Happy Easter

‘Do it once they call you lucky, doing it twice shuts them up’
Brian Clough said words to that effect regarding his second Big Cup with Forest.
Whether right or wrong, I can fully attach the sentiment to Sunday’s big semi final clash.
Two wins in two weeks over your biggest rival just can’t be dismissed as luck, it’s that simple.
Ange will, of course, know this.


He approached the Ibrox derby as a one off fixture and the exact same thing shall happen for the big game at Hampden Park. Fresh, motivated players on that wide pitch, urged on by a sense of occasion and thousands of boisterous Hoops versus a jaded eleven who must overcome nerves and an expectant support before even kicking a ball.
They are the classic wounded animal, so our team had best prepare to be attacked.


I’m of the opinion GVB’s job essentially rides on this cup tie, my reasoning being three rapid but successive defeats to Celtic would surely see him flung out the door. With fixture number one at home a defeat, and heavy odds of being outplayed again at Celtic Park soon, this tie is their managers lifeline.
A victory and he keeps the job, with something to show for his endeavors, a statement victory and/or silverware, revolt shall be staved off by the glimmer of hope, one important victory in battle while losing the war, and the STs shall shift.
A defeat and,,,


Three victories in a row over this opponent would offer confirmation, on many fronts.
It would tell us all, clearer than ever, we’ve backed the winning horse.
It would show all and sundry we are the country’s premier football power unequivocally full stop.
It would confirm Ange and this team have GVB and his team’s number.


If I know this, their manager will be certain of it, so I expect he and his charges to give it their absolute best effort come Sunday. There’s no point holding something back, it’s crunch time, and they did manage to penetrate our defense recently, no mean feat these days.
He, the ref, the fans, and the players, will throw absolutely everything but the kitchen sink at Sellic right from the whistle sounds.
Don’t rule out the kitchen sink actually.


I expect an intense affair, and to be honest more cards than the last one, counter attacks halted by whatever means necessary. It won’t be a game for shrinking violets, if a betting man I would fancy a red card or two.
I don’t envisage many goals, mainly due to both sides adopting a siege attitude, defending in numbers, always giving everything to be first to any stray or second balls that fall within the box.
We are aware they start fast, how could we not be, so we should look to keep it tight for the first ten then play our way into the game.


I don’t predict a game for the purist, but on one level I’m excited to see what exactly takes place out there on the field of play. Ibrox was a test of mentality and footballing ability, with a so-called period of being under the cosh greatly exaggerated.
Hampden could actually see our Hooped heroes genuinely under the cosh, having to weather a difficult storm. We don’t often get to witness this collectives defensive resolve, more used to witnessing action at the other end of the park.
We as a team need tested sometimes, to learn our weaknesses and limits, to study and improve flaws.
I do think this particular game shall test us, a tough one awaits.


Ange Postecoglou has his hardest opponent standing in the way and shall of course go for the victory.
A famous victory.
I’ll admit I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes come Sunday, the selection headache alone would have me phoning an ambulance, nevermind the near certainty one of our stars shall receive ‘a calling card’, that peculiar way of saying a red card that wasn’t given. Look out for that ‘tactic’ early in the game, easier to stay on the park as the ref is usually loath to spoil the spectacle.


I’d stick with G-Mak but alas injury strikes. Our mercurial Japanese striker is more than adequate and wants to play, plus he tends to rise to rise to the big occasion, so injury elsewhere might be a blessing in disguise. Maeda and Jota on the wings.
Middle of the park, Calmac, O’Reilly, Hatate.
Usual suspects at the back.


A couple weeks ago Tam playing in the hole made the difference, and a fool out of me. I wouldn’t try the same trick twice.
Our two man midfield did great, but a good manager would have swamped the area and taken control of the middle of the park.
We can’t leave only two there, not this time. That’s why I don’t think Tam shall start, it will be more of a key battleground area and any three named shall need to stand up strong plus get forward into the box supporting the attacking Trident.
Later on, bring on pace (Abada, Forrest) to stretch the game and keep their defenders busy in their own area and not attacking ours.


Ultimately, I hope we witness a much more respectable affair than last month’s derby, and not another repeat of the shame game. The fixture could do with some injected sanity, but a high stakes cup game is hardly the perfect occasion.
If the whistlers wish to hinder our sensational treble aspirations, they have their perfect opportunity, and the perfect antagonist team to play the role.


Trebles are great, Cups will come and go, but if every Tim gets home safe, I include the team and staff, that’s a victory. I pray for George Square in advance should we lose.

By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Glasgow Derby Eve.
You’ve covered most bases there, Mahe. Trying to second guess all of the factors – no GG, they had extra time on Thursday, we’ve had 8 days to prepare, big pitch, Kyogo from the start or bring him on, 50/50 fans split, etc etc – is understandable. But listening to Anges full presser yesterday left me in no doubt that he and the players are 100% focused on believing and trusting their own game plan.
The We Never Stop attitude tomorrow should see us through. Can I be greedy and hope for an All Green Final?
A gorgeous bright and beautiful start to the day here in EK. Hope it’s the same down at Strathclyde Park as I head there shortly for ParkRun#241 😁


Thanks Mahe for an interesting lead off article.
The the Rangers have shown, especially in their Euro run, that they are a competent, organised team, capable of getting results. However, Celtic have shown that they are the better side, by a good margin, over the course of the season. In the last two derbies we have outplayed them , both in terms of skill and mental toughness.
It’s a given that we cannot be in any way lightweight, esp in the midfield. Yes, the Huns will try to throw the kitchen sink at us from the start. I disagree with your “keep it tight in the early stages” solution. We get after them full throttle from the whistle. They had no answer to our first half onslaught in the 2/2/22 game. We were 3-0 , going on 6-0 at half time, and the contest was over.
They have no legal answer to our pace up front. You say that they will kick us off the park to neutralise our skill, and that the ref will allow it. I don’t think they are hard enough. We will miss big GG’s physicality, but neither Daizen nor Kyoto are shrinking violets and they will put themselves about, harassing their defence into mistakes.
It’s not often that either side wins three derbies on the trot, but I’m confident that we can prevail again. They will be absolutely knackered in the second half, and while I agree that a wounded animal is most dangerous, we should run them ragged towards the end of the game.
Only a fool would try to predict the score in this game, as our legendary manager once said, so I’m saying 1-0 Celtic, Hatate to score.


If I was Tavpen, Goldson etc the thought of Daizen snapping at my heels for a full 90 mins is the stuff of nightmares.
You can’t stop perpetual motion and that gives the Huns a problem.
Tavpen will not have the freedom afforded him by Braga and others, and one of their main attacking outlets will be severely hampered.
Re Kent on the other wing, hopefully JJ is focused on his game from ko and not 3 mins in.

Our mid are a match and more for theirs.

We offer much more attacking threat than any team they have faced all season- including Europe.

Very little to fear from them.
Bring it on.

The king

How many desicions have the zombies had this season plus penaltys.and this clown is getting away way writing this pish


The King
I saw a link to that article earlier. I try not to give the Scottish papers any hits but I was intrigued so had a wee look.
I gave up after a few paragraphs as what I saw up to that point was selective pash dealing with recent matches.
Did he mention the Hearts game which we ended up losing and other games where, as usual, we suffered as a result of honest mistakes.


The King

Pish indeed.
Selective pish at that.

They love to say “these things even themselves out” when they get the advantage and then Moan like hell when they lose out.

Saltires en Sevilla


This is a huge test.

For me it’s a straight swap: Kyogo in for GG and change nothing else until Kyogo surely tires around 65 mins.

We should be aware they have scored a goal in the opening 5 of their last three games.

We get hold of that ball early – keep it forward and keep on doing it – they will dissolve under that kind of scrutiny

No one else ( including Dortmund) presented them with that incessant forward play.

If they do get more into midfield, as suggested then Big Ange must see this early and adjust. We know Bitton & McCarthy aren’t ideal, but expect one of them on if we do get that first half lead.

Hopefully not required to change it too early.

Yep – two games in a row we have turned them over in the first 45 and despite their claims of pressurising us in the second half … it was nothing to worry about… they had nothing but a long ball and bluster about free kicks and penalty claims.

When our keeper did have to make a save … he did it more than adequately.. but it wasn’t very often over the two games.

There is only one group of players that will play on Sunday free from fear…

We won’t run away with this tie, but a tight 1-0 victory is very doable

Saltires en Sevilla

The King – how are ye buddy?

Appreciate the heads up on their nonsense and from comments here already clear it’s just another quire(sic) of shoite…

Like Frodshsm Bhoy won’t give them the hit on link but appreciate you spotting their drivel and reassuring us they haven’t changed .. or learned.

That myopic dung is as old as time, and it’s practically all they have left now.



S e S

My point also.
No team they have faced to date will put them under pressure the way we do- when we have the ball, and particularly when we don’t.

A clear two goal victory beckons.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sevco would be ahead in the league if …

They had won more points than Celtic.
Games only lasted 30 mins.
Yer maw was yer da.
The world was flat.
All ref’s didn’t favour Celtic :o)
They were actually good at football.
Pressmen got their Xmas wish list.
Aaron Ramsey was as good as they say.
Tav got 2 pens a week instead of just one.
Throwing objects onto the pitch was actually a sport.



Willie Collow (@CollowWillie) Tweeted: ON THIS DAY 16TH APRIL 1893
Patsy Gallacher born in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland.☘️☘️ https://t.co/okY8xrVqYJ https://twitter.com/CollowWillie/status/1515250137924313089?s=20&t=SjEr7Y7CAUlF7DLiUtJazg


Lisbon Lion (@tirnaog_09) Tweeted: Some footage of a lucky family’s home movie of 1967. Anyone recognise these folk? https://t.co/o3Nbhm9DI3 https://twitter.com/tirnaog_09/status/1515232566151888899?s=20&t=SjEr7Y7CAUlF7DLiUtJazg

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye – absolutely buddy, was picking up on that point you made earlier – no team has swamped them the way we do .. and will do on Sunday.

Craig76 great stuff again buddy – what a player


S e S

Between us n Leipzig we owe it to society to put the peepul in their place.

God forbid yer moniker is corrupted on FF or the likes as Union Jacks en Seville.


Morning all.
Craig, I’m just catching up.
I noticed you put up the video of The Royal Oak.
That was my local for many years and, indeed, my mum still lives very close.
The Pollok supporters bus, left from there, for many years.
I didn’t go back after the 88 cup final, we wandered to Heraghtys after the final and ended up staying there.
I know the vast majority in the video, sadly more are dead than alive now.
The guy with the big handlebar moustache is Mick Bentley, he ran the bus for years, a legendary popular character, the Del Boy of the South Side. 😁💚.
One of my very good friends, to this day, is in the video, too, he also has a dodgy moustache.😂
I’m glad I wasn’t videod, as yes, I also had a dodgy moustache.😂😂
It’s amazing how quickly technologically moves on, as a few in the video, don’t know what a camcorder is.
McCaff is correct about that and The Cavendish, which was about 100 metres away, being one of those pubs were it would not be advisable to go into, unless you were known.
Strangers at best were treated with suspicion but in general not welcome. Very territorial and always the fear it may be the CID.
The Oak is long gone now, burned down in suspicious circumstances, is probably the safest thing for me to say.

Billy Bhoy

Stirring stuff Mahe!
I wish you’d kept it for tomorrow though as I want the kick off right now!

Just one point I would disagree on. I don’t think it will be a particularly physical affair. They don’t really have much physicality in their team – especially in midfield. Kamara is a shrinking violet, Kent and Aribo only get involved in wee bursts, ditto Ramsay and Davis is too slow to get involved!

Maybe Jack, if he’s even fit, but he’s no longer the player that got 5 reds in one season. Mind you, he hardly plays enough games these days.

So, no, I’m not expecting a battle. They never even laid a glove on us after we went 3-0 up recently.

I’ve just remembered, though, a TV interview with wee Jinky on the eve of the game v Atletico in 74. He was told about all the Argies in their team and reminded of the Racing Club game in 67.

“Ach, it’ll be nothing like that I’m sure” he said.

I hope I haven’t spoken too soon! 🤔



FFS,don’t mention the earth being flat!



I remember a photo of Jimmy’s shins in The Record after the Atletico game. Black and blue,even in black and white.



I decided to grow a beard and moustache in my late teens. Too lazy to shave. Bad idea. Came out like a patchwork quilt.


BMCUW. 11.29.

Saltires en Sevilla

CFC – aye that dreaded thought had occurred – I’d need more than Red Bull …☺️


I think I saw more of the ball than Wee Jinky in the Athletico game.
I was in the Jungle and apart from the absolute thuggery my other big memory of the game was the way their keeper kept punting the ball as far down the park and as far into the crowd as he could. They were not interested in having the ball. They just wanted to kick us and run the clock down.
Horrible team and horrible match to watch.

Jobo Baldie

Nearly time for the first semi finsl. Hibs’ team selection doesn’t look particularly adventurous but hope it works out for wee Shaun.



I think my Dad must have been on back shift that night as a 10yo me couldn’t go to the match.

Big Audio Dynamite

Some strange refereeing from master Beaton already.

Bobby 😉


Bobby you were lucky. It was horrible. They were a disgrace.

Jobo Baldie

Hearts lead. Great strike by Simms


Saltires en Sevilla

Some dig by hertz … just as I was sticking a Groat on them and Celts double

Now Double down Al Green final 18/1 worth a Groat

Saltires en Sevilla

Sack that bet 😂😂😂


Minis score another cracker but Hibees back in it 2-1. Some Hibees fans were leaving @ 2-0 😂

Saltires en Sevilla

On second thoughts back on 2-1 hertz

Jobo Baldie

Wooft, 2 nil.

Jobo Baldie

Wooft again 2-1 lol.


That was a terrific goal from Chris Cadden, To keep enough composure & control to get the goal in his second shot.

Big Audio Dynamite

Hibs need to be braver on the ball …everything a bit rushed


In 2003 Celtic played Boavista in the semi-final of the UEFA Cup winning 1-0 to qualify for the final in Seville. Martin O’Neill had to get his players back to Glasgow as quickly as possible because there was a huge Scottish Premier League match at Ibrox that weekend against Rangers and there was no possibility of that that being moved to help the team playing in a European semi-final.

And for the final itself Celtic went to extra-time with Porto before losing out in the intense, energy sapping heat in Seville before having to return to play Kilmarnock that weekend in the final league match of the season which was essentially a shoot out to see which side could score the most to win the league on goal difference.

Celtic won 4-0 at Kilmarnock – some result after playing in the UEFA Final a few days earlier – but Rangers won 6-1 against Dunfermline at Ibrox and won the league title on the narrowest of margins.

Today theRangers manager has gone public on theRangers wanting to extend the season to suit theRangers. That is entirely unacceptable to the 80,000 Celtic supporters who were in Seville, and indeed the rest of the Celtic support who were not.


What a save by Craig Gordon !


Hampden pitch seems to be slowing the ball down 🤔


Impressive performance by Ewan Henderson

Big Audio Dynamite

“It could have been a red card because of the speed of the tackle”

Wtf does that even mean? What has speed got to do with with how good or bad a tackle is?



Quality of Co commentary and punditry is poor.
I guess he means the fact it’s an out of control lunge and reckless, but can’t articulate that.

Big Audio Dynamite

G64, did you notice the grass getting cut at Ibrokes while the post-match interviews were taking place? I know I shouldn’t be surprised at anything that lot do but …I did find that strange. Was it not them (Souness era??) who used to change the dimensions of the pitch at times?

Is there a trick they haven’t tried? 😊😊

Big Audio Dynamite

Switched off …really can’t listen to Craigan.

Saltires en Sevilla

Beaton doesn’t send off for an off ball assault ??? Maybe reading that wrong but more fouls given for defenders diving … changed days


BAD I noticed the grass cutting at ipox as well. Hadn’t seen it mentioned until now but I did think they had tried to slow us/ball movement down.
At the time I thought it was a bit sneaky but also though it makes sense for home teams to set things up to their advantage.
I’ve got a wee feeling that teams that played at ipox May have engaged in some dirtier tricks than letting the grass grow.
I accept I could be wrong so if anyone can think of anything else they might have done it would be good to know.


Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Just met big Martin, Belmont Brian’s son. He was on his bike, I was coming out of Greggs en route to pub. Lovely guy. 👍

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