Yesterday’s news from Celtic Park,coming hard on the heels of our result on Sunday,wasn’t as immediate or as shocking as the infamous Hampden shower scene of three years ago. Nor,come to that,did we actually win anything on Sunday,while three years ago had seen us wrap up the Treble Treble.  

But it was disquieting nevertheless. That Peter Lawwell left the club over a year ago as a discredited man is not in doubt in my eyes. That he never,in fact,left the club at all cannot be denied. He has continued as a member of the board,and who knows how much influence that gives him over the current CEO,Michael Nicholson?

Well,the appointment of his son as Head of First Team Scouting and Recruitment might give us an insight to that. Now,I’ll admit that we should give Mark Lawwell a chance,that we should judge him on how well he performs in his new position. In fact,it is unfair to judge him simply by my opinions of his father. After all,he has risen to the heights of a similar role with Manchester City,so we might have just found a jewel. 

But with Dermot Desmond intending to hand over his stake in the club to his son,and Gordon Strachan having two sons already there,it all smacks not of what you know,but who you know. Or who you are related to. It’s one thing running with the plan of being a family club,but it smacks very much of nepotism. Hardly the epitome of a club that is open to all. 

Peter Lawwell famously told us,on the back of appointing Neil Lennon as manager,that he hadn’t even bothered opening any CVs or applications that the club had received. And we know he isn’t very good at opening e-mails either! Maybe the club has adopted a new policy of only opening mail of any kind addressed simply to Dad,Celtic FC. That at least would provide some explanation. 

But as I said,we should not judge Mark Lawwell by opinions of his father. But we can certainly question the employment process involved. I know that some companies specifically headhunt their desired candidate,that is merely a case of doing the homework. But was any recruitment process involved here,did we look at potential availability of other,perhaps more capable,candidates? What were the criteria for any successful candidate?

Was it in fact a shortlist of one? A jobs for the boys attitude,and one that rarely pays dividends. 

I wish Mark Lawwell every success. And I hope that he is not being paid nearly as much as Ange Postecoglu. Because if that news comes out,we will find ourselves looking for another new manager shortly. But then Dermot’s got another couple of sons who might be kicking their heels. Find out which one is the best at FIFA Manager,and there’s the recruitment process sorted.

We battled to get rid of the dynasties that came so close to wrecking our great club,and that was less than thirty years ago. And the needle returns to the start of the song…

Dynasty? Bring back Joan Collins. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Lawwell – GTF.

Signed the 5Way Agreement (but not his secretary) and then told lies and denied it at the AGM, a sackable offence.

Pursued Albian Ajeti and Barkas wasting £10 million of the clubs money. Cost the club the Ten, by appointing a second rate manager.
Brought in numerous second rate players over the years, costing the support millions.
Was the appointment advertised or was the son of Lawwell appointed in the shower – room of his house?
They are taking the support for mugs. Nepotism over professionalism, done on the back of winning the league title.
Its a wonder that they didn’t bring in Fergal Harkin, as they relegate Celtic FC to a City Group feeder club.
Let’s cast aside the unfair bit and question this appointment because we all know that it’s not in the best interest of the club, instead let’s judge it for what it is. Disgraceful.



Regardless of CV, this is just absolutely bouffing…

So we are to believe The guy who was playing with practically a billion quid to hire players ( or was it a much lesser role) at one of the richest clubs in the world, has now suddenly decided to take a downward career path trajectory, to join a club that his dad is still a Director??!

When We were told by PL’s replacement that PL was still employed by the Bòrd – there was hardly a murmur here .. not a fekin rustle in fact!!

Now, we have stories being placed on other sites that DD feels ‘duped’ by PL and wasn’t hearing the ‘full story’

Utter bollox!

Pl was probably the one being micro-managed…Tbf.

I’m more inclined to believe the poster here who,told us PL is lined up as next Chairman!

Or, Can Bankier survive one more vote of No Confidence from the room?

The sandbags are already in place … for Strachan and Desmond and Lawwell

Read Kelly, White and Grant

Celtic is still a money tree for a small family,of tree snakes

This is a move to test the temperature of the support … it should now be volcanic!!!

Fuck the sleazy inept bassas!


Give him a chance, no not for me. 6 billion people on the planet and we chose this person.

They really do make it hard to support them.

Big Audio Dynamite

Nepotism is rife in sport.
Remember sir Fergie of Govan playing his son Darren(?) alongside the Keane’s and Cantona’s, when it was obvious he didn’t belong on the same pitch. Right now both Ronaldo and Rooney’s boys play for Man u.
Examples like these, in all sports, are endless.
In the NFL, which I’ve been watching since the 80s, the Mattews family are onto their 9th(!) son to play at the highest level. Is it possible they were all there on merit? Hmm, debatable!

Having said that, I don’t have a clue what Mark has done of achieved …i had to be reminded he was even employed by Man City. One thing I can say is, I’m not in the least bit surprised it is happening.

No surprise here, this board will always look out for themselves first. I personally don’t want another Lawwell about the place.


Ange has endorsed the appointment – according to statements on other sites – not clear if he has spoken those words out loud in an interview we can watch/hear. Or is this a media statement released on his behalf ( Ange does not strike me as the type to allow anything to be released in his name)

However, it’s what he doesn’t say that raises a wee concern …interesting that he never mentioned even one player that was a success ( apologies if missed that ) from his other interviews when he enthuses so much about a subject … the examples just pour out…

One question that we could ask Ange: – ‘how many players did Mark L sign for you at Yokohama F. Marinos… how many did well for you and how many failed to meet your expectations?’

Will that question ever be asked … I wonder… ?!

It’s difficult to trace transfer evidence, but Agne’s top scorer in the season he won J League 2019:

Marcos Junior (29) Striker – Yokohama From Fluminese in 2019 scored in his debut and 15 goals in first season top J League scorer for champions

If Mark L signed this guy then we can see why Ange felt there was a real benefit in the relationship. Genuinely impressive and good to know how the bigger picture shapes up

Note: only assuming ( yes, I know…) above Striker was identified by Mark Lawwell

Over to MSM

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friend.
Our boards actions consistently leave themselves open to attack. But we surely have to give Mark Lawell a bit of slack here and see how he actually does? He does actually, well apparently, have good experience of the role.
Off to the golf…

St tams

I wonder if it was Mark Lawwell who recommended that City sign Grealish for £100m.
That’s worked out well, not


“Mark is someone who I worked closely with throughout my four years at Marinos. We developed great trust and an excellent working relationship.”

“He knows the way I like to work, the way my teams play and the particular player profile which this requires.”

A ringing endorsement I’d say.



Agree it is a ringing endorsement- all I’m saying it would be helpful to hear about the type of player they actually signed that worked

Easiest thing in the world for these guys to make nice gushing motherhood statements – just back it up with some evidence.

That evidence is missing ATM


My point this morning isn’t really about Mark Lawell rather something that caught my eye as I was having a wee look at the CFG business model.
CFG is a massive business in fitba with aims to be a Global behemoth in fitba. They seem to be a modern operation, using the correct buzzwords, employing young, energetic ambitious individuals to achieve their aims. Mark Lawell comes with a decent grounding, I suspect, and a contact list to die for. If he succeeds for us – and his appointment may well be part of DD’s aim to be part of this golbal empire – then it can be a good thing for us or it could be a very bad thing for us! CFG.s web pages reads exactly as you would want them to, all positive glowing descriptions of “community”, “charity”, “ambition” etc etc. I think you get the picture!
Anyhoo…while looking at this I discovered Goals Soccer Centres, one of the first 5-a-sides centres in Glasgow, is in partnership with CFG and have opened 3 new 5s centres in the US and Canada. This from the CFG website “City Football Group and Goals Soccer Centres announced a joint venture in July 2017. Goals are one of the largest and most popular operators of dedicated 5-a-side pitches in the United States. The partnership will see the creation of recreational soccer facilities in the US and Canada, with three new facilities having been added so far – Pomona (2017), Rancho Cucamonga (2018) and Covina (2018). City Football Group and Goals Soccer Centres are focused on supporting and helping grow its local communities. Football is a global game that appeals to all demographics bringing them together in a positive and healthy environment. With the aim of encouraging as many people as possible to play the beautiful game, Goals offers family-oriented programs and events to thousands of members.”
I played at Goals for years and now my wee guy carries the McCaff flag on a Sunday afternoon…but here’s the rub – last Sunday I was over watching the boys play and realised the empty parks were all padlocked. I asked one of the girls on duty why they didn’t leave them open for the wee guys to have a kickabout if they were unused. Her reply “We are owned by an English company now, they’ve told us t lock the pitches. We still let the kids play on them on if they pay a fiver”. There’s yer community spirit right there folks!

The Fenian Whaler

How did Lawell junior secure his gig at Man City? What qualifies him for being a ‘spotter of talent’? Name any footballer we would recognize he had talent-spotted! Did he actually have anything to do with the man city squad or was he just another cog in the ‘City football group’?

Does anyone else think it is a bit odd that Ange hasn’t appointed one member of his support team since his arrival? Does anyone really not believe that this was nothing more than a nepotistic appointment? Out of all the chief scouts in the world of soccer – Pistol Pete’s son just happens to be the one that ticked all the boxes😂😂😏

From Man city site
City Football Group clubs including Manchester City have a team of scouts and recruitment officials whose role it is to seek out new talent and invite them for trials.


On the appointment of Martin Lawwell:

The structure is important, Martin Lawwell is not the CEO, Michael Nicholson is. ML has experience of football market. Ange sets the spec of player he wants, ML’s job is to find them & MN’s job is to make it happen within affordability grounds .

If ML took on PL’s role both MN and AP would walk. Meanwhile DD can go golfing as what is important is the right people with the right skills operating in a structure that has balance.

The proof in the pudding will emerge in next xfer window but no one can argue that in the winter transfer window Celtic recruited guys who were first team players and not projects which was a symptom of recruitment under PL as CEO.

Given that change of priority of football before finance is delivering a title with attendant financial rewards it would make no business sense to return to previous process that was anything but systemic



Yep- but there, supposedly, IS a cracking CV out there with loads of strong examples. Only problem is that for now it’s not really that visible …

I’ve tried to find anything on a regular ‘search’ and it’s just not there .. admittedly there will be folk much more capable than me who could gather this data.

which prompts this reasonable question:

“Ange – mate – just one example?”

Happy to accept it’s very early in the news cycle and Ange might be waiting for his next F2F interview to place us at our ease.


As I’ve said a few times as long as there is no trust Celtic will remain a club divided and nothing sustainable will be achieved.

The suspicion re Martin Lawwell eventually is an attack on AP’s integrity. Folk make things up to confirm their belief.

Celtic’s eye and ear for the suspicious past is poor but if the structure I’ve mentioned is in place and the evidence is that the purchases in winter break were totally different than under PL, then the idea that PL is still in a position to pull strings is without foundation.

I used the word systemic in last post because it removes the judgement of and blaming of individuals.and puts the system or process under scrutiny.

Sure an unsuitable person in a role he does not have skills or experience to perform breaks the system. Not only did that apply to PL , there was no bloody system!

So how about letting time do its job of stopping everything happening all at once before rushing to judge.


“We’ll see”



I’m sorry but you have just highlighted what I said.

Mistrust in Ange.

That’s how division starts.

Why does he have to prove he was speaking the truth?

Awe Naw


Answers to your questions

Fergal Harkin.
He appointed him to his own role after he didn´t get the director of football gig last summer. Harkin was who we wanted as DOF but he said “Non” along with Howe but separately. Harkin wants a DOF gig He hasn´t got one.
Arzani (That´s when the BR v PL war was made public) The fist time I heard the name Mark Lawwell was the day BR “do we need another winger post match interview” and the “Chris Mc Laughlin” briefing war was started


couldn´t disagree with you more. Winter xfer was needed. Cos we sold Edouard and Christie on the last hours of the summer transfer window without adequate(any actually) replacements. after losing at Ibrox. A ploy that Ange was only too happy to play along with (he has no other option) That gives a strong signal to how influential he is. With regards recruitment policy like BR he has very little. So sorry nothing has changed I feel your grasping at straws. It is the same structure as we have had since 2004

I reckon we already are part of the City Group but it´s unofficial.

The Fenian Whaler


Perhaps Ange’s endorsement of Lawell junior has something to do with his being rumored to have been instrumental in Celtic appointing Ange as our manager? But as ever time will tell if Lawell can deliver players of quality to Celtic.
One bit of good news is the media reporting that Jota has informed his parent club that he wishes to remain at Celtic.



Ange sets up his chosen style of convo- effusive and open, chatty etc.

So far we have seen a statement attributed to Ange that goes on and on a fair way about his working relationship over 4 years at Y. F. Marinos.

But not one single example?

If the guy who got the job was called Joe Bloggs I’d be asking .. and … and … an example please just to support your effusive endorsement.

That not an unreasonable question.

His name is Lawwell and you are accusing me of starting division ??

Aye, right Auldheid 😂



I’m with Auldheid on this one.

How it works out over this summer will tells us all we need to know.

The discomfort many on here feel with their automatic negative Knee jerk reaction to an appointment we were actively craving is a bit conflicted, don’t you think?


Recruiting players is not a matter of going around grounds and spotting talent.

It is a matter of data and analysing it.

To do that you need a system to collect key data on players at different levels in order to focus on them and ask the man in charge of football operations if they meet his requirements.

It is highly unlikely that at Man City they do not have a data led system involving a network of folk to provide the data.

If so then ML has experience that Ange thinks will help him do his job.

Either that or Ange is lying to us.

Which is it?


If Mark Lawwell is such a great football scout, then why did Celtic FC under his father’s stewardship sign so much dross? Surely the father would have consulted his son before making his signing decisions? There’s no doubt but that Ange signed his Japanese players, he would be the only one with enough knowledge of the ‘J League, I would suggest that ML would have little input into those signings, the same with Jota and CCV. As opposed to Albian Ajeti and Vasilis Barkas.



Disagree with you on the Knee Jerk reaction …

I’m suspicious because we haven’t seen any evidence – it’s not unreasonable that we see some supporting examples of how good this new guy Is and what he is bringing to the party.

I’ll not deny the fact he is PL son is a red flag to me , but it’s hardly a knee jerk reaction.

I’ve already gone to a wee bit of bother to find an example that might support the appointment – but can’t stand it up and hope someone more knowledgeable than me can.

Can you provide an example ? A genuine question ?



My sons carry my name and are nothing like me. Thank God for them.

If it were PL I’d be getting out the pitchfork, but it isnt.

Yes asking Ange to prove he is not a liar is a mistrust step too far.

Next thing you know the idea will have leaked to the Scottish media from social media.

For me anyway if I felt the support thought me dishonest after I’d worked hard to bring success to them I’d be off at end of season.

What you think is what you get.



No one is accusing Ange of lying as far as I can see

There is an effusive statement attributed to Ange on the appointment. What he didn’t say is the concern.

There is a simple – easy to answer follow up question.

Let’s hope it answered fairly soon.


Is it any wonder there is mistrust from the Celtic support based on the clear historical legacy of deceit and lies of the past and present boards?
Celtic’s penchant for sowing discord once again comes to the fore in what should be an optimistic and positive time for the club.
They may not once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but they sure seem to be trying.
The Lawwell name does not bring comfort and suspicions the unseen Peter still has his nose in the trough.
If the rumors of his father pulling the strings behind the scenes are true it is another glaring example of the board’s deceit and utter contempt for the Celtic support who fund them.
Let’s hope Mark Lawwell is better at the job of recruitment than his father was or else it is going to get really ugly?



One of the few skill-sets I can claim is experience of Recruitment to 6 & 7 figures.

When someone makes an extensive motherhood statement about someone or something they were part of I love it … it opens up a door to the next step.

You already know this because we have seen you adopt this process for years here and on other blogs.

What is so divisive now about someone else asking for a key player to
Back the statement up with evidence ?

It’s got nothing to do with trust at this stage it’s part of a basic process

The question remains to be answered..,

Awe Naw

Celtic´s stance today is the exact same stance that it adopted in 2004.



PL signed such dross because football success was less important than the bonus for balancing the books.

That is why BR walked because PL had final say. Didnt one guy Sheved? turn up without BRs knowledge?

What is more important than the personalities is the system or structure they operate under and in my dealings with Celtic I could not identify what I’d call proper management processes that I’d worked within for years.

The absence of such eventually brought PLs downfall requiring the lies you identified.

If something works you do not fix it. When it doesnt you have to establish why and fix or replace it.

I understand Managemnt Consultants were brought in last season end to establish what was broken.

On a recent return visit they found a much happier working environment since PLs absence.

What is needed is a greater amount of transparency of roles and structures for achieving Celtic’s goals because in the absence of information, disinformation grows like weeds.



Sorry, I can’t provide an answer to that question.

That’s one for Ange, who is obviously of the view that ML is an appointment he can work with.

We either trust in the Manager’s judgement or not.
Sowing discord, because of family connection, before the guy has had a chance to prove himself is a positive thing?

The Fenian Whaler


”What you think is what you get” Does that apply to the Celtic support as well given most of us think the board is a bunch of lying money-grabbing shitebags?


Aw Naw.

We could still have brought in players not up to the quality to turn things around so markedly.

I reckon those brought in were an upgrade on those who left. The proof can be measured on the park in points.

You no more know nothing has changed than I do

You dismiss my point to suit your world view , I stick to it to suit mine.

That’s why we discuss to find reality as it is , not as we think it is.



Hopefully, I’ve already answered the question about not attempting to sew discord.

You accept statements at face value and I don’t.

We are just different and that’s ok with me as I’m sure it’s ok with you.

As Bobby often says 10 Celts in a bar … 11 views 😊

The Fenian Whaler


The real question is what selection protocols were followed prior to Lawell junior being given the job. Are we really to believe he was the best available given the multitude of other head coaches out there. Just how many candidates for the position were there and who assessed them or was it a wee conversation with the board and Ange? Hopefully not in a shower room this time. Will the recruitment process and how the selection was arrived at be open and transparent? As a share holder, I’d like to know.


The Fenian Whaler

It’s not the belief that The Board are as you describe that I find self perpetuating, it’s the belief that nothing has changed or ever will is what I think is the problem.

What I will say is that The Board are well short of taking supporters feelings into account when making appointments and could be more transparent but if they hold the belief that whatever they say will not be trusted then what incentive do they have to be more expensive?

The Fenian Whaler


As you know nothing will change whilst the majority of Celtic supporters willingly hand over their cash each year to a group of self-serving individuals with little real interest in the wishes of the Celtic support.



Our manager’s endorsement is more than a “statement “
But fine, it’s about opinions.

I’m happy to give the appointment a chance.


Agree, due process should be followed.
I don’t know if anyone else was interviewed or indeed interested.
As far as I’m aware It’s a Head of Recruitment post not a coaching role.

The Fenian Whaler


Correct, I of course meant head of recruitment or chief scout in old money🙄


Auldheid; Shved and Arzani are just two of the reasons that BR walked,yes, ‘balancing the books before football success’.

Nepotism and that’s what we are talking about here restricts choice, I would much rather that professionalism prevailed, because that in itself would provide the honesty and the transparency that we all wish for. Keeping the support informed would also feed through…


TFW SeS et al.

If Ange said to the Board I need a Head of Recruitment, this guy ML is the one I want please get him would that satisfy your misgivings?



As you know nothing will change whilst the majority of Celtic supporters willingly hand over their cash each year to a group of self-serving individuals with little real interest in the wishes of the Celtic support.

Indeed I do and until the thinking that supports them doing that, what they think is what they get.

What we need to demonstrate to the Board is that the feelings of the support need to be taken into account and the only way to catch their attention is the withholding of funds.

Some other mechanism that shows our worth is required.

Big Audio Dynamite

Really wish I could claim I wrote this.

So,to add to the elderly,sick,infirm,wheelchair bound bus load of Orphans,delegation from the War wounded veterans society,bus full of blind OF fans with their dogs,we now have a gaggle of Wags present in amongst the 700 .Although remaining nameless,and not wishing to be photographed,( Aye right ),one said one her nails had been broken,another her hair extensions were,”Just all over the place”

Rangers have released a statement saying,both women are recovering in an unnamed spa.

Brilliant! 😂😂

Awe Naw


We could still have brought in players not up to the quality to turn things around so markedly.

We don´t know that. Maybe Ange was pissed that they were not replaced in the few hours that were left. He wouldn´t be the first just the last Celtic manager that this is happened too. What we do know is that he played them at Ibrox knowing they were for the offski a few minutes after the final whistle. Maybe if we had won at Ibrox instead of carrying two shop window players there wouldn´t have been such a need to spend in the Winter but it is hardly an endorsement that football matters are taking over financial ones.

I don´t spoon feed as you know but those actions were highly revealing along with Ange´s submissive acceptance of the situation.

What turned things around so markedly was Sevco´s failure to spend in the last two transfer windows. Nothing to do with us. If we were to play Bodo Glimt tomorrow we get more of a hammering than the last time we played them so I don´t buy the Celtic turnaround narrative that you seem to have bought into based solely on SPL position.

You seem far to keen to do so if you don´t mind may saying so. You have always had that disposition-predilection based on flimsy nonsense. I have not, based on what´s before my eyes. That´s the only difference here

Prestonpans bhoys

Absolutely bang on, what is the selection process? We have a CEO recruited from within and another position from an individual who just happens to be related to an existing board member (one who was supposed to be retiring).

Having worked many moons ago in ole old term talk ‘personnel management’ this simply doesn’t look good, especially for a multi million pound organization😱


P b

But what if Ange specifically asked the Board to recruit him?
Surely that represents a positive step?


Aw Naw

We don´t know that. Maybe Ange was pissed that they were not replaced in the few hours that were left.

Precisely my point. You dont know that, your ” maybe” may be right it may be wrong.

I have a predilection for not rushing to judge until I have all the facts.

Indeed a lot of the facts that support the view on PL being untrustworthy came as a result of my digging.

He was a bad apple in my eyes and he has gone. He lied to shareholders, why not to his boss who took a hands off approach as long as we were winning on the park and on the balance sheet?

I try to be aware of what I dont know or if what I’m hearing from folk is true, but unless it’s all part of a grand plan to upset Celtic supporters I go for people make mistakes and if not idiots tend not to repeat them.

I mentioned DD calling in consultants and them revisiting Celtic to find it a happier environment.

Now why would the good folk working at Celtic want to return to the past toxic culture of PL?

There is more to do for sure in bridge building terms but by nature I look for the good in both people and situations where none seems to exist and when I look I tend to find good.


Aw Naw


You have no idea of what I’ve seen before my eyes or have been told or who I’ve met.

Of course Sevco’s lack of spend helped but so did Celtic’s financial prudence in providing money to spend when it was required.

To say the Celtic team have not improved beyond imagination and that is not the consequence of putting football first is a denial of evidence.

Here from a few blogs back is why I see positive signs of change and the appointment of a Head Scout with a dodgy father explains my view.


“Ange tells us what he wants and it’s our job to get them.” para phrased.

Of course MN could have been lying to the Celtic supporter he spoke to but the guy was a big supporter of Res12 so needed some persuasion.

Off for my Tuesday fresh paella lunch.

Awe Naw


I don´t agree that the “PL Toxic” culture has changed. His son has just been appointed! I am saying that it´s still the same made up on the hoof policy pish that they have been feeding us since 2004. It´s the same pig with lipstick on and you seem to be falling for it or believing it to be true. There is no bridge building because they don´t GAF about anything else but your money. Never have done. Never will do unless it affects the bottom line measured in percentages and even then we will be lied too and cajoled . emotionally blackmailed into doing what they want. Res 12, Celtic Trust , Bernard Higgins Son of Dallas oooops I meant son of Lawwell … it´s a masonic thing. Anything else is cosmetic and in my opinion you shouldn´t be falling for it. Just advice from one friend to another. Walk away they don´t deserve you

Awe Naw


then you have not been watching Celtic since the 3.0 Old firm win at CP


Awe Naw

If you don’t mind me interrupting your exchange with Auldheid/ what haven’t you liked about Celtic since 3-0 v Huns in Feb?

We haven’t lost a league game- some highlights:

4-0 v Motherwell
3-2 v Aberdeen
3-1 v Livi
4-0 v RC
2-1 Huns
7-0 v StJ
2-0 v RC

Some tough away games in there, and great scores.

Does following Celtic cause you more pain than pleasure?

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