Fixing the flax

On this American Independence day I’ve found a new form of personal independence,,I lost my phone on Thursday night and after initial misgivings I’ve actually somewhat enjoyed not being tethered to that 10oz’s of technology.


Anyhows on a slow news day Ill give my thoughts on a current bugbear, the annual releasing and pricing of the iconic Celtic shirt.
One poster mentioned it’s now approximately one hundred pounds to purchase a kids top with his favourite player’s name embroidered. That’s scandalous.


The club has presented itself in the past as being a club like no other, but their actions don’t match those words. In my opinion the strip could be one avenue to actually do things differently and take the moral high ground,, it wouldn’t take a revolution, merely a bit of innovation.


For starters, no more sweatshops. Non sweatshop certified by a reputable company. NIke are notorious for this abhorrent practice, 15p an hour in underprivileged countries with terrible conditions to boot. We should end that practice, be a little better than that if you will.


Next, attempt to source local linen, and pay a fair price for it. Flax mills were once very common across the islands, my own grandmother worked in one as a girl and even today in old Belfast the term ‘milly’ can be heard, signifying a working class girl of low repute who earns a living in the poor conditions of the mill.


If the material is local, then have the labour force local also, earning at least the living wage. I would feel a lot better helping the local economy and people rather than exploit the underprivileged.


Keep alcohol and gambling advertising away from the top. Barcelona’s gesture of helping Unicef that time was truly special, we should aim to replicate or better that feat.
I would have the foundation advertised somewhere, but I would fully understand if another company bought the rights to the prime spot front and centre. Not any old company though, make sure they pass the sniff test, have a decent record on human and employee rights, and are equal opportunity employers. Again a local company would be ideal but I understand the issues with that approach, the tribalism involved could see one half of the country associate you with their rivals and opt5 to avoid their custom, hence CR Smith sponsoring both halves of the dreaded Old Firm that time.


Announce a substantial percentage of the clubs profit would go to charity, say 25 percent. One could dedicate half of that towards the Foundation while the rest creates a ‘fighting fund’ to tackle local issues positively. It would be nice to know some of that hefty pricetag actually helped people, not just swell multinational coffers.


I understand its a hell of a lot easier to simply hand over control of merchandise and reap the benefits, but by taking control of their own production and marketing the club could significantly raise their profit margins,,why make Nike and Adidas richer when we could cut them out altogether? A new department might be needed, yes, but there’s also the opportunity for some genuine positive PR, something which cant be underestimated.
If Glasgow Celtic produced its own strip while helping locals, I imagine sales would increase given buying a shirt would be an ethical choice.


Find a decent price point. I like to believe the current pricepoint is due to the amount of mouths in the trough, alongside the multinationals desire to keep all football strips in the same ballpark. They dont want one shirt cheaper than the rest, they prefer the same price across the board, its a simple business strategy. However 50 percent of say forty pounds, is more than 15 percent of sixty pounds, the club could increase their profit margin on shirt sales by going alone. Even if the current price was maintained, folk would be happier in general buying them, if ethical.


In order to boost sales, open more stores abroad, in populous cities with plenty of expats, preferably in an area with plenty of footfall. Times Square springs to mind, a large display window, those beautiful green and white Hoops would prove almost irresistible to the millions passing by, especially the huge number of Irish Americans. It offers them the opportunity to connect a little with their distant past, and celebrate their heritage, all while raising the club’s profile. Australia should be heavily saturated, as should Japan given the current circumstances. Push the shirt sales, don’t just let people come to you. A couple of stores isnt enough, get dozens out there, and having an expat behind the counter would help provide a positive buying experience, hopefully.


The club has small opportunities like this to actually be different, to make their claim ring true, but don’t take them. Perhaps its the general old age of the board, perhaps they are too conservative. As a club we don’t need or want a total 360 degree different course, but if you claim to be different then actually be different. The shirt would be a good start.


By Mahe

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Good morning troops.
Enjoyed the responses. Happy 4th of July y’all.

The Leopards Rimshot, don’t believe Ive said hello yet, welcome to the blog.

FWIW, Belfast Celtic are using O’Neills for their strip, seen it being put together locally myself. Now the material might have came from abroad but it’s being cut and stitched by locals working for a decent company. 40 pounds per top btw.
If that material was ethically sourced, like fair trade coffee, then everyone’s a winner.
If they can do it,,,,

Enjoy your day everyone.
Hail Hail

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Thanks, Mahe, it’s very nice to be here 👍🏻☘️🇮🇪

Hope you’re enjoying the Californian sunshine without too much red, white & blue in your eyes 😊

The Leopard’s Rimshot

That’s a belter of a tweet from BAD with the angel overlooking CP but the funnier one is knowing John Knox’s statue is standing over the auld bigot’s grave in the Necropolis and it tickles me no end knowing that he too is forced to look over Paradise day & night 😁


16 Roads
Hope you are well J.

A contact I used for donating old strips etc:
@FenianOfTheLoch based in Dublin. I have a name and address, I’ll send them to you via DM.


Mahe.. 4.54 pm

“…FWIW, Belfast Celtic are using O’Neills for their strip, seen it being put together locally myself. Now the material might have came from abroad but it’s being cut and stitched by locals working for a decent
company. 40 pounds per top btw.
If that material was ethically sourced, like fair trade coffee, then everyone’s a winner.
If they can do it,,,,”


Interesting Mahe – where there’s a will. Etc.,

TBH it’s going to take a massive adjustment in mindset to change the culture: where Adidas is classier than Nike which is classier then Castore… that thinking is locked in and unlikely to change anytime soon.

The offer of zillions from Adidas to make our kits and badge our training kit etc. Yes it Does keep us going in the Dreadnoughts race …

To Scapa Flow…?!

Does anyone remember a tweet where some guy was having a right go at a former CEO – not for absolutely wrecking our squad and constantly buying players our managers didn’t need … it was for doing an interview wearing a jumper/sweater/crew neck made by GANT … apparently an absolute No! No! Celtic Da’/Gammon brand..


We have the money, we have the men and by jingo… we have another credit card bill 😅


Oops J, don’t have your DM! Send me a Tweet to
@Friesdorfer, and I’ll reply.

16 Roads

Friesdorfer – Thanks for the response Andy lhad.
Got the contract address to donate the old Jerseys.
Don’t have Facebook or Twitter chief, but you can get my email address or phone number from any of the squad no problems.

This is the wee charity if anyone else has old kits or training gear :

Paul Dronyi

c/o Yamasec Ltd

Plot No. 13, Ngabo Road, kololo

P.o Box 29863, Kampala, Uganda.

HH. ☘️🏆

Big Audio Dynamite

The team training.

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, the leopards rimshot, remember me telling you a while ago just talk celtic and you will be great on here,.another true story👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Imagine going to ‘Work’ each day in that setting.

Jammy b@stards 😁

big packy

went to morrisons on speke retail park this afternoon ,only for some milk and bread, then passed the pie counter, 4 bells scotch pies,wow, got home and then found a jar of bovril in the cupboard, boiled the kettle made some bovril and then ate two of the pies with the bovril ,parkhead in the sixties and seventies, another true story👍


16 Roads and anyone else thinking of donating old fitba kit. I’m sure there are a couple of Scottish clubs who collect and donate, not sure who but Airdrie or Stirling Albion seem to ring a bell. I’ll look it up later and let you know – it’ll be cheaper than posting to Africa, I expect.


16 Roads
Good on you, glad you are sorted. 👍🍀

Craig 76

Wonderful sentiment and idea in your leader.


A Premier League player is charged with rape.
One thing I believe i – rape is a crime of violence. No different from a random gun shooter. Or someone who stabs a lone person at night. An evil nutter. Inflicting pain for the sake of it.
A PL player could have a pick of girls to date. Could even afford a prostitute for consensual sex. But rape?
Lock them up for life. They’re not fit to walk the streets.


11 mass shootings in USA since Friday. Dear God.


Fredo looking great lol.
Something tells me he just couldn’t play for Ange.

During the break in the football, I love watching a bit of boxing.

The clip I am going to post is of Ali vs Wepner, it’s believed that this fight was the inspiration for the original ‘Rocky’ movie.

Wepner’s knockdown of Ali has been scrutinised, apparently, Wepner does an old boxing tactic, by standing on Ali’s foot as he delivers the knockdown punch.

My wife does the self same thing to me when she has had enough of me.

If you have managed not to scroll by, Thanks


16 Roads

16 Roads and anyone else thinking of donating old fitba kit. I’m sure there are a couple of Scottish clubs who collect and donate, not sure who but Airdrie or Stirling Albion seem to ring a bell. I’ll look it up later and let you know – it’ll be cheaper than posting to Africa, I expect.

July 4, 2022 7:23 pm


Wise counsel McCaff.
Thank you chieftain.

Nite all



And yet those who are elected will do nothing.
They can stick their insincere thoughts and prayers right up their corrupt arses.
Sorry for language but i am so fucking sick of these way too frequent events.


Sounds interesting .
Will take a gander.


Ali’s ability to switch stance and avoid his punches with brilliant foot movement frustrated Wepner.
Also every time Wepner missed Ali hit him from a different angle created by his quick foot movement.
No wonder Wepner tried to nullify Ali by standing on his foot.


@Mahe…even after all this time i indentified you as Mane….apologies mate and mabye my last posts will make sense.
or not..


all the family in Alcudia nae weans…nae school drivin….just music music music .all links a go go.


@JIM..thats the spirit woo hoo lemmy ..ginger baker lol


Love that song from Hawkwind Jayhawk. But despite having a good ear for music, I cant hear a note from that flute? player in the video! And what that ‘front’ girl contributes is beyond me! LOL 🙂

A young Phil met the lemmy and thought i can play bass like that???/ the rest is rock n roll .myth lol

lynott of course


Night all. HH


GNAGB Weefra. Me & Packy still luv ya to bits pal!

And now to address the header…every aspect of wearing a celtic jersey seems to be highlighted,,from abroad?
Try wearing your colours in bars …on buses at school. in feckin bonnie takes a brave family and and brave individual. to pull that off…The shirt is always the start

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Very pertinent point that.

As always don’t expect an answer



The Leopard’s Rimshot

Ye’re alright, man.

I won’t bite 😁

@the leo .Will be ignored shoved under the fish and chips chatter..

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Well, the answer is for the Scottish government to clamp down on the near fascist levels of aggression on Scotland’s streets against anything Irish, Catholic or Celtic related.

But we all know that’s not gonna happen so what else do we have?

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Exactly, man.

Same as it ever was.


16 Roads…further to the earlier conversation – I’m struggling to find details of whether or not Airdrie still do the kit collection – I remember sending some of our team’s kit to them a few years ago. I have emailed them and will report back.
In the meantime KitAid ( website link here ) is an established English organisation that collects and sends old kit to Africa. They have a postal address for sending stuff to them for forwarding;
Affinity Water Head Office
Tamblin Way
AL10 9EZ

Great clip my wife loved Ali.

@leo..What can we do?/ i dont know mate in this wee 800.00 of us in Alba.
we would need the help of 1.5 billion yes billion of our faithful to help us out

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Nah, Jayhawk, all it needs is enough folk to demand action.

It’s just the political inertia of the populace that allows the shit to keep on going.

Enough numbers and their hate games are over.

These things can be changed with the stroke of a pen but it suits the political elite and their bosses to keep the bigotry and division in place as a divided country is easier to control.

Particularly when it’s the same bigots at the top as those at the bottom.

@leo thereby lies the problem there will never be enough numbers…
so r.i.p you and me. and god help our next generation

Anyhoo for anyone interested ,..check out young phobe bridgers on you tube
voice like an angel

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Jayhawk, there’s already enough numbers, they just don’t act.

They fell for the scam now they can’t get out of it.