Captain Of Our Ship


MAHE is the captain of our ship on this site,nobody ever thought that we could make a success of starting a new site from scratch in opposition to the established market leaders. We needed a lot of help,of course. Ours was only an idea-we needed the techie and legal guys to do the work for us. People I knew,and could trust.

For which,our grateful thanks,as you know.

Celtic have a captain of their ship too,another man in whom I have the utmost trust. My much-loved pal,Garry,used to state in his posts,IN ANGE,WE TRUST. He even adapted his moniker in support of the man. Most of us were sceptical even if hopeful,happy to give the benefit of the doubt. I even said that we should be happy to give him a season to get it right,just to have us even near to challenging next season.

Ange doesn’t believe in that. Out with the old and in with the new,he wanted us to start with a flier. No thoughts of wasting a season,writing it off,for him. Fired in from the start. But yet,even as late as in October,we were struggling. Hammered home and away at various stages in Europe,a mere ten points from our first seven league matches. Questions were certainly being asked,and at that stage it might be fair to say that of his signings,only Kyogo and Joe Hart were doing the business for him.

But most of us still had faith. And the players had faith in him. Six months later,we are all reaping the rewards. Oh bhoy,do the fans have a manager in whom we trust. Oh bhoy,do the players have a manager in whom they trust. Oh bhoy,do we have a manager who is driving the SMSM to distraction.

Sunday is a big match,and I don’t want to piss on MAHE’s chips with a match preview that he will have planned for tomorrow. As I said yesterday,we are seriously up against it due to refereeing appointments,and the linesman on one side is no better. But we are six points clear with four games to go. A dormie nine in prospect,a nervy three a possibility. Perhaps even six with three to play,if we battle to a draw. Which of those would we settle for? Well,the answer is obvious,innit?

But in October,few of us could have considered the possibility of even having those options. In Ange,we trust? In Ange,we have a man who is on the brink of a miraculous achievement.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Good morning all from Govanhill. A fine day for a few beers in the Shipbank with convivial company.



Yer up with the lark today,mate. Hope you have a fine time. I’ll be back in my cot in about four hours,but will try to get a dayoooot arranged for either the first or second midweek in June. Back home then,with the wee trip to Belfast over the Bank Holiday weekend.



All GVB had to counteract Ange was blatant thuggery – and it worked.

What can Ange do to counteract that?

BRRB – sounds like a great day out- wish we could join ye buddy – another time?!



Gentlemen, more than welcome to join me at a future date. Can’t make belfast in June, too expensive and Mrs BRRB working anyway. Zante in September then dublin in October. I don’t know how I cope with the stress.



I don’t have the answer to that. Hopefully,Ange will.

The obvious answer is to match fire with fire,but I think we can guess how the card count would go. With the exception of Lundstram,this is not a particular big,brutal or physical side. Yes,they can kick us and Beaton will turn a blind eye to it,but few players make it to top grade football without being able to look after themselves.

We don’t have a Bertie Auld,Jim Brogan or David Hay to call on. Nor a Roy Aitken or even a Broonie. But we’ve had plenty of teams over the years who lacked such as them. Sure,the huns would kick us off the park-but we still won!

Of course,the MON years were different. They were scared shitless about retribution if they tried to kick us back then. And rightly so,too. And that’s how it should be.



Absolutely astonished at the prices for that weekend. About three or four times the norm,given that many of us are quite regular visitors. But MAHE is on a rare visit to see his Mum,so it would be rude in extreme if I didn’t make the effort.

There are still a good few coming over,plus the natives,so it will be a blast. Or a hoot,if one may be so bold.

St tams

Agree , on both counts Bobby.
This is the best Celtic site around, bar none.

As you say none of us could have conteplated 6 months ago, being in this position with 4 games to go.
What Ange changes for Sunday , I really don’t know as we don’t have the personnel to match up to them.
Need to move the ball faster, especially Rogic and Hatate, if they’re selected.


If we had a defensive midfielder worthy of the name we could play Calmac in his best position.

That move alone would give us a new dimension and the Huns a new problem. We lacked dynamism in midfield last game, and as a result our front three struggled to get into the game. Reo and Tam could both have been hooked at half time.

Watching their extremely limited performance last night, it is clear they offer virtually nothing in the forward positions. Wright and/or Sakala should be easily taken care of by CCV and Starfelt.
Kent, of course, has to be watched.

We have Nothing to fear about Sunday – except the referee’s game management.


CFC…it’s become more apparent as the season has progressed that taking a dive has become a tactic for the TRFC. Almost all of their players are now conditioned to manoeuvre themselves into a position they can take a fall and get a free kick. The number of times I’ve seen it in their last few games is incredible…and every ref falls for it! So, what remains is that Cheatin’ Beaton then does his job as expected. The only answer is hi-tempo fitba, keep the ba’ moving and keep our players moving. Last night TRFC played 5 at the back and 3 in the middle, if they try that on Sunday I’m convinced we’ll run amok the way we did at Parkheid. RBL were very poor last night and almost handed them a Get Out Of Jail card. I’m not sure Celtic will be so lax.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all.
This week I have witnessed the 2 extremes of football. On Tuesday we had the attacking entertaining goal fest of Man City v Real Madrid; football the way it should be played. Last night? One of the most disappointing semi finals in years..
And I was left with this thought. Ange”s approach to European games is often criticised as being too open or that we are too naive and should be more pragmatic or defensive in our approach. Well, whilst Old Firm FC admittedly came away with a good score last night, for the first 65vminutes their park the bus approach must surely have bored their fans to tears? I hope Ange sticks to his philosophy on playing fast entertaining non stop football, even if we do get a few disappointments on the way.
For me, performance is ALWAYS more important than the result..And performance is a much better indicztor of whether we are getting better overall as a team.
Babysitting time…..



Agreed. Dynamism from the off. I’m not sure Tam and Reo in key positions gives us that. That’s where we should mix it up.

Last night Leipzig looked totally bemused playing against a negativity they must rarely come across.
The goal they scored is crucial.

By all accounts Leipzig are better as a counter attacking team, they won in Spain and Italy in previous rounds.
The Huns looked totally ineffectual up front.
I don’t believe they have the firepower to beat us or Leipzig.

The Gombeen Man

Good article BMCUWPS.

I didn’t watch last night’s game, I’m not trying to claim the moral high ground, I just can’t watch them.

Even games involving us are a tough watch.

Fingers crossed for the weekend. No doubt the Sports Science Department at Murray Park are working their magic atm.

Fair Play to both of you for doing all the writing and the other guys in the background.

If Cinch made an offer would you make an exception to the policy on adverts?

I wouldn’t complain.

Fingers crossed for the weekend.

It’s a good time now to ditch all of the other stuff, the PLC will still be here on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend.



One of the reasons we set the site up was in response to the number of ads elsewhere,and we promised in our first article that it would be ad-free. We could possibly accept for a limited period,and give the proceeds to charity-but those offers have dried up recently due to our continual refusal!

Big Audio Dynamite

CFC, on your point about Cal being played as a DM. Never understood it at the time and still dont. (To be fair, he has done quite well)
Think back to how good he was when played as the furthest forward of our midfield …particularly the goals he scored in big games at Hampdump and in Europe.
There are so many Kante types out there (Price being relative) in world football, it seems criminal to keep playing our best player as a defender.

Btw, I wouldn’t open the living room window, even if Sevco were playing roon the back! 😊
My wee guy last night – “You want to watch Man u v Chelsea, or will we watch Sevco?”
The look I gave him could have melted steel 😆😆



Enjoy. I used to love babysitting my nephew when he was a kid. Now he babysits me when we go to London for a dayoooot.



I’ve said it plenty,and so have others. CalMac is not a defensive mid,he is a left half or inside left,in old money. He is wasted when he isn’t getting forward.

Big Audio Dynamite

Been saying it so long, I am beginning to sound like a broken record.
Add muscle to this team, we will be practically untouchable in this country.
Add 2 or 3 David Hay-Roy Aitken types to the squad and we will be out of reach to all.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, any time I think of Cal, it isn’t crunching tackles I think of, it’s him finishing off great moves by scoring.
Some of his goals were brilliant.

The Gombeen Man


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d do something about Mary Queen of Scots.

There’s a bit of background here. I’ll fill in with other bits and pieces at another time.

              Origins of The Stuarts

The Stuarts appeared on the scene in England in the 12th century. They originated in Brittany and arrived around the time of the Norman Conquest.

Brittany is of Celtic origin. They spoke the Brittonic/Bretonic Celtic language. It’s similar to Welsh. Initially they settled in Shropshire before moving to Scotland

The first of what became the Stuart line was Alan Fitz-Flaad. He came to the attention of King Henry I of England (son of King William the Conqueror), likely during the period when Henry was fighting his brothers for succession.

Alan Fitz-Flaad was a Breton knight who supported Henry. In return, Henry granted Alan Fitz-Flaad lands in Shropshire, England. (‘Fitz’ is an Anglo-Norman variation on the French word ‘fils’ meaning “son of.”)

The pre-Stewart line became part of the Norman ruling class in England and Scotland, they were a Celtic people.

Alan Fitz-Flaad, Lord of Shropshire, had three sons: William, Walter and Simon. William Fitz-Alan stayed in England and inherited the office of Sheriff of Shropshire, which continued in his line. He became the ancestor of the Fitz-Alans, and the Earls of Arundel.

Walter Fitz-Alan and Simon Fitz-Alan were recruited by King David I of Scots, along with several Norman knights including Robert de Brus (ancestor of Robert The Bruce), to come north and settle in Scotland and aid David in governing Scotland in a Norman fashion.

Simon Fitz-Alan is claimed by the Boyd family of Scotland to be their ancestor.

Does that mean Kris Boyd is an ancestor of the great Celt, Simon Fitz-Alan??

Governing in a Norman fashion wasn’t just administration. It meant imposing law and order, settling disputes, restructuring the Church. Building a modern state.

Walter Fitz-Alan’s people in Brittany performed the job of what we know as Steward. They organised things. This was a crucial role. Being of a Celtic background with modern Norman experience, Walter’s recruitment made perfect sense.

In time Walter Fitz-Alan’s descendants became hereditary holders of the prestigious office of High Steward of Scotland and Justiciar of Scotia.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Strathclyde area was a Celtic area in the Brittonic/Bretonic tradition. That’s probably why the Fitz-Alan’s settled in the Paisley area.

Over the passage of time the name Stewart became the surname of the family. Steward was the role, the role, evolved into the surname, Stewart.

In Gaelic ‘d’ was pronounced ‘t’, so the family name was spoken as Stewart.

Greater things were to follow:

Walter Stewart, the 6th Steward, married Marjory, daughter of King Robert I (the Bruce), in 1315. In 1371 their son Robert, as King Robert II, became the first Stewart –  King of Scotland.

From Bretonic (French/Celtic) Knight. To Steward to the Scottish Crown…As a Stewart.

The Bruce family were also of Norman origin. The first Robert de Brus came over with William the Conqueror…

The Bruce was of Scoto-Norman-Irish heritage, through marriage the Bruce family had claims on the Scottish and Irish Crowns. Ancestors of the Bruce included Richard de Clare (Strongbow) 2nd Earl of Pembroke, he married – Aoife MacMurrough, daughter of Dermot MacMurrough.

Dermot McMurrogh was the exiled King of Leinster who asked Richard de Clare, a Norman Knight for military assistance to secure his return to Ireland. Dermot McMurrogh gave the hand of his daughter, Aoife in return, with the obligatory lands.

This led to a full scale invasion of Ireland by the Norman King Henry II, on the authority of a Papal Bull issued by Pope Adrian IV.

From that point the Norman/English monarch assumed the title of Lordship of Ireland on Papal authority, further reform of the Church commenced, including the payment of tithes.

Ireland was to become a Papal fief granted to the Norman monarch by the Holy See.

The Normans were often of Viking descent.They certainly left their mark on Britain and Ireland.
The Norman invasion of Ireland brought surnames like Fitz-Gerald, Butler and Plunkett into the country.

Similar to the arrival of the Bruce and Stewart and other Norman families into Scotland. Both countries were transformed. Both groups would in time wage war with England. Notably the Scottish Wars of Independence and the later conflicts in Ireland.

Seven generations after Robert II became the first Stewart monarch, Mary Queen of Scots became Queen. The surname is changed to Stuart by this time, due to the absence of the letter ‘W’ in French.

Mary Stuart is a cousin of Elizabeth I. Henry the VIII’s, sister, Margaret Tudor was Mary’s grandmother..

Henry VIII (Tudor) – Arrives on the scene…The Reformation. Ireland moved from a Lordship to a Kingdom.

Henry VIII makes the Treaty of Greenwich
with Scotland. It promised the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry VIII’s infant son, Edward. Scotland is still Catholic and in alliance with France.

From birth Mary’s life is marked by tragedy.Both her elder brothers die on the same day. Mary becomes heir to the throne. Her father, James V dies soon after and so Mary’s fate is sealed. She’s just 6 days old.

Mary’s mother Mary de Guise is French, living in Scotland faces the challenges of running the country and raising her daughter, having lost her husband and two sons.

The Treaty of Greenwich is renounded by Scotland and so Mary’s proposed marriage to Edward doesn’t happen.

Religious turmoil is unfolding

Bloody conflict between Scotland/France and England known as The Rough Wooing erupts. Scotland suffers terribly, England occupies much of the south and Edinburgh.

Henry’s campaign in Scotland is designed to create havoc and suffering. The brutality is to put pressure on and break the Alliance with France. It’s severity is also designed to weaken Catholicism in Scotland.

Mary is in hiding and escapes to France at 6 years of age, she’s betrothed to Francis, heir to the French Crown.

She marries at age 16, Francis II reigns for 17 months until his death, aged 16.

For those months Mary Stuart (Fitz-Alan) was  Queen Consort of France.

Mary returns to Scotland on the death of her husband.

She’s spent the majority of her life in France. She’s already a widow at 18 years of age.

The Best Wee Country is in turmoil, religious fundamentalism and John Knox are waiting.

Big Audio Dynamite

Outside of what the team might need, are we still too nice? I’d like to see us being more ruthless …not talking about hatchet men, just players who will look after our more technically gifted



Steel allied to Dynamism is potent stuff.
In my perfect world a hard as nails DM releasing Calmac to do his thing further forward, a tough no nonsense left back and centre back and we are good to go.

I am one of many, I guess, who enjoy watching Hun discomfort and stay tuned til they look like winning.
Sad really for a 60 plus year old but decades of enmity run deep.



I think the Boyd clan came from my neck of the woods,as did the Montgomery clan,infamous as the challenger who killed the lion in the gilded cage,in the words of Nostradamus.

Montgomery,Earl of Eglinton,was also Earl of Winton,Baron of Ardrossan and Earl of Seton and Tranent. Which gives SOLKITTS a few connections. And also some feu duties outstanding!


Founded in 1872, Incorporated in 1899, ceased to be a football club in 2012, currently going through the liquidation process, them’s the indisputable facts and yet…..The SFA – SPFL and every single Scottish football club in Scotland signed up to the 5Way Agreement, another indisputable fact. And yet, every Scottish media outlet disputes and denies those facts. Scottish football is more bent than a Curly – Wurly. And yet, we all enjoy our chocolate no matter how bent and out of shape it is, but it still leaves an after- taste, a sour after- taste. Love it or Loath it, Scottish football provides us with more entertainment than Ken Dodd (D.D.)and his puppet Dicky Mint (P. L.). Bring on the latest edition of the Huns.
“Facts are chiels that winna ding”.

Magua: You know your history, time to get the pen and paper out.
Saltires: There’s only one Steve Callaghan, one Steve Callaghan, the Celtic super scout who could sign any player without permission from Willy Maley or the Celtic board.
Bobby: The poster bhoy of Sentinel Celts, how is CCB? better I hope.



I think he is just conserving his energy for Sunday. My family tend to suffer dreadful trauma in the run up to games as important as Sunday,and go into hiding. Not me,even if I say as little as I can. Off to Bristol on Sunday,and I’m hoping it that fine city will experience its first ever huddle.

The Gombeen Man

I see West Ham lost to Frankfurt last night. That’s a boost for German clubs.

Here’s me thinking German football must be on a low.

RBL are 21 points behind Bayern in the Bundesliga, Bayern got put out the CL by Villareal.

Villarreal are 26 points behind Real Madrid in La Liga.

The German National side weren’t great in the Euros either.

In the Group Stages, Played 3, W1,L1,D1.

Out against England in the last 16, 2-0.

I hope RBL’s away form does the trick.

Till later,

Enjoy the weekend.


Morning all,

Heading out to a retirement do in Glasgow this afternoon.

Might pop into the Shipbank beforehand as I’ve got a pressie for BRRB.

It’s a Sat Nav;

I’ll say” This is a new gadget and means you can find the Bar, all on your own. I know you struggle sometimes “.

“ And I’m also going to put a tracker on that thing you can never find, yes, it’s called a wallet !!!!!”.

I know many people have tried to find it, in the past, namely Arthur.C Clarke, Poirot and Sherlock to name a few, but this device will definitely help. I’ll also phone George Lucas and Harrison Ford and tell them, they can halt the Glasgow production of “BRRB and the lost Wallet !!!!”right away

Of course I’ll have to add

“ Remember when you get to the bar and find said wallet, ignore what flying objects appear and a pound note will not get you 5 pints”.

I’m sure he’ll be very appreciative of all my help but remember if you see him in future think “ Care in the Community “. 😜😜😜😜

Enjoy your day everyone ☀️☀️



Aye, but Scotland beating England in 1967 didn’t make us World Champions. Just gave us gloating rights til the next time.
So good we couldn’t qualify in 1970.

Point is individual comparisons are worthless data.
Each game on its merits.



Quite an appalling slander of a very good man,with the world’s last elastic ten bob note. And breaking into it is a criminal offence,of course.


You and your team have created a wonderful Celtic orientated site.

Full of insightful and historical information, well balanced and respectful debate, humour, good natured banter, and musical choice.

Since my first ‘hoot last year I have been fortunate enough to have met fellow Celtic supporters, those how I now consider to be dear friends.

Bobby and team, thank you.



Big Audio Dynamite

CFC, we are definitely on the same page regarding what we feel the team needs.

HH, bro 🍀🍀

Afternoon all.

Never managed to post any tunes last night, however this trio were inspired by BMCUWP leader from yesterday.

I hope you enjoy. (No SeS, I still don’t know 🙂 )



On the subject of captain of our ship,listen to this and you will get my point about halfway through.

I’m not a fan of podcasts,but this is a cracker. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Brian Clough,and it is clear that so too is Brian Crossley. And he does a perfect Mike Yarwood style impersonation of him.



That justifies our decision to set the site up,and I’m grateful for you mentioning it. Hopefully,a wee get the gither at the start of June to reinforce it.

I won’t deny it,CQN gave me access to some really tremendous people. I’ve made some serious good friends through that site. I’ve made some bliddy good ones through this site too,and I’m delighted that others like yourself have made good friends too through it.

I suppose we are just a social bunch,but it takes a bit of bravery to arrange to meet strangers. Proud of you all for doing it.


I’ve watched a few “Rangers” games in the EL (always keep an eye on yer enemy) and last night brought something at the back of my mind to the front.

In Europe in the past the opposition even in average teams usually had a playmaker. A guy who when he got the ball could glide past a man or play a World Cup pass, or shoot from range given half a chance.

I can hardly remember “Rangers” encountering any team with a player who could hurt them. I think Borussia MG had one by reputation but he was injured.

I thought Red Bull were dire last night, some of their play was bottom six Scotland stuff at times.

I saw one player with a man in space at a good position forward at slight angle play a safety ball backwards to a player who then played the safe pass to the guy would should have had it in the first place by which time the space forward had gone.

Their CF had a mare, miscuing one effort early doors, rounding McGregor and shooting wide, winning a back post header to head ball wide and high. It might have been him who held up the ball on edge of penalty box with a player waiting on the short pass that never came to have a shot at goal. Even McCoist commented on it. I mean I saw no quality at all and whilst I’d reluctantly give “Rangers” some credit for making it difficult, unless RB have quality on the side lines they are fecked.

What make the horrible vista worse is the final is in Seville and where I am on the Costa was a favourite watering hole for Tims in 2003. My two Rangers supporting stepsons, good lads, are now looking at visiting. Normally that would be great but if it is a West Ham v “Rangers” final I fear carnage.


Thanks for the reply, really looking forward to the next catch up.




All German final. You’ll be fine.



Rest easy.
Leipzig drew both home games in the previous rounds. Winning away by two clear goals in Spain and Italy.
They have probably never encountered Wattienacio before.
The crucial difference is Leipzig are a goal to the good. The Huns have to come out to play in the second leg.
Leipzig are a counter attacking team.

Happy to match your West Ham v “Rangers” final with an all German one.
A charity bet if you wish.



My mantra of “we’ll see” applies I suppose.

It’s just that most teams Rangers played were no better than RB based on last night and ” Rangers” got through..

After Braga first leg I thought they didnt have enough to win at Ibrox with 11 never mind 10 or 9. It was as much to do with general attitude as well as playmaker.

Hope I’m wrong of course.

My old man was a street bookie and forbade me to gamble. I wouldnt know how to place a bet but I’ll lob in a £10 to my Sciaf monthly win lose or draw.



Indeed. There are no certainties.
Cannot discount them at home in front of a “partisan” crowd.
However, they also lack quality in attack and playmaking roles. Leipzig will have learnt a lot from that first leg.

I will follow your lead and stick an extra £10 into my monthly charity debits.


Against the huns quick passing and off ball movement will be essential.
We can’t or won’t be allowed to match them physically with the whistling cheat in charge.
Our biggest problem as semi final showed is our spacing particularly in the central areas and our players lacking game sense without the ball.
We don’t need thunderous tackles just a tighter field making it harder for a limited in skill opponent.
Last night huns two lines of 5 playing close resulted in frequent turnovers as Leipzig probably had never faced such a formation before.
The Leipzig team is versed in possession but their slow forward progress allowed huns a defensive set.
Movement of Kyogo across the front line will make them uncomfortable and midfielders have to be ready to attack spaces he created.
Also our wide men have to press full backs high making them hurry and unable to hit long diagonal balls behind full backs.
Constant movement and rotation should run the legs off them.

bada bing1

Ange on SSN live soon



I’d expect Lundstrum to step out of last night’s back 5 to consolidate midfield with Jack and Kamara.
They will be more open than last night, but it is still up to Kyogo and also Daizen n Jota to stretch and press.

One final energetic performance from Reo will help supplement the front three. He can then go on holiday!

I’d be inclined to play Matt for his energy front of Tam.


I’m deeply offended by some of the derogatory posts aimed at me on this blog. I can get that level of abuse at home. I may flounce. Which is not a pretty sight according to Mrs BRRB.


Operation leave the boot in will be in full flow with those 3.
Operation flop at slightest contact will also be part of their game plan.


Don’t doubt it.
Hard to believe an accomplished footballer like GVB would advocate such a primitive style of football but the evidence is there.


I would like to endorse the comments made by my good mucker, BelmontBrian63. Thanks a million to you and Mahe for setting up the site. Guest posters such as Saltires, billy bhoy, Auldheid and bawheid, are also much valued contributors… apologies in advance, to anyone I have inadvertently left out.


Thanks for that quite wonderful post.


Coming from your good self, that is indeed a compliment. Thanks. As for your suggestion, as Auldheid would say, “We’ll see.”

I agree with those who say that we currently lack a bit of steel in our midfield. Could it be, that we have the solution to this problem currently on our books? I refer of course, to current Motherwell defensive mid, Liam Shaw. I would imagine that Ange keep a close watch on the progression of all our players currently out on loan.


Enjoy your day out, you scamp. 😀

Hail Hail.

Sure i heard that their CF scored 30 goals in the league and a bunch of assists.
The way he played last night it didn’t look like it.


After the semi i suggested that the synchronicity between ref and huns tactics had me wondering if GVB and Madden met before game to perfect their plan.



Appreciate the time and effort you took to complete that item on Stewarts/Stuarts

Some of the stuff was already known, as a Diocese of Paisley lad the history of the Royal Stuarts was drummed in – and visits to Paisley Abbey ( Cluniac ) were mandatory with packed lunches etc.,

Some history filled with the usual gaps and inaccuracies of course..

You tidied that up and thanks,

A wee story about the ‘Abbey’ and fairly sure it’s not 💯

Around 1960 a senior member of the RC clergy was making a plea to the Diocese ( Parish Councils & SVDP which in my experience tended to be the same thing …) to help donate funds fo roof repairs to The Abbey

… much mumbling and awkward shuffling and fidgeting in his audience, it must be said

Then Met with a protest .. but .. but .. it’s Not … it’s not even RC ???

“Ah! “. Said the fundraiser …” think how much it will save us when we get it back…”

It’s probably a load of shoite -but the person that told me that story wasn’t one for carrying scurrilous stories.

Don’t shoot the messenger 😇


Luck is an important component to win any cup/knockout competition.
Huns have had plenty on European journey so can’t discount them winning it.
Star striker last night for Leipzig looked like he had boots on the wrong feet coupled with Chris Ajers heading ability.

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