18th May – On this day,,,

130 years ago…. 1892 and the best Celtic season to date, with The Glasgow Cup & Scottish Cup already in the trophy cabinet, and narrowly missing out on the League Championship,by 2 points to Dumbarton, there is still one trophy up for grabs.

The Glasgow Charities Cup offers an early chance to seek revenge on Dumbarton.

On this day ( Wednesday) the team are preparing for yet one more Semi-final tie:

1892-05-21: Celtic 3-1 Dumbarton, Glasgow Charity Cup semi-final (Ibrox)


The second of the Glasgow Charity Cup ties – that between the Celtic and Dumbarton – attracted about 10,000 spectators to the Rangers’ ground, Ibrox Park. What would undoubtedly have been a fine display was spoiled by a very strong wind, which impeded the progress of the ball despite all the efforts of the players.
in the first half, with the wind in their favour, Dumbarton led by one goal to nil, so that there was then practically no doubt as to the result.
Against the wind in the second half, Dumbarton defended bravely, but the Celts pressed eagerly, and in the end won easily by three goals to one. They now enter the final round with either Queen’s Park or Rangers as their opponents.

Celtic:- Cullen, Reynolds, Doyle, Maley, Kelly, Clifford*, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- McMahon 63, McCallum 64, McCallum.

Mcleod, Hunter, A Miller, McDonald, Boyle, Keir, Taylor, Thomson, J Miller, McNaught, Bell.

Goal:- Miller.
Att:- 10,000.

From newspaper reports from the time.

The Celtic were the first to appear, led by Kelly, and were followed shortly afterwards by Dumbarton, both being loudly cheered. Dumbarton won the toss, and played with a very strong wind and sunshine in their favour. Madden set the ball in motion for the Celts, McMahon and Campbell initiated a fine run, but Hunter relieved , and the ball being carried down the wind blew it past the Celtic goal out of danger.

Another fine run by all the Celts’ forwards was loudly cheered, but when near goal Brady, with an overhead shot, sent the ball over the bar. the Celts were fairly in the mood, the grand play by their left wing calling forth great enthusiasm.

After five minutes’ play, from a pass by W Maley, McCallum, from a long distance, scored a perfect beauty, but the goal was disallowed for offside. It was hard lines, and the spectators expressed their dissatisfaction in no uncertain manner. The play of the Celts against the wind was magnificent, and, following upon their hard luck, McCallum, from a fine pass, gave Campbell an easy chance, but the left winger shot over the bar.

Dumbarton pressed hard, and it looked as if they would score, but Doyle stepped in and saved. Kelly was very active, and passed beautifully to McCallum, who in turn centred to Madden, who, with a clear field, should have scored, but he dallied too long. However, Brady tried to make up for it, but shot over the bar.

The first corner kick fell to Dumbarton, and it was beautifully centred by McNaught, but was ultimately shot over the bar. There were some hard tussles in front of the Celtic goal which escaped marvellously on one or two occasions. Taylor nearly scored with a long swift shot, the ball skimming the bar. For a time the ball was kept continually in front of Cullen, but the defence was too much for Dumbarton, and, tired of close tactics, they tried long shots, one or two of which nearly took effect. Two corners almost in succession fell to Dumbarton, but they proved fruitless, and relief came to the Celts after a prolonged siege, the ball being sent past. Bell tried hard to get the ball past Cullen, but he was too well watched, and generally blocked when about to shoot. Against the wind the Celts defended very good. Dumbarton put all they knew, but the Celts fairly blocked their goal and allowed no liberties.

At length, after fully half an hour’s play, Taylor scored the first goal for Dumbarton, but Doyle made a confident appeal, and the referee sustained it and disallowed the point. Dumbarton returned to the attack, and Thomson nearly scored with a swift shot, which went past the post. Another corner – the fifth to Dumbarton – proved useless, McMahon getting the ball away.

At length, just about the call of half-time, Miller scored the first goal for Dumbarton after the ball had struck the post and come out. A free kick against Dumbarton was finely taken by Doyle, but Dumbarton relieved their lines.

At half-time the game stood – Dumbarton, 1 goal; Celtic 0.

Dumbarton commenced well against the wind, but the Celts soon got to work, and Brady sent in a scorcher, which McLeod saved splendidly. The Celts continued to press, but the wind, as in the first half, simply spoiled the calculations. Dumbarton were defending bravely and trying to force the game, but seldom got over the middle line. A corner to the Celts was well placed by Campbell, but it came to nothing. The Celts were pressing hard but the wind invariably carried the ball past before they could get time to shoot, and a great deal of time was wasted in getting the ball kicked off from goal.

From a corner McLeod saved splendidly, but a second or two later McMahon scored and equalised, Time 18 minutes.

From a well-taken corner by Campbell, McCallum a minute later shot the second goal, amidst cheers.

Continuing their aggressive tactics, Campbell sent in a terrific shot, which McLeod saved at the expense of a corner. Campbell took the kick, and McCallum kicked the ball through, scoring the third goal for the Celts.

Some beautiful play by McMahon and Campbell resulted in a couple of corners for the Celts,but Dumbarton cleared.

Celtic have now secured their place in another final to played on 1st June, 1892 against Rangers.

Can they secure a Treble of Cups….stay tuned.

*In other news … Hugh Clifford having made what looks like an ‘illegal’ debut for Celtic in the league match of 14th May versus Leith Athletic, could now make his legal ‘Cup’ debut, having being drafted in to replace Peter Douds who had suddenly left Celts to join his former teammates Will Dunning & Willie Groves at Aston Villa.

Hugh Clifford b . 1866 d. 1929 Carfin, Lanarkshire

The player is listed on a ‘whitewash’ list, which may refer to players being paid in England having their ‘amateur’ status reinstated, to allow them to return to Scotland ( still transitioning to professional game?)

Maybe a Sentinel can elaborate on this process?

Lancashire Evening Post

May 19, 1892
The following returned professionals have applied for and received “Whitewash” in Scotland: –
Thomas Towie (Dumbarton) – Preston North End.
John Clarkin (Neilston) – Bootle.
John Finlayson (Neilston) – Bootle.
W. Nisbet (Slamannan) – Sheffield United.
John McPherson (Heart of Midlothian) – Nottingham Forest.
W. Dewar (Glasgow Wanderers) – Ardwick.
J. Cramb (Dunblane) – Gateshead (amateur).
G. Rennie (Edinburgh) – Nelson.
M. Moonie (Harp) – Bootle.
J. Jack (Leith) – Middlesbrough Ironopolis.
W. Low (Cambuslang) – Stockton.
J. Brown (Edinburgh) – Irwell S.
Hugh Clifford (Carfin Shamrock) – Stoke.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: May 19, 1892)

General stuff….

1291 After 100 years of Crusader control, Acre is the last Crusader stronghold reconquered and destroyed by the Mamluks under Sultan al-Ashraf Khalil

1652 Rhode Island enacts 1st law declaring slavery illegal

1804 Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France by the French Senate

1830 Edwin Budding of England signs an agreement for the manufacture of his invention, lawn mower. Saturdays are destroyed forever

1843 United Free Church of Scotland forms. Sundays are destro… nah! Only kiddin’ folks …calmez-vous!

1897 Irish Music Festival 1st held in Dublin

1960 European Cup Final, Glasgow: Ferenc Puskás scores 4, Alfredo di Stefano 3 as Real Madrid routs Eintracht Frankfurt, 7-3; 5th consecutive title for Los Blancos

Eintracht fared much better in their Semi-Final ties…but canny imagine how a team that can lose 7 goals in a Final can get past the Semi’s …☺️

Here’s a sample that might cheer yeez up ..

From 1960 European Cup SF:

Eintracht Frankfurt 6- Rangers 1

Rangers 3-Eintracht Frankfurt 6

Agg. score: Eintracht 12 (twelve) – Rangers 4 ( fower)


Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuffabove is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys !


Guest article by SeS

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks for the article SES. Am I right in thinking that that game was played in a strong wind? I mean how windy must have been. I think the writer made his point!
Didn’t realise that today is the anniversary of Eintracht scoring 3 in a European final. Fingers crossed!
ps SES – hopefully there’s none of your blog name being waved in triumph this evening.

Jobo Baldie

Late notice I know but if anyone on here fancies joining me and Leggy for a game of golf this morning in windy but dry EK you’d be very welcome. On the tee at 10,23 at Torrance House. jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk 😁


Jobo -thanks buddy – enjoy golf, maybe a quieter round than usual…


Golf? Waste of good beer time. 🍺

Jobo Baldie

BRB – some folk have been known to combine the two.

Prestonpans bhoys

Fine article SeS👍

Waiting on the delivery of my new 6*6 greenhouse. Took about 90 minutes to dismantle the old one, so multiply that by at least three to assemble. I’m assuming I will be in a bad mood by five tonight.

Hope the German’s cheer me up😱


It’s quite funny how all those old reports keep mentioning the wind factor. And the footballs in those days were much heavier than now!

SeS, 1892……….there is still one trophy up for grabs. I thought you were going to say ‘The European Cup’, LOL 🙂 Only kidding!

bada bing1

A number of videos re the huns battling in Seville, have been pulled

bada bing1
Big Audio Dynamite

Good stuff SES

Big Audio Dynamite

Foreboding: a feeling of impending doom.
Can’t put my finger on it

Big Audio Dynamite
Big Audio Dynamite


Brilliant,as always. Re the 1960 final,just short of a year ago I was fortunate enough to be in the company of THREE people wh attended what might just have been the greatest football match ever. 7-3 and the score could have been so much greater-just like a certain 7-1 game a few years earlier,woodwork spoiled things!

I’ve long wondered how much those famously square cross-section posts affected the rebound…

Anyway,with a long close season ahead,there’s an article planned for the anniversary of that wee get-the-gither. What a bloody day that was!

bada bing1

The West Ham fans, who kept their tickets, after beaten in semi final, will get the blame here……


Usually in my bed by now. Bloody industrial mowers and tree-shredding outside my window.



I believe a small get-the-gither is planned for today,and I hope everyone has a ball.

I was thinking of one of them too,maybe Tuesday 31/5. Tollbooth about 12-5. My nephew and I are both back home,my brother in law always enjoys a day out. My Dad will probably be conserving his energy for Belfast a few days later though.

So if anyone fancies it,let me know via the site please. Be good to see some old faces-you know what I mean!-and hopefully some new ones too!


My link at 1131,it’s worthwhile checking the associated links below the line. Some belters. Some geniuses out there.

The Gombeen Man

Ten arrests in Ireland in suspected match fixing investigation…


Detective Superintendent Catharina Gunne said:

“Match-fixing and corruption is a threat to all sports at all levels and undermines public confidence in the fairness of sport.

“It can allow organised crime to infiltrate sport in order to use it to make illicit gains or launder proceeds of crime.”

150 Glorious Years. Europa League Final. Bobby Madden Semi-Final.


£100m+ dumped.

Duff and Phelps payoot.

Res 12.

Dodgy League Titles prior to Liquidation.

Congratulations and best wishes in Westminster.

It’s all about the money alright.

Till later.

The Gombeen Man

Belmont Brian,

Here’s some detail about dope testing in Scottish and UEFA football competitions.

(Remember there’s a whole host of protocols and exceptions allowing the use of certain substances in some circumstances.)

I’ve had a look at dope testing in football and the short answer is that since the drama of 2016 when it was revealed that dope testing in Scotland was practically non existent.

Testing numbers have increased (with a dip in 2019-20) but there’s a distinct lack of adverse findings.

UEFA too don’t appear to test all the samples they take and from what I can see there’s a worrying lack of adverse findings.

The game is either exceptionally clean or there is something going on…

BBC 10th March 2016…

“Only eight drugs tests have been conducted in Scottish football during the last nine months with none in the last three, BBC Sport has learned.

A Partick Thistle player is the only British footballer currently banned, for taking cocaine.

(Tested in a game v Celtic…)

From the 1st of July 2019 to the 1st of May 2020 the UK Anti Doping Agency confirmed in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that 19 tests were conducted in the SPFL

No adverse findings…


Previous Seasons, more testing…No adverse findings in the SPFL,


One might think that any abuse would be picked up by UEFA. There’s an impressive policy in place.

But how many of the samples they take are actually tested?

How many adverse findings come from the testing (all competitions)?

UEFA Dope Testing Stats, 2020/2021

1) 1800 samples.
2) 677 tests for ESA. 30 for IRMS (see below).
3) ? ? Adverse findings.

It isn’t clear to me why it appears some samples aren’t tested??


“A total of 1,417 samples were collected in-competition in UEFA competitions (not counting EURO 2020) in the 2020/21 season, as well as 374 out-of-competition samples…

A total of 677 samples were analysed for EPO and erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA) – medications which stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells – and 30 samples underwent isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) analysis designed to detect use of steroids.”




Morning troops on this fine day of Woden.

SES, cheers as always pal, another interesting read. Hughie Clifford doesn’t look too happy there btw. Mind you, wouldn’t like to tussle with him either.

Re Seville, and so it begins,,,,,


Every party leader in Westminster- Johnson, Starmer, Blackford and Davey offered their best wishes to “Rangers” (sic) today in Parliament.

Only Davey adopted a tongue-in-cheek approach when he mentioned he would like to “join all the other new found fans of Rangers in offering his best wishes.”




Wonderful as always, my good man.



Well, here in sunny Ibrox, there’s groups of Huns everywhere. I assumed that today would have been quiet, as they would have all buggered off to Seville. Wrong. The town is best avoided today, I should think. Meanwhile, over in Seville, it should be fun and games at the turnstiles tonight. Many, many Huns will be refused entry, due to being a tad squiffy. They will of course, take these refusals with their customary grace. On the other hand, they will probably try to storm the joint…joined by their ticketless brethren. Here’s hoping that the Seville polis and Civil Guard are on the ball.

Hail Hail.

A thing of beauty

Thanks SES,
Always an education,
I saw on this morning’s bbc Scotland news they reported that the benches had been removed from George square ahead of a planned gathering. They then went on to say how they were damaged last year when FOOTBALL fans gathered there. Wtf. Scotland. Worse than Russia For not speaking the truth 😡😡


Bobby, the meeting has been called for tomorrow by leggy. Venue unknown because he’s still pished from the golf with Jobo, who left him sleeping in a bunker. I’m available if selected on 31/5.

Big Audio Dynamite

Brigton bedecked and looking like something akin to VE day.

“Much would you expect to pay for a roll of bunting like that Billy?” 😊

Big Audio Dynamite

Had my first bet in years

EF 3 zombies 1 £5 @16 to 1

The Gombeen Man

Celtic Shares trading @ 135p atm.

That’s from a low of 90p.

Ytd growth of 34.31%.

Market Capitalisation given as £127m

That’s a lot of fivers a month to any kind of a dent.

Must be the Old Firm bounce(y).

Funny how things work out.

I hope Ange has a copy of those numbers before sitting down with the Plc.


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, great article as per usual SES 👍just looking at a live webcam from plaza de san francisco in seville never seen so many orange shirts, are they trying to make a statement, there have been a few skirmishes, and with that sun and cheap beer, well you fill in the rest🤩

big packy

dont ever tell jim this, but if that mob wins tonight, there is no god,🤩

Packy 😈
I’ve followed B.A.Ds lead and bet on EF winning 3-1 😆👍

big packy

JIM put a grand on for me, and ill give it to you back when sol kitts gets paid🤩


A Grand? You kidding? I only put a £1 on!

big packy

JIM sols got plenty money🤩

bada bing1


George Square closed down,strange it never happened on Saturday?

Prestonpans bhoys

Was talking to one of my hertz neighbours, hopes it goes to extra time to tire huns out for Saturday, fair enough. Hopes their players get injuries, fair enough but hopes they win tonight😵😱
I said, you are the only non hun I heard say that, mind you when a hertz fan hates Celtic more than Hibs, says it all!!!


Daily Record saying ‘Celebrities’ have been sending good wishes to the Ibrox team tonight. I read on with baited breath!
TWO ‘celebrities’! An actor from River City and a Janey Godley. Seemingly a Scottish comedian. Never heard of her! LOL 🙂
Big WOW!


Twisty were you at the seaside today? I put a wee yankee on seeing as Ayr races were on. 2 places. I won 27p. ! 🙁

Sol Kitts

Big Packy @418
You forget I’ve been married to Mrs Kitts for 35 years plus. One of us has got plenty money, but it sure as hell ain’t me. 😂😂😎💷💷💰


How’s the MIL Sol?

Sol Kitts

Still in hospital, Jim. Hopefully she’ll be able to get home soon, but the docs were clear that they wouldn’t send her home until the care package was in place. As they said, if they send her home before then she would only end up back in hospital and that’s something we all want to avoid.


I hope she gets all the help she needs. Both human & mechanical if needed.

Jobo Baldie

Good evening, friends.
I’ll start with the good news – Leggy The Shark won today’s 3 ball. Despite being a couple behind at the turn, a fine back 9 saw him overtake me by the 13th and hold his nerve for a well earned victory. But now for the real story of the day….
So, we get to the starters office, and get our cards etc. Michael then asks to hire one of the trolleys and pays his £2.60. Me and the other guy, Paul, have our own fancy dan trolleys.
For those that don’t know Torrance House it’s actually a bit of an uphill hike from the starters office to arrive at the first tee but we get up there, exchanging the usual chit chat and start getting ready to play. It is only then I notice that Michael still has his clubs round his shoulder. Yes, you’ve guessed it, he paid for the hire of a trolley then forget all about it! Now, if Michael had went back for it I was concerned that he might not make it back up the hill a second time. So, young Jobo volunteered to go back down.
But there’s more… halfway down the 2nd fairway my phone rings and it’s the starters office. They had my number as it was me who made the booking and ask me “is anyone in your party called Michael”. When I confirmed that there was I was asked to pass on the news that somebody had just handed in his wallet and mobile phone!
Cannie take him anywhere! 😂

Sol Kitts

She definitely needs both, Jim. Her mobility is very poor, and she needs help with her medication.

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