Today sees our champions take on old foes in the shape of Rapid Vienna,and no Celtic supporters needs reminded of events in 1984-85. So with me being a sadistic and twisted sod,I’ll do just that-with the added bonus of trashing my Dad’s reputation while I’m at it!

He just laughed,btw,when I mentioned it to him. Fuxake,you’ve still not let me forget that?

Back then,my Dad was working a three-shift pattern,which meant that he could only see The Hooooops about half of the time. And as a married man,that was further reduced by the demands of that role. So he would pick his games to attend-earning himself the unlikely-and untrue-reputation as a big game supporter. He soon put straight the person who made this crass allegation,I should add.

As a bit of background,he was a founder member of Ardrossan Garryowen CSC,formed in the late sixties. Hunterston power plant was under construction,and a lot of the lads had to work on a Saturday morning,and they asked Saltcoats Star of the Sea,the club where they were members,to run the bus with an initial starting point of the site. They refused,and The Garryowen was formed.

But by the time the Rapid Vienna game came round,none of us were members anymore. I travelled by train,usually meeting SOLKITTS who was living in Edinburgh at the time. Discovering the joys of a proper pizza,amongst other things. My Dad would usually travel by car along with my Uncle Jim when he was home. Sometimes I would scrounge a lift and lead them astray…

We were 3-1 down from the away leg in Vienna,so no easy task to overcome. But far from impossible. And with the team that we had,for me the best since the early seventies,anything could happen. We could be lethal up front-but suicidal at the back! Goals from Brian McClair and Murdo McLeod put us in front,but Tommy Burns would soon become the unwitting star of the show. First,he scored our third-a goal which stood despite Rapid protests about an imagined foul on the keeper.

We were in raptures by then. This was as good a night as any we had seen!

But Tommy was a marked man. A cowardly punch from behind from the Rapid captain was missed by the ref but spotted by the linesman. Player off-but no penalty given! WTF? Shortly after that,Tommy chased a long ball,which was the keeper’s all the way. As he gathered it up,he booted Tommy straight in the baws!

While there should have been  no doubt about the penalty this time,the referee and linesman still conferred. For far too long,allowing the Rapid protests to worsen. Worse than Atletico or Racing Club? Maybe,and their conduct on the night should have seen them banned from Europe. Instead,having claimed that one of their players was hit by a bottle,they succeeded in getting the result overturned,with the instruction that it be played at least 150 miles from Glasgow.

Of course,all this was in the future. That night,we went home very happy indeed. Especially my Dad,who,thanks to picking his games rather unwisely,was getting a name as a bliddy jinx!

Well,fast forward a couple of weeks. SOLKITTS and another friend from Edinburgh pick us up for the trip to Old Trafford. Never been before-or since. As England still lived in The Dark Ages,what with pubs closing at 3pm till 5pm,we decided we had better get a good cargo on board before we crossed the border. Picking us up early in Dalry,we stopped in Cumnock and Annan,as well as a wee village in Dumfriesshire. The Farmers Arms in Thornhill. I’ve never seen so many whiskies on the gantry. It was like The Bodleian Library of whisky!

And so,on to England-along with about 40,000 other travelling fans. In truth,we hadn’t bargained for this,and the M6 was chocker. Fortunately,SOLKITTS was totally unfazed by this. He turned onto the old A6 and we merrily sped along. I had my scarf flying from the window,which made it completely unwearable for the duration. Choked with crap. 

I think we got there and parked up for about 6pm,and straight into the pub,natch. I think it was called The Maypole. Either way,a local recognised my Dad from when they both lived in Ardrossan and he was an old pal of my Uncle Jim! He gave us a few tips on access to the ground,etc,so we made our way there for another famous night.

Or so we thought. The problem with a result like the earlier one is that it was always unlikely to be repeated. UEFA had stitched us up and our board-thinking of the gate money-had gone along with it. The fools… 

We went at them from the start,sure,but we lacked the earlier sparkle. And just when we though we had scored with an absolute rocket of a shot from Roy Aitken,it bounced of the bliddy post instead. 

And he had hit it so hard that it rebounded almost to the halfway line,where the Rapid centre forward simply ran through on goal to put the tie out of sight. Celtic were deflated and angry,yes,but the board should have thought of the bigger picture. There was the guarantee of AT LEAST another home gate had they fought our corner,but naw. Spineless greedy basterts.

They robbed us of our best chance of European glory since the heady days of yore,which had come to a halt a decade earlier against Atletico,another bunch of cheating basterts. And would not arrive again until nearly twenty years later,when we were undone by a third lot of cheating basterts in Porto.

Everton put the record straight against Rapid in the final,and there were even banners in the crowd proclaiming “Celtic should be here!”

But the worst thing of all? My Dad was still a bliddy jinx! But his time would come,with him cheering us on as often as possible in The Centenary Season. If yer gonna lay a curse,there can be no better time to do it than that.

Somehow,I expect today’s game to be a somewhat quieter affair. I hope so,I’m getting too old for all this excitement lark.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Packy, your horse is a non runner. Pick again pal!


Napsters,follow the link for Saturday please.


Congratulations to Clan JIMMYNOTPAUL on their latest addition.

Get that child on the ST waiting list NOW!



Give A my best wishes,please. He’s a cracking lad,and you are in bother!

Sol Kitts

Congratulations to JnP and family🍾🍾


I’ve left my phone at work and can’t pick it up till Monday morning. Been a bugger of a week!

If anyone wants to contact me,please do so via the number ending in 2392,or by e-mail. Even if it IS only to call me an eejit…


Surely there are enough teams in the world that Celtic don’t have to play a preseason game with Rapid Vienna
@ Frankie Boyle


JNP, Congratulations! 🙂


JNP… great news for you all! Congratulations to LittleJNP, welcome! 🍾🍾🍾


Congrats to JNP, another addition to the Celtic family 👍 BMCUWP…I’m taking offence…last time I had a pub crawl from Shawlands to the toon I was a youngster and still never got past the Star Bar. Wish me n my liver luck 😂


JnP 👍💚


BMCUWP, what have I done now?🤔


I went to the Everton vs Rapid final in Rotterdam in 85.

A full bus of Celtic / Everton fans went from Glasgow for the game.

There were plenty of us with Celtic strips and flags in the ground that night, we made sure of it.

Everton had a really great team at the time and thankfully were worthy winners on the night.



Ach,BIGRAILROADBLUES has flung bigger lads than you out of the way to get to a decent pub crawl. I’m just jealous,I could do with a proper dayooooot.

Think I might head to Bristol next week. Or Bath,one of the two. Time to mobilise the troops and get them out of Swindon.

I had a phone call during the week from RIEPERMAN,who suggested a Saturday in Wimbledon CSC. When the season starts! I’m off to Chez SOLKITTS at the end of the month,whisky capital of Essex,and meeting my nephew in London shortly afterwards,probably in the Malt Whisky Association in Faringdon. Last time I was there,it cost me £170,and not a penny grudged,honest guv!

(It wasn’t-it was his 30th birthday shortly afterwards. About 11p a week,I reckon. Aye,worth it. I didn’t introduce him to whisky,but I did take him to the pub for the first time. He was about six months old. About six months later,I took him to the bookies for the first time too! Won over a grand for a £3 bet on the dogs around noon on the Saturday-and I only put it on out of spite because they had spitefully refused to process my previous bet. Manager was a tosser.)

That’s the thick end of £200 in train fares over a few weeks,and while it is worth it for the pleasure of meeting them,I f*****g well DO grudge train fares like that. It’s £14 each way from Bristol-50 miles further away-and £6 e/w from Oxford,roughly the same distance. £56 from Swindon. Makes no bloody sense at all.

A thing of beauty

Sorry to hear about your mum passing away. I knew you were a carer and it came over how dedicated your were to your family. You’ll have a big gap to fill now but you know you did your bit.



Nothing,mate. I’m getting your absolution in early.


BMCUWP, probably take me a month to get to Swindon. A few stops along the way. Would like to visit Bath and Cheltenham again, liked those towns.



Remind me to tell you next time I see you about a certain phone call I received in Cheltenham one day. Jee-zoh,some people have no sense of humour!


Mate, please, please use a space after a comma.

A thing of beauty

Congrats on the new addition. Always a great day when another a wee tim joins us!!

bada bing1

Part 1 of the wind up,Part 2 posted last night, winding a hun up about the walk


Rapscallion…some folk just can’t be educated! 🤣🤣🤣


Hi all.
Just catching up, after coming home from Rural Stirlingshire.
Thank you for all the kind comments, they are all, genuinely, appreciated.
Those saying another addition to Celtic family, are correct, my daughter and her husband are both Celtic supporters, they have a season ticket, between them! A long story!
Anyway, in my family, it matters, as most of the extended family support the current version of Rangers.
Only me and my younger sister and then my children and my daughter’s husband support Celtic.
My 2 older sisters, my mum, every uncle and aunt, brother in laws, cousins etc, all support the dark side, so it’s nice to balance it up, ever so slightly.
My daughter only stopped for maternity leave on Wed, came out to visit us, on holiday,in Rural Stirlingshire on Thursday and went for a hike with us, then went into Labour on Fri eve.
I’m mightily relieved that she didn’t go into labour, out in the wilderness on Thursday.😬😬.


JNP…oh my god, that sounds like a dramatic couple of days!! When she went into labour did you have to get your antibac and latex gloves out!! 😱😰😰😰


…who in their right mind would go on a hike with a term pregnant wummin! They make youse tough in Pollok right enough!! 🤣

bada bing1

Shortbread having a montage of last season’s big moments, somebody better tell them Sevco lost the EL final …..

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
I’m sitting in my garden, it’s 27C, I’ve got a Celtic freezer glass in my hand, and guess what I’m drinking……..



Congratulations mate.So happy for you.

Great news indeed.💚

big packy

SOL buckfast or lanliq 🤩🤩 another true story

Sol Kitts

Ahhh, the trip to Old Trafford. 😎
I noticed you diplomatically missed out some of the high points of the journey, like you needing a pee within 5 minutes of every pit stop, or how when we ground to a halt on the M6, everyone for a mile on either side of our car got out for a piss in the central reservation. You also didn’t mention that the car (a Rover 214) was running on fumes on the way back, every service station on the M6 was closed by the local plod😡.

big packy

listen ghuys solkitts very kindly got me a ticket for the game, cost me a grand right enough, told me to go the reception at celtic park and the ticket will be waiting for me, have just been there, the game is only being played in austria, wondered why the place was so quiet, you can take a man out of ardrossan but you cant take ardrossan out the man🤩🤩 another true story


The Snuts pulled out of TRNSMT due to Covid. Should’ve been the biggest gig of their lives, such a shame.


Oh dear me…that’s old news!!! Last year’s reports FFS!!!
Latest news…The Snuts are still playing, Years and Years have pulled out apparently!! 🤤



I had to edit it slightlydue to length. I was already getting a blister on my typing finger.

Sol Kitts

For God’s sake don’t hurt your typing finger, you’ll need it for the Wetherspoon’s app in a few weeks time. 🍺🍺🥃🥃

Sol Kitts

Just checked the World Cup fixtures for Engurland. They play Iran on 21st November and USA on 25th. By a quirk of fate, I am in America for both these dates. I’ll need to find a sports bar (shouldn’t be a problem), and get the hoops on for both games. Come on Iraq, USA, USA. And Wales the day after we get back.😃😃😎

The Leopard’s Rimshot

From last night:

My deepest condolences to Jayhawk & BAD.

Fine men both and admirable examples of fortitude amidst terrible adversity.

💪 🍀

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Jeezo, man, but reading this has sparked all those decades of suppressed fury at that mob again!

I was at the game where we overturned the tie and furious at what they’d got away with but to this day I’ll never understand how UEFA completely ignored the TV evidence that the bottle landed about 10 feet behind the Rapid player, who, on seeing it drop, then threw himself to the ground so theatrically that he should have been up for that year’s Oscar.

The TV evidence proved he was lying and faking it with his phony bandaged up head that ‘Scotland’s favourite’ the Daily Record just could not wait to splash all over the next day’s pages in a clear attack on the Celtic support and in favour of Rapid, but I learned three life long lessons from that entire experience …

One, That the guilty could walk away Scot free no matter how much evidence proved they were lying.
Two, that the media were in on the scam.
Three, that UEFA, for some strange reason, did not like Celtic and were happy to punish them for things they did not do.

I still can’t believe that we’d have anything to do with that club after the entire disgraceful fiasco, no matter how far back it was.

Oh, and I’ve never watched the Porto game back either for the same reasons as we saw in the stadium, a gang of cheating hacking scumbags getting away with murder and being allowed to by the match officials.

Wish I hadn’t read this now …

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Many congratulations to JNP & family on the arrival of the new wee baby.

Hope you all enjoy wetting the wean’s heid 😁🍀👏

Sol Kitts

Aye, shocking decision by the board, but UEFA were at it when they decided to have the match replayed. They originally held a meeting which threw out Rapid’s complaint, fined us for not controlling our spectators and fined Rapid the equivalent of £5k. Rapid appealed this, and a 3 man UEFA committee (which was not enough for a quorum) decided that the game should be replayed and doubled Rapid’s fine. Unbelievably, our board disgracefully went along with this. We should have told UEFA where to stick their illegal decision, but as BMCUWP said in his lead article, they saw the opportunity of an additional pile of gate money.
As it turned out, they missed out on a bumper crowd the following season when they had to play that other bunch of cheating gits, Athletico Madrid, behind closed doors due to crowd trouble at Old Trafford.
Like Bada, I can’t believe we agreed to a friendly against this lot today. Should have told them to get tae………..

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Sol Kitts:

‘ They originally held a meeting which threw out Rapid’s complaint, fined us for not controlling our spectators and fined Rapid the equivalent of £5k. Rapid appealed this, and a 3 man UEFA committee (which was not enough for a quorum) decided that the game should be replayed and doubled Rapid’s fine. Unbelievably, our board disgracefully went along with this.’

That’s right!
I forgot all about all the chaos that followed and how they were at first booted into touch in my fury, a fury that hasn’t quite abated to this day, as the article has proven 😧😁

Mick’s point about money is right but there had to be more to it than that, all the TV evidence was against the Rapid players and in Celtic’s favour so wtf happened in between?

I won’t even speculate as it’s pointless but cheers for pointing this out to jog my memory, even if it is a memory I seem to have deliberately suppressed as it all does is cause rage at the injustice in me, same as Porto and their cheating antics in Seville.

I genuinely believe we could have had them that night if it wasn’t for the ref’s clear and obvious bias, and think it a bit strange that no one ever mentions that Martin’s team could and should have beaten the following season’s Champions League winners, maybe cos we’re all too traumatised to go over it yet.

That’s why I still shift uncomfortably in my chair every time I hear that toad Mourinho’s name mentioned and also why I won’t be watching the Rapid game today.

Cheers, man, but really I’m all a GRRRR! now .. 😊

FKin comical but far from funny 😠


The Leopard’s Rimshot

I’ve just checked the Hesgoal link knowing it wouldn’t work and incredibly the image that came up is of one of the Rapid players lying on the turf holding his head!

And that IS feckin funny 😁😂

big packy

the lions would be beating this mob 4-0 at half time, wallace 2 lennox 1 and chalmers 1, and ronnie simpson would have saved that shot,another true story,

The Real McCoy

Big Packy ,
Whit happened to you? Where are you now.?
Bada Bing kindly furnished us with the name of the pub we were supposed to meet in.
How could I forget that name 🤪
I was in The Admiral Crichton earlier looking for CCB and ATOB 🍺

Sol Kitts/TLR

I too had forgotten all about that EUFA appeal meeting. Till now. If I remember correctly, only 3 out of the original panel of 21 members attended, citing bad weather, as the reason for their absence. So no quorum, as Sol Kitts correctly mentioned. Here’s the thing though. One of the Celtic directors at the time-Jimmy Farrell-was a qualified lawyer. Surely to flip, the decision of the appeal panel should have been overturned, on this point alone. As for TV evidence? I’m pretty sure that this was a major point of contention at the time, as TV evidence from the match in question, was not allowed to be used. In addition, one of the 3 members of the appeal panel who did turn up, was the president of the IFA, at the time. The gentleman’s name was Harry Cavan. He achieved his position on the board of the IFA, due to his years long connection to Linfield FC. It’s pretty safe to assume, that he did not vote in our favour. As BMCUW mentions in today’s excellent leader, all the Celtic board were concerned with, was money. Now I’m not alleging that they were enriching themselves at the expense of the club;unlike the shower of total bastards who run Celtic today. They did however, like to have a healthy amount of money in the bank.


Congratulations on the birth of the wee one. 😀

Hail Hail.

big packy

THE REAL MCOY im in the louden tavern, ill kill jim he told me this was a celtic pub🤩🤩

The Real McCoy

BP 😂👍🏻
Actually I was in the area, travelling from darkest orange Lanarkshire, dropping off ‘ the weans ‘ at TRNSMT.
In The Gallowgate ( past the Admiral C) down Abercromby St and back out via Paradise and The Real McCoy pub 😂
PapataxiCSC 🚕

big packy

THE REAL MCOY orange lanarkshire how dare you sir, not in coatbrig it isnt 🤩

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