Welcome aboard Harry

It’s not everyday a manager agrees to return to being just a first team coach. One often imagines a progression through the ranks consisting of youth team, reserve team, first team then manager in your own right. Thats the traditional route, but not so traditional anymore.
Harry Kewell is a name alright, and names are tending more and more to simply dive straight into management without the associated career path. MON and Mr.Gerrards starts couldn’t be more different, the man with two European Cup medals in his drawer began at the bottom and worked his way up.
The man with one decided to go big or go bust.
It pleases me that Harry went the traditional path, although I admit it might have been the only path available.
He served his time as an under 23s coach then became a manager in his own right,,but hasn’t thrived it’s fair to say.
Unemployed, he emerged on Ange’s radar and Bada Bing, we have a new coach.
Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to go forwards, as the old saying goes, and that’s what happened here. It takes a certain mentality, I can’t imagine Lenny becoming a number two for example, but dropping down a level or two is the mark of the man. It screams desire.
It’s also a very smart move on his behalf. He has the opportunity to learn under a proper manager which cannot be understated. His own methods didn’t produce, the logical option is to find methods that do, and thoroughly learn them with the aim of imitating or improving.
Ange clearly has his own successful system, Harry shall gain precious insight to take onboard or not.
There’s also the opportunity for career growth with our club. His initial goal should be to impress full stop. The assistant manager role lies vacant still, and he should set his sights on it.
In three or four years time when the hotseat becomes available, he should aim to fill it.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Being in situ, offering continuity, already having the respect of the squad,,,all these would be major advantages in the hiring process.
All these are available to him now, and he will know this.
Ange states one reason for his recruitment was a desire to see the game played the right way. Looking at his management portfolio, perhaps this was his downfall.
League One and Two are mostly filled with not good enough journeymen and ex professionals milking a living out of the game as long as possible.
Tactics aren’t very important, there’s much more truck placed in winning your own personal battle against your immediate opponent, and very little time to build a team. Months in the job is common for those leagues, not years.
They are cutthroat divisions.
Asking subpar players to suddenly play exciting, attacking football can and did go wrong. A manager adapts his game to the players he has available for the most part, Ange being the exception to the rule. Yet even with his excellent communication skills and a good standard of player available the players couldn’t immediately come to grips with the new system.
That shows what you’re up against when trying to turn things around quickly, it’s hard. Very hard.
And Harry found that out big-time.
Despite that, he now finds himself in a great position. A proper manager, proper facilities, proper players, a giant club that aims to win every game,,,all the ingredients are there for the man to step up and thrive in his new surroundings.
To rejuvenate his passion for the game and become an integral cog of a winning unit.
To stake a claim to the throne.
Keep an eye on him.

By Mahe

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Big Packy

Twill be wall to wall Fascist walks up here, for the next few months. Thankfully, I’ve got the rebs, to drown out the feckers.

Hail Hail.

A tune for a very good friend of mine I’m pleased to say.


Sol Kitts

Big Packy
The Scaffold version

All 1 year extensions for McGregor, Davies, Goldson and Lundstrom, they are skint and fecked and skint.

Roll on next season, we’re gonnae batter them.


Off out on my route. Not sure which of tonight’s rumours are more likely to be true. Juranovic really for the off,or was Big Packy really born near Liverpool Docks?

Sure the answers will come out in time,have fun.


I know,it’s a sarcastic pop at the MSM re Juranovic.

A thing of beauty

Juranovic spoke fondly just last week about the club and his season. I sincerely hope he does not want away after one year but the the adage that we dont keep unhappy players must be applied. If he wants to leave we get top dollar early and get someone else in. I should add I have no desire to see him leave, he’s a cracking player and I hope it’s just made up shit to unsettle us.

Sol Kitts

Sevco, sponsored by Saga.


Evening MAGUA
I’ve not read the David Potter book “I Remember 67 Well ” but it sounds like a good book so it may well find its way into my Amazon basket at some point 👍

Evening MAGUA et al

I wouldn’t wipe ‘ma ‘chorus and verse’ with that rag.

How are you doing my friend?

The big fella is having his Stag do on Wednesday, however spoke to him earlier and he sounds like shite.

He has been out touring and is knackered, he is worried that it is COVID as that would scupper Wednesdays events.

Other than that, all good here, as you say, ‘thumb up thingy’



Well said.


I would highly recommend it. An even better book-if such a thing is possible-is the David Frier and Pat Woods book :

“We’ll Always Have Lisbon”

published in 2017. Tis a brilliant book, full of previously unpublished stories about THAT game.


All good here, a chara. Hope all goes well for Wednesday. Regards to the big fella and J.

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SOL lovely version👍 bobby hope the night goes quick,,didnt mind doing that shift ,all the car driving arseholes were in bed 🤩apologies to the car drivers on here🤩

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Big Packy
What about the paddle steamer drivers? Don’t we get an apology too?

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SOL yes of course👍 but did you really drive the waverley, is that a true story.😎😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Here’s the proof.

Sol Kitts

The way things are going with the Huns, the Waverly may be the only viable option, for transporting the team to European away games. This may of course, lead to a few requests to rearrange a handful of domestic league games…much to the annoyance of the rest of the clubs in the Premiership. Not that that would greatly concern the Ibrox club.

Hail Hail.

big packy

true story went to ardrossan once, it was open thought nah then went to maybole, thought nah, then went to kilwinning thought nah nah, then went to cumnock nah nah nah, thank goodness for ayr with the boatling lake, thats another true story when wee joan is not looking over my shoulder😎😎

big packy

SOL quiz question, what was captain dan tempests real name

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Had to Google that. Robert Shaw, of Jaws fame. Also played Doyle Lonnegan in The Sting.

big packy

ok before i hit my cot, three adventure series in the sixties,robin hood who played the part, danger man who played the part, and the saint ,who played the part ,cyber pints all round😎

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SOL cyber bottle of buckfast enjoy😎😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Don’t know who played Robin Hood, never heard of Danger Man, but I can tell you that David Jason was the voice of Danger Mouse, and Roger Moore was The Saint.

Big Packy

Only ken one. The Saint…Roger Moore.

Sol Kitts

The Sting. One of my favourite films of all time. No matter how many times I’ve watched the film, the poker game segment, always gives me the goosebumps. Robert Shaw in Jaws… brilliant. First time that I ever heard the folk song:

“Farewell and adieu, to you fair Spanish Ladies…”

big packy

SOL you only get a diet coke for that, robin hood was richard greene danger man was patrick mcgoohan and yes the saint was roger moore but seen as its you,im going to throw in a can of kestrel.😎

big packy

MAGUA you are too young😎😎

The Real McCoy

Big Packy
I had a pal ( schooldays) called Richard ( Ricky ) Green. Is that the Robin Hood you mean ?
As for Danger Man , well I remember that but liked The Prisoner more with Patrick McGoohan.
‘ I am not a number: I am a free man ‘ 🤹‍♀️
Or if you are a Scottish referee –
‘ I am not a number: I am a freemason ‘ 😱
Goodnight Packy 👋🏻

Sol Kitts

MAGUA and Big Packy
Robert Shaw sang Spanish Ladies in Dan Tempest. Must have liked the song….

Big Packy


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Off to ma scratcher. GNAGB all.

Big Packy and Sol Kitts

Sleep well, fellow Tims.

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ok im not tired yet ,who played mr rigsby in rising damp, and who played the scouse git ,in till death us do part

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the real mcoy, good night and god bless👍

The Real McCoy

Just before I go Big Packy
Leonard Rossiter I think and Cherie Blair’s dad Tony Booth 😂

The Real McCoy

Magua/ Big Packy
Before I go I was out shopping when you mentioned Whiskey On A Sunday-
I started with gum de go day …..in my head …
Feck I nearly lifted buttermilk by mistake- yuk 😂

The Dubliners — Whiskey O A Sunday



2 things that I was force-fed as a nipper:

1. Buttermilk.

2. Tripe. Every 2nd Friday.

Yuk doesn’t quite cover it. 😀

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving it the Billy Connolly line:

“Oh, the deprivation”

but FFS, there are limits.

Hail Hail.



(and anyone else interested in how we change the face of football governance in Scotland).

Tracey Crouch is football loving MP who in late May 2021 led the Fan Led Review panel.

You can read what its aims were at


as well as why a review was necessary.

It is a long read but you can scroll to Annex A: Summary of recommendations to read the outcome in the form of recommendations.

It sets out what is need to put English football on the right track namely:

(A) To ensure the long-term sustainability of football, the government should create a new independent regulator for English football (IREF)

Now who would argue Scottish football does not require a regulator? That is someone who oversees that the rules are applied without fear or favour.

The report then sets out the various steps required to reach that objective and again who would argue they are not applicable, perhaps with adjustment to Scottish football?

The findings were presented to Parliament ( and at this point it is essential that politics and calibre of politicians is set aside ) and focus is placed on what Government in England have undertaken to do, which can be read at:


and what is significant is that as a matter of policy the Government in England have stated *

” This document confirms that the government will take forward significant reform of football through legislation. Formally, this means that the government is making the below commitments against each strategic recommendation. ‘Accept’ means that the government agrees with and will implement the strategic recommendation. ‘Support’ means either that the government agrees in principle with the recommendation (and not necessarily the specifics of the recommendation), or that it is a recommendation for another organisation so we don’t have control over the action.”

Now if the Celtic support in significant numbers had the relatively straight forward means of encouraging the Celtic Board to seek a similar review of Scottish football under the authority of the Scottish Government (and why wouldn’t Celtic? support such a view from its fans) this represents an opportunity to change the face of Scottish football in the long term and the time to do it is when we are top dog.

I’ve a blog to prepare setting out the mechanism required, but first, if you love Celtic and Scottish football for what you can give to it as well as what you get from it, then what is happening in England in respect of football governance is a must read.

Sentinels watch over or guard, but if they do not shout out when a situation requires it then they aren’t really sentinels are they?

However if they have no means of being heard where it matters, then that means has to be created.

Whilst I’m drafting the means for a blog, if you want to change the governance of Scottish football please digest the information provided at the links and comment on what the review has recommended in terms of Scottish football. I know there are hurdles to be overcome, but there will never be a better opportunity to bring about change in a corrupt set up than exists this year.

* So much for the Scottish Govt stance of saying it cannot interfere in football matters. Bullshit.


If we really want to change Scottish football for the better, then it would take the supporters of all clubs in the SPFL, to push for change. Is this achievable? I simply do not know the answer to that question. The same suits, still hold sway at Hampden. And Parkhead.The same old self-preservation of individual interests, seems to prevail. The game can go to hell, as far as these people are concerned. All they care about is enriching themselves. In 1993-94, I was at a loss as to what the solution was. Brian Dempsey proclaimed victory on the steps of Celtic Park. Unfortunately, the game was not over. The rebels had lost. After that second damn share issue in 95 or 96, the small shareholders were shafted. The suits took over. The lazy, corrupt, self-serving PLC board that we are lumbered with today, are a direct consequence of that share-rights issue. If only we knew then, what we know now. Then again, hindsight is a great thing.

Hail Hail.



If we really want to change Scottish football for the better, then it would take the supporters of all clubs in the SPFL, to push for change. Is this achievable? I simply do not know the answer to that question.
The SFSA (Scottish Football Supporters Association) are well aware of the import of the Tracy Crouch review. They were working on a paper that is using its import as part of the case they are making.

I’ll need to get an update on where they are at, but this is not a one club issue, and not all clubs have the same means of accountability as Celtic shareholders have, who knows perhaps supporters of other clubs might well be looking for Celtic supporters to take a lead.

As to the suits holding sway,not if legislation (which is what has emerged from the Crouch review) is introduced.


Auldheid…cheers for the links, I’ll have a look tomorrow when I get back from the dentist – 11.30am to do a temp repair after I hit my auld heid on a scaffold bar and knocked a bridge oot!! Final bill iro £900!! Hopefully Tracey Crouch can cheer me up!!


Off tangent for the Electro TL
Roll 1800.
Split into different local gangs.
Gangs.1.Bundy 2.young team(housie)3.Priesty(priesthill) 4.Nitzi(nitshill)
Southie(South nitshill) 6.Toon Tongs Carnwardric/Argentina

Geographical location 42 Cowglen Rd.

General location known,the bundy

Shops Mackies/coop

At the then Peat Rd roundabout

Feeder primaries
St Rabs-Priesty
St Bernard- nitzi/sowffi.
St Louise Arden -Toontongs
St Vincent’s Carnwardric-ya bass
St Stanislaus- housi

4 storey building on opening extended with ROSLA(raising of school leaving age) 4 story building in a T shape.

2 full size pitches gravel.

Things you learned at Bellarmine.
1.how to run!….if a gang shout went up(generally an automatic response if you were not in your own home,(and if you belonged to one of your areas designated nutter families your home didn’t matter!)

2.looking out on the pitches at southpollok/cowglen the military manoeuvres as ambushes were set up,the English would never had come north 🤣 centuries ago wi some of the “jumps” pulled,this would generally be a spill over from the previous nights internecine gang war at the ‘fields.

3.dont take a short cut across the Bundy.stŕeets rained bricks n stones

4.Good friends.men and woman.

They knocked the Bundy down and built Pollok Centre,They knocked bellarmine down and built Silverburn.A designer label shopping centre….where Bellarmine is jeez!!

Wee side note re decline of football.
Cowglen/South Pollok had 19 grass and 2 gravel pitches.21 in all,thrice on a saturday- schools-9am,young amateurs/cubs/bb 11am,and adult amateurs at 2pm so
21pitches = 2 teams per pitch,3 times a day.
126 teams playing 1,386 players on a Saturday
Next time your on M77 you’ll be driving over those pitches

I believe Peter Lawell went there