Soro’s Saga Continues

Ismaila Soro,,now there’s a name I hadn’t heard in a long, long time. Obviously because he didn’t play, ever.
Ange didn’t even seem him suitable for a chance, which says it all.
And so he leaves on loan with an option to buy, for FC Arouka of Portugal.
Me neither, and that also speaks volumes.


Let’s not beat about the bush, he was a Lawell signing, thrust upon a Lenny that couldn’t/wouldn’t refuse an extra body unlike Brendan who expressed his frustration at kissing frogs.
Turns out old Ismaila was simply the latest of a long line, and some two years later he’s out the door.
For a wee while that is.


The chances of ‘thanks but no thanks’ are high,,,he hasn’t played regular in years, didn’t look quality when he actually took to the field, and must be earning more in Glasgow.
I recall a deep lying player who played the simple pass more often than not, for better or worse. He didn’t catch my eye, or his managers, thus the door.
The bhoy is only 24, signed as potential not the finished article, and maybe that was his biggest problem. Most managers live for today, full stop. Lenny certainly did, so our friend was up against it from the start. Some have overcame that adversity yes, but the Ivorian just couldn’t break through. When that happens under multiple managers, one must contemplate ones future. Staring at his prime years,, it’s best for him to be playing full stop.
That his only option was a very lowly nobody, reflects more on Peter than the man himself.
After all, who wouldn’t sign for the famous Glasgow Celtic, a club with a mythical fanbase and history.
Thank f@#k Michael changed tact, but he’s still stuck with some shrapnel.
The club will be forking out a large percentage of Ismailas wage no doubt, but it’s best to get him in some type shop window, any window really.
Remind people we have an actual footballer available for next to nothing.


Will the Soro Saga take a turn for the better? Ideally he finds the form of his life and forces our Greek Australian to reconsider, but then pigs might fly.
The Soro Saga has been sorrowful from the start, and while he continues to cost us income, it remains a sorry tale.
Most tales don’t have a happy ending, hence when they do, it’s broadcast everywhere.
We kissed another frog, he didn’t turn into a prince, life and Soro moves on.
No hard feelings and all the best pal.
The show must go on, with or without you.
That’s life at a giant club, as you’ve found out.


By Mahe

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A thing of beauty

Fair comment. A player signed for Potential that was to be coached by Neil Lennon was a waste of a wage. Still I’m sure Lawwell had his reasons for signing him.



I actually thought Soro looked the part when he played-which admittedly was not very often. He was hammered by injuries,in the first place,but his real problem was his innate ability to pick up an early booking.

In fairness to him,they mainly came about due to frustration at being kicked all over the shop,with no sanction by the ref. He would give one back-and get booked!

Still,a waste of £3m plus wages. No doubt about that.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Happy Birthday to BMCUWP! Born on Charlie Tully’s birthday and eight minutes short of Stinking Billy.
Lucky CCB😁.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Must agree with ATOB on the Tommy Burns Story. Magical. Then to see him bless himself on the Sporting Lisbon clip after he scored the opener.! Poetic.

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday to BMCUWP from me and Mrs Kitts, that bottle of Tomatin is waiting patiently for the end of the month when we can celebrate properly.🍺🍺🥃🥃



That bottle is a rather lovely looking 18yo. I’ll say no more!


Morning all and a big Happy Hoopy( Get outa bed and have a Bevi ) Birthday to BMCUW.

Yeeehaaaaaaa ☀️☀️☀️🍺🍺🍺🍺🍀🍀🍀💚💚💚🎶🎶🎶🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪


Happy birthday Mick!


Happy Birthday Mick and a good morning to all!

big packy

happy birthday to bmcuw 👍


Spot on this morning Mahe! Too many frogs and ugly ducklings that never turned into swans…thanks Peter, mind yor arse on the way oot! This morning’s article could spawn a 1000 pages of discussion and analysis of how not to run a fitba club and PL and DD would feature in just about every paragraph. Hopefully, Nicholson has been watching properly from the sidelines and learning. To be fair, the signs have been promising so far.

Is sad that this guy came into Celtic thinking this is a chance of a lifetime if he came in ,and showed what he was about and if I mind right he did start of well cos everyone was stating what a player Scott brown replacement but then things turned sour that year with Lenny lost his way and so did this wee guy ,when Ange got him to play he was trying to hard and you could see that on the field but sadly it does not always work out for everyone but he did his best but was not good enough so we wish him well hopes he makes a living out of the game and in a few years down the road we are saying we god we should never let him go as we have for a few players


Celticanne…yeah, correct in part, in my opinion. He came in and looked a real bundle of energy and looked like there could be a player in there. Unfortunately, the more I saw him the less he looked like a controlled, structured defensive mid. What he has in abundance is enthusiasm, too much so that he doesn’t hold his position and ends up chasing shadows in a 20 metre area before lunging into a booking. I agree with you, I hope he goes on to have a successful career but it won’t be with us.

Prestonpans bhoys

Happy birthday Bobby👏🍻🍷

All I can recall about Soro is his ability to get booked so quickly😱


Just been in to work to get my phone back. Felt like my right arm was cut off all weekend!



Welcome to the site-always a pleasure to have someone who agrees with me right away!

I honestly thought he was very unlucky,and in so many ways,when he finally did get his chances. But frankly,I want lucky generals,so to speak. Sad,but Soro is highly unlikely to make a fist of it at Celtic,and he would be best served by moving on.

And I bet he will be a success at his new club,leaving us to ponder that saddest of questions-what if?

A thing of beauty

Up with the lark, posting my thoughts on Soro, sending a Twitter link to CCB about Charlie Tully who was born on the same day as my brother and still forget to wish him happy birthday. Honestly, that’s bad. Sorry bmcuwp.
Welcome to the blog. If you agree with bmcuwp, we’ll mostly have differing views but that’s all the better for the craic.

A thing of beauty

I should also have added, the fact that when Soro came in we thought he might have a future says more about the state of the team under neil Lennon than it does about Soro’s ability. Always picking up needless bookings – despite often getting a warning he continued to steam in. Inevitable yellow followed and after that you just shut your eyes.
I don’t think he’ll be missed. Also points to the fact that in the modern game a player as small as that must be exceptional. He wasn’t. More Landry N’Guemo than Ngolo Kante. A wage partially saved and a position freed up for a youngster in the squad.



You should just have texted me,I wouldn’t have noticed when it was sent. Honestly,87 texts and 54 missed calls. Battery hanging on by a thread. Still working my way through them,phone plugged into the wall.

Btw,we always agree about Celtic. And everything else. It’s only me we disagree about!


Happy Hoopy Birthday to BMCUWP. Have a great day M. 🍻🎂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Birthdsy to BMCUW.

Billy Bhoy

Happy birthday Mick!

Getting your phone back must feel like the best present ever!

I totally agree about Soro. There is definitely a player there. It was frustrating how often his first challenge was a yellow card and then you’d be holding your breath at every other challenge.

Its a pity that he never really got a run of games to settle in to the team. I always thought he would come good and be the Broony successor. Ah well!

St tams

Happy birthday BMCUW, have a good day.

Personally thought there was a player in Soro. He was never going to improve or progress under Lennon.


I remember winning a bet with a few lads in the pub about 1980,when this came on the jukebox.I was never a fan of Bowie,although I did like this. So one of the lads asked me how I couldn’t like a guy who wrote a song as good as this?

I argued that he didn’t write it,but in the days pre-google,how to prove it?

Fortunately another fella told them it was on PIN-UPS,and that was a covers album. Two pints a head,thank you,and a couple over to the adjudicator in the corner. Still wouldn’t remember who did the original though.


Happy birthday BMCUWP

Have a great day and thank you for all your effort and contributions to an enjoyable site.


Likewise and a great leading article which will evoke much discussion regarding the duds that have graced our hallowed turf.

Soro was not a complete dud as fellow posters have intimated there is a player in there.

The Lou Macari period was painful.

I remember saying only Celtic could sign a player called Soro when going for 10 in a row

Also my season ticket was priced at £666 that year

Someone was taking the piss.



Happy birthday.

Enjoy this special day.


Prestonpans bhoys

Yeah some of those 1970’s videos, you wonder what they were smoking beforehand😱



I remember my kid sis going ballistic at receiving her ticket update details a few years ago.

Cough up the lot now,or pay over a period at interest rate of…


Now,that is really ripping the piss.


Birthday greetings.

Posted by someone a couple of years ago. I kept it, cos it represents a colossal monument to getting things seriously wrong. Or how much earth you have to shift to unearth a nugget.
Not sure how accurate it is, but must be pretty close.

“Signings who played less than 30 games and loan signings who played less than 15 games during 9 in a row
Some cracking names in here!! Some I’ve never heard of, or totally forgotten. 
Mo Bangura
Dylan McGeouch
Badr El Kaddouri
Andre Blackman
Rabiu Ibrahim
Pawel Brozek
Amido Balde
Lubos Kamenar
Lassad Nouioui
Rami Gershon
Victor Noring
Steven Mouyokolo
Derk Boerrigter
Holmbert Fridjohnsson
Jo Inge Berget
Aleksandr Tonev
Mubarak Wakaso
Stefan Scepovic
Saidy Janko
Logan Bailly
Scott Allan
Tyler Blackett
Carlton Cole
Colin Kazim Richards
Dorus De Vries
Kundai Benyu
Marvin Compper
Lewis Morgan
Charly Musonda
Emilio Izaguirre (2nd spell)
Daniel Arzani
Youssouf Mulumbu
Vakoun Bayo
Marian Shved
Andrew Gutman
Manny Perez
Jeremy Toljan
Luca Connell
Moritz Bauer
Lee O’Connor
Patryk Klimala
Ismaila Soro
43 bodies .

Absolute shambles
Fuck knows how much that lot cost! 
£10’s of millions. 
Jock’s 9 in a row used under 50 players in total! “

No further comment necessary from me!



That’s a frightening list. Out of them all,I reckoned at the time that McGeough would make it. I knew Janko would,but not in Scotland-that is one player who refused to play under “Scottish rules”,and was not willing to be kicked to fuck.

The rest? Oh,dear…



Think either we had been infiltrated or as PL knew he was leaving he had some sadistic fun.




Further thought on that list:

If the average weekly was a lowly £5k, then salaries alone would stand at £11m plus per year.

So 3 year contracts would cost in total somewhere in the region of £35m.


HappyHoopy Birthday Mick 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys


A staggering amount of money wasted and your £35m is a conservative one too

St tams

You then have the fees paid for these players.
Would come to a staggering amount.



At £10k per week average that’s £70m on wages alone.
Fees, plus pay offs( a few of those I guess) and we are well over £100m.


I wonder how many of those players were scouted by the managers and how many were Peter Lawwell punts supplied by his favourite agents? £££

The Fenian Whaler


What is even more concerning is that during the period Celtic signed these players Celtic actually made net profits each season from player transfers. The ‘selling my best players and replacing them with shite’ syndrome, copyright Lenny. Downsizing on an industrial scale. Not that PL was bothered, doing as he was told whilst pocketing vast amounts of money in salary and bonus payments.

Actually, things haven’t really changed that much financially, albeit the quality of the players being signed has vastly improved. During Ange’s tenure, Celtic has spent just over £6 mill on player acquisition. Money received from Eddy, Ajer, and Christie covers the majority of the costs of incoming players. Still waiting to see if they will spend any of the CL money on 1st team-ready players and that oh-so elusive hard as nails skillful Def middy we need.🤔

Soro, shone brightly for a game or 2 then it all went Pete tong very quickly



Just looked at that list and nearly collapsed !!!

Makes “ They embarrassed the Hoops” world beaters 😜😜

Bring back Roy Kay and Joe Filippi, all is forgiven 🍀


Some of those names?

Victor Noring?!?

Afternoon all.

BMCUWP, many happy returns.


Prestonpans bhoys

Joe Filippi was a seasoned professional when he joined us from Ayr, just not very good😱



Joe Filippi was a seasoned professional – I do remember him getting nutmegged.😃

Wayne Biggins anyone…..

Prestonpans bhoys

Wayne Biggins, I actually never saw him play, did he even get into double fixtures😱😱



One of Macari’s signings replaced Andy Payton.

You are right hardly played, think about ten appearances and never scored.

It was back when we were singing Always look on the bright side of life we were so bad.

Afternoon all, Happy Birthday Mick.

Heard there’s another hun got injured at the bonfire in Larne. He’s not dead but, has been put into Palletive Care 🙂

Right, back to work…


Carton Tongues




Sorry mate

Typo Calton.

We haven’t half wasted some cash on duds over the years , and it may not have been rectified ,why does the manager sign all these wee players ,5ft 6inch full back when presently we lose goals from crosses , we need a big aggressive CH and the same in midfield , but it seems we’re more interested in under 19 players than fixing the problems we have in defence and midfield . Still waiting on the bigger and better . HH


Jim Tim

I was a bit hung up on the height thing last season and although we were triumphant in the League and League cup I still feel the opposition view it as a weakness and an advantage when they play us.

In losing Tom Rogic and Nir Bitton as much as we have lost their skill set and experience we have also lost their height in defending set pieces and although neither were aggressive in the air their height provided nuisance value.

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