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Only a matter of days after we were subjected to perhaps the most biased refereeing performance in recent years,the SFA/SPFL combined to outdo themselves with their latest appointment. Not content with Bobby Madden almost single-handedly trashing our attempt at a treble,they have appointed Cheatin’ Beaton for the hugely important match at Celtic Park on Sunday. 

A win for Celtic will virtually deliver us the title that day,taking little short of a miracle to overturn a dormie nine points gap plus a massive goal difference. Pull out all the stops to prevent that,and the best way to do it is another clarion call to a “referee” whose reputation as a fair arbiter in a game matters not a jot to him,not when it comes to being in charge of a game like this one. 

Frankly,we are being trolled here. We all know where allegiances lie. Some of those allegiances are from early childhood,nature AND nurture. Others are clearly from the knowledge that to progress your career in this neck of the woods,it is wise to conform to the norm at certain times. If the referees aren’t overwhelmingly inclined towards one particular side,and by definition against their rivals,the system in Scotland ensures that they will be-or they can forget about a career. 

And we know this. We have known it for years,decades,our entire lives. There is a clear and obvious difference in how we are refereed,how the other lot are refereed. A lot of our current stars are experiencing their first season in Scottish football,as is our manager. They must be absolutely shell-shocked at the state of play up here. It’s hardly even a misapplication of the rules,it’s making it up as you go along. It’s booking CCV for being repeatedly kicked while he is on the ground. A bloody good metaphor for the situation,kicking a man while he is down. 

One of our top players in this most surprising of seasons has been for many a surprise himself. Greg Taylor. Greg,it is known,does not have a Celtic heritage. He is a professional footballer,and clearly delighted at the chance to advance his career on a stage much bigger than his previous stint at Kilmarnock. Yet the better his performances,the more he has been kicked this season. He’s been like a punchbag,and the comment from Willie Wallace all those years ago,that you only realise how much more you can get away with against Celtic when you actually play for Celtic still rings true to this day. 

I don’t think anyone has been booked for fouling him this season,yet hardly a game goes by without him getting attention from the physio. Ideguchi has hardly kicked a ball since Alloa,when he was repeatedly assaulted at the request of the opposition  manager,and CalMac can only do so with the aid of a protective shield. David Turnbull,the opposition take turns to play keepie-uppie with him very time he attempts to return from injury. 


And against this,we have Beaton. Just at the time that VAR has finally been forced through-but with the promise from on high that it will be operated by current and former referees! Are we being trolled here too? There is not a hope in hell of VAR being policed properly by these types. They proved themselves utterly incapable over long years of being impartial,to give them another chance in the spotlight-paid for at our expense!-is like being hit in the balls with a turnip. 

Yet are Celtic the victims here? Or are we fellow perpetrators in a fraud against Scottish football? I’ve been watching Celtic for well over 50 years,my Dad for nearly 80. An argument about whether things were worse then or now is largely subjective. We have the evidence nowadays,unavailable in the past,thanks to the presence of various types of camera and of social media. But that occasion at Ibrox,a 3-1 defeat in Jock’s last season takes some beating. 

We said nothing then,we say nothing now. In fact,the only time we ever said a word was about 15 years ago,when John Reid issued his famous interview. That we do not expect favourable treatment,but we will not be treated differently. He was out the door in record time after that,just as we thought we had a Rottweiler fighting our corner. 

Beaton on Sunday,given his background and his past performances in matches involving either us,the huns or both,is a slap. A WTF ye gonna do about it? And since we have little or no precedent for doing anything about it in the past,we can hardly complain when Beaton behaves true to form on Sunday. The best we can hope for on the day is probably to make a couple of quid on the red card,penalty,Tavpen markets at the bookies,if they are stupid enough to accept. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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We know you know there are going to be two sides to that argument.

I agree with your take on the absolute joke that is refereeing governance and standards in this country – we also know the custodians of our club will do hee haw because they know the deal. Their role is defined for them and they get their share of the ‘take’.

Some of them have done very well

Supremacy v plucky upstarts

Punch & Judy

It’s hard-wired

However, since Celtic time began we have had Celtic managers (and players) clearly aware, that their players will be assaulted and cheated. They have to get on with it knowing the ‘rules’ are applied differently.

It’s a bloody mystery to me that so few players have come out publicly, like Willie Wallace, and stated the obvious. I suppose they all have to stop for fuel or take the family to the shops and wife for a meal, so ca’ canny for a quiet life..

A safer life.

So, the adjoining part of the above… how does our manager prepare to counteract the utter nonsense his team will face in most games, and especially on Sunday?

How does he explain it to them? … and perhaps there is a third part: how do players cope with the unfairness and personal risk?

Is the deal … look lads….we can offer you a good profile into EPL … you won’t get much joy in Europe….you will be cheated in the domestic game and almost certainly kicked up and down. The good news is all our opponents are crap – they rely on unfair decisions to win … even tthen, we still pretty much scoop up everything going. Give us 2 full seasons then you can go and earn some serious bucks.

We can never build an enduring team.. but there ye have it , thems the ‘rules’ we kinda accepted…


There’s an interesting tale about how the referee system works in Scotland on Phil’s site. Scroll to The Bhoyo’s post in the comments section.


I have the same feeling perhaps worse for our board members than I do for Rangers ones. They never stick up for our club, they never will stir the pot. They clearly are benefiting from it. As an Irishman, I feel Dermott Desmond is a sad excuse for one, no fight, no balls and no standing up against their injustice. We need a Fergus.

Prestonpans bhoys


None of those comments from that bhoy comes as a surprise to me, sadly😕


Frodsham Bhoy – aye not a surprise at all buddy.


John A

The really sad thing is DD only controls about 1/3 of shares ( I think) but seems to run the entire show.

Are all or some of the other major holders proxy holders …serious question?

The Gombeen Man

Great article BMCUWPS.

Thanks lads for the comments the last couple of days. Good reading and music this week too. Great to see some new posters…

There’s a sense of irony in the fact that Parks of Hamilton are using the minutiae of SPFL rules to their advantage –

(What’s happening with the SFA Compliance Officer’s investigation of the SPFL’s contract with Cinch?)

Sevco are experienced in this area. Wasn’t it Mike Ashley’s point that Sevco’s deal with Hummel unfairly excluded his company from the negotiations?

Douglas Park’s beef with the SPFL is uncannily similar to what was behind Ashley’s litigation against Sevco.

Parks claim to have a deal already in place at Ibrox and we’re unfairly excluded from the processes behind the SPFL-Cinch deal.

It’s about finding a possible breach of process.

What happened to the talk of Hummel taking proceedings against Sevco?

There’s a sense of poetic justice about all of this.

Wasn’t it the SFA that declared Dave King “Fit and Proper” despite compelling evidence to the contrary?

Who commissioned Lord Nimmo Smith?
Who wrote the Terms of Reference?

Sadly Celtic Plc have been at the core of these shenanigans from the outset.

Scotland’s football administrators have been playing fast and loose with processes for years.

Sevco know this and will use that lack of integrity in Scottish football to their advantage.

The thought of Scottish football without a vibrant Rangers sent the administors and Celtic Plc into panic.

There were covers over the top tier during Lenny’s first term, that’s before Ronny arrived.

Celtic can’t tell you how corrupt the game is…

A) They’re complicit – Any complaint opens them up to scrutiny.

B) Nobody in the Scotland cares so long as there’s a Rainjurz. The media, courts, cops, politicians.

C) It’s also playing with fire. These guys are dangerous. Sevco are dangerous. The cops and courts aren’t interested, they’re behind them.

– What’s the point in statements, nobody that matters cares.

The Old Firm is simply about beating the ‘thick Paddy’ stereotype. It’s what the Scottish Presbyterian archetype thrives on.

Desmond knows this.

He’s not into taking adverse risks. Especially when you won’t get a fair hearing and will in all probability harm his interests at Celtic and possibly other business interests too.

Saying and doing nothing while 50,000 + buy SB’s makes sense to him.

Celtic meander on and the corrupt refs add to the drama of the whole thing.

Celtic are unfortunately stuck in a toothless backwater.

The tragedy is by our part in the Old Firm, we’re part of the problem.

The City of Liverpool successfully dismantled it’s sectarian problem. Both Clubs were key to that.

Scotland will do well to consider what happened In Liverpool. There again, very few seem to be interested.

It’s still stuck in the Taig – Hun domination mode

Till later.

Andy Pandy 2

Watched a re-run of Sunday’s game. Ange’s reaction to Callachan’s tackle(the booking) tells it’s own story…shake of the head and looks away. Can’t imagine Pep or Klop, or Robbie Neilson for that matter, reacting like that if one of their players was assaulted like Ralston. I sincerely hope he does say something, at the appropriate time, but I feel he’s under instructions not to rock the boat. Despite his obvious affection for the club, in the end it may well be this sort of issue, among others, which drives him out.

Prestonpans bhoys

Andy Pandy

Yes I noticed that too , what must the new players think of scottish refs😱 especially after the last game against Old Firm FC😵

Colour Blind Bhoy

That’s a great article and I don’t disagree with one word of it. Very easy to imagine the conversations that take place backstage to agree on desired outcomes from games. I do have one big BUT though, and that is, despite all of the shenanigans, we should still be able to win the 3 points on Sunday.

Ange is much better at inspirational team talks than I am but if I had 90 seconds with the players on Sunday before kick-off, this would be my message.

We have better players than them, we are at home in front of a noisy crowd, we have so many players who can score goals and in recent games we have shown we are no longer as susceptible to losing soft goals, especially from high balls into our box.

At Celtic Park on 2nd February, we destroyed them. On 3rd April, we gave them a goal of a start at Ibrox before Calmac changed the game with a superb run to set up the equaliser before CCV put us ahead before half time to seal 3 points in their backyard. On 17th April we were centimetres away from going 2 up which almost certainly would have secured our place in the cup final, It wasn’t to be though and it took an atrocious referring display and an offside goal for them to eventually win.

We must approach this match with a real sense of cleverness. Don’t go looking for a scrap, we don’t have the personnel for that and it would inevitably lead to Beaton brandishing a fed card to at least one of our players.

We mustn’t concede silly fouls in or around our penalty box or indeed their penalty box. A good (bad) example would be Jota in the early minutes at Ibrox and there are many examples of us conceding fouls from our corners which is very frustrating to watch.

Look at the 2 CCV chances at Ibrox and Hampden, he didn’t challenge hard for either of them, instead he waited for the second ball and pounced on it. Goals from the first phase of play from indirect free kicks or corners require real precision from the dead ball kicker and people who are very good in the air. We’re not quite there on either of these so getting opportunities from the second phase (scraps we used to call it) makes perfect sense.

We need Gio (if he plays), Starfelt, CCV et al to be present when balls enter their box but to also make sure they cannot be deemed to be impeding their marker. It’s not too difficult to do and there is some limited evidence we are getting better at it.
The game and indeed the league is ours to win today, let’s be clever, let’s be brilliant, let’s be entertaining and let’s celebrate like never before at the final whistle.


I’m tinkering with an idea that might put focus on the issue under discussion before VAR is introduced and call for wider SFA change.

Anyone who has read the Res 12 Story Duplicity from Cradle to Grave will know that there were two problems. One was of reach the other the inability of CST to appreciate what was of concern and articulate it at the last AGM. They also stalled on putting the original resolution to Celtic, which is my point.

Now the thing about presenting a resolution is that it does not have to wait until Celtic announce the AGM date, theexcuse CST gave for their delay.

All that is required is that more than 100 shareholders sign up to a resolution and there is nothing to stop them sending it to Celtic if they agree with the content of the resolution and request confirmation of receipt.

The secret here is reaching as many shareholders as possible via social media with a downloadable resolution for signature which they print and send to Celtic with share holding number although a version for non shareholders could be created, which increases the number seeking change to a point it is difficult to ignore.

I suppose my question is would it be worth the effort or will it change nothing?


Colour Blind Bhoy
That’s a great article and I don’t disagree with one word of it. Very easy to imagine the conversations that take place backstage to agree on desired outcomes from games. I do have one big BUT though, and that is, despite all of the shenanigans, we should still be able to win the 3 points on Sunday.
Why should we accept the shenanigans? In any sporting context anywhere else in the world that situation simply would not arise.

We should be favourites to win BUT as has been demonstrated by Madden if a little off form and not well in front shenanigans can cost us points.



The “departure” of Lawwell might make a difference,make the Plc more likely to acting on resolutions by the fans/shareholders. But,while I loathe our current chairman,the post last night from BADABING fills me with dread.

Plus ca change…

Colour Blind Bhoy

We shouldn’t and I wish we didn’t.



The “departure” of Lawwell might make a difference,make the Plc more likely to acting on resolutions by the fans/shareholders. But,while I loathe our current chairman,the post last night from BADABING fills me with dread.

Plus ca change…
Which one was that?



That Lawwell might be the next chairman.


If there is to be significant change in the governance of Scottish football, it will not come about from the top down. The spark must come from the grassroots, i.e. the fans. Further, no significant cause nor case for change will come about from the efforts of a single club nor the efforts of the Board of one club.

Recently, I saw another example of this when four or five SPL clubs got together to brainstorm on ways of finding additional revenue. This may or may not go somewhere, but it is an initiative that should have been started by either or both the SPFL or the SFA. Essentially, these clubs are using a tried and tested method from franchising called performance groups.

My purpose is not to explain this or any other initiative, but rather to emphasise that bottom up is the way forward. Further, any attempt at change needs to come from a sub-group of clubs, and not just one club. Any such attempts will not be effective, as would be the sound from a one armed man clapping.

Find a governance issue that is of interest to several SPL clubs, galvanise the fanbases of these clubs to stir their clubs into action by whatever means……resolutions, boycotts, etc. Only then will there be a chance of change. Pick a low hanging fruit as a test case….some aspect that is achievable. This will generate the organisation for future efforts on bigger issues.

Not an easy task but with the correct reps from the clubs, it is doable. Otherwise, the only way change will occur is through financial failure of clubs and leagues, or a gigantic scandal derived from corruption. Even the latter is not guaranteed to produce change…….as we have seen.

I am going to take a break from the blog for a while. Life is demanding at the moment, talk later.




Good post.

You have covered the essentials.

It’s making it happen that needs considering given my points about reach and process to make it happen and avoid what happened with Res12 that has its lessons.



I saw that post but did not respond. I should have.

Everything I hear coming from Celtic is encouraging and it started when PL left. Some of it is from some who had little truck with the new CEO until they met him.

Changed their minds which does not surprise me from my experience. Good guy in the wrong place.

I would go so far as to say that if PL returned in any open capacity, staff would leave.

For those who then switch to ” he’ll be in the background” my understanding is DD thinks he let himself be PL which rules out any role.


A fine article. Every Celt in the world, would agree with every word that you have written here. It’s not that often, that we can agree on something unanimously, so kudos. From the first minute on Sunday, I hope we are right in their faces. Let’s get the goals early doors, so that no matter what that swine Beaton pulls on Sunday, we will come out on top. How GVB sets up his team to play on Sunday, will very much depend on what happens in Leipzig tonight. If they are still in with a shout of getting through(God forbid), then I believe that the Dutchman will prioritise the 2nd leg at Ibrox, over Sunday’s game. If, on the other hand, they get horsed tonight, thereby leaving little or no hope for the 2nd leg, then it will be a war on Sunday, with their top player Beaton, pulling out all the stops, to deprive the Celts of all 3 points, and making sure that our players are booted all over the park, in the process. As I said above though, IF we go for the kill right from the get-go…

Some brilliant posts on here today. I have greatly enjoyed the readback. Many thanks.


Couldn’t access that site .. it’s password protected. Any chance of a wee summary of the main points JJ made. Cheers.

16 Roads

Thanks for your reply last night.

Hail Hail.


Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar, a sophisticated public house frequented by raving lunatics. I feel right at home.

Sol Kitts

This blog is starting to sound like Leonard Sachs on The Good Old Days….shenanigans, rapscallions.
I thank you….😎😎


Sol Kitts, you sir are a vagabond and rogue. Also a knave and varlet. That should cover it.😂😂


The comments section in that right wing rag says a lot about the ingrained bigotry in the UK.
More people upset that he was guarding a nuclear facility.
Stating he didn’t have the mental fortitude for the job.
The fact that the perpetrators are unpunished and still in the job suggest’s many in authority agree with their actions.



No real surprise,we have all come across cops like that in our time.

The Gombeen Man

A couple of clips from The Beaumont pub in Dublin at Pete St John’s wake. Pete gave us the Fields of Athenry, The Rare Ould Times, The Ferryman and many more.

The Beaumont was Pete’s local, he always sat at Table 24 with his pals, he’d given up the drink years ago but remained a regular.

Pete St John was once asked if The Fields was a sectarian song and replied,

“It’s just a song about poor innocents being caught up in disaster. It’s as sectarian as I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.”

Paddy Reilly gives a rendition of The Fields, with Glen Hansard on the guitar…

Fields of Athenry

The Rare Ould Times

Billy Bhoy

Great article Bobby. Its hard to argue with any of that.

The two CL SF games we’ve just witnessed were largely refereed to a standard we can only dream about in Scotland. You either get pompous clowns like Collum, Dallas and the like throwing cards around like confetti for non-offences or the Madden and Beaton duo who’s mantra is “keep your cards in your pocket for as long as possible”. This results in the likes of Lundstram being able to commit 5 yellow card offences yet avoid caution under Madden and he will be emboldened to do the same under Beaton. I expect the hun to attempt to bully us out of our stride, like they did in the SF, and once again they will be given the license to do it by Beaton.

I dearly hope Ange has a plan for this scenario on Sunday because he clearly didn’t have one last time out!

For next season we really need to beef up the midfield. Its a joy to watch but is extremely lightweight. We desperately need a Lennon/Wanyama type of player in there. Calmac is a great no.10. He is never a no.6.



“It’s as sectarian as I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.”

Bloody excellent response. Noted for future use.



I’m still beelin’ about being called a rapscallion. The mount of effort we put into it back then,and that’s the best we can get? I’ve a good mind to let him and his brother scarper from the cops next time with no help from us.


Billy Bhoy
Speed and movement should be Anges plan.
Let the ball do the work as Beaton will give them the benefit 100% of the time.
But if they don’t have the ball will be difficult for cheating Beaton to award them fouls.
Press high up the pitch and their lack of skill will show.
If we sit too deep it will allow the cheat to award them plenty free kicks to put balls into our box.
With the defensively weaker Ralston in for JJ they will target diagonals to Kent who if gets close to our box will go down with or without contact so defensive line needs to be higher up pitch.
They also will probably target diagonals behind Taylor also who has to show better awareness and not ballwatchi like he did in semi.
Our number one priority should be to stop their fullbacks pinging long diagonals so our widemen should press high/

bada bing1

Buzzing to see the semi final tonight as it’s always good to see Scotland represented on the world stage. Gonna be some match.

Best of luck John Higgins!

Prestonpans bhoys



Sol Kitts

Going to be a hectic day on Sunday. Watching us play the Huns at noon, then off to the London Stadium to watch West Ham v Arsenal at 4.30pm. It’s a tough life…..😎

bada bing

That’s a belter. 😀😀

There will officially be a media blackout in the Magua household, between 20.00-22.00 hours. Catch ye all later.

Hail Hail.


Sol Kitts, You are going to watch an unimportant English football match after our Derby? What’s up with you? There is snooker on! I’m reporting you to Big Packy!

big packy

JIM that is going to be some match higgins against o sullivan, just might watch that, on another note going for a meal tomorrow afternoon with wee joans cousin debbie, think ive mentioned her before, she is a gp based in manchester, she was once the manchester city doctor ,think I told you gerry creaney pulled his shorts down when she came into the dressing room one time ,so tomorrow some football stories, need to watch what im drinking, she seems to cast her beady eyes on you,another true story,🤩🤩🤩


Gerry Cinnamon Canter Live @ TRNSMT Festival 2019 / GERRY CINNAMON


Packy, going to watch Higgins v O’Sullivan. Higgins went to the same High School as me, so guess who I’m supporting? Plus if he wins the tournament he might parade the Trophy around Paradise! 🙂 Tell wee Joan I was asking for her! 🙂

big packy

will do jim ,enjoy the snooker👍


I’d rather be watching it in the pub with you pal! 🙂


bada bing1
Buzzing to see the semi final tonight as it’s always good to see Scotland represented on the world stage. Gonna be some match.
Best of luck John Higgins!

Bada just worked out that’s not a quote from John Higgins. I’m guessing there might be some snooker on somewhere 😁😁

big packy

JIM ill be there in spirit👍🤩🤩


Packy, My grannie’s own name was Higgins and she was from Wishaw. Wonder if he’s related? But there was loads of Higgins’s. 🙂

Evening all.

The Gombeen Man@ 5.26pm

Thank you, brilliant post and cracking tunes.

bada bing1

Brilliant, initially I thought you had went rogue 🙂 🙂




You’ve been in England too long,you’ve turned into a big game supporter!

I’ve not been to the London Stadium,nor Spurs new one. Been to the rest of them though. Arsenal’s ground is like a bliddy spaceship!



Plenty of rogues on here. Little chance of any of us going rogue though.

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