Manic Banik,But Hoops Don’t Panic!

As pre season games go, it was a cracker!

I was unaware of the hundred years of existence celebrations upcoming, and we were promptly served an unexpected but much appreciated event.

It truly was an event, the opening scenes wholly reminded me of that famous Barca slaying ten years ago now. The full stand banner , the flares, the crowd very vocal and fully ready to cheer on their team ,there was indeed a show, and the Glasgow Celtic were there.

Not initially, but they turned up eventually, with some style. 

On the first ten,with a fired up support thus possible nerves in the opponent, the obvious move is to open the game quickly, roar out of the blocks and attack before they get settled, more used to the occasion. Celtic have been guilty of this trick in the past.

Ange would have known this.

Therefore the team knew it.

Thankfully it happened preseason, and without consequence, but we will face teams in the CL who will go for the jugular immediately.

A tighter first ten needs worked on.

There’s serious competition within the squad, no better illustrated by the actual goals themselves. 

The first was a poacher’s goal, a penalty box striker’s specialty. Yet that’s not how I view Kyogo, I see him as more of an outfield player with a clinical finish.

Our opener was so simple.

Well positioned, ball comes, one touch, one goal.

Ditto for G-Mak.

Yet he also adjusted his body more, and used his strength to hold off the opposing defender.

Boom, another one touch goal.

It’s getting truly hard to tell which is the better striker.

What a pleasant dilemma.

Abada also staked a claim, in the right place at the right time. He and James will provide strong competition for Jota, who shall subsequently be arguing his case to be switched back out left instead of the ever impressive Japanese Duracell Bunny Maeda.

What a pleasant dilemma.

Overall I was delighted with the spectacle, then the Hoops response. I dare say that’s our first test passed this season, long may that continue. To be forced to step up at this stage may have been unexpected, but I dare say it will be beneficial. Sets us up nicely for Saturdays Blackburn clash and all, some proper minutes under the belt for quite a few, fair play to Ange for taking that opportunity. 

Speaking of taking opportunities, Matt O’Reilly is fast becoming undroppable. Given we expect a deep lying midfielder plus Calmac this season, there’s only one extra slot available, and the best way to secure that slot is through goals. And assists, I believe he had a hand in our first.

Now I’m a fan of DT, and he does score his share, but in these eyes he has a very hard battle to get back into the starting eleven. Matt has surpassed him, more physical, less injury prone, will contribute more goals per game.

He’s a serious find, a serious player, and improving with his peak years ahead of him.

You’ll read other big clubs in bigger leagues linked with him before long.

Will DT hang around if not playing is an honest question to ask. 

As Auldheid often says, we shall see.

Robin Van Persie once stated “the little boy in me wants to join Manchester United”.

Well last night, the little boy in me was delighted to discover we were in for a proper tie, out of the blue football itself delivered and handed us all a reminder of the beauty within the beautiful game. 

I often wear the green tinted specs (imagine that) but it was truly humbling to find serious hardcore fans outdoing us, because it’s such a rarity I guess.

A smaller foe was truly up the win, going for it big-time, too often this isn’t the case.

Perhaps that’s why I felt a little humbled, admiring the plucky courage of the underdog roared on by their 15k hardcore, who want a great night out truly getting involved, attacking football, a famous scalp, some stories for life?

Now where have I heard that before?

Thanks Banik.

By Mahe.

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Uber Boober

Morning all.

I’m going to do my usual, and clash with the main blog.

I’ve been going mad at the shite and fake live music that the telly insists on giving us these days.

We weans jumping mad up and down at some fake manufacturered hero, and a fake band. This is what Glastonbury is now 🤔🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

So, sometimes it’s nice to be grateful for what we know about real music, and what it means.

Is this not a fine example?

What a beautiful song, eh?



Good Morning all. A good summary Mahe, which captures well the good and not so good from last night’s match. I enjoyed it though, and look forward to seeing the Bhoys in person on Saturday.

Uber Boober

Beautiful music is hard to find these days.

But here it is.

Uber Boober


I lost a giant message there to you ffs 🤔🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

St tams

Good morning all.
I’m going to disagree re. O’Riley. I feel he lacks physicality and is too easy brushed knocked off the ball. That is still one of our weak points that hasn’t been addressed.
O’Riley is a lovely footballer and easy on the eye.


Morning all…good article Mahe. I saw nowt of the game but on the read back last night (too tired to watch the clips!) the general mood was bhuoyant. It reads like Angeball will continue where it left off last season.
In other news – Uber Boober – a disingenuous reason for playing a couple of cracking tunes! Too early for an argument, and I need to get to work, but have a wee squinty at this and then have a listen to the bands that played, you might surprise yersel 😘


Agreed St Tam’s…he’s a fine ballplayer but a wee bit of real steel in there would see him soar, probably right out of our League!!



I missed the match,fast asleep prior to nightshift. Seems I missed a good ‘un!

I agree with you about Matt O’Riley. Even if I did spell his name wrongly for a while,I said on here when we signed him that he would be a big hit. In fact,I even said that we would try to extend his contract in the summer!

So-get the finger out,Celtic! Get this lad signed on for as long as possible.


Oh,and great headline too!


Morning all,

A great article Mahe

Definitely going to me a helluva rollercoaster Season.

Bring it on !!!!!

Off to Hamilton Races today where I meeting our very own J P McManus. Well BRRB as others know him.

Hope we can blag a few winners.

Not sure if your going today, but if you are, perhaps catch a beer at the course. 🍺🍺

Geeedeeeup 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎


Morning all.
CFC if you are looking in, Hatate picked up a knock, in training, and was rested, as a precaution and as he had played in the 2 previous games. Ange expects him to be involved at the weekend.



A mate at work was telling me a wee tale about your favourite hill-or series of hills! Birdlip.

Seems he had picked up a trailer from Tool Station to bring back to Swindon. Hits the first hill,oh,dear. But makes it. Then the roundabout and 90 degree turn-uphill! Oh,f..k.

Then the downhill,in the 40 zone,followed by the steepest part. Tractor unit gave up halfway. Not a dual carriageway either,as you know. Phoned the work,they sent out a more powerful unit,plus chocks. When the second driver arrived,the police were in attendance. What’s the plan?

Well,we chock the trailer,the puny unit unhitches and drives away,and I move in. Copper asks if they wouldn’t maybe have been better going all the way down to the M4/M5 interchange at Bristol instead of risking it in the first place. Driver doesn’t want to land his colleague in the shit by pointing out that the trailer must be overloaded! Just agreed that he might have the right idea…



Good luck at Hamilton today. I fancy USTATH in the 220. Might chuck a few quid on it myself.



Couldn’t find your post to Jamesie in our filters,so I’m afraid it is now the food of the ethernet gods.


Cheers JnP

We appear to have a good array of attacking options in midfield, and look to add more with the young French guy.
Concern is the defensive midfield options.
Hopefully to be fixed soon.



I’ve taken the liberty of using your post about the shit signed under Lawwell as the basis for tomorrow’s article. Hope you don’t mind. I did namecheck you on it,though. Least I could do.

And thanks for reminding me of it. Even though I’ll admit to preferring not to remember those times at all.

Much like most of the players on the list,actually….

A thing of beauty

Talk sport saying the big Shirley is a £20m target for Ajax. If this figure is true I will be astonished. Ajax sell their players for big money but I’m not sure they have paid a transfer fee like that ever. Apologies to the journalist if I’m wrong.



I cannot take credit for compiling the list, merely banking it from a couple of years ago.
I can’t recall where it was posted or by whom.

Certainly worthy of an article.
£100m ? Monument to a failed strategy. That level of waste of resources is a sackable offence!
Shame he was bomb proof.

Be interesting to see if a follow up is possible- where are they now?



A t o b

£20m for that level of potential is madness. He hasn’t even had one full season.

Someone using the Gio/ Dutch connection and making mischief?

bada bing1

Seems you can get Premier Sports for £4.99 for a month, if you use code CELTIC2022

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, yes bobby, BIRDLIP what a view, id advise anyone travelling down to devon or cornwall on the M5 for their holidays, if its a very clear day come off the M5 at junction 11 and go up to the air balloon roundabout ,the air balloon is a pub BTW 😎just turn right on to the A417/419 as if your going to swindon, and you will come to birdlip, what a view and when you get back to the air balloon roundabout the road to the cotswolds is right there in front of you, stow on the wold and bourton on the water, two lovely places to visit and very dog friendly as well👍,another true story😎


Afternoon all & Packy. Excuse me for a moment Packy if I talk about something other than dugs! 🙂
For all you birdwatchers, there was a good programme on BBC 1 earlier you might like, A Coutryside Summer. It was on at 2.30pm, but is watch on demand. Loadsabirds!


Just to be clear Packy I still love the doggie programmes too! The one about dogs behaving badly. It’s always the owners being eejits! And the one about a dog centre for ill treated and abandoned dogs where potential new owners come along to adopt them. Very heartwarming at times.

big packy

HI JIM, just to let you know, had 3 days at sol kitts penthouse in barbados, a grand a day, no wonder that ghuy is loaded😎 anyway dont look at your bank statement anytime soon, SOL told me you would pay for it ,another true story,😎


Not a lot to argue about with your leader Mahe, It was a good outing for the bhoys, However the amount of clever runs I seen Kyogo make and no-one picked him out….deary me, I also like O’Riley he reminds me of Stuart Armstrong.

Hope you are well packy and doing as Joan tells you.

£20m for Shirley Bassey ? No idea where these bears pull their fees from, no doubt if and when he does go, it will be.

Hun dialogue: A very substantial undisclosed fee.
Translated to Tim dialogue: It actually means, We’re too embarrassed to say how little we received for him.


big packy

ASWGL, im the boss not her ,another not true story😎hope you are well pal👍


Packy don’t mention Bank A/cs. Had a bit of bother in the past week. A visa purchase appeared that wasn’t me. £20.99. Got it sorted though! The fraud dept at my bank are very good.


Bobby, I put £1 ew on your tip. It was placed. I won £1.90 so you owe me 10p. !!! 🙁

big packy

JIM. that might have been sol kitts trying to get that, £20.99 ,money goes to money😎😎


I got it back! 🙂


One for you Packy:


The words speak more of me than you!


big packy

JIM love neil diamomd, did you ever see the video of love at the greek, henry winkler the fonz from happy days and helen reddy joined neil on stage and sang a song, for the life of me cant remember the song,,another true story,


No never heard of that Packy. An interesting mix!


Must go now, I’m depressing myself listening to sad songs. Tears!


Back in the academical vaults. My mate Brian is drunker than a lord. Interesting journey back to Glasgow. 😂

big packy

JIM catch u later pal . on celtic, thats 2 games and 5 goals shipped ,we need to get our defense sorted before the champions league games ,another true story😎

Hello lads

Just thought I would pop in and say hello to everyone.

Watched a bit of the game yesterday. A few thoughts:

Was trying to figure out what was wrong with the new strip. Dont like the geometric pattern in the green so much. But I think it was the fact that the badge sits over a green hoop instead of a white hoop…. I know that has been the case on a few of the recent home strips, but for some reason, it seems more pronounced on this strip ….

As for the game, hard to complain too much, as the improvement in the last year has been monumental… but things can always get better.

for me, the midfield needs to think and move quicker to pick up Kyogo’s runs (which are sublime). He made so many that were not picked up until too late. Celtic are not the only team guilty of that, and, to be fair, the team is now much better in moving the ball forward quicker than even two seasons ago, but, must do better or risk frustrating the hell out of Kyogo. And he is someone that they will want to keep happy. I think he is going to have a spectacular season, and there will be lots of EPL and other teams looking at him, ,and offering him piss pots full of money, so they want to make sure he is happy with his football!

Really impressed with O’Riley. Great goal.

But still not sure how the midfield shapes up as a 4231 or 433. Still need a defensive / hard guy to stop people running through the middle. Haven’t had that since Wanayama left. I thought McCarthy would do well at that role, or that Ideguchi would, but neither of them seems to have really staked a claim for a starting role… or even a back up role.

And, even more importantly, and this goes back to the first point, I think the team still need a ‘quarterback’ who sees the lanes and makes the quick killer passes. Someone who is the manager’s guy on the pitch. Like MO’N had NFL.

I think this is supposed to be Calmac… but not sure he is the guy for that role. He is a great player, but not sure what role he is supposed to be playing. He is not a defensive mid, but isn’t really a Pirlo type either … someone who can sit deep, see the field and ping passes all over (I actually think he has the talent to be that type of player … just not sure he has the temprament to be ‘the guy’… to be fair, very few players have that personality)….. . And, although he has a more than decent shot on him, he seems to be behind several others in the more advanced false 9 role.

So, I’m not sure what role he is supposed to be playing, but, in spite of that, he seems to be first name of the team sheet…

What I dont want to see is what happened with Scott Brown… where he was an automatic pick for every game, because he ‘gets us’ and is the captain… even though his inclusion more often than not threw the team’s shape out the window.

Having said that, I realize that I like players with more clearly defined roles within a cllearly defined system, and the current trends seem to be more towards more fluidity … wingers that are strikers, and strikers that are wingers …… midfielders who are also forwards, but not out and out strikers…. teams like Man City have done well with that… but, it is hard for all but the top players to succeed in that sort of system… and I think Man City will take it up another notch this year with a pure big striker up front.

anyways, hope everyone is keeping well.

A thing of beauty

Good post. I see what you mean about Calmac not being a true defensive mid. I would also like to see someone with more physicality in the 6 role but the fact is no one recycles the ball or is available for a pass as often as Calmac. He makes the team tick when we have the ball. The problem arises when we don’t. I thought there were a few occasions last night when Banik ran straight through the middle of our team without challenge. Fan talks about it all the time. You don’t always have to make a tackle but the shape of the team should mean that there shouldn’t not be that level of space for the other team to get to your back four. It happens a lot in Scotland and we get away with it because of the paucity of our opponents. God help us in the champions league. I say all this as someone who loves McGregor but it is certainly a conundrum Ange will need to solve before the season starts. It concerns me we haven’t really been linked with anyone for the role. Maybe Ange is happy to go with McGregor and hope he can coach them to keep their shape better. Not seeing much sign of it though.


MikeInTVLawyerland, great to hear from you, and ATOB… decent posts highlighting a real discrepancy in the team and possibly in Ange’s overall view of the game.
I’d say it’s an obvious 4-3-3 that Ange wants to play. To sacrifice an attacking mid from 6 to fit in a defensive mid changes his set up and potentially violates his whole approach to the game – maybe not though, maybe we can find a defensive mid that can easily support the forwards whilst being able and willing to track when required. Personally, I think it’s a big ask because the standard were looking for is a gem in the coal dust – a DM seriously capable of our requirements is highly likely to be a target in a better, bigger league than ours.
It should be remembered, too that Postecoglu is a product of the City Group (Celtic might be too, by the way, we just haven’t been told yet!!) His methods are similar to Man City but with the dollar to compete for last 4 in the CL. Maybe City is his next preferred stop on his journey west.
As always Celtic will have to compromise to get what we want – a 4-3-3 playing AngeBall, the best fitba since TB, or sacrifice our style for points in Europe to build a side capable of reaching Last 16 for at least 2 seasons in succession. There’s a lot of good Tims out there happy to watch the fitba while we’re winning but equally there’s got to be a clamour for glamour in the Champion’s League.
Who knows what Nicholson is thinking, or Ange for that matter, but I’d love to be a fly on the wa’ when they’re discussing the plan for the future!


You are right … we dont necessarily need someone with the physicality of Wanyama… but even someone who can read the game and just be in the right place to stop those runs through the middle ( a la NFL when he was playing… never seen a player who was slower, but had the uncanny ability to always be in the right place at the right time to stop the other teams attack. NFL was up there with Makalele and Konte for this skill) will be crucial in Europe this year…probably more so than in other years, as (i) AP’s style is pretty open and fluid, and (ii) CL teams are bigger, faster and will exploit those spaces better than EL teams in the past few seasons…

Re: Kyogo …I havent been as excited about a Celtic player since Larsson ….Celtic have had more than its share of really good strikers since HL… but I think Kyogo has that ‘x’ factor that HL had …. small in stature, but plays so much bigger … and smart, smart player … knows when and where to make the runs …and seems to have a great attitude …the kind of attitude that separates the great players from the really good ones…

My frustration, if that is the right word, with Calmac is that I think he is one of the most talented scottish footballers of his generation …. with proper development, he is one of the few Scottish midfielders that I think could have been top international class … just not sure he has the belief or the desire … GMS was ridiculously talented, or Leigh Griffiths, but both seem unfocussed…. Stuart Armstrong is someone I thought had HUGE potential… but he seems happy doing just enough …… cant really blame Calmac if it ins’t in his nature to be ‘the guy’ … just think Celtic havne’t ever quite got the most out of such a talent …

on the flip side, someone like Andy Robertson was never as talented as Kieran Tierney (who I think was the best Scottish player I have seen in decades) Or even, I would suggest, Calmac, but, KT has had rotten luck (with injuries (and maybe bad coaching) at a young age, while AR had much better luck with injuries, … but what really struck me with Robertson is his desire and belief …, seems to have belief and desire in spades and has made the most out of every drop of talent he has …


How are you doing? I take your point about the AP/MC system … but I think we can find someone who may be a good fit … if we can find a Kyogo, who is great up front and didn’t cost a fortune (but will be sold for one)… then there is no reason they can find a similar standard of player for the less heralded defensive mid position…but, AP’s strike rate for the talent he has brought in has been top notch so far, so I expect him to do the business…


Yeah, MikeInTVLawyerland…you have reiterated my point! We may be able to pick up the player to fit the bill but keeping him beyond 18months to a couple of years is the issue. van Dijk was being touted for greatness and bigger clubs within 3 months of signing for Celtic and gone 2 seasons later. This is, or hopefully has been, our modus operandi since O’Neill left. I’m not sure Celtic can hold on to the wee nuggets that we can be so adept at finding.
As I said, maybe Ange and Nicholson are a different breed to before, whilst the signs so far have been encouraging I’m sitting on the fence for a bit longer.
With regards to Kyogo, every run he makes will not lead to the ball going into him. His runs are greatly unselfish aiming to pull defenders out of position and create space for others. There are many similarities with him and Larsson, apart from the ability to read the game and finish so, so clinically, they’re both team players happy to play a percentage game for runs/passes.


Oh my days… this could cost the Corporation a few quid!! Poor eh, eh, em whatsisnameagain!! 🤣🤣🤣

Tiger Woods at 6 over par, and near the worst round of the day …. wonder if he is now thinking …’damn, maybe I should have taken LIV”s BILLION dollar offer last week’.

A thing of beauty

Just finished watching the latest stage of the Tour de France. Utterly amazing. 22 y/o English man wind the stage with a monster climb. My heart rate went up 12 beats a minute just watching. I hate hills and always tell my pals I wish I’d been born in Holland. They on the other hand love the challenge. Masochists



Those cyclists must be mega fit and mega masochistic to face those endurance tests.

My favourite hill was One tree hill by U2,not heard it in many a year

As per previous discussions I feel Calmac would improve and further develop in the hoops set up with an enforcer type to allow him to flourish in the manner the guys have intimated,just unsure as to how Ange views the type of player he wants in that area.As we are aware we are more than capable of scoring goals and can be a joy to watch going forward and that fluidity requires agility and quick thinking players to get you up the pitch in a couple of passing movements.

I am excited for the coming season in terms of the diversity and ability of our forward players.Kyogos movement is a joy to behold and Maedas pace and the trickery and runs of Jota will bring plenty of goals too.Can only think GMacs confidence having hit a good run towards the end of the season and scoring for his country will bring him on a ton too.

Defensively I am happy at RB still wary at LB and we obviously need a decent centre half that is confident stepping up into the midfield.