Player of the Year-No. 3


BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE rather painfully reminded us of our line-up against Midjtylland in late July last year. Apart from a few players who were rarely seen again for us,we had a central defensive pairing of Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray. 21yo and 18yo respectively,and the latter is a central midfielder,not a central defender! The scale of the rebuild facing Ange and Dom was already clear to us all,and to them too. That team selection,from the players available to AP,emphasised it for all to see. The result,followed by a few other defeats in the following five weeks,magnified it so that nobody could ignore it.

So we brought in Carl Starfelt for £4.5m from Ruben Kazan in Russia. A Swedish international who,although he took time to settle into an unfamiliar left sided cental defender role,performed very well indeed for us as the season wore on. And at the end of the transfer window,we finally brought in a partner on loan for him,and from no less a club than Spurs.

It didn’t take long for us to do a bit of digging on this US internationalist. He was just shy of his 24rth birthday,yet had never played an EPL game for the club he had been with for five years already. He had plyed his trade on loan to various championship sides,playing a grand total of 125 games in those four years,and it seemed that none of them had been sufficiently impressed as to consider making Spurs an offer for a permanent transfer. Was I concerned that we had signed someone who would be out of his depth? You are darn tootin’ I was! We needed the finished article in those roles,and Cameron Carter-Vickers was far from that.

Or so I thought anyway. Not that it mattered all that much anyway,I consoled myself. The season was all about improving on the one before to the extent that we could be likely to mount a challenge the following year. Bhoy oh bhoy,just how much did I get wrong back then?!!!

Starfelt and CCV were as impressive a partnership perhaps since the heady days of Bobo and Johann Mjallby. And while I nominate CCV for third place in our Player of the Year awards,it was a marginal call for me over his partner. Starfelt,of course,is actually our player,while CCV has already returned to his club,hopefully awaiting developments on a formal offer from Celtic for his services on a permanent basis. And Starfelt is clearly more comfortable on the right of our central defence,a role which he can forget about if we sign CCV. None of which detracts from the obvious fact that we need to sign a left sided centre back. And they are like hen’s teeth,and it will be difficult to find one who is of a good enough standard but willing to be a third choice behind the incumbents. But how does a manager bin a combo which lost 18 goals in 33 games,out of our total of 22 in 38?

More to the point,how can we even contemplate not paying the agreed £6m to Spurs for someone who has settled superbly into our set-up,one who petrifies the opposition at both ends of the pitch? If he reminds me of any of our past heroes,it would be Paul Elliott-fast on the ground,strong in the tackle and immense in the air. He’s not a bad comparison to have on your CV,CCV!

You know it makes sense,get contract terms as good as you can manage from Celtic and sign on the dotted line. Even in three years time,you will only be 27yo,plenty of time to impress in the world’s foremost tournament,the Champions League,plenty of time to be comparing suitors for that big juicy contract to come. 

If Cameron Carter-Vickers continues to perform for us as well in the future as he did last season,we will do well to even keep him that long. Which is a bridge we can cross when we come to it. In the meantime,give him what he is asking for and get him signed up. It will be a long time before we can ever again sign a centre back of his quality,never mind for such a paltry fee. And this time,don’t tell Southampton we are having a fire sale!!!

Cameron Carter-Vickers is my pick for the bronze medal in our POTY awards. He certainly deserves it.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Packy, never forget that day either. Watching the game on the wee B&W telly. The streets were empty! After the resultt a couple of cars were driving around tooting their horns and had Celtic scarfs waving from them. Very unusual in those days, not many folk had cars! 🙂

big packy

JIM yes, think my grandads tv was a 17 inch black and white, rented from radio rentals in coatbridge ,ach memories😎

big packy

BTW where have you been lately, sol kitts has been missing you, magua has been missing you, cant think of anyone else😎😎

The Gombeen Man

Chairbhoy, BMCUWPS,


I hadn’t heard that tale of skullduggery at the Skylon before. You missed your calling. The City of London is always on the lookout for that type of creativity.

In respect of a movement East by large numbers of folk with Scottish ancestry.

– Who knows?

People have moved back and forth for centuries. This was happening well before the policy of Plantations.

Ireland is an island and many folk have passed through over the centuries.

The mistake we make is when we begin to think we own the Land. It works in the reverse in the Celtic world. We are the property of the Land.

The people of the Unionist tradition are a vital part of the future of the Island. They are needed.

They were proven right about numerous things. There is huge common ground.

It’s hoped in the near future that the choice of who to vote for or what Club to support, won’t be determined by social, religious or ethnic factors.

– They just cannae run a football team.


Pope Clement V, was the first of the Avignonese Popes. A really difficult time for Roman Catholicism. The Papacy remained in Avignon from 1309-76.

Clement was the Pope who is linked with the demise of the Knights Templar.

Apart from the torture and burning at the stake of senior Knights Templar, this was a period of immense harm to Catholicism.

Disputes about wealth, allegations of heresy against people like, Eckhart, rows with the Franciscans.

Losing control of the Holy Sites, problems in the Holy Roman Empire, the Anti-Pope.

Scandal after scandal.

It’s worth remembering too that the Declaration of Arbroath of 1320 was addressed to Clement’s successor, Pope John XXIII.

It was a plea really for a change of strategy by the Pope (ok it wasn’t an entirely accurate description of events either).

It highlighted ongoing frustrations with the policies of the Pope. Was this an early warning of Scotland’s frustrations with the politics and corruption of Roman Catholicism?

Robert the Bruce and the Stewarts were of Norman extraction. Many of Scotland’s clans were established by Normans

Even the most sympathetic observor would point to ongoing difficulty and controversy in the governance of Rome/Avaignon.

Most monarchies are based upon a system of divine authority. The Gaels have their claims to Egyptian/ Middle Eastern origins. The authority of God provided legitimacy and an unquestionable method of control.

St Andrews relics are another example.

Does this period – The legendary tale about Knights Templar choosing Scotland and the later foundation of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry represent the thinking/rationale behind WATP?

The careful, delicate exposure of these myths might be fruitful.

Is this what much of the entitlement mindset is based upon?

The Knights Templar were very active in Ireland too. They were based in the Clontarf Castle, an affluent area on the Northside of Dublin.

Ireland was facing similar challenges with the Lordship of Ireland being granted to Henry II by Pope Adrian IV.

Henry II is quoted as saying, “What miserable drones and traitors have I nurtured and promoted in my household who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born clerk!”

Henry said this with regard to Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, shortly before Becket was assassinated by Knights connected to Henry II in 1170.

– An early precursor of what was to come in the way of conflict between the Spiritual and Temporal?

The City of London has numerous names of locations related to the Knights Templar around the Temple area.

St Bernard Clairvaux is closely connected with the Knights. He was a close friend of St Malachi. The first legitimately canonised Irish Saint. St Bernard (often rightly) was a fierce critic of the practices of the Celtic Christian Church, after it’s destruction by the Vikings.

The Irish Church was reformed along more acceptable lines to the church hierarchy. Diocese were introduced, celibacy and the payment of tithes (a form of taxes) would also commence.

After the Reformation tithes were diverted to the Church of Ireland, leading to the Tithe War of 1831/1832.

This was a war the Catholic Church in Ireland didn’t oppose.

Some not too serious examples of links to the Knights Templar in Scotland.

Yes – Bonny Kilwinning is in


Hi all.
I’ve popped in to say a big thank you, to everyone for the kind wishes, prayers etc, for my young sister. It really helped, thank you.💚
There is nothing to add from yesterday, consultant, said after surgery, that it was 50/50, if she survived next 48 hours, she has survived 24 now, but is heavily sedated.
I will post a few other things now, as I don’t want the blog to be gloom and doom.😯😁


I hope you are having a blast back in your hometown, visiting all your loved ones.
Have a really special time!!


Great post about the wildlife.
That had me smiling.
Helping wildlife brings me great joy, I’ve had many different birds, in my garden, this year, a few passing migrants, too.
The highlight was in January, when a Sparrowhawk took out a pigeon and then spend over 30 mins in the garden, eating it, I managed to get that in video.


TGM. 5.19
Tremendous post, always an education for me.


Jimmy good to see you on, here’s to a next very good 24 hours, 🙏 few of the guys that i go fishing with are currently seeing Sedge warblers, avocet and ringed plovers, along with the usual migrants of Ospreys and martins, swallows, swifts, i like this time of the year in my fishing calendar, where you can just stop and take in the birdlife.


Avocet a great spot and a beautiful looking bird.
Osprey, there’s a reason I don’t mind gulls, was in garden at weekend ( looking wrong way as usual ) heard gulls going crazy, looked up and there they were, mobbing an Osprey that was passing through.
If it hadn’t been for the commotion of the gulls, I would have missed it.

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, prayers said🙏

The Gombeen Man


Thanks, for the response.
You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

I got a book at Christmas called Ireland’s Native Trees. I’m determined to identify all of the trees in a nearby park.

It explains the connection of a particular tree to the mythology of the past.

I’ve heard the birdsong in the evening a couple of times recently. Simply amazing.

I’ve no idea what the majority of the birds are. Maybe their identification is next year’s project?

Keep well.



Just a quick

Great stuff on CCV – absolutely has the game for SPFL matches.

Let’s get him with Left sided partner for European games.

JNP my thoughts with you and yours buddy.

Hope everyone else here is well and getting sorted for hols. Etc.



TGM. 6.10.
That sounds fascinating about the trees, where I used to live all the streets were named after trees, so that was an education.
If you learn the birdsong first, it will really help you, identify them. ( Being the fool I am, I didn’t )
Thanks buddy.

Evening all.

A very enjoyable watch of ‘The Lions’ celebrating their 20th anniversary at Seamill Hydro.


The Gombeen Man


That’s a great tip about the birdsong, thanks.

I’d never have thought of that.
My eyesight has seen better days too.

On that note,

Let’s see if, Albanian President, Ilir Meta, has got his Celtic ‘tap’ on for the game tonight.

Thanks for the heads-up.


The Gombeen Man @ 5:19 pm,

Yes, a fascinating time for the Papacy – The Holy Roman Empire and the western monarchs.

It lay the blueprint for modern Western Europe.

Meister Eckhart and The Templars may have had something in common.

In Eastern religions and philosophy the notion of enlightenment, transcendence, nirvana etc is seen as an important destination in the spiritual journey.

Less so in the Western Christian tradition; where living a righteous life and gaining ascendance into Heaven is seen as the ultimate.

There is an idea of a perennial philosophy, sometimes termed perennial wisdom. The notion being that what people experience when they get towards the ultimate state of spiritual awareness is the same thing.

In otherwords there are many traditions and many paths within those traditions but ultimately what the adherents of these various paths will encounter when reaching their spiritual “zenith” is the same inscrutable experience.

This indescribable experience cannot be explained, neither Jesus nor the Buddha could fashion a direct path nor completely explain this phenomena to their disciples – they could only offer multiple teachings, and present various pathways.

It is said that Meister Eckhart was enlightened to this ultimate truth and what the Knights Templar were involved in practices to enable them to gain enlightenment.

Any such notions were looked upon as heresy within the Catholic Church and these practices went “underground”, secret organisations and esoteric practices resulted.

It is interesting now that the power and influence of the Christian Churches’ are waning in the west that there is a resurgence of interest in the Eastern traditions.

An interesting aside, my School was named after St Bernard – for many years the School has not been able to fill it’s allocation with Catholics.

Now there are many Muslims in the town, mainly of Pakistani heritage.

Not having a dedicated Muslim school, many chose to go to my old Catholic school.

However, the school and it’s adjacent primary school (which was St Augustine’s) changed its name.

They are now St Michael’s

Now I’ve no idea why the name was changed but it did strike me that an Archangel who is recognised in Islam maybe more agreeable than a foremost Catholic theologian or an Abbot so prominent in forming the Knights Templar and supporting the Crusades.

Who knows!?

Always enjoy your knowledgable contributions.

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man


Speaking of birds.

Lough Ennill in Westmeath was the scene of this well known photograph of a murmuration of starlings.

Near Mullingar.

Till later.


TGM. 7.19.
I get a few starlings in my garden, they eat a lot! obviously nothing like that though.
It’s a magical time of year, as the fledglings have appeared but are still being fed by the adults, had 5 starling fledglings today, a joy to see.
Although highlight today was a male bullfinch, a beautiful bird.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Usual late to the bog CCB!
Firstly, thoughts and prayers with JNP and will ‘do’ a wee caunel at St Winin’s, Kilwinning tomorrow. Incidentally, the Knights Templar May have been here, but, no sign of those other Knights! The Columba branch seems to have landed on unfertile soil 😁.
The usual standard of leaders and contributors and an education thrown in almost every day.
To me, the GBM and Mahe difference of opinion on The Travelling Hun is moot. Since they don’t consider us people, as they only have WATP, then I say ‘ Pity they didn’t have an even worse visit to Seville.
Really enjoying Craig 76, and others, contributions via Twitter. Thank God my Granddaughter got the thing for me.
Enough wittering for now…. things to do but no people to see😩.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
When Magners did Saltcoats 😎😎

Sol Kitts

Cosy Corner Bhoy
Was that a Freudian slip? Late to the bog, indeed. 😂😂😎

Jobo Baldie

Having just learned that Roma’s manager is Jose Murinho then I’m absolutely definitely, no maybes, supporting Feyenoord in tonights final. Surely thete will finally be a decent cup final during May 2022.

big packy

SOL get your bliddy doorbell fixed, its cauld oot here in laindon, the place that time forgot😎😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Laindon? Wrong town, old son. Wonder who’s door you’re standing at?😂😂😎


Congrats to Neil Lennon on landing the Cyprus cup despite his team being reduced to 10 men. I hope he rehabilitates his reputation with further success


Sol kitts
Would you of allowed a retake or is it a foul as he touched the ball twice (and broke a bone)

Sol Kitts

No justification for a retake. Correct decision is an indirect free kick to the defending team.

big packy

SOL ,jim told me you lived at 23 acacia avenue in laindon essex, god knows whose door ive been chapping all these years😎

Prestonpans bhoys

30 minutes into conference final, nothing happening, then Roma score😱

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
That’s one of BMCUWP’s houses.


Sol kitts
I’m guessing you award the indirect free kick once you’ve finished pissing yourself laughing 😅

Sol Kitts

It was funny. Made me laugh just slightly less than Ramsey’s spot kick. 😂😂

Puff puff

Hey fan
That wss funny even read it twice.
Wee bassa.

Craig 76 & Sol Kitts.

That looks like a penalty shoot out as the guy’s keeper is standing at the side and helps him off.

Still funny tho.


big packy

SOL thought so😎 another true story, wee joan has just been looking at our bank account online, 55 quid been taken out last month,and 70 taken out this month, from frodsham golf club ,we dont play golf, wee joan googled it its closed fraud going on somewhere,👍


Big Packy
Fraud in Frodsham I don’t believe it 😀

big packy

CRAIG76 another true story,🤩

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Chairbhoy for the response, I’ll come back at another time.

Thanks also to CCB, I should have known there’d be a Kilwinning connection in this great mystery.

Enjoy the game.

Jobo Baldie

Well, that first half was a bit of a borefest. C’mon Feyenoord, up your game a bit!

Prestonpans bhoys

Second half must be better, 8 shots 3 on target from both😱



Peter Devine on that penalty.

I thought it was Mrrrrrr Grimmmsdale !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably too old for you, but I bet a few on here know what I mean 😜😜😜😜😜

A tune, that I believe sums our ‘Lions’ up.

Mr Nat King Cole



Had a wee nibble at your horse tomorrow bud. 8/1 ( 3 places on each way extra on 365)

It win off a 6lb higher mark on turf just over a year ago so it’s not without some sort of chance if it can run to its best.

Gl . Hope it runs well for you. Win or lose ty for the heads up .

bada bing1

Real over the top celebrations, Europa Conference ffs,pish poor game,Feyenoord deserved ET

Margaret McGill

The abortion debate in America is about money not morality
The gun debate in America is about money not morality
American arms dealers (tax funded) selling arms to Ukrainians and anyone else is about money not morality.
FFS the whole British govt is set up just to do international money laundering and to plunder taxes
All football competitions on the planet now are all about money not sport.

I’m with Mahe on the shattenfreude water debacle in Seville.
Again all about money not sport

bada bing1

Nothing ever happens… the song says….