Yesterday was a bad day. I had my face all shaped for roast lamb from Asda,half price. It was shut. The pub I planned to watch the game in didn’t have it on,despite advertising it on their flyers. Nor did the other one,where I’d watched the League Cup Final earlier in the season. 

So I decided to watch it on my phone. Good plan,slightly undone by me forgetting to charge it last night. It conked out just after CCV hit the bar. So did our day,it seems. 

I really dont want to hammer our players this morning for yesterday,not when they have given us so much this season. But a display like that,in a semi final against our biggest rivals? Bugger,indeed.

Our first half performance was utterly dreadful,and none of our front men looked even remotely like scoring. It wasn’t for the lack of effort from them,nor of imagination from the mids. It was truly one of those days,and we’ve all seen plenty like that in the past. Selective refereeing from upside doon heid didn’t help much either.

But in the second half,though hardly showing visible signs of improvement,up popped a most unlikely hero. Greg Taylor it was who scored the opener after an hour or so,and breathe. 

CCV had a great chance to finish them off about ten minutes later,but slammed his shot against the bar. Then my phone shut down. Frankly that summed up the day. My last chance at a look in,and the same for Celtic. 

We now have to concentrate on our one remaining trophy,to win the league. To do that,we will have to play much better than we did yesterday. Nobody is at fault for yesterday,every player gave their all,but there were just too many players slightly off the pace. You cannot win against fired up opponents when that happens. 

I said on Friday that players don’t trade off results,win that one and lose the other. But we lost that one nevertheless. We need to make sure that we win the rest of them. 

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Welcome to the site. I hope you will have happier days than yesterday on here.


Like everyone else on here I am disappointed, but not as disappointed as I usually get after a defeat to them. They had to win that game If we won it would have rattled their whole business plan. And their fans would have been in total revolt. I wish we had won it and put them in their misery, but before the game I knew the only thing that really matters to me is winning the league. If we win the league and Ange is given the money to take us up a notch it will put another nail in their second coffin , there is no way they can afford to keep pumping money into that hell hole
We expected too much from Kyogo today, he needed more game time, it just came too soon for him
And I hate the way we play out from the back that tippy tappy to guys who are too close and closely marked is too hard on my heart


Out muscled by a team allowed to foul with impunity by a cheating ref didn’t help. They deserved to have at least two sent off.

A battle lost on the slightest of margins.
CCV shot goes in it’s game over. Them’s the breaks.

It was obvious during first half we were getting little out of Tam and Abada, with Jota being wasteful in possession. Our crisp passing game was disrupted at every turn by dubious means and Hun pressing.

Matt added some grit to midfield but for all our skill we lack physicality.
A robust big Vic type or even a dynamic Barry Robson type.

By the way the Huns have won nothing yet, and as Magua( I think) pointed out the parallels with ‘98 are uncanny.
Just don’t fancy a nail biter last day😀
So get it done by game 36.

Sol Kitts

Aye, bugger indeed. However, given where we started this season, I refuse to be despondent over a semifinal reverse. Anything can happen in a one-off cup game (just ask Berwick Rangers fans). One team plays above themselves, the other has a collective off-day. A poor refereeing decision (or a whole host of them) disrupts the flow of the game for one team and let’s the other team know it will be their day. An offside goal for one team, a handball on the line of the penalty box judged as outside by a ref looking down the same line. These decisions turn games.
No, disappointed but not downcast. The league’s the trophy we want to win. Over the course of the season, the best team usually comes out on top, and that’s us. Our manager will not allow this to slip.
I fully expect us to be crowned champions this season. Let’s hope it happens long before the last game.


Morning all (I hesitate to say Good).
Disappointed but unsurprised at the external influences affecting the outcome. That, however, did not shoot the ball into our net. We switched off at the (non) free kick immediately prior to the 2nd goal and paid the price. Such are the fine margins. Plus we were crap on the day. ‘It is not easy being a Celtic supporter, but it is always worthwhile’.

Angel Gabriel

Morning all .
A day that started in a lovely manner, when attending a friend’s daughter’s christening at St Mary’s decended into disappointment because Celtic lost a fitba match.

Why do we give the game, especially against that mob , such importance ? I wish I didn’t, but maybe I’m addicted to something I don’t enjoy ?

As for the game , itself, my fears from missing the injured GG were justified. No Bitton , on the bench added to my pessimism.
Overall, I didn’t think Celtic played badly.
Our front 3 , showed plenty of effort but little guile .
Jota’s decision making was poor. He didn’t impose himself in the final third , but overall we were able to get into their penalty box often, without producing the finishing that mattered .
The Rainjurs played with an intensity of a team that hasn’t won a domestic cup . They needed it . It showed.

My biggest gripe is how the game was officiated. Madden played a significant role .
A referee can find it difficult to have a significant input when one team dominates a game.
Yesterday was Maddens opportunity to influence because both teams had opportunities to break down the opposition.
Madden let it become a physical battle . His choices of when to award fouls , ignore certain challenges, and distribute yellow cards ( or not) were significant.

Celtic as a team don’t harras referees . Watch the frustration of numerous players yesterday . It was out of character but our complaints to Madden were justified.

Unconscious bias ? Cheating ? Or just plain , pish poor refereeing ?

I hope Ange learned that in Scotland, we need more physicality in our team, because it’s not always about who passes and moves the best.

Despite the disappointment, we would have bitten the hands of anyone who offered us a 6 point lead , with 5 games left.

Onward & upwards.
Keep The Faith .

St tams

I agree , that it was one bad result, albeit, a very important one.
What was more disappointing, was the overall performance, which was really poor .
In the first half it was plain to see that Rogic , Hatate and Abada , weren’t on it. Why wait until 10 mins into the second half to change it.
It was also evident on Kyogos performance, why he wasn’t started. Looked way off the pace of the game.
Never saw any tactical changes, only like for like subs. This again during a game which we were struggling in. Which is both disappointing and worrying.
Yes we have come a long way since the start of the season. But , yesterday proved that we’re only halfway there.

We have a massive game next Sunday.
If there was ever a reminder needed that this league is not over. It was given yesterday.


My biggest worry was we let average cloggers have time and space to hurt us.
The corruption in Scottish football allows average players like Kent and Morelos to look way better than the actuality and Roofe joined them yesterday.
It’s clear to see that every player in Scotland knows tackling Kent in box is a no no and yesterday every time he ran at us we backed off in that area.
The defense held too deep a line and basically created space for them while our midfield seemed to have no game sense or understanding of their role.
A good point of contrast in cheat Maddens refereeing was starkly shown in two incidents.
In first half Lundstum slid in late with studs forward on CMcG who made the pass and tumbled through the air but got up and continued with play.
Madden should have booked Lundstrum at next stoppage but chose to ignore the incident.
Late in stoppage time Arfield gets ball see’s tackle coming from Celtic defender and somersaults over man then proceeds to role around on ground for a few minutes.Madden immediately brandished the yellow card to Ralston i believe when like Lunstrum incident there was zero contact.
Celtic should complain about the way the ref interpreted either teams tackling and why Madden consistently refused to enforce the rules on Rangers players and ask for clarification?
Madden was picked for his performance yesterday and should rightfully been M.O.T.M.
Ange once again ably demonstrated his stubbornness or inability to make in game tactical adjustments when it is not working .
Our next game against them will show if he has learned from yesterday.

Saltires en Sevilla

Some fitba games turn into a battle and yesterday we couldn’t match up – it’s a huge part of the game here and Ange and the players must learn this .

We’ve seen this type of performance already, mainly in European games, when we get harried off our preferred game.

Running over the top of St. Johnstone et al, aye, is Fine and Dandy.

The ‘big- hearted’ players can also turn up and play in all circumstances.

Fairly sure we will see the required positive reaction in our next few outings!



We now have five games left to play this season. All five are live on TV,and I won’t be scrambling about to watch them like I had to yesterday. Surely,the players have come too far to throw it all away now. But yesterday showed that we can be outmuscled and outrun,even outmanouvered by a shocking but wholly unsurprising refereeing display.

Every point is a prisoner,and every game is a must win. But we can certainly ease any pressure by winnng the next two!

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye – the next 5 are winnable – absolutely – and we should have enough to see this through.

But …there are worrying signs in that group that they can’t handle being knocked about in big games

Don’t STOP

Also – Don’t let your immediate opponent dominate you …

Yesterday was not the first time


There is not enough “ personality” in that squad.
Too many similar, “nice” players.
I love the Japanese Bhoys and good gamesmanship should be applauded, but when you are kicked all over the pitch with impunity by thugs you don’t go helping them when they go down injured or with cramp. It may be in their nature but it looks weak. And teams like the Huns take advantage.

We need to man up in big games. Some Broonie gallusness needed.



Correct. We don’t have a Broonie type,or even a Roy Aitken,Barry Robson as you mentioned earlier. Maybe time we found one!


Anyway,off to the pub. No point in letting a good bank holiday Monday go to waste.



Someone to galvanise the team, like Robson in 2008. Or Broonie for a decade.
Not a thug like Lundstrum or Jack- a man of skilful, steely determination.

Saltires en Sevilla

Sol Kitts totally agree – disapppointed but not downcast today -we have been the best team over the league season and that will carry us over the line. Who would have thought we would be saying that into the last 5 games?

Friesdorfer – again disappointed but unsurprised at that aspect – mainly because we should be expecting that and dealing with it. As CFC said we miss at least one guy who no one wants to tangle with. Every team probably needs at least two … can see one already on the pitch, but he needs a back-up.

Seville team had about 10 …

Saltires en Sevilla

Angel Gabriel -at least you had a happy start to the day

it might not be popular here, but I agree with you the missing Bitton on bench was an early wtf!! From our existing squad he is one guy not to be messed with and could have played a role.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone, I haven’t ventured on to the site since returning from Hampden yesterday but have spent many hours dissecting the performance with friends and discussing/arguing about what went wrong and why.

Three words are dominating my thoughts; hindsight, substitutions and pragmatism.

Hindsight – understanding of a situation or an event only after it has happened or developed.

Substitute – a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

Pragmatic – dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

In hindsight, could/should Ange have picked a different team? Would O’Riley have been a better starter than Rogic? Is Hatate in need of a rest? Should Kyogo have started and gone off when he got tired? These are just some of the many questions being asked which we will never know the answer to.

That takes me nearly on to substitutes.

Regardless of how off form Rogic was, did O’Riley play any better? Did Turnbull come on and be more direct and effective than Hatate was? I won’t even comment on Forrest’s contribution as I was so disgusted at his lack of willingness to show for the ball. Even Kyogo, did he look fully fit, did he close down opponents like we know he can? Ralston looked clumsy at right back and clumsier still at left back and Welsh looked totally overawed albeit he wasn’t helped by having the aforementioned Forrest in front of him.

In summary, our subs contributed very little yesterday while their subs played a huge part in the eventual outcome. And reverting back to hindsight for a second, would any of our subs have made a bigger impact had they started? No is the short answer based on their contribution when they came on.

A final word on subs, Julien and Ideguchi were on the bench again yesterday with neither of them having the remotest chance of playing. Julien would only have played if one of the centre half’s got injured and Welsh was already on the pitch and I honestly can’t think of any circumstance where Ideguchi would have come on. Even with Bitton suspended, we still had McCarthy sitting there twiddling his thumbs.

Which takes me to pragmatism. Surely yesterday was the time to mix things up a bit tactically as we saw how the game was developing?

High balls to Kyogo in the second half was as likely to work as trying to blow out a torch. Playing the ball between Hart to CCV and Starfelt was frustrating to watch as not one of them looks comfortable doing it. When the game was slipping away from us why didn’t CCV get pushed up beside Kyogo straight from kick off after their second goal? Starfelt did eventually go up but to no avail, he was the wrong choice. There are so many other tweaks we could have made that may have effected the outcome. Watching the last 5 minutes plus 4 of injury time was soul destroying.

Yes, Madden is a cheat and a disgrace but sometimes you need to be very clever and pragmatic to beat your enemy.

Down but not out CSC.


St Tams/Fan

The team worked hard at the top causing them problems in possession – but we couldnt seem to create anything from deeper – it was all effort and running and wonder did they knacker themselves out doing that?

Both your comments on lack of change to system “stubborn…” resonates.

When they brought on Arfield and Methuselah … said to my buddy they are stacking the mid up now – not really sure what I meant, but it was a significant change and we didn’t respond … maybe Ange duzny dae responding ???

I’d appreciate a more cultured view than my amateur hour analysis 😁


Colour Blind Bhoy

Superb … that will do for moi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Big Audio Dynamite

Think back to MON’s first (Most) moves in the transfer market when he took over.


You want to beat cloggers? Buy people who can stand up to it and dish it themselves.

St tams

Very good summary.
I can’t actually remember any game where Ange has changed anything tactically during the game.
That’s a worry

Sol Kitts

Only problem with us matching physical players is Madden would have accepted the invitation to get his red card out. Our board should be calling his performance out, but we all know they’ll just say nothing.

St tams

I personally don’t believe we need a Broony or a Barry Robson.
We need to be braver and stronger on the ball.

e.g. Kents challenge on Jota in first half of extra time


St tams

How do you make players braver?
There is no magic dust that will make that happen.

Broonie or Robson or better had steeliness in their DNA. It’s what made them competitors.


Anyone know if drug testing is done in SPL?
Does UEFA impose regulations.
Arfield has peaked my interest as every time he plays us he looks bug eyed, raging and rabid.
A few seasons ago in a game against us he was facing Broonie in a drop ball scenario jumping up and down and snarling before ref dropped ball.
Was watching with an English friend who remarked he looks like a coke fiend and asked why doesn’t the ref speak to him?
Yesterday he was like a caged animal just released when he entered the field.
Perhaps his hatred and bitterness is just that strong?



If there was drug testing you can be sure one teams results would be “ compromised”

Prestonpans bhoys

St Tams
Agree with you , looks same tactics all the time, no plan B, subs like for like.

Have always been suspicious of the Duracell qualities of that team. However as CFC says any drug test would be compromised, probably via a East Belfast lab😕

Bluegrass Celt

I saw Arfield getting interviewed after the game and was thinking the same thing.
I have a close family member who is daily out his head on coke, who’s behaviour bares an uncanny resemblance


Make no mistake the semi was a game we should have won. All cards, except, those in the refs pocket, were stacked in our favour. The last two games, we beat them fairly comfortably. The gruelling extra time vs Braga. We scored first. All of it suggested that we were favourites. Unfortunately, once again, we over estimated both where we are as a team, and the skills of the coach.

The journey from the shambles of the last season to a competitive team is a long one. The fact that the league is within our grasp, is remarkable. The fact that we have a good coach, finally, is also remarkable , given the shambles of the recruitment process and those in charge of it. However, yesterday revealed the reality of both where the team is at, and the skill set of the coach.

“The famous five” approach of our three midget forwards will not always work against a physical team,
permitted to use robust tackles. Rogic was off the boil again so creativity was lacking from midfield. Hatate, like all of the Japanese lads, is tired and is still adjusting to a different style of football.

Yes, Ange has worked wonders in a short space of time but he is not flawless. The selection yesterday was horribly wrong, and the subs were not used optimally. Finally, he started with 433 and stuck with it, regardless of how the opposition bulked up their midfield.

Ange believes in his system. He will stick with his system at Celtic and anywhere else he goes. Like Bielsa, it might be his undoing. Just get us over the line for the league, Ange. To lose it now, would be unforgivable.


Big Audio Dynamite

So Sevco arent just cheating, they are now doing it while drugged up?
And we can’t stand up for ourselves cause the ref will just send our players off?
This is the position our board placed us, and is happy to go along with?
And we now have to suspend reality to kid ourselves this is fair competition?

Fuck me …that is really sad and pathetic!

True what they say, you really do get what you pay for.

The Fenian Whaler

Sore one yesterday, not just the result but I am more concerned with the inept performance of the team and coaching staff. Yes, the ref was at it but just how bad were we? Ange was just as poor with his team selection and failure to react and change tactics. Pragmatism is the hallmark of all successful coaches. There is no chance that an EPL team will be considering making a move for Ange as yesterday wasn’t the 1st example of his less than pragmatic approach contributing to poor team performance and results. Can we still secure the title? That’s the £30 mill question now🤔



An excellent summation of events yesterday. Frankly,it was a disaster and became so when CCV hit the bar.

Margaret McGill

So the huns are on steroids for their treble run in?
So Celtics players are sensing that they are not going to be protected from physical assaults from either psychos in blue or black?
That there is no governance for the SPL its whatever rangers want.
I dont blame the players or the manager. I dont eve blame the PLC anymore that Celtic dont have a real coaching staff.
I blame fucking GUMPS like you who hand over your money.


Whilst the performance was poor it is not right to dismiss the contribution made to our level of play by Madden.

It’s not easy to take control of a ball when either being fouled or anticipating a thump in the back.

The referee is supposed to deter agriculture tactics by penalizing players adopting them and protecting the victims of them.

Did Madden do that under the rules? Sol Kitt?

Did his failure to apply the rules have an affect on our players obeying them?

Any one who has played football or managed a team at any level knows referees can influence players on the receiving end.

It is not a question of making excuses, it is a matter of realising that referees can influence a teams performance because if we dont we will just get more of the same.

How many examples of Madden’s inability to referee fairly are supporters of all clubs expected to take before one club says enough?

When will referees be required to state their club affinity to get fairer play.


We were kinda crap yesterday. We should have won. I rely on players I shouldn’t have to rely upon. We could, maybe should, have been in the final. I’m not about to blame players who have brought us this far in the League.
I’m not challenging tactics, subs, performances, positioning…..
But, come on. The Bounce-up ? Has anyone, in the history of the game of football, had the Referee pick up the ball and give it to the opposition ?


That’s my point Auldheid . Every single, tiny, innocuous decision can be argued. But inventing rules on the field of play ? That’s a new form of bollockery .


Correct Mihal…but one of only countless decisions by Madhun to allow advantage to TRFC. Sol Kitts is the most qualified on here to assess yesterday’s game as despite how poor we may have been, and how poor our substitutions were and all of the criticisms of Ange’s decisions before and during the game only ONE person was ultimately responsible for our defeat. Stand up, Robert Madden you fucking cheating bastard! His failure to apply the rules fairly was obvious from the start. It’s subtle and it’s sneaky, it’s hard to call it out without looking feeble and desperate, without looking like a mental case! But it’s there, Sutton saw it and called it early in the game but as expected got no back up. We WERE good enough to beat them yesterday, despite our shortcomings, but it was never going to be allowed!

Margaret McGill

See my comment at 4:39pm yesterday.


When I said this 25 mins before KO yesterday on seeing our line up

“If it turns into a physical battle they out muscle us.

Let’s hope it’s a football match.”

April 17, 2022 1:35 pm

had I remembered Madden was the referee I would have ended with

” we’re doomed”

Sol Kitts

The drop ball was unbelievable. Yes, the laws say the ball must be dropped, unchallenged, to the team who last had possession. Madden waited until the Huns had possession before stopping play. Had he stopped it immediately we would have had the drop ball. Very cynical by him, and in my mind, very calculated.
His performance yesterday was appalling and a disgrace to refereeing. He offered no protection to our players. There could have been several yellows before he eventually had no option but to finally caution one of them. Bassey should have had 2 yellows in the first half, for example.
His assistant missed an offside for their winning goal and between him and Madden they contrived to award a free kick for a handball where the hand was directly over the line of the penalty area, meaning it was in the area. The assistant had no real chance to judge this, but Madden was looking right down that line but chose to look at where the defender’s feet were.
One incident which stuck out for me, though, was where Turnbull was clearly fouled midway inside his own half. Madden blew for a free kick. No Rangers player went for the ball or moved forward, so they knew it was our kick. DT put the ball down and hit a beauty right onto Maeda’s toes halfway into their half, only for Madden to blow again. I, like everyone else, thought he was stopping us taking a quick kick, but no, he had actually given the free kick to the Huns. Unbelievable.
I take solace from the fact that everything we achieve is despite these cheating bastards. I just wish our board would call this out. Everyone knows what’s going on, so our board wouldn’t be putting themselves out on a limb by publicly getting involved.



“I dont blame the players or the manager. I dont eve blame the PLC anymore that Celtic dont have a real coaching staff.
I blame fucking GUMPS like you who hand over your money“

Jeez oh. Nonsense and abuse.
I get it that Celtic don’t do it for you but to continue to be abusive about those who care enough to support the team is poor form.

You really should find something else to follow cos Celtic is causing you massive pain. Like a spurned lover you can’t let it go and blame others for the break up.


Sol…the Lundstrum block as Hart tried to punt the ball forward for a quick break was a booking, the challenge on Calmac in our half where Calmac won the ball and was then taken out by Lundstrum shoulda been a yellow, too! Bassey shoulda been off for at least two bookings.


In summation.
Ref cheated by not applying the laws of the game to one team.
Our formation was disjointed.
Our players looked tired and intimidated.
Our defense sat too deep.
We not for first time had no out ball.
They booted us off the park.

Sol Kitts

There were so many unpunished fouls by them, but every 50/50 that we won resulted in a free kick against us. You’re dead right about Lundstram, preventing the keeper from releasing the ball should always result in a caution.
Madden stopped us playing at every opportunity, either by awarding them a mysterious free kick or by not punishing them when they fouled our players. He doesn’t give a damn that everyone could see this, because he knows he’s got away with it again and our spineless board are happy to let him do it.


Fan…as Auldheid stated earlier the effect of the obvious cheating of the ref would have an adverse affect on the players. As I said, despite the obvious faults in our game we were still good enough to beat them. Madden stopped us doing so by cheating.

Margaret McGill

Stupid is as stupid does.
Think of it like you always know who’se gonna arse fuck you.
You just dont know when.
Life is like a box of chocolates.



Again the abusive talk.
You certainly prove the truth of your first sentence.
You seem to be the only one on this blog who gets a free pass on trolling Celtic supporters.

Take your “ arse fuck” nonsense elsewhere.
Cyber hard man.


I posted this yesterday at half time.

Madden is making a difference in this game.
Allowing things for one team and penalizing other for same..
Has allowed non creative side an advantage.

April 17, 2022 2:48 pm

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, well 24 hours later im still scunnered, I know brother madden is a hun cheat, but we had the chance to bury these bassas and chose not to, a deid team with no money to buy players, but they are in the final of the scottish cup and the semi final of a european cup beggars belief,,H.H.

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