As One Door Closes…


Last Sunday has gone,it is merely a matter of record now-and some no little regret. It is the two Sundays which follow it that we have to concern ourselves with now. The second one provides us with an almost immediate attempt at atonement and revenge against our soo’sider foes but the one in two days time is the one we must focus on in the meantime. 

“One game at a time” might be a cliché,but it is no less true for being that. RossCounty have probably been the surprise package in the league this season,and looked doomed to a relegation battle when Mackay took over. My opinion of him as a person is one thing,but there is little doubt that he has his cadre of journeymen performing to a level which has probably surprised even them. And we would do well to remember that they gave us a very difficult time of it the last time we visited Dingwall,with only a 97th minute winner from Anthony Ralston preserving all three points for us-and exploding a few hun heads into the bargain. 

Canny beat a bit of Fergie time,eh? Bobby Tait couldn’t have managed it better. (Spoiler alert-he arsed that up when he tried it against Killie!)

If we play to our best,there is no doubt that we will win. But while that word if might be one of the smallest in the dictionary,it asks the biggest bliddy questions! Will we have it in us to go straight back to the well so soon after the disappointment of last weekend? Will AP have the personnel he needs for a trip to Dingwall,the longest we have to face domestically? Will the players have their spark back,keen to show that last week was not one to judge them by? 

So many questions,and we won’t know the answers until early Sunday afternoon. It’s gonna be a nervy time for us,I suspect,and I won’t be making any predictions. As you know,ATHINGOFBEAUTY doesn’t allow me to do them,and my recent trips to the bookies suggest that it isn’t just Celtic games that I’m rubbish at predicting. But it’s hardly a prediction to state that I think Ange has some selection issues. 

The backline of five basically picks itself,fitness permitting. It’s the other six that are giving him,and the rest of us,headaches. Of them,only CalMac and Maeda are pretty much guaranteed starters,and I think the former is being played in a position which does him a disservice. Both have definitely played too much football and could do with a rest. They won’t get one until mid-May. 

The midfield option for the defensive role really is getting me down. I still think Hatate is our best bet,but he is close to burn out. If Bitton is the answer,then we might be asking the wrong question. I’d “phone a friend”,but he can’t play the position either! For the other of the three,I’d go for Matt O’Riley even if just to rotate the role with Tam,and freshen things up a bit. 

Up front,I wish G-Mak was likely to be fit,but we have had very little information even about the nature of the injury. Some say a hamstring,but I reckoned more likely a swollen ankle or knee from twisting his body unnaturally when he scored against St Johnstone. If it is the latter,he should be good for a thirty minute burst to get him up to speed for a certain match and opponents on Mayday. Me,I would go with Maeda left,Kyogo Central but swapping as and when,with Abada on the right. He hasn’t been at his best recently,but even then is still making chances while looking for opportunities of his own to score. 

This is a big big game for us on Sunday,make no mistake about that. And so is the one the following week,despite the one match at a time mantra. Because if we win them both,we are nine points clear with three to play. Dormie nine,as I said in an earlier article. And with a superior goal difference the equivalent of a seven goal swing in every game to further protect us. 

AP isn’t stupid. He can do the sums as easily as the rest of us in regard to the next two games. The players will know it too. But the theory only comes into play if we win on Sunday coming. So,what’s that cliché again? Oh aye. 

But I’ll tell you what,and its no secret. A couple of early goals for us would do my ticker a power of good!

Above article by BMCUWP

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April 22, 2022 6:53 am


Quite simply if we cannot take 9 points from the 15 available, less if we get a result v Huns, then we get what we deserve.
5 winnable games. Not necessarily easy ones, why would they be v a top 5 with European places to play for.

Injuries in key areas highlight the fragility of the squad depth.
These weaknesses can only be dealt with in the summer.
For the first time in years the possibility of a pre season without competitive European qualifying games in early July.
What a boon that will be to squad preparation for the season ahead.

April 22, 2022 7:00 am

Should have added:

Every team has something to play for.
Hearts – secure in league but places in a Scottish Cup Final up for grabs.
D U, R C, ‘Well – one point separates them from achieving a Euro place.

Tough games ahead for us and the Huns, and we now benefit from playing key games at home.

April 22, 2022 8:46 am


Aye, next 3 points sets it up – feel whatever team Ange picks should have enough to get the job done!

4 points from the next two games…please!

April 22, 2022 8:48 am

Craig76 some wonderful gems buddy thanks for sharing buddy!

April 22, 2022 8:56 am

Great posts yesterday and music from BB et al.

Good to see Matt on and a belated welcome to new posters – very entertaining and informative, please keep them coming folks.

Magua -totally agree on TV licence – only concern about non-payment is the risk of negative credit ratings etc…. nearly there buddy

April 22, 2022 9:02 am


Feel that injuries might be our undoing …not quite at the bottom of the barrel yet, but when we see all the names in the squad that seemingly can’t/won’t fit into the Ange programme/style

a load of players around the squad won’t be feeling included/positive.

April 22, 2022 9:12 am


My fear too.
If JJ is out AR is cover but left back is a concern.
If anything should happen to our Centre backs we could be in trouble.
As we know, we only have two centre forwards- neither of whom are 100%. Squad is pretty bare and too many are not trusted it would appear.

Hope we have the resources to limp across the line.

Of course, win the next two and it’s job done on GD.

April 22, 2022 9:24 am


I’ll take that ⭐️

April 22, 2022 9:29 am

Looking at the EPL league standings for full Calendar Year 2021

Aston Villa were 10th – and sacked their manager, presumably because he wasn’t good enough?

ATM they are in Fifteenth (15th) position.

Hope they are playing Leicester tomorrow… 🌞

Jobo Baldie
April 22, 2022 9:38 am

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all on here.
Personally I think Ross Co away is the hardest of our remaining fixtures. 2 draws in our next 2 games wouldn’t be a total disaster but I remain confident of winning both.
If Taylor is injured is Scalles the only natural replacement?

April 22, 2022 10:20 am


The lesser spotted Bolingoli ?

April 22, 2022 10:21 am


I agree, two draws wouldn’t be a disaster.

Bada Bing
April 22, 2022 11:08 am

Roofe and Ramsay out the Derby game

St tams
April 22, 2022 11:18 am

I wonder if Julien getting a run out the other day , that we might change to a back 3.

St tams
April 22, 2022 11:37 am

I’d prefer that it was Charles-Cook and Hungbo that were injured 😄

Colour Blind Bhoy
April 22, 2022 11:39 am

Good morning everyone.

How to start a fight in an empty house with one simple question.

Who is your favourite player from each decade you’ve been watching Celtic?

I was born in the 60’s so my first proper memories are from the 70’s. It’s too early to do the 20’s so my 5 favourites are:

70’s Danny McGrain
80’s Roy Aitken
90’s Paul McStay
00’s Henrik Larsson
10’s Kieran Tierney

It seems very easy until you start realising who you are missing out and in which decade you most enjoyed the player if their career with us spanned more than one.

Regardless of the answers I’ve seen people provide, we have been blessed with some wonderful players.

April 22, 2022 11:56 am

Jobo – aye – two draws – it’s a deal buddy🤗

Colour Blind Bhoy – great shout!:
60’s Bobby Lennox
70’s Danny McGrain✅
80’s Roy Aitken❌ Tommy Burns
90’s Paul McStay✅
00’s Henrik Larsson✅
10’s Kieran Tierney❌Callum McGregor

April 22, 2022 12:01 pm

Bada – Roofe too ?? Fairly certain another one of the clogging bassas will fall foul of Liepzig .. if they try that Sunday stuff they won’t let them off so easily…

Colour Blind Bhoy
April 22, 2022 12:05 pm

SeS at 11:58, hard to disagree with those selections. ☘️

April 22, 2022 12:08 pm


April 22, 2022 12:16 pm

As Marvin always said…VAR is not the answer – or something like that. VAR was designed and implemented to help the Ref, not do the job for him. The situation up here will never change as long as we have the inherent bias that openly exists in the governing associations. My God, there is still no call out for the sectarian shit we need to listen to week in week out from the stands of wherever that mob are playing that week! Auldheid is part of the way to the answer but until we have directives from ScotGov that action MUST be taken to tackle the problem at grassroot level it’s always gonna be thus…
VAR is not the answer…
I agree with that.

The SFSA are already on The Government approach but we need supporters to get Celtic to raise our concerns on VAR as well as SFA reform.

The only me mechanism that exists to raise points of concern is via the AGM process , not the AGM itself but the process leading up to and including the AGM.

The only organisation that can claim representative shareholder and supporter authority is the CST.

If a resolution were crafted and put out to shareholders at end of season and there was overwhelming support for it by making its existence known as happened last year with CST and Res11 resolutions then the platform for discussion with Celtic is created well before VAR is implemented.

If there are any shareholders here who are CST members there is nothing to stop folk here drafting such a resolution of concern about Scottish football in general and VAR in particular and that CST member or members going to CST with it to seek there full support.

This is an issue that can be a line in the sand for what supporters are prepared to put up with, not just Celtic supporters as only one club get the benefit of the consequences of 5WA hence need for SFSA involvement.

April 22, 2022 12:19 pm
The Star Above The Crest
April 22, 2022 12:59 pm

Colour Blind Bhoy
80s Joe Miller
90s John Collins
00s Henrik/L’ubo
10s Tierney/Dembele
20s CalMac (so far)

Seems insane that I haven’t picked the Maestro but I can’t really remember him in the 80s and he had probably declined in the 90s due to carrying the team.

Angel Gabriel
April 22, 2022 1:02 pm

Bobby .

Bitton .
I don’t share your low opinion of him in a Celtic shirt, especially this season as it’s progressed .
I wish he could have played a part on Sunday.
Is he a top class player ? Naw .
Better in midfield than in a back 4 . Aye .
However, under Ange , he’s passing the ball more quickly and also offers a bit more physical presence.
He’s also a hardy bassa , which was lacking on Sunday.

Just an opinion, and just like bellybuttons, we’ve all got them. HH

Bada Bing
April 22, 2022 1:47 pm

GG confirmed fit for the game,CCV as well

April 22, 2022 2:22 pm

Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar, downtown Govanhill. A fine day for beer.

April 22, 2022 2:32 pm

This is an interesting read on the appetite for a fairer game. on
After reading the above article is there any appetite here for taking the AGM process route I mentioned to McCaff above to influence change and restore trust?

Or is the cry ” We surrender”?

April 22, 2022 3:20 pm

Belated big welcome to our new posters, Chris and Stephen Smyth, and a happy day of Frig to y’all from central California.

Well said Bobby. G-Mak to tear em to shreds come Sunday. Then the following.

Hail Hail

April 22, 2022 3:35 pm


We will all be on tender hooks on Sunday. After watching Sunday’s game in the boozer, I’m reverting back to my usual for this Sunday. BBC Radio Scotland. It’s the old superstition kicking in again, I guess. Ah yes, the famous Bobby Tait watch. I was at the game at Tynecastle in January 1998. 1-0 to the Celts, with only added time to go. On and on it went. Till Jose Kitongo scored with the last kick of the ball. Most of us were absolutely stunned by events…complete silence reigned in the Celtic End. Two vital points dropped. Tait got his comeuppance at Ibrox on the 1st of May. 0-0 between Rangers and Killie. Again, a disgraceful amount of injury time was added on. I was over at me da’s, and we listened to the final moments with growing apprehension. With seconds remaining, Ally Mitchell scored for Killie, and justice was belatedly done. The following week, the Celts won the league against St Johnstone, thereby stopping the Huns doing 10-in-a-row. I’ll skip over what happened the previous Sunday…it still rankles with me, to this very day.


A brilliant question. Here’s my thoughts:

70s Jinky.

80s Tommy Burns

90s Tony Cascarino…on second thoughts, Wee Lubo.

00s Henrik.

10s Scotty Sinclair.

20s Joe Hart.

I know that Lubo only played for a matter of months in the 90s, but I simply cannot leave him off the list. Himself and Henrik are my -joint-2nd favourite players. My favourite of all time though…the incomparable, unstoppable and joy-spreading wing-wizard that was Jimmy Johnstone. The Bhoy from Viewpark, will live long, in the memories of all of those who were privileged to see him in the flesh. 😀

Hail Hail.

Colour Blind Bhoy
April 22, 2022 3:43 pm

The Star Above the Crest and MAGUA, thanks for your responses with your top players from each decade and again, great choices. Easy to see how this could be a lively debate over a few beers. 😂

Prestonpans bhoys
April 22, 2022 3:52 pm

My choice:
60s Jinky(actually 1969 at Rugby Park)
70s Bobby Lennox
80s Tommy Burns
90s Paul McStay
00s the king of course
10s Scott Sinclair.
20s so far Joe Hart

The Star Above The Crest
April 22, 2022 4:01 pm

Colour Blind Bhoy

I love a question like that. Here’s 1 for you. You’re favourite/best Celtic 11 from when you were born. Here’s mine.

Gk Forster
Rb McGrain
CH Van Dijk
CH Rieper
LB Tierney
CDM Lambert
LCM Collins
RCM McStay
#10 L’ubo
CF Larsson
CF Cadete

Managed by Tommy Burns

April 22, 2022 4:05 pm

A wee reminder that Superbru predictions have to be in by 12 noon tomorrow as the huns have had their game moved forward.

April 22, 2022 4:12 pm

Favourite Players through the decades:

60’s Jinky
70’s Kenny Dalglish
80’s Paul McStay
90’s Kenrik
00’s Henrik
10’s Scott Brown
20’s TBC

Hopefully still around to pick someone from the 20’s later ☘😁☘


April 22, 2022 4:24 pm


Have done a wee bit of checking the on the TV licence. It appears that, only in areas where the TV licence enforcement officers have the power to take legal action against a citizen for non-payment payment, will a person’s credit score be affected. This includes England, Wales and the Six Counties. In Scotland though, no enforcement officers from Darlington, have the legal means to pursue you. Two points points to note are these:

1. If you are a refusenik in Alba, the Darlington mob will first use that carrot approach. They will inform you by letter, that if would eould care to pay arrears by instalments, arrangements can be made for this to happen, by Licence enforcement officers setting up a payment plan with your local Messengers-At-Arms/Sheriff Officers. Under no account should anyone fall for this trick. This will lead to the stick approach. If you default on a payment plan structured by your local Sheriff Officers, then the Sheriff Officers can, and will, use some pretty dispicable means at their disposal, to collect all arrears due. They also have the legal power to impose a penalty for non-payment. The point here is, that a person must volunteer to sign up for a payment plan…you cannot be forced to do so. They have been sending me threatening letters for a decade now. The bastards are no further on than they were a decade ago.

2. Regards the Six-Counties. I would not fancy being the poor sod responsible for collecting arrears in strongholds such as East Tyrone, Ardoyne, Fermanagh etc…far less South Armagh.


On the contrary, tis thanks to your good self for stimulating this brilliant debate. 😀

The Star Above The Crest

What a brilliant team that would be.

bada bing

Assuming that wee Gio is not playing mind games, the loss of Roofe for the Derby-and by extension tomorrow-could be a massive blow for the Huns… particularly as a certain chunky Colombian is also unavailable for selection. Unfortunately, we have also suffered a major blow, with the news that big Juranovic is out for weeks.

Carlton Tongues

A fine choice. 😀


Welcome to the blog. You’ll have a blast on here…and that’s a promise.


Good to see you on here. You’ll love it.

big packy
April 22, 2022 4:24 pm

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, colour blind bhoy have got 5 that ive seen in the flesh, Joe mcbride was my favourite player growing up ,followed by jinky, bobby lennox, john yogi hughes and henrik larsson, cant think what my uncle tonys fav player was🤩

April 22, 2022 4:24 pm

Afternoon all…my choices for my favourite players;
King Kenny in the 7ties, McStay in the 8ties, Di Canio in the 9ties, Henke in the Double-0ties, Kris Commons in the 10ties, and so far in the 20ties Calmac for his absolute indefatigability!
Great question, and very difficult, as I could have had McStay in 2 decades and Henke in 2 decades!

Colour Blind Bhoy
April 22, 2022 4:25 pm

Prestonpans bhoys and CaltonTongues, great answers guys. ☘️

A Star Above The Crest, I’m the same, love questions where the answer isn’t to be found on Google. No right or wrong answers, just healthy debate.

I’m about to start my last Friday task and once that’s done I’ll post my 1-11, thinking hat already on.

April 22, 2022 4:29 pm

best player, personal favourites & cult figure/niche taste from each decade

60’s- Jinky & Buzzbomb & Steve Murray
70’s- King Kenny & Davie Hay & Pat McCluskey
80’s- Paul McStay & MacAvennie & Tom McAdam
90’s- John Collins & Lubo & Mike Galloway
00’s- Larrson & Boruc (best goalie ever in a Celtic shirt) & Didier Agathe
10’s- Scott Brown & James Forrest & Paddy McCourt
20’s – Kyogo & Jota & Joe Hart

big packy
April 22, 2022 4:43 pm

MAGUA, had a horrible dream last night dreamt I was a rainjurs supporter, boy was I glad when I woke up🤩🤩 another true story🤩

Prestonpans bhoys
April 22, 2022 4:49 pm

King Kenny wasn’t getting my vote because I still haven’t recovered from his transfer to Liverpool😱😵

April 22, 2022 4:56 pm

A Star Above The Crest

Gk Forster x Boruc
Rb McGrain
CH Van Dijk
CH Rieper x Elliot
LB Tierney x Gemmell
CDM Lambert
LCM Collins x Murdoch
RCM McStay
#10 L’ubo
CF Larsson
CF Lennox
Managed by Tommy Burns x Jock Stein

Close game but Beat ye 7-1 😁

April 22, 2022 5:02 pm

Big Packy

Here’s my favourite all time Celtic team, composed of players that I have actually seen in the flesh. This would encompass games played from 1971-2005. I gave up my season ticket in 2005 when WGS was appointed. Tis in a pretty fluid 3-5-2 formation.

Goalkeeper Johnny Gould

Right back Jim Craig

Left Back Tommy Gemmell

Centre Half Cesar.

Holding Mid Bobby Murdoch

Left Wing Bobby Lennox

Right Wing Jimmy Johnstone.

Creative Mid Lubo.

Front Two: Dixie and Henrik.

So no places for wee Bertie, Paul McStay, Tommy Burns etc. I only missed out by a matter of months in seeing Willie Wallace and John Clark. Probably for the best, or I would have give myself on helluva selection headache. I did see Wee Bertie in the flesh, but by this time he was playing for Hibs. If you’re looking down us Bertie, no offence. I’m sure you will not deny your Big Pal Bobby Murdoch, his place in my team.

The team will of course be managed by Big Jock Stein, with MON as his assistant manager.

I will of course dispense with a board of any sort. 😀


See what you’ve stirred up? 😀

prestonpans bhoys

Same here, re King Kenny. 😀

Hail Hail.

April 22, 2022 5:04 pm


70’s straight contest Kenny v Danny – for me it’s always Danny

Loved them both- but Danny easily gave us more.

My best team: Kenny couldn’t make my top eleven / he would make the Bench tho’

April 22, 2022 5:08 pm


The licence

Hoi – you said it was nae bother!! – now we’ve got poinding/messengers at arms and …repayment schemes😅

Gonna pay and sleep at nite 😇😇😇

April 22, 2022 5:10 pm


I’ll definitely support you

as long as it doesn’t involve CST – they got the last attempt so badly wrong it’s difficult to see how anyone would take them seriously.

April 22, 2022 5:10 pm


Bit early for the ginger wine !!!!

Jonathan Gould 🤔🤔🤔

April 22, 2022 5:20 pm

Forgot to add my subs in…silly me. As I stopped going in 2005, I believe that I am allowed 3 subs. For purely sentimental reasons, I will chose Johnny Doyle, Tommy Burns and Phil O’Donnell. For the same reason, I am adding a further member to Big Jock’s coaching staff…Mr Wim Jansen. May the good Lord, look kindly upon all these fine Celts. Johnny, Tommy, Phil and Wim(R.I.P.)

Hail Hail.

April 22, 2022 5:31 pm


Ya cheeky swine. 😀 Now see here my very good man, Johnny Gould was a steady, if unspectacular keeper, hence the reason for him getting the gig. He played in the 6-2 game, so there. In truth, I was never truly convinced, by the other first choice keepers that I have seen in my time…Big Packy, Ally Hunter, Big Rab etc. On the other hand, your post has caused me to chide myself, for totally forgetting one of my childhood heroes, Big Peter Latchford. The Gould fella may have competition after all. 😀

Hail Hail.