What A Waste Of Time And Money That Was!


Here we are on the eve of watching our heroes play their first pre-season friendly at home. It’s been two long months,hasn’t it! Yet it has been a short year,when we were absolutely dreading a long nightmare just a year ago.

Ange who? As Alan Brazil,radio host and well known Celtic fan asked on the news of his appointment. Well,he kens noo! I freely admit that I was far from enthused when we signed him up as manager,but at least I took the trouble to google him. I had to,to be honest! Turns out that we got a guy who really knows his stuff,had been largely successful at club and international level,but it seems that he simply came from the wrong part of the world to be taken seriously.

As we know,his tenure didn’t start too well,even if the performances were better than the results. It took until October before things really started to click,and the fans and the players have clearly bought into his vision. But this article isn’t about that,not really. It is more to do with the fact that AP truly believed in himself,and he had the trust of Dominic McKay who backed him to the hilt in the summer transfer window. This belief has been followed since by Michael Nicholson,who has made sure that most transfers are being completed early in the window so that players have time to get to know their colleagues. 

They decided to let a football man run the football,while they dealt with the finances. What a breath of fresh air that has been after nearly two decades of Peter Lawwell!

CFC kindly posted a list of players signed under Lawwell who hardly figured in the team. Bearing in mind,of course,that by his own admission,this list is a few years old and therefore not entirely exhaustive,here it is again…


Mo Bangura
Dylan McGeouch
Badr El Kaddouri
Andre Blackman
Rabiu Ibrahim
Pawel Brozek
Amido Balde
Lubos Kamenar
Lassad Nouioui
Rami Gershon
Victor Noring
Steven Mouyokolo
Derk Boerrigter
Holmbert Fridjohnsson
Jo Inge Berget
Aleksandr Tonev
Mubarak Wakaso
Stefan Scepovic
Saidy Janko
Logan Bailly
Scott Allan
Tyler Blackett
Carlton Cole
Colin Kazim Richards
Dorus De Vries
Kundai Benyu
Marvin Compper
Lewis Morgan
Charly Musonda
Emilio Izaguirre (2nd spell)
Daniel Arzani
Youssouf Mulumbu
Vakoun Bayo
Marian Shved
Andrew Gutman
Manny Perez
Jeremy Toljan
Luca Connell
Moritz Bauer
Lee O’Connor
Patryk Klimala
Ismaila Soro
43 bodies .

Absolute shambles.


There are maybe one or two in there who we could argue about being successful at some level or not. For instance,I thought that Janko was definitely a quality player. But I knew the game was up for him when he got one kicking too many and,lying on his back,screamed at the ref for “How in the name of buggery is that not a foul,ya blithering imbecile!” Some of that may have been lost in translation,mind…

What cannot be argued however is the sheer waste of time and money from those signings. Most of them were so bad that they were unwanted by any other club,and simply sat out their contracts. Others were moved on at a fraction of our initial outlay. Some,like Commper,had their contract paid up to get the hell out of Dodge. Two,at least,weren’t even eligible for a work permit!

I mean,that is basic stuff! How can we pay millions for players without checking availability first? The economics of the madhouse,to coin a phrase.

A few of those players arrived on free transfers or development fees only,but some of them cost a whole lot more. Soro apparently cost £3m,Balde an astonishing £1.8m,and don’t think the £1.5m for Ciftci is even included on the list! It’s absolutely appalling!

So the question we have to ask,given Ange’s success in the transfer market in his year to date,is-who authorised these signings? 


You know,the manager always carries the can for bad results,poor transfer dealings etc. Little wonder we have burned through so many managers in those two decades with signings like that,eh?

Well,I’m spotting a common denominator here. MON’s first two seasons of signings were-hah!-phenomenally successful. Ange’s signings too are hitting the same highs. Lawwell got Football Manager for his birthday and thought he could do it better. Those players on the list would have cost a highly conservative £100m in transfer fees,agents fees,wages. And it doesn’t even include Tommy Gravesen either! Did he get his fingers severely burned by how that deal worked out,and vowed never to do it again? 

Well,Gravesen was only £2m,even if his wages were high. And it’s not like it was his first deal of his reign. Maybe it affected his bonus,so that put him off? 

For that’s the thing. While Lawwell was costing us that conservative estimate of £100m,he was also on his way to becoming the highest earner EVER at the club! He took about £20m in salary and bonuses during his tenure,even though he allowed Rangers to bolster their chances of survival under Murray and Smith by not competing as they spent around £50m to win three championships on the spin,and automatic Champions League money into the bargain.

He tied our future to a dead club by rubberstamping an illegal resuscitation after liquidation,apparently scared of a deficit in our accounts of £10m pa. His estimates,and I’ve seen nothing to back that up. He sabotaged our efforts to get into the CL most seasons,losing considerably more than that each year!

So you can double the £100m lost in his Football Manager sideshow on that alone. At least!

He cost us MON and BR,probably our best managers since Jock Stein. He cost us Bobo by trying to dour him out,while Bobo sat uselessly in the stands. Peanuts for Joe Ledley,who only wanted the same contract as he had signed four years previously. I could go on,but you will have long got the point by this time.

But I digress. To worse,believe it or not! As the CEO of a publicly quoted company,he lied to that company’s shareholders at the AGM! That should have been a firing offence on its own,but not with Celtic Plc,it seems. And to cap it all,on the subject of firing,when The Four Musketeers pursued Res 12,he told them that if they give him the silver bullet,he would fire the gun.

Despite knowing that he himself knew all along,had even perhaps orchestrated it himself. He certainly cultivated the friendship of Neil Doncaster at the time,which can hardly be a coincidence. And that therefore he had no intentions whatsoever of following through on his empty promises,even allowing the musketeers themselves to run up a five figure legal bill as they attempted to match his exacting definition of proof.

All I can add,really,is that I never thought that our club would ever have such bad custodianship as that of Desmond White. Sadly,I was wrong. But I hope that we never do so again. For we won’t get back our twenty years,nor our £200m either.


Above article by BMCUWP

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That’s some list of failures.
Just imagine we had gained entry to the EPL Lawwell could have squandered hundreds of millions on duds. The favoured agents would have made tens of millions and we would be in the Championship, indebted up to our eyeballs, with a mediocre at best team on the park. Nightmare scenario. But, but we would have salvaged the OF brand. Scary stuff!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
Good article Bobby and makes reference to some of the reasons that this disillusioned fan decided not to renew last season. On the contrary, there have been signs over the past 12 months that the scouting and signing policy have changed for the better. And whilst Ange will no doubt bring in some players that wont be successful I think our hit rate will be much improved.
Now if only the Board would say something to recognise that the could and should have acted better over Res12 and other New Club issues…… Wishful thinking I suppose.


Morning all
Bobby – when I was a regular poster on CQN back in the day, this was the topic that drive me to frustration more than any other. The waste of money on projects, failures. In my eyes, there were many defending the indefensible. The evidence was there in front of people yet still, Lawwell was being lauded as some sort of financial genius. Indeed there are still some who would read that list you’ve just published, and will counter with the usual “ah but ah but”. It’s akin to what we have just witnessed with Boris Johnson. An obvious failure, with the evidence staring people in the face, yet many including some who are now candidates to replace him, defending his record. “ ah but what about his handling of the pandemic, ah but what about his great work on Brexit” blah blah fekkin blah.
An incompetent who lined his own pockets whilst failing large sections of the population.

The similarities are stark.

I still believe had we kicked on after Seville, which coincidentally was the year Lawwell took over, we’d have progressed to be a regular top 16 European side. Instead we watched a gradual decline in standards to the point where we were / are also rans in the lowest level competitions.

The argument continually thrown back at me was we could not afford to spend decent money on proven talent. I think relatively recent history has determined that actually we couldn’t afford NOT to invest in quality.

I remember being lambasted for trying to use a comparable argument that when I was employed to turn around failing businesses, the route to success was to go into debt if necessary by modernising equipment, getting rid of deadwood and investing in skilled workers, whilst restructuring everything which supported sustained growth.
I learned a long time ago that everything, and I mean everything, is controlled by effective strategy within 5 areas. Referred to as QCDMS, it means

Failure to control any one of those leads to issues. Each of those categories are interdependent.
Poor Quality? Leads to increased costs. Failure to deliver on time, – implications on costs, morale. Accidents? Same. Morale, costs, delivery. Etc etc. You’ll get the picture I’m sure.

Where there is an issue, regardless of what, whether it be even something as basic as people being late for work, to something more serious such as someone being badly injured, I can guarantee you the root cause will be contained within one or more of the 5 categories above. In 40 years of managing businesses I’ve never deviated from that thinking and have yet to discover an issue that couldn’t be considered as a failure to control those 5 categories.

At the time I was watching us slide down the rankings, the businessman in me couldn’t help but analyse what was happening by using those same analytical methods.
Quality? See your list of players!
Cost – as above. Look at the millions wasted due to the poor quality.

I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate further.

We are in a two horse race. Domestic success should be automatic. Indeed when we lost a horse and became showjumping, ( Kevin Bridges) we were presented with the opportunity to invest in quality, AND , restructure at grass roots level to ensure an assembly line of future talent, giving us a huge opportunity to gain CL football and the riches it offers, Lawwell went totally the other way.
As Mags continually said “ what are the Rangers doing?” We got hit with bullshit about the millions we would lose as a result of the lost horse, instead of getting told we would capitalise on a golden opportunity.

Repairing the damage Lawwell caused? Not sure it’s possible without a massive injection of cash . Ange can do so much but he can’t work miracles. It would take a huge cash injection.

We missed an opportunity that I fear will never present itself again. Unless of course the replacement horse ( the ringer) suffers the same fate as its predecessor and dies.


Back to your early morning best, Twists! Excellent comment.


I’ve just remembered what I logged in to say:

Naps I’m afraid will be updated later this week again. I’m heading to Cartmel for the racing. Off today back on Sunday morning but I’m busy all day Sunday too, so may be Monday before I get around to it.


HeeHeeHee…back to your auld age best, Twists!! 🤣🤣🤣


Oh – and on Lawwell

His communication with the red 12 guys / Auldheid etc?

Delivery? Moral? Quality? Cost?

Right – that’s plenty. I need to fill the car with fuel. Anyone got a loan of £120?

McCaff – ty.



McCaff 😆

16 Roads

£18million in the red.
It’s debatable whether or not this level of debt was sustainable in Scottish football.
We didn’t strengthen, and the team we narrowly lost to won the following season’s CL.
Dermot Desmond decided that the club must live within it’s means going forward.
I loathe to get involved in boardroom politics, and there’s going to be an avalanche of criticism directed at PL – I’ll give him credit for this though – financial stability.
Celtic is one of the most financially stable football clubs on earth.
Much rather be in our shoes right now,as opposed to the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona, and Madrid are current European champions as we speak.
Even thon Lpool mob are £350million in debt.
Tottenham? Over £1billion in the red, apparently.
Yes but those club’s loses are sustainable, because the leagues they operate in are more commercially viable, I hear you say.
No, it’s not sustainable whatsoever.
Sure people have been saying for years that the EPL bubble is going to burst, yet it never does.
Well, this is going to be the season it all comes crashing down,mark my words.
The decline has already begun.
The Celtic Football Club will stand strong.
HH. 🍀🏆

16 Roads

Reckon most of us would agree that the club is in a good place right now.
In spite of Peter Lawwell,or because of Peter Lawwell?
That is the question.
The zombie club charade was a total disgrace, definitely a dereliction of duty at the very least.
Not sure who was most at fault there – Dermot Desmond,or Peter Lawwell,both equally responsible maybe?
That abomination is going to the wall, regardless.
We are where we are,so maybe it doesn’t even matter.
Over & out.
HH. 🍀🏆



It really bugged the hell out of me hat we didn’t do more with our youths when we had the chance. By the time the newhuns arrived,they would have been seasoned professionals with up to four years experience.

Two a year,say,instead of one every two years-if we are lucky!


Great leader. As mentioned, still a few names missing from that list: Eboue Kouassi springs to mind. Friggin disgusting all round to think where we could be right now with a modicum of vision and investment.

Excellent follow up post encapsulating critical elements of business practice – or not…

16 Roads

I do so hope your prediction comes to pass – it won’t be a day too soon – time will tell, but I remain sceptical.

Have a great day all.

HH from a dreich day on the Silvery Tay and a quiet Invigilation room at Dundee Uni – my pastime for the morning.



£16 million was not a huge amount to be carrying even then. Hell,I need more than that when I’m in Belfast wi you and the lads!

Seriously,I can’t find the accounts for 2002-03,as they only seem to be retrievable to 2006,


but debt like that should have been costing us no more than £1.5m at that time. Or an Olivier Tebily,in John Barnes’ eyes. The big signings had already stopped,with MON front-loading his rebuild in the first two seasons. The guaranteed CL place that came with winning the league would have obliterated it.

As it was,despite PL’s parsimony-the wage bill actually increased in WGS’ first two seasons due to his love of projects!-our debt ballooned at one time to around £30m. It took until the arrival,and success,of BR to eradicate it.

And we know how Lawwell felt about that. Sidelined during BR’s first season,he came roaring back the next. And from then on.

I believe he is literally the worst and most expensive mistake that Celtic FC,and Celtic Plc,have ever made.



Turn their bliddy pockets out! Cheatin’ basterts,they will have cheat sheets everywhere.

Wish I had thought of it,mind…


Yes the youth development was a huge missed opportunity.
As for the balance sheet, it’s like every other investment. Shrewd investment may put you into initial debt, but that debt can be amortised over the following years. You don’t need to be buying £25m of talent season on season, the initial fee should be considered a 3 year contract or 4 years or whatever.
If it is a well researched investment, the chances are it’ll be worth a whole lot more than your initial investment.
Van Dijk, Wanyama and a few more. Of course not every signing will be successful but something is clearly amiss with the recruitment when you read that list.

More of the Van Dijk’s and less of the utter wasted money on the catalogue of signing listed above in the article.

Unless of course the expectation of the support can be watered down so much that winning a two horse race every other year is acceptable.

Friesdorfer – ty. Really need to shift. Wife giving me odd looks as I’m typing 😬.

Have a nice day all.

St tams

Excellent leader Bobby and great post from Twisty.

The scary thing is , aprt from the manager , it’s more or less the same people running the club.



At that time,and for maybe around five years later,we would have been top six easy in the EPL. And remember,we would have had the same access to tv money,improved sponsorship,etc,as the likes of Chelsea-or Bournemouth! Which would mean that we would build on that,not sink as we did in Scotland.

And maybe Lawwell would have taken that fabled job at Arsenal? Was that a figment of his imagination too,like the £10m cost per season of the huns going bust?



“when I was employed to turn around failing businesses, the route to success was to go into debt if necessary by modernising equipment, getting rid of deadwood and investing in skilled workers, whilst restructuring everything which supported sustained growth”

Or retooling,as I know it. I worked for a company which had been retooled,late 80s. I was in their QA,BS5750/ISO9002. Vey successful they were too. You and them probably compared notes.

Thing is though that Celtic wasn’t failing at the time. I believe that Celtic though,has failed the fans since by the lack of ambition being shown,with an emphasis only on the glorious balance sheet. Especially when Rangers retooled under Smith in 2006.

WGS and the players worked miracles to win in 07 and 08,but by then,the fix was in from above.

How much of their success was due to negligence from Lawwell? As CEO,he should have been shouting our complaints from the rooftops! Much as John Reid did-and he was shortly ushered out of the door. And I said at the time that Tony Mowbray was ill-served by the club as much as by the referees.

There is no way that he would have “taken it on the chin” unless that was the instruction from on high. Poor fella’s career has never hit the heights he achieved before he joined us. It would have been nice to welcome him back tomorrow,but he left at the end of the season.

I wish him well.

bada bing1

Springfield Vaults is closed tomorrow, should be ok next Saturday



Huh? It was only closed for cleaning in 2008. Surely it can’t be that time again?


Trip Chez SOLKITTS cancelled due to rail strikes on 30/7/22. Basterts,I missed out on a wee day with my nephew a few weeks back for the same reason.

No problem with the strike,just the timing!


Try the bus M – use yer pass 😉🙄😊

bada bing1

M it’s closed as they’re filming Brigerton in the Vaults this week…..😳



So you are a reader of Shakespeare. 🙂

“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

William Shakespeare

Mistakes are not always deliberate. The mistake maker can always justify to themselves their behaviour and are often ego driven. (Where is TGM?).

The problem of telling a big lie is the liar becomes hostage to it in order to make the lie appear real.

Sooner or later reality bites, for example proof emerging that Celtic under Lawwell had agreed to the 5WA, that then prevented proper pursuit of Res12, because it was not in the Company’s interest to do so. For Company read PL.

Perhaps with the passage of time Celtic will see it is in the Company’s interest to state the circumstances that gave birth to the lies (after all an Act of Contrition is part of the tradition of many Tims) but in the meantime let’s enjoy watching the kind of football Ange is serving up.



I think anyone who is aware of business processes would spot and be frustrated by the lack of them.

I know I was after getting an invite in with a Membership Scheme idea and sporting the lack close up.



“Especially after Rangers retooled in 2006.

Most of the Rangers transfer dealings happened in 2007/2008 when HMRC Determinations were arriving through the Ibrox letter box.

It was the result of Rangers early exit to Kaunas? in the CL at that time.

There is a record of their transfer business then at

This is the point in time when SDM and WS could have prevented the events in 2012 but they took a punt on Rangers future.

I think that was the Stephen Fletcher season where PL did not take the opportunity to strengthen the side by buying him from Hibs and we laboured on with a half fit JVOH to lose the title.

There was always a suspicion Celtic knowingly let that title slip but it was dismissed as unthinkable then. Cue Aw Naw.

However given the steps not taken by Celtic in 2011 and since on Res12 and their agreeing with the 5WA, that suspicion whilst never provable, has a bit more credence.

Prestonpans bhoys


Enjoyed that post so much I read it twice👍👏

Very good article.

Big Audio Dynamite

Love these old Pathe newsreels.
Celtic and Airdrie play out a 2-2 draw in the SCSF of 1955



The reality of Scottish football is that Celtic are virtually certain to finish in one of the top two positions in the league. Both Sevco and Celtic have reasonable chances of picking up at least one cup during the season. Both clubs have a large core support that will generate better than the competition revenue streams. Some degree of footballing success is virtually guaranteed each season, provided, in the case of Celtic, that the company remains afloat. In the case of poor financial management, Sevco can sail on for years without effects on their competitiveness or their chance of folding, a la the big guns like Barca, Madrid, etc.

So the reality is that it does not take exceptionable management skills to steer the Celtic ship towards some level of domestic successful. Under the duopoly that is Scottish football, major strategic errors do not result in catastrophic effects in either of the two clubs. So Sevco can survive appointments like Mccoist all the way through to Murty’s second spell. Whilst Rangers/Sevco were suffering under these appointments, Celtic could still profit despite a catastrophic transfer policy as described in the lead article.

However, if one or two of Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, DU had been able to challenge then both Celtic and Rangers/Sevco would have required smarter management and less errors. In short, Scottish football would be more competitive, as it was when teams like Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and the two Dundees could win the league.

The duality of our game suits Sevco and Celtic and they both know it. However, it is slowly strangling the other clubs, who merely make up the numbers. Sad but true.



Hi Guys

I will be setting up my Superbru Predictor account again this season. All of last year’s participants have been notified and some have re-joined already. Everyone is welcome. There will be a participation fee for those involved in the fundraising competition and I will announce costs and prizes very soon. I am thinking of using a July- December set of prizes and a January to May competition following on from this. I am suggesting a £15 entry for each of the two halves of the competition, making £30 in total. People can enter for one, both or neither halves of the competition but only those who have paid in will be eligible for the prize pay outs. You can pay the £30 up front or pay £15 now and pay £15 again in January or opt out then.

We will pay out, determined by how much we take in, with the following prizes

Aug-Dec Prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the table
Aug-May (inclusive) money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus a prize for the highest weekly score obtained. We even offer a wooden spoon for whoever finished last (someone will need to remind me who I owe this to for last year).

Around 60% + of the money we raise will be paid directly to charitable causes, we used a local Glasgow charity helping people in financial difficulty last year). We will use the WalkwithShay account again for donations or entry fees. This will be administered by Marc (Celticrollercoaster) to provide independent scrutiny. I will submit details of this soon, when Marc returns from a well earned holiday.

You can enter if you register with Superbru and elect to join the CQN Sentinels pool. The pool code is

I look forward to old and new joining in again. If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the competition, please let me know. I will communicate more details shortly. Thanks for your continued support.

Tony (SFTB)


A fine leader…unlike Peter Lawwell, who was no such thing. Do you think Bobby, that those on the PLC will some day realise that the football department IS Celtic? A bloated board of parasites and vultures, is as far from the original vision of Brother Walfrid, as can possibly be imagined.

You mentioned Desmond White. Supporters of a certain vintage, will recall that Big Dessie was disliked by a significant section of the Celtic support, in the 1980s. I recall a game at Easter Road in the 1983-84 season. After the events of the previous summer-Cesar leaving, Nicholas leaving for Arsenal-the Celtic support was in a rebellious mood. So there we were, in the middle of the enclosure at Easter Road, when who should take his seat in the front of the stand, but Mr White himself.As can be imagined, the man got pelters. One of the members of our bus-I’ll call him Gus, coz that was his name-was one of the worst offenders. We were only yards from Dessie, and he must have heard every insult clearly. He just sat there stoically and passively. Even I was impressed at such fortitude. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe that White was involved with Celtic for any personal gain. Sure, he was tight with the money. Jokes about the biscuit-tin, started around this time. At least he wasn’t filling his pockets, like our own dear PLC.

Lawwell on the other hand? A disgrace of a man. A coward. A liar. A cheat…and a collaborator with the enemy. This eejit had the chance of a lifetime in 2012, to bury the Ibrox club for good. What did he do? The exact opposite, of course. He actively conspired with others, to ensure that a new Ibrox club came into existence. This Ibrox loving criminal, will not be looked upon kindly, by future Celtic historians. He enriched himself and his cronies, all the while, acting against the best interests of Celtic FC.

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys

Roasting day in the Trossacks, decided last night on a BBQ. Marinated chicken in tikka spices and lamb in ‘ Lebanese spices’.

Uncovered the BBQ today, which has been idle since last September, only to find out the cover has a leak. The BBQ had turned itself into a rusted can😱😈. Out comes the screw driver and off to the tip it shall go.

However looked at the firepit and yes you can use it as a BBQ👍. Cans opened🍻 and Friday begins👍👏🍷🍻😂

Just noticed only five coals left😱 oven on😂😂😂


For a bit of balance in relation to Bobby’s leader today, by the way I don’t disagree with the article at all ….

a list of players signed under Peter Lawwell’s tenure, this is also not exhaustive, but exhausting putting it together 🙂

Artur Boruc
Maceij Zurawaski
Shunsuke Nakamura
Jiri Jarosik
Jan Venegoor of Hesselink
Paul Hartley
Scott Macdonald
Scott Brown
Andy Hinkel
Barry Robson
Georgis Samaras
Glen Loovens
Ki Sung-yueng
Robbie Keane
Charlie Mulgrew
Joe Ledley
Gary Hooper
Izaguirre (1st time)
Fraser Foster
Anthony Stokes
Kris Commons
Kelvin Wilson
Victor Wanyama
Mikael Lustig
Tom Rogic
Virgil Van Dijk
Nir Biton
Stefan Johansen
Leigh Griffiths
Defrock Boyata
Jason Denayer
Craig Gordon
Stuart Armstrong
Ryan Christie
Paddy Roberts
Kristoffer Ajer
Moussa Dembelle
Kolo Toure
Scott Sinclair
Oliver Ntcham
Odsonne Edouard
Chris Julien
Jeremie Frimpong
David Turnbull

I suppose like most big businesses you get good employees, excellent employees and some honking employees

I have tried just to cover the sort of period that the leader covered …. If our current CEO is judged on signings just now, maybe it’s him and Ange we need tied down in longer contracts, just hope after all the terrific signings Ange has made it can continue … who knows if Peter would also cover some of Ange’s signings in his “passing” over of his duties

One thing about Peter Lawells tenure if he is responsible for terrible signings he has provided us with Artur, Fraser & Craig … 3 outstanding goalies …. Before big Boruc I didn’t think we were allowed to have a good goalie

Hope this post is treated as the wee bit of fun it was posted as … like the article today I shuddered reading some of the signings and some that weren’t even on the list

bada bing1

Paul Ryder,Happy Mondays RIP

The Fenian Whaler

The best analysis of PL’s time in charge of Celtic’s finances and player acquisitions: Before Lawwel – Celtic in a European final with a squad capable of competing at a European level. After his fat arse was in the big chair – Celtic whipping bhoys for 3rd rate Euro teams in 3rd rate Euro competitions. From Henke to Amido – aye there’s your legacy Pete, that and the multi-millions you pocketed.

Snake of a man CSC



18.10 Newm

Micks Dream ,easy winner.

Go collect

My word bmcuw some lead and totally spot on pal . Only thing I feel you left out , is our absent landlords part in allowing him to go unchecked for so long . I wonder if he would have let any of his other business interest waste money like that . Moving on , patiently waiting on our coaches bigger and better statement coming to fruition . We may get better but going by most of our signings bigger seem to be out of the equation . HH



Hope you are on it.Did not have time to read back but first in my lucky 15.Probably the only winner but hey ho.


Evening all & Packy.

Previous directors, squeeky clean?

Pre season ticket days, cash at the turnstyles. Remember the announcements of vastly understated crowds? Directors going home with duffle bags? (So to speak).

A thing of beauty

Great stuff today. Bmcuwp lead the way and the replies have been superb. GFTB and 16 roads bring the balance that applies across the support as a whole. There are many supporters I know who think PL was great for Celtic and will broke no criticism of him. All I will say is if you look at the lists from GFTB list and CFC it would suggest PL had a 50/50 strike rate. In any job of you make an arse of it half the time you’d be sacked. PL was allowed to carry on regardless and as others pointed out out absent landlord let him carry on regardless. A 50% strike rate from anyone in any of his other businesses would be p45 time but the way PL structured the club meant he could find ways to make money, mostly for himself but if DD wasn’t forking out he was happy. I’m glad he’s gone. I wouldn’t say he’s a hun loving criminal but he certainly did more for them
Than he did for us.

The Fenian Whaler

Are Celtic still keeping the biscuit tin lid firmly in place or not? So far I estimate circa £9mill net spent on the rebuild of the squad. I may be in a minority but I think after years of profit made from player dealings that a big ‘splurge’ was in order, not happened yet despite being guaranteed shit loads of cash from CL participation. Ange said an interesting thing during a recent interview about player acquisitions and our knowing what markets we can look for players in? Sounds dishearteningly familiar 😥🍀

The Fenian Whaler

RIP Paul Ryder

Brilliant band, brilliant music

Madchester CSC

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, jim lawell is and was a charlatan, gie me the money that was his motto, and his big mate with the moustache who claimed rainjurs were one of the great football teams, id willingly drive up to parkhead and sling them both out on their arses,another true story👍

Packy 👍
Wish they would both disappear!

big packy

JIM yes 100% 👍

A thing of beauty

Anyone who went to games in Amido Balde’s time will forever remember the sheer perplexed look on Danny McGrain’s face as he tried to get Balde to control the ball he was throwing to him at half time. Danny served it up perfectly every time and everytime Balde stuck some part of his anatomy out and it bounced away. Honestly it was like watching someone who had never played the game. I think Danny eventually stopped as it was too embarrassing for the boy and to the jersey that Danny graced for so many years.

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