The Twisty Naps Competition


It almost smacks of being a herald of a new season,and here it is again.

For the next FORTY weeks,all you have to do is offer ONE selection every Saturday.

Usual rules – 

Entries only on dedicated page
Entry is free though a quiet donation to a charity of your choice would be lovely.
Entry must be made prior to first race of the day
Competition closes on the ‘off’ in the first race ( no exceptions) 
Usual rules – £1 stake at SP
Dead heat = £0.50p win at SP 

£120 first prize
£60 runner up
£20 free bet 3rd place

Best of luck to you all!

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Fantasy Believer

4-30 Goodwood


big packy

15-00 newmarket, temporize
good luck all



1.40 Goodwood – treacherous

Have a good day all


13.40 Goodwood, Dream Composer

Good luck all. 🙂

Jobo Baldie

6.15 Lingfield – Brilliant Blue


Today’s Non Runners for your information:


2.10 G.
Bague D’Or.
Good luck, all.

Cosy corner bhoy

Comanche Falls Stewards Cup


First week was a winner then it’s been Glue Factory stuff since, so…if you’ve any sense you’ll no touch this nag wi a bargepole!! Here goes…
Merlin Giant 2.00 Goodwood
Cheers again, Twists! Good luck to all.


Clan Jock
8.30 Hamilton 🐎🐎🐎


Transfer Affection 13.55 Newmarket

Good luck all

bada bing1

2.10 Goodwood Soapy Stevens

St tams

Goodworth 15.20


Morning Twisty.
Gweedore 3.48 Thirsk.
Good luck ya raving loonies. 👍


3.13 at Thirsk


Thanks Twisty


Dirtyoldtown 15.48 Thirsk 🏇 GLE

The Real McCoy

Grandson’s birthday 🎂 today.
Goodwood 4:30 Good Birthday 🥳
Good Luck everyone 🤞
Thanks as always Twisty 🙏🏻


First race therefore last selections 1-05pm folks.


And we’re off!!!


What a winner for

Cosy Corner Bhoy




Outstanding selection.

Well done

16 Roads

The Dapper Tim lights it up! 🔥

Absolutely brilliant CCB! 👊😎


Non runner bud. Choose again or you’ll go on the last fav of todays racing.

The Real McCoy

Thanks Twisty 🙏🏻
Only realised when I watched the race and didn’t get a mention 😂
Lingfield 7:15 Too Shy Shy 🤞
Well Done CCB 👏👏👏


Spawny bastert, Hope he had it in his usual bet,though.


Naps Update

Good morning everyone, and a very happy Flag day to you all. Very best of luck to the bhoys today and if your heading out to the match, have a blast. I don’t suppose there’ll be many away supporters today. Aberdonians have a reputation for staying indoors on flag days.

To the naps, and it was fitting that on the opening day of the footy season, we had a hat trick of winners in the 5th round of the SC naps title race.

Undoubtedly the star player yesterday was the gentleman that is Cosy Corner Bhoy who unleashed a 25 yarder into the top corner. Not only the most valuable sprint race, but one of the most difficult to find a winner in, so enormous kudos to CCB for a glorious strike. Will it be bettered all season? Possible but it’ll take a cracker to beat it.

Then we had a bit of controversy, thanks to the league bad Bhoy McCaff, who declared he’d be playing at Goodwood at 2pm but couldn’t be located, however, he turned up at Galway in Ireland at the same time and scored. VAR was required and the decision was the goal could stand. Fast becoming the Alfredo Morelos of the competition, the authorities will be keeping a close eye on him 😁

No more goalmouth action until injury time at Hamilton when Leggy appeared late on the scene to knock in a tap in from two yards to get off the mark for the season. Fine finish to the day.

Congratulations to all 3 scorers yesterday, especially CCB for his wonder strike. Straight to the top of the table and McCaff moves into the black again with Leggy moving away from the back of the pack into a more prominent position. Well done fellas.

League table:

Cosy Corner Bhoy £27.50

16 Roads. £ 17.50

Weet Weet Weet. £15.00

Call me Gerry. £ 12.00

Jungle Gerry. £11.00

St Tams. £ 9.50

BMCUW. £ 6.00

Jobo. £5.25

McCaff . £4.08

Danny Mac. £2.58

GFTB. £1.50

Big Packy. £1.04

=CCE. – £1.25
=DRM. -£1.25

Leggy. – £2.00

Lefty. -£2.12

Mahe. -£3.00

Everyone else on minus £6

Jimmy NP, VP, ATOB, Bada, Twisty, Jim, Charlinic, Gordon, Chalmersbhoy, BRRB, Craig, Hashadenough, Raymac, The Real McCoy.


For clarity as I didn’t make it clear in the update;

CCB – 25/1
McCaff 100/30
Leggy 2/1


Our racing clubs two year old, Truly Charming , is making her debut in the Ripon opener tomorrow. David Allan rides.
It’s all about her learning to race tomorrow, and although her trainer Tim Easterby states that her sire’s ( Bungleinthejungle) offspring are pretty quick learners, it’s still just a case of her getting some experience tomorrow. She’s 50/1 on PP and 365. She’s sitting at 28/1 on the 365 extra places market to finish in the top6.
I’ve had to back her simply cos she’s one of ours but couldn’t advise a bet on her unless it’s on that 28/1 market for top 6 but as I say, not expecting too much tomorrow. There’ll be other days.

Our other two year old, Storymaker (Ulysses ex Panova) , trained by George Boughey, is a lovely filly and progressing very nicely on the Warren Hills gallops. Her work will increase over the next few weeks.

Over at Nick’s, Melchoir is looking a very different animal to the one we saw last year. She’s loved the summer grass and has stepped up her work rate. She’s already popping nicely over the hurdles. I’m pretty excited about her making her seasonal debut in the autumn.

I’ll keep ya updated on the horse thread. Don’t wanna block the main footy thread up with horse talk.


All information passed over is done with the best of intentions and based on the trainer’s info. Don’t shoot the messenger if it does not pan out as expected.

There’ll be info on the other 4 we have as the season progresses.



The horsey information is much appreciated.

Melchoir looks a decent prospect and a source of much enjoyment.

Thank you


Great stuff Twisty. I see tips as a starter for ten, no more than that. Appreciated.


Jim / Danny


As I say I’ll keep ya posted.

Expecting an update on the one we have with Olly Murphy this week.


I’m afraid Truly Charming wisnae at the races Twisty! LOL 🙂 The winner, Swingalong won it easily. Not to worry I only had a pound on it EW.
I just noticed the winner before it at AYR was Ayr Poet. If ever a horse was crying out to be bet it was that one! Drat!

The Real McCoy

Has the link to tomorrow’s NAP competition thread been posted? I’ve read back, but I can’t see it (unless I missed it). I’m off to my scratcher. Up early for work.

Could someone please copy & paste my selection onto the proper thread tomorrow? (in case I don’t get a chance whilst at work)

2:25 Haydock
La Trinidad

Thanks in advance


Morning Twisty

ARECIBO in the 2.10 at ASCOT

Come on the Hoops today.

Good luck to all.

16 Roads

14:25 @ Haydock – Mr McCann – NAP!

Good luck everyone. 🍀🐎


Morning all
Your first race today gets underway at 1pm. That’s the deadline .

I’d been contemplating going short odds with a view to getting out the starting stalls but after some studying I’ve decided to go longish odds today again. If I’m still in the stalls after today I’m on a 1/33 shot next Saturday 😁

I’ll try

Alseyoob in Newmarket’s 3-40. Currently around an 8/1 shot.

Good luck all .

Cmon the hoops. A 4-1 victory today.

Morning all

Diamondonthehill 2.52 Redcar

good luck . hh


Morning Twisty.
Miss Molly T 4.55 Curragh.


ANMAAT 300 Haydock



No guarantees even with a 1/33 shot.Just ask anyone who saw an infamous performance from Eddie Hyde at Ayr.

big packy

good luck all

St tams

The Curragh

Jobo Baldie

Ascot 3.20 Charging Thunder

Cosy corner bhoy

Alseyoob 1540 Newmarket
Sorry Twisty,hope I’ve not jinxed it


13.55 Newmarket
Killybegs Warrior

Good luck all! 🙂


16.30pm Ascot


Best of luck folks

Celtic Champs Elect

Nap Royal Champion 15.00 Haydock



Retirement beckons 17.45 ayr

paddy power doing a free £5 betbuilder bet on any premiership game.

Good luck all.

Weet weet weet

Bradsell 16.15 curragh

Good luck all