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Now that the flurry of international games are over,some of our players can maybe get some well-earned rest at last. We all know from experience in our own workplaces that this time of year is one when many of our colleagues take their chance to rest their own weary bones,sit in the sun and recharge their batteries and forget all about work. Some members of the SMSM also indulge themselves in a wee break from work at this time,although unlike those who are honest about it and book their two weeks off officially,these charlatans choose to make up their stories about transfer targets for the bigger clubs,or impending moves away from them.

We are used to it all by now,of course. The only major surprise is that Morelos hasn’t been linked to a move to Barcelona yet,though I suspect that is only because they know that Barca can’t afford that billion pound transfer and signing on fee.

Now that it’s all gone quiet on the Bassey front,with no-one apparently willing to match the £25m transfer fee demanded,attention has clearly switched to possible ins and outs at Celtic Park. What really made me smile about the Bassey rumours is that Gerrard was apparently leading the chase. That will be the same Gerrard who signed him in summer 2020 but barely played him that season,btw. So it is clear that we should take the rumour mill with more than just a pinch of salt.

I’ll give you just a few of the latest ones concerning us. There is a left back playing in Argentina,one Alexandro Bernabei. Still only 21yo,he plays for Lanus,who only five years ago were in the Copa Libertadores final,so clearly a decent side-even if one that is new to me. Now,I think there is broad agreement that Celtic need another left back,one who can challenge Greg Taylor for his position. But with two main stumbling blocks to this move taking place,I doubt it will happen. The first is the £3.5m fee,probably a bit on the high side for a squad player. The other is his height,which at 5’7” is definitely a bit on the low side for a defender!

The next one is Rabbi Matondo. This is a strange one,as he too is only 21yo-yet moved three years ago from,wait for it,Manchester City to Schalke for a fee of up to £11m. He seemed at first to have settled into a regular place at the club,making plenty of appearances in the COVID-disrupted season of 2019-20,but soon dropped so far out of the picture that he was loaned for the next two seasons to Groningen in The Netherlands. He has struggled there since,and while there is no mention of a likely fee for the winger,he is in the last year of his contract,and I doubt if Schalke will be expecting much upfront for him. Personally,I doubt if we will see him up front for Celtic,as we have much better options available in that part of the pitch.

The longest running saga though is possibly the least likely of them all. Ko Itakura certainly plays in a part of the pitch where we are short of quality. And as well as being comfortable as a defensive midfielder,can apparently play at centre back too. Signed three years ago b,erm,Manchester City,he has been on loan to-are you seeing a pattern emerge here?-Groningen and Schalke 04. 

Now,I will admit to knowing nothing about these three players,but that may well be one of the reasons why rumours like this spring up. Not too easy to dismiss them if you have little previous knowledge. How very clever of them. Of the three,I think the latter is an outside possibility,with the others total non-starters. But then,what did we know about some of our signings last summer and winter?

And here’s another thing. With most of those signings,the first we knew about them was when they were paraded in their new colours,scarf aloft! That seems to be Ange’s preferred method of doing business,and it has worked well so far for him and the club. Not many failures in his business dealings,and long may the trend continue.

The silly season is definitely upon us. Recent experience with AP,as well as long experience reading the trash in the sports pages suggests that we will be best served this summer by ignoring the latter and simply waiting for official confirmation of our signings from the club itself.

On which,I hope we get some positive news very soon about Jota!

Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

Morning all, the Bassey stuff in the media was down right embarrassing, think videocelts had a excellent video of Bassey gaffs.

As for the the three above; squad player@£3.5m nope; the next one definitely nope but Itakura looks like he can do a gig.


Results-Day Two






16 ROADS…………….40













D R M………………….30





A sad day for you all,and I hope it goes as well as can be expected.

R I P Uncle Jack


Aye I started just before the window checking 7/8 a day for Jota and CCV, the constantly checking celticnewsnow increased as the window opened but I’ve read that much mince that it’s obvious the meeja don’t have a clue who we’re signing, as you point out happening with Ange’s previous signings. I’ve controlled the constant checking and daily check Celticfc’s website, when they’re photographed with our top and scarf OR obviously photographed with paul the tim,

Thanks again, I always click your articles first, yours in Celtic



A summer of fishing expeditions awaits!



Why,thank you! That’s cheered me up in my first week back at work after two weeks in Scotland with family and friends,I can tell you.

Speculation is fun,but for facts it is best to avoid the MSM. I’ll comment,generally,when the unveiling is done.


Regarding Jota
As has been mentioned on twitter, he is holidaying in nice warm countries at the moment to get a decent tan before spending the next 4 years in Scotland 🌞🌞🌞🌞🤪😀

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the reply at 7.11 last night.

A quick way to dispel much of the hot air around things like culture or heritage is to simply follow the money.

That route normally negates dead-ends and presents the opportunity for ideals and conditioned thinking to fall away.

– The problem is we usually back off and cling resolutely to those programmed beliefs.

Anyone or anything proclaiming any religious, philosophical, cultural, or moral imperative is best approached with caution…(including this waffle.)

Sadly Celtic, Sevco, football, religion and politicians, all fall foul of that test.

We are suckers for ideals, philosophies and beliefs that offer a solution. Always looking for a quote or an authority, not having the courage to go it alone (I’m talking about me.)

Nothing has really changed from Willie Maley’s time.

Following the money gets to the heart of the matter and avoids much of the camouflage.

No need then to get distracted talking about Unionism, royalty, the British army, religion or integration.

Just follow the money.

I tend to leave folk like Willie Maley alone. The reason for that is we are all flawed, a mixture of gifts and flaws : It serves no purpose.

Much of history is written to promote a certain narrative, an honest look things tends to breakdown many of the things we were told.

A kind of a Neti Neti process, ‘not this, not that.’

Following the money is a better way to approach things like Brexit, the DUP, Ukraine, the Middle East, the Church etc.

Celtic PLC are no different, nothing has changed. We’re just in a different phase of the resurrection of Rangers and the Old Firm.

Pedro and Co haven’t gone anywhere.

It can be a bit uncomfortable when many of those cherished ideals are exposed for what they’re not and let go.

After a while you realise it’s those ideals and beliefs that were much of the problem.

Society generally can’t cope with folk who are able to live beyond the limitations of manufactured beliefs and ideals.

There’s plenty of examples.

Have a great day.


The Gombeen Man. You mentioned History.
On my first day studying history at university the lecturer started with the question ‘What is history?’ His answer? History is a historian’s INTERPRETATION of past events. He was making the point that when you read a history book do not assume that you are reading 100% FACTS! As you say, sometimes written to promote a certain narrative.



I love your comments on the history of our homeland,but then mine also includes Scotland too. And Germany. My Dad and I were damn well interrogated at Düsseldorf airport by a pair of trainee Gestapo guys in their early twenties,took us about twenty minutes to get through.

I was on the verge of saying-haw you ya prick,I didnae vote for Brexit. Not sure my Dad helped by pointing out that I was born nearby-in a British Military Hospital!

Btw,my Dad was NOT in the military,he was in the Met Office.

They were much more welcoming when I was here,said my Dad.

Fortunately,they were much more welcoming in Cologne. And a strange thing,since I was hell bent on going to Cologne Cathedral. What a magnificent structure,and it gets better when you go inside.

And my Dad turns to me,five hours we spent in there, and says…

Cologne was the most heavily bombed city in Germany,much worse than Dresden,yet that building was untouched. We flattened the place. Completely-Google it. Barely a scratch. Same wih St Paul’s in London.

And as many of you know,I’m not the most religious person. But…



History is written by the winners.


Bobby that fits in with the theory about history! LOL 🙂


Btw,I got a mail last night pointing me in the direction of a comment from someone on CQN. I thought we had got past the stage of competion,and most people had realised that we were complementary to the site,while still being independent of thought.

Referring to me as a blowhard with a dozen correspondents. Gaun yersel,son. The stats are there,whether you like it or not.

My colleagues made a decision almost four years ago. Set up the site. If we got some views,that’s great. At least we’ve made our point. But can I just remind this particular arse who is having a wee pop at us exactly why MAHE and I went for this?


CQN was virtually inaccessible four years ago,and I have no wish to criticise a site which has introduced me to many really good friends for life.

It also was not pushing the agenda that we supported,hence our decision. A certain comment around spring 2009,excoriating,which never happened.

As I sign off on this,with the reminder of yer snidey wee comments,I can prove what I say. I can also prove that some friends and I took a leap,and went for it. It’s not cheap,but it’s worth it.

You ever done that? Leap in the dark,you KNOW it’s gonna cost you?

Nah,not you. Snipe from the cheap seats,try and explain to your grandkids whether you even tried to make a difference. Or whether you took a cheap boot at someone who actually did try to make a difference.


We’ve got to sign that Rabbi even though he’s a bit young for that title.
Rabbis don’t come around too often.
Never mind training or anything, just get him praying daily and, if there really is a god (which I seriously doubt BTW), we’ll win the Champions League next season.
We’re on the one road………..

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for that. Yes there are these inexplicable moments of coincidence that go beyond rational explanation.

One that interests me was the collapse of the roof of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin in 1562.

The Irish Act of Uniformity was passed in 1560, made worship in churches adhering to the Church of Ireland compulsory.

The church had stood for about 500 years and the collapse destroyed the tomb of Strongbow or Richard de Clare. He was the first Norman to invade and the formal Roman Catholic followed.

De Clare and his fellow Normans had paid for the building of the stone Cathedral, previously it was a Hiberno-Norse wooden design.

To my Glaswegian way of thinking.

‘It made to turn it’s coat and the roof caved in.’

– In fairness the non-Catholic folk suffered greatly and have contributed to the country. I quoted from Dean Jonathan Swift yesterday. There plenty more too.

I know the history stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks for giving the space. Its just stuff that I’ve looked into over the years.

I’ve no problem with folk scrolling past.


Yes, I think you mentioned that before.

The short poem I posted yesterday mentioned Richard Bingham in Roscommon.

There’s always different perspectives to all of this stuff.

The key is, I guess it’s “His – story.”

In my experience you don’t always get to find out what happened but you get to find know exactly when you’re being fed nonsense.

Till later

Sol Kitts

The Miracle of Mosta.

On April 9, 1942, two German bombs fell on The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta, a city in central Malta. Mass was going on at the time, and more than 250 parishioners were in the church.
Alarms rang out ahead of time, and while some people left the church, others stayed inside and prayed.
The first bomb pierced the Mosta rotunda, ricocheted, and fell onto the floor of the church. The second cleared the left side of the triangle on top of the church’s facade.
Those bombs had every reason to explode — but neither of them did.
It was hailed as a miracle. Somehow divine intervention prevented the church — and the town — from turning to rubble.
The bombs were promptly defused by the military and later dropped into the sea.
Today, the Mosta Dome is celebrated for its miracle. You’ll find a replica of the bomb that fell through the dome on display in the back of the church

Afternoon all.


Regarding your post earlier, I would personally like to thank you and your colleagues who set up this wonderful site.

I am in no way try to blow smoke up your rear end, I genuinely look forward to reading the posts here on SENTINELCETS every day,

Originally I read CQN prior to SC existence, now I go between both for my ‘go to’ Celtic news.

Both sites are, IMHO very different, thankfully. Some of us post on both sites, whilst others prefer to post on their preferred site as they are entitled to do.

For me the blogs are all about opinions, mostly about Celtic related matters, however other topics are discussed also. Like in life we all have differing opinions, On both sites I personally have some favourite posters, others I am more than happy to scroll by, that is not to say I don’t disrespect their opinion. I just might not agree with it.

What I think SC has that CQN unfortunately does not have IMHO, is that there is little to no back biting or personal attacks on individual posters, I do not like bullies in any form.

In summing up, I believe it’s the ‘quality’ of posts not the quantity.

As an aside, I have now been fortunate enough to attend a few social gatherings with posters from both sites and I have yet to meet someone I didn’t like.

Again, I would like to thank you, your team and ALL the contributors to this wonderful site.

Please ALL keep up the good work and a massive HAIL HAIL to you all.


The Fenian Whaler

Strange all this talk about coincidence, or is it divine intervention, saving Christian places of worship during ww2? If it was a god’s intervention don’t ya think an all-caring divine entity would be more concerned about saving the thousands of Christian men, women, and children who were being blown apart or burnt to death by aerial bombardment rather than saving a pile of bricks and wood? Just a thought.

Got mit uns CSC


BelmontBrian, Agreed! 🙂

Well said.


Liverpool have agreed a £6.5m deal to sign Aberdeen right-back Calvin Ramsay, with the Reds paying an initial £4m up front and £2.5m in add-ons.

The 18-year-old is now due to travel down to Liverpool to finalise personal terms and undergo a medical.


Piling on the agony.
…. HH



That was an excellent post that mirrors much of my thinking about this blog. I agree there is little of the back biting that occurs on CQN. I used to post on CQN but I went off it due to posters like Kojo. At first (s)he was amusing with various nom de plumes and outrageous views then it deteriorated into the unacceptable. These personas do not seem to be there any more but, for me, the damage was done.

Like you I have posters that I have to read, others that I ignore. Those that I ignore have as much right as anyone to post on here. I often wonder how much of what we post on here, really reflects who we are! Some of my previous postings, I would delete if I had the choice or the will.

Bobby, within any sizeable group there will be at least one arsehole who is usually possessed of limited gifts. It is just the law of averages. I used to say to my students that the average was what it was because of those values above it, and, unfortunately, those values below it!

I am very thankful for this site and am grateful to both you and Mahe for it. It contains much of life…..euphoria, sadness, illness, death, and pride in our kids, amongst many other conditions. All of it is free of charge, except the time you have to spend creating posts! Fortunately my stuff receives few replies so I do not have much typing to do.

Keep this up, if you can and if a donation is required, let me know.


Al Mór

Was it Napoleon who said: “What is history but a fable agreed upon”?

Anyway, good afternoon all. Just popped in to say hello.



Thinking of you.

Never a good time but the reflection of memories flood back and remain to be tapped into in the future.A life lost is a life to be revisited of a man much loved.



The Ridler would have been kicked out in most countries.The connections of the hampered horses are significant.The winning distance I know is prevalent but I thought he hampered horses that would have bettered their finishing position.

Talking through my pocket of course.😃


Al Mor, Hello!


Al Mor

Rangers liquidation?

Good to hear from you.


Danny Mac.
I’ve put Kevin Blake’s comments up on the naps thread.
If you are a connection of the 3rd you would be raging.


Brian, Jim, Tim, Rebus.
Yes, I agree, although the blog does have it’s moments!!!
Rebus, I can certainly relate to the delete, some previous, posts. I would do likewise. 😱

St tams

Bobby, I would like to congatulate you Mage and all the other guys who are responsible for making Sentinelcelts happen every day.
I look forward to the leaders every day and especially on a Wednesday from SeS.

I frequent the other channel, occasionally.
But in my opinion there are a couple of differences between the blogs. One being, very little politics on here and respect for individuals opinions.
Oh , I forgot the adverts.

Long may it continue HH

big packy

SOL KITTS @ 1-17 thanks for that information, had never heard of the miracle of mosta ,thanks for sharing, got to be honest whenever I feel at my lowest ebb, which happens quite a lot, I go to my local catholic church st martin de porres, which is in a town called runcorn,I sit at the back of the chapel ,there is only me there, and the feeling of peace is something I cant describe, another true story,

big packy

is benji siegrist any better than scott bain ????

big packy

if Vinicius Souza has reservations about playing in scotland,he can GTF another true story,


In honour of Google innovations, I think the blog should be renamed:


So much smarter image!


St tams

big packy

big packy



Rebus! Rebus! Are you there?


As I thought…I’m one of the ones Rebus ignores!!! 😢


McCaff. 5.54.💚
That made me laugh.
Rebus will be on soon enough to sort you out, someone has to, after your joke to St Tams!!

bada bing1

🚨 Celtic are now advancing talks for Alexandro Bernabei from Club Atlético Lanús. First bid was below but Celtic now back in and moving.

They are in contact with the players representatives/ Lanús and things are moving closer.


JNP…I’d just got in from work and was having a wee readback. It was an easy “you set ’em up, I’ll knock ’em doon” that I’m too shallow to ignore!! 🤣🤣🤣


…as was St Tam’s last night but I do still feel a bit guilty for taking that one on!! Thankfully he laughed!


McCaff. 6.04.
It’s all about knowing your audience, which you have shown you have.😁😁
I burst out laughing when i read your post to St Tams.
I’m glad he appreciated it, too.
My m/in/law is no longer alive but I would have appreciated the joke, too.
She was very snooty, she once said to me, JNP the golf club is going downhill, I said how is that?
She replied, they’ve started letting Celtic supporters in. I just laughed, as I knew she was goading me.
She also said to one of my daughters, whilst I was sitting there, C how can you be such a pretty girl and yet look like your father? She then looked at me and screwed her face up. 😂😂😂😂
She would have given Bette Davis a run for her money.


You’ve gotta laugh at some of these wikipedia additions, you’d have thought they would have fixed it by now to stop malicious quotes being added, when bada said Celtic might be looking at Alexandro Bernabei I had a look at the wiki, it’s actually quite funny though. › wiki › Alexandro_Bernabei
Alexandro Bernabei (born 24 September 2000) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Lanús. [3] He is most well known for being the son of Bobby Sands and an avid supporter of the Irish republican movement. He also p**ped Rangers defender Calvin Bassey’s mother.


JNP…everything about your MIL resonates with me! There’s no question she saw me as too lowly for her daughter! Fuxake…just cos I’m fae Govan. They were feckin’ Craigbank, as you know, behind St Robert’s!
I’ve been with my missus for a long, long time – 38 years this year. We both worked in Wullie Low’s, Halfway. She took me back to her’s one afternoon and the auld dear was hovering or something at the top of the stairs. “Hi Mum…” she shouts up the stair…no reply, as was the old fecker’s way sometimes! “…this is McCaff!” As dry as you like the auld dear replied “I know who it is.” Feck me, what an introduction!
Her auld dear never changed, never. She could be a real pain in the neck but I grew to love her dearly and I knew how to get her laughing, which was often!
RIP you Auld Battleaxe!! 🤣🤣🤣


McCaff 6.38.
Separated at birth, our m/in/law.
First time, I went to my M/in/law’s. She asked my ( now) wife to go and make the tea, even that was all prim and proper, China cups, teapot etc. like you born in Govan and then brought up in Pollok, i was never going to be good enough.
Anyway T is in the kitchen and my future M/In/Law’s, opening gambit to me, was, you’re rather overweight, are you not?
I couldn’t resist, I quickly lied, I said do you think so? I’ve just lost 2 stone,
She looked at me, with a disgusted look and just said oooohhhh!
A bit like you, she came round eventually, humour winning the day.

Sol Kitts

JNP…brilliant! You’re lucky she wisnae fae Govan. “You’re rather overweight, are you not” would’ve been a shout through to the kitchen “Haw T…don’t gie this c*** any biscuits, he’s fucking fat enough!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


McCaff 7.10.
Now, that’s exactly the kind of thing my big sister would/does say to me.
She lived much longer than me, in Govan, in fact when she first married, she moved back to Govan, in Luath St, near The Glen Bar, where the supporters bus left from

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