“Blunder From Down Under” Brings Back The Thunder!


I warned you all at the weekend that I planned to have this as the title of my article about us winning the league! And I’ve used it mainly as a comment on those loudmouth types in the press during Ange’s first three months here in particular,those who had indeed written the man off in those terms and worse. 

The likes of that font of knowledge,Kris Boyd. Or Tom English,Jackson,Keevins and the entire who’s who of what passes for football journalism in Scotland. Indeed,it was eerily reminiscent of a certain genuine superstar joining us as a player over twenty years before,one who soon made it clear to us all why he was known in his homeland as “Gift From God”

Ange might not be a gift from God,but he has certainly delivered one. His achievements this season have been little short of a miracle,achievements which few of us,looking back on the wreckage of last season thought possible. He inherited a side which included too many want-away and disinterested players,along with far too many who simply weren’t up to the job. 

Of the regular players from this season,only Greg Taylor at left back,CalMac and Tom Rogic in midfield,were regulars last season! That is a simply stunning statistic in itself. It demonstrates the huge task he faced to rebuild the squad,the mammoth effort needed to gel these new players from disparate parts of the globe. There were doubtless language problems to overcome as well as cultural ones,not to mention having to shape all these players into a unit which played in his image. 

We. Don’t. Stop.

And neither did Ange. Even though we stuttered badly at the beginning-in fairness,the only really poor display domestically was the early one against Livingston-he held to his beliefs,drilled those beliefs into his players and got them believing themselves. And believing in themselves too. Because that’s half the battle in management,to have your team going onto the pitch at the start of every game believing that victory is theirs. And that they don’t stop until it’s time to celebrate!

But that is only the psychological side to Ange’s strategy. There is so much more than that,and the main factor in it all has been something that had been woefully absent at our club for far too long. That simple work ethic. Ange has worked his butt off to achieve what he has done,whether that be previously in life or over the last season. He has passed that work ethic on to his players,impressed on them its importance. And the difference from those last two years to this has been clear for all to see. 

The players know they have a manager who will work them hard in training and ask them to perform just that bit higher than,faster than,possibly they themselves thought they had in them. A manager who works out how to improve every player as an individual while consolidating that improvement in them all as a unit. A manager who believes in them and inspires belief. Who wouldn’t want to walk through brick walls for someone like that,especially if you had got used to just turning up and kicking a ball about for an hour before going home?

So the players reacted in the only way that professionals at this level should. They listened,they bought into the message-and they too worked their butts off,improving themselves as players even as the results and performances began to speak for themselves. Make no mistake,2021-22 will play a huge part in our club’s legend in years to come,and if we didn’t do it by playing pure,magnificent football all the time,we made up for it in sheer hard graft. 

I can’t leave out the back room staff either,whose improvement I believe comes from being given an identified role by Ange. For once,they looked as though they knew what they had to do,and were there to assist-as their job titles imply. Dominic McKay supported the manager in his signings,and even after his abrupt and unexplained departure,it was clear from our January window that Michael Nicholson would continue that. 

One or two of the signings have clearly been for the future,but I cannot think of one that has made us cringe when he took his place in the side-an all too common feature since,probably,Henri Kamara nearly twenty years ago. (Signed on loan as a replacement for Henrik,in case you’ve forgotten!) Most of the signings have simply been an outstanding success,although one or two maybe took a few games to get their act together. Another example,of course,of Ange’s management skills,that players were not simply cast aside! 

Look at the improvement in Ralston and Taylor at full back,or at Rogic in midfield. The latter even looks like a ninety minute player now,for perhaps the first time since he joined us-and this in probably the most high-intensity regime he has had? Or Joe Hart in goal,a man with the world at his feet until he was callously tossed aside by Pep six years ago and had struggled for game time since?

Or the relentless running of Kyogo and Maeda,the stop me if you can battering ram and finishing skills of G-Mak. The fruition of a tiny teenage winger-Abada,not Dembele!-into one of our top scorers. Or just putting a smile on the face of a wonderkid like Jota,who had previously lost his way. This isn’t just a mark of Ange’s skills as a football manager,but also as a man. It simply doesn’t happen unless the players have total belief in their manager,and in every respect. 

We have found the real deal here,and it is time now to sit down with him and offer a real deal to him in return. He is on that ludicrous 12-month rolling contract,something that should be filed forever in the bin. Ask him what he wants and give him it. Because he sure as hell deserves it!

Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning all.

BMCUWP, brilliant, you are spot on, get Ange signed up to a long term contract now. The EPL vultures will be hovering, watching and waiting.

Morning SeS 🙂



great reading the last couple of days. Lots of deserved credit to Ange and the players. I can’t believe how many Huns are planning to go to Seville, I know a couple of decent ones who were disgusted about the events in Manchester,I just heard they are going to Seville,I fear for their safety if they lose, but I hope they get beaten anyway in both finals.
the one thing that niggles me this year is the way it looked like we were tired in both games against sevco, I hope the management team gets fitness sorted for next year


Brilliant Bobby. Ange is the man! What we’ve never heard anything about is the players he hasn’t used or have been used only on occasion. Ange has backed the players who have followed his instructions. There will be some who have been given opportunities but have been unable to do what is being asked of them. If Ange has serious long term plans for us then the clearout over the next two transfer windows could be colossal!
Thetic…was in my suppliers yesterday and one of the boys, a St Mirren fan, is heading on Sunday to Spain for a golf jolly – travelling back on Thursday morning from Malaga airport! He is absolutely dreading it whether they win or lose!


Morning all.
Smashing leader, M.
You can tell a lot of time and effort put into that one.
Ange has shown he’s no yes man, I think a few of us feared that, when he arrived himself and kept the coaching staff that was already here.
He’s shown its his way or the highway and if you don’t like it, or don’t want to be here, fine off you go.

Noel Skytrot

Good article Bobby regarding what Ange walked into and how he implemented change resulting in instant success. I suspect the “custodians” will offer Ange a different type of contract than the one he’s quoted as being on and rightfully so.

As for the “sports journalism” (everyone laughs) there should be an article on here for that itself due to the way they dismissed AP. I wish I had the time to do one.

Who is he ?
He’s not got the relevant license
He’s only managed in Australia and Japan
He’s a non entity
He’ll be sacked before Christmas

There was much more derision and scorn from other quarters heaped on him that I’ve not mentioned

On that note, I see Radar of the Record is praising what Ange has achieved after initially mocking him. I don’t hear much from Keevins, Lindsay, Boyd, Dickson, Jack, Leckie or any of the others who slaughtered him when appointed. Alan Brazil put his hands up yesterday and admitted he was wrong, still nowt from sleekit arse McCoist, he’s too busy trying to secure a Europa ticket for his son ( let’s hope he’s not driving over )

Our impartial press, whit they like?



“He sure as hell deserve it ” – hope he is being looked after in every possible way.

When HiPo employees emerge a smart organisation will lay down a Career Path laden with all sorts of golden handcuff trinkets and options.

Retention Planning.

What we have with Ange goes way beyond HiPo as he is the genuine Rock Star..very few would have realised that he could achieve such success in 1st season ( Garry an honourable exception).

Competition will be watching Ange and dareisay, he may already have alternative options to consider.

Sense Ange is an houniuranle man and will want to build on his Hits List …not the One Hit Wonder and looking forward to more Silver… Gold… Platinum..

Cosy Corner Bhoy

An excellent leader again! Who are these penmanship masters!!😄. I was a ‘ give the man a chance, at least we’ve not still got Neil Lennon’ person. That said, even early doors there were signs. And….. if you were a bit reticent, then, our own Mr Postecoglou, kept you right😇.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Might just stay in the pub and wait till PaddysMaw and ATOB and Granddaughter get back from the game😁.
If you can’t get to the game, get to a Celtic type pub.
Looking forward to Police response to our supporters’ celebrations in the City tomorrow.


Twitter Rumours.
Celtic have listened to BMCUW and are in talks with Ange’s representatives to give him a pay rise and a longer term deal.
Other Twitter Rumours.
Celtic will announce several players moving on, today, Rogic would appear to be the surprising one, if true!!


Good morning all from Govanhill. McKinnons or Alfredos? Decisions, decisions. 🤔


A very accurate article BMCUW that captures the sentiments of many Celtic supporters.

Very skillful.


I cannot remember my views on Anges appointment but chances are they ended with ” we’ll see” .

However I never foresaw what did happen happening which backs up my theory of whatever happens eventually turns to good.

It’s a matter of patience.

St tams

Great article Bobby.
I was one who really doubted Ange after Livingston defeat. I’m very happy to say that I was wrong.
With regards to a new contract. I personally would want to wait until the end of the year to see what other players are brought in , in the summer and how we perform in CL.
If the club sees fit to give him a new contract , I would not be disappointed though.

Very surprised that James Forrest has been given a new 3 year contract, considering how little he has played over the last 2 seasons. Also, that Rogic, looks as if he’s moving on.
Just shows Ange does call the shots

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Whilst I remember………!
Steven Gerrard 1 out of 9 v Ange 2 out of 3.
🎼 coz two out of three ain’t bad🎼 👏
Where’s the SMSM now.


If true I suspect Rogic is keen to move on for personal more than football reasons and Ange will not stand in his way.

I’ll miss his magic feet though.


Morning BB 🌞



Good man … Don’t Stop… 🎉

Big Audio Dynamite

Still giving oxygen to c@nts like Keevins who are only there to create division and wind you up? Why??
Can understand people listening to ex footballers on football, but why let the others bug you? They are (Or should be) utterly irrelevant.
These people don’t want you happy, they want you stressed and angry all the time. Once you realise they make money off that, they become so easy to ignore. Like the people in Eastenders, they are just paid actors. It’s not what they are saying that’s important, it’s the reaction they are going for that is “Celtic will struggle to finish second” and boom, job done, People freaking all over the place! You see? all about the reaction to the agenda they always have., and winding you up is always on the menu.

Don’t listen to their commentary
Don’t buy their papers
And don’t switch on their radio shows.
They want to suck the enjoyment you get from Celtic right out of you.

Don’t let them!


Apparently Big Tam is leaving 🥲 He posted this on his Instagram account


BAD. 8.59.
It’s all about hits/reactions for them, to keep their editors sweet.
Their ignorance about football, in general, is staggering, even down to basics like laws of the game.
I met Old Shug many years ago and that’s what he told me, be controversial, irritate folks to goad a reaction, keep yourself ( talking about himself )relevant, if the public aren’t talking about you, then your days are numbered.
Once you realise that, then, as you say, it’s easy to ignore them, as they are acting a part for a salary.
Those clowns on Talksport build their whole station on it.
I was laughing at Sportswriters of the year awards, the Times are a changing, slowly, once that was a big deal ( because they made it so, think how arrogant that award is ) now most folks laugh at them and the young team don’t even know who they are.
They still have more power than they should though!


I think it is time to move on Rogic after a terrific season.
Likewise Bitton.
They both surpassed expectation’s this season in no small part due to the belief Ange instilled in them.
But the harsh reality is we need a different kind of player for SPL and Europe.
Neither were effective on the European stage.
Rogic can be spectacular in the SPL but is also guilty of giving away possession cheaply .
In Europe he was a luxury we could not afford with his poor ball retention.
Towards end of season his brilliance diminished and he did not contribute much.
Bitton was better in SPL games but still always comes with that one mistake which again we could not afford in Europe.
I posted weeks ago an article on Real’s Camavinga where a French coach said he is the blueprint for modern midfielders who cannot be one dimensional anymore.He stated power.physique game intelligence and skill were all requirements.His performance against Man city when he came on was all of the above and helped change the game.
Before anyone points out what he cost i realise we cannot afford such but his attributes are what we need to look for in signings with game intelligence being vital.
Maybe Ange is more of a pragmatist than we gave him credit for?
Our midfield needs to be revamped and Wednesday once again demonstrated why it is poorly structured and incapable of competing in Europe.
The Dundee utd goal although well taken by them was completely amateurish at any level as guy was allowed to run yards with ball and fire a shot without a Celtic player anywhere near him at any point.
They also had a shot of post from central area a few minutes before again unopposed.
That both shots were by midfielders tells a lot.
Sentiment wins you nothing so i hope Ange shows a ruthless streak in continuing to build a top class side unlike our previous lazy, cheap and habitual approach.

Get Ange sorted out and get the signings in early for pre season. If we do penalty to Rangers will be trailing next season too.


Don’t Stop..


Replying to Noel what you said is true I wish someone would put a massive post up about all these clowns and totally shred them gone by Christmas etc.


This is another interesting article on Fox Sport of all places on Ange’s season at Celtic.


There is one line that puzzles me or I’ve misread in respect of Rangers. Seems they’ve lost the Scottish Final to Hearts!


This is 1981/82 season.
Celtic know they still require only a draw to take the title on Saturday against St Mirren. The Bhoys have a +5 goal difference advantage and have scored more goals, but if they lose, and Aberdeen can beat Rangers by five goals, the Dons could snatch it at the death. https://t.co/ZWuDxDpa9r

Panic at half time as Dons were thumping first Rangers 4.0 and we were nil nil at half time, in the final games.
The players done the business in the second half, but that was another title, we were glad to get over the line and enjoy, particularly as 1980 was still very raw, when we blew that one.



The ” journalists” named and Scottish football media in general are living in a lie of their own creation.

Hell mend them and it will.


🗣 “I didn’t want to start with a new manager at 37-years-old, start jumping about in front of him like gaffer I can still play, I swear I can still play.” 🤣

Scott Brown on giving up his playing days to being appointed into his first headcoach role at Fleetwood https://t.co/f8miXjXEMz


Great Stuff BMCUWPS,

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I really can’t see anybody been the fit Ange’s been for us – every aspect of his knowledge, application and character a real important and necessary combination, to this awesome turnaround – to say the right man at the right time would be a huge understatement.

Well Done Ange And The Bhoys…

Championships won with class.

Auldheid @ 8:53 am,

Yes he’ll be truly missed, somewhat of an enigma of course and if he goes to find happiness, he goes with my blessing. We have a ready made replacement in Matt O’Reily, a phenomenal prospect.


… We’ll see

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

JNP, All about division, pal …it’s literally how the world operates
It’s the main reason we have a team in blue playing out of Govan.
Create division …and while we are screaming abuse at each other …those that run the show sit back chuckling.
People like Jackson and Keevins role is just to keep fanning the flames.


Newcastle United set to turn out in green & white of Saudi Arabia next season. New away kit bears striking resemblance to Saudi national-team jersey & will likely attract criticism. For club, shirt sales in Saudi certain to increase revenue #nufc

Noel Skytrot

Huns moaning that there is no fan zone set up in Glasgow for a Europa final beam back. I guess Glasgow City Council haven’t forgotten about the “minority ” who trashed the city centre twice in a calendar year. Get it round them.



Being pragmatic and much as I have enjoyed watching big Tam over the years I agree midfield is in need of a revamp. I assume we can expect a good transfer fee for him, to be reinvested.

Calmac Matt Reo and DT can fulfil expectations in the forward positions.
Perhaps Guchi will come good, but a quality addition in a more defensive minded midfield role, particularly for Europe is critical, as many have alluded to. We need to up our game in midfield- Physically, technically and, importantly, mentally.

Furthermore, a couple of defensive improvements and we should have the makings of a decent, if not quite last 16 CL level squad… yet.

We should strive to be the best we can be and compete at the highest level available to us. If this means finishing third in the group and playing EL that is progress, and something to build on.


BAD 9.58.
Spot on.
Division makes money.
Every team has to have their ” bitter ” rivals.
Watching Kilmarnock v Arbroath, the other week
Arbroath fans singing they hate Montrose, Killie singing the same song about Ayr and so it goes on all through football.

Billy Bhoy

An absolute better of an article Bobby! I hope you enjoyed writing that as much as I enjoyed reading it.

Fan, that’s a great point about our midfield. They’re all talented players but we lack real structure. We could easily have lost that game 3-1. We absolutely must sign a DM in the summer. We cannot go into the CL group stages with what we have. Unless McCarthy makes a Rogic-like reincarnation we need to sign a Lennon/Wanyama standard ball winner.

JNP in all the chat this week about dramatic and unlikely title wins I had completely forgotten about that one. I was in the Celtic end that day. I’ll never forget – well, apart from this week – the stunned reaction when the hun result came over the tannoy. Mind you, it made for a fantastic second half and an (almost) never to be forgotten occasion.

I wish I still had all my old Betamax tapes. Sigh!

Noel Skytrot

they’re so adept at using lies in an attempt to control the narrative.

absolutely agree with what you said about their motives and giving them oxygen. We should ridicule them.

Noel Skytrot

I just like mocking the incompetent haters of our club.


Noel Skytrot
Huns moaning that there is no fan zone set up in Glasgow for a Europa final beam back. I guess Glasgow City Council haven’t forgotten about the “minority ” who trashed the city centre twice in a calendar year. Get it round them.

Yes but should they get a beam back to Ibrox Noel, I’m sure if they win they’ll get a police escort into the city centre to commence “ Let’s trash Glasgow” part 2.

Noel Skytrot

you could bet your bottom dollar on that. I think the Ibrox hierarchy are shiting themselves with regards to them wrecking Seville.

The Gombeen Man

Reading through the euphoria on Celtic media this morning.

What’s happened?

Has Dermot and Co sold their shares for a penny to genuine supporters and walked away?

Have the Lawwells, Banker, Riley and Co been shown the door?

Have Sevco came out renounced the continuity myth?

Have the Polis made arrests at the SFA, SPFL, UEFA etc?

– Nope. –

Are the tickets selling for the Old Firm SPFL like hotcakes?

Has anything changed?

Have we not been hearing the same things for decades, no centuries?

The Celtic support have always bought into the same myth. Old Firmisim, Hun v Taig, or in old money the Tory v Whig dead-end.

For centuries faithfully following charlatans and crooks.

You all know this, of course.

Our families fought for and worked for the same chancers for generations.

History repeats and repeats and repeats.

Enjoy Ange’s weekend. He deserves every accolade he gets.

A decent, intelligent man, who lives for his football and family. Free from the cliques and sponges that dominate Scottish society.

Nothing has changed.

You’ve just surrendered to a future dominated by Old Firmisim, the Dermot’s, Lawwells and Douglas Parks.

That’s all.



Oh,I don’t read them for their forensic insight or knowledge of the game,I do so to laugh at how much they get wrong. If you recall,a few weeks ago,I pleaded with Keevins to let me be his bookie. Can’t say it clearer than that!


Billy Bhoy. 10.05.
Yip, people forget that back then, that it was usually at half time, when you first heard another score, unless a wee guy with a pocket radio was near you and, of course, you had the fakers making up scores to start rumours, so always best to wait until half time, unless at Love Street!!!!
When that score was announced, there was many load groans and worse!!
All of a sudden, things weren’t as comfortable as we thought.

Sol Kitts

Auldheid 2 948
That article is accurate in so many ways, let’s hope they’re right about the Scottish Cup Final result 😎


All of that, good post

The Gombeen Man

A final word.

Here’s hoping that the Sevco support can learn to experience the joy of their success in the same way that many Celtic supporters do.

We all know that’s unlikely for a variety of reasons.

Nobody in Scotland confronts them, the Cops, media, courts, football authorities.

Scotland’s handling of everything Sevco has been a disaster.

It’s entrenched that entitled mindset.

The National Police in Spain are in a different league.

Here’s hoping it goes smoothly.

Till later.

Noel Skytrot

your absolutely spot on about the Policia and the Guardia Civil, when it comes to dealing with “situations” they don’t mess around. I witnessed the carefree clubbing that they indulge in 2016 whilst in Barcelona on holiday. They were beating the life out of two migrants selling fake sunglasses etc and when I asked them to stop they made it quite clear that I would be joining them if I didn’t step back.

Sol Kitts

Yesterday was National Limerick Day, but we were all too busy celebrating to notice, so here’s a belated one from me (those with a long memory will recall it won the blog limerick competition a while back).

There was a Bohemian monk
Who fell asleep in his bunk
He dreamt that Venus
Was licking his elbow
And when he woke up he was covered in perspiration.

Sol Kitts

Will the Huns become the first fans to get 2 clubs banned from UEFA competition after playing in a final?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby- sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a personal dig.

If you read Celtic cyberspace these days there are generally 2 subjects,, what Sevco are doing and whatever c@nts like Jackson and Keevins are saying,, it’s literally all we talk about!

The main reason our site is the only place online that I contrbute, is the fact we find other things to talk about most days …so in a roon aboot way it was a compliment 😉😉

HH 🍀


⚡️ Invincibles
✅ Double Treble Winners
✅ Treble Treble Winners
✅ Quadruple Treble Winners
🏆 #cinchPrem Champions

#CelticFC can announce that Tom Rogic & Nir Bitton will be leaving the club after nearly 10 years in Paradise.

Good luck Tom & Niro from everyone at #CelticFC!🍀

From Celtic official Twitter.

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