27th April – If you know your history

120 years ago … 1902 on this day (Sunday) Celts are licking their wounds having just lost the first ever All-Green Scottish Cup Final

1902-04-26: Celtic 0-1 Hibernian, Scottish Cup Final

Hibs win the Scottish Cup for the only time in the 20th Century!

Hibs last Scottish Cup trophy victory for 100 years when they were to defeat TheRangers/Sevco.

Celtic lose to Edinburgh double, having lost the previous year in the final to Hearts.Match played at Celtic Park following the recent Ibrox Disaster in which a number died (RIP), this match was delayed by two weeks due to that stadium disaster.

The report in the Glasgow Herald newspaper writes of the “meagre attendance” at the game, concluding the Ibrox disaster and fears of the “stability of the terracing” had kept fans away

Leith Observor newspaper refers to Celtic as the “Western team”.

Debut for William McCafferty at Celtic, strange one for a debut. His only other match was v Rangers (1-1 draw in the league).

Atherton, who had seen an effort disallowed for offside, is said to have deceived the Celtic defence with a cry of “leave ra ba” in an impeccable Glaswegian accent.

For Hibs, after the collapse and end to the original Hibs football club, this was a quick ascendency for the new club who went on to win the league the next season.

HIBERNIAN: Rennie, Gray, Glen, Breslin, Harrower, Robertson, McCall, McGeachan, Divers, Callaghan, Atherton

Goals: McGeachan Goal 75′

Manager: Dan McMichael

CELTIC: MacFarlane, Watson, Battles, Loney, Marshall, Orr, McCafferty, McDermott, McMahon, Livingstone, Quinn

Manager: Willie Maley

Stadium: Celtic Park
Attendance: 16,000

Scottish Cup memories: How newspapers covered Hibs’ 1902 victory

By Graham Fraser 26 April 2013 07:01 BST

Cup winners: The 1902 Scottish Cup winners Hibs.Scottish Football Museum

Anyone who knows anything about football can tell you Hibs fans have long suffered jibes from other supporters over the last time their side won the Scottish Cup.

It was 1902. Real Madrid had just been formed. Britain was fighting in the Boer War.

But this year, Pat Fenlon’s latest crop will once again have a chance to banish all those bad memories – especially after last year’s 5-1 humbling by city rivals Hearts in the final.

All that stands in Hibs’ way is the considerable challenge of Neil Lennon’s Scottish Champions Celtic on May 26.

The last time Hibs did triumph in the cup, it was against Celtic. The game was played at Parkhead after the initial fixture, which was due to take place at Ibrox, was cancelled after 26 supporters were killed and 547 more were injured following the collapse of a stand at a Scotland vs England match.

Looking at newspaper reports from the time allows us to highlight some similarities between the 1902 and 2013 finals, and also revel in the journalistic style of the period.

On April 26, 1902 – the day of the match – The Leith Observer published a short preview of the game, dubbed the “annual struggle for the Scottish Cup, the blue riband of national football… when the Celtic and the Hibernians oppose each other in the final tussle”.

While referring to Celtic as the “Western team”, the report laments Hibs’ “traditional weakness in the final tie” and cup runs in previous seasons which had seen them lose to Rangers, Third Lanark and Queen’s Park.

Hibs were also “vanquished by the Heart of Mid-Lothian” in the previous season’s competition. Sound familiar?

Alongside a picture of the cup finalists, with moustachioed players and others in cloth caps, the newspaper looks forward to the tie and highlights Hibs’ training regime in preparation for the game.

“The Hibs are a comparatively young set of fellows, some of whom have sprung very suddenly into fame,” the report states.

“The Celts are heavier and more matured players, but anything may crop up to counteract their advantages.

“Hibs are reported as fit as they could be. Their training has been of a very light kind, a walk to Portobello being the hardest part of it, and mild relaxation in the form of a night occasionally at the theatre and a little primitive golf.”

The following Saturday, the same newspaper reports on Hibs’ victory in a column sandwiched between recent cricket scores and an article about the Leith Caxtonian Bowling Club.

Under the descriptive headline Football The Scottish Cup Final, a reporter highlights the key incidents of an apparently poor match.

The article, which describes Hibs as the away side and refers to points instead of goals, describes a game watched by 15,000 fans on a very windy day.

Hibs started the match brightly, but their player John Divers failed to capitalise as he “lost many chances through his inclination to lie offside”.

Celtic then came into the game, but the encounter was a dull affair and the match was all square at half time.

The Glasgow side had the first big chance of the second half, when George Livingstone “shook the uprights with a grand shot” but William McCafferty failed to score the easy rebound.

Bobby Atherton then scored for Hibs, but it was chopped off for offside, and the game was being ruined by the wind much to the ire of The Leith Observer reporter.

“The Celts kicked out freely and endeavoured to keep the ball low. A few high kicks by (Barney) Battles were the means of the ball being blown back to his goal, where (Robert) McFarlane had difficulty in saving,” he commented.

Hibs then got a crucial goal on 75 minutes. After a second successive corner by Paddy Callaghan, Andy McGeechan struck the ball between Celtic defenders Hugh Watson and Willie Loney into the back of the net.

Celtic tried to make a comeback, but it was not to be. Hibs were crowned Scottish Cup winners for 1902.

Wild celebrations? Perhaps. But The Leith Observer reporter was a little more sedate in his summary of the final moments: “The visitors were having less of the play now, and as time drew nigh, the efforts put forth by the home side were worthy of a better fate. The whistle sounded shortly afterwards, leaving the Hibs winners of a dull and spiritless game.”

Meanwhile, a report in the Glasgow Herald newspaper writes of the “meagre attendance” at the game, concluding the Ibrox disaster and fears of the “stability of the terracing” had kept fans away.

It also notes how a weakened Celtic side, without the presence of striker John Campbell, may have contributed to Hibs’ victory. “The Celts were without Campbell, and this let in McCafferty again, a lad with plenty of dash but still lacking in balance for a game of such importance.”

The report added: “Campbell’s absence, however, could scarcely account for the disjointed and listless play of the Celts, who seldom had the appearance of a winning team.

“The Hibs, on the other hand, played from the outset with a vigour and dash which commanded success, and were well worthy of a much greater victory.”

After the game, the Hibs players attended a special function at the Alexandra Hotel in Glasgow where the cup was presented by the SFA to Philip Farmer, the President of Hibs and a relative of the current owner Sir Tom Farmer.

The players later returned to Edinburgh to continue the celebrations. The Leith Observer reported: “A hearty send off was given to the players and officials at Queen Street Station, and the train was left at Haymarket station where a band played ‘see the conquering hero’.

“The Hibernian party then mounted a four-in-hand which was waiting outside the station and proceeded by the band. They set off, amid loud cheers, for Princes Street, the captain of the team holding the trophy aloft.

“All along the route their reception was most enthusiastic and there was no lack of evidence that the Hibs’ success in following the example of the Hearts last year was most popular with all sections of the community.”

Since the 1902 triumph, Hibs have finished runner-up in the Scottish Cup on nine occasions.

Regardless of which team wins on May 26, websites like this and other media outlets will no doubt produce vast swathes of content to mark the occasion.

For Hibs fans, they will be hoping and praying that they will finally have some contemporary match reports to frame and hang on their walls rather than the reflections of reporters who have long since passed.

In other news:

A few days later a consequence of aforementioned Ibrox disaster, Rangers organised a tournament to raise funds:

1902-04-30: Celtic 5-1 Sunderland, British League Cup

aka: the Glasgow Exhibition Trophy, the British League Cup, the Ibrox Disaster Trophy or the (first) Coronation Cup

Trophy competition organised by Rangers to provide funds for the victims’ relatives of the Ibrox Tragedy of 1902.

Sunderland’s Ned Doig (1866-1919) was a Scottish goalkeeper who played for various teams north and south of the border, most notably Sunderland. He was also a Scottish internationalist.


A surprisingly poor attendance of 4,000 turned up to see the English League champions Sunderland, including Scotland goalkeeper Ned Doig, in the semi-final of this tournament which can be called the Glasgow Exhibition Trophy, the British League Cup, the Ibrox Disaster Trophy or the (first) Coronation Cup.

It had been won by Rangers in 1901, but they put it up to raise funds for the Ibrox Disaster fund, and invited Sunderland, Everton and Celtic to take part.

This was however a great performance by Celtic whose fans were far from pleased with them following their feckless display in the Scottish Cup final the previous Saturday


Edmonds, Watson and Battles; Loney, Marshall and Orr; Livingstone, McDermott, Campbell, McMahon and Quinn

Goals: Ferguson og,7, McDermott 20, 42, McMahon 27, Campbell 70


Doig, Annan and Watson; Ferguson, McAllister and Jackson; W Hogg, R Hogg, Miller, Gemmell and McLatchie

Goal: Ferguson pen 86

Referee: Mr T Robertson, Queen’s Park
Attendance: 4,000

5th April 1902: A heartbreaking image from The Ibrox Disaster during a Scotland v England game, caused 25 deaths (RIP) and 517 injuries.

General stuff:

1296 Battle of Dunbar: The Scots are defeated by Edward 1 Longshanks of England

1865 Cornell University (Ithaca NY) is chartered

1904 The Australian Labor Party under Prime Minister Chris Watson becomes the first Labor government in the world

1916 The British renew their assault on the Irish Volunteer position in Mount Street; shelling also sets the buildings on fire

1956 Undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano, retires from the ring

LIBERTY, NY – September 1955: Rocky Marciano poses for the camera while training for title defense against Archie Moore at the Grossingers training camp in September, 1955 in Liberty, New York. (Photo by Stanley Weston/Getty Images)

1998 Rock for the Rainforest benefit concert held at Carnegie Hall, NYC; performers include: Sting, Elton John, James Taylor, Madonna, Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Emmylou Harris, Roberta Flack….

Sorry folks no Sting here.. but any old excuse to play some Emmylou, Mary Black & Dolores Keane…

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Big Audio Dynamite

SeS, good stuff, as per

Wouldn’t take a structural engineer to tell that wooden stand was literally a disaster waiting to happen. That wouldn’t have been the Huns trying to do things on the cheap, would it? Hmm!

Someone (Can’t remember who) on VAR.
“What difference do you think it will make?”

I’ll be driven even further up the wall?!


https://etims.net/?p=17688 Stop Your Appeasin’


Re E/Tim’s article.

This board manage/ have stewardship over a very specific brand, created by shared cultural heritage, that supplies a unique product to its supporter customer base.
The brand operates in a very small, competitive marketplace, where another major rival with a more or less equal sized market share exists.
A duopoly.
The major prize in this marketplace has been shared 85% between the two. 100% since 1985.
The Issue is these market shares aren’t transferable, like other products.
They exist only to support one brand or another.

In their wisdom our board have decided our marketplace is too small for us to develop if the other brand disappears. Trapped by association.


Great version of ‘Sonny’, SES. Three stunning voices!! Here’s a wee tribute to EmmyLou from First Aid Kit…



Grand stuff. I wasn’t around in 1902 obviously,but I was in 2016 when Hibs next won the cup. I rarely bet on just a single match,but managed to get the first scorer,correct score and scorecast that day.


My main recollections of Celtic v Hibs in cup finals was Dixie would usually score a hat trick!



It is hard for us to complain about things,given our apparent complicity. I’ve just written tomorrow’s article on pretty much that subject. Not as much time to myself these days!

I’ve also just watched the highlights of that match last night. Really important and high profile matches between top sides have had a nasty habit of actually being anti-football,and a bad advertisement for the game. Wow,I wish I had been able to watch that live,and in full.

There are reasons why I love football,and most of them are green and white. But that must have been one of the best games at that level in recent history.

Anyway,time for my cot.


BAD. – I think rules changed after this and wooden terracing had to be banked on earthen mounds – maybe someone knows…
Bobby – that’s a result BTW.

McCaff – brilliant – saw this before and still brings a tear …


Excellent again Saltires, I’m certain that I read somewhere that the club from Govan were well warned about the dangerous state that their stands were in long before they collapsed and did nothing about it.

Continuing my search for information about chief Celtic scout Steve Callaghan and how he was so trusted by Willie Malley that he could sign players without reference to the club, or manager or to the directors. That’s the fascinating thing about searching in the past it takes you in so many different directions. His trail has taken me to Saint Anthony’s, now I’m also certain that many Celtic supporters will know much more about them than I do. Bombed by the Luftwaffe in 1941 and then searching for a new ground it took them many years to make a come back, but they are getting there. “Go Ants Go”, St. Ants provided over 60 players for the ‘Tic as well as chief scout Steve Callaghan and trainer – scout Jimmy Gribben, everyone knows that Gribben was instrumental in bringing big Jock back to Celtic in 1951, he also talked Bob Kelly out of releasing a very young Jimmy Johnstone.
Celtic historian and author Tom Campbell now in Canada tells of how his father taking him to watch the ‘Ants as a young man and of the close association between St. Anthony’s and Celtic and how Steve Callaghan lived in the neighbourhood and was a frequent visitor to the ‘Pavilion. Keeping the past alive is a great thing, a reminder of how our great club began its fight to overcome bias and discrimination, so keep up your great works informing us all of the history of Celtic FC.


“Hibs are reported as fit as they could be. Their training has been of a very light kind, a walk to Portobello being the hardest part of it, and mild relaxation in the form of a night occasionally at the theatre and a little primitive golf.”
LOL 🙂 Did you make that part of it up SeS?



I’d like to see a business case that supports The Boards wisdom.

Fergus wasnt thinking of keeping Rangers as main rivals when be rebuilt Celtic Park and increased capacity by 10k. He did that to return Celtic to being one of the best in Europe.

Not able to copy, Rangers embarked down EBT road with serious consequences for Scottish football. I doubt Fergus could have foreseen that.

The Phoenix club continue on the same path and keeping in step with them costs Celtic money every time we fail to qualify for the CL.

So how does the cost of our players wages plus lost CL/EL income get balanced out in a business case?
Especially when our main competitive rivals will commit fraud to stay in business and are now perceived as a law unto themselves not to mention the moral hazard they represent to Scottish football.

How many supporters would stop buying STs if Celtic truly aspired to be CL or EL genuine participants.and win title after title?

How many more of the disgruntled would stop being so if Celtic were to cut any ties with the Ibrox club and bought STs again if convinced the hold ” RFC Ltd” have has been broken by introducing rules that all but eliminated unfair play?

I dont have the answers on a spreadsheet but the wisdom of the duopoly policy would either be proved correct or wrong if one existed.

What Celtic cannot do is follow the Ajax model because unlike Holland there is more than one rival for the title and although rivalry may be as serious as that of Liverpool and Man Utd fans, I doubt its foundations go as deep into historical and social reasons to hate as applies here in Scotland. Hate that makes losing a title to our haters very painful..

Any castle built on sand will collapse when the tide comes in. That tide turned from 2013 and Celtic should be looking at moving to higher ground.


Yes they could.
No one bar AZ ( twice since 1980) have won the Dutch title outside the big three.
Comparable to Scotland relatively.

bada bing1


Kyogo interview, determined and humble


Auldheid do really think the board have some sort of business rationale behind their actions/inaction since 2012.
Like you I’d like to see how their analysis and comparisons of how Celtic would perform on and off the field with or without der hun.
As far as the fans go I do not know anyone who is enjoying things more now than they were when we did not have to face Sevco at least 4 times a season.
Would be interesting if the club did some research on this. Sorry, that’s daft. I forgot the board don’t care what the fans think.


Lifted from CQN
Astonishing. At least we now know for certain🤣🤣



Scroll to end.


Hi all.
The PFA Scotland Premiership Player of the Year shortlist has been announced.
Callum McGregor.
Tom Rogic
Craig Gordon
Regan Charles Cook.

Callum should win, in my opinion.


Bawheid – thanks & great stuff again on that period – were the two Callaghans related ?? Had only Just caught The wonderful item from TGM last night and have shared that to a few folk – but he had already signed off for the evening.

The information from both of you guys … plus the sourcing of books and videos & music from our other fellow posters is very welcome and much appreciated.

JTT53 – not guilty on the Portobello & golf item- wish I had tho’ 😊


PFA Scotland Scottish Premiership young Player of the Year award, shortlist.
Liel Abada.
Calvin Ramsay
Josh Doig
Connor Barron

I would think this will be tighter between Abada and Ramsay, again, just my thought.


Auldheid do really think the board have some sort of business rationale behind their actions/inaction since 2012.
Like you I’d like to see how their analysis and comparisons of how Celtic would perform on and off the field with or without der hun.
As far as the fans go I do not know anyone who is enjoying things more now than they were when we did not have to face Sevco at least 4 times a season.
Would be interesting if the club did some research on this. Sorry, that’s daft. I forgot the board don’t care what the fans think.

Only because we fail to hold them to account at the AGM and one reason for that is the same as permeates much of support thinking.

What’s the point we get outvoted anyway.

That misses the reason given for voting against. Does it stand up to examination?

If not why carry on financialy supporting a club who dont gaf.

Their loss as the emotional support continues but finances drop.

The more finances drop the more likely resolutions that make economic sense get passed.

It’s a war of attrition and it need not be.


Excellent as always. I do wonder if the 1902 Scottish Cup Final was referred to as the ‘Irish Final’, in the sports papers of the time? I only wonder this, as I ken for certain, that the 1914 Scottish Cup Final between the same two teams, was referred to in this manner, by the media at the time. Incidentally, the Celts won that replayed final 4-1, after the first game ended in a 0-0 stalemate. For the replay, the quaintly named Ebenezer Owens/Owers, was dropped in favour of the man, who later became the legendary ‘Sniper’ Jim McColl.


Celtic and St Anthony’s had a connection from the very start, as many Celtic players were signed from that particular club. In season 1903-04, when the committee at Parkhead decided to change from the green and white striped jersey, which had been worn previously, it was the green and white hooped shirt, as worn by St Anthony’s, which was chosen to replace the previous kit. So, there we have it. The Ants played a pivotal role in the history of Celtic…as well as providing us with Bobby Collins, in later years. Who could ask for more?

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys

Having a pint in the Black Bull in Gartmore, have I beaten the fine fellow from Govanhill🍺😱😂😂


Yes they could.
No one bar AZ ( twice since 1980) have won the Dutch title outside the big three.
Comparable to Scotland relatively.
Yup 3 clubs share in the main but without the same poisonous rivalry as here which makes blooding young players more risky than there in terms of one or two fallow seasons.

No club dies if they get it wrong.

This is a posting as much about emotional health as it is about Celtic. In my life, and probably yours, the two are often intimately related.

Last season was a sickener, from which I have not recovered, possibly never will. My support for the club has changed as a consequence. I no longer subscribe to CelticTV nor do I follow Celtic results with the same enthusiasm as before. I never watch games against Sevco because they are the zenith of corruption from the men in black. This Sunday will be another dreadful example. I shall rejoice when/if we win the league but it will not be the same as before.

To stabilize my emotional wellbeing, last season I started following Liverpool because I like their style of football and I love to see Klopp’s reactions. Last season was a poor one for the Pool but it was also exciting…e.g seeing their keeper head an important goal in the dying minutes of a game! Andy Robertson is an impressive FB….and to think he was on Celtic’s books! The Liverpool Jota is an impressive goal scorer and amazing, given his height, or lack of it. Van Dyke, although not the player he was before his injury, is still imperious.

I can watch Liverpool and not be a nervous Nellie regarding the outcome. The level of football is much higher than in the SPL and even a team from the lower part of the league can challenge any of the top teams. Refs do not appear to be so biased and also appear more competent than their Scottish counterparts. All of this contributes to a more relaxed way to watch football and a better frame of mind, win, lose, or draw. It seems more like sport rather than a form of tribalism.

Following Liverpool has also made it easier to watch Celtic games because I know I can always switch over and see Liverpool if events go against the hoops.

Anyone else experiencing fallout from last season?



Prestonpans 3.45. I think not you impertinent rascal. 😂😂

Prestonpans bhoys


My faith in you has been restored😂😂😂😂😂


Great article again Saltires 👏 👍
Couldn’t find a reference to Irish final but found this report from an Edinburgh paper

Link doesn’t seem to load


Cheers Craig. Loved the line in the article, about players being confined to their hotel the night before the game, to prevent them visiting local boozers. Instead, they were supplied with numerous cups of hot chocolate, and doorstep sized sandwiches. Now yer talking… that’s my kind of diet. 😀


That line tickled me aswell.
I wasn’t aware back then that keepers could handle the ball anywhere in their own half, every day’s a school day as they say


Craig 76 & Magua -Aye the ‘irish final’ rings a bell when we consider tensions around Home Rule Bill in 1914 and Currant Mutiny etc.. the blats must have had a field day.

Rebus – completely empathise with your views but couldn’t follow an English team due to the ridiculous sums of money they fritter away from the game – Liverpool are by no means the worst, but the fees they paid for Van Dijk alone … good grief!!!

Nevertheless I enjoyed that game last night despite myself and will eagerly anticipate Pool v Villarreal tonite may the best team win ( as long as it’s not Villa’ on this occasion…)

For what it’s worth I almost imploded two years ago – similar to yourself – but came out the other side realising if 60,000 Celtic fans aren’t upset enough to take action – year after year – why should I get upset about that?! I’m just another outlier .

It just isn’t worth it and DD will ensure every time it’s looking dicey he will pull a Martin or Brendan out the hat … the old Bòrd did that once with Billy in ’87 and it worked …

They couldn’t sustain it

DD et al can

Net/Net can’t see it getting bad enough for the support to change their view.

At least your new team can reach European Semi’s 😊


Bada 4:50 pm


Please let that be real



Not quite there although I’ve lots of reasons to be.

The emotional tie is there still but I do not watch games v “Rangers” and even other games where points are vital my Galaxy Fit watch bmp (heart beats per minute I think) goes through the roof. Were it analogue the hands would fall off.

I love watching good football (last nights Man City v Real) was an absolute cracker and if I were to break my emotional tie (I don’t pay a penny to watch Celtic) Liverpool would probably be my club of choice, especially if they signed De Bruyne who is pure class.

Ange makes it difficult to give up because a lot of good football is being played under him.

There must be a bit of Don Quixote blood in my veins that keeps me thinking of ways of returning to supporting Celtic as I used to, thinking they were the only good guys in town.

Turned out there were no good guys, all bad guys some even in Celtic colours.

Now where has that windmill gone?


I think you’ll find that particular rule still applies, to goalkeepers plying their trade at Ibrox. 😀


Technically, the officers involved in that mutiny should have been facing courts martial for refusing to obey orders…but the Brits involved had the support of senior government figures in Westminster-Bonnar Law being the most prominent-so a slap on the wrist it was, for the upper-class twits involved. Another example of a blind eye being turned to illegal acts, occurred at Larne in 1913. This infamously, saw the Ulster Volunteer Force, import thousands of rifles and rounds of ammunition, in anticipation of conflict, if the home rule act was passed. The authorities did not intervene. Compare and contrast with the actions of the authorities a year later, when the Irish Volunteers landed hundreds of Mauser Rifles and rounds of ammo, at the North Dublin resort of Howthe. Most of the gear had been unloaded, before the authorities acted. Trouble broke out, which culminated in the shooting of civilians at Bachelor’s Walk in Dublin. A handful of civilians were killed, and many injured, at the hands of soldiers belonging to the King’s Own Scottish Borderers regiment of the British Army.

Hail Hail.

big packy

rebus67 auldheid, my wife would love you, she is liverpool born and bred a red through and thru,🤩

big packy

MAGUA you know something, I could go and watch liverpool anytime I wanted because of wee joan, but I was born a celtic supporter and I will die a celtic supporter, ive got no interest in english football, another true story,👍

Big Packy

I remember being down at the Liverpool v Celts Ian Rush testimonial match at Anfield in December 1994. Liverpool were lucky on the break that night, and narrowly managed to beat us 6-0. I remember talking to a few Reds in the boozer after the game, and was mildly surprised, to hear one of them describe their local rivals as:

“A bunch of Bluenose gobshoites.”

Two points:

1. I take it that “Bluenose” has a different meaning in the Scouse Republic than it does up here?

2. I thought the rivalry was meant to be friendly. 😀

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, had not heard of those shootings at batchelors wharf ,horrendous stuff,👍


REBUS67 et al

Man City and Liverpool are wonderful to watch when they hit their stride,a la Barcelona of a decade ago,AC Milan of thirty years ago,Brazil of forty years ago. Anyone who loves football must surely love watching teams like those.

I watched highlights of last nights match this morning. Wow. But at the risk of coming across all Swiss Tony,a beautiful girl walking past isn’t your wife!

I’m with Big Packy on this. There’s only one Celtic,no matter my differences with the board over the years.

big packy

MAGUA ,yes a bluenose is an everton supporter, and years ago the south end of liverpool was mostly protestant ,and the north end starting at scotland road was mostly catholic,but unlike glasgow you could get a family, say 4 brothers, 2 could support liverpool and 2 could support everton, nothing to do with religion, another true story👍

Big Packy

There was a TV series in the late 1970s called:

“Ireland: A Television History” by Robert Kee.

The series covered the Norman Invasion of Ireland in 1192, right up to the conflict in the North in the 1970s. There were about a dozen or so hour long segments aired. I’m pretty sure that they are still available on utube. That’s how I first learned about the 1914 shootings. Cheers for the local info on Liverpool. Next time I’m in the boozer, I’m gonna drop that into the conversation.

BMCUW @ 18.53

Can’t argue with that.

Hail Hail



Aye, authorities didn’t intervene as it saved them the bother of arming them officially

This loyalty to royalty lark only works up to a point … don’t like yer King … poker up the Jacksey( probably not happening) or off with the heid- prefer yer son-in -law or, please don’t marry her-

Rules are for fools Timmy

Might is Right 🙃


Brilliant. 😀

Hail Hail


Playing the Yellow Submarine at Anfield …🎼

What’s the odds on Helter Skelter at FT?


Would somebody sort Leggy out, he’s texting me jokes older than sevco. I’m losing the will to live. 😫


Halfway through a book titled:

‘Sacre Bleu: From Zidane to Mbappe-A Football Journey’ by Mathew Spiro. Tis a right rollicking read, if you like French football. Football, politics, quarrels…the book has everything. The book is slanted very much in favour of modern football in France. For my money though, the best French team in my lifetime, was the 1982 World Cup team.



Hail Hail.

Evening all.

Just logged on, reading back some excellent posts, Auldheid and the Gobeem Man in particular, thanks.

jimthetim53 and SeS

I hope this link works, it’s Martin’s own recording from his Facebook page, if it doesn’t apologies.
I can always ask our own in-house tech guy, MAGUA 🙂



Sol Kitts

How good must it be to be a Brazilian football fan? Pick your favourite goal from this lot…
I thought Ronaldinho’s against England was a cracker, then I saw Eder’s chip over Alan Rough, but the topper for me will always be Carlos Alberto’s goal in the WCF in 1970, from an angle I haven’t seen before.


Magua – aye love the whole French football scene – superb

BB – unfortunately not on FB buddy – hope they putting it on YT?

Sol Kitts – Brasil superb all-time favourites 🥇



I have two Scouser mates in Swindon. Brothers,one started at Honda the same day as me,and I met his brother the following weekend.

One blue,one red. After over twenty years,I have no idea of their religion. Just the team each one supports. As it should be.


Brian, I’m the same, not on Facebook so cant get in. 🙁



Carlos Alberto’s goal,the last in that 1970 4-1 World Cup victory,has long been my favourite.

I have a T-shirt with the words The Greatest,and that team embroidered onto it.

Yet,the argument can be made that the 1982 team surpassed them in ability! Particularly Socrates,and as you mention,Eder. Lordy,that man could hit a ball!

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