The Twisty Naps Competition


It almost smacks of being a herald of a new season,and here it is again.

For the next FORTY weeks,all you have to do is offer ONE selection every Saturday.

Usual rules – 

Entries only on dedicated page
Entry is free though a quiet donation to a charity of your choice would be lovely.
Entry must be made prior to first race of the day
Competition closes on the ‘off’ in the first race ( no exceptions) 
Usual rules – £1 stake at SP
Dead heat = £0.50p win at SP 

£120 first prize
£60 runner up
£20 free bet 3rd place

Best of luck to you all!

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Hiya Twisty

14.40 Leopardstown – Auguste Rodin

Good luck all

Call me Gerry

4:20 Leopardstown





1.30 leopardstown today – clever and cool.

Good luck all

The Real McCoy

Twisty….. TWISTY, TWISTY……
Me … ME , ME….🙋‍♂️
Is it 63 ? Is the answer 63 .
A winner at last 👍🏻
What have I won 🤷🏻‍♂️
Oh . It wasn’t a quiz 🤦‍♂️
Go to the Bottom of the NAPS table …McCoy…

Curragh 2:25 Gustavus Weston

Good Luck everyone 🤞
Thanks again Twisty 🙏🏻

bada bing1

14.05 Leopardstown
Pierre Lapin


Afternoon all…today’s nap to be avoided at all costs is Thunder Kiss @3.10 Leopardstown. Good Luck to all and thanks again for the fine effort, Twists!


Tanmawwy 13 00 Doncaster (sunday)
Thanks as always


Twisty…dunno how I missed it last week but your post on how you got into the horses was superb! I enjoyed reading it but you struck a chord with the numbers thing and your wee grandson – my wee guy was exactly the same at that age and a few years after, you could ask him anything and he’d get it bang on. I was always decent with numbers but his speed was fascinating, I’ll mibbe fire a few at him this afternoon to see if he’s still got it!


No more today folks


Good to hear that at least some youngsters are still using their heads as opposed to their fingers.
I still get hit with “ what’s the point? I can do it on the calculator on my phone!”



Great winner .

18/1 yer dough 😁. Will take a bit of beating for the tenner bet I’d think!!



Well done mate.Outstanding selection

bada bing1

GB News giving a phone number out,for those who require grief counselling

The Real McCoy

Aye Bada ,
0800 1872 1690 …. 📱 ☎️ 📞 😂


The Real McCoy
I just phoned that number, all I got was some bloke greeting about feckin timmys and some Dutch folk 😀

bada bing1

The Real McCoy- i usually phone mine about this time on a Saturday, when my coupon is pumped….


Evening all
At first glance I think we have 5 winners so far, with obviously a few selections still to run tomorrow.

No doubting who leads the pack this week. Bobby with a stunning 18/1 winner. “I’m a gambler” was victorious, winning in fine style.

Chalmersbhoy had a nice 7/2 winner in the shape of Luxembourg. Slowly but surely getting into his stride is CB.

Mahe with a tidy 9/4 shot is the third winner as he sees his mount cross the line in first place. Another Napster showing fine consistency.

Big Packy and Jim the Tim complete the fivefold with their choice Auguste Rodin winning at 11/10 with Ryan Moore steering it to a comfortable length and a half victory. Big Packy showing admirable consistency as his short odds but regular winners see him creeping ever closer to our leaders. Jim starting to find his form too.

5 winners all at odds against, with, as I say Bobby stealing the show.

Naturally I’ll update further after tomorrow’s racing, and also post the table .

Don’t fret if I’ve missed you at this point. I’ll be double checking them all again tomorrow and will pick up any errors.

Meantime well done to the above winners.


The Real McCoy

😁. Just realised I didn’t respond to your “ 63” earlier. I do apologise , I was in and out and trying to keep tabs on the naps.

Yes 63😁👏👏

Anyhow – just for yer ‘front’ I’ve stuck you £2.50 each way on yer nap tomorrow at 50:1.

£155 for the win.
£27.50 a place. ( 4 places)

Good luck. I hope you win amigo.




Stone last.
I’m not very good at this lark🤫

The Fenian Whaler

Bobby / Mahe

My sincerest apologies to you both for coming back to address this. And being a Fenian i can’t let an eejit BAD mouth me if you’ll pardon the pun.

BAD seems to be claiming that I decided to refrain from posting because he had outed me as a timposter( Shirely he means a Hunterloper🤔) Well just to straighten things out the reason I decided to flounce was that I really couldn’t be arsed dealing with eejits like him it’s not why I posted on here. BAD is a prime example of the clique’ i’m the best Celtic supporter in World’ that populates the other channel, those that rage against anyone that upsets their own wee emerald green-tinted vision of Celtic, post something that their wee minds can’t cope with, err – let’s say posting a couple of internet rumors and they lack the capacity to rationalise and consider that perhaps maybe, just maybe there is some substance to it, that someone maybe did tentatively enquire about Jota or that the bookies had Ange as the front runner for the Brighton job at one point. No, they start with insults and continue to goad. Now it has just been reported that Celtic did indeed bat away enquires about some of the players during the window. No doubt a ‘fake Celtic fan’ reported that just to cause unrest on this blog – isn’t that right🤔
Now in all the time i had posted on SC BAD picks up on 2 posts- evidence indeed that I am a Hun- why? Because he knows- talk about being full of self-confidence or should that be full of cac😏

Now just for the world’s greatest detective – what does the Handel ‘Fenian whaler reference’? Why would a Hun speak Irish and get a bit miffed about how some posters constantly feck it up on here🤔 Why would a Hun engage TGM in discussions about Irish nationalist history, The Irish Brigades in the Service of France, or Right Irish Catholicism🤔 Would they even know of such things or even care to know. Ah but it’s just an elaborate plan to cause unrest amongst a small number of posters on this site by a Hun who has emersed himself in Irish culture, history, and language just to infiltrate SC – but strangely it must be so because you said it was? 🤣😂 Feck me MI5 will be knockin’ on my door to recruit me.

Now Big Anal douche ( for that is indeed what you are a douche of the 1st order) My advice to you and any other self-appointed arbiters of all things Celtic FC-related – if you don’t like or agree with a post scroll the feck by it.

Bobby / Mahe and all other posters, sorry but some things just need to be put straight. Don’t let self-appointed Celtic FC guardian eejits ruin this excellent wee place.

Slán comrádaithe


Leftclicktic 1.08pm

Your in good company … not many of us are good at this sort of thing 🙂

But the naps comp & Jobo’s poty are very enjoyable pastimes … terrific additions to the blog in my opinion

bada bing1

Huns v Napoli moved to Wednesday, why?

you know the huns will be up to something here….do they know next weekend’s games are off? Surely better getting another 24 hours rest?


TWISTY from the other day

I’ve a bit of an affinity for numbers myself and often help people settle their bets in advance of going in to receive their winnings. This isn’t usually needed these days of computerised settling-but not every teller declares your full winnings,sadly.

About forty years ago,I was in the pub one Monday morning when a mate of my Dad asked me to settle a huge fixed odds acca! This one had to be done long hand,as it had loads of 12/5,8/13,8/11 etc. Cross out,etc. It came to over £8000-and they congratulated him on winning about 2 grand. I’d suggested beforehand that he ask them to check again twice,then give them the betting slip with my workings on it and get the proper amount handed over. So they offered him a cheque for that amount.

He asked if they would have taken one from him?!!! The Clydesdale is across the road,get it sorted. Pretty sure he asked the bar owner to keep it in the safe,dole it out to him at £200 a time.

A few years later,a girl who lived with me was the head settler in Ayr’s main Ladbroke. She showed me how to settle multiple bets like a L/15. Many people such as yourself will already know,but it might be helpful for others.

Example,a winning £1 L/15 at 2/1,4/1,7,1 and 10/1. Add two to each and multiply. Then subtract one. It then becomes


Alternatively,if all your selections are N/Rs,the prices are all zero. Which becomes

2x2x2x2=16,then subtract the one for the £15 back. Saved me a lot of time over the years,that one-even if the girl soon drove me up the wall!



One of the better aspects of this site is that we can all express our own strong opinions-but politely,yet assertively. Sometimes one or two posters will make a certain disagreement personal,and MAHE or myself will aske each to rein it back a bit,please.

We try not to take sides either,even if we could make a very strong case for one against the other. In any argument,fault can always be found on each side,and why get into a he-says-she says?

However,we cannot monitor the site 24/7,and while we will retrospectively remind the posters involved,sometimes it is too late and the damage has already been done. As was the case the other day.

Hopefully you will reconsider in time,and I can assure you that nobody on here thinks you are a hun-we’ve all met enough of them over the years to know the difference!

And also,you are particularly correct on one point. NO Celtic supporter is better than any other,not one.


Interesting. I’ve never heard that method before. Clever. Hope I have the need to use that someday 😁


League table:

BMCUW. £24.75

Cosy Corner Bhoy £21.50

16 Roads. £ 16.83

Big Packy. £12.40

Weet Weet Weet. £12.38

McCaff. £12.08

Danny Mac. £9.58

Mahe. £9.50

Call me Gerry. £ 6.00

Jimmy not Paul. £5.83

Jungle Gerry. £5.00

VP. £4.88

St Tams. £ 3.50

Twisty. £0.50

Charlinic. £0.38

DRM. £0.12

Jobo. -£0.75

Chalmersbhoy. -£3.12

CCE. -£3.87

Jim. -£3.91

GFTB. -£4.50

Craig 76. -£7.00

Leggy. – £8.00

Lefty. -£8.12

Bada. -£8.62

All other runners on -£12
ATOB, Gordon, BRRB, , Hashadenough, Raymac, The Real


Inheriting the interim leadership from COSYCORNERBHOY gives me a chance to play my favourite prog-era Queen track.


Mischief Magic 3pm Newmarket

Celtic Champs Elect

Saturday Nap

Hexameter 16.27 Newmarket

Thanks Twisty. GLA

Weet weet weet

Emperor spirit 19-30 Wolverhampton

Good luck all

1 9 10 11