Thirtyfive Down!


About forty years ago when Channel Four first started,I would occasionally have a look in at their coverage of American Football. Always keep an open mind,innat. Didn’t take me long to get bored with that idea. A four hours match just to complete an hour of play? Not enough beer in the world to keep me interested.

About ten years after that,ATHINGOFBEAUTY moved down to London to join me and my two flat mates. I decided,to be different,to take her to Wembley market one Sunday. Bearing in mind we lived in Streatham,it was a bit of a drive. It was also a bit of a bummer when we discovered that the market,held in the grounds of the stadium,wasn’t on that day. Some bliddy NFL match scheduled. Who knew? Seems we were the only people in London who didn’t!

Mind you,the day wasn’t ruined. We went to a pub I knew in Islington,The Pint Pot,and watched the cricket in rather fine company.

Anyway,probably wrong,but when an NFL offense reaches a certain point on the pitch,it is called a down. 35 yards out is 35 down. Hence my laboured heading for this article! But having achieved that,they have 35 to go. We have three! And first up is a home match against eternal foes,Hearts,lying in third place,a position they are guaranteed to fill at the end of the season.

I’ve met some smashing Hearts fans over the years,including in The Haymarket,their HQ beside the station. I don’t deny it. Had some right good times in their company. Had some not so good experiences too with some of the more poisonous elements of their support. Who are more typical,if I’m honest,than my past acquaintances. And the performance of their team on the pitch,particularly in recent years,has reflected that ugly side too. If they could manage to get Naismith and Lafferty signed up for tomorrow,they would.

I doubt very much that tomorrow will be a classic,a game for the purists. I think there will be much licensed thuggery about,and in Don Robertson,they will have a man in the middle who is likely to accommodate just that. I have to congratulate the SFA/SPFL on this appointment,given they were clearly running out of options after recent appointments for our games. He’s a good one to have up your sleeve,and we all know where that expression comes from.

But at this stage of the season and bearing in mind how close we are to our goal,I’ll take a last minute offside own goal penalty if that gets us the three points. Though the possibility of getting a penalty from him in the first place are somewhat remote. For those who are lucky enough to be in attendance at the match tomorrow,I suggest wearing gloves. Saves wrecking your fingernails.

For those watching in the pub,make sure that you have enough cash on you to buy a few rounds after the match. It might well be history in the making,the biggest points turnover in the Scottish game between winners and runners-up.

All of which is incidental to the big picture,of course. Which is to just finally win the damned thing and put all of us out of our misery. Or,for once,to put a bloody smile on my face!

Fingers,toes and eyes crossed…


Above article by BMCUWP

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Apologies for being pedantic but We won’t be officially crowned Champions if we win tomorrow. That will only happen if the Huns drop points on Sunday or we take the final point needed on Wednesday. Our out of reach GD only comes into play when all games have been played.
Then again if we falter Who’s to say the EL winners elect won’t go on to excitedly claim three 7-0 victories. !
However, all down to us to get the job properly done.

I often say to my Edinburgh born pals “ you guys detest the Jambos more than the Huns” and to a man they do. Living amongst their special brand of hatred from childhood has that negative effect.

I’ve lived in Edinburgh for many years and with the exception of a couple of genuine good guys they are Generally a detestable fan base. Their hatred of anything green would make J Bell, deceased, proud.



The good news we have this in our hands with 3 games to go.

Ange found a Way in jig time and much to be admired.

A nervy 90 minutes at Paradise tomorrow watching Champions Elect find a way past Hertz is all part of the joys of the game.

Will stick a few extra beer tokens in the pocket …



Hope you are well buddy.

A good shout on technicalities re. League not won if we beat Hertz

But please don’t be giving me the fear… even the most pessimistic Celts couldn’t envisage Sevvies winning their next 3 league games 7-0 ….

I mean Dunfermline aren’t even IN the SPFl 😅

Noel Skytrot

Celtic will easily turn Hertz over leaving us requiring one point to be crowned champions.

I’m witnessing loads of Celtic supporters on social media wishing the huns luck and spouting how good it is for the rest of Scottish football. Who the fuck wishes their rivals who absolutely despise our club and its supporters good luck? Bunch of cucks.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a pretty wet and drookit EK.
4 points for the title might seem like a Cinch but until we actually secure the win and a draw required then I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. It does seem very likely that when the title is sealed, Dundee Utd will be involved.

Prestonpans bhoys

I’ve been in the Lothians for exactly 40 years now, yes the Hertz fans are a mixed bag. A dangerous mixed bag with a very considerable deplorable hun like element.

As for last night there is nothing we can do about Old Firm FC getting to a European final. However what we can do is domestically and we have, one cup, one league. As for the Scottish Cup, we all will be supporting Hertz even with that mixed bag support😵

Awe Naw

Bring on The Rangers

Computer said “No” so trying to get Tickets for the final via Leipzig. On the case.

Brutally hungover. Last night the only people causing trouble were locals and not even football fans. Party quickly died in the toon last night.

Synopsis. Eintracht Frankfurt have beaten Barcelona in the Nou camp, Drew with them at home. Beat West Ham home and away , have beaten Bayern away, Leverkusen away. They have also lost to Bielefeld, Hertha, Bochum. Their strange results, beating good teams and then often playing shite against domestic opponents reminds me of a certain Scottish team who have made it all the way to the EL final.

So I reckon the outcome of the EL final will be difficult to predict, It certainly isn´t a gimme for any of them in my opinion.

I reckon the good guys will shade it. I certainly hope so as it will surely be a cathartic experience for me going back to Sevilla to expunge the ghosts of Mourinhio and Deco and enjoy the experience without a divorce going on in the background. Hopefully come back having supported the winner. No ticket I am not going. If I do get briefs then No worries I will post here on Sentinelcelts morning and evening postcards from Seville from Awe Naw and Awe Naw Jr,

Losing it as an Eintracht fan will be unthinkable and the postcards will stop immediately.

For a Celtic fan
– does that fuck with your PLC monetary catechism ? the answer is no it won´t but the question is why ?

What if we do go bust trying to chase the dream ? See Sevco it can easily be rectified in ten years right ? Will DD still use the word curtailed ? fuck we already have the first hand experience in how to do so – we wrote the book

The I´d rather have Seville than be diddled out of a treble brigade will then be noticeable by their absence this summer. That´s what is possible if your custodians have a modicum of ambition and are willing to sink their own money into the organisation that they love rather than into an organisation where the custodian is more emotionally attached to making money than being altruistic. Approved by FFP that´s exactly what UEFA want. Rich benefactors. What Sevco have done is perfectly legit just no money in it for DD. As you all ken fine well

but naw it´s; “mon the balance sheet”=”mon the preferential dividend” “I may be paying top EPL prices for my two Saturday k.o’s ST per season but look how much better we are this season compared to the howling stinking bowl of piss we were last season and at least tomorrow I will wake up a Celtic supporter” – whatever floats your boat I suppose. An Old Firm shared double- how cute and how nice and lovely … Old Firm affirmation eat your heart out … maybe some joint cup pictures on the slopes of Hampden all four trophies – GVB and Ange hugging one another, A daily record pull out special

It will be just me and my bhoy for this trip no women this time and no amateurs. I know exactly what I will be doing and where I will be going having checked this place out before

Tell all the Tims you know that
Awe Naws going to Seville and you´re no
You´ll be watching the Bill
while we´re in Seville
and it´s already roasting as you know

Lets hope for a little bit of History repeating 6.3 the good guys



All good thanks , apart from a slight nausea on hearing last nights result.
Was at Derren Brown performance last night and even his brand of illusion and “mind bendery” can’t distract from Hun EL reality.

Was confident they would get papped out, but
Whatever it is they are doing, whatever Mephistophelean deal they have struck is working well for them.

Sorry to ruin your cornflakes this morning😀

Aye, no Calderwood/ Nicol ( Tango n Sash)
“inspired” Dunfermline thank God.

Let’s get this done tomorrow and Wednesday.




Aw Naw- wish you good luck on the tickets buddy.


Jobo – great memories of title wins at Tannadice … in midweek 👏🏻

PB/ Noel- how focused will Hertz be on this game… what’s the word out East etc? – not really one that buys into theories of players saving themselves for forthcoming Cup Finals…

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone, what a horrendous thought that the Sevco hordes will be descending on Seville.

I’ve tried very hard not to watch, read or listen to too much of what happened last night but have noticed this morning a few photos of the BT Sports studio panel all with their orange microphones.

Why orange? Don’t they play in red, white and blue? I wonder who was at the meeting where that decision was made and what their rationale was.

So thankful that Ange and the Bhoys have already secured the league cup and are well on track to win the league and I just hope Hearts and Eintracht Frankfurt find top form in their respective cup finals.

George Square be careful, lock up your benches.

Prestonpans bhoys


Next door says he doesn’t want any of the first team playing but accepts they need game time between now and the final.

So perhaps a pick and mix, some first team players and a few hammer throwers to break a few legs. Need to ask if his son is going, he’ll certainly not.



Whoever is picked for the Jambos will be out to impress the boss. They’re professionals.
Expect no quarter to be given.
They will be up for it, that’s for sure.



Aye that makes sense- why would they risk it, even to give us a GIRUY

Was just discussing an option we have to show some steel if any of them do try it on with their pish .. I.E. does Ange take the view to meet fire with fire knowing a ‘risky red’ for one of our ‘nominated’ players would be worth the 10 man hit to calm Hertz down – because, if we don’t take full points v Hertz then we face Butcher et al at United… emboldened by an ‘outside’ chance.

Would Ange think like that ? … lay down a marker?



Aye- I can see that they will have players ‘right’ up for it. 😅



Good morning buddy

Trying so hard not to think about any of that stuff 🌞

Noel Skytrot

I think Ange Postecoglu will drive it home more than ever that we need to go out and do whats required by tannin Hertz. The fans deserve more after two very lacklustre performances against the Angry Brigade.




While the Hun are scrambling to make travel arrangements to Seville….

The good people of Seville are scrambling to book a week away in.
Ukraine 😁







You have email (early…) planning on being busy Saturday, Sunday & Monday 🌞



I started reading article and you mentioned 40 years ago watching Channel 4.

Me too buddy 👍👍👍

Not the old American Football, I was a Red Triangle man !!!!!



Paddy’s Maw

Hope all is well with you and yours?

Noticed you haven’t been on much lately, and wanted to thank you for you know what… we have a plan to watch remaining games with friends so ‘sending’ back login etc.

Hope to get down and celebrate with you all at some point and show our heartfelt appreciation.🍺

Thanks again so much SeS & SheSeS ( what goes…) ☘️

The Fenian Whaler

Awe Naw
Fantastic post.

PS aren’t we all glad we don’t have to play Sevco at the crumble dome again this season now that they are heading to Saville🤢


Celtic’s 3-0 first half hammering of the huns may have inadvertently helped them reach Europa final.
GVB learned he could not go toe to toe with footballing sides so a defensive shield in centre of field was tried.
Lundstum who had been considered a dud till then along with Jack and Kamara put up a defensive wall in front of their error prone centre backs forcing opponents to go wide and hit hopeful crosses.
Away in Europe they have used a back five with a protective 3 sometimes 4 midfield wall in front and close to them.
At home they are also similar though willing to risk conceding possession with more punts up the park to put themselves in positive areas.
They then used Morelos and Kent’s pace to break quickly especially against Dortmund with a decent amount of success.
Simply put the huns tactics worked in Europa and though it is not pretty they are in the final on merit.
Not surprising as most modern possession based teams defenders are not particularly good at defending.
The idea of possession coaches is constant recycling of ball till opponent eventually vacates defensive space and to attack that area causing a disruption of opponents defensive tactics.
The huns under Slippy and GVB have been taught not to chase or worry about winning ball but to simply hold position forcing opponents into hopeless crosses that suits the physical hun defender.
In BR’s final season and a half with us teams started to suss this and our play became a lot more lateral because of with few chances created despite high possession stats.
Problem for GVB is their fans will not accept such a negative playing style in domestic environment so they are forced to attempt a more open creative style than they are capable of playing.

The Fenian Whaler


It’s called pragmatism and adapting tactics to suit opponents, something all successful managers have in abundance, those that stick to a rigid doctrine usually end up being sussed, and invariably their teams are beaten and their tenure as managers cut short. As for domestic football, Sevco only really has to worry about one team – that being us.


Good stuff. The only boozer that I ever drank in at Haymarket, was Ryries. I assume that you have visited that fine establishment. A cracking wee traditional pub. In addition, a fine squad of Embra Tims made their home there. As for tomorrow? Again, as a cautious optimist, I’m taking it one game at a time. Win three points tomorrow however, and the party will last for months.

Awe Naw

Good luck in the ballot…and to Eintracht in the final. Would 1960 have been the last time the team was in a European final? In any case, the same score that Eintracht thrashed the Huns by-in the semi-final-will do just nicely. 12-4? Aye, that has a nice ring to it… albeit twas on aggregate.


Glad to hear that all is well with Rosie.


My reply to a very good post this morning on CQN from Spidey 101:-

It was a great post this morning and you have continued to argue your point with clarity but, I agree with Celtic40Me, the argument is a tilt against windmills; it is based on a false premise.

Nobody- absolutely not one person- has ever stated or believed that we “cannot compete in Europe.”; it is a ridiculous assertion to make which is why it has never been made.

Some posters, like myself, HAVE stated that we cannot contest the final stages of the CL because it is a hegemony of the Big 5 leagues. That truism remains true. For the past decade, including this season, we have seen 7 English teams, 8 Spanish teams, 4 German, 2 Italian and 1 French club participate. In total 11 different clubs have contested the title and 5 different clubs (Spanish, English and German have won it. It is clearly a hegemony.

Even if you go to q-final level, which is a high achievement, far superior to a Europa final- you will see the same hardening effect of top 5 league domination. Yes there are other non-CL contenders like Seville, Benfica, Porto, Dortmund or Ajax who get there and some have been unlucky y not to get a chance at a final title, but the trend remains at heart. It is a competition for top clubs in top 5 leagues with an occasional competitive run by a top French, Dutch, Portuguese or Ukrainian outfit. Once in a blue moon, a fairytale occurrence happens where a peripheral club from a peripheral league has outdone our best. It is 10 years since that happened – Apoel Nicosia getting to the q-finals with a Brazilian-stocked team.

If anyone has a good year or outperforms us- Copenhagen, Zagreb, or Maribor, we hold ourselves up to ridicule- even though our decade long performance ranks close to theirs or betters it.

Sevco reaching a Europa final has not changed the truth of this CL argument. Nobody has ever asserted that we could not ever again reach a Europa final. Show me any post that stated this, and Choirboy was confident it was said, and I’ll donate £50 to Mary’s Meals.

Similarly, no happy clapper was stating that we’d give up a league in exchange for a Euro final (there are many huns using this Fox & Grapes reasoning this morning though). I am on record in saying that losing a Europa/Uefa final is just about equivalent to a last 16 or last 8 in CL achievement. Recent consecutive winners, Sevilla, kind of proves that point. Euro league losing finals, which we wallow in from 2003, was an achievement gained by such stellar clubs as Alaves, Middlesboro, Fulham and the old Huns.

Of course, we can do better in Europa and Conference competitions and we have been punching below our weight recently but reaching the final is still an outlier/Foinavon level achievement by a badly run club such as Sevco.

Many posters are imagining and inventing strengths in this basket case club that are just not there and never have been. They are seeing a purpose and intent and planning and cunning and ambition behind an event they never thought they would achieve. The Bluenose fan, this morning, is astounded to find themselves in a Euro final, as am I.

It has happened and it cannot be wished away as a complete fluke, or explained away as mere luck or chance but spare me the Intelligent Design argument behind how they got there. They made the best use of a bad lot and beat a lot of much better teams , and some poorer ones on the way. With the same points total in a different group, such as ours, they would have been in the Conference group with us.

Two months ago- nobody was seeing the strengths in the Sevco team and management which they are now saying was there all along. If they had these qualities they would have deployed them in the league campaign too but we have bested them there. Whether it ends up as a 1 point, 3 point, 6 point or 9 point winning margin, we bested them.

They are in a Euro final. I will be hoping they lose but I will acknowledge their fantastic achievement. I will not praise their ambition because it is embedded in corruption. And I will continue to belittle their players and manager because, as the team who bested them, we have earned every bit of the gloating rights.



3 rounds of Superbru to be completed. Predictions due in by 12 noon tomorrow

The Fenian Whaler

The Celtic PLC CEO at the 2021 AGM

“If we talk about Europe, it’s a much different environment to what it was 20 years ago. We all know that, you know that. You go into the Champions League and you get absolutely pasted by the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. Celtic Football Club is not the Qatar Government. There’s a whole set of different players out there with completely different pockets.”

Or the proper translation is” So ye wanna talk aboot Europe, well we’re no spendin’ oor bonus money chasin’ a dream so do one”

Meanwhile, Live in Seville….



Hope all’s good Sentinels, been a while but still read when I can the excellent contributions on here. Just popped in to catch the spin…


The Fenian Whaler gives a very good example of what SPIDEY101 was talking about – “we can’t compete in Europe” brigada.

Please read what he actually wrote…

SPIDEY101 @ 9:43 AM On CQN…

I hope Them getting to the final puts our usual “we can’t compete in Europe” cries to bed. While they’ve had a huge amount of luck, they’re in a final having despatched the reigning champions of Armenia, Denmark and Serbia, a Czech team who cuffed us 4-1 home and away last year, the 4th best Portuguese team and the second and fifth best teams in the German top flight.

We, by contrast, haven’t won a post group knock-out tie since Barcelona in 2004 – some 18 years ago!! In the intervening time, we’ve failed to qualify for any European group stage twice – Artmedia in 2005 and both Braga (CL) and Utrecht (EL) in 2010. We’ve also had the delights of technical reprieves against Sion and Legia Warsaw – soon followed by us wishing we hadn’t bothered as we got a solitary win against Rennes in the group stage first time, and fell to Maribor second time round.

Having qualified for a group stage on 14 occasions since 2004, we’ve got to a post-group knock-out phase on 8 occasions. We have won 1 of those games (Zenit at home), drawn 3 (Milan, Inter, and Copenhagen) and lost 12 (Milan, Barcelona x 2, Juventus x 2, Inter, Zenit, Valencia x 2, Copenhagen, and Bodo x 2). As mentioned, we haven’t won any of the ties on aggregate. No disgrace not beating Barcelona or the big three Italian teams. Not even winning a game against Copenhagen and Bodo was poor. Not least as Bodo disproved our previous excuses for poor qualifying performances – rebuilding the team, we’re in pre-season against teams mid-season, etc.

Prior to 2004, we hadn’t been in European football after Christmas for 23 years – while the football calendar means we’re unlikely to have such a barren run again anytime soon, we’re not far off it being 23 years since we won a post-group knock-out tie, and if it weren’t for Musonda’s wonder goal against Zenit, we’d be saying that about winning a post-group knock out game!

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve also had the delights of having made our Champions League group stage debut in 2001 and it taking us 11 years and 5 appearances in the CL group stages to get an away win – Operation CLAW and all that. And we had the no wins in the group stage of the Europa League in Ronnie’s second year.

In short, for a club that boast a proud record in Europe with a big cup to show for it, we’ve actually been pretty awful overall. We’ve basically had 4 spells of relative success:

1. 10 years between 1965 and 1975 (the Stein era),

2. 1979-80 season when McNeil took us to the European Cup quarter finals,

3. 2001-04 under Martin O’Neil and

4. 2006-08 with two CL last -16 qualifications under Strachan.

We’ve fallen into the lament that the game has changed, money means we can’t compete, the big guns are just too good. Over the past five years, we’ve won four (of 20) games against a team ranked higher than us in the coefficient- Lazio twice, RB Leipzig, and that Zenit game. We’ve lost 15 of those games. They have half that number this season alone (Dortmund and Leipzig).

However you cut it, we’ve underperformed and this needs to be a wake-up call for us. Paul67 recently suggested that our fundamentals were good but we’ve now lost the 10 in a row campaign and been eclipsed in Europe by a team that weren’t even in the Scottish top flight 7 years ago!

SPIDEY101 did not put any caveats in, those are yours. Hope you’ll be as good as your word and send the money to that excellent cause.

Hail Hail



How would a couple of £million in redirected bonus payments make us any more potent in Europe than we currently are?


Agree with your synopsis. The Huns achievement, nauseating as it is, is based on a pragmatic approach by a decent coaching team at Ibrox, utilising a settled squad.
Yet they trail us in the League. Why? I believe what gives them strength in Europe limits them domestically.
They cannot play Wattenaccio in Scotland.

Let’s see where we are next season. At home and abroad.


A brilliant post.

Hail Hail.

The Fenian Whaler


The bonus jibe was directed at our PLC’s aversion to spending money to build a team and their ability to pocket bonus payments from sitting on large amounts of cash in the bank from player sales rather than reinvesting it in the playing squad – but I am sure you knew this🙄

Margaret McGill

Maybe Celtic need a spiritual director.
How many kids does Lawwell have?


Margaret McGill @ 4:53 pm,

Maybe Celtic need a spiritual director.
How many kids does Lawwell have?

Not sure but he has many votaries who could do the job…

Hail Hail



The Fenian whaler gave an example of someone, a director, I believe speaking about the difficulties of CL football, those are the examples he gives- not of Europa or Conference level competition, because he was being asked specifically about CL a”ambition” or lack of. The Fenian Whaler even has to make his own translation of it to make it fit because what the director(?) said was true.

CFC answered the point that, even if the Bonus money was withheld, a good idea in its own right, it would not make a dent in the financial gearing required to overcome the inherent advantages that big 5 league elite teams have.

As for Spidey making no caveats; I am stating that he made one in his otherwise well argued post. That is he conflated CL realities with European competition realities in asserting there were people who said and believed Celtic could not compete in Europe. I challenged this one assertion in Spidey’s post, and repeated in yours. No one has ever said we cannot compete in Europe and I challenged you and him to find just one example, subject to a £50 forfeit from myself. I am still awaiting that example. TFW’s “interpretative” effort does not qualify.

I have to go out now but will be home by 10.30. I expect no clear example will have been found by then.



😀 Awareness bypass! Still feeling bilious after last night!

I take the general point made.

Margaret McGill

We are not talking about CL but the EL. Stop obfuscating. I give you Bodo/Glimt.

The Fenian Whaler


It seems you are being deliberately disingenuous just as the CEO was with his flippant response to a question about our competing in European competitions at the AGM. No one is expecting Celtic to compete financially with Man City or PSG but having a realistic expectation of being able to compete in the Europa or Conference competitions is one we as a support and a club should not only aspire to but demand.

Margaret McGill


The Gombeen Man

How fitting is it that the Red, White and Blue bunting that you are all about to witness across Scotland, will be in anticipation of the forthcoming Sevco desecration of the Shrine of Seville?

The approaching sacrilege in Seville is the fruit of the labours of a Plc, whose prime motivation is the monetisation of the Celtic support.

It’s uncanny how life supplies these moments of dark coincidence. Seville of all places. The humiliation. All in the year of the celebration of the 150th Anniversary.

How ironic is it too, that Scotland’s mess has arrived at UEFA’s door? In the event of any large scale disorder, will anyone ask any questions about that 5WA? Isn’t it remarkable how karma is about to deliver 80,000 Sevco supporters on an unsuspecting Seville?

How can a Liquidated Club, still have a 150 year history? How are they financed? What exactly happened? Why all those court cases? How did all the checks and balances fail so badly?

UEFA may live to regret turning a blind eye to the shenanigans in Scotland.

Peter might be making a few more of those hurried phonecalls if this goes belly up.

Seville, should have represented the highpoint but ultimately it represented the deathnell of the innocence of Celtic. Today it represents the resurgence of Rangers, as a consequence of years of deception and lies.

Much of our descent into the current quagmire can be directly traced to decisions made after Seville. What else could anyone expect from senior Executives with a background in the closure of Scotland’s coal industry?

This week while the souped up Sevco prepared for a European semi-final, the other channel chased squirrels for 72 hours.

Tuesday was a good day to bury bad news – Mark Lawwells’ appointment. Wednesday saw the classic diversionary follow-up – The squirrel about the Sevco support at Celtic Park.

“Ban them.” “Huns, the lot of them.” “Chase the feckers.”

– Pitchforks out. –  Mugs chasing shadows…Job done.

Master Lawwell is quietly placed on your payroll.

Thursday, CCV is unlikely to stay. Downplay his contribution, manage expectations. “He’s no right for Angebaw.” The Lawwells have other plans.

Today it’s navel gasing and tedious financial projections. The number is immaterial if it’s annually squandered (?)

The same pish you’ve lapped up for years.

Egged on of course by sycophant board supporters, who have shamefully compromised any personal integrity by posting nonsense for years.

They scoffed and we lost Ten, Celtic regressed annually in Europe, our recruitment became a financial black hole.

Still they singled out “panty wetters” and ” not real Celtic men.” Even labelling decent folk asking honest questions, “Huns.”

– Not to be forgotten.

The Sevco Board will do anything to achieve success on the field of play. Celtic Plc sold you all out.

You know this. You bought the disingenuous prospect of domination.

The Celtic support ignored the warnings. For years the failings have been pointed out. The transparently dodgy recruitment model. The cowardly character assassination of any dissenter.

Martin O’Neill quietly sold his shares, Brendan Rodgers tried to tell you and was vilified. Lenny told you first time round and left.

Nepotism, internal promotions. Failed European campaigns. The soul of Celtic was being eaten away.

Flawed thinking at executive level all too readily rationalised and forgotten.

Eddie Howe, Bernard Higgins, Old Firm games in Sydney, Dom Mackay, Pedro & Eric Riley still on the Celtic FC Ltd board. Mark Lawwell, Gavin Strachan, John Kennedy.

If Ange walked away tomorrow we’d be completely screwed.

In truth, for all the talk of rebels, the Celtic support are incredibly supine. We didn’t learn the lessons, ignored the warning signs. We ran from the fight.

News this morning of Sevco’s victory is partly on the older guys who knew better and rounded on anyone who questioned the rationale of funding an organisation that patently wasn’t telling the truth.

The Celtic Supporters Trust, The Supporters Association. The usual placemen on board friendly blogs, have failed in their duty to Celtic and the younger members of the support.

Now is the time to drop the self-serving rhetoric and adopt a bit of humility.

We’ve been watching this trainwreck unfold for years.

Seville ffs.

Margaret McGill



Excellent post!


I was wondering where you have been these last few days. Back with a bang, I see. Quite brilliant.

Hail Hail.

St tams

It was the chairman that said it.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALLand JIM or is it evening, tgm straight to the point, mike will be proud of you🤩 do you think maybe dermot who thinks rainjurs are one of the great football teams will have his ticket for seville, well there will be quite a few of the masonic brethren giving him a handshake and saying there is a ticket for you dermot ,will he use it ,its anybodys guess .another true story🤩

St tams

fantastic 👍

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