MAHE’s article yesterday certainly led to some measured debate on the subject of R and R for footballers in close season. His argument being mainly that footballers have a schedule-even if not an income!-which would be intolerable for most members of the wider workforce. The lack of downtime,the discipline required even during the few breaks from work,would simply be too much for most to cope with.

Without repeating the various arguments for or against MAHE’s point of view which were offered yesterday,it reminded me of two major points which I had already planned to use as the basis for an article. The first is that we are all missing our football already-we should be in the middle of a World Cup,ffs!-and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to write about the subject when there is so little happening. Of course,we could resort to writing rumours about impending transfers,in or out,possible or entirely a figment of our imagination. Or maybe not…

The second one is that not all footballers are capable of the self-discipline required nowadays at the top level,whether that be during the season or during the breaks. There are past examples of this throughout the game. One of the most famous-if apocryphal-is about the Liverpool players under Bob Paisley who,on return for pre-season training,would be “strongly advised” to train wearing a bin liner under their jersey just to sweat out the extra pounds they had put on. Another is the infamous trips imposed by Jock Wallace on his Rangers players when he would bus them to Gullane Sands and torture them mercilessly as they threw up from the exertions.

Try that in the workplace nowadays,see how far you get!

So it was interesting to read about our former goalscoring hero,Leigh Griffiths,at the weekend. He is undergoing serious physical workouts in the gym and elsewhere,including the boxing ring,as he battles to get back to his previous weight and fitness levels while he looks for a new club. 

Leigh was one of the best,most natural,goalscorers we have had at the club for some time,and he certainly suffered some serious personal problems while he was with us. The type that no-one would wish on anyone else. But I think he might,now,admit that many of them were self-imposed. That he lost sight of the big picture,that to be a top level footballer requires top level fitness and dedication to your craft.

He knows himself that he took his eye off the ball most close seasons,returning to training in a condition simply unbecoming of a top athlete. His annual summer paunch became a standing joke,but he was largely able to work that off in little or no time when he was younger. Many of us know how more difficult that becomes as we get older!

His biggest mistake,I would argue,is by coming back in his usual condition in Brendan Rodgers’ first season. This was definitely not wise,because BR’s comments to Raheem Sterling were still fresh in the memory of most of us,and it should have been obvious to Leigh that he would not look kindly on this at all.

Empire of the Kop on Twitter: “Still one of the best things Rodgers ever did – absolutely finishing Raheem Sterling during training ❤️️ 🎥Being Liverpool, Setanta Ireland” / Twitter

He soon lost his place in the side to Moussa Dembele,and frankly,his Celtic career never recovered from that. Sadly,his situation also took its toll on his mental health,as we all know,and the cumulative outcome of these issues led to a parting of the ways last summer. His current training regimen has,he said,resulted in him returning to the same “fighting weight” that he had during his forty goal season under Ronny Deila. And,for that,I am genuinely delighted for him.

I always had a great deal of time for Griff. Deadly,he was,and a terrific scorer for us. To now be back to the same weight and levels of fitness last experienced seven years ago speaks volumes for the effort he is putting into his training/punishment regime. He won’t need me to tell him that it would have been easier for him to have simply maintained those levels over the years,rather than have to do it all in one fell swoop after this long.

I genuinely hope things work out for him. A fit and motivated Leigh Griffiths will be an asset to any side. I just wish it had occurred to him earlier.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Memo to self.

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St tams

Your correct Bobby, that Griffiths never recovered from Rodgers first season.
Although Lawwell still gave him a new contract 2 years later, which never made any sense to me at the time.


Coincidence you wrote about Leigh this morning.

I saw him only last night at Musselburgh racing. He was with his family, (and drinking coffee! ) Looked fit and healthy.
Normally I’d have tried to have a brief conversation if the opportunity arose, but as I say, he was with his family.


Twists…what family, I’m sure he spreads himself amongst a few!! 🤭


I’ve told this story before, I think. When Leigh had just signed for Celtic my wee guy was at the main door, after a game, collecting autographs or selfies. At the gate into the park the steward started shouting for the fans to clear out of the way as a car was ready to exit the park. Of course there’s a clamber to see who it is so a whole load of kids, and some older kids about 40 or 50years old, too, run over to see who it could be. The wee steward was crimson in the face shouting and gesticulating for the road out to be clear for this car coming out. Eventually, having established a bit of order and cleared the way the gates were opened and out comes Leigh in an old Vauxhall Astra with 3 burdz in the car! Nae class but it was funny as…

Prestonpans bhoys


The Griff used to have some of his kids at the local nursery. Obviously loved them, think he ended up with weans from three different partners, his family support contributions must be a fortune.

I wish him well, fantastic footballer whose brains were definitely in his feet!


ATHINGOFBEAUTY mentioned last night that she loves her job-I can assure you all that she does!-despite her eleven hour day. And btw,that is not unusual. Here’s an article about someone else who loves their job,whom I used to watch quite often on tv.



I genuinely hope that Griff has got his mojo back,and finds a side that suits him-personally and professionally.

I really can’t understand why Hibs haven’t snapped him up. Especially now that he has shown some commitment.



Are you sure they were in his feet…


Anyone who knows the sheer joy of a nutmeg, or waltzing past opponents on a grass park in London after the pain of a slide tackle on black cinder at the misleading named Glasgow Green, will want to play football all of their life, any time , any place anywhere.

So there.


Anyone who disnae know the sheer joy of a nutmeg, or cannae waltz past opponents on a grass park in London after the humiliating pain of a mistimed slide tackle on black cinder at the misleading named Glasgow Green, will want to play football all of their life, any time , any place anywhere.

Fixed that fur ye, Auldheid! Correction…fixed that fur me, Auldheid!!


Hi all.
Just catching up.
B.P. delighted to hear the good news, about Joan.
A huge relief, for you both.


There’s no way I could have predicted where this ad was headed.



Re Leigh G
I agree there’s probably still a vg player in there. I get the feeling he’ll end up at Livvy. Not that I think that’s his level but he may be able to prove himself there and hope for a better club.

Saying that , maybe the USA or somewhere else overseas would be more rewarding .

I’m afraid he’s only got himself to blame for the position he’s found himself in. If he could turn back the clock I’m sure he’d do things differently with the benefit of hindsight.

Wasn’t so long ago he struck those magnificent free kicks v England.


Morning all. HH


I would be surprised if any of the top 12, signed Leigh, unless on a pay as you play contract.
The second half of last season, he was at Falkirk, ( Division 1, effectively 3rd tier) scored 2 goals, one was a penalty, and generally wasn’t in great shape.
I hear what you guys are saying, that’s he’s now getting into shape, but I would be wanting to see longer term evidence before, I gave him a contract, apart from pay as you play.



Good chat buddy. The game needs a fit and focused Leigh. Hope he can find a way.

That sketch on Rodgers & Sterling – always cringe when I watch that – cringed at the time, and still do. Rodgers knew there was a camera on this and chose to fillet the lad. That was a ‘No No’ in my book and probably a case for bullying if the situation escalated.

Don’t get me wrong the issue had to be addressed ( probably no doubt he said ‘steady’ ) – but not there and then under the gaze of the camera. Rodgers knew what he was doing and could have managed that off-line on a ‘one to one’ with the same, or better outcomes.

As a minimum he should have insisted that portion of the clip was expunged from the final ( and future) broadcasts.

That he didn’t, says a lot!

Rodgers is a wrong-un in my book – that example raised my suspicions at the time, and what I saw later at Celtic and subsequently, has done nothing to change my initial impression of the guy.

Would Ange do that… in public?


BRRB and Belmont Brian – from yesterday.

We have a meeting on Thursday morning West End then into Town for a few jars…Trains permitting. We won’t cross lines!

I’ve sent a wee note to Leggy & Magua suggest c.12 noon, they will get location details to you.


Ps all welcome get details from the lads. Only a few hours, but it could get risky…

16 Roads

Good morning Weefra.
Made it with 3 minutes to spare.
HH. 🍀🏆

bada bing1

Bernabei is new No 25 and Jota is staying No 17.


16 roads

Timed to perfection. 😀😀👍👍HH

16 Roads

Always good to see you posting Weefra.
A true gentleman if ever there was one.
HH. 😎🍀🏆

bada bing1

Larsson Jnr would be a good back up striker

16 Roads

Decent enough shout Bada, however it would be unlikely that the player would want to go to a club where he’s going to be sitting on the bench most of the time.
Ajeti might be given a few more games to prove himself.
Definitely think he could be a goalscorer if stays injury free.
In saying that he’s played about 50 games already.
HH. 🍀🏆


16 Roads, there you go.
Högaborgs BK
43 Appearances
(12) Goals
Helsingborgs IF
61 Appearances
(10) Goals
21 Appearances
(4) Goals
IFK Norrköping
42 Appearances
(12) Goals
Spartak Moscow
72 Appearances
(22) Goals
→ AIK (loan)
National team‡
Sweden U17
15 Appearances
(2) Goals
Sweden U19
15 Appearances
(1) Goals
Sweden U21
14 Appearances


16 Roads

Thank you for that compliment. It is much appreciated. 👍👍


Great news on Joan Big Packy.

bada bing1

AP on the season ahead

big packy

MCAFF, JIMMY NOT PAUL ,AND MAHE cheers ghuys thank you and all sentinel celts for your kind wishes, very much appreciated👍


Griff is now 31. How many years did he spend being unfit on the Tunnocks diet? It will be very difficult for him to be as effective on the pitch as he once was. What is more important is how he handles rejection going forward. Is he manager/coach material? There is little to support that he is. Could he be a pundit? He might have some entertainment value short term.

Could he have a future as an advocate for mental health? Perhaps.

The world of the professional athlete is an unforgiving one. Perform or you are out. Getting back in at age 31 is next to impossible.


16 Roads

JNP – The stats look fair to middling.
I don’t see where he would fit into the current Celtic team, considering the fire power we have in attack.
HH. 🏆🍀

A thing of beauty

From yesterday
“Honestly Mahe, utter nonsense.”
A few agreed, it’s not just me.
A Footballer husband wouldn’t suit you.
That says it all.
I can assure you Mahe the only problem with me being married to a footballer is I would always be the best player in the house. Bit like if I was married to you!!

Billy Bhoy


I agree with you about Griff. I doubt very much he can get back to being the best Scottish striker of his generation. Just imagine if he could though. He would walk into the current Scotland squad!

I wish him all the best. Hopefully, for the sake of his offspring, he hasn’t pissed all his money down the drain in the same way he’s done with his talent.


That’s you telt, and no mistake. Yet jaiket’s on a shoogly peg… 🤣🤣

Call me Gerry

From (Mahe’s controversial) previous thread…😁

Call me Gerry
“Nope…sorry…but I cannot concur with the lead article today”
No worries chief but would you agree the close season seems awfully short these days?
I’m not sure the close season IS awfully short these days. It is what it is. How long do you think it should be?

Domestic seasons generally end in May, and restart in August. Euro qualifiers start in July. Every two summers we have international tournaments, so those involved get even less time off. This summer, we had up to 4 international matches over a short period at the start of June.

Most modern footballers, who want to play at the higher levels, will adapt their lifestyles off season in order to maintain fitness levels on their return to preseason. Many will be given personal fitness plans.
For some players it may be beneficial to have less time off, as they may find the return to preseason easier if their base level of fitness hasn’t had the chance to drop too much (which is more likely the longer the off season, perhaps).

These players are handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

Not many fans will have sympathy for the players – regarding the physical demands put on them in this day and age – given the massive pay checks they receive.



JNP/16 Roads/Bada

Re Jordan Larsson

It’s so difficult for any sons to follow in the footsteps of a successful footballing father especially iconic ones.

I can think of Erling Haaland and the 3 generational Maldini family that shows it can be done there must be others.

At first I thought in agreement with 16 Roads Jordan Larssons stats are not really eye catching but my second thought was of his dad Henke Edward Larssons record prior to joining us how good was his record with Feynoord and Helsenborg?

Could it be like his dad Jordan will improve with age ,mature into a goal machine and be a superstar like his dad.

Then I read Henriks stats with Helsenborg and Feynoord and realised Henke was always good we were absolutely blessed to have the guy grace the hoops and we got his peak years,that to me is significant.

If you can sign decent players at 27/28 and they are will to stay with us to 32/33 its invaluable the experience they bring and their professionalism and maturity is absorbed by the younger players.

Would be greati too to have those younger players learning their trade from seasoned individuals and they become the experienced veterans passing their knowledge and love, enthusiasm and passion of the club onto the next generation of the hoops players.

We have some fine examples and I hope Ange going forward intends to keep the nucleus of our good players as we build a team I hope for the next 5 years.

As previously emphasised we never strengthen in a period of strength and I know we are not a country mile ahead of the opposition right now but if Ange is backed we can only improve.He does not appear the type to be messed with.

We all know what the board are like and do.

Maybe this time………


Craig 5.43.
Thanks buddy.
Yip, back to the old chestnut of the self preservation society of the second division, I guarantee you, this will have been to do, with automatic promotion to Division two, which would have had to happen if 5th tier, became part of SPFL.
Every time one of the teams, actually, get relegated I celebrate, because the dice are loaded in their favour.
East Stirling, Berwick Rangers, Brechin City and Cowdenbeath, all part of the self preservation society, now on the outside looking in, as the others shaft them, too.
The other issue is, Celtic Colts should not be playing in the Lowland League.
The standard isn’t high enough, also they and the other 2 are, potentially, denying others in the pyramid, the chance to play in Lowland League.


Danny Mac 5.41.
After giving myself nearly an hour to think.
Frank Lampard Snr and Jnr at West Ham.
Johan and Jordi Cruyff Barcelona.



Did not think of The Lampards mate.

Yordi was decent but unfortunately for him or not his dad was one of the best 5 players ever that I have seen or viewed.



Johann Cruyff was significantly past his prime when I finally got to see him in the flesh,and hardly playing in the role where he made his name.

He was still a fantastic player! We got mullered 2-2 that night-!-and famously won the away leg!

Football,eh? Bloody hell…



Charlie Nick and for me the under valued George McCluskey.

Remember reading George got JCs much sought after and treasured jersey.Johans career may have been on the wane but class is permanent.

Do you think Robbie Savage earned more money in his playing career.



Got another father/son combo for you, if I may be permitted to join the debate:

Valentino and Sandro Mazzola. Valentino played for the famous “Grande Torino” side. This team, sadly perished in the Superga tragedy, in May 1949. Sandro Mazzola, who was only six years old when his father died, was a pivotal member of Helenio Herrera’s “Grande Inter” side, which won the European Cup in 1964 and 1965.


What a game that 2-2 draw was. You couldn’t take your eyes off the game for one single moment.

Hail Hail



The away tie obviously.Was not there and I dont think it was on tv either but have seen the goals.

16 Roads

DannyMac23 – Very good point, and a great question also.
Struggling to think of any others that haven’t already been mentioned.
Paul Ince son.
Kenny Dalglish son?
Did Eddie Gray’s son play for Celtic at one time, Stuart Gray?
Even if so, the father’s were brilliant players, the sons didn’t exactly set the heather alight.
HH. 🏆🍀


You and your wealth of knowledge are always welcome to join any debate, my friend.
Magua/16 Roads.
I could be wrong ( again ) but I thought Danny Mac meant it had to be for the same team.



Excellent and great back story.


16 Roads

I remember the 3 sons you mentioned mate and all 3 had very hard acts to follow.

Pretty impossible too be honest.The weight of expectation from the fans for one would be daunting.


16 Roads

I see now JNP.
Forgot already that Haaland signed for Manchester City.

DannyMac23 – Strange that there are so few in football.
Boxing seems to be a different story, the likes of Conor Benn and Eubank junior the obvious ones.

HH. 🏆🍀


DannyMac23… excellent question re Cruyff and Savage!
Cruyff’s estate are still raking in plenty of moolah even after his death; plenty of willing devotees happy to keep his memory alive!
With an estimated £18m at the time of his death he’d done alright for himself!
As for Robby Savage estimates vary between £4m and £64m!! The cuter sites obviously reckon £4m. Still no a bad amount but unfortunately not many cool trainer freaks looking for Legacy Trainers from the Savage Range.
As a matter of fact Lily Savage is worth more than Robby at £6m!! 🤔