Final requests

Reviews of our manager and personnel start in earnest next week.
The club itself, the game as a whole, and especially the Scottish football season reviews must wait until all is said and done. A certain final may or may not play a large part in the proceedings, but over my dead body shall other events take shine away from what we’ve all just witnessed.


With that in mind I was wondering what I would like from this weekend’s season ending game?


Obviously, a victory. But just not a victory, an exhibition.
The leash is off, there’s no pressure, the players are clearly over the moon,,,throw in a party atmosphere and she has all the ingredients for a good time.
‘Hey you, we’re having a party!’ as the old song says.
Parkhead shall be a pleasant day out Saturday I’ve little doubt.


However part of me hopes Ange calls out a few characters, and actually uses the occasion to his advantage.


The man who was lost for words must say something for the occasion, to thank the support and players at the very least, but hopefully, whilst in a position of strength, he settles a few scores.
No sour grapes involved, best to speak out after a win, after a big win.


Hit the refs.
He’s held his tongue, and with no immediate games on the horizon for any whistler to exact vengeance, call them out now. Lay down next seasons market this season.


“Ange, obviously you’ve won the league but what’s been your overall experience of Scottish football so far?”
“Don’t expect competent refs for a start.”
“You don’t think our referees are good at their job?”
“Mate, I’ve managed teams on three continents now and to say they could with improvement is an understatement”


Play it cute, don’t get fined, but subtlety let them know, let everyone know, we are all onto their practices and/or ingrained bias against the green and white Hoops.


Next, when speaking to the media for the final time, have the last laugh.
As above, there’s never been a better time to needle them, smugly with the title in hand, giving them months to stew in their misgivings and mispredictions.


“Expectations for the summer Ange?”
“A lot of humble pie from you guys for a start. Sacked by Christmas I recall reading. How did that turn out?”
“You feel you’re owed an apology by the nation’s football writers?”
“I don’t want an apology but how about some introspection. If I was getting huge calls wrong, I would come under pressure and certainly have a long hard think about what Im actually doing or not doing”

You just know it shall be asked, Ange shall be prompted for his thoughts on the upcoming final for our city rivals.


“Do you wish Rangers success in the final Ange?”
“Mate, today’s about Celtic and it’s fans.”
“Surely you would like to see a major European Trophy in Glasgow?”
“Look at it everyday mate, and it helps me to strive for more success.”


If I was a gambling man, a small bet on Tam to score anytime would tickle my fancy.
A cert to see some game time, I remind you that Josip Juranovich netted on his final appearance before joining the Hoops, apparently players like to go out with a flourish. And let’s face it, what’s he got to lose by attacking the box more than usual or trying regular long range shots?
Up for every corner?
Penalty taker for his special occasion?
I expect the Australian to have a bee in his bonnet today.
It’s hard to get to play for Celtic, it must be very hard to leave.


The ultimate game also double as the body language reader’s finest hour.
Every gesture super analyzed, each twitch, smile, or scowl given mega meaning,,those on loan we wish to keep shall be scrutinized more than normal in order for some to predict their future.
It’s a footballing phenomenon not exclusive to Celtic, but the unwritten rule states you can tell if your loanee shall return based on their gestures after the final whistle of the final game.
A jersey into the crowd is a big no-no, that’s him away, even if he’s just celebrating.
Not throwing the jersey into the crowd means he wants to keep it for the private collection, a sure sign he’s not returning for another campaign.
Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.


Finally, remember it, and savour it. Every bit of it.
Let the players know it’s appreciated.
Save a special roar for Ange.
And spare a thought for Garry (RIP).


God Bless the Famous Glasgow Celtic.
Champions of Scotland once again.

By Mahe

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Big Audio Dynamite

As the rain was falling ..with lightning all around
The Celts realise a hero ..was nowhere to be found
Then up popped a swag man make it three from three
A treble won ..the Dons were done ..pure joy for you and me.

Tommy Rogic is his name ..he had the final say
We’ll remember that our Tom ..made history on this day
Back to the Celtic way went dance and sing and cheer
To see all the cups in paradise ..Tims came from far and NIR

Up the Celts!


The Fenian Whaler


Ange on the Mohanad Jeahze to Celtic transfer story as he insists ‘I don’t know who you’re talking about’? Sounds a bit familiar. Ange also limits our expectations on our spending big for taking part in the CL group stages. Again sounds all too familiar but given his record thus far in getting in quality players for low fees let’s see what he and Lawell junior can add to the squad quality-wise during the window. Or perhaps could it be that most of the transfer kitty is about to be spent on Jota and CCV🀨

PS may I add I was one of the Ange doubters, still have lingering concerns if the truth be told, but the last couple of days I have been indulging in copious amounts of freshly baked ‘humble pie’.



Hope you are right and the team show what they do best – attack at pace and never stop. Ange to deliver some mighty barbs… with a smile on his face.

BAd – very, very good with that buddy. Nice sentiments.
Both Tam & Nir deserve a big Celtic send-off as loyal servants.

Have a fantastic day folks.


Morning all & Packy. Had a day off yesterday, so scrolled back and read a lot of good posts from yesterday.

Like most folk I really hoped we would win with a flourish on Wednesday against Dundee Utd. So as Mahe mentioned let’s have it today Celtic! It will be big day regardless πŸ™‚

TGM, the Bohemians sounds good! I used to have a good pal from North Dublin – Coolock! Stayed there 3 times, So Bohemians it is! btw, I know Roscommon, I used to live in Donamon Castle at the week-ends when I was in Ireland. (It’s a long story!)

Hail Hail.
Ave Ave.

Long Lost Uber Tim

beware the beautiful Greeks.and their gifts.
Big Georgios is going to be a revalation.
HH my friends

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe, BMCUWPs, SES for all of the articles throughout the Season.

Have a great day everyone.

Gordon 64,

Enjoy your day. A fitting tribute with the moniker change last night.

All the best to Nir and Tam, both great servants to the Club.

Great to see folk being treated with respect.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Jim, I’m glad you found a Club. I know Coolock well.

There’s some great pubs near to Bohs ground. Mountjoy Gaol too.

They’re a decent Club that try to do things the right way.

Heading out here

Till later


Morning all,

I hope Nir and Tom start and are joined by Calmac in midfield. I final fitting tribute to both of them, leaving as Champions. Thanks for the memories Bhoys πŸ‘

Hope everyone has a great day out, as we all deserve this after last Season’s debacle.

Hail Hail the Champions are here πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

COYBIG πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š



A rousing call! As we’ve said before,Ange and the players have worked wonders,given where we were a year ago. They will deserve the cheers today.

I’m sorry to hear of TR’s decision to leave,and baffled at us allowing him to go for free when he has a year left on his contract. I wish him well,of course. Hunskelper extraordinaire,as well as a scorer and creator of other important goals. None was more important than the winner in the 2017 final,but for me his best was a late winner at Kilmarnock. I had a great view of it as he worked the angles till the gap opened. And he didn’t miss.

The circumstances of his departure suggest his likely destination will be Japan or the US,somewhere nearer to home. Or maybe Australia itself. Good luck,Tom.



TR has been a great servant to the club and to allow him to go FOC is a good touch.

In the 9 years he was here I never heard a bad word from him or his representative.

What a player some great goals that will live with me forever.

NB as above just minus the goals.

Andy Pandy 2

Wouldn’t it be so sweet if Ange goes full barrels on his detractors and those in authority…..but I doubt it, he is a man who has always shown respect for everyone, with the odd caustic comment if required. But to paraphrase Mr Keegan, wouldn’t we “love it,just love it” if he did!!!
Enjoy the game if you’re going guys, “make some extra noise for the Bhoys”…..
especially those who are being missed today!!


Morning all. Last night I attended a Memorial Service to celebrate the life of an old friend who passed during lockdown. LD, his grandson and an ex-Celtic youth player was playing for Arbroath. The music was turned off and the fitba was turned on with all eyes on the big screen for extra time and pens! it would’ve been nice for Arbroath to win but unfortunately it wasn’t to be! Auld Joe would’ve loved it and would be so proud of his grandson.
Anyhoo, all the best to Rogic and Button. Both had plenty of detractors but not me, I could see their faults but neither ever hid in games even when things weren’t going for them. Good luck with your future, Bhoys!
Today is about Celtic. And us, the support. Keep safe when you’re out and about there’s a lot of c***s out there who don’t like us!
Finally, renewed my ticket for 404 for the 28th consecutive year and already I cannae wait to get back!!!
Glasgow’s Green and White!!!


#double post deleted


Apologies for double post!!


Any takers for a Passport to Paradise login…2 available.


Prestonpans bhoys

First in the Oak bar for a double round then the gameπŸ»πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ˜‚


This will feel like the longest 2 months ever


From Celtic TV
πŸ†πŸ“Έ Full Video: The #cinchPrem Trophy & the Champions arrive at Celtic Park πŸ’š

#CELMOT | #cinchPrem | #COYBIGπŸ€


Craig, you here?

The Fenian Whaler

nice touch from Motherwell players applauding the bhoys onto the park

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Herzl that was close fixed odds returns 1696!!!


Bobby, got a link?


ASWGL, cheers pal. typical of you! πŸ™‚


Motherwell staying a little narrow and compact at back.
We have to recognize when they do such and put ball wide and deep to get behind them.

The Fenian Whaler

get in 1-0 Kyogo


Kyogo brilliance.


Great example of Taylors workrate as he commits foul just inside own half but on opposite side of field.


How on earth Kyogo managed to find a goal through all those in front of him! Fantastic πŸ™‚


Good try Jota!

The Fenian Whaler

unlucky Tommy Rogic – aff the post


How good would that have been if it went in!


Motherwell getting some joy down our right with Ralston getting caught out of position a few times.

The Fenian Whaler

Murderell making a game of it now. Again our midfield is conspicuous in it’s absence

The Fenian Whaler

Brilliant Turnbull, great goal 2-0






Taylor shot easily saved.
Greg has been allover the field
3-0 Kyogo

The Fenian Whaler

Absolutely brilliant Kyogo 3-0, great pass Ralston


Lovely pass from Ralston and first time volley Kyogo.


This is what I wanted!!!

The Fenian Whaler

H-T Celtic 3 Motherwell 0


Bet you’re a lot happier with this performance Fan. πŸ™‚


If Kyogo can stay fit, he could be as special as Henrik


Half time Celtic 3 Well 0
Some very good football and movement today.
One thing Celtic should note is Well overload side we are attacking, a quick switch to backside would see us with more chances.

Sol Kitts

3 quality goals in the first half.⚽️⚽️⚽️


Wednesday we looked understandably nervous.
Today we are playing uninhibited.
Movement is very good.
Great to watch.
As you know i am a big fan of Turnbull and he is shining.
Kyogo has been awesome.
No failures.

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