Player of the Year – No.2

Oops, not that one.
But there’s a similarity, our Big Joe was also one of a group of heroes.
Hand on heart, I never once doubted the man or thought him a bad signing when announced. He’ll do rightly was my very first thought.
The English wouldnt know a decent keeper if he was playing right in front of them. I say the English, in reality it’s mostly foreign managers demanding more from a goalkeeper than goalkeeping, and that’s where the problems start.
“Not good enough with his feet! Can’t play the ba out precisely enough!” is often heard.
Erm,,,have they cottoned onto the simple fact that’s why they are in goal?
They weren’t skillful enough to be outfield players but adapted their reading of the game and agility to stopping the ball actually bulging the net!
It’s a practice that very much helps win games.
But oh no, doing what it says on the tin isn’t enough for this ‘problem position’ anymore, one must have more tools in the locker.
Deary me.
Seeing as the ‘sweeper keeper’ is the current trend, Big Joe didn’t have a chance in the EPL anymore. Which makes me wonder, why’s Frazer Foster being lauded for he wasn’t great with his feet? Anyway, this isn’t about Lurch but his blonde compatriot.
One man’s loss is another man’s gain they say, and for once they speak true.
The very first thing I like about Big Joe is his attitude. He’s not larger than life, a full of himself character, God knows England has produced many. U
He’s kept his head out of the clouds and on the ground, and still has a genuine love for the game. That’s evident in his fan engagements, that he’s still happy to give up his time for supporters and fully engage with them shows a great level of humility in my book. And love of the game.
The dressing room needed experienced professionals, of the correct mentality. I can only imagine the man’s joy at finding a new spiritual home to showcase his skills, which offers him platforms he thought he would not grace again.
Upon leaving City, he wouldn’t have expected more silverware. He certainly wouldn’t have expected more Champions League appearances in front of huge crowds.
I dare say, this move is his dream come true.
It feels,looks, and sounds that way.
Heading out on the park with a solid keeper is so very reassuring, I haven’t felt like this since the aforementioned Lurch, unconcerned about events between the sticks.
One look at Joe and you think goalkeeper, one look at Barkas and you think eh?
His recent handling of broken glass-gate was perfect, he controlled events perfectly, laughing at attempts to restart the game until he and he alone was satisfied with conditions in ‘his’ box.
I was impressed that day.
He’s not perfect, but then who is, bar Henke, Kyogo, and G-Mak, Billy, Bertie, and Paul McStay?
It’s unfortunate he never reached Paradise sooner, but at 35 he has a few years left. The great Neville Southall played until 40 at a high level, and that was without modern science and recovery methods.
He shall preside for a while yet, the short term is covered. Not that I wouldn’t like an upgrade on his deputies, he’s rarely injured in order to witness them, he’s the first name on the team sheet in every sense these days. Great!
Joe comes across as intelligent, and as such I would not discount his remaining in the game and even at the club in some capacity once he does finally hang up the gloves after an illustrious career.
Future goalkeeping coach? Don’t bet against it.
Emergency appearance at 44? Ditto.
Overall I’m delighted with his capture and his season. Not sure how anyone couldnt be if truth be told. We’ve found ourselves a good one, he’s found a new home, and his passion again.
Big Joe, just like the man in the picture above, you’ve only went and pulled it off.
You’re our own Kelly’s hero.
Well done big man.
Joe Hart – Sentinel Celts Number two Player of the Year. The real reason he moved to Scotland.

By Mahe

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Prestonpans bhoys


10/10 on the amusement there but you are bang on about the keeper sweeper bit.

As you say they are in goals because they have a particular skill set in that position moreover asking them to start being an outfielder may be too much for, well most of them!

Better a keeper that can save but can’t sweep than a keeper that can’t save but can sweep like Barkas. Have we had a worse keeper?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Unlike Mahe, I wasn’t that delighted when we signed Joe Hart as I had a misconceived idea that he was a big headed attention seeker with a mistake in him in every game. How wrong was I! A great season from him on and off the park. And even though he is less comfortable with the ball at his feet that some others, nevertheless he sticks rigidly to Anges instructions and rarely just hoofs it up the park.
Overall, he would have made my top 5 for last season but, in my opinion, not as high as 2nd place. That’s not a slight on Joe, just that I think some others did even better.



Joe has been head and shoulders above our previous keepers since Forster left us in the lurch.


With David Marshall signing for Hibs at 37,
Craig Gordon in goal for Scotland at 39, and even the odious McShagger playing in a Euro final at 40 Big Joe is young enough(!) to stay around for 3/4 seasons.

My view is that there is no standout performer in our league triumph.
No hierarchical 1, 2, 3 or whatever.

Everyone, when called upon, stood up and contributed. From the new Bhoys to the much maligned, such as GT.
It is a testament to the team/squad collective under the direction of an astute manager.

This combative, togetherness mindset is clear when you see the team celebrating a goal, and engaging with the fans.



Everyone did their bit when required,that’s for sure. Many of our players were out for long spells through injury,but there were still a number of players who were practically ever-present. It must have been tough,getting your chance because of an injury to a colleague and performing well-only to be back on the bench soon enough!


Don’t mind me, I’m just testing the site updated properly…



Tough indeed, proving the worth of a competitive squad over a first 11 to maintain standards.
That’s why the collective approach under proper management thrives- we only have to look back a season to see what can go wrong.

Good replacements in every position are required.
We are 4 players off that level, assuming CCV and Jota remain, at a cost of £12.5m?

How much to be invested in a Keeper, CB, LB, Mid?

In a perfect world, if resources allowed, another CF too. Most top teams operate with 4.


Must admit I never had much love for JH before his Celtic days, thought he was another smarmy Ingrish player, with his H&S shampoo ads, but he’s certainly grown on me since he signed. Still gives me the fear the odd time in goals, but he’s no doubt an improvement on Barkas, mind you no keeper at all might be an improvement on Barkas.


I was reminiscing yesterday about my late dads “Lisbon lions” day.

Reading the article today and some of the subsequent posts took me back again. Not to 1967 but to 1976. I’d be 17 coming on 18. Had started work in an engineering company as an apprentice. Wasn’t great money but then apprentice wages never usually are. Loved the job though, great bunch of work colleagues.

I’d also discovered I was prone to the dance halls and the beer . Thursday night through to Monday. Was simply having a ball. Life was great.

My dad used to travel to work on the same bus as me in the mornings. His factory being only a couple hundred yards from mine.

Anyway one Friday morning after a particularly late Thursday night, I decided I’d rather stay in bed than work that day. Figured I needed another couple hours kip. What I hadn’t figured on was my dads reaction to my decision. Well aware time was passing and I wasn’t up yet, he came into my room. “ Cmon J, ye better get up, yev slept in, you’ll miss the bus”

“ I’m not going in today, I don’t feel that good”

He took an end of the mattress and literally tipped me onto the floor.

“ you ARE going today so get up now”

I got up, hastily got ready and off I reluctantly went.

As we’re standing at the bus stop he said to me.

“ Didn’t you tell me last week you wanted a car?”


“ Well you don’t just get what you want, you get what you work for”

He added something about if you’re man enough to go out drinking you’ll be man to get up in the morning. It didn’t cross my mind to debate the matter with him even if I disagreed. If he said it was Wednesday then it was Wednesday.

It was only a conversation we had the once. Never again did I think about staying in bed in the morning.

As I say though, it came back to me this morning. I was reading the opinions on poty and I started considering my own favourites. Jota, Maeda, CCV, Hart, Abada, not in any particular order and not an exclusive list, but it struck me that all of the players I liked, had one thing in common. They look like they want it. Look hungry for it. They work hard. Look at the manager too. “ We never stop”

I’m hoping in the transfer window this time around, we will find players with that work ethic. That hunger. It’s for me, a huge ingredient in a successful team.


Twisty, just received an email from Middleham Park Racing. They reckon Ustath would have to go some to beat the favourite. Field of 6 now.


Yeah Thanks for that. As I said last night I’ve backed it ew on the 365 extra places bud. 3rd would do me it’s 11/2 for 3 places now.

Win or lose – tyvm



Not just the five you mention but the entire team/ squad show that desire to be winners.
It obviously comes from the manager instilling the work ethic that produces the success and enjoyment of the fruits of their labour. The satisfaction of a job well done, which they in turn embrace with the support.


True, very true. Whilst I was working my way through the players I came to Greg Taylor, and though not one of my favourites, I thought to myself he cannot be questioned on work ethic. It’s undoubtedly a feature of Ange’s philosophy.


It’s what is so uplifting about supporting this team/squad.
A real togetherness.
I can’t see anyone whose ego tries to take centre stage.
The Lions had the same all for one mindset.


TWISTY et al

We had big decisions to make re our choices for Player of the Year. There were so many successes and darn few failures!

Eventually,we decided on certain criteria. These included being available for selection for the vast majority of games. We appreciate that players get injured in the line of duty-ask David Hay why he eventually asked for a transfer!-but to be in the running,a player has to be consistent. To be consistent,he has to be in the team!

As a result,our choices will leave out some deserving players. And we invite the opinions of the membership on this tomorrow. My broad shoulders will handle the blame for any disagreement on this,as we had to draw the line somewhere!


Re the horses,I got a mail yesterday suggesting I look at AMELFA SALFA 520 Chelmsford on Saturday. I did-it finished FIFTH of ten in its previous race! Still a maiden too,after ten races.

When I read the review of the race,I understood my mate’s point. Have a look at it yourself,etc…

Awe Naw

google “pop goes northern ireland” on youtube and watch all 35 in sequence.


Would you drink beer made from urine?

I seem to remember an awful beer that was advertised on Radio Clyde by Sandy Jardine and Kenny Dalglish. I was very dubious about this product.



Joe has brought a maturity & stability to our back line.

Will be interesting to see how we strengthen come the start of next campaign

Canny wait


Anyone watch the Europa Conference final between Roma and Feyenoord?

The special one once said I know how to win a hame 1-0. Last night was the proof.

Roma were set up to defend in depth and hit on the break, using fast wide players. Feyenoord were a team based on attack, playing a very high line to support that. Early on you could see where the Dutch would struggle. They had the top scorer in the tournament…..a big, strong, old fashioned CF. He challenged for every high ball, usually losing out to three tall Italian defenders. He had virtually no movement at all so he was easy to counter. Apart from their striker, the Dutch had midfielders who could swarm around the edge of Roma’s box but could not shoot for peanuts. Their approach was to try to play through the Italian’s central defence. It was bound to fail and it did.

Apart from a couple of frights, the Romans had an easy time of it. This was aided by the fact that the Romanian ref had decided that he wanted to either holiday in Italy or move their permanently. Roma helped him with his application to move to their country.

Sour face won another one and possibly saved his job for another year.


big packy

SES, agree about joe giving us stability to our back line, but he scares me to death with the ball at his feet,another true story🤩


An article on Joe Hart just convinces me that I know little about football. I need to remember that going forward.

Here is a list of what I got wrong last season.

Start with the manager. No European experience so therefore a dud. How wrong was that? Ange is a man with a plan from which he will not deviate. He has figured out what football management is all about. Have principles,stick to them. He will stand or fall by those principles. Time will tell how sustainable these are, but he is clearly not a dud.

Japanese players will not be tough enough or skilled enough to excel in the SPL. Kyogo put a rapid dent in that thinking. It seems that Celtic can pick up quality players for one half to one third of their real value. Kyogo for less than 5 million is worth somewhere in the 10-15 million range. Maeda for 2+ million is worth at least twice that; Hatate for less than 2 million, is worth at least twice that and the sky could be the limit in his case. The issue is no longer if they can play in our league, it is how many can we play.

Joe Hart is a spent force whose confidence is shot. Well, he has been a treasure both on and off the park… elder statesman of the great game. He even mentors keepers from the opposition after they have taken a hiding.

Sevco will lose to Dortmund, Leipzig. They cannot reach a European final. Well we know how that prediction went!

Sevco will implode after Gerrard left. The 3-0 seemed to confirm that but Gio is a better manager than I thought. Next season will be a real test especially if he has to rebuild.

Matt O’Reilly will be another dud from a lower English league who will warm the bench and be released with one year left on his contract. He looked like a panic buy when the deal for the Australian was highjacked. Again this is a player with tremendous potential who could go all the way.

Ralston will be loaned out for the remainder of his contract and will leave the club for St Johnstone. He is not Celtic class. Another embarrassing prediction!

Here is the big one. Celtic have no chance of winning the league. This will be a rebuilding year only. This one loops back to the first item above re Ange. What he achieved with a new group of players is simply incredible… plaudits are high enough to capture what he did.

I rest my case. I know nothing.



Afternoon all,


I think there were a few on here that thought the same.

#ClinkIknownothingHogansherosCSC 😜😜😜😜😜


Joe Hart ● Celtic Flying Superhero! ● CRAZY Saves Show 2021/2022 So Far ● 4K / AMA Football Channel TM



Maybe not so much “I know nothing” , perhaps the issue is rushing to early, knee jerk reactions based on general prejudices or limited research.

That, and embracing the principle that everyone should have at least the opportunity to show they are useless.

Awe Naw

Hart likes to stay on his line too much for my liking


Ffs 😡


Wasn’t a terrible effort bud. Looks like it needs the 6f on the all weather and a wee bit more luck. Another few lbs of its back and you’ll get your turn . 👍

big packy

ray liota rip ,loved you in goodfellas

Mike in Toronto

It is being reported (okay… Daily Mail…. not sure that is really reporting, but….) that neither Celtic or Sevco will have teams in next years Highland League, after the OF teams insisted that Hearts also be allowed to join as well. Apparently, the lower league wanted to continue this year’s arrangement (of Celtic and Sevco), but the OF said it was all 3 or none, and the lower league said, ‘okay, none’.

If true, it was bad enough when Celtic jumped into R****r’s coffin and humped their corpse…. now Celtic is tying its wagon to Hearts as well?!

Politics and Scottish football … make strange bedfellows

Mike in Toronto

Who the F is the World Sports Organization?

Apparently, it is a faith based (Christian) organization dedicated to promoting peach and opposing discrimination through sport

It has announced its winner of this years award for the best Sports Organization …. Chelsea FC. .

Isnt this the same club whose owner was recently forced to sell it because of his links to Putin, and the invasion of the Ukraine?

Interestingly, 6 chelsea players were amongst the top 50 vote getters, including Ngolo Kante (who, I will admit, is one of my favourite all time players, and is, by all accounts, a very decent human being).

Hhhhmmm…. wonder how much the Russian government has donated to the WSO.

big packy

HI MIKE, nice to see you posting, hope you and seamus are well👍

Mike in Toronto

Hey BP

Pop in and out….

Seamus is good. I have to head out of town for my neice’s wedding soon, so trying to find someone to look after Seamus… if I put him on a plane, will you and Joan look after him for the weekend? 🙂

hope you and Joan are keeping well.


MIT 6.02.
That delights me but also for another reason.
The Lowland League has taken the ” old firm ” money, at the expense of the division below in the pyramid.
The Lowland League said SFA/EUFA whoever, don’t want any leagues bigger than 16 hmmm look at England, anyway they then decided it was 16 plus 2 Old Firm, as they were paying 25,000 each to participate.
This means that the teams in the league below have to go into a 3 way round robin, where only one will be promoted, rather than three up, one down, to make the league 18, as the initial proposal was_from divisions below.
Bonnyrigg and Kelty both came from the league below and then won promotion from Lowland League to Division 3.
Darvel will play Tranent on Saturday, winner will be promoted.
There is ( relatively speaking ) a few quid kicking about in the East and West Premier Divisions, which is the one below Lowland League. Darvel for example bought the East Fife captain, the few was rumoured to be 14,000.
Hopefully that means another 2 will come up, to make 18, Lowland League teams will fear them, so they will probably revert back to 16.

Mike in Toronto

promoting peace… not peaches…d’oh

big packy

MIKE, not a problem pal ,send him over, yes both keeping well👍


One for you Packy –

big packy

HI JIM loved that 👍mike has been on ,which was nice👍

A thing of beauty

Joe Hart surprised a lot of us. I think we all remember the ego that thought he’d be England number one forever. Fortunately for Joe and for us he grew up, took the knocks and came back a better professional and that was just what Ange needed. Yes we worried he wouldn’t be able to play out from the back and rightly so because he’s still giving us heart attacks nearly every game but it’s the attitude he’s brought to the dressing room that’s the most important thing. New signings and young players are benefiting from his experience and it’s marvellous for our club. Not my POTY but without going all Gordon Strachan probably team mate of the year.
Loved the chat about wildlife and also twists tale of getting tipped out of bed by his old man. Reminded me of my mum. You weren’t allowed a day off school or work unless you were almost dead and even then she’d send you to school and let them decide!! Never done us any harm and I’m the same with my own.


Big Packy

Sad loss of a great actor in Ray Allen Liotta.

Fantastic in Goodfellas with his portrayal of Henry Hill.

When I seen him on Field of Dreams playing Shoeless Joe Jackson it caught my interest regarding why the baseball player was called that and subsequently the whole baseball scandal back in 1919.

Field of Dreams – If you build it they will come.

Thank you Fergus.


Great story about your dad.

big packy


big packy

MAGUA if your lurking hope you are well, same to you SOL👍

bada bing1

Andy Fletcher Depeche Mode RIP


On hearing that “The Rangers “had tremendous publicity in the toilets at Seville, Frank McAvennie has now volunteered to put his head down the pan and say

Where’s the Turds !!!!!!!!!!!


A thing of beauty

Just to say I can’t access the thread from the main article and am only getting access by clinking on the link from the previous article. Any one else having a similar problem?


Was having similar issues earlier.


Bada bing 1

Andy Fletcher was only 60.

Natural causes