Not worth the paper they are written on


I seem to recall commenting in an article a few months back that the stand-off with the SPFL sponsors and Sevco was likely to end with an agreement that the latter could opt out,but would still demand their share of the pot.

Rules are for others,like taxes are for little people. We are Rangers,end of story. Aye,it would have been end of story ten years ago if anyone in authority had applied the rules. 

I suggested those few months ago that the huns would demand their share,despite refusing to honour their agreements. Apparently,this was because there was already a competing sponsor at the club. Strange that Celtic have not used this flimsy excuse to avoid mentioning,for example,BETFRED or WILLIAM HILL,LADBROKES,companies which have sponsored the major competitions over the years. Despite our deal with DAFABET. 

Nor did we pull a strop about Carling,despite our deals with Magners and Tennents. Even though those deals were a drop in the bucket for our marketing department,we knew that they were a big deal for the smaller clubs,that they could make a difference for them.

Not the huns,they CGAF. And,as I pointed out back then,the conjecture that any company is only in it for the publicity-after all,that’s how advertising works-Cinch has certainly achieved a higher profile because of the,erm,bhoycott.

Yes,we all know their name because of it. Probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. But their marketing people should be looking at a couple of different parameters. 

As our brand awareness has increased,have our sales followed suit? I don’t think so. The huns will avoid them,everyone else will simply do their homework when buying a car. 

Did we get value for money? Well,buying a car is like a game of poker,isn’t it? They folded against a weak hand. I’m offering a grand for that top of the range Beemer,mate. 

More to the point though-is any company of import at all likely to look at the SPFL to push their product when the second biggest club arbitrarily withdraws,but still demands their dosh? Especially when neither the SPFL nor the sponsor wants to go public and criticise the offending-offensive stain!-club for fear of the backlash. 

Cinch got more publicity than they could possibly have hoped for,and it is up to them to decide whether that translated into value for money. Meantime,the SPFL have allowed the huns to decide the rules,whether they apply to them or not,and that is simply not a viable way forward. 

I could understand,to a certain extent,Murray’s plan to destroy Celtic pre-Fergus. He knew we were weak,vulnerable and in debt. Like the robber barons in the US over a century ago,rather fond of a game of Monopoly. I’m wondering now whether they have anyone on board with a strategy,at all. To win just once? Then watch their loathed rivals taking the spoils a year later?

Canny beat being taken on by an evil genius,Mike Myers would never dream of trying to pull a stunt like this on the viewers. To win just once is a tactic,not a strategy. 

But Sevco and SPFL have pulled that stunt. And Celtic should consult with the other clubs and demand that the SPFL signing a contract ties every club to that contract. While contracts like that are still available,because after this fiasco,I reckon they will be few and far between.

Above article by BMCUWP

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I despair M
HH from scorching Antalya. Last day unfortunately, flight home at 2315 tonight 🥴

Why are they being allowed to do this? We seem to be staying out of this. How can they still take the money yet not provide the service? Disgusting club that need stood up to.


The SPFL messed up big time on this. They should be embarrassed, but will now move on with a ‘ nothing to see here’ attitude. TRFC were never gonna lose this battle.

Rule 17 in the SPFL’s OWN charter:

“The regulation says clubs are not “obliged to comply with this rule if to do so would result in that club being in breach of a contractual obligation entered into prior to the Commercial Contract concerned”

Given Sevco already had a prior agreement with another company, no court would ever rule against them. Nor should they.

This is yet another amateurish fekk up that should’ve been sorted out prior to the Cinch deal being agreed.

The reason the SPFL are bending over to TRFC on this one isn’t for the usual reasons, it’s because they’ve nowhere to go on this. They f’d up and know it.

Heads should roll .

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
I’m guessing from the lead article that the Cinch issue has somehow been resolved? And without any detriment to Triggers Broom?

The Gombeen Man

Good article BMCUWPS,

Let’s see if Parks drop that Confidentiality Clause and allow full disclosure of all materials in respect of this matter.

It strikes me as similar to the UEFA dossier.

If you don’t like it, just send the cheque back.

Two hopes.

Celtic will roll their eyes, take the cheque from Cinch. Wine and dine their clients and look for opportunities.

Sevco will continue to be Sevco.


The statement issued by Cinch this week was interesting…

“A spokesman for cinch said: “We welcome the evolution of our agreement with the SPFL and are proud of our continued investment into Scottish football across all four cinch SPFL leagues. We are very much looking forward to next season and to continuing the stellar growth of our business in Scotland.”

The words ‘stellar growth’ were striking.

Punters, especially in tight markets have a nose for a deal. I’ve no idea if Cinch represent value in relation to Douglas Park’s offering.

Who are Cinch?

Cinch are owned by the Constellation Automative Group,

“Constellation Automotive Group is the largest vertically integrated digital used car marketplace in Europe, combining the leading digital brands across the segments of consumer to business, business to business and business to consumer.”

Cinch, We Buy Any Car, BCA, Elmo, Marshall Motor Holdings PLC,

Who is behind the Constellation Automative Group?

TDR Capital,

TDR Capital manages assets of c.€13 billion across three European mid-market buyout funds.

-Pension Funds, – Sovereign Wealth Funds, – Banks, – Insurance Companies.

They’re involved in loads of big names like Asda.

I’d say big Douglas is feeling the squeeze. You never know Parks might get a free bit of publicity out of it?

TDR and Constellation are in a different league.

Follow that money.

TDR Capital

Have a great day.

Good to see a few new posters with enjoyable contributions.

Thoughts and prayers with anyone going through difficult times.


Morning all,

Am I reading this right this morning ??

There is a confidential agreement in place between SPFL and “ The Rangers” regarding the Cinch deal.

Park issued a statement yesterday, obviously breaking this agreement and now Doncaster has sent them a letter, asking for permission, to send out his own statement.

What a fanny !!!!!!

An absolute shambles not helped by all other member clubs of the SPFL, saying SFA !!!!!!!!


Hottest day in England today !!!!!

Well it’s good news also here in East Kilbride.

It’s stopped snowing 😂😂😂

Enjoy your day in Sunny England and wrap up warm here in Bonnie Scotland 👍

Prestonpans bhoys

Good points made there Bobby, this sentence from you has important significance:

‘More to the point though-is any company of import at all likely to look at the SPFL to push their product when the second biggest club arbitrarily withdraws,but still demands their dosh?’

Future sponsors will look at this lack of governance and back off from any deal. Moreover even if they do decide to sponsor our bargaining hand for cash is greatly diminished.


Looks like Park’s business has taken a significant hit, due to a rivals “stellar growth”.
Attempting to quantify those losses as a direct result of the Cinch deal?
Tricky argument given market forces and their own headline grabbing resistance.

As a result Park’s, not the club, are insisting on a SFA enquiry. Obviously looking for heads- notably Doncaster’s – to roll, and grounds for compensation perhaps?

The Gombeen Man


There’s so much “truth washing” in the Scottish media on all matters connected to Sevco, I’d prefer to see the full picture before wasting my time ploughing through the misinformation out there.

As far as I recall Parks were looking for a breach in procedure by the SPFL in the consultation process….don’t count on that, just my recollection.

I’m not much into the autotrade I don’t think I’d heard of Cinch before this. I have now.

The market has changed. I’d a look at Finch’s assessment of the Constellation Automative Group earlier. They’re serious players with a model that’s efficient and cross sells.

Backed by Pension funds, insurance companies and government money.

How do Cinch or one of their associated companies compare with Parks?

I’ve no idea – but if I was buying a car, I’d find out.

Oh dear.

Right time to get the show on the road.

Till later.


Ascot 2.30.
H.H. JG.

The Gombeen Man


I’d imagine Cinch will be looking at the bigger picture.

Growth in revenue since the deal was struck.

There’s no inference that they have done anything wrong. Little reputational damage. They’ll scoop up the business and stay out of it.

A spat involving a Club and it’s governing body.

Everybody knows Sevco are unreliable.

The only thing they seem capable of being economical with is the truth.

Till later.




What is known is that club and it’s management style. They do not tend to shy away from confrontation- even if it eventually costs them significantly.



Given the reach of Cinch, they’ll be happy to step back and treat the matter as a little local difficulty.
One which appears to have served them well.

In other news the fixture list is due out this morning.


Fixtures posted on BBC website.

First game home v Dons

sept 3 v Huns.

The Gombeen Man

On the other side of the coin, full sales of SB and the first league sponsorship since 2012. CL football without qualifiers.

There’s always drama in Scottish football.

Whether a ball is kicked or not.

St tams

Good article Bobby.

In the meantime, the cowards on our board will sit and say nothing.


Morning all!
I think you might’ve called this one wrong Bobby! Other than the line about future sponsors being wary. Im with Twisty, though. The SPFL have made an arse of it, Douglas Park, if he’s calling for a review of the ‘tendering’ process is absolutely correct to defend his own interests. Clause 17 is there for a purpose and my take would be a specific clause in the SPFL/Cinch contract could easily have overwritten Clause 17 to ensure a situation like this couldn’t arise. TRFC have exercised a right here, nothing more, nothing less. Doncaster, who’s degree in Business Management gained while in office at the SPFL must’ve been a gold foil sticker in a Panini Album!! Both Cinch and the SPFL lawyers have responsibility and liability in this, too.
Future contracts with sponsors will be agreed and written to ensure no one gets their ba’s felt again!!



Thanks,reminds me to point out that substitutions for non-runners are certainly permitted.


Twisty & McCaff – interesting

Isn’t there also a back story that Cinch were in negotiations to have Stadium naming rights at Ibrox… until they realised what that might do for their image .. second- hand market..etc., etc.


I know the Celtic board deserve plenty of criticism at time but ffs how is this anything to do with Celtic, the Huns are playing up to their support, not sure but think “their” statement was from Parks of Hamilton

Cinch are delighted with the goings on, more exposure

SPFL (the clubs apart from one) delighted Cinch are not contesting the sponsorship contract

The Huns playing time the gallery, Celtic should stay as far away as possible with this, the sponsorship contract is only going to effect one Klub

Celtic should just worry about keeping Ange happy with any new signings he requires don’t get dragged into the other shoite …. Not trying to stand up for Doncaster & co but think the people who are honouring the contracts aren’t the baddies here 🙂

From the Cinch stuff yesterday

A spokesperson for the SPFL noted “with interest Park’s version of events”.

“We are currently bound by the confidentiality of the legal process,” the league statement said. “However, we have written to Rangers and Park’s seeking confirmation that this confidentiality no longer applies following yesterday’s announcement of our revised title sponsorship agreement with cinch.

“If they agree to our proposal, we will be able to provide a full and frank narrative to our member clubs. We very much look forward to the opportunity to set the record straight.”





SES…that was a story put out by TRFC so I’d be doubtful there was any truth in it. Since their inception TRFC have played a game of chance with contractors and the courts, they got lucky this time – the first time they’ve been successful – but reading between the lines there seems to have been a bit of naivete shown and a lack of professionalism on the part of all the parties/legal teams involved. A lesson will surely have been learned but the club’s should be looking for Doncaster’s heid on a stick now as his position is surely untenable if one club is being treated differently than others – irrespective of the reasons.

bada bing1

Flag Day v Aberdeen, 4.30 ko on a Sunday.

Prestonpans bhoys

Sheep first game at 4:30 on a Sunday😵 well our CSC will leave at the usual time for a 3 pm kick off, extra 1 1/2 hours in the pub. Thank god I’m not working these days😱


BADABINGBADABOOM!!…I’d love to think the Establishment Broadcaster was finally shunning the Annual BigotFest in favour of an enlightened approach to these eejits but unfortunately I think it’s more likely to be a budgeting problem rather than an Editorial decision!


Further to the cinch saga, the whole episode clearly shows the parochial nature of fitba in this country. Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of the case our senior clubs seem to operate on an ad hoc basis of if it’s good today we’ll deal with the shit tomorrow. Doncaster, as a case in point, does not seem to have a handle on progressing our game either in a business sense or a fitba sense. Neither do the clubs seem willing or able to take him to task as they are stuck in their own wee cocoon, desperate to survive and happy to do whatever is required to see this month out and onto the next month. and on and on and on it goes!
Our own PLC should be trendsetters and an example for all of Scottish fitba but unfortunately, as has been spoken about many times, their own bottom line is God so we can’t expect anything from them! It’s a diabolical situation really when you consider the lack of Youth development and opportunities in Scottish fitba!

bada bing1

McCaff- that bint Foster works for GB News


Difficult day yesterday but went as well as these things can. Thanks for your kind words ( applies to all)
Moving on:

Had a good laugh when I read back through the blog there. McCaff , JNP , Belmont Brian et al, made me smile .

My fav MIL joke remains the one where a couple are standing talking – and across the street they see the MIL getting beat up by 4 muggers.

Distressed wife says to the husband “ aren’t you going to run across and help?? “

Response – “ nah, 4 should be enough”

What did the drummer call his twin daughters?

Anna 1 Anna 2.

Right- enough frivolity. Better get some nags bet. First day I can sit and enjoy them – I hope.


I see the partners in crime Jimmy NP and Danny Mac are up there pitching for first place. JNP usually a hard man to reel in when he gets his head in front. Danny – do a Paul Hanagan on him 😬

bada bing1

Sync league fixtures to your phone


The fixture “ computer” seems to have evened out the list.
The Huns start away to Livingston, and have Hibs Hearts Aberdeen and us all away in first 11 fixtures. A reverse of last year.


As far as I am aware the SPFL are the ones who screwed up on the Cinch deal, which is rather uncanny as Lazarus FC have a director on that board Stuart Robertson i believe. The Cinch deal looks to have their complaint as Porky Parks seems to be the individual who might lose money and not Lazarus FC.
Good luck getting our PLC involved you’d need to shove a banger up their (_!_) to get any of them to care, as long as they make money everything is rosey


ASWGL…as a member club of the SPFL our Club has exactly the same rights as every other, the difference for me is that we should be taking the lead. Every club should look to Cletic as the Gold Standard operation, what they should all aspire to! Celtic PLC sitting on their hands – when the SPFL, and Doncaster specifically, should be getting called to task for this feck up – is no example for the rest of the League. There’s failings all over this escapade but I’m not sure other than good corporate leadership what Celtic can do about it!!


What do Celtic do in this fiasco ???

How’s about stop using Parks of Hamilton buses and advising all Supporters Clubs do likewise !!!!

It’s a start which is long overdue 🍀

GrowapairCSC 🍀🍀🍀


Don’t Parks of Hamilton give us a very valuable “Old Firm Discount” on bus hire costs😁


McCaff you get no argument from me on what would be the upstanding thing to do, however there’s about as much chance of me eating a plate of bees as there is our board doing so. My point being Lazarus FC have an elected member on the SPFL board who “should” have stepped forward when the Cinch deal was discussed and aired his objection then, not after the horse had bolted.

To me it reeks of afterthought and a continuation of parks non explosive dossier.




Good to hear from you .

You can stick the “ OF Discount “ up yir Jacksey !!!!!!!!!

Shurely, there’s bus companies out there we could use.

YesMoneypennyCSC 🍀🍀🍀


I’d prefer it if we walked to away games rather than use the hunmobiles


Was there not a school of thought a while ago, that if we had our own bus, it would end up like the magical bus from the soo’ side? By using Parks , however much it goes against the grain (and it certainly irks me), that is very unlikely to happen. Also, heard mention somewhere, it is provided free gratis – the bonus for Parks being the free advertising. Mind you, could be a load of codswallop.


“Man City want £50 million for Jesus” ??? That’s cheap!

big packy

I aint going anywhere for less than a hundred million

The Gombeen Man

Pedro @ the AGM in 2017.

AGM, November 2017

“We have talked about that but I think as a club like Celtic we have to be above all that,’ he said. ‘It’s very difficult to find an alternative. We could buy our own bus, but we would need two in case one breaks down.

‘I don’t think we are subsidising Rangers, I think that’s a stretch. I think we’re bigger and better and above all that.”

I saw a figure for the cost of the Parks deal but don’t see any point in chucking numbers about.

The only example of a member of the Old Firm changing bus provider was when Sevco changed to Bruce’s in 2013.

Don’t think it went very well.

bada bing1

In advanced talks to sign Siegrist from Dundee United


Packy I thought your playing days were over?


Or are you playing that ‘walking’ football for OAPs?

16 Roads

“Man City want £50 million for Jesus” ??? That’s cheap!

June 17, 2022 2:25 pm



Cheap is an understatement!
He can even walk on water!
HH. 🙂🍀🏆


16 Roads, LOL 🙂 That’s what I thought!


Scottish referee Bobby Madden will take charge of League One and Two games next season after relocating to England.

Madden, 43, has officiated more than 1,000 matches in Scotland.

He is moving south for work reasons and could be promoted to the full-time ranks in the Championship if his performances are good enough.

“The time is right for me for a number of reasons to relocate and I’m grateful for the opportunity with the FA,” Madden told the Scottish FA.

St tams

Got to agree with Lawwell.
You see numerous coaches broken down at the side of the road every day 🤣🤣

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