The Twisty Naps Competition


It almost smacks of being a herald of a new season,and here it is again.

For the next FORTY weeks,all you have to do is offer ONE selection every Saturday.

Usual rules – 

Entries only on dedicated page
Entry is free though a quiet donation to a charity of your choice would be lovely.
Entry must be made prior to first race of the day
Competition closes on the ‘off’ in the first race ( no exceptions) 
Usual rules – £1 stake at SP
Dead heat = £0.50p win at SP 

£120 first prize
£60 runner up
£20 free bet 3rd place

Best of luck to you all!

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Morning all

Dark Shift 3.00 Ascot

Good luck.hh

Craig 76

Primos Comet 14.05 York
Good luck to all

big packy

14-32, newmarket
Francesco Clemente
good luck all.


What a brilliant days racing lies ahead. So many good races to choose from. I suspect we will be seeing a few vg price winners in the naps competition today. Good luck to everyone.

Please remember 1pm is the deadline. No selections can be counted following the off. Non runners can be replaced up to the last race of the day. If a non runner isn’t replaced your selection will be the favourite in the last race of the day.

I’ll try Stone Circle in the 2-05 York.



Another point to clarify folks- in the event it arises at some point. Re non runners:

If the horse comes under starters orders but does not participate it will be deemed a loser. I’m aware some bookies will classify it as a non runner and refund stakes, but not all do, so the easiest way is to use the “under orders” rule. Hopefully it won’t happen to any of our selections but just for clarification. Ty.


Morning all,


2.40 York

Good luck everyone 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

St tams

Ascot 13 50

Celtic Champs Elect

Nap today GLA

Dark Shift Ascot 15.00

16 Roads

13:57 @ Newmarket – Good American – NAP!

Good luck everyone. 🍀🐎

Weet weet weet


Your horse ran yesterday . 2nd



3 o’clock ascot
Star of Orion

Good luck all


2.05 York. Stone Circle

Good luck all 🙂


Morning Twisty.
Accidental Agent 3.0 Ascot
Cheers and good luck ya drunken rabble!


Twisty, I wasn’t copying you Honest! I got my tip from Sporting Life 🙂


Looking at my return so far on the naps , I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t be daft enough to copy me 😁

Our impressive leader this season has put up a selection at a very nice price. I’d think the clever money will be going in that direction.


I’ve put that one on as part of my Trixie. Here’s hoping!



Good luck,everyone.


Morning all…the unfortunate Donkey who finds my pin on its tail today is Wannabe Betsy, Lingfield 5.08.
Cheers again Twists and Good Luck to all!

bada bing1

Jumby 3.00 Ascot


Treble Glory 🍀 York 15.50 🏇 GLE


Maybe one of you guys can tell me something. I have noticed for a long time now, when it comes to non runners, Irish courses always have many more than average! Why is that?


I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever noticed tbh. Not saying it’s not true I just hadn’t ever noticed it. Mind you, I don’t bet in the Irish racing that much.


16.45 ascot
Saga, (gosdens last chance for naps)
Good luck all

Cosy corner bhoy

Tempest 1645 Ascot

Cosy corner bhoy

TEMPUS 1645 Ascot
Bloody predictive text


Jumby 3.00 Ascot.

Cannae get beat


Thats why I don’t usually pick horses from Irish races. If you put a yankee or something on at about noon and go about doing other things, too much chance of NRs in your bet.
Gowran Park today – ten NRs (so far). That’s not untypical.

The Real McCoy

York 2:40 Fortamour 🐎
Thanks Twisty 🙏🏻
Good Luck everyone 🤞

Jim The Tim – I’ve no definitive answer to your observation re Irish racing. I have, however, noticed they allow ‘ reserves’ to be quoted in the betting. Maybe the declaration fees in some races are not prohibitive and subsequently a few horses drop out 🤔


Evening folks
Naps update week 5

As always I’ll start by reiterating that if you spot an error please just highlight it to me and I’ll correct asap.

If my first check is accurate we have 4 winners this week with Weet Weet Weet, Jobo, and Cosy Corner Bhoy grabbing equal shares of the glory this week with all of them tipping up very nice 9/2 winners, which adds a tidy £5.50 to their tally. ( 9/2 odds + £1 stake)

That sees Weet Weet Weet shoot up into second place behind 16 Roads. Very consistent tipping from WWE. Well done bud.
Jobo was already in the black having previously flagged up a winner, and now sits on a tidy £6.25.

CCB gets out the red and into the black on
£1.50p. Well done CCB. Nice winner.

Big Packy was the only other winner with the hot favourite in the 2.32pm at Newmarket hosing up. The margin of his superiority was reflected in the rather skinny odds of 2/7. Still, a profit is a profit and adds £1.29 to his tally keeping him in profit with a total of £2.04p.

No other winners this week so everyone else is deducted £1 .

Table after week 5

16 Roads. £ 18.50

Weet Weet Weet. £16.00

Call me Gerry. £ 13.00

Jungle Gerry. £12.00

St Tams. £ 10.50

BMCUW. £ 7.00

Jobo. £6.25

Danny Mac. £3.58

GFTB. £2.50

Big Packy. £2.04

Cosy CB. £1.50

=CCE. – £0.25
=DRM. -£0.25
=McCaff. -£0.25

Lefty. -£1.12

Mahe. -£2.00

Everyone else on minus £5

Jimmy NP, VP, ATOB, Bada, Twisty, Jim, Charlinic, Gordon, Leggy, Chalmersbhoy, BRRB, Craig, Hashadenough, Raymac, The Real McCoy.

Call me Gerry

My NAP didn’t win, but I still had a good Saturday with the horses (I’m NOT a regular horse punter – I generally stick to football coupons).
As I was working Sat morning, I posted my selection, and placed a few bets on Fri night.

Backed my NAP e/w @ 8/1, so it’s 4th place got me my money back. 👍

Saw that Weet Weet Weet had posted his nap last night also – TEMPUS in the 4:45.
With him picking a decent winner last week, I had a look at the race, and it looked a good bet. Thought the 7/1 on offer @ Bet365 was decent value, so i backed it e/w. It won 💪…so thank you, WWW, for that pointer 👏

Skybet were offering money back as a free bet if your horse finished 2nd or 3rd in the 1:50 Ascot (up to £10 stake). I had a wee look; 9 runner race; and the FAV looked worth backing on the basis it only had to finish in the 1st three to avoid a loss on the bet. It duly won @ 6/5…though I got 13/8 the night before 💪

My only “losing” bet on the day was the £5 free bet I got from Bet365, which I put on Jumby @ 7/1 in 3:45 Ascot. Came nowhere. 🤷‍♂️
I shoulda put it on Jumbly in the 2:25 Ascot which won @ 10/3 🤣

Hopefully, some others bet a winner or two.

Anyway, off to my scratcher. No more horse bets for me til next Sat. Gambling’s for mugs 😁



Call Me Gerry

Good stuff … I wish I could bet each way nearly all my selections have been 2nd ….

The naps comp is a terrific wee interest …

Excellent with the winnings 👍

Call me Gerry

“Some others on here” is what I meant.

Correction :
Skybets offer was money back as CASH if your horse finished 2nd or 3rd…not as a FREE BET; and that’s why I placed my bet.
If the offer was money back as a free bet I’d probably have left the race alone.


Call me Gerry

Cheers GFTB 👍 naps comp is good fun indeed

Poured myself another there, so I’m aff to my scratcher a little later than planned 🤣





We go again next week

Hail Hail 🍀


Horsey post so on the naps page

Lennys Spirit 2.20 Pontefract today

Sounds like winner 🙂






Naps comp Saturday 30/07/2022.
2.10. Goodwood.
H.H. and good luck all.


Ffs I’ve got the wrong day. 😳

Weet weet weet

Forbearance 14-25 goodwood

Good luck all

Weet weet weet

Oops wrong time 14-45 goodwood


Valley forge 14:10 goodwood.
Thanks as always twisty.

Call me Gerry

Tomorrow’s nap – good luck all

Bague D’or – 2:10 Goodwood



3.20pm Goodwood

First Folio

Best of luck to all


Savvy Victory 15.27 Don

16 Roads

16:15 @ Galway – Ard Mhacha – NAP!

Good luck everyone. 🍀🐎


Morning all
Late night. Running well behind. Make sure yer selections are in before, Ach ye know how it works. Gl

Morning all

Gweedore 3.48 Thirsk

good luck .hh

Celtic Champs Elect

Good morning All

Nap today Abate 13.40 Goodwood

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