When The Facts Change…


I have to admit,that was a difficult game on Sunday. Not helped much of course when I couldn’t get a link to the game at noon and dived onto a bus to watch it in the local pub. 

My thanks to everyone who texted and mailed the proper kick off time. Stars,the lot of you. Choobthatamur. 

Anyway,watched it on my own till nearly the end of the game when the pub started to fill up with Liverpool fans. I’m sitting at a table which can take eight easily. Alright if we sit here? Of course. 

Scottish football’s shite. Fuck off,this is my table and yer not welcome. Problem sorted. Big game supporters. 

From the off,with that amazing cross from Ralston in the first minute,we controlled the match. But none of us were comfortable till the winner from Jota a whole 80 minutes later! Well,I know I wasn’t. Bricking it,I was. But that’s the problem when you’ve seen Celtic for as long as we have,and I refer you to my series of articles on The Lost Ten from about two years ago. 

It matters not a jot though,as long as the players still have the belief and the desire. And Sunday proved that they do. I haven’t looked at the official stats,or how many times we hit the woodwork,but we peppered their goal. Kyogo was magnificent,giving the ball,being there for the take,climbing a ladder and jumping off it for his goal. Maeda did his Duracell bunny and was unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet. 

Jota was outstanding. While the midfield and defence just did what they needed,and we got some game time into some players who will be ready for Sunday. 

Meantime,just before the game,the estimable Shug had written us off as bottle merchants. In his column in the Sunday Mail,trashed us on the back of last weeks result. No attempt at honest interpretation which might have included a wee critique of Madden’s performance. Having been rather positive the week before,no,we went full monty,bottle merchants on us. I’ve got a wee question for ye,Shug. Can I be your bookie?

Thinking about just another Sunday next week,which I intend to spend in Bristol again,reminded me of a play of a similar name. A tale of redemption,I suppose,or at least realising that your path might not be the right one. I reckon most of us have seen it,and it is as powerful and graphic now as it was then. Perhaps more so,because though many of us recognised the conditions then,few can relate to them now. Thankfully. 

But ye know what? You’ve still got that hun mentality,that supremacy so superbly portrayed in the play. And you’ve still got tossers like Keevins,and a refereeing cabal. And we’ve still got a rival,long dead,to put to the sword. 

Win on Sunday,we won’t kill them. But it will be a start. And a bliddy good one. 


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Bobby stars if you’re interested

Stats from yesterday on BBC

Goals. 0. 2
Possession 26%. 74%
Shots. 5. 22
On target. 1. 5
Corners. 2. 11

BBC Headline
Celtic six clear after nervy win at Ross County

God knows what the headline would’ve been if RC had 2 shots on target.
“Jammy Win”
“Celtic mange to hang on to undeserved lead”

April 25, 2022 7:53 am



Cheers for the info. Despite rarely watching TV,I’ve no problem with paying the licence. But I can well understand why a lot of Celtic supporters in Scotland refuse to pay it.



Also the topic of much of e-Tims article today,with a mention of the Sam English Trophy.



Bobby 👍
Great minds …….


Keevins has no credibility left in Scotland, he should retire and take up a hobby, he is seen as a joke figure by nearly all football supporters.

Big Audio Dynamite

My first title day in paradise. Apart from being a good team, this team was also filled with guys who could take care of themselves and each other.



It has always been thus- The media desire to hear imaginary bottles crashing and hoping to hear helicopters whirring into view.
It’s just delusion on their part. Fans ( or in Keevins case quislings) with laptops.
Our revenge is their obvious pain.

Referee scandals in other countries involve bribery, not required here because attachments to the Hun are worn as badges of honour amongst the fraternity, Quite openly in many cases. They see it as a duty.

The Hun never dies it just sheds the skin it’s imprisoned in. ( c Tymon Dogg )



Talking about stats.

Coming to the conclusion that Shug chooses to be the ‘heel’ and plays it up … skelped by more handbags, and the more the merrier, for his audience stats – hits.

Why would he choose to write a meaningful critique and fight the good fight .. when his audience can’t read and he can get paid more dosh for playing the stage baddie

Bet he can’t look in a mirror


Craig & CFC – touché

Big Audio Dynamite

Again, people like Keevins and Boyd are employed to get the desired reaction to the pish they talk (like saying Aberdeen would finish above us this season)
They know they are talking shite but only do it as it gets the reaction they seek.
Deprive the irrelevant old fart of any oxygen.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. I, too, refuse to let any of the pundits annoy me. Their job is to provoke controversy and reaction and to keep the viewer/listener/reader numbers high. Stage managed and not worth getting annoyed about.
5 more sleeps 😁



Great memories buddy,

The sate of that pitch … 37,000 crowd … hehehehehehe the chancing scoundrels

Tommy Burns whit a player … hardly saw the ref until the ‘offside’ and some of the tackles from both teams. Players get up and dust themselves down

Big David Moyes up cheering the League win…

Billy Thompson was a great ‘keeper and wanted him at Paradise .. delivered his milk back in the day … nice family always gave a good tip… disappointed when he signed for the Old Gers.


SES…wis it no JOHNNY Thomson’s milk ye delivered? 🤣🤣🤣



Aye… see what ye did there … ye bad bugger 😂😂



A joke figure indeed,but a must-read on a Sunday. The print equivalent of car crash TV.



I was route training last night,and my colleague asked me who was the best player I had seen at Celtic Park. Well,I pointed out that I’d seen Messi,Ronaldo,and their mates from Man Utd and Barcelona. Cruyff would be the best even at an advanced age. Though I’d also seen Best! Albeit in the states in 1979. And playing pool about ten years later in The Eight Bells in Chelsea. He should have stuck to the football!


I said that the first time I saw Dalglish,he scored six goals. That Lubo was known as The Gift From God for a reason. But the best overall? For me,it will always be George Connelly. Of course,I then had to explain who he was! Including that goal in 1969.



That was an absolute doing – and both teams recent Semi- finalists in Europe

Completely destroyed them ….and was it then ‘goodbye Fergie’ as undeserved scapegoat

Threading through all of these wonderful results, is the technical ability and desire to play fitba in our teams… the constant driving forward spreading into space … contrast with the blue team play.

Jimmy Johnstone or John Greig …

When we get it right it’s better than anything … well, almost…

Big Audio Dynamite

SeS, 37,000? That’s the Celtic end covered! 😆😆
Even though lots has happened since, still one of my favourite Tic memories.
I really, really loved that team.
You just knew that Jersey meant something to every one of them.



I was there too that day,I think it might have been the first time I’d seen us win the title at home. Looking at the pitch,I’m almost embarrassed at my thoughts about the one we played on on Sunday. Bobby Lennox would have felt at home,there was more sand there than on Saltcoats Beach.



37,000 was the default back then,when not all-ticket. I remember us playing Dundee Utd in an important game which we won 2-1. SOLKITTS was a very recent convert at the timeand despite the fans being rammed in together in a ground of c75,000 capacity,I asked him what he thought the crowd was.

We were on the train at the time,and there were a few Celtic fans around us. He reckoned between 50-60,000. I said betcha it’s 37,000. Never,he said. There must have been nearly that many in the Jungle toilets at half time! Which was a good point,btw.

Guy in the seat behind us burst out laughing,and said that will be exactly the official attendance. They don’t count the 15,000 priests!


Bobby – Aye the free tickets for all clergy and those 20 somethings getting a lift over… easily 15,000 of those.😁

The slush fund must have been huge… they got away with it tho’ …for over 100 years.

That 1980-82 team only missing one or two quality additions and we are back into a decent European position.


Then later …’85/’86 Davy Hay told to buy his own players…three strikers sold in one summer grrrrr

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, been watching a lot of old English games lately (Mostly Liverpool 70s & 80s) and it’s astounding they could play the way they did, given some of the surfaces they had to contend with.

Rosy cheeks Dalglish would have seemed even better if he played on a surface like Wembley every week :o)

The Gombeen Man

Great win at the weekend, nice to have a few days to prepare for Sunday’s encounter with Sevco. Hopefully I’ll be ready for Sunday…

(Well, first there’s the Liverpool v Villa Real game on Wednesday to get through.)

It’s rare to hear of accurate reporting from BBC Scotland. They are very “nervy” as a result of Sunday’s result in Dingwall. Credit where it’s due, they’re nervy alright.

Apart from Celtic, the biggest winners at the weekend were league sponsors, Cinch. Douglas Park’s continued attempts to blackball his competitors, has been manna from heaven for his canny rivals.

Everyone’s talking about Cinch. A marketing masterclass. Future students of Marketing will write essays highlighting the self-destructive actions of Sevco in this affair.

Well done Douglas.

A big week beckons for the (Al)chemists of Ibrox. Will the Sevco support see Leipzig as brothers from Saxony? Or will they take the more predictable view and focus on the Dambusters era?

Talk of a public sale of tickets and a potential lack of segregation is a concern.

Whatever happens the sports science department at Murray Park will be burning the midnight oil. If only they’d listened to the teachings on the Alchemist at those early Lodge Meetings.

‘As above, so below. So man’s inner transformation affects his outer world, and this was the focus of “the Work”.

The process of refining man’s soul should be the same as physical processes; thus the focus of turning base metals into gold.’

– Sticking grubby bits of tape over Cinch’s name isn’t the kind of transformation the Supreme Being had in mind.

The gift that keeps on giving…


Ange’s old team – Yokohama Marino’s played Sydney FC in the Asian Champions League, Group Stages yesterday, Yokohama Marino’s won 3-0.

South Korean side, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors were top, one point clear of Yokohama, going into yesterday’s games. Jeonbuk faltered, drawing 1-1 against Vietnamese side, Hoàng Anh Gia Lai.

The next two rounds of games are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday. Yokohama play Jeonbuk in a showdown for CL last 16 Qualification, at 3pm on Sunday.

Good to see Yokohama with a 1 point lead, going into the last two games. No doubt Ange is keeping tabs on their progress.

So why my interest in the Asian CL, apart from the Ange connection?

For anyone a wee bit rusty on South Korean football,

Jeonbuk Hyundai FC…

“The club joined the K-League in 1994. The team ran into financial problems and was dissolved. Hyundai Motors took over the player’s’ contracts on 12 December 1994.

K-League officially stated that (the original club) and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors are different clubs. Therefore, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors’ history, statistics and records are from 12 December 1994.”

I bet you can guess what about Jeonbuks’ history piqued my interest?

– Hyundai wouldn’t of had the same issue if they’d bought a certain ‘pail’ of dodgy assets from the Soooside.

On reflection Hyundai are far better off in South Korea.

Kudos to the K-League for maintaining the credibility of the game.

It’s a shame that the most basic of standards are entirely lacking in the Scottish game. The pantomime that is Scottish football will continue until revolutionary things like standards of governance/honesty are introduced.

Fantasy dossiers, broken contracts, assaults, arson, court cases, libelous statements – endless monotonous nonsense – all simply byproducts of the convenient lack of credible governance.

Non-existent accountability at Ibrox, Hampden, the Police, Courts, Media and Government. It’s the stuff of the Dark Ages.

Processes like Liquidation evolved for a reason, it’s denial in Scotland simply guaranteed the continuance of the same corrupt behaviour.

Let’s hope Hearts haven’t forgotten the mendacious signing of Lee Wallace for the sum of £1.5m just before Ally failed to beat Malmo in 2011.

Rangers supporters were banned from attending that historic game, due to a UEFA sanction for sectarian singing against PSV Eindhoven. Rangers were reduced to 9 men. Jelavić scored for Rangers. His transfer fee, due to Rapid Vienna was later to become subject to a 5WA switcheroo.

Hearts were facing Winding Up Orders at the time and only got lucky later, with a reduced fee as a result of the 5WA.

You really do reap what you sow.

Ask the Supreme Being…

– Now that’s the real Cinch –

Let’s hope the SPFL are going to deduct the money to pay for VAR at source from this Season’s prize money.

I wouldn’t fancy chapping Douglas’ door looking for the Sevco contribution.



Rosy cheeks? I pointed that out to my colleague last night! Frank Beattie’s testimonial as the first time I saw him play,and of course he was red-faced after five minutes. A 7yo me was shocked at such a clear lack of fitness. Not half as shocked as I was watching him score six of our seven goals!!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Anyone else unlucky enough to be at Willie Garner’s debut? Can’t find any video of it.
Can still remember my dad saying “He might get a hat-trick, son” …shame it was at the wrong end! ☺☺



Aye. Me again. I don’t normally trash a player after one game. I made an exception for him.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, was a devastated 8yo when Kenny left.
I’m sure that’s where the interest in watching Liverpool came from …just loved watching Kenny do his thing.
Him & Rushie …wow!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, can you remember who we played that day? I’ve racked my brain

Big Audio Dynamite

TGM, I’ve a feeling there might be songs about German bombers.



I mentioned yesterday that TrifCo would be demanding their share of the Cinch sponsorship money,as the company had received so much more publicity because of their stance. Great minds…

Re your point about denial in Scotland. ATHINGOFBEAUTY will confirm that I was aware of,and delving into,the financial problems at Rangers(IL) from about 2005. Pretty obvious with the £50m share issue scheme which went nipples north,plus their previously reported losses. But when they eventually went from administration to liquidation,my sis was vehement that they would get away with it. A claim that I rubbished.

After all,this was not only footballing laws and regulations being broken. This is the law of the land. Etc.

Jee-zoh,I don’t even have the fallback position of the naivety of youth for getting that one so badly wrong!



St Mirren. I think it was the league cup. He was probably to blame for their third too,but by that time I was shutting my eyes every time he went near the ball.

I blame Roy Aitken for not marking him closely enough.

Shame,really. He was a decent enough player at Aberdeen,and should have been successful with us. That game effectively wrecked his career.

Pretty sure Andy Lynch also scored two own goals,maybe against Motherwell just after scoring the winner in the cup final?


One for JIMTHETIM53 and other snooker fans.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, ah yes, St Mirren! And to think I hated Moyes, the guy who replaced him 😁
Funny you mention Andy Lynch …his cup final pen is my very first Tic memory 👍

The Gombeen Man

It was good to see CCB posting on Sunday, hopefully the Irvine CSC went well.

The word rapscallion caught my attention. A favourite of mine is ‘curmudgeon.’

Another one you’ll see in the 17th century is ‘churls’.

It referred to a peasant.

Lord Mountjoy’s ploy to put pressure on Hugh O’Neill was to send his men out into Tyrone to “kill churls.” Kill peasants basically.

In time the word churl became more associated with ‘surly or mean-spirited’ and hence ‘churlish’ evolved.

In those days Tyrone was Tír Eoghain  – Tír meaning Land,

Eoghan being the son of Niall.

Therefore, Land of Eoghan.

Inishowen = Inis Eoghain = Island of Eoghan

Tír Chonaill, is now Donegal.

Tír = Land,
Connall = Connall, Son of Niall.

Therefore Land of Connall.

Donegal was lifted by the invader from the name of the town.

Dún na nGall = Fort of the foreigner.

Till later.

The Gombeen Man


One thing is guaranteed, history repeats.

M, AToB called it right back then, she’s been right all the way through.

Auldheid often refers to that Malmo game. I’d forgotten about the ban for sectarian singing. Reading back Martin Bain blamed other parties.

Jelavić and Lee Wallace buying players when your backs to the wall etc.

Jelavić was later sold to Everton.

I haven’t seen Paddy’s Maw on for a while either. Maybe she’s waiting for the weekend?

Till later


Spent the last two weeks, brushing up on the link between Celtic and Wellesley Juniors. How Willie Maley sent his chief scout Steve Callaghan to look at a goalkeeper who was playing for Denbeath Star and how Steve came back raving about the Wellesley Junior goalkeeper – John Thomson. Thomson born in Kirkcaldy but grew up in Cardenden. Before he left school it was known that he was an outstanding goalkeeper. At fourteen he left school to join his father down the Pit, working 300 yards underground. The 1924 – 25 season he played for Bowhill Rovers at Junior level before moving on the season after to Wellesley Juniors. Celtic signed John Thomson for £10 in February 1927 during the miners strike. It was reported that Thomson was a fearless goalie, often diving at the feet of opposing players, his reflexes must have been great, his agility well known and with a certain grace in his movement.
On the 5th. February 1930, he was seriously injured when playing against Airdrie, breaking his jaw, fracturing several ribs, damaging his collarbone and losing two teeth while making a diving save. (Fearless) Thanks to Celtic Wiki.

Every Celtic supporter knows about the exploits, the agility, grace and bravery of John Thomson, his best pal was Jimmy McGrory and he was very friendly with his ex. Wellesley colleagues including Alec Thomson as well as his other team mates, he was not related to Alec or to Bertie Thomson. Alec – Bertie and Jimmy McGrory were all scouted for Celtic by Stevie Callaghan.

We all know what happened on that fateful day in September 1931 when John met his tragic end, I read that his brother Jim and his fiance Margaret Finlay were both in the crowd. Stats are all well and good they serve a real purpose but its the human story that sometimes gets left out of the equation. I often wondered about the affect that Johns passing had on his family, his teammates, the support and the club as a whole. When you look at some of the Celtic players who played and won the Scottish Cup in 1931, they were of a certain quality that looked beyond some of the Celtic teams that went before and after them. If John had survived how much would they have achieved? Footnote: Jimmy McGrory won 7 International caps, only 7 caps for the man who achieved so much and scored so many goals. jimmy McGrory the player who made the Hampden Roar.
John Thomson – 28th. January 1909 – 5th. September 1931 (aged just 22). Take a bow Celtic Graves for keeping his memory alive and tending his grave.

KT great player, Tommy Gemmell – Legend.


As usual,a very good article from David Conn in The Guardian.


When I think about the number of similar situations I have faced as a Celtic supporter-and many more who faced them too-I thank my two Guardian Angels doing their usual overtime shifts. The Janefield Street riot,the CS gas at Easter Road,the horrific scenes at the 1985 Cup final,even the time we all streamed down the steep inclines to exit a midweek game at Love Street to find that the exits were all locked. Or practically every time I went to Ibrox or Tynecastle. Or the days when we had the town end at Aberdeen,while the buses were at the beach end,and we had to fight our way to them.

They were probably the worst,but they were so commonplace that,well,they were commonplace! We were prepared for them,unsurprised by them. Times change,and this time for the better. Except that it isn’t so long ago that Celtic supporters were funnelled into limited access areas,with huge amounts of crushing,and the usual cover up entailed.

We didn’t have a David Conn type in Scotland media to take up our case then,nor did our board do hellish much either. IIRC,the official police case was that Celtic supporters were to blame for being there in the first place. Aye,60,000 of us which could hardly have come as a surprise.

bada bing1

BAD- I was there,I’m sure the team took to the park to a chorus of boos,as we had all green socks on….



My Dad’s description of SOLKITTS and me as such was a bare-faced insult,and I’m thinking of cancelling his trip to Belfast at the start of June as a punishment. We progressed way beyond rapscallion level,even to the extent of daft boayishness. Though never with any malice,just pushing every boundary we could find.

Darn happy there were no camera phones back then,I can tell you!

bada bing1

Beaton on Sunday as predicted



Johnny must have been a pleasure to play in front of. Screw up,you know he will save your blushes. I grew up knowing his story,we all did. There was a play about him,maybe 15 years ago,and I purchased one of the posters for it. It was being auctioned for charity. I sent it a few months later to one of CQN’s finest who was looking for artefacts to auction for charity,I think for Wee Oscar.

Now,that’s not me looking for a pat on the back btw. The point is,that poster of Johnny raised about £400 on its own,and might well have been auctioned a few times since! That’s what Celtic supporters do,I suppose.

A tragedy for Celtic,of course,to lose a player of his quality,like Peter Scarffe too. But the tragedy was for his family. They will never forget him,but nor will we.



I’ll get my microscope out.

I hope that SOLKITTS will be able to give us a running commentary on his performance too.

The Gombeen Man

Good to see Bawheid posting. A very good post this morning. Plenty of new, interesting material there.


It was a term of endearment really and hopefully Mrs Sol Kitts had a laugh too.

Maybe CCB meant Ballymacscanlon instead of rapscallion?

There was a flag of the Irvine CSC at the game on Sunday, so maybe he was there?

There’s evidence here that the old language and the foreign tongue don’t always mean the same thing…


Duty calling…



You’ve seen my Dad and I together a few times,so you know that we are pretty close. I’m fortunate,we are all very close in my family. Any criticism is purely a wind up,though it wasn’t always like that. That had to wait till I grew up. About my mid-thirties,roughly.

As for MRS SOLKITTS,she has a better recollection of our days of infamy than we have. When I nip over to see them,she will bring up some typically anarchic act of ours,we will plead innocence then burst out laughing as the memories come flooding back. Along with a few more.

And I’m bloody serious about those camera phones! Fun at the time,never any real harm done.

SOLKITTS,being new to being a Celtic supporter,laboured under the misapprehension that every pub near Celtic Park was by definition a Celtic pub. I tried hard to impress on him that it was not the case. The number of times he took us into the lion’s den…

The worst was when I’d fallen about twenty yards behind after the Real Sociedad game,trying to light a fag in a howling breeze. He sauntered into The Regents Arms!

I’m shouting-no,fuxake,not there!!! To no avail. We walked into an auditorium,seats around the walls and a boxing ring between them and the bar. And were soon surrounded by about six other customers who strangely all wanted a drink at the same time. Hmmm…

I quietly suggested that I’d get the beer,but be ready to do exactly as I do. Two pints of lager,I’m fumbling about in my pockets for the cash,suddenly threw the contents of the pint in the face of the guy nearest me-and legged it!

SOLKITTS isnae styoooopit,he did the same. So we are running along towards The Gallowgate,and he says he reckoned they would catch us before we got to Central Station. Not a bother,says I. We only need to get as far as The Old Barns,about 200 yards away. Trust me.

So we burst in,barman says no rush,lads. Not closing for a couple of hours yet. I says,plenty of rush,there’s about twenty huns from the Regents behind us. Never seen a pub empty so fast,or been served so quickly either. Back in they came,job done. Sorted that for ye,lads.

Aye,daft boayishness disnae quite cover it. But it will do.


If Westminster can support the Tracy Crouch Review of English Football what is to stop Holyrood?


This is a key pressure point for SFA reform.



How do we get an independent adjudicator in Scotland?

The only way to do that is by bringing in someone from another country. That won’t happen,because then questions will be raised about VAR officials,and eventually referees. Scottish football is the very definition of the self preservation society,as you know.

Obviously,I agree with you on this. But it won’t happen in our lifetimes,I reckon.

Anyway,bedtime for me. If those basterts next door stop drilling for long enough for me to fall asleep,I might make it to work tonight.



How do we get an independent adjudicator in Scotland?

The only way to do that is by bringing in someone from another country. That won’t happen,because then questions will be raised about VAR officials,and eventually referees. Scottish football is the very definition of the self preservation society,as you know.

Obviously,I agree with you on this. But it won’t happen in our lifetimes,I reckon.

Anyway,bedtime for me. If those basterts next door stop drilling for long enough for me to fall asleep,I might make it to work tonight.

Your comment is why it will not happen BMCUW. Its not just you, it permeates the Celtic mind. Our biggest problem is ourselves.

We have to change our minds and persuade others to do so.

We need leadership either from Celtic or within the support.

There is no sign of it in the support because of the mind set that prevents real effort so we should at the very least require Celtic to help bring about something that is for the benefit of Scottish football on which Celtic depends for opposition to play against.

It is an opportunity to build bridges between Celtic and the support.


Your comment is why it will not happen BMCUW. Its not just you, it permeates the Celtic mind. Our biggest problem is ourselves.
We have to change our minds and persuade others to do so.

As usual you are taking a very civilised and intelligent approach. I certainly don’t want to pick and argument with you.
Having said that , I’m not sure “ Our biggest problem is ourselves.”
I fully appreciate that understanding of other peoples viewpoints and compromise is needed to bring about meaningful reform. However, I do find it difficult to accept that Celtic fans are the ones holding back reform. I think that a few other peepul need to open their eyes and ears as well.


Quality refereeing
What are the odds on Tavpen on Sunday


1 2 3