Player of the Year-No. 3


BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE rather painfully reminded us of our line-up against Midjtylland in late July last year. Apart from a few players who were rarely seen again for us,we had a central defensive pairing of Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray. 21yo and 18yo respectively,and the latter is a central midfielder,not a central defender! The scale of the rebuild facing Ange and Dom was already clear to us all,and to them too. That team selection,from the players available to AP,emphasised it for all to see. The result,followed by a few other defeats in the following five weeks,magnified it so that nobody could ignore it.

So we brought in Carl Starfelt for £4.5m from Ruben Kazan in Russia. A Swedish international who,although he took time to settle into an unfamiliar left sided cental defender role,performed very well indeed for us as the season wore on. And at the end of the transfer window,we finally brought in a partner on loan for him,and from no less a club than Spurs.

It didn’t take long for us to do a bit of digging on this US internationalist. He was just shy of his 24rth birthday,yet had never played an EPL game for the club he had been with for five years already. He had plyed his trade on loan to various championship sides,playing a grand total of 125 games in those four years,and it seemed that none of them had been sufficiently impressed as to consider making Spurs an offer for a permanent transfer. Was I concerned that we had signed someone who would be out of his depth? You are darn tootin’ I was! We needed the finished article in those roles,and Cameron Carter-Vickers was far from that.

Or so I thought anyway. Not that it mattered all that much anyway,I consoled myself. The season was all about improving on the one before to the extent that we could be likely to mount a challenge the following year. Bhoy oh bhoy,just how much did I get wrong back then?!!!

Starfelt and CCV were as impressive a partnership perhaps since the heady days of Bobo and Johann Mjallby. And while I nominate CCV for third place in our Player of the Year awards,it was a marginal call for me over his partner. Starfelt,of course,is actually our player,while CCV has already returned to his club,hopefully awaiting developments on a formal offer from Celtic for his services on a permanent basis. And Starfelt is clearly more comfortable on the right of our central defence,a role which he can forget about if we sign CCV. None of which detracts from the obvious fact that we need to sign a left sided centre back. And they are like hen’s teeth,and it will be difficult to find one who is of a good enough standard but willing to be a third choice behind the incumbents. But how does a manager bin a combo which lost 18 goals in 33 games,out of our total of 22 in 38?

More to the point,how can we even contemplate not paying the agreed £6m to Spurs for someone who has settled superbly into our set-up,one who petrifies the opposition at both ends of the pitch? If he reminds me of any of our past heroes,it would be Paul Elliott-fast on the ground,strong in the tackle and immense in the air. He’s not a bad comparison to have on your CV,CCV!

You know it makes sense,get contract terms as good as you can manage from Celtic and sign on the dotted line. Even in three years time,you will only be 27yo,plenty of time to impress in the world’s foremost tournament,the Champions League,plenty of time to be comparing suitors for that big juicy contract to come. 

If Cameron Carter-Vickers continues to perform for us as well in the future as he did last season,we will do well to even keep him that long. Which is a bridge we can cross when we come to it. In the meantime,give him what he is asking for and get him signed up. It will be a long time before we can ever again sign a centre back of his quality,never mind for such a paltry fee. And this time,don’t tell Southampton we are having a fire sale!!!

Cameron Carter-Vickers is my pick for the bronze medal in our POTY awards. He certainly deserves it.

Above article by BMCUWP

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There is an update of the CST meeting which we have kindly been offered. Unfortunately,this week was already taken,with planned articles on the season-and personnel-just gone.

As the Saturday article is up for two days-and those are by far our busiest-it makes sense to present it to as wide an audience as possible,which will be on June 4/5.

There will also be some follow-up articles on the subject in the coming weeks.


From yesterday evening…


Evening all
A regular of the blog, and a gent with a heart of gold, Jimmy not Paul, has had a very traumatic day. His sister Janine is critically ill in hospital this evening. The next 24 hours are going to be very worrying indeed for all the family, not least of all JNP’s elderly mum.
I’d ask you all to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I’m sure JNP will update us as and when he can.

Hoping for a positive outcome.

May 24, 2022 7:32 pm

I’m sure everyone wishes the best for Janine,and her friends and family. A dreadful time for all concerned. I wish for a speedy recovery.

Noel Skytrot

The 25th of May the greatest day in a Celtic supporters life.
PS: we never drank toilet water that day. 🤣🤣🤣

The Gombeen Man

Thoughts and prayers with Janine and her family.


Best wishes to JNP and family.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Lisbon Lions Day. The 1st anniversary of that, of course 😉.
And good luck tonight to our old foes Feyenoord who play Roma in the Europa Conference League Final. My brother has lived in Holland, in Rotterdam, since 1978 and he and his family are understandably excited about tonight’s game. Should hopefully be a better game than last week’s!

The Gombeen Man

I hear that there is an outbreak of “Not Drinking Water🚱🚰” signs above toilets and urinals in public conveniences across Scotland.

There’s even videos floating about of the said signage.

Maybe the lack of toileting skills displayed by the Sevvies of Seville is the reason why so much damage has been caused to the toilets at Parkhead over the last ten years?

Maybe the Spanish Polis, watched the videos of George Square? The pitch invasion after Hibs won the Cup. Celtic staff and players being assaulted and acted to protect their city?

Yesterday relatives of the 10 murdered victims of the Ballymurphy Massacre continued with their dignified campaign against the British Government’s decision to provide immunity to those responsible.

That’s where my sympathies lie.

Have a great day…



No matter who you support, or your opinion on Sevco, the treatment of supporters at a major European final was clearly very sub standard bordering on illegal. Reading some reports, I’m surprised some didn’t die and that’s not an exaggeration. Drinking toilet water and your own piss, items such as battery packs confiscated?
I’m with AweNaw on this one, f@#k UEFA.
New boss required.
The clubs involved on this occasion should come out swinging, issue reports highlighting the failings.
Someone will die if this treatment continues ffs.

Grey and overcast in Belfast but spirits are high.
Really enjoying my visit. A trip to County Down and the Mournes beckons today.

Hail Hail

The Fenian Whaler

The Gombeen Man @ 8:31 am

The Gombeen Man

It didn’t stop them belting out the Billy Boys during the game.

They got a dose of their own medicine. Plain and simple.

Complaining about a lack of facilities ffs. They’ve ripped off the game for decades and caused mayhem across Europe.

Protected by the Polis, courts and media.

Welcome to what Tims put up with every week.

Their reputation precedes them.

If they’re genuine they’ll start behaving themselves at Home.

Covid ignored. Financial Fair Play, Confetti shares, referees, Compliance Officers. BBC Scotland lies.


Aye right.


“They got a dose of their own medicine. Plain and simple.”
Everyone was treated worse than crap. It’s not an ‘us and them’ matter, hence AweNaws grievances. I point out if that had our own club of choice made the final, things would have been the same, substandard and dangerous for ones health. I won’t hold my breath waiting on an investigation.
Whataboutery isn’t appropriate on this occasion imo. Not when lives where risked, deliberately.
All supporters should be concerned. It could have been you, me, him or her.


Jimmynotpaul My thoughts are with you and your family in this most difficult time, keep the faith.



It was 55-am I allowed to use that number on here?-years ago today,
Celtic showed the world how to play…

As an aside,5 years ago was pretty darn good too! Including the trip to the stadium,opened specially for us,where I got a photo of the famous Green and White Hillman Imp which had made the trip fifty years earlier. Yes,they had managed to repeat the feat with a 50yo Hillman Imp. Incredible,but true.

Sadly,it was also the day that my great pal,THEBARCAMOLE,was buried. He would have loved to have been there. Gone but never forgotten.





Craig76 done 👍



I’ll be meeting a fine upstanding-for a while at least-member of the Ballymurphy community next week. Not seen him since pre-lockdown,obviously. Really looking forward to it. An evening in The Golden Triangle on the Friday,plus MAHE on the Saturday. And the Harlem breakfasts as well,can’t go wrong.

Some serious stuff too,as I want to take my Dad to The Titanic Exhibition,plus we have some important personal stuff. Should be a good weekend,and in fine company indeed.



Have a great day. This is the best ever version,IMO,of a certain song relevant to your trip.

St tams

JNP ,thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

If CCV , is to sign and I personally don’t think he will.
We need a natural left sided centre half , as we can’t continue with Starfelt there going forward and looking to improve as a team.

The Gombeen Man

They’ve cheated, conned, bullied their way to a European Final and discovered what many have been saying for years.

The crush behind the North Stand?


Shenanigans over Sevco’s allocation of tickets for Old Firm games.

Ignored, brushed under the carpet.

Scotland can’t claim any kudos when it comes to tragedies at football matches.

Let me see them change their sectarian tune about the governance of the game in Scotland before I’ll listen to their concerns.

Let them see what it feels like on a daily basis not to have every decision in their favour. Not to have the media and cops ignore their cheating and hooliganism.

And yet when the Sevvies get a dose of what everyone else has been subjected to for years, it’s suddenly, ‘lives could have been lost.’

Most know UEFA are corrupt. SEVCO. The SPFL.

We’ve been saying this for years…(And told to stop being negative by some.)

Let’s see the Ibrox Board adopt a more reasonable attitude at Home and call for transparency. Genuine reform, no more dossiers, vexatious legal disputes that jepordise sponsorships.

Unfortunately Sevco and their support have been protected for years. Broken contracts, dealing in bad faith. Entitlement.

Welcome to the real world.

There’s been controversy over the policing or lack of policing at matches for generations.

It just repeats and repeats.

It’s just about the money. There’s already been plenty of lives lost at football games and still they roll up.

Pointing out the facts isn’t whataboutery.

No point in getting excited about it.

Will they change?

Till later.




Negligent of me not to comment on Bobbys article, my apologies, when i noticed JNP’s troubles and Craig msg it distracted me, no doubt CCV has done well against SPFL fodder, I think I’ll reserve judgement until he’s played a couple of European games under the famous Parkhead lights, if we do make him a permanent signing. Here’s hoping.




And that is the conundrum in signing CCV. ATHINGOFBEAUTY has pointed out for ages that we need a left-sided CB,and everyone else knows it too. Her point is,that no matter how good CCV has been,Starfelt is OUR player,and despite being played out of position,has excelled as he settled.

And as I said in the article,we need that leftie. Which means one from two of Starfelt or CCV. It’s a problem,but it is a better problem than the one we had less than ten months ago!

BTW,no further update on the whisky. It is definitely going ahead,but the distillery,bottlers and labellers are under pressure at the moment. At this rate,it will end up a 15yo!!!

The Gombeen Man


You’ll have a ball up in Belfast. I remember the special time you both had in Dublin in 2016. You both made that trip a memorable one.

I’ve a story about the White Star Line I’ll post in a day or so.

Belfast is a great place and a historic time to make the trip with renewed hope that the election has brought.

It’s time to embrace the truth and the opportunities that’ll emerge.

Enjoy and keep us posted.

Enjoy your time in Scotland too. I was reading about Kilwinning and the Knights Templar yesterday…

Must go.


Thoughts and prayers with JNP and family 📿🙏

Happy Lions Day to all the Tims – hope Europe sees Celtic roaring back next Season.

CCV has been a rock in defence, we need to keep him, I can understand why fholk are fretting over the CH position but from my perspective a qualify,, imposing defensive midfielder is the priority and will take some pressure off the CHs.

In Ange we trust…

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Bada,

If they’d been allowed to drink all day and there hadn’t been those cordons they’d of rushed the gates.

For sure.

Police Scotland would of known from the briefings that the Spanish cops were not going to take any nonsense.

That’s why there was the appeals for calm.

100/150,000 and 20/25,000 tickets.

The media whipping it up and encouraging so many to travel was a recipe for disaster.

Heavy handed policing arguably saved lives.

Last week I’d a notion that some supporters making the trip wouldn’t return home.

Happily (as far as I’m aware) there was no loss of life.

Not a happy experience and demanding for sure but lives saved.

Most were predicting carnage out there, the policing helped prevent that.

Folk need to get real.

I hope the supporter from the Vogue is recovering.

Duty Calls


55 years ago today. I was an 8 year old at the time. Despite the fact I cannot remember what I had for dinner yesterday, I well remember that day.

My dad settled in the big chair in front of the tv and me standing behind it watching. Some Celtic game was on. Wasn’t unusual of course at that time for Celtic to be winning games but when the equaliser, then what turned out to be the winner went in, my dad seemed to be getting a bit more worked up than usual. Even my mum seemed to be getting excited at what was transpiring on the wee screen.

Final whistle blows and my dad leaps out the chair and out the front door in his stockinged feet. Only found out later he was running in and out of his brothers and sisters houses, no doubt sharing hugs and laughter.
( he was one of a family of 13 my dad was – and half a dozen of his siblings still lived in the village. So he’d a few houses to visit!)

The significance of that match meant nothing to an 8 year old. Just a win in a cup final. Astonishing to think now of just what an achievement that really was. 12 local lads beating the best in Europe.

My dad obviously realised just how big a win it was. It would never have crossed his mind of course about how significant it would turn out to be in respect of Sevco attempting to equal it, and going to the grubber in the pursuit. He’d certainly be turning in his grave at the part his beloved Celtic played in their phoenix from the flames act. I guess it’s a blessing he never did witness that. He wasn’t exactly mild mannered at the best of times, and had ended up in court on occasion for resorting to his own way of dealing with local bigots.

I’m 20 years older now than the age my dad was when he passed away. It’s pretty much a certainty I’ll never see the big cup paraded around Celtic Park in my lifetime, unless there are monumental changes to the structure of Celtic. He’d probably clip my ear if he knew I’d given up going to CP and had chosen the junior leagues as the places to get my thrills nowadays ( as well as the nags of course)

From Portugal and Parkhead to Pumpherston and Pollock.

I guess you can never say never but as a gambling man I think I’d want 100,000/1 on Celtic winning the CL in my lifetime.

Still, this is now and that was then, and it’s right and fitting that the Lisbon lions are still revered regardless of what has followed since.

Happy anniversary to the Lions.


I’m afraid I almost completely disagree with your views of the event. Setting any previous bad behavior aside and looking at the final as a one off, it was terrible, for all involved.
Policing has zero to do with people nearly dying from dehydration.
It wasn’t okay at all, even if they have form.
I’ll leave it there, busy today.
Take it easy
Hail Hail



My Dad and I will never forget Dublin 2016,that’s for sure. And our thanks for your efforts,along with ALMORE,in making it such a success. Nor will we forget the welcome we received in your home town-not only your family,but all the locals too.

It was a terrific few days,too many highlights to mention. But I think I’ll do a wee preen preen on this one. Our boarding house,on Drumcondra Road,was right across the road from Skylon Hotel,where a couple of the better-heeled lads were holed up. You know the opening times on Sunday in Dublin,and so did I! So,waking up at 10am was a nightmare-unless I phoned one of them,lining up for their flight,having checked out.

What room were you in,J? He wasn’t too pleased,as he thought I might stiff him for the bill,but a quick-don’t be so bliddy styooopit!-soon sorted that. Sauntered into the bar,told them the room number,ordered a pint. Would you like it on your bill,sir? No,thanks. Checked out already,just waiting for my mate. Who might be some time,as he overdid it last night.

Three pints later,wandered back to the digs to meet an irate Dad.

Happy daze…



Long been a rumour about “The Holy Grail” in Kilwinning. If it actually is there,it must be turning in it’s grave. I left the town just over 20 years ago,and everyone here knows how much I love the place. But the rank bajins are taking over,and that didn’t happen back when I was there.

I was brought up there. I didn’t realise I was a Catholic,that all my mates were Protestant. That’s the truth. I just got p-d off that I had to walk all the way to the top of the town to go to school,why can’t I go to the one round the corner that my pals go to? And they are always out playing by the time I get there!

It’s a serious concern,and something that I spoke to ATHINGOFBEAUTY about more than a decade ago. That once the unionists realise that they are history in NI,they will find a new home. I know from experience that it only takes one extremist to whip up a fervour,and in that part of Ayrshire,they have a willing and gullible audience.


JNP, So sorry to read of the troubles you and your family are going through.
Thoughts and prayers pal.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers BMCUWPS, I’ll come back to you later.

Mahe, Enjoy the Mournes.

Terrific post Twisty.


This should be our annual day of celebration and thanksgiving.

Yesterday in the US- an 18 year old man, allowed to purchase guns without a check, killed his grandmother, and then, 2 teachers and 19 children at a Texas school. This may not be the end of the casualty list.

I know many of you find solace in prayers but prayers have done nothing about this regularly recurring atrocity. Indeed, the Gun Lobby have hypocritically used prayer as a deflection from any effective actions. Indeed they recommend more widespread gun ownership and usage as their response on the specious grounds that respondents with guns will kill perpetrators earlier. Placing more guns in the hands of more people who cannot be trusted to use them responsibly will just lead to more events like yesterday.

Those who defend the gun use are doing so because their livelihoods have grown dependent on it, either through participating in a domestic arms race or because their political campaigns are subsidised and compromised by Gun Manufacturer & Sales bribery.

We suffered one major incident of this type over 25 years ago and, thankfully, have never suffered another such outcome. There has been , however, a recent re-growth in gun ownership in Scotland so we are in danger of forgetting this horror. The more guns there are in circulation, the more likely and certainly, the easier it will be, for them to fall into the wrong hands.

We need to continue to restrict this Americanisation trend and we must do more than just pray that it be so.

There is so much sorrow on what should have been a happy day for us.

The Real McCoy

SFTB – 🙏🏻😢
ASWGL- 👏👏👏👍🏻

Courtesy of St Stivs …….

55 years from now some old berz will be telling their grand weans about the time they went to Seville, came back as runners up, and had to suffer the indignity of drinking water from a toilet bowl.

the weans will say

“i dont know why you tell me that ganda billy, sure you know I am a celtic supporter”




Some random thoughts.

Lacking a bit of detail on The Rangers water gate scandal and of course you would think the least the authorities would do is provide drinking water.

However, how many of those with “dehydration” were drinking amounts of alcohol, which is a known diuretic and not stocking up with water.

In a hot climate a recipe for disaster.

Personal responsibility does not seem to be factored in here – the locals may have had little sympathy for such behaviour…

On the Knights Templars in Kilwinning, The Knights Templar was a subject I was interested in some time ago. Many secrets still remain.

It is said the Templars came to Scotland when their land’s and possessions were seized in France and they were excommunicated by the Pope.

Of course Scotland was also Excommunicated as it refused to bow to English rule as demanded by the Pope – who had found the protection of Norman soldiers very beneficial in “Italy”.

It is said that many Battle hardened Templars were fighting with Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn and that is why, although outnumbered seven to one, the Scots prevailed.

However as far as the wealth that the Templars managed to secret away from their enemies my view is most of that ended up in the City of London, whose emblem is the the red cross.

The fact that even seven hundred years later the Corporation of the City of London is hugely wealthy gives an insight to vastness of such wealth.

Of course with Philip the fair and the Pope they weren’t actually after the Templar’s wealth and property, that was an added bonus, the fact is the Monarchy owed huge fortunes to the Templars and destroying a rival power base while null and voiding the debt was profit enough.

Hail Hail


Very sorry to hear of your family health concerns. I lost my brother just two years ago. His strength at that time was a great comfort to his family.

I wish the best for your sister and shall be thinking of her through the coming days.


Weet weet weet

I was told at the titanic exhibition you can buy a t shirt with a picture of the ship and the slogan

It was alright when it left here

Hope you and the troops can say the same, have a ball mate

A very happy 25th of May to you all…in 1967 this was certainly a happy day for all Celts. Here’s a scary thought. If Stevie Chalmers had not have scored the winner with 5 minutes to go, the game would have went to extra time. In the event of a draw after extra time, the game would have been replayed, at the same venue, on the Saturday…2 days later. Think about that for a second, and consider this. The vast majority of Celtic supporters present in Estoril on the 25th of May, had travelled to Lisbon by aeroplane. All would have been on a day trip. If the game had indeed gone to a replay, all these supporters would be back in Scotland…or wherever they had travelled from, on the day of the replay. The only Celtic supporters who could have possibly stayed on, were those who had travelled by supporters’ bus or car. Even then, most supporters would not have budgeted for an extra couple of days in Lisbon. So at best, we would have had a few hundred supporters at the replay. Jock Stein-that master tactition-had pulled a fast on on Helenio Herrera, the manager of Inter Milan. He had instructed the forwards to stay out of Inters’ penalty-box. Jock wanted the forwards to pull the Inter defence all over the place, but to let the other players do the damage in front of goal. This is why most of our chances in that game, fell to our midfield maestros, Bobby, and Bertie, and to left-back, big Tam Gemmell. As an aside, Jinky was instructed to wander all over the park. The Inter defence did not have a clue how to deal with the phenomenon that was Jinky Johnstone. In all fairness, they were not alone in this. So that was the tactics of the Big Man in the final. Would Herrera have fallen for the same trick twice, in the event of a replay? Would Jock have played a more recognisable Celtic formation in a replay? Fortunately, courtesy of Stevie Chalmers, we will never know the answer to these questions. By wandering into the box with 5 minutes to go, Stevie had actually disobeyed the manager’s instructions. Just as well we won, eh?


A fine leader. I get ATOB’s point about Starfelt and CCV. I had not considered this before.

Twisty @ 1124 hours

A quite brilliant post


I hope that you have a lovely day out, in beautiful South Down. A smashing place, with friendly people.


These tragedies occur with an all too depressing frequency in the United States. If the 18th Amendment can be repealed, why not the Second Amendment? Or at least the part of the amendment, which gives all citizens the right to bear arms. It is possible in some states, for private citizens, to walk about in public, armed to the teeth. If the political will was there, ownership of assault rifles in particular, by private citizens, would be outlawed immediately. Too many vested interests at work here, I should think.

Hail Hail.

Since the football has finished for a few months, I thought I would post about some athletes that have become my fair weather friends lately.

My backyard backs onto the wilds and so we are at the interface between civilisation and the animal world. I started providing seed for what I thought would be birds. We have red cardinals, who are nesting, thugs called grackles, also nesting, and blue jays. In addition, there is a wide variety of finches and sparrows. Pretty quickly, the one feeder had to be expanded to three with a new one on its way. I fill these three times a day and it is still not enough. We are, essentially, a food bank for parents who have kids to feed.

Almost immediately three chipmunks joined the party. Each has a family to feed and they load up their cheeks with seed and rush back to their nests to feed the kids. They are extremely fast and run with their tails raised to the sky. A three foot leap is effortless and they can run up and down a tree trunk in no time. These guys are usually first at the feeders. However, they have to give way to black and grey squirrels when they choose to visit, which is a frequent occurrence.

Lately, two crows have discovered the foodbank and they are very organised. They have a series of lookouts posted all along the border of civilisation and the wilds. Starting at 4.0 am they start calling out where the food supplies are located and two crows have been allocated to our feeders. Being larger than any other bird or animal, they get first pick at the feeders. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the others, because the crows are picky. They throw seed out of the feeders if it does not interest them. So there is always a lineup at the bottom of chipmunks, plus smaller birds. Al types of seed are eventually eaten, although there is a right mess left behind by the husks.

One black squirrel had damaged his right arm so the easy availability of food was a blessing for him. His arm healed partially and he can now return to the trees for alternative food.

All is well in the hierarchy that exists in our little world with the exception of the local killer cat. He usually accounts for most of the chipmunks over a season. As the leaves appear, he gets great camouflage and he quickly learns the routes taken by the chippies. Only the smartest and luckiest survive. Unfortunately, he does not like a quick kill and he tortures them before, either their heart gives out, or he gets bored. Then it is off with their head!

There are coyotes around as well as racoons and these guys are nocturnal as well. So there is a chance that Mr Cat will meet either of them one night. The coons travel in tribes or families and their claws are to be feared.

Each year, the great cycle continues all underneath our two hundred year old oak. Sobering to think that a stationery object like that tree will probably see me out. Does it have a memory, do you think?



Fascinating look into your wildlife life. Wildlife life? Ach ye know what I mean. Observing their techniques is very educational and brings some level of tranquility to an otherwise busy ( too busy most days) existence.

I have a tiny percentage of wildlife relative to yourself but I’m looking to move house imminently and I’ll be hoping to find a place with a bit more to offer in respect of wildlife.

Unlikely I’ll be getting visits from raccoons or chipmunks mind ye but I’ll settle for a bigger variety of birds than I currently see.

I’d like to set up a garden designed to capture a lot of different types, but it’s outside of my expertise. However I do know a man who can help me. Jimmy NP will be my go to guy for advice. ( though his hourly rates may be a stumbling block ) 😬

Enjoyed the read Rebus. Ty



Thanks for the positives. I have always liked birds. When I was a teenager in Scotland I had an aviary with 200 hundred budgies. I bred and showed them. When I moved to London all of that had to stop.

Squirrels and chippies are rodents but the more acceptable sides of that genus.

Upon occasion we get deer in the winter looking for food. Here you can buy blocks of salt lick which encourages deer to visit. Farmers use these too but usually as bait, then they shoot them. Deer can eat a lot of crops.

When I lived in Newfoundland a big issue was seals….especially baby seals who look cute. There used to be an annual cull off northern Newfoundland when seals would be clubbed to death. International outrage put an end to that. No thought was given to the effect that had on northern people whose only source of income and food was from the seal hunt. Further south the cod fishery collapsed in part because of the protected seals. A seal can eat upwards of 40 lbs of fish a day. When they attack a swarm of fish they take a bite out of the nearest fish. So they kill more than they eat. Because of the exploding seal populations and European drag fishing, where they trawl the breeding ground at the bottom of the ocean, cod is nearing an endangered species. Even now the fishery is the largest employer of people in NF, particularly in the rural parts of the province. It is easy to be one dimensional when looking at the balance in nature.

Slow down and enjoy life, if you can. Who was it that said……what is this life so full of care, that we have no time to stand and stare……



Chipmunks are gallus wee bassas.
Tiny but fierce.
The main one in my garden rules.
We nicknamed him unimaginatively Alvin.
3 years ago i bought a tomato plant and though it grew around 50 tomatoes i never got a single one,
Alvin staked it out and even if i was a few feet away he would stare me down then help himself to one.
He decided it was his and not mine.
No amount of netting deterred him.
The following year i decided there was no point in trying to grow tomatoes again but this really enraged Alvin so he punished us by destroying anything in plant pots .
After weeks of carnage i bought a new tomato plant just for him.
This stopped his destruction as he knew i had been warned and would not make that mistake again.
He often sits close by me nibbling on his prized tomatoes as we both have our place.
I buy a new tomato plant every year but only ones i taste are store bought.
I am just not brave enough to risk his ire.

bada bing1
St tams

Bobby, thanks for the update, re the whisky 👍


Wildlife is it? When I roll in like a bag of laundry after a day on the beer Mrs BRRB is wild and my life is in danger. 😂

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, yes 55 years ago was sat in my grandfathers house, grandfather father and five uncles, I was fourteen years old, the women were banished to the scullery, remember the scullerry we dont have them now😎 when that penalty went in you could hear a pin drop, but we knew we were the better team ,second half their goalie think it was sarti was playing a blinder, but it had to give and when tommy hit that thunderbolt you could probably hear our cheers down here in cheshire, it was only a matter of time and when stevie hit the winner my dad and uncle packy nearly hit my head off the ceiling, a day ill never forget, celtic do something to you which i cant explain, but you probably know what i mean,HAIL HAIL

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