Happy Days Are Here Again!


As the headline says,happy days are here again! Yes,it might only be a friendly,and it is hardly against the most attractive opposition in Blackburn Rovers,but for many Celtic fans,that won’t matter.

For they only know that there’s gonna be a show-and The Glasgow Celtic will be there!

Even though it is the first chance to attend at Celtic Park for over two months,the first time also perhaps to meet up with old friends at familiar watering holes,there is little chance of Celtic Park being filled to the rafters. It is,after all,Glasgow Fair-and Easyjet cannot cancel everyone’s flights! Many supporters will be watching it inside the stadium,that is true,but many others will be sunning themselves on various beaches around the globe. 

Although given the extreme heat forecast for today,I would suggest they pop into a local bar,staying in the shade and using their wi-fi,and watch it on the device of their choice. That’s what I’ll be doing!

So what am I expecting to see on display. Well,firstly,there’s the added bonus of seeing virtually the entire squad play a part at some stage. Ange has clearly decided that this method is the way to go as we use our six preseason friendlies to ratchet up our fitness levels for the season ahead. And given that he is allowed to use five substitutes in both domestic and European campaigns,I reckon it is a clever move. 

It will give everyone game time without tiring them out,which is highly possible with two games a week right away. It gives our fringe or forgotten players an opportunity to remind the fans and the manager of who they are,what they have to offer,and possibly even why they were signed in the first place. For others,it is a chance to get used to their colleagues,people like our new signings-and Ideguchi too!

Now,that isn’t me having a cheap shot at Gucci. No way,not at all. I have very high hopes indeed for this young man. To wind back a few years,he impressed so much in Japan at the start of his career,that Leeds United splashed out around £4m on a 21yo. They immediately farmed him out to their feeder club in Spain-where he hardly played a game! That,I do not understand,as Leeds would surely have expected more game time  or him. 

The following season,he was loaned to Greuther Furth. Five games into his time there,he bust his posterior cruciate ligament.  He tried to return,but only played a dozen games in European football in two years.

In 2019,still only 23yo,he returned to Gamba Osaka in Japan. He was still suffering,but the following season,he managed 28 games for the club. His fitness-and his game-were returning. As was his recognition at international level for Japan,where he has been capped 15 times. And in 2021,he played forty times for his club. Surely,his return was complete?

Not quite. He still had unfinished business in Europe. I don’t think Leeds gave him a chance-Bielsa replaced Paul Heckingbottom shortly after he signed-and the injury clearly took its toll. His goal is to achieve at Celtic what he expected to do at Leeds,and also to make the plane to Qatar to contest a Group of Death with Spain,Germany and Costa Rica.

He is the central midfielder we need,I am convinced of that. And he would have proved it by now had he not been kicked to buggery by a Sunday League player from Alloa. He has the positioning sense and ability to read the game that a player occupying that position requires,as well as the discipline to stay put.

He also has the knack of removing the ball so delicately from an opponent’s foot that he will run for another ten yards before he realises that he’s been mugged-watch,if you don’t believe me!

So am I predicting that Gucci will be the next big thing for Celtic? Not quite,no. What I am suggesting is that he was bought to occupy that position,and has all the attributes to do so. He has had a disappointing time of it in Scotland so far,but most of his team-mates have medals already,and he will want one too. He knows that the central midfield position is up for grabs,and he knows that it is up to him to make it his own.

Gucci? I’m telling ye,we’ve won a watch!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Congratulations on your return to The Corner. And to Celtic Park,of course. Hope you have a ball!

I’ll tell WEEFRA tomorrow that you were there. Wish I was!!!


🏉 Tremendous performance by Ireland beating The All Blacks In New Zealand 🇮🇪 👏👏👏


Morning all,

Off to Paradise today.

Can’t wait 💚💚




I don’t object to being called a Fenian. Some of my mates in Kilwinning have me listed on their phones as Fenian Mick-and they’re my pals!

But my Dad does!!!

When Stubbsie scored that last minute header to equalise against the huns in 1997,we were in The Cosy Corner in Kilwinning watching it. Although known as a “neutral” pub,that was for the day to day stuff. And certainly not that night. It’s a tiny wee place,and about fifty crammed in.There were only three people needing peeled off the ceiling when the header went in,and COSYCORNERBHOY and I were two of them.

“Perra Fenian basterts” was the rather loud and aggressive comment from just behind us. Oh,my Dad was not pleased. I know BOTH my parents,and do not call me a Fenian,you don’t understand the meaning of the word. (He might have been marginally less polite,I can’t recall…)

So I turned round to offer my assistance-and named every one of the four of them. I had moved from Kilwinning 25 years earlier,and as I pointed out,had played football with all of them back then.

And three of them had Celtic jerseys at the time!

Cue denials and riddies all round!

Aye,call me what you like,just don’t call my Dad a Fenian…



Does that mean they win the series 2-1?


Anyone fancy a beer before the game ???

Any pub fairly near the park will do !!!!

The EK boys I travel with are golfing and not leaving till later.


Good Morning all, fair buzzing to see the Celts this lunchtime. Meeting my Bhoy in the Merchant City for a late brekkie, thence to match. Will try to get to Corner although time is a bit tight. COYBIG HH



Family are in Crown Creighton on Duke Street. One old codger wi white hair,one wee sprogette necking pints and two ladies of indeterminate age.

In the wee lounge,usually far corner. Not the main bar. Which allows my Dad to saunter off to the toilets and grab a “sneaky” when he thinks my sisters won’t notice.

(Caveat-they bliddy do!”)

Anyway,I’m off to the pub…


Cheers Bobby,

Just a little too far from where I’ll be getting off.

Think I’ll head for Bowling Club.

Thanks anyway for thinking about me👍



German kebab wi yer lad? Hope you have a smashing time together watching Gucci claim his place.


Hope you’re on the ball with Gucci. I agree we need some steel in our side both at the back and in that position you referenced.
I’m sure I’m not alone in getting aggrieved when I see us bullied out of the midfield, and it happens far too often, especially v no mark Sevcoites. Fekkin Jack, Arfield. As I say, no marks.

Half or more of Martin O’Neills team would’ve wiped the floor with them in the heat of battle.

Forget the fact that the mibs shouldn’t be allowing it. That’ll never change, so the personnel has to.

I think Angie would’ve seen enough already to ensure it won’t happen this season.


I’ve been ready for the racing for 2 hours. Missus still getting organised. My turn to give her the same looks as she was dishing out to me yesterday whilst waiting on me typing posts and e mails, whattsapp and text messages.
Hurry up ffs ……


….and here’s a tip for any newly weds. If you get asked “ does this dress look ok? Does it go with these shoes?”

The answer isn’t a simple “ yes it’s fine”

No no no. You need to say “ oh it’s perfect. Spot on. You look fantastic.

Trust me – yes isn’t enough

Jobo Baldie

It’s been a while but Doors To Automatic, Celtic Park here I come…..



I hope I’m right too-because ATHINGOFBEAUTY somewhat demurs on my opinion!

We usually agree where Celtic are concerned and frankly she has me worried about taking such a strong position.

Some photos you sent me last week with the troops. Not much chance of anyone spilling your drinks in the beer tent!

Have fun in Cartmel,and make sure that the bookies pay for it all…



I always said

Whatcha asking me for,I’m a bloke!

Which helps explain why I’m still single.



Aye,rub it in!

bada bing1

Celtic XI: Hart, Juranovic, Taylor, Welsh, Carter-Vickers, McGregor, Turnbull, O’Riley, Abada, Kyogo, Jota


Twisty and they will always tell you they are never late for anything 😇.
Bobby that reminds me of micky Flanagan out late at the pub and saying and all my divorced mates start giving me advice 😂


I agree with Twisty – Hope you’re on the ball with Gucci. I’m confident he will come good. Hope he gets enough game time to get fully up to speed.

I’m still hoping McCarthy will come good as well. Am I the only one?
There used to be a player in there.



In your heyday, I think you’re better than McCarthy.

In fact, you’re probably still better than him now and your 6……….,,,,ish. 😜😜😜

Anyway, time for another beer before the big match 🍺🍺🍺

Prestonpans bhoys

Good fun reading hun blogs, they seem to think that any of their dross should have an opening gambit of £25m because that’s what Arsenal paid for KT. Deluded or what😕

Sol Kitts

Always intrigued by the Huns reaction to players being transferred out from their club. When we lose a decent player we’re generally devastated by this, regardless of the fee we receive, eg KT. When they lose a player, they celebrate the amount of money they get for him. It’s almost like, deep down, they know their club is on its uppers and need money from anywhere just to keep going.
Then they get hyper over cheap replacements, freed players or loans. You’d almost think PL was advising them….

Sol Kitts

BMCUWP @ 1013
You’ve been called worse………😂😂😎

Sol Kitts

Now that the rail strike has scuppered your visit to Chez Kitts, that 18 year old succumbed to my charms and opened up for me. Don’t worry, I’ll have an equally delightful replacement available for you when you do make it here.
Big Packy, in case you thought there was some cradle snatching going on, the 18 year old is a lovely bottle of Tomatin.

big packy

SOL, save me some😎 another true story,,COYBIG

The Real McCoy

DRM 😂 Micky Flanagan 👍🏻
Bobby, notice I got my pubs wrong last week when joshing with BP. Crown Creighton 🤦‍♂️
As an aside, I’m just down the coast from Twisty.
I’m in sunny 🌞 Blackpool with the grandkids.
Unfortunately just been informed of an incoming storm ⛈ and dark clouds 🌧.
The scum are in town for their annual tangerine hatefest 🤬
Into the Tower with them I say.
Then bloody throw them aff 🤪


Today’s game is on Premier Sports if you have it. Currently 1-0 to Blackburn! 4 minutes played.


Jota drives home from the edge of the box 1-1. It’s been all Celtic in the last ten minutes.


2-1 Celtic with a low free kick from 18 yards. A wee deflection leaves the Blackburn keeper looking a wee bit silly!! The free kick came from a beautiful touch from O’Riley taking him clear into the box but a cute wee flick from Blackburn’s 21 brought him down.


Hospital ba’ from Calmac to Welsh brings the first booking of the game to Blackburn.


I wonder when Celtic will address the issue of a left sides centre back! Welsh coming in from the wrong side with the wrong foot just doesn’t work.


The Bull’s goal.
David Turbull’s free kick deflects in and it’s 2-1! 🔥


Mahe your horse is a non runner


I’m not sure what stage of their preparation Blackburn are at but they are not a good fitba side. I’ve not seen a shot from them.


Left back Pickering has been poor this half, cynically pulls down Abade as he stripped him for the umpteenth time this half. Just prior to that the Scottish Line-o sets us up for the season with a late flag for a completely innocuous hand ball by Kyogo as he steals the ba’ off the toe of the Blackburn midfielder and breaks forward. Poor call!


Half time 2-1

Sol Kitts

A poor call, indeed. Looks like he forgot that handball has to be deliberate (except where it stops the ball going into the net).


Really poor, Sol! A bad call which could be controversial in a meaningful game, do these guys understand the rules or bend them to suit an agenda!


I am hopeful on Guci, I like what I have seen of him so far. 🤞🍀


I thought he was invisible in that first half Friesdorfer!! 😂😂😂


Poor goalkeeping by Siegrist! A huge gap for Diaz to place the free kick into his left hand corner. That’s a mistake imo!
2-2 76 minutes played


McCaff. Yip.
Can’t disagree.


All the substitutions have affected the balance of play…a main reason I can’t be bothered with these games!

Expect to get beat with this defence on now.

Bang on que another disastrous piece of defending.



Yeah CT, another right footed centre back on the left!!

big packy

SORRY ,we are not a champions league team ,this is feckin blackburn rovers we are playing, absolute shite defending,,another true story,

1 2 3 5