4th May – If you know your history

17 years ago … 2005 and on this day (Tuesday) Celts are licking wounds after losing 1-3 to Hibs – now facing a challenge to get back on top of league against Dons at Paradise.

After the game Martin is very, very, very cautious…

2005-05-08: Celtic 2-0 Aberdeen, SPL


The third to last SPL game of the season, and Celtic moved back into first place in the league following a brace from John Hartson. His first goal game off the back-post set up by Alan Thompson, the second a front-post finish off a Chris Sutton cross. Celtic was (sic) lucky in the first half not to concede several times, though also had a claim for a penalty denied when Thompson was pulled down in the box. They picked up in the second half however for a deserved win.


Celtic:- Douglas, McNamara, Varga, Balde, Laursen (Beattie 45), Agathe, Petrov, Lennon, Thompson, Hartson, Sutton

Subs Not Used: Marshall, Valgaeren, Lambert, Maloney, Wallace, McGeady
Goals: Hartson 47, 71.

Esson, McNaughton (Blaha 65), Diamond, Anderson, Severin, Hart, Considine (Dempsey 67), Mackie, Byrne (Winter 83), Muirhead, Clark.
Subs Not Used:- Preece, Adams, Foster, Macauley.

Att:- 59,498
Ref:- John Underhill

Celtic moved back to the top of the league with a hard-fought victory over Aberdeen at Celtic Park.

John Hartson was the home side’s hero with the two crucial goals.

The first came shortly after half time when he met Alan Thompson’s cross at the back post to score, despite Andrew Considine’s efforts on the line.

Hartson clinched the points with a neat front-post finish after Chris Sutton got the better of Russell Anderson to cut the ball across the face of goal.

Celtic were clearly intent on avoiding a repeat of recent lapses at home and started the game at an impressive pace.

But the Aberdeen defence were prepared and were on hand to block a handful of efforts in the opening ten minutes, most notably a fierce volley by Stilian Petrov that Richie Byrne got in the way of.

Aberdeen threatened when Rab Douglas came to the edge of his box to deal with a long ball, but under pressure from Scott Muirhead, neither he nor Bobo Balde was able to clear, though Balde finally cut out the danger as Muirhead tried to catch the keeper off his line.

Petrov fired just wide and then Zander Diamond made a crucial interception to keep a Hartson effort out of the net after Sutton had picked his strike-partner out.

Celtic had a major let-off after half-an-hour when Jackie McNamara cleared off the line from Byrne’s header and Diamond blasted the rebound high over the bar.

Moments later Thompson went down looking for a penalty under Michael Hart’s challenge, but referee John Underhill saw nothing amiss.

Aberdeen might have taken the lead just before half time when Chris Clark just failed to connect with Darren Mackie’s front-post ball and Thompson prevented Hart from scoring at the back post.

Celtic made the vital breakthrough just a couple of minutes after the break.

Thompson curled in a free kick from the right and Hartson bundled the ball past Ryan Esson. Considine tried to clear off the line but succeeded only in blasting the ball into the roof of the net.

Hartson headed just inches wide and then knocked another cross into the path of Craig Beattie, but the substitute could not turn the ball over the line.

But Celtic did get a second with 20 minutes remaining. Sutton squared the ball for Hartson, who got in front of Diamond to tap it into the net.

Celtic: Douglas, McNamara, Varga, Balde, Laursen (Beattie 45), Agathe, Petrov, Lennon, Thompson, Hartson, Sutton.

Subs Not Used: Marshall, Valgaeren, Lambert, Maloney, Wallace, McGeady.

Goals: Hartson 47, 71.

Aberdeen: Esson, McNaughton (Blaha 65), Diamond, Anderson, Severin, Hart, Considine (Dempsey 67), Mackie, Byrne (Winter 83), Muirhead, Clark.

Subs Not Used: Preece, Adams, Foster, Macauley.

Att: 59,498

Ref: J Underhill

Sutton & Hartson: imported steel…

O’Neill cautious over title talk

Celtic manager Martin O’Neill remained cautious about the destination of the SPL title following his side’s win over Aberdeen that puts them top again.

“I’m delighted, it was a fantastic win. It was as much to do with courage as anything else,” added O’Neill.

“I thought if we could keep a clean sheet we would win the game as I knew we could create chances.

“But we’ve got two away games at Hearts and Motherwell now. They’re never easy places, but it’s still in our hands.”

General stuff:

1471 Battle of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, final battle between the Houses of Lancaster and York: Prince of Wales, Edward of Westminster killed and King Edward IV restored to his throne. Re-restores political stability to England until his death in 1483.

1535 Five Carthusian monks from London Charterhouse monastery hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, London, for refusing to acknowledge Henry Viii as head of the Church of England

1904 Charles Rolls meets Henry Royce at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, England. Go on to form the car manufacturer Roll-Royce.

“At 60mph the loudest noise in a Rolls-Royce is the electric clock”

Elvis in 1961 at Gracelands with his Phantom V

1953 Pulitzer Prize for Literature awarded to Ernest Hemingway for “The Old Man & The Sea”

1992 US Army and Marine Corps forces arrive in Los Angeles to end rioting following the acquittal of four police officers over the beating of Rodney King

Dick Gaughan – Erin go Bragh

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Morning all
Reading back, varying degrees of optimism and pessimism as to whether or not Ange will get the level of backing he will need to improve us further.
I see the optimists include John Hartson who tells us this morning he’s “ certain” that he’ll get the backing ( to the tune of £20m)
History tells us he won’t .

Watching us get trounced twice by Bodo suggests £20m wouldn’t have made that much difference. If it’s going to be £20m going out on new players , who’s getting punted ? There are a considerable number of players surplus to requirements at CP at present, but whether or not anyone will want them, or indeed pay anything above a hundred grand for most of them is debatable. That in itself is an indication of just how bad our previous signing policy has been.

We need at least two quality defenders, two midfield players . One with a bit of bite and one with the craft of Lubo.

Add a striker who will grab 30 goals a season and perhaps we could compete in the group stages. I say compete, I mean not get trounced by 5 goals v every decent side we encounter, before dropping into the lower competition (s) and suffering a similar fate.

Reaching the knockout stages is a million miles away. It ain’t happening.

An improvement in the Europa league is more likely though not guaranteed.

Ange has done brilliantly to regain the title having inherited a broken side. His determination and iron fist has had enough of an effect to get us over the line ( we will get over it) . He deserves enormous plaudits for that.

I’m sure I’m not alone in hearing alarm bells though. The last two performances v Sevco are worrying in my opinion. Has the new manager bounce started to evaporate?

There are still a number of questions to be answered and the close season activity will determine whether or not things have changed off the field, to enough of an extent to have a positive impact on the field.

Meantime – on a more light hearted note. Things you wouldn’t expect to see at a match.

Went to a top of the table clash last night. Whitburn v Bo’ness. Whitburn reduced to 10 men and a goal down, fought back to win 2-1.
The highlight ?

Whitburn player’s wig fell off ! Definitely a first for me. 😁


Well that’s a picture of sheer happiness – Big Bad John and Sutty (as opposed to Sooty).

A great team SeS that would bring us all such joy, happiness and fun filled memories, you couldn’t ask for more. That’s the thing about personal favourite teams and players, you can alway’s look back and remember the good times, or you can read about them and their personal stories. That team you highlight was one of them, the ones that i think mostly about is the 1931 Scottish Cup winning team, unsurprisingly I am not alone in with that one and of course the ‘Lisbon Lions’. and its not just Celtic teams.
At some point last night in my dreams I scored for Real Madrid against Eintracht Frankfurt at Hampden, it was a cracker. ;)-

£1.2 million salary with a long term fixed bonus of £2.3 million accompanied with the sweet smell of betrayal, bites deep, not sure that I can forget about that. “The Sins Of The Father”. I need to try harder.


Gordon (wiggy)Smith’s malign influence still permeates Scottish football.
Was it a deflection tactic or an attempt to pull the wool rug over someones eyes?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Twisty – regarding positions that need to be improved, we could also do with someone that can threaten the opposition goal from a free kick. Every time. Right now it’s more hope than expectation but, oh for a Naka… a Lubo… a Big Pierre…

St tams

Can’t really argue with any of that.
I will make my mind up about the manager at the end of the year , when he’s had another transfer window and see how we go in Europe.
There are definitely a lot of players who need to be moved on.
I would include in the list.
Barks, Bain, Ralston, Julien, Welsh, Soro, Bitton ,
Forrest, Ajeti and Johnston.

Not sure if I’ve missed anyone

St tams

Excellent, as always


Good post.
I for one feel we will not spend at level required.
Lawwell will come with a big book of projects so no expectation of anything other than Lawwell Mark2.
Sure hope he has better judgement than his father on projects and punts.
I have said we will struggle in Europe with system and present personnel.
Undecided on wether system is not refined enough to compete against organized or quality opposition or the players are the right personnel to play this system?
On the last two games against the huns i am certain their coach just had a better gameplan due to him adjusting from 2 defeats against us.
Ange chose not to but even then i felt simple in game adjustments would have seen us triumph.
Also don’t know if it was end of season fatigue but we developed a bad habit of opening up the field with defense retreating too deep and early allowing a limited opponent time and space to hurt us.
Was worrying as same habit that saw our second half performances being in stark contrast to scintillating first half’s earlier in season.
Game awareness from players or coach would have seen better recognition and an adjustment by compressing space with defense pushing higher-up.
We lack on field leadership and also would like to see designated defensive leader to control the movement of our backline.
We have some very good components of a very fine side now but need the right signings to complete system and continue improvement.


The new H o R has a squad top heavy with expensive non contributors.
It doesn’t take much thought to deduce that there will be two aspects to the summer transfer business. The success of 1 determining the options available for 2.

1.Who we can shift and who remains picking up a substantial wage for no onfield impact. Definites to shift- Ajeti, Barkas, Bolingoli, Soro, Julienn.
possibles- Bitton, Johnston, Forrest, others?

2. Key areas for improvement- if CCV leaves at least two centre backs, a first choice left back, a midfielder with steel, couple of wingers, and another centre forward.
Minimum 7, if we purchase Jota.

If we get lucky with new signings (each around £2-3m mark) we might get away with a £20m spend. Not confident that much will be spent.


If Ange gets the players he needs we will soon find out how effective his system is.
I think it unfair to judge with existing personnel available to him.
I rewatched Sundays game and at no point were we in any trouble until the subs, which I and others were clamouring for, changed the tempo of the game. From 65 mins on the game opened up. Bitton did not have the impact Ange wanted, a better quality player coming on in that position would make a difference. Gaps appeared in front of the left hand side of defence particularly, not Starfelt’s fault but due to the lack of cover in front and to the side. We were caught out on two/three occasions which could have resulted in disaster.


The game is 90 minutes long so wether it be 2 or 20 minutes you get it wrong the result can go against you.
The lack of tactical awareness,adjustment from players and coaches is a worry.
There was a poor attempt at a remedy.
Bitton seemed unsure of his role when he appeared, Rogic gave ball away and our captain disappeared so no surprise game changed.
As i have often said the midfield balance is wrong.
None of our midfielders offered any defensive protection.
The distance from front to back which i have highlighted recently has also stretched and is way too large for an already defensively poor midfield.
Do they chase so often due to poor game awareness or is the area just unmanageable?
I feel it’s a bit of both.
Also on Ange as you have said until he gets his full complement of players it is not fair to judge.
Ange deserves the praise and support he receives from the fans but will he get the required from the board?



I take your point about 90 mins plus game time.

My point was on a re watch we were largely untroubled until the subs – ours and theirs – appeared around 65 mins.
They scored from a nice move on 67th min
I think.
From that point until the 80th min or so the game went back n forth mainly between the penalty boxes. It was ragged. It fragmented in their favour with their pressure in the last 10 -Joe’s self inflicted slip, Joe’s save, Sakaka post
The last two coming from raids down our left where we were most exposed and where we have known all season we need to improve.

Personnel changes will surely help here.

As for the POTY , I see his many attributes but he has a tendency to go missing in games and his leadership looks great in the huddle but seems less obvious on the pitch.
Perhaps he is covering for too many non performers around him in the engine room.
Assistance required.


One obvious thing for me is the press only works if all 11 players goalie included are in unison.
Defense sitting deep negates the effectiveness of forwards pressing as it leaves a huge central outlet for opponents to have easy outlet.
This has shown in last two hun games where a limited team easily beat our press .
I would prefer a central defender given the leadership role to control our forward and backwards movement and keeping us more compact.
I think making Calum captain was an error.

Prestonpans bhoys


Very interesting analysis of the game by both. I’ve got as far as 11 minutes but had to stop for shopping😱

However since its supposed to be pissing soon in East Lothian I’ll watch the rest shortly taking on board what both of you say👍



You highlight a couple of issues.

I think Joe Hart has been an amazing player for us…but most of our problems stem from his headless chicken act playing the ball out from deep.
It is embarrassing at times.
We do not have the defensive players to play this game of roulette. And it shows every game.

In the last 25 mins on Sunday, the Huns switched up at will.
We were ragged in possession. Gave the ball away too easily. Lost any shape in midfield.

I have said all season the Huns are a limited team, but play to their strengths, don’t take stupid tippy tappy chances at the back and are aggressive. They also identified our weak areas and take advantage.

The solace I take despite the above is we’re winning the League. Their best is not quite good enough.


P b

Be interesting to hear your take on a review of the game.
Knowing the result helps and makes for a more objective watch.
The game changer is the substitutions by both teams around 60/65 mins. And a well constructed Hun goal shortly thereafter.

Morning all.

May the 4th be with you.

starwars CSC


Angel Gabriel

CFC 10.29

Maybe I’ve picked you up wrong, but I’m a tad bemused by the Joe Hart, headless chicken , comment??
Do you think for one second that this is Joe Hart’s choice of action ?
I think it’s obvious that Ange wants us to play out from the back. If Joe doesn’t do as he’s told , he won’t be selected. Simple.
On the few occasions when we do it properly, the opposition commit numbers forward leaving us gaps and space to play through.
Players suss out managers in days.
Ange doesn’t waver in his principles.
That’s why he’s so popular with the players.
He’s fully committed, whether that gives palpitations to fans or not.
The more we practice ( in games) the better we will get.

Ps . Doing it in the Champions league will give me the fear, but the fact that we will be in it , gives Ange the freedom to continue .
Keep the faith , although it’s fearful to watch sometimes. HH



Just a general description of the uncontrolled random nature of the play.
There is little calm about it at times as we play ourselves into ever decreasing circles.
It is his decision to play to the options available, sometimes these are not particularly good choices. On Sunday he compounded this by rushing to get the ball in play in the last 10/15 mins when our penalty area was still full of Huns.

I like Joe enormously, just don’t think this is his game.
Having defenders comfortable taking the ball in dangerous positions would help.

I will indeed KTF.


Maybe it’s me that’s out of step but I just can’t understand the mindset of supporters who are currently worrying about what we are going to do next Season.
Early Season all I was reading was that the Huns were going to walk the League pick up 40/45 million CL Bonus and were going to dominate us for 5 years.
All the angst & worry turns out to be a waste of time, it is us who are going to win the League & get the loot.
So one would expect unbridled joy & relief.
Not a bit of it, why be Happy & celebrate when we have the option of worrying about next year.
What happens next year will not be influenced by us worrying, so why worry.
I can only speak for myself, I’m going to party for next 2 weeks, then take a full break from Football for a few weeks & then start thinking about next Season.
Hail Hail to Celtic this year’s Champions & fuck the Huns.


CFC and Angel Gabriel
Would help if our midfield got themselves into position for an outball.
Hatate and Rogic / O’Riley don’t seem to look for space or make themselves available to receive a pass and McGregor is happy to stand beside an opponent and point elsewhere and on odd occasion he receives ball he usually just returns it to where it came from.
Against huns all it realistically left was a back 4 under pressure or hopeful punts against a bigger opponent who had a compliant ref.
Quickest we’ve moved ball from back to front was against Dundee utd at tannadice when Bitton was playing defensive mid role and he was constantly making himself available for outball and immediately pushing it forward.
We were not great on the eye that day but won 3-0 and had many chances.

Jobo Baldie

Corkcelt @ 1.38 – even though as a rule I tend not to swear, nevertheless I do agree with every word you said! 😉


I’ll celebrate along with the best of them when we get over the line this year.
Forward planning however is essential in any walk of life if you want to continue progressing.
Given our abysmal , and it has been abysmal, performance in Europe for years, I’d like to think lessons have been learned and it’s not only me who is concerned about our ability to perform admirably in the CL next year.
I should add, the only reason you/we will have something to celebrate very soon is that the only credible opposition are guilty of assuming they would be good enough to get two in a row without any semblance of planning ahead. It will be a major mistake if we adopt the same thinking. The last two head to head matches should give us enough cause for concern on the domestic front. If anyone needs a reminder of how much room for improvement exists on the European scene, they’ve not been paying attention for a number of years.

Jobo – yeah , a top class finisher of the Hartson, Sutty, big Pierre would be a welcome addition. I think O’Reilly looks to be expert at delivering an accurate cross.

Fan – agree fully.


SeS, Martin O’Neil could pick a player or two! I seem to remember when he started signing players he wanted to build from the back – and with height! Something like that. 🙂

St tams

You are correct to say that we need to keep looking forward and planning. That’s one of the reasons that we got into such a mess last season.
Stuck with what we had , in the hope that it was enough to see us through.

Our scouting staff should be looking to bring in first team starters for, left back, left side centre half , defensive midfielder and winger.

I’m sure all Celts around the world will celebrate when the league title is clinched, I know will l. But there is no reason why we can’t look to next season and what we require to improve the team.


Brilliant as always. Ah, the MON years. Memories to treasure forever. I did not realise that the USMC and Army were used to quell the riots, in the aftermath of the acquittal of the 4 rednecks, who beat the poor man to within an inch of his life.


Hell’s bells. I feel for that poor player, knowing how cruel fitba fans can be. As a slaphead, and proud of it, I simply do not see the attraction in wearing a Syrup. 😀

As for next season, it has often been said, that Ange produces his best stuff in the 2nd season of management. The PLC board are absolutely terrified of Ange. What the man asks for, he generally gets. So with that in mind, I’m cautiously optimistic about the future. In the meantime, I’m just gonna enjoy this title more than any other…or at least since the one in 1998. I’ll also be hoping, for the sake of the good people of Andalusia, that the Huns get gubbed the morra.

Hail Hail.



Continuous improvement in any business or football environment is imperative.If you stand still you get surpassed.Unwilling to embrace change you die.

My take on things personally is we were not expected to be challenging this year and it’s well documented as is Anges second season successes.If backed we progress if not he walks.

As mentioned before although we have to focus on ourselves and how we improve in terms of Europe but,domestically our main challengers albeit on the cusp of a European final they are also in a precarious position of experienced players being out of contract in the summer and their betters players out of contract one year hence so potentially if we strengthen then we should be the dominant force as they will face a sizable rebuild going into next year.They can view what we have done and believe why cant they but in terms of what is involved to do so we will not be so previous in our approach ,they underestimated Celtic this year they wont be afforded such complacency in return.

Never had the misfortune to lose a wig but did once drop a two p.

Hope you are well Twisty and the horses are kind.


Yep I’m with ya! I’m receding at a rate of knots and when the combover look finally calls, it’ll be number one across the top back and sides, and a final move to the pledge and a duster.

The fella in question has unfortunately been snapped on an iPhone and is now featuring widely on Twitter.

Junior fans can be a bit, let’s say, quick witted, so the lad can look forward to some unflattering comments from the sidelines. It’ll start next week when Whitburn travel to play the same Bo’ness side they faced last night, and there were quite a number of Bo’ness fans in attendance.

The wisecracks are the price he’ll have toupee.

Can’t think of any more off the top of my head


Hi Danny
I’m good Ty.

The nags are being unkind at the minute. Hopefully they’ll be kinder over the next 10 days as I’m at Hamilton, Musselburgh then York. Could be an expensive week!!

Undoubtedly the opposition are in a bit of a predicament. Spend what they don’t have, by more director loans and/or share issues, or hold tight and assume the last two matches v the hoops lead them to believe they can regain the title?

My own opinion is they’ll sell Morelos, Goldson and probably two others and plough the majority of it back into the playing side.

£30m plus is heading our way. The board know this. Reinvest it and there’s every chance we will be back in the CL next season looking forward to the same or a larger amount. Get ourselves into a positive upward cycle for a change.

Sit tight and the likelihood is we will be in the qualifiers the following year, and back in the same spot Ange has worked so hard to take us out of.

my ‘end of term’ report ….

I tend to agree with Fan … some parts of the AP’s plan are working (forwards pressing, good movement), but the midfield doens’t seem to be linking defence and attack well ….slows down play too much still (although much better than last season) ….

Joe Hart has been a revelation this season… someone said he kicking is poor … hard to disagree … I was’t sure of him when he signed, but he has proved me wrong …. .he has produced some big stops…. and more than anything, he is a great steady, calm base for the team (which, has been missing since Fraser Forster – the best Celtic keeper I have ever seen) left. The two of them provide a steady base for the rest of the team…

on the defence, the big yank has been hands down the best player in Scotland …. by a mile this season. After a nervy start, Starfelt has grown into his role… and I’m not going to shit on a guy for stepping up for the team, and playing on his wrong side… he’s putting the needs of the team ahead of his own situation, so not going to slam him.

Juranovic, … had he been playing on his proper side, he would be a PotY candidate … and,again, props, for taking one for the team, and slotting in on the wrong side when needed…

Taylor… cant say he hasn’t tried… but simply not good enough, even domestically for Celtic.

Forwards… Kyogo would have been player of the year, but for his injury. after a shaky start, GG saved the season when he came in … and provides a much needed physical presence up front..

maeda is the energizer bunny on steriods… both he and Kyogo press the way AP wants … but maeda has to be a bit sharper in front of goal

both Jota and Abada have been great … both a bit inconsistent, but they are both young and wingers, so it goes with the territory … but, considering that, and moving to a new country… both have been exceptional

mids is where we have a problem… and it is a serious one …

Hatate’s first games, he looked a world beater … same with ORiley… but then they both seemed to lose their way ….this has happened not infrequently at Celtic … something to consider for another day…

I know Calmac has his fans, but I think he would have been better advised to stay in England… he came back to Scotalnd, and because Scott Brown was an automatic pick (although what position SB played was never clear… he was all over the park) was shoe horned into a role on which he seemed unclear, and for which he was never really suited….

SB had passion and an engine …and must have been a great team mate… but must have been hell to play beside… you never knew when he was going to go chasing the ball, and leave a huge hole that had to be covered…. and Calmac’s personality seems to be such that he faded a bit beside Brown … and then when SB leaves, Calmac is suddenly forced to (i) become Captain and (ii) midfileld anchor, neither of which he seems suited or groomed for (but, again, props for stepping up and trying this season)…

but that midfiled is a problem …. it doen’st connect defence and attack … or doesn’t respond well when attack had to turn into defence …..

I know people say AP is lining up 4-3-3, but if you play Rogic, for example, as part of the 3 mids, it is really more of a 4-2-3-1, and that is a very hard system to play, unless you have one superb defensive midfielder/fulcrum, who allows the other mid to bomb forward to support the attack … Calmac seems to be forced into that role, but as I said, he is just not that guy …. I thought Ideguchi was being brought in for either that role, or LB, (our two biggest weaknesses by miles), but if he isn’t getting any time there, it makes me think something is amiss.

So, the forwards are moving, but the midfield is still too flat and too static ….(albeit, as I said, better than last year)…

but as Fan, i think, pointed out, if you play the pressing game, EVERYONE has to press and/or step into areas vacated by the pressing players, or else it leaves huge gaps/passing lanes through which opposing teams can run unimpeded…. whcih is what we have seen in euriope this season …

if he doen’st have the guys to play the systmen he wants, AP has to (i) get them, (ii) if not, teach the midfield guys who are currently there what is expected of them in that system, or (iii) consider another system, 4-4-2 to give the middle of the park more cover. I know 4-2-3-1, which as I say, is more of what we play in reality, is supposed to mean that the 2 wide of the 3 in the 4-2-3-1 are supposed to track back when they lose possession (and I see players like Abada and Jota harrying players, so it is not like they aren’t covering back …. but it is in a more random, and less systematic way, than I think AP ‘s system requires…

if you are going to be so wedded to a system (and, for good and bad, AP seems to be)… it is on him to make sure the players know what is expected of them …for example, if the play is down the left wing, then the right winger has to make a run for the back post, or if the left sided mid has bombed forward and Celtic lose possession, the right of the 3 should know automatically when and where to drop back to provide cover in the mid.

I get that I am more of a system guy than most … and particularly more than most Scottish football fans who seem to gravitate more towards the ‘tanna ba’ players’…

but I tend to believe that Shankley had it pretty much right … football is socialism…. everyone has a role, and knows that role, and performs that role ….

overall grade for this season …. b …

a huge improvement over the debacle that was last season … but european performances dragged the mark down … but first season for a new coach and most of the players, so cant be too critical … As I said, AP gets a bit of a break this season, but this off season is crucial… he has to get his team playing the way he wants, or get in guys who can … next year, if he does, he gets the plaudits he deserves, and maybe a job at Leicester (or someplace like that) … but, if not, he gets the brickbats….



Hail Hail.


To the Bhoys who responded to my earlier post, of course we need to plan ahead and of course we need to improve on our European performances in particular.
We have a new Manager, a new CEO & a new Head of Scouting, it’s easy to be cynical & just throw barbs but let’s give them a chance.
I thought last years recruitment was excellent, I said so here at the time but was shot down in flames, We certainly need the same again, personally I’m of the opinion a good big ‘un is better than a good small ‘un.

I would like to see more height & physicality in the squad,
By all means lets chew the fat on these issues but let’s do it with a smile on our face & hope in our hearts.


Spot on.

Hail Hail.


Wooft £7.5million for Maradonas shirt!

Electronic Timeline 1978.
Kraftwerk Neon lights.



Folks thanks for comments much appreciated yes, it’s interesting that Martin focused on building a team that were difficult to beat and turned Paradise into an absolute fortress. What we probably don’t want to be reminded of is his European record ( as a manager ) overall, was just ok! A losing finalist in a second tier tourney – as enjoyable as that was.

Was it enough?

On planning and organising and why we canny afford to sit back and rest on our laurels

We can never wait -it’s always important right now:

Did you know ( I didn’t until I got a scary image sent of the potential 4 Champions League Group pots that factored in Sevvies winning in Spain ….yes.. I know )

And in that scenario they would have been top of pot 4. Celts would have been 3 Rd from bottom in pot 4.


A team that won 4 Trebles on the bounce has only 33 co-efficient points and sits in position 51 in EUFA club rankings. Definitely just above bottom of Pot 4

Their nearest domestic rival is only 10 years old and has 46 ( and possibly more!!) and sits in position 34 in EUFA club rankings. If they get through the CL qualifying sections they would be above us in the rankings. Top of pot 4 and possible bottom of Pot 3.

If they win in Spain… aye!… they have a decent chance of being in Pot 3!!!

Sitting around slapping one another on the back for domestic success, just isn’t going to cut it for some Celtic fans I know.

Not one bit.

Right now we are losing ground where it really matters and it’s high time we got the fekin’ finger oot. 🌞

Celtic Bòrd will need to be constantly reminded of their rank mediocrity in Europe.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Celtic fans prepared to do that.



The time to celebrate is when we actually win the League.

As one who didn’t throw the towel in when we were behind in August September, I’m also not claiming a victory til it is done. Hearts, remaining competitive with a Cup Final in mind, will be no pushovers

Human nature, of course, generates anticipation and eager speculation that when we do secure it, we will garner CL riches as a result and allows us to dream about spending it on improvements,
like a hopeful lottery winner.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, 2.49.
Spot on, Jim! I know we all love silky players, but we play in a unique little shithole.
Fair to say the old Rangers looked shit scared of Martin’s team at first.
I’m all for buying players with muscles, who will stand up to the rough stuff our better players have to put up with.
Buy 2 or 3 of them and we won’t have ANY problems with Sevco.
Really hope that’s the manager’s next moves

Hope you’re good, pal 👍



Great stuff,though I’d rather not be reminded of 2005. Martin knew the type he wanted in every position. But I’m not sure that he really did his homework on the players he was inheriting.

Mjallby,Lubo,Petrov and even Henrik were written off without a second glance. Jackie and Tom Boyd too. Of our best players then,probably only Lambert was an immediate first pick. And I think that MON had some justification for that,given that we lost the league by 21 points!

But all of those players were soon regulars for him,because MON doesn’t take long to admit to a mistake. And with the new signings,it gave us a fantastic squad of players for him to choose from. A terrific manager,with very capable assistants.

Big Audio Dynamite

Twisty 3.37 oh, VG!




Good to hear from you! I’ve written tomorrows article,half of it this morning and completed just there. It deals with a lot of your points,so hopefully you can come back on tomorrow and pull me apart!



Good luck with the horses! I’m kinda off them just now,waiting forThe Derby Meeting,whenIMO the flat season starts.

bada bing1


Wooft £7.5million for Maradonas shirt!

Steve Hodge must have been like Del Bhoy, and Rodders when they sold the watch….

Used to say you could drive a couple of double decker buses through our midfield.
I hope Ange can change but i have my doubts.
Had a break down of the CL money in the paper and it’s not as much that people believe…………it would be but we would have to win and draw a good few games.We have to play (tactics) in Europe.



Aye,well put!


I wish I’d stayed off them for a few weeks too. End of the NH and start of the flat is notoriously difficult.

Jobo Baldie

If only to avoid an all England final I shall unusually be mainly supporting Real Madrid from 8pm tonight. Hoping that both teams continue eith their policy that attack is the best form of defence.



2-1 Madrid.

Extra time

3-2 Madrid


City win

Billy Bhoy


Yes, the lesser of two evils. I’ve no affection for RM but they get my support every time against the likes of Citeh and PSG.



Hell knows,I’m no fan of sportswashing,but Man City in full flow are a delight to watch,have been for a few years now.

Billy Bhoy


No argument there. They are very easy on the eye. But so they should be with the size and value of their squad.

Awe Naw No McManaman Oan Again !! FFS – I’d rather listen to wee Tom Miller fae RTV 🙄


B.A.D. I’m fine pal, hope you are too! 🙂

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