Something missing

Auldheid would tell you it’s integrity, and he’s correct of course, but from a purely footballing perspective I get the feeling there’s one thing missing, the final ingredient to make this team and these times truly memorable.


In the future, when recalling the 21/22 season we shall picture Kyogo, Calmac and the two big lads (Joe and Cam) leading us to an unlikely hence famous league title.


Of course everyone’s new favourite uncle shall also enter the equation. Black wooly jumper, salt and pepper grizzle, steely confidence and the occasion ironic ‘mate’, he certainly did it his own way.


But there’s one thing remaining, something not quite right.


I finally realized it watching some old match videos on t’interweb.


Have you guessed what it is yet?


Nearly every modern manager gets one, infact it’s often gauged as a sign of the popularity within the support. Given the huge popularity Ange currently enjoys, it actually irks a little that he hasn’t received his ‘big’ tribute yet.


Figured it out yet?


It’s his own song of course.


Martin the Messiah’s tune didn’t take long at all to materialize. I’ve stood in the stands singing this famous chorus myself, who can forget it reverberating? 


Brendan quickly found himself in the same boat. The enthusiasm of his unveiling will live long in the memory, 15thousand turned up to show their appreciation of his decision. His own tune was never going to take long to emerge, and going for the fabled ten heavily impacted upon it.


“Brendan Rodgers, is here for ten in a row, ten in a row”.


I’ll forever associate Neil Lennon with Depeche Modes 1981 release, I Just Can’t Get Enough.


It was a very apt song. He had brought back the thunder, we were beginning a journey, some decent players were representing the Hoops correctly especially Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper. It doesn’t mention him, but I contest that time shall forever be associated with Neil’s first spell in the dugout. We couldn’t get enough, it was true. They were heady days and the Obama style ‘hope’ proved we had a leader to get behind. 


For Neil, a song was inevitable, and duly delivered.


That’s three recent giants duly delivered their own form of personal and unique tribute.


Where’s Ange’s?


It’s the missing part of the jigsaw, the final piece to cement him as a legend, it’s been earned the hard way,,,no Ronnie Deila style league walkovers here.


The connection between manager and support is already very strong, but where’s his own personal tribute?


I admit it’s a tall order given the linguistics involved, but stranger things have happened. There’s some great creative talent amongst the Tims, I’m more than aware of that, but on this occasion the Green Brigade have my sympathy.


Being the creators and ringleaders of other chants, they’ve found themselves in an inevious position trying to throw this one together.


But yet I feel it must happen. I reckon they feel the same way. I mean it’s hard not to be impressed by the man, who doesn’t want to thank him personally for his hard work? 


That’s the summer homework for our ultra’s. Create and spread ‘the Ange Postecoglou song’ far and wide.


It will happen, I’m fully expecting the 22/23 season to deliver the new tribute tune, and the support to get wholeheartedly behind it’s rendition.


There’s a song missing, and a man that deserves one.


Let’s fix that.

By Mahe

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The Celtic fans have been singing Ange Postecoglou, to the tune of Papa Francesca, for a while, now.
Here you go.
And of course, at Christmas time. Last Christmas for Ange.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for saving me a job. Can you give me the details of the charity you referred to last night for the naps. Thanks.
No cycling today again. This wind is unbelievable and it’s been going on for almost all of June. Very frustrating.


And don’t forget.

We’re at top of the league looking down on the rangers and the only explanation I can find, is the form we have found since Ange has been around that has put us at top 9f the league.

That’s song number 3, i think he’s doing not bad for a first session

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
With respect, Mahe I think there is already a regular song in praise of our manager, albeit that there are only 2 words in it. The fans used to sing Papa Francesco to the same one.
And as for Mr Rodgers, he did have a song but not the one you suggested. To the tune (and most of the words) of the Hymn “Here I am, Lord”. Another very clever adaptation from our fans.
In other news just about to head to Strathclyde Park for a bit of a milestone – if I make it, it will be my 250th ParkRun. Might retire from running after it.


That is very kind.
If BMCUW/Mahe are allowed to send me your e.mail. I will give you all the details.
It’s the Sierre Leonne Widows and Orphans. I will send you details of who payment goes to, it’s a very small organisation, with volunteers, any donation, no matter how small, would be gratefully received.
They have contracted ASWGL to say his donation will be used ” to fund our back to School Package for the Orphans for the new school year” so that’s the kind of stuff that they do.


Pitymevin 8.36.
Excellent, I had, temporarily, forgotten about that.
There’s a link to the fans, singing it.


Pitymevin 8.36.
Excellent, I had, temporarily, forgotten about that.
There’s a link to the fans, singing it.

Slightly off topic but I don’t get why we mention “rangers” in our songs. We still sing about the Hearts, the Hibs and the …….

Rangers died. It’s Sevco we need to beat nowadays.
God help Auldheid in his efforts to get the truth out there when the Celtic Park often reverberates with mentions of the deid team.


From Anthony Joseph on Sky.
UPDATE: Alexandro Bernabei is due to undergo his medical at Celtic this weekend, before signing a long-term contract.

The deal with Lanus is £3.75m, with a 10% sell-on clause.

Bernabei & Jota are expected to be with the Celtic squad travelling to Austria for pre-season in July.


I normally try and stay out of the debate, as I respect the work Auldheid and others have done.
My thoughts are the vast majority of fans don’t care Rangers/Sevco, they just want an enemy.
All through life, the elite condition the working class to have an enemy, makes it easier to conquer and divide, football is no different.
Please understand, I think your point is valid, it’s just that the majority don’t care.


I completely get what you say. I know many fans that take no interest in the shenanigans surrounding the introduction of the new club into Scottish Football.

I think we all regard the Ibrox club as our enemy. From a purely childish point of view, wouldn’t it be fun to wind them up by constantly referring to them as Sevco in our songs.


The lyric is “…Looking down on The Rangers.”

That’s their new, incorporated “ official” name, isn’t it?

Pedantic csc


Morning all…got to say I was slightly puzzled reading this article. The Ange songs posted in the comments have been sung the whole season with Big Ange beating his left breast in acknowledgement as he shows his appreciation. This has been going on for months, even before any success looked likely this season.
You don’t often get it so wrong Mahe but you’ve not been paying enough attention!

bada bing1

Frodshambhoy- correct, Sevco makes them even angrier, if that’s possible…..


Folk may recall me saying the SFSA are working on reform of football governance.

They have organised a video event tomorrow and it might still be possible to take part via

I’m pleased to see the review of football in England by Tracey Crouch as it might apply in Scotland is on the agenda, especially as it is the subject area all Celtic supporters would be happy to add their weight to.

I’ve tested the mechanism for harnessing that weight using existing technology and it works.

It allows supporters to read an issue (the Tracy Crouch Review was the subject I used along with declaration of referee and VAR monitor allegiance) to test the mechanism.

The case is set out on one page with added information via a link.

If moved by it any shareholder reader clicks on FILE scrolls down to PRIINT and provides Shareholding details signs the form and delivers to Celtic either by post or taking a picture of completed form and e mails it to Celtic to be placed on the AGM agenda if Celtic do not engage earlier in dialogue.

It can be used at any time an issue arises not just in lead up to an AGM.

ST holders use a similar process but use it to declare their support for the issue in question once sufficient shareholders (100) have signed up. Thus Celtic get a fuller idea of supporters strength of feeling on any issue.

I describe the approach as a prototype as it uses what technology that is available at no cost but it could be refined if a test showed it was a step in the right direction in terms of numbers using the process.


Great that Twisty is running the naps again. Hes into his horses in a big way . If I win this time then the N.I Hospice will be the receiptient.


I normally try and stay out of the debate, as I respect the work Auldheid and others have done.
My thoughts are the vast majority of fans don’t care Rangers/Sevco, they just want an enemy.
All through life, the elite condition the working class to have an enemy, makes it easier to conquer and divide, football is no different.
Please understand, I think your point is valid, it’s just that the majority don’t care.
Indeed, you could say that for most of humanity and the consequences are life as we experience it, mostly painful as what can justifiably be described as evil tightens its grip on society.

For evil to succeed good men do nothing.

We as a species are offered a choice every moment of our life, love more, hate less.

Both choices come with consequences.


One hour warning for the naps competition folks. If your considering it but not sure, just pick a horse using any method you like. Name, jockey silks, yer lucky number, or just follow a newspaper tipster.


I’m pretty sure Mahe would be entering the naps competition but with the time difference may be about to miss the deadline.
He’ll therefore be allocated the fav in the first race of the day should he fail to appear.

The Real McCoy

Raymac –
I hope your health continues to improve 👍🏻
As for manager songs , I reckon the manager of the Naps comp deserves a song 🎵
For Twisty 💚

Just A Bhoy- Giving It All Away

Thanks Twisty 🙏🏻
Good Luck everyone 🤞


TRM…my music journey started in my Granny’s hoose on Gleddoch Rd in Penilee. My mum’s youngest sister would play Bowie and T-Rex, my favourites while her twin preferred Leo Sayer and David Cassidy. The Leo Sayer song just brought a huge amount of memories rushing back! In my mind’s eye I can clearly see Leo Sayer’s image on the cover of Silverbird (is that the name of it?), the David Cassidy poster on the inside of the open wardrobe door, sitting in the hall reading the coloured-paper music mags with few pictures and loads of lyrics! Hazy days indeed for me!

16 Roads

Oh! Ronny, Ronny!
Ronny, Ronny, Ronny, Ronny Delia!!
Another legend, his significant contribution to achieving the double 9 will never be forgotten. 🎯

The Real McCoy

Spot on with Silverbird 👍🏻
Just A Boy was popularised by Roger Daltrey.
As for David Cassidy, a lifelong obsession of Lady McCoy 😂
Took her to see him in Newcastle c.2012.
On the bill also were Smokie , Hot Chocolate,
and Leo Sayer.
Cassidy was displaying his ‘ troubles’ 🤔
Only managed a couple of songs and wee Gerry Sayer deputised for him ( singing Cassidy songs)
It later became obvious what the problem was.
I reckon Leo had been primed about the situation and was a willing’ understudy’ to save the tour.
Good man 👏
Stayed on in Newcastle to catch Lionel Richtea the following evening. Incorporated a brilliant Commodores funk set. Magic .

Everyone’s A Winner 👍🏻

R.I.P Errol Brown, Chris Norman and David Cassidy 🙏🏻
Best of luck Leo 😱


TRM…your missus is very lucky to have you! I’d rather buy mine tickets for her and a pal!
To be fair it does sound like a brilliant gig but I’d struggle to get excited about it – and I’d expect the tickets were pricey too! I’m still thinking £25 quid is enough for a gig, even the wee-est venues are now £14/15 when pre-pandemic you could get in for £7.
I’ve got briefs for Pavement at the Barras in Oct/Nov time – £47. 47 quid for the Barras! That’s unbelievable to me!


In my ignorance I had to Google Gerry Sayer, never heard of him and thought it was an auto correct in your post! Every day is a school day, right enough 🤪


TRM…was reading the stuff on Leo Sayer and Dave Courtney features early doors prior to Adam Faith getting really involved. I was listening to Sunny G yesterday, a DJ called Daffy I think, anyhoo he was interviewing Alan Mair from the Beatstalkers who was talking about Dave Courtney and how they’d stayed in his flat when they were starting up. The funny thing is I don’t think I’d ever heard of Dave Courtney before yesterday!
I’ve tried to find the Alan Mair interview as it was really interesting. If I get it I’ll post it…

The Real McCoy

Need to go .
Lady McCoy has designated me as Parker.
‘ Yus M’Lady ‘ 🚘 👮🏻‍♂️
Laters 👋🏻


Leo’s the man 😁


Good morning folks on this beautiful day of Saturn.

Twists, I woke up on the sofa, was stumbling to bed when it hit me an article needed posting, and the Naps link. I just couldn’t manage a selection so thanks for allocating me one.

JNP and McCaff,,,
As you know I dont and wouldn’t attend , don’t even watch every game, which is how I came to the conclusion he hadn’t got a song/needs a song. In fairness a Swindon based Tim agreed with me showing he also felt the same.
With regards to those two youtube clips,,,the first seems to be a hundred or so just about on the same page. The second I considered either a Christmas tune or a eff the Gers tune given the ever popular chorus.

PityMevin, top of the league doesnt count in my book. Ange gets a mention but it’s not ‘his’ song.

That’s the basis of my thinking. I haven’t heard or seen the entire stadium belting out a song especially dedicated to Ange.

Of course I might be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time nor the last. Thanks for the replies.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hail Hail


Mahe. 4.04.
Since you say, you might be wrong.
You are wrong. The Ange Postecoglou song
60,000 were belting it out, at trophy presentation day. Yes even the Main Stand,
when Ange was about to do his speech.
The clip I put up was merely the first I could find, to let you hear it.
All the away Celtic fans, sing it regularly, too. It’s not just 100 or so.
There are 2 Christmas songs, Last Christmas is the one song for Ange, previously others.
The one with the expletive is a different Christmas song, Merry Christmas every one.

bada bing1

Pieters and Li top of leaderboard at German Masters 🎼😳


Gareth Bale joins Los Angeles FC on a free transfer, here we go! Follows @tombogert scoop – it’s confirmed, Bale leaves European football to try new MLS experience. Agreement in place. 🚨🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸 #LAFC

Contract will be valid until June 2023 – as Bale follows Chiellini at LAFC.

bada bing1

JNP- i don’t know why i clicked that,as i knew what was coming….😁


Enjoy, Mahe! 🤣🤣🤣


Link doesn’t work.


I bet you wished you could have odds on that.😂😂


Sorted JNP!!

Mahe. From 40 secs onwards.
The whole stadium singing it.


By the way Jobo…well done on your landmark achievement, really superb stuff. 👊

Billy Bhoy


You’re absolutely right, the Top Of The World song is NOT an Ange song – it’s a Carpenters song.

However, you’re also absolutely wrong. The fans are serenading our talismanic leader with an original terracing chant so its most definitely an Ange song!

Its not like we’ve just started singing Ooh Aah Giakoumakis – although for the life of me I don’t know why we haven’t started serenading our new Greek Ghod!



I’ve got a wee feeling that there used to be a Martin O’Neill version of Top of the World but I can’t really remember singing it! I also think there’s a Giokomakis song but fecked if I know the words. But, Billy Bhoy, you’re absolutely correct to say that Top of the World is for Ange and will always be remembered as that – a full stadium belting it out, full pubs belting it out, the whole of the Gallowgate belting it out.
It’s Ange’s song, now!


I’m delighted to be proved wrong ! Seriously!
The non attendee doesn’t catch this stuff. I’ll leave the match day experience to others more qualified.
Lesson learned.

Hail Hail from the heat


A thing of beauty

Good to see you got the message to stop digging😂😂
If you’re around can you pass my email to
JNP please.


There was indeed a version of “Top Of The World” during the MON years, although I do not believe, that it was sung anywhere but the Vicky Bar on The Briggait. The lyrics went something like this:

“We’re On The Top Of The World

Looking Down On The Rangers

And The Only Explanation I Can Find

Is The Huns Are F*****g Sh**e

But The Celts Are Dynamite

Martin O’Neill Put Us On The Top Of The League”

As can plainly be seen, Lennon and McCartney, had nothing to fear, from the budding musical composers, operating out of the Vicky Bar.

The song was certainly never sung at games. We would have been lynched. Not by the polis…but by music lovers. 😀

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