Welcome aboard Harry

It’s not everyday a manager agrees to return to being just a first team coach. One often imagines a progression through the ranks consisting of youth team, reserve team, first team then manager in your own right. Thats the traditional route, but not so traditional anymore.
Harry Kewell is a name alright, and names are tending more and more to simply dive straight into management without the associated career path. MON and Mr.Gerrards starts couldn’t be more different, the man with two European Cup medals in his drawer began at the bottom and worked his way up.
The man with one decided to go big or go bust.
It pleases me that Harry went the traditional path, although I admit it might have been the only path available.
He served his time as an under 23s coach then became a manager in his own right,,but hasn’t thrived it’s fair to say.
Unemployed, he emerged on Ange’s radar and Bada Bing, we have a new coach.
Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to go forwards, as the old saying goes, and that’s what happened here. It takes a certain mentality, I can’t imagine Lenny becoming a number two for example, but dropping down a level or two is the mark of the man. It screams desire.
It’s also a very smart move on his behalf. He has the opportunity to learn under a proper manager which cannot be understated. His own methods didn’t produce, the logical option is to find methods that do, and thoroughly learn them with the aim of imitating or improving.
Ange clearly has his own successful system, Harry shall gain precious insight to take onboard or not.
There’s also the opportunity for career growth with our club. His initial goal should be to impress full stop. The assistant manager role lies vacant still, and he should set his sights on it.
In three or four years time when the hotseat becomes available, he should aim to fill it.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Being in situ, offering continuity, already having the respect of the squad,,,all these would be major advantages in the hiring process.
All these are available to him now, and he will know this.
Ange states one reason for his recruitment was a desire to see the game played the right way. Looking at his management portfolio, perhaps this was his downfall.
League One and Two are mostly filled with not good enough journeymen and ex professionals milking a living out of the game as long as possible.
Tactics aren’t very important, there’s much more truck placed in winning your own personal battle against your immediate opponent, and very little time to build a team. Months in the job is common for those leagues, not years.
They are cutthroat divisions.
Asking subpar players to suddenly play exciting, attacking football can and did go wrong. A manager adapts his game to the players he has available for the most part, Ange being the exception to the rule. Yet even with his excellent communication skills and a good standard of player available the players couldn’t immediately come to grips with the new system.
That shows what you’re up against when trying to turn things around quickly, it’s hard. Very hard.
And Harry found that out big-time.
Despite that, he now finds himself in a great position. A proper manager, proper facilities, proper players, a giant club that aims to win every game,,,all the ingredients are there for the man to step up and thrive in his new surroundings.
To rejuvenate his passion for the game and become an integral cog of a winning unit.
To stake a claim to the throne.
Keep an eye on him.

By Mahe

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Yes, well who knows! This could go either way. HK is obviously adrift. Is this nepotism from Ange or is it inspired? I certainly cannot tell!

At the end of the day, it will be no worse than hiring a Darren O’Dea or a Stephen McManus. At this stage to think about it as anything more than that, is pie in the sky.

My head tells me to write the above but I would have written similar when Ange was appointed. So, perhaps, I am on another planet.




Re tossing the coin. I am sure the same procedure was followed when we knocked out Benfica back in the day.


Ffs. The minus 20 points was ( I thought fairly fkn obviously) a joke.

Geez. Or as my uncle Jack would’ve said – deary dear.

Me – I’ll revert to type. I repeat Ffs

As for the “ all gamblers are liars” comment I’ll await the response to that from the custodians of this site though given where it came from I won’t hold my fucking breath.

As they say – when the fun stops – stop.

I’m out for good. Life’s too fkn short for getting stressed out on what should be a bit of fun.



I bloody hope not!


Morning all!
Twisty…like Jim I correctly assumed the £20 line was a joke! As for the rest…it’s got to be water off a duck’s back to you, it’s got to be!!

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe,

Good article this morning, it’s another positive that Ange has got his man.

Welcome to Celtic Harry Kewell.


Thanks for your reply yesterday at 12.18pm.

I’m talking just for a bit of fun, just a different perspective.

What if Res 12, the 5WA, SFA reform, Celtic are all just images projected on the wall in that cave?

Infact even Plato’s Cave and notions of guys in chains are part of the trap.

What if you were never free, (like the rest of us) but chasing shadows.

Maybe the truth is we’ll never be free?

– It’s a mental concept, another image.

Drop the whole thing, every belief, concept, allegory and image – even for a period of time.

No equivocation, formulas, rationalising, thinking, guilt, freedom, fairness, love.


Even for a moment.



Re HK hopefully a positive step and a good fit.
Experience playing at the very top which our Bhoys will respect.
There was an excerpt from an interview pre signing for us doing the rounds. Comes across as a no nonsense straight talker. A bit like Ange I’d suggest.


I noticed that comment last night and no gambler myself thought it was either a poor attempt at humour (?) or a sly, nasty dig, as it is that posters MO.
I have said before he appears to be given a free pass on here to spout invective with the sole intention of causing hurt and conflict.
Being Deliberately provocative is his thing.

I wouldn’t allow one poster to gain any sort of perverse satisfaction from that sort of talk.
Don’t disappear, take him on. I have.



I’ve already responded by mail to TWISTY re his comment this morning. Rarely if ever are there any disagreements between us,and this morning was no different.

Hopefully he will just take a step back prior to rejoining us in the near future.

As for MAGS comment last night,I thought it was crass,and a sweeping generalisation. And those are always wrong,almost by definition. We all know that people can have gambling problems,losing too much money and more than they can afford. I have known a number of people like that in my time. Some examples were given here last night too.

It doesn’t make all gamblers liars,anymore than saying all people who like a drink are liars. Or who enjoy using their X-Box.

There is only one sweeping generalisation,in my opinion which bucks the trend. And that is that sweeping generalisations are always wrong.


The Gombeen Man.

Fair comment but for as long as I have breath in my body I , and possibly everyone else, needs a sense of purpose.

It keeps my mind exercised , has enriched my life and taught me a bit along the way about life and human beings.

Our thinking creates the shadows. We might not be able to stop thinking but we can be aware of it and change what we think to create a different reality. Dropping judgement and being of a forgiving mind is a start.

If I did not believe in the importance of honesty and trust I would not have got involved in Res12. If I did not believe football can be a source of social glue but in Scotland it is the reverse, I would have stayed silent in the cave. Perhaps I should have done and there would be no pricking of consciences.

Res12 turned into a vehicle to make some folk think different and I like to think, that is I choose what I’m thinking, that for some that has been freeing.

It doesnt mean stopping supporting Celtic in our hearts which is nigh impossible, since there is goodness in Celtic’s heart, but it does mean being aware of what it is we give our heart to and how much of it to give to a shadow.



I hope too that Harry will give Jota the benefit of his experience from playing in the same position. When at Leeds,he was one of the outstanding players of his generation.


Fair dos, Bobby. The constant tiresome, wearisome trademark insults are a blight on an otherwise very decent online community. The general advice is to scroll past but it’s something I never do, I read every comment. I understand you and he go back a bit and I know your reasons for sticking by him but he’s an arrogant pain in the bumhole.



Hadn’t thought of that specifically.
But yes, if Jota has any sense he’ll look at this appointment and think how much can I learn under this guy.
Our other coaches have a defensive background/mindset so this has to be good news overall.


Morning all,


I genuinely didn’t know that happened ( A toss of the coin to see who chooses in THE toss of the coin) when Celtic played Benfica, back then.

Thanks for keeping me right.

Cheers everyone and keep it Civil ( Faulty !!!!!! )

I’ll start the “ Bring back Twisty “ campaign ✅


Who has heard of Tracey Crouch?

No Googling.




To the main topic of the day…as has been said it is a case of wait and see with Kewell. The importance of the appointment isn’t who it is – although Harry Kewell is a decent-sized name to bring on board – it’s how and when it’s been made. Ange has been here a full season and hasn’t ever criticised any of his staff. He’s come in, worked with what he had and taken the time to assess his staff. That McManus has taken the step down to accommodate Kewell tells us some more about Ange, McManus and Kewell and that should be viewed as another positive of how Ange operates. I thought it was a weakness when Ange agreed to take the job without being permitted to employ his own backroom staff, he suggested he was happy to do so. The appointment of Kewell shows he probably wasn’t as happy as he appeared to be but maintained absolute professionalism to keep everything in order for the Club and the support.
Ange is definitely the man in charge and he continues to prove it in different ways!


Auldheid…is she Peter Crouch’s 6ft 7inch sister?


Or is she a Government Minister trying to effect some sort of FFP change in fitba in England?
I’ve given my suggestions, now I’m gonna Google as my interest has been piqued!



Sports Minister who demanded that the FA get their house in order.

Prestonpans bhoys

Yes the appointment if Kewell is a very good sign indeed. Stops the incestuous recruitment policy of promotion from within, time for his own staff

Next step the PLC board👍👏👏

16 Roads

Twisty – I knew ye were having a wee joke chief – wouldn’t even expect that kind of handicap if I was playing Ronnie O’Sullivan a frame of snooker for a tenner! fs🤣🤣
Hopefully you’ll reconsider.
HH. 😎🍀🏆


Ty but no need amigo. Honestly.

Much more important topics and issues to be discussed on here, and I do not want to distract from that.
I’ve had my say and best left at that.

Got other more important issues going right now to deal with which is where my energy will be going for now.

Draw a line under my outburst and concentrate on the positive stuff. Much healthier!


Twisty, don’t let that idiotic post about gamblers all being liars put you off posting on here. Please.
The joke about penalising a couple of posters jumped out to me as such. Not just because you more or less gave us a wink of the eye but because it’s just not you! You’re better than that. I think 99% of the posters on here appeciate the hard work (and money) you put into the Naps competitions. Plus charities are the main beneficiaries.
I was so looking forward to it all starting again on Saturday. I also love reading your posts, as I mentioned months ago when you came back on.

Don’t let that single person spoil it all for the rest of us.

Harry’s very much in the same model as Ange, he’s as honest as the day’s long and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He’s also a born winner he’s got that ingredient that all Australians seem to have instilled in them that winning is everything. They inherently succeed in sport and it’s that attitude that I feel will help him to eventually take over from Ange as manager as you’ve alluded to in your piece Mahe. He’s realised that he will learn a lot under Ange’s tutelage and that taking this step back will benefit him in the long run. The guy’s a Champions League winner and runner up and knows the mindset it takes to reach that level, he can provide something that Ange didn’t achieve as a player and this is a masterstroke from the manager in my opinion. I loved watching Harry as a player and his interviews are always interesting he always talks sense, sometimes manager’s and chairmen haven’t liked his candour but he didn’t care he said what he thought and I admire that. He’ll bring a wealth of experience from playing at the top level and that can only be a good thing for this young squad. I’ve no doubts that this appointment will be a successful one for the club and welcome what Harry will bring to the table.

16 Roads

With regards to Magill’s comments – you can only laugh.
A devout disciple of Saul Alinsky & a student of critical theory.
Agitate & subvert – the most important words in the marxist dictionary.
Kind of understand their goal is the destruction of western society, and American in particular, however it’s incomprehensible as to why a Celtic supporter would deploy such nefarious tactics on a Celtic blog.
Perhaps it’s due to frustration? – frustration that the revolution isn’t happening quickly enough!
Strange considering the manufactured collapse of western society is occurring at warp speed.
God bless The Second Amendment. 😎👌

St tams

Harry Kewell addition is a very interesting one.
Ange has obviously had him recommended by someone, as he’s never previously worked with him.
I’m pleased to see that we seem to have moved away from the CEO appointments of ex Celts and sons of, as there are plenty of talented coaches out there.


Having an experienced striker on the coaching staff and outside the usual career path for our guys. Got to be a positive step.

Twisty congratulations and glad you decided to keep on
Keeping on buddy.

FWIW felt the comment was a play on usual joke about punters only discussing their wins



JNP/TRM from yesterday…the gig was very good. The missus had a great night as usual, she does enjoy my company to be fair and does laugh at all my jokes, which all makes me feel good about myself, too!
I’ve been listening to Martin Stephenson on and off for 35 years or so, since his first album Boat to Bolivia, and I’ve seen him a few times. On Saturday it was just him and an ol’ fella, Malcolm, playing the steel guitar. I saw the old guy in Tut’s with Martin a few years back, he’s superb. On Saturday, though it was obvious that they hadn’t rehearsed and Martin just gave him a key to work in and Martin would just start playing a song and leave Malcolm to pick up the tune and join in…the only thing is that Martin improvised most of the show, deciding songs on the hoof and stopping halfway through to talk to somebody in the audience, it threatened to be carnage but it was brilliant to watch old Malcolm persevere. To be fair to him he never got it wrong, he stuck to it! Aye it was good stuff but one thing that was a bit shit was it was all seated – and we were in the front row!! FFS…I nursed the same pint (and it wis an IPA right enough!!) for an hour rather than interrupt the show, when I decided I was going for another one he was just about to start Little Red Bottle, a song about his alcohol addiction! There were a few laughs when I asked him if he wanted one when I was up!!! 😁


HK looks like a positive apointment Mahe good leader.

Twisty sometimes people type things and hit enter before their brain gets into gear, then some are meant a different way but taken in a different context, it happens a lot. If you can continue with the naps even though I’m not a betting man or partake, I will donate £100 to JNP,s fine charity or one that the naps is providing for.



McCaff Wrong.

BMCUW. Correct by there is a lot more to it than that but I’m seriously wondering why bother.


So it is Peter Crouch’s sister then! 😁

Margaret McGill

ok fellas it was a joke but anyway enough is enough.
Be seeing you.
I will miss every single one of you.


SeS, I agree that Mags said it as a kind of sarcastic joke. But as I’ve mentioned before sarcasm often somes over worse in print than in real life when you can see the body language of the joker. The problem with Mags is he doesn’t seem to learn to modify his writing style having caused offence many times in the past.

bada bing1

Same allocation for Swinecastle next season, around 1300 tickets


McCaff 12.21
Thanks for update on the concert, entertaining as ever.
2 pints for the whole show and IPA, hard going?
Do you know George Patterson, he did a D.J. He does a gig on Cumbernauld F.M.on a Sun eve. Lost in Music, show.
I thought I knew my music, until I listened in, he plays 30 songs, an incredible eclectic mix.
He went to Bellarmine, same age as Mark, me, Robert, etc, obviously he’s a couple of years younger than you.😂😂
His show last night had a wide range from The Idles, Guided by Voices, The Orchids, Jungle, to Paul McCartney , Johnny Cash and Prince.
He wrote the novel The Girl, The Crow, The Writer and The Fighter.
He was signing copies of it at Silverburn, which was magic, as of course, Silverburn is built on his old school Bellarmine and his English teacher didn’t particularly rate him.
A few folks that review books have given it 10/10, it was released last year.
He’s a good guy.


JNP…aye, 2 pints of IPA for a guy who walks around gigs with upto 8 cans of Red Stripe in his pockets!! A sober night Indeed…maybe Martin puts the chairs oot to help us leave our drunken ways behind! Anyway, straight into Sweeney’s right after the gig for some proper beer at a pace decided by me!!
I don’t kno George Paterson and hadn’t heard of him either. I’m not read anything for about 2 years…SC, YouTube, Wordle, Quordle, Heardle all occupying my time instead! I’ll add his book to my mental list and search it out when I’ve exhausted my current backlog. He definitely looks an interesting character I’ll try to remember to tune into his radio show. 👍

Prestonpans bhoys

I’m pretty sure that Hertz didn’t sell out their own allocation last year. If they did then fine but if not, like what happened to Dundee United, just pissing money out the window


JNP…who’s Robert?


Sorry I meant to say, Noel.
Robert McN went to school with them all, too. Micks young brother!! as everyone reminds you!!!
I do Heardle, and 70s and 80s Heardle.


Noel! The same age as aw you auld guys! That’ll be right! He looks younger now than when I first met him! He sold his soul, must’ve to look as good as he does! 😁


“Never play with Robert” was my old man’s advice. Always tried to stick to it but sometimes I’ve slipped by the wayside!


Breaking news, shares in Red Stripe plummeted after awful weekend sales.
Noel definitely same age, as all us old guys, in same class as me, all through primary.


He’s some man, Noel! A diamond in a family of bla’guards and miscreants! Even the Old Ma needs a watching! 🤣🤣🤣

The Fenian Whaler

Sorry to see Mags quit. One of the few who kept it real and told it like it is and not really giving a feck who it upset. It really is going to be somewhat dull without his unique musings on all things Celtic FC-related as well as verbally bashing right-wing gun-lovin’ A-holes.

Easily offended CSC

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, funny thing is regarding twisty and mags, can see where twisty is coming from, BTW it was me who started calling TOMMY TWISTS TOMMY TURNS twisty, and that is a true story,😎 but funny thing twisty is a good friend of mags brother AWENAW,,another true story,

big packy

AFTERNOON TLR, how are you pal as ive told you before stop the insults and talk celtic how does that sound,


Oh dear, an almost perfect example of the beauty of the anonymity of the internet!!
What a pure fucking prick!

big packy

MCAFF no swearing, or jim will excommunicate you😎

16 Roads

Shocking comments.
Could one of the moderators remove that filth?

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