to attain.


It takes a lot of hard work to reach a certain level of performance very consistently, this management and football team have cracked it.


That’s a fantastic base to build upon.


The fact we are playing with a swagger tells us a lot, not least we are a happy bunch, something very underestimated but very important. It also tells us the players like life under Ange, the gaffer clearly likes being in the job, so a win-win scenario for football operations. 


When crunch time arrives, those on loan weighing up their options aren’t in a pressure pot situation, or an unhappy camp where an exit suits best.


A happy dressing room and a manager who delivers surely counts for something?


It can’t hurt, that’s for sure.


Our Swagger is probably driving our rivals and the hacks mad, their problem. 


“Sellic Strolling to Silverware” is a headline you’re unlikely to read, even if true.


The current Champions can go all in on Europe, excuses and play, it doesn’t matter at this stage. 


They certainly aren’t getting any public hint of a chink in our armour, a potential collapse of epic proportions. 


No Siree, opponents are put to the sword with glee and gallus, by whichever players selected, all are stepping up or have stepped up to the plate over the course of the campaign.


Sign of a good team.


But we know they are a good team.


How good? That’s now the question

By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Thanks for the article, Mahe and I agree – I too think that Celtic will win their remaining 7 games this season and with that their 5th Treble in 6 years. And I think we will finish at least 10 points clear of The Old Firm 😉


Good morning. I’m leaving all future predictions to Mystic Meg or Harry Hindsight, because I’m still bathing in the sun of beating the Hun, still in heaven after the team scoring seven, looking forward to whatever happens, enjoying the run of delightful, skillful, pacy Celtic football. Yes they are a good team, they have proved that, how good remains to be seen, only time will tell, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the article.

Scottish hacks could teach Kim Jong-Un a thing or two about manipulation of the narrative.

It’s got so bad it reminds me of how the British media used to use actors to overdub what Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams were saying.

We’re heading towards part two of a Sevco Trilogy, I know how these games affect me. Tensions are running high and blogs aren’t immune to the adrenaline of the whole thing.

Everything should be taken with a pinch of salt at the moment.

Things that normally don’t bother me can easily provoke a reaction during the buildup and after these games.

There should be a general amnesty for all posts at this time of the season.

It’s seen me almost lose the rag in the queue at Tesco’s on the eve of a Celtic v The Old Firm game.

Road rage beware…


Thanks for the response.

Anthony de Mello used to tell a cautionary tale about the dangers of intervening during the hatching process of a chick.

Motivated by the best of intentions, the intervention damaged what was taking place naturally.

In our context the 5WA and what followed might be seen as living proof of the consequences of interfering.

We’ve too many clubs and are bedeviled by the negative consequences of bigotry and secret societies.

Scotland needs to see that it’s being held back by its own prejudices and fears.


I look forward to the Report.

Have a good day everyone.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

From previous item :
Chalmersbhoy: There was certainly no intention to be crass in my comments. I thought I was attempting to offer reasons for the apparent snub not to be deliberate. Nothing more nothing less!
Obviously it was not perceived as such by you, and for that, my apologies. First lesson to self; If you can’t get back to sleep don’t post on the blog as brain not engaged as too busy trying to get back to sleep.
I know from previous that you are a fervent supporter of charities and as a gesture of goodwill, or remorse, I will send £10 to BMCUWP and he will forward it to the charity of your choice.
No need to reply just let him know.
Hope you return but good luck in life.
No doubt I will be in bunkers but not with Roses only Clubs and not the biscuit kind.

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw @ 6.38pm.


The accepted practices of the past to ensure the supremacy of Rangers are undermining the game and the credibility of the establishment.

Ibrox is a financial black hole.

Let’s see what the next couple of weeks brings.

Good to see you back.

Till Later.

Saltires en Sevilla


Hoping we can keep up the style and performances to match results.

Looking likely we will be required To play against the Old Firm twice in a row…fortunately, we have seen a glint of steel in our Bhoys ….that had been missing.

Suspect we are really going to need it!

Saltires en Sevilla


From last item.

Just realised you posted about your Birthday and missed that, plus a few other valuable comments at that time, sometimes we get distracted or too wrapped up in our own stuff. This is a failing I readily admit to and offer you a Belated Happy Birthday.

Have always enjoyed your contributions over the years and not least your sterling charity work. Please be assured you are admired from afar.

Hope you reconsider and come back here – will make you welcome and confident everyone else will too.

All the best, meantime buddy.



Morning all, a great week for Celtic last week and hopefully more of the same for the next few. I’ve been busy and not posting too much so to Puff…sorry I couldn’t make the Nightshift on Friday had an early start Saturday (Prom Dress shopping in the morning with my missus and younger girl, a fruitless trip so me and my girl are out to Hamilton for a 12.30 appointment for more glitz and glamour! Wish me luck, bhoys!!)
Chalmersbhoy, missed all your stuff so a belated Happy Birthday…what age are you now? 10? Well start acting it and stop throwing your Action Man oot the bogey!! I’m only half-joking of course, but I hope you had a great day apart from all the ignorant feckers on here). 🤣🤣🤣
CCB…trying to buy your way out of a sticky situation is never a good move, a man of your years should know that! 😂😂😂



I second the comments from SALTIRES. I dunno how I missed your post,spending all day in the pub watching the football and having a right good chinwag wi my mates might have had something to do with it.

In any case,I hope you did your birthday justice,and your charity offer is excellent,and gratefully received. Which reminds me,I’d best check who got the highest priced winner!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

McCaff: Seems to work for the Hun hierarchy😀


Touche! 😂


Chalmersbhoy…prompted by Bobby’s comment I read back to your 8.56 comment on Saturday night. Well done, Big Man! A beautiful gesture that deserves more recognition than it received! Apologies for my (as usual) flippancy!🙏

St tams

As much as I go into each game thinking we can win. I’m not one for predictions, as such.
I’m quite happy to take one game at a time.

Then win the treble HH



It is hard not to get carried away,given the performances and results-but I agree that we need to remain grounded. I’m sure that AP will have the players doing what is needed,and as you say,one game at a time.



Looks like Sam Browne was the highest priced winner of the week in the competition. A belt-!-ing 28/1. So if you let me know your nominated charity,I will add it to our charity recipients,along with the £50.

Well done. Some big prices over the three days.

Big Audio Dynamite


To make that pledge on the day of your own birthday(?), when others should be thinking of you, shows again what a classy guy you are. To me, you seem to epitomize what being a Celt is all about.

Really hope that’s not the last time we hear from you.

HH, buddy 🍀



Firstly let me apologise for not responding to your post. I did read it but get caught up in a matey chit chat with you just after it. If it’s any consololation I did think at the time, typical of the guy to make that further donation to charity. Well done. I failed to post it. But I thought it. Sorry too for not wishing you a happy birthday!

I hope you know I have had great admiration for you in the past. I sympathised with you last year over what you call the hi-jacking. Even so you still went ahead and did a super job with Cheltenham. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I can’t say enough that I would be very sorry for you to leave here.

Don’t go CB, you’re appreciated more than you think.

Saltires en Sevilla

Mahe – you have mail



Not having read the blog last night, I did not get the chance to wish you a happy birthday but I hope you will reconsider your decision. You know that I want to come to an arrangement with you on fund raising initiatives and to get your efforts, which raised a lot of funds, back to the forefront again.

Please reconsider as I don’t believe anyone deliberately ignores other posters. Your efforts are appreciated

SFTB 👍Well said!


Had to happen at some point I guess

Celtic F1rst (@CelticF1rst) Tweeted: Never thought I’d see the day.

Half’n’half Old Firm scarves.


Don’t really care bout fixture run in.nothing to fear after watching that on Saturday.

A little song of a poet mentioned on here.

Ballad of PatrickMcGill.enjoy Celts.



A lovely positive article. I remain though, a one game at a time kinda fella. The T for Title takes precedence for me. Two-faced fecker that I am though, I will most probably have changed my mind come 1400 hours Sunday.


Please reconsider. I too have always valued your contributions to the blog.


I have often lost the rag in Tesco…and ASDA…and Lidl. Those self-service check-ins are the bane of my life. Does the following sound familiar:

Machine: “Please place item in the bagging area.”

Me: “It’s in the feckin’ @*#*@*#bagging area”

You think you’re muttering softly to yourself. In reality ye end up getting some disapproving looks from some old dears in the vicinity. Time for a sharp exit methinks.


Those scarves would sell like hot-cakes outside Ibrox. Then again, who would be brave enough to take the chance. 😀

Hail Hail.

The Fenian Whaler

The GB with a ‘controversial’ call to arms “Hung they out a flag of war”
Don’t forget your Tricolour (Irish preferably😏) if you are heading to hamdump

PS an absolutely brill vid from the Bhad boys of the North curve.


Afternoon all,


We need all EK Bhoys on here !!!!!!!

As Paul said, Get Back 🎶🎶 to where you once belonged 🎶🎶

Belated Birthday wishes 👍👍

HH 🍀🍀🍀


Ross County away sun 24th apr 2.30pm ko
Huns home sun may 1st 12pm
Hearts home sat may 7th 12pm
Dundee United away we’d may 11th 7.30pm
Motherwell hone sat may 14th 12.15pm


Ross County v Celtic
Sunday, April 24 (KO: 2.30pm)
Celtic v Rangers
Sunday, May 1 (KO: 12noon)
Celtic v Hearts
Saturday, May 7 (KO: 12noon)
Dundee United v Celtic
Wednesday, May 11 (KO: 7.30pm)
Celtic v Motherwell
Saturday, May 14 (KO: 12.15pm)


Craig 👍


Gordon64 😀


They’re hoping for a helicopter Sunday.
Delusion knows no bounds.


Helicopter Saturday even…


Exclusive prediction. Bank Holiday carnage.


All of our games are on Sky.

Awe Naw


I think my post at 9:26 pm straight after yours might have distracted from your post. Like you I don’t know as nobody replied. 🙂 Mind you I´m a boring bastard and I finished off my post with one of my vids. So I have to apologise. My singing and playing is so bad that posters immediately reach for the Aspirin and head straight off to bed. So it is my fault

Sorry to have possibly stolen your thunder. In one of my recent vids I am starkers except for mee geetar (not a comment did I receive) ugly as well I thought. 🙂

As way of trying to induce you back onto SC I will donate 100 quid also to the SC charitable cause but only if you come back AND post “that was the best video I have ever heard in my life Awe Naw” even if it is a lie. I just want the screenshot

I know Garry is a big Floyd fan and that the age group on here are mainly baby boomers so here is a couple of wee relics for Garry.

Hope to see you back on as it was a quality post that deserved a reaction.

For Garry

Prestonpans bhoys


100% correct, thought Police wanted that avoided😕

bada bing1

Means we can win the league against the huns at CP






Barring some mathematical straw-clutching.


Awe Naw. So there ye are !

Have ye sent me that money yet?

( for those not in the know I’ve been sending him guitar tips. Was supposed to be paying me . Not seen a fekkin penny of it)

Awe Naw


You know fine guy well that contract drawn up between us is based on SC compliments. Ergo nae money

I think it is actually nothing to do with my musical abilities and clearly everything due to me being the youngest best looking poster on SCs. Tims are awfy jealous

Here are a few from your Friday night Bathgate Palis era


Awe Naw
Under no circumstances will I be opening those links until I have your word you’re wearing clothes in ALL of them!!😬

( just about to sit down to dinner- shortly)



Cough up!

(See my comment at 531pm)

Awe Naw


You and Twisty trying to stitch me up.


Not only am I naked with an all over fake Scottish Mac Tan I am playing air guitar. I can understand if you look away. Jealousy is an awfy thing

all A E and D like ye telt me


Good evening all from wherever I am.


I’ve looked at our and their post split fixtures.

If I were trying to keep it tight that is how I would have arranged it.

The one game 3 points almost assured we get in last game v Motherwell.

Whist away and having drawn with Motherwell at home I think Well are weakest team in the group and whoever gets them has points assured. Rangers get them first game.

The toughest game for Rangers after playing Celtic is Hearts. A potential point dropper for them but when is it played? The last game away at Tynecastle when league might be over.

Some programme that came up with that fixture list that might keep the competitiveness going to the end.



And on whichever day of the week you think it is(!)


Ok call me paranoid but this is the full list.

Saturday 23 April 2022
15:00 Aberdeen v Livingston
15:00 Dundee v St Johnstone
15:00 St Mirren v Hibernian
Sunday 24 April 2022
12:00 Motherwell v Rangers
14:30 Ross County v Celtic
15:00 Dundee Utd v Hearts
Saturday 30 April 2022
15:00 Aberdeen v Dundee
15:00 Dundee Utd v Motherwell
15:00 Hearts v Ross County
15:00 Livingston v Hibernian
15:00 St Johnstone v St Mirren
Sunday 1 May 2022
12:00 Celtic v Rangers
Saturday 7 May 2022
12:00 Celtic v Hearts
15:00 Hibernian v Aberdeen
15:00 Livingston v St Johnstone
15:00 Ross County v Motherwell
15:00 St Mirren v Dundee
Sunday 8 May 2022
15:00 Rangers v Dundee Utd
Tuesday 10 May 2022
19:45 Dundee v Hibernian
Wednesday 11 May 2022
19:30 Dundee Utd v Celtic
19:45 Motherwell v Hearts
19:45 Rangers v Ross County
19:45 St Johnstone v Aberdeen
19:45 St Mirren v Livingston
Saturday 14 May 2022
12:15 Celtic v Motherwell
12:15 Hearts v Rangers
12:15 Ross County v Dundee Utd
Sunday 15 May 2022
12:00 Aberdeen v St Mirren
12:00 Hibernian v St Johnstone
12:00 Livingston v Dundee

Awe Naw


The toughest possible run in for us and the most optimal for the huns. Nobody can be surprised

Sol Kitts

Let me start this post with a sincere apology for not posting a birthday wish. For what it’s worth, happy belated birthday.
Now, an explanation for my tardiness. On Saturday I was at another birthday party, my mother-in-law’s 90th, so my opportunities to access the blog were extremely limited. I wasn’t even able to see the Bhoys whip St Johnstone, had to make do with surreptitious score updates.
Anyway, if you’re lurking, I really hope you had a great day.


Mick, it’s Celticday. 😁

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