A Man For All Seasons


The season doesn’t begin properly until the end of the month when Aberdeen join us as we unveil our latest league flag,but Ange has clearly decided that he wants a wee mini-tour of Europe during his summer holidays. It’s an Australian thing,they truly love their travelling!

Two games in Austria-against last night’s opponents,third tier Wiener Viktoria,followed by a far-from-friendly tussle against our old foes of Rapid Vianna-then a short hop over the border to play against Banik Ostravia in Czechia,as it now prefers to be known. The troops then return home for a friendly against Blackburn Rovers at Celtic Park,which is followed by a midweek quickie in Poland and another at Celtic Park,this time against Norwich City.

AP is clearly intent on adding to the stamps in his passport,although I imagine he would have collected a fair whack of them while he managed Australia. And as we already know,he is doing a fine job here in Glasgow too. Last night was exactly  what a preseason training match against lowly opponents should be-a chance for squad members and youngsters alike to put their talents on show,while some members of the first team get the chance to put some running into their legs.

In fact,I’m pretty sure that every player who was on the plane journey got some time on the pitch ! And while it was good to see Michael Johnston showing some form with a goal and a couple of assists,Albian Ajeti needs to get some hard thinking done if he is to rescue his career anywhere at all. The likes of Owen Moffat and Rocco Vata will be well pleased with their showing-Rocco especially,scoring his first senior goal-and Ben Summers and Matthew Anderson also made their first appearances.

Johnny Kenny might have been the star of the evening though,with two early goals and having his hat trick denied by Jullien tapping a goalbound header over the line. I’ll give the Frenchman the benefit of the doubt,that he probably didn’t realise the importance of that final touch,but I doubt he endeared himself at all to any of the Celtic support. 

He must be on some contract if he is prepared to wait things out at Celtic Park rather than find an alternative elsewhere while he is still fresh in the memories of some in the game. He will be 30yo next year when his contract is up,having played by then very little if any football in thirty months. Please tell me we didn’t extend his contract on the strength of the offer from Schalke,that would be enough to drive a man to drink!

Even Harry Kewell showed from the sidelines that Ange knows a thing or two about this talent-spotting lark. Yes,it is true that he has had a lacklustre start to his career in management-like he had a lacklustre finish to his playing career,given the talents that he so clearly had. He was such an exciting player while at Leeds,it is hard to credit what happened to him after he left them for Liverpool. No lover of the game likes to see a talent like that simply fizzle out and fade away,but AP has clearly decided that his mouthy and cocky compatriot is just the thing to get his players listening,and if he can coach even one of them to make their talents enough to get fans out of their seats in awe,then the man has brought us another winner.

He won’t be taking a back seat in the dugout or the training ground,I expect,and I hope to see the effects of that confidence and talent showing in some of the players. Wait till he sees some of our referees in action,I suspect that the fireworks from CRAIG76’s video near the end of the previous article will pale by comparison!

All in all,an excellent workout for the entire squad,even if against a side who were unlikely to offer much resistance. It is never about the result in the 90 minutes at this time of year,the result we are looking for is the improvement to fitness,the gelling of new players-they all looked the part last night!-and simply blowing away the cobwebs of the last eight weeks or so. 

Saturday gives us a much stiffer task,but that is part of the programme which Ange himself suggested. Ten days abroad,then home for a day or two before going abroad again. Then home again for another game. That’s the way the modern game works when you have regular competition,and he is right to throw that midweek trip to Poland into the mix. It gets the players conditioned again to the regular flights,the upset to routine.

Ange makes this management lark look easy,but when you have a manager whose attention to detail even includes that midweek trip-something that I hadn’t even thought about before-you know that it can only be easy when you have a talent for it. He is turning it into an art form,and when even the pre-season schedule has me realising that,I shake my head in wonder at why it has taken so long for anyone to think of doing it.

I was fascinated as a kid to discover that Celtic only had FOUR managers in its first NINETY years of existence. It is just under half of that time since Jock was unceremoniously shown the door,and I think we have had SIXTEEN in that time,averaging under three years each. Ange is unlikely to do a Willie Maley,as he would be due a telegram from The Queen if he managed that,but the more I look into his methods and the effect he has on so many levels at the club,the more I want this guy to stick around!

Thankfully,we have binned the idiotic 12-month rolling contract. That’s just an insult to have offered that. At this rate,I’d be willing to offer him a 12-year rolling contract!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Napsters,follow the link for Saturday please.


(Just in case I forget tomorrow)


Also,in addition to TWISTY organising and sponsoring the Naps competition,for which we are very grateful,JOBO BALDIE mailed me last night. Unfortunately,I was in a rush for work,my bus is at 640pm and that’s me just back in the door. I even wrote the article on the bus home!

Smallest violin in the world,eh? But I still haven’t replied to it,which I will do presently.

He has offered to bring back THE JOBO PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARDS,which I think is a marvellous idea. We all enjoyed it when it was done for a few years until the wheels fell off. No secret why Jobo ditched it-I suggested that the club should ditch the POTY awards too.

Once we work out the details,which will be familiar to many of you,I will post the details as the Friday article prior to the Aberdeen game.

Thanks once again,Jobo. By the time I get you out for that pint I owe you,it will be an expensive-and welcome- day for me!


Speaking of a wee dayooooot,BIGRAILROADBLUES is always up for one. When I win the lottery,I’m gonna book a liver transplant and move back to Scotland.


I’m free!

16 Roads

Good read Bobby M.
Celtic very rarely destroy teams in preseason games,it just goes to show how high the standard is with Ange at the helm.
Kenny, Vata and Moffat have bright futures ahead of them hopefully.
The club really does seem to be in good nick these days.
Was in the midst of writing an essay, complaining about the weather, but I’ll save it until tomorrow just in case the sun shines.
Have a good day everyone and remember the vitamin C, vitamin D3 & the zinc.
Lastly, try to spend cash whenever and wherever possible.
HH. 🍀🏆


Probably because nobody is daft enough to pay for me. 😂

16 Roads

That didn’t read right.
Not saying to just spend money,as in squander money for the sake of spending it.
Rephrase that:
Try to purchase goods/products with cash whenever possible.
HH. 🍀🏆



Constitution of an ox,you have. Some of the pub crawls I used to do when I was younger,I reckon I should leave my body to science,see if they can figure out how I’ve lived so long.

Which reminds me,got a trip chez SOLKITTS at the end of the month. Better get in practice. Oh,aye-Charlie And The Bhoys are playing in Swindon on Saturday,so that should get me limbered up!

I remember a few years ago,I got a call from FFM of CQN,UBER on here. Friday night,he had an exhibition do to set up in London earlier,then clear on Sunday night. I told him he should have called me first,I had a spare room at the time,but his hotel was booked and he was looking forward to a day in Swindon with me.

Yes,he had booked a hotel in Swindon. Takes all sorts…

So I arranged to meet him in his hotel on the Saturday morning-right across from the station-and promptly whipped him off to Bath! He protested that he wanted to see Swindon,I pointed out that he had already seen the best of it-the train station! It is a great place to live,but a Saturday wi a good pal demands Bath,Bristol,maybe Cheltenham.

FFM/UBER knows my problems with trains-not all of which are my fault! And having gone on a proper crawl in Bath,he had no idea where he was,and did not believe me when I told him that I knew what I was doing,the station was five minutes away and the train was over forty minutes away. I’ve got this!

Nope,he demanded we go round to the station,he didn’t trust my ability to get ANYTHING right with trains-I don’t blame him.btw!-and we ended up in a train station half an hour before the train was due. And the only pub nearby,apart from the one we were in earlier,was The Royal Hotel across the road.

And it was his round!

By means of consolation,we got off at Swindon and I took him to Wetherspoons about 400 yards away. Least I could do…


Boris gone


Does anyone think he’ll strip the wallpaper and take it with him? Or the carpets?


The possible emergence of Kenny, Vata and Moffat as attacking understudies is great news.
Saves recruiting in the forward positions.

Hopefully they make the step up to squad filler who can be called upon when we’re coasting games 😀.

As for CJ sticking around, I don’t think his general laissez faire/moodiness is healthy for team morale. Particularly since he had opted to leave.

So two further purchases/ loans with options to complete the set and we are good to go.


Morning all. HH



Those three players are very exciting talents,and the good thing about them is that they aren’t competing for the same position,they complement each other.




Up early,couldnae wait for yer roll and skwerr?



Didn’t see the game last night but the comments were positive.
We’ve heralded young talent before only to see them fail to make the grade.
Let’s hope Ange, Harry n Co have a plan !



If MJ gets the finger out we have the possibility of 10 major talents for the forward roles!
I’d say that’s that area covered.

The Fenian Whaler
Prestonpans bhoys

I thought we had closed the door on MJ, if he played well yesterday think of the quality of the opposition😱

Billy Bhoy

Morning all.

Well, it’s been a great start to my birthday I must say!

The sun is shining –
and Boris is resigning!

I feel quite humbled that the PM has stepped up and gave me the one thing I wanted most of all!

bada bing1

Tory MP being interviewed outside Parliament,…being drowned out by the Benny Hill theme tune😁

The Leopard’s Rimshot

16 Roads, staying on the theme of fakery from last night:

Of far more interest than having one buffoon replace another is that the FBI & MI5 are today claiming that there’s an ‘immense threat’ (sic) from China.

What they fail to mention is that Western business relations with China are at the highest they’ve ever been and if this phony threat from ‘the Communists’ (sic’ were real all those massive business contracts would be rendered wholly, and immediately, redundant.

But they’re not, business is booming, the same as there are still Russians aboard the ISS, despite being ‘outcasts’ everywhere else, so this is just more blatant fearmongering for the masses to sweat over and yet another excuse for the alphabet agencies to rip off the taxpayer for even more millions in the pretence they’re ‘taking care’ of us.

It’s a one world government, with China playing a key role, and this story is just another smoke bomb to prevent folk seeing it.



Morning all,

Happy Hoopy Birthday Billy Bhoy.

Have a great day 🍺🍺🍺🍺💚💚💚

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Happy Birthday, Billy Bhoy! 💪☘️


Ange 1/3 fav for new PM position.

bada bing1

Boris Johnson said on Sky News, ‘ i haven’t seen a Cabinet this empty, since i last visited Ibrox….’

The Leopard’s Rimshot

16 Roads, why are you advising folk to spend with cash only?

I think I know the answer but I don’t want to be presumptuous.


I like Ange. He appears to be exactly what was needed after the shambles of NL and PL. Further, his achievements last season were remarkable. However, it must be remembered that we have only seen one season from him. Expectations are already at a dangerously high level, typified by the “in Ange we trust” slogan.

Remember before the disastrous 10 in a row season, we were enthused by retaining our top players for the final push. Similarly, Sevco were in a financial mess. Would they fold? Remember how it all turned out?

Ange won the J- League just once in his time there. He did not repeat.

It is far too soon to elevate him so highly as evidenced in today’s leader. Think how quickly things unravelled just two seasons ago. Our lack of height at FB, neither of our CBs are quick on the turn. Hart is prone to errors due to over confidence. There is a big question mark over the ability of our midfield to perform consistently through the season. There are many such pitfalls potentially.

Finally, there is a big question over Ange’s system. Can the players keep up his high intensity style? Remember the hammies from last season?

Nope, give me another season like the latter part of last season, then I shall be convinced.



Bobby – yes it was good to see the Bhoys back with youngsters featuring. Always a benefit to team when they bag a load of goals. Remember the quality of opposition tho’ and As Rebus just said, let’s see how well early success and the Ange’ plans develop in Year 2 –

we still need a bit of ‘dig’ and height in that squad!

Nevertheless, positive on the positives. There are many!

Billy Bhoy – enjoy a Birthday you will never forget… HH

The Leopard’s Rimshot

I liked the look of big Urhoghide last night, he commanded his areas, always alert and quick in mopping up or preventing any threats.

I know it was only 3rd division Wiener Vik but Oostende really pushed hard to buy him from the loan so I reckon Ange still believes there’s a potential top quality player in him yet.

Overall a fine showing by the lads, first half at least, but himself and Guchi were the two standouts.


P B 11.11am

I guess that comment re MJ was in relation to mine.
The same could be said of Kenny Vata and Moffat last night but I’m looking at positives as the lead article is.

MJ, given his age over the others, will probably be given til close of the window to prove himself.
If he doesn’t then moving on is his best option.

The Real McCoy

Happy Hoopy Birthday Billy Bhoy 🥳🍀
Oh and Ringo 🥁 😀




I get the realism from glass half empty types and realise we won’t know how things will go over the forthcoming season, even 6 league games in.
Last season many on here had the towel thrown in by then.

But surely there are grounds for opTIMism?
Worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened yet isn’t healthy.

A thing of beauty

Happy birthday Billy bhoy. Hope you have a good one.
Have we banned the 12 month rolling contract? News to me but welcome news if you are correct.

St tams

Happy birthday
Billy Bhoy. Hope you have a good one


Happy birthday Billy Bhoy. Have a good one.
Hail Hail


A thoroughly enjoyable read. Fair play to yourself and Mahe for keeping up the high standard of writing…even during slow news days.

Billy Bhoy

Have a good one.


Happy Birthday Billy Bhoy.👍Have a great day.

Boris going has cheered most people up but in the words of the Who song “Meet the new boss same as the old boss”

He wont be missed.

Nothing changes same old Tories.

Rebus 67

Can understand and share your misgivings regarding the height of our team.I had touched on it last season in terms of the amount of goals we lost to set pieces but otherwise I thought we defended resiliently.

Although Nir Bitton and Tom Rogic were not aggressive in the air they both had the height for nuisance value defending free kicks and corners.

The boot is on the other foot this season.We are Champions and look to defend our title.Last season the huns did not think we were legitimate challengers or good enough to knock them off their perch and for the most part excluding Garry we were mostly in agreement.

Ange instilled a togetherness and a belief that we could be champions,the players bought in and with sheer hard work commitment and a lot of talent we brought it home.

I dont think Ange does complacency but I also believe as soon as he gets a sniff of the boards support is on the wane he wont be here.Currently his stock is high and he is building here,long may it continue.

Football changes so very quickly but we have an opportunity now to hopefully continue to win trophies and make progress.

Hopefully in Celtic we trust.


Hooooooopy birthday Billy Bhoy



I am not worried. Football does not cause me any worry at all. I realised where Celtic sit in my priorities after the fiasco season. I first learned the lesson after Ally’s Tartan Army in the WC!

I think there are very good grounds for being optimistic but I am not getting carried away. Ange is getting over hyped and expectations are heading in the same direction. The threat, of course, will come from Sevco. They have managed to put together teams that have had good runs in Europe…..so they are a credible threat. We won convincingly only once against them last season. This season I expect us to be stronger since the players will know each other better plus they will understand Ange’s system. The question mark is will Sevco also improve? Remember, at the beginning of last season, they must have thought that a second title was a given. They would not have believed that Celtic could re-organise so quickly.

On balance, I still think we shall win the league again, but it will be influenced by how long our run in Europe turns out to be.

Keep the heid, is all I am saying.




All fair points. Yip, I’m with you on ‘78.
A Nation suffering from collective delusion.

The Huns were actually vanquished twice, 3-0 at home and 2-1 at Ibrox.
But I take your point that they are not to be underestimated, even though they are re-signing Old timers. No doubt they will invest properly before the season begins, they always spend what they do not have, but like you I see Europe as our testing ground, and I am delighted it is in the top competition.
A good draw and who knows?

Our players could come of age.

Prestonpans bhoys


MJ has more lives than a bloody cat, I don’t expect anything from him this season, he hasn’t delivered previously, sadly.

Prestonpans bhoys

I totally agree. MJ is 23 years old. It may be best for the lad himself, if he moved to another club, where he will perhaps achieve more game time. Then again, like James Forrest, Mikey is quite obviously, Celtic daft. I wish him well for the future…no matter where that future may lie.

Oh aye, going back to recent events in Seville. One of the other blogs mentioned, that had the Huns won in Seville, they would have been, gulp, a pot 1 Champions League team. They would also have a European Super Cup final to look forward to. Hell’s bells. I had forgotten all about that. The only Scottish team to have won that particular trophy, is of course, Aberdeen. Thank feck for Aaron Ramsey…and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Hail Hail.

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM happy birthday billy bhoy, you will be catching up to me and jim, we both turn forty shortly,another true story😎😎

big packy

MAGUA, was going to put in a bid for the now vacant prime ministers post, then i realized im not suitable, im a roman catholic so its a no no, reminds me of those signs on the windows of the boarding houses years ago, no blacks no dogs no Irish, why didnt they go the whole hog and say no blacks no dogs no catholics,,another true story😎

big packy

RIP james caan ,loved him in the godfather and misery,,brilliant movies👍



Boris, believe it or not, is Catholic.
Had his most recent child baptised I believe.



IF the huns were successful in the Europa cup final,the mandatory pot one and the Super cup final would have been the least of our worries,street parties,best ever achievement in Europe they actually think their run beats the Lisbon lions anyway.Arise Sir Tavpen and MBEs all round.If there were gold medals for the most egotistical arrogant deluded supporters in the world their fans would win red hands down,there would be no contest.Thats why we have to keep on being the hoops

Big Packy

Did you see Twisty’s post earlier? He nominated Ange as the next PM. Ange however, has 3 qualities that would never be permitted in Westminster.

Honour, honesty and integrity.

So that’s Ange disqualified for the top job. Others at Celtic Park, namely those who make up the PLC, would get on famously in Westminster, where such qualities as lying, cheating, stealing and a penchant for corruption, are highly prized.


Boris would have fitted right in, in renaissance Florence.


Good man. Well said

Hail Hail.

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