HUGE test passed

With flying colours? I might not go that far, but the most important statistic went our way, two of our goals to zero of theirs, so the three points come back to Paradise.
And sets us all up beautifully for a huge week.


It was another must win game,the latest in a long string of must win games, and we often do infact win. Pressure exists around being a Celtic player at the best of times, being a ten-flop and/or finding yourself part of a squad that’s unexpectedly (for all but Ange and the most ardent) in a title race only exacerbates that pressure.
Thankfully our Greek Australian manager is looking very adept at keeping the players calm, maintaining a stress free yet focused camp,that’s certainly the impression I get.


I wasn’t nervous about the Ross County fixture, I don’t believe the players were overly concerned, and I certainly don’t think Ange was panicking, not at all. There’s no major knee jerk reaction changes, no players in from the cold at this vital stage of the campaign, just belief in his players and system.
It was warranted.
Of course it sets up a title decider in all but name next weekend.
And, of course, there’s extra pride on the line given our recent Hampden humbling.


It’s not the Celtic players who shall read how great they are all week, nor hear praise from support and media personalities wishing for a repeat performance, hyping up the potential conquerors of Europe and their manager.
The players shall benefit from Anges calm yet focused demeanor, and have revenge in mind.


However in order to take revenge, one must be playing, actually out there on the park.
What’s the surest way of getting selected?
A strong performance against the bogey team the game prior, helping ensure the equally important victory, and showing yourself a vital cog in the machine.
That’s why our visit to Dingwall always had victory wrote all over it, and probably the biggest reason for my lack of concern.
We weren’t losing that game, not this collective, at this stage.
No Siree.


Yesterday’s win placed one hand on the trophy, another victory this Sunday and we reach out with the other, getting ready to hoist it high.
Let the huge week begin.

By Mahe

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Yesterday was only about winning,not how we won. From that incredible cross from Ralston in the first minute,we were up for it. Kyoto was as sharp as we remember him,and I think the defender trailing leg put him onside for his disallowed goal. We resolutely hammered a difficult opposition,certainly no sign of a hangover there from last week.

We got some game time into a few players,while giving others some respite.Jota coming back to form with his best game this year.

If that game had been at the start of the season,I’d have been feet up and a cigar after ten minutes. At this stage of the season,the 80 minutes between our first and second goals was a f…..g torture!

But I’ll settle for that next week…

Btw,off to Bristol for that occasion. Foresters Arms,Ashley Down Road. Been there plenty,but meeting a fella that I met in the queue at the Bayer Leverkusen game. We were queuing for beer,first time I’ve been allowed beer in a stadium apart from my days of crashing the President Club with Wimbledon in the 90s and of course Good Friday 2016 in Dublin.

He’s Polish,and Celtic daft all his life. Takes all sorts,but there’s yer diaspora for ye.


I was a little worried at the beginning watching the meaty challenges from County. The ref finally started calling the fouls , although a couple of early cards would have given us some protection and let’s hope we get protection right from the start next week


A huge week indeed lies ahead Mahe. I’ll be honest in saying I wasn’t as relaxed about the visit to Dingwall as you obviously were. I said on Saturday that for me, if we won, the title would be ours, but I was nervous. Not unusually nervous, for me, it was typically nervous. It’s the way I’m cut. So much so that yesterday was my eldest grandson’s 18th and I dropped into a family gathering to see him but shouldn’t have bothered. I spent the second half wandering around the garden staring at the scoreline, praying the Ross C 0, Celtic 1 banner would change to 0-2. The relief was palpable when it did and I thought the title was secured in that moment.

Strangely, I’m not nervous about Sunday’s showdown. I honestly feel we will win and win well. Home game, the crowd will be at their loudest, and not even the referee concerns me. We will score 3 times and unless our defence turn in a performance untypical of recent weeks, then a fantastic day is in store.

CCV is partly responsible for my optimism. He’s found a rich vein of form. Joe Hart exudes confidence. Given where Joe was in his career when he chose to join us, appearing in next seasons CL will be just reward for his decision to join the hoops. With the more assured defence, the rest will take care of itself. Our middle to front players will cause that mob some serious problems on Sunday.

Ange? Well I was one of the doubters when he took the reins. Ange who? Even when aware of his surname I was still “ Who??”

Well the name trips of the tongue now. The progress from last season is obvious. He’ll need to improve the team yet further, indeed quite a lot, for the challenge that will face him in Europe next season, and will require quite a bit of support from the board to allow him to do so. I’ll worry about that another day. For now, I’ll enjoy the build up, which is something else new for me. Normally, I’m doubling up on the Losartan tablets on the week prior to these games. Not so this week. ( ok I might have an extra dose on Sunday morning!)

16 Roads
Check one check..
Good morning Celtic.
Great to see 16 Roads on last thread……hope all is well with you my friend ? hh



Meeting him in Belfast at the start of June,hopefully Gearoid too,along with a few others. Mahe is over for a trip home. Need to make the effort,be rude not to.

Bloody hotel prices though are through the roof! Flights as well. Anyway,my Dad and I are booked,paid up and going. And looking forward to it as usual. 16 ROADS is an added bonus,I’ll take a bottle of Powers with me to keep him slated between pubs.



Horrible situation,innit? If you didn’t support Celtic,you could look at the table and make a guess on the winner. I’ll be guessing eff aw until the maths work out. Though,win next week,I’ll chuck the maths oot the windae.


I seriously considered chucking a ton on Huns to win league at 9/1.
The more I thought about it, even the £1000 wouldn’t compensate the trauma I’d be in if we lost this league.😬


So I’ve followed my gut and requested odds on Celtic to have 4 different scorers on Sunday.

Years ago ( in the Brendan days) I requested odds on 5 different scorers v them. They gave me 100/1 but limited my stake to , I think £5.

It was the Moussa hat trick game. 5-1. Close but no cigar.

The next time we played them at Ibrox, I didn’t bother requesting the odds. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Lustig waltzed through and knocked in the 5th. 😠


Stats from yesterday on BBC

Goals. 0. 2
Possession 26%. 74%
Shots. 5. 22
On target. 1. 5
Corners. 2. 11

BBC Headline
Celtic six clear after nervy win at Ross County

God knows what the headline would’ve been if RC had 2 shots on target.
“Jammy Win”
“Celtic mange to hang on to undeserved lead”


Pre kick off yesterday I said to my son, we’ll soon see who the most rabid hun in the County side is. Did t take long to find out. The guy Callachan was out of control. Should’ve been booked before he was. Two of his tackles were outrageous. Could’ve walked inside 10 minutes. He was booked for the second bad foul but could’ve been booked before that.
Will be interesting to see if he’s as ‘ committed’ in the match v them


I guess his defence could well be that he’s simply a maniac as opposed to a hun. I see he’s been booked in his last 3 games!


Speaking to an Aberdeen supporting friend midweek after the cup loss he put it succinctly by saying if it had been a football match Celtic would have won but the ref sanctioned thuggery gave Rangers a physical advantage.
Yesterday on his 3rd wild tackle Callachan was rightfully booked .
His first two like the third he slid in studs up but neither was given as a foul the first was deemed a throw in and the second with ref 5 yds away and a clear view he was allowed to play on.
The fact the Clancy really had no option other than to book the thug changed the game.
Suddenly the rules had been applied and it forced County into changing tactics and trying to compete in a football game where the footballing side triumphed.

I wonder if next Sundays appointed cheat will be promised the full support of mssm and authorities to allow thuggery to dominate?


Fan…if I remember correctly Collum was announced as the ref earlier than usual for the last game, maybe due to the international break or something? The appointment of Madden and Clancy for the next two ‘Tic games left the late announcement of Cheatin’ Beaton as the only option I think. Now, we all know how bad or dishonest the referees are but Beaton is in a class of his own. Celtic will need to be at their absolute best to do TRFC and Beaton on the same day!



Great point about players being motivated to get on the pitch. The team spirit is high

Only sour note – we need someone or two to handle the dirty bassas trying to cripple our players .

Joe and CCV won’t put up with it Jura ( when fit) and Tony aren’t either, but that didn’t stop their assassin having 3 goes in opening minutes.

Looking at these situations -Who is dealing with the thugs in the opposing mid and defence 1/3 of pitch ?!

Some steel needed, to bolster the skill, next season …and hopefully Ange can see it!



Checked out that book on Nirvana: A Tour Diary – thanks

St tams

Must admit we came through yesterdays game more comfortably than I thought we would.
Although , the longer it stayed at 1-0, the more nervous I became.
Substitutions gave us big lift.
Can’t wait for next Sunday

Awe Naw

Who is the ref for Sunday and why is it a big secret ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Add a couple of Roy Aitken types to this team in the summer, i think we can confidently predict another period of domination to come. Outside of real physical presence, all the other pieces of the jigsaw are already in place.

I’d like to see a big Roy type for defensive cover.
A Roy Keane type of defensive midfielder.
A CF who can take care of himself…like Sutton or McAvennie.
Proper hardcase at LB we will be good to go.

Big Audio Dynamite

Awe Naw, Beaton? Thought I saw that somewhere.
I’ve asked this a few times without reply – Why are ref’s announced so far ahead of matches??
I can’t think of another sport (Or country) where the referee is given such a position of importance.
We are talking about them a week ahead of the game, and we are still talking about them a week after its over!

Morning all.
Terrific result yesterday, now on to the weekend and that mob.

Excellent leader, it is indeed a ‘HUGE WEEK’

Jimthetim53 @11pm
Thanks for asking, Martin is indeed a session drummer, he recently toured with Altered Images, who were supporting The Human League on a UK arena tour.
He also plays with an up and coming Scottish band ‘Vukovi’ Last week they recorded a live session at the BBC Maida Vale Studio. it will be aired some time this week, if you like I’ll share the link when it’s available.
John Bonham and Dave Grohl are two of his favourites.



Awe Naw

The ref?

The Huns are undertaking final auditions before an announcement is made.


Cheers Brian, looking forward to that link. 🙂



I am uncomfortably confident for Sunday as usually when I am so it goes horribly wrong.

We only lost out to them in extra time and the reasons as to why have been well documented.My thinking is that apart from Celtic being a better football team I reckon they will be running on fumes.

Extra time v Braga and us then playing against albeit a poor Motherwell side with 10 men will have taken its toll on the legs.Witout Balagun,Bassey will have to move in alongside Goldson which will suit a bhoyed up pacey Kyogo.That leaves Barasic looking behind for Abada constantly.With Roofe out I think CCV and Starfelt will be able to nullify any central threat.

I reckon GVB will be more focussed on the European semi final as he knows the league is pretty much gone and the score in the first leg will determine his team selection v the hoops.If they are still in the tie his team mirrors the Motherwell team line up with Aribo and Kent benched,conversely if they are out of it.

Leipzig seem to be decent away from home so I will be betting them in the 2nd leg.

Had said previously Cheatin Beaton would be the ref for Sunday but if it’s not him its indicative as it’s because it’s a lost cause and they know the title is coming back to Paradise.

BMCUWP Kyogo(2)Jota,Abada and Rogic.


Enjoy folks

Celtic TV (@CelticTV) Tweeted: 🚨 𝙐𝙣𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙚 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙡𝙚

Kyogo and Jota get 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙝𝙤𝙮𝙨 a big three points up north in Dingwall! 🇯🇵🇵🇹

#ROSCEL | #COYBIG | #cinchPrem


Good afternoon all from Wetherspoons, Shawlands, Belhaven 80 shilling still £1.49 a pint. Anyone seen Leggy, he seems to have disappeared since his drunken rampage in Johnstone. The man is a menace to polite society.


Another excellent-and positive-leader. As regards the Ross County game, I wish I possessed your zen-like calm. Hell’s Bell’s, I was a bag of nerves all week. I’ll be the same on Sunday, I expect.


Is the real-ale festival still on? If the boozer is full of blokes with full-length beards-and wearing sandals-it’s a safe bet that is indeed the case. Best to avoid such nut-jobs, I should think. 😀

16 Roads

Welcome to the blog

Hail Hail.


Magua, I’m wearing my Kaftan and beads and wafting my joss stick aboot. A few ladies admiring my joss stick.


You’re a terrible man, so you are. 😀

Those naughty bhoys over on videocelts, are suggesting that a Cinch arch should be errected above the tunnel, for Sunday’s game. Now that would be a fine sight.

Seriously though, in any other footballing jurisdiction, a club behaving as the Huns do, would already have been suspended from their domestic league.

Hail Hail.

Celtic should arrange for Rylan to bring the match ball onto the pitch on Sunday😁😁😎

Sol Kitts


Andy Pandy 2



Interesting wee snippet for you both. Go on to CelticWiki and type ‘Barga CSC’ into the search box.

Very briefly, Barga is a town in Tuscany, with a population of around 10,000 souls. Regular Wiki gives some fascinating info on the town. One picture gives a quite stunning view of this town. Basically, it reminds me of Corleone…but much greener of course, given it’s location in the mountains of Tuscany. Big Godfather fans, BMCUW and MIT, might also fancy a look-see.

Hail Hail.

Nearly finished the brilliant Andy Bollen book, 100 Objects. In a chapter of the book discussing over-officious stewards at fitba, Andy briefly goes off tangent, and discusses Joe Pesci’s character in
“Goodfellas’, describing him as ‘mildly psychotic.’ Hell’s bells, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll remember that the character Joe played, was an absolute maniac. Despite this, the character remains my own personal favourite in the film, because, despite his deeds, he was funny as feck. Not quite “My Cousin Vinny”, but near enough.

Hail Hail.


Evening all & Packy.
I was reading elsewhere of something soup-supping Hugh Keevins said in August last year. We know know what A.N.G.E. means – Absolutely Not Good Enough. LOL 🙂 What a con man he is. Why he get’s paid to write & talk about football baffles me!


Independent regulator to be appointed for English football? Wish we could get one up here!

The problem would be in finding one. I can feel an article coming on…



Keevins gets it in the neck a bit in tomorrows article. Can’t let him away with his crap this season


Here’s the thing Jim. Back in the 90s, Hugh was a well respected journalist. All this changed, when he sold his soul for the ‘blue pound.’ Profit before principles?

Hail Hail.


Knowing our luck, the ‘independent regulator’ for Scottish Football would be either Dougie Ross or Bernard Higgins…or, horror of horrors, Peter Lawwell.

Hail Hail.

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM not talking to you who is this clem chap you keep talking about 🤩🤩


I stopped listening to Radio Clyde because of him. Not just the football show at 6pm but entirely. The owners employ him.


Packy he is one of the most respected drummers in the business! 🙂

big packy

MAGUA them bassas should not get any tickets for sundays game who wants to listen to their sectarian bile aff with their heads I say🤩

big packy

yes after me🤩🤩

Big Packy

I quite agree Packy. It’s not just the damage that they will do to the stadium. Or even their offensive songs or banners. What is the cost to the tax-payer of having Huns in the stadium? Ban them. One small flaw in that argument, of course. The craven, gutless PLC board. Off with THEIR heads.

Hail Hail.

big packy

ive got my ticket for sunday anyway, bought it off solkitts, he wanted a grand but I managed to get him down to 995 quid, hey no flies on me🤩🤩


Packy & Magua. i agree, ban them!


The thumbs-up thingy.

big packy

MAGUAandJIM, think to be fair, celtic are obliged to give them so many tickets, might be wrong, but I think thats the case👍

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