Everyones finding something

Preseason games get a very unfair rap. Stroll it and they never showed up or they were crap. They show up and you don’t, calls for transfers begin, veterans get instantly accused of being over the hill having ‘lost it’.
Go in strong and you’re the A-hole, let them kick you without responding you’re the wimp.


Preseason games are clearly judged by a different set of rules, and with no actual three points on the line to definitively settle the argument, it becomes a classic case what are you looking for?
The win?
Good debuts?
Good return to the side?
Ability to mix it up?
Etc etc
I like to think the last few games have had something for everyone, bar those looking for a very tight defence. Pre season has been a jovial, friendly affair,,,lots of goals and more bonding with fans.


The gaffer another couple of signings looking likely to happen, examined we had been patient on these ones, and he felt they were about to come off and help us over the finish line.
Knowing that he preferred his key players in place for the preseason, the fact he is prepared to wait for these two speaks volumes. Clearly not a couple of no-ones nor locals, I think that’s fair to say.
It’s exciting waiting for the rabbit out of the hat but I do expect one to be a defender.
Given only a decent naturally left sided central defender could put Starfelt out of the starting eleven, the smart money goes on Ange having discovered one and having tempted him personally.


Id like another striker, with the theory being one of Kyogo/G-Mak is regularly injured and moving a winger isn’t ideal, nor is Tam around to push up front. But to displace the two mentioned would take someone special, it’s more than likely the bench most weeks and real quality won’t accept that.


Probably a midfielder then.
Again, the bar is high. To automatically command a starting place alongside Calmac and O’Riley you’ve gotta have more in the locker than Turnbull, Hatate, McCarthy, Ideoguchi,,,not a bad bunch of players and David chips in with his fair share of goals. To play in an Ange team, you need good conditioning, a team ethic, some footballing brains, and no little footballing skill.
Have we honestly discovered someone with all of the above, slowly persuaded him and he’s opted for the move after weighing it up? Tells me he’s good.
A quality midfielder who will slot straight into our midfield and improve us? Bring it on.


With the positive vibes public training session opening the week, new names destined to complete it, there’s a sense of purpose around Glasgow Celtic.
There’s nothing hidden, no agendas, simply smiles and excitement as the team and support embark upon another long hard campaign, this one including Europes top table.


This upcoming week is just another big week, at a club where every seven days is huge. Bono couldn’t find what he was looking for, but the supporters have found their buzz again, the players have found their bond with the support again, and Ange found patience worked best with the incoming pair.
Pretty soon we find out if they’ve found what they’re looking for.


By Mahe

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Telegraph reporting Aaron Mooy is the midfielder coming, Australian 31, free agent.
He needs to play and play well to start in the world cup. The move makes sense and hes correct to wait a little and decide which move suits best footballing wise.
I’d like to see what he brings to the table. A good age, we could do with an old head.


Morning all
Naps update
Once again I apologise for the belated update. ( I did warn you!)
Unless I’m mistaken, which is of course a possibility so just shout if you spot an error, we had 4 winners this week.

Weet Weet Weet tipped up the biggest price winner this week with Eddie’s boy obliging at rewarding odds of 15/2. He takes the top tipster award for week 4. Well done Weet Weet Weet who is well positioned in 5th place with a nice £10.50 profit for the season.

You can’t keep a good man down and both Call me Gerry and 16 Roads are consistently proving that point. Both weighed in again with super 5/1 winners. That sees 16 Roads return to the top spot with a fantastic total of £19.50 profit after only 4 weeks. That return is worthy of Racing Post tipster status. Brilliant tipping. Not far behind with £14.00 profit is the aforementioned Call me Gerry. He’s slotted into second spot now and firmly in the mix for the winners prize.
Speaking of consistency brings in our other weekly winner Danny Mac. He weighed in with his second winner in as many weeks to continue his bid for glory. Excellent stuff from all 4winners .

The last favourite of the day lost so if there were any non runners which were not replaced, your £1 would’ve went down with that last favourite.

Updated table for Week 4.

16 Roads. £ 19.50

Call me Gerry. £ 14.00

Jungle Gerry. £13.00

St Tams. £ 11.50

Weet Weet Weet £10.50

BMCUW. £ 8.00

Danny Mac. £4.58

GFTB. £ 3.50

=BP. £0.75
=CCE. £0.75
=DRM. £0.75
=Jobo. £0.75
=McCaff. £0.75

Lefty. -£0.12

Mahe. -£1.00

Everyone else on minus £4

Jimmy NP, VP, ATOB, Bada, Twisty, Jim, Charlinic, Gordon, Leggy, Chalmersbhoy, BRRB, Craig, Hashadenough, Raymac, TRM, CCB.


Excellent news if Mooy is announced.
As you say right age/experience, with added steel for the “Broony” role.
Calmac to fight it out with Matt,Reo,DT for the other positions.
Hopefully he is the pivot that gives structure to the midfield to better control games.


Morning all,

Excellent article Mahe.

I would disagree with the “ Jovial and Friendly “ part for last Saturday’s game.

Some of the Blackburn tackles were X rated and warranted red cards 🟥🟥

Could have badly injured our players !!!!!!

Well the hottest day of the year is forecast 🤔

Means, The woolly jumper can have a day off in EK 😜

Enjoy your day everyone and be careful out there ☀️☀️☀️

RenkoCSC. 🍀🍀🍀

A thing of beauty

Feeling a bit underwhelmed by the signing of a free almost 32 year old midfielder. I suppose he is a replacement for Rogic but not sure why we didn’t just keep Rogic unless it was Tam that wanted to go. We have to trust Ange, he’s not let us down so far but I feel we needed a strong CDM in the Wanyama mould and that’s not Mooy.
We have spent 15m so far, yet the figure mentioned for getting to the champs league is £40m. I do hope we are not hoarding money again. I appreciate we can’t spend £20m on a player because that level of player won’t come here but we are short in two very important areas of the team. Something not adding up here for me and I’m pretty sure Ange will be thinking the same thing.


Appreciate the article though to be perfectly honest, with regards to the title “ everyone finding something” the something I’m finding is “something to be very concerned about”, and that is, the glaring defensive weakness and the lack of midfield bite.
I’m with ATOB on the defensive frailties and she summed it up way better than I could, so enough said on that. In midfield I’m afraid if Aaron Mooy is considered the answer then someone hasn’t understood the question.
As ever I’ll be hoping I’m completely wrong on holding that opinion, and given I’m probably more wrong than right, then perhaps that’ll give optimism to others.

It’s looking like a domestic season that’ll almost certainly come down to 4 matches v them, which in itself would bring cause for concern based on recent history, and, a European campaign that could see us concede a lot of goals regardless of which teams we are pitched in against, be that in the CL and or whichever tournament we end up in.

With the creative talent of Jota and a number of quality finishers in our side I’ve no doubt we will be scoring a barrowload domestically, and will net a reasonable amount in Europe, but so often in the past, it’s been at the other end where the damage has been done. I see nothing in our current squad to arrest that pattern.

I hope I’m proven wrong.


ATOB has just posted I see. My reference was to her post made yesterday .


Morning all…ATOB and Twists bang on! The situation with Mooy was Mooy-ted last season and it seemed a strange one to me back then. He’s hardly played since January from what I can see so he’d be coming into a fast=playing squad seriously off the pace. Perhaps Ange knows something we don’t but if an experienced, off the pace player is what we’re looking for surely McCarthy fits the bill!



The only preseason friendly I can recall which made me worried about the season ahead was at the start of the Centenary Season.

We got gubbed 5-1 at home by Arsenal.

Yet it all worked out ok,as I recall.

We’ve played four times so far,and I have yet to watch any of them. Not a minute,bar a clip of the goals. Could not care less.

The big picture,well,that comes on the last day in July.


ps I read one comment earlier, not on here, that suggested he’d be ready now to take a step back into a more defensive midfield position as he’s slowed up a wee bit! Not Celtic, SPFL or CL standard transfer activity as far as I’m concerned!!



“Perhaps Ange knows something we odn’t but if an experienced, off the pace player is what we’re looking for surely McCarthy fits the bill!”

Very good 😂


From memory Bobby, Celtic played 5 or 6 games that pre-season culminating in the defeat to Arsenal at Parkheid and lost every one! Things didn’t look too good, right enough but it turned out a beauty!


Mooy? On this,I think we have to trust Ange’s judgement. The board clearly has,and that is something we’ve been calling for since way back when.


Got a job on today for a greetin’ faced old youknowwhat so need to get moving, have a great day all!


I agree Bobby but it doesn’t seem like a progressive step, it seems like a short-term solution to a long standing problem!


Gotta go now!

St tams

Good morning, from a glorious North Berwick ☀️

St tams

Remember that Arsenal game well. Went straight through to Murrayfield right after the game to see U2


Indeed – if it’s Angie’s call and he thinks Mooy can do us a turn then he has to be allowed to call the shot, and unlike me, Ange has definitely got more right than wrong in his short tenure.
As long as he’s not been told there’s no more cash and you’ll need to find a free transfer if you want to add more!


Don’t see anything wrong with the occasional Free transfer ( Huns have used this option well in the past ) or the proven successful loan with option to buy route.

Also stop gap recruits ( based on age) sometimes leave a legacy – Lubo for one.

Some real doom n gloom outlooks on here.
Enough to ruin a beautiful day.

The time to decry the signing policy is when the window closes.
If I recall we didn’t sign Jota, CCV til the last couple of days last year.

A thing of beauty

That’s what worries me. Why with all the cash (remember we’ve already posted a financial note to say we’re going to have far better accounts than we expected) are we going for a free transfer who has not played consistently for at least a year in a poor league. We need to strengthen from a position of strength. We have a history a failure in this respect, right back in my time to the centenary season. We can’t do that again. Last year was a surprise title, won by a system and a brilliant coach. He has been given the two loan signings and should have had the same again for a centre half and centre mid. We’ve got enough players in midfield that fill the bench – guchi and McCarthy spring to mind. We shouldn’t be signing another. We need a specialist CDM and Mooy is not it. A weird decision in my view.



Totally agree.

We’re doomed, ah telt ya, we’re all doomed !!!!!!

I trust in Ange, hasn’t done too bad already, has he ?? 😁😁

Don’t panic yet Bhoys and Ghirls 🍀🍀🍀

We don’t stop. 💚💚💚

A thing of beauty

It’s the profile of the player that worries me. He is free and has been playing in a league that is not rated for the last two years.
We have issued a profits warning in the sense that our accounts are going to be better than expected. We have signed CCV and Jota for £12m and benarbei for £3m. We need a left sided centre half and CDM who are the best we can afford. That means to me the same again being spent on these two than we did with CCV and Jota. We have never strengthened from a position of strength and it seems to me this points towards us repeating the same mistakes.
Now CFC is correct to point out that if he’s free then it’s a low ball gamble but it’s not really according to people far better versed than me . Apparently Mooy takes up a place in our CL squad meaning we only have one signing left that we can buy in to meet uefa requirements . Surely that’s the Centre half so we now have no competition at 6 for McGregor.
I go back to the trust Ange that we have all spoken about. I absolutely trust the man. I just worry he’s been told we’re not spending any decent money after our splurge on the two loans from last season. If that’s the case we’re repeating the same mistakes we always have. I just thought things might have changed.


Bloody boiling down here today. Cot time shortly,as my own hump day beckons.

I remember in 89,telling my boss that we had to close the premises. It was 112F in the factory,totally inhuman to have people working in that. I was the QA guy,and had the right to at least ask.

Plus it was Fair Friday!

No maximum temperature for working conditions,I was told. Hmmm,got a point. But there is a maximum for the material we are working with.

Factory closed,off to the pub! Result.



Thanks for the article which again is thought provoking.

I never read too much into pre season games as we know it’s about game time and attaining fitness.The amount of changes during these games is not conducive to achieving continuity of patterns of play.

On the recruitment front I too had hoped we would make a couple of more signings of note that would show our intentions regarding the Champions League,hopefully there is time yet.



And remember… they don’t like it up ‘em.

A t o b

A CH is a priority, I agree.
Wouldn’t JMcC drop out of the CL squad if a replacement is found? I assume he is currently taking a place.

We don’t necessarily need to spend this window if a Loan with option is available.


I hadn’t heard of either Jota or CCV when they signed. Many on here would have been the same.

The point being there are many ways to construct a squad.



On the plus side concerning Mooy’s recent employment, he should be well rested and raring to 😀
Got a WC to aim for.

bada bing1

Good experienced player, i wouldn’t be against getting a CB of a similar age,specially if he’s got CL games on his CV



Thanks for the heads up on the waste of money. It led to me writing an article on the subject,and I’m very grateful for that.

It can be difficult to think of topics,especially in the close season. And that one just happens to be one of my favourites anyway!



There was a lot of googling being done with Ange’s signings last year-and with The Man himself,of course!

The only thing I know about Mooy is that he is an Australian internationalist,and Huddersfield’s record £8m signing. Oh,and he’s either 31 or 32yo. That’s it.

I’ll trust AP as he has got it right so far. And this is definitely a MANAGER signing,which,as I said earlier,we have all been crying out for over many years.



Really good points

I take A.T..O.Bs point that maybe Ange has maybe went this way because his budget may have been spent but I remain hopeful it’s not and that knowing Mooy and his attributes means he will be a good fit for the team and the system.There is still time to bring players in albeit CL deadlines to be considered and I think we will.

We are not privy to Anges requests regarding his transfer requirements but I dont think he is the type to be renaged upon.

Time will tell.


Renko be careful out there, Liked it.😄



Happy to oblige.
I knew when I first saw that list it would a useful point of reference.
The profligacy made a few folk a fair few Bob!

The two signings we all hope for and we are as good as we can be this season.



I’ve oft quoted the opening para in The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell. It goes something like this with my addition.

Four concepts alien to the Glaswegian Celtic supporter mind:

Forgiveness and

I’d say your well considered article suffers from none which raises the old CQN question.

Are you a h*n?


31 years ago today Cascarino signed for Celtic 🥴🥴🤪🤪
Enjoy the lovely weather folks 🥵🥵🥵



I made no connection between Brighton and Hove Albion and Mooy until I saw his picture.

Then I remembered watching him on MOTD and thinking he was a useful player holding his own in the Premier League. He stood out just as Neil Lennon did at Leicester and my thinking he could do a job for Celtic back then and he did to such an extent the memory of his role remains in supporters minds to this day.

On a one year contract probably wanting a 3, Mooy will want to impress, especially if his good lady wants to stay longer in a city she was a native of.

Had McCarthy got the legs I doubt if transferring the worry of the lack of running power to Mooy would have occured but as ever we”ll see if your concern materialises.



What are the odds that Ange knows something we dont?

That Ange has not realised McCarthy has not lived up to expectations but in Mooy and with limited funds to find an already established player of good standard Ange thinks Mooy can do a job?

What are the odds that Ange knows less than the supporters and Mooy will fail?

I’m not a betting man but if I was, my money would be on Ange based on the few occasions I’ve seen Mooy on MOTD.

Our back four choices and keeper are good defenders when backs to the wall. The 2 1 victory at Ibrox that won the league shows that.

Our defensivec frailties arise when a player makes a mistake trying to play to a team mate in our half or even further up.

It’s not winning the ball that is the defensive problem but giving it away.

We either accept the way Ange wants to play football or reverse where our strength lies.

My heart finds Ange’s philosophy hard to take on match day, but overall it provides for an enjoyable game of football, especially when we win.

Europe? The only trophy Celtic or Rangers will win there is the banter one.


Mooy played in both of Australia’s games recently v UAE and Peru. So in terms of match readiness he won’t be far away.
I have seen very little of him but his strengths apparently are an ability to find space and pick a precise pass over short and long distance.
If so Kyogo, in particular, will benefit if they quickly get on the same wavelength.

The Fenian Whaler

Dearie me Aaron Mooy – really🤔. Let’s just say if Sevco were signing him we’d be laughing at them and saying that it’s just another sign they are skint. Now hopefully I am very very wrong but a 31-year-old freebie whose previous playing career is hardly inspiring.



The Huns have signed freebies in the past – same age or older – who, like it or not, helped them to a Title, Cup and EL final.
Two that spring to mind immediately are Arfield and Davis.

But let’s keep the negatIve vibe going! 😉


Good Afternoon from a scorching Monifieth on Tay. Just catching up with the blogs from the weekend. Great to meet up with Big Jimmy, BRRB and Leggy on Saturday after the match for a wee interlude in the Merchant City. A very pleasant couple of hours, and, yes, I did make the Megabus back to Dundee in good time…


The Fenian Whaler

A thing of beauty

Not sure if the £15 mill you mention was spent on player acquisition is correct. I make it closer to £9.5 mill net that the biscuit tin has been raided for. As i have mentioned before the majority of the cash used for Anges’ team rebuild came from the sales of Eddy, Kris & Christie. Now you are right to question just exactly where is the CL money going?

The Fenian Whaler


NegatIve vibe! Do you mean as opposed to a Pravdaesque vibe🤔



Oh dear!
Accusations of being a Board apologist – since that is my definition of your “Pravdaesque”?

I don’t think you can point to one of my many contributions being anything of the sort.
Quite the opposite.

Just someone who looks for a positive slant rather than being a knee jerk dismissive with no evidence to back up their criticism.



Been sitting here bored as I’ve got the painter in so I’m basically trapped 😬

Gave me time to go researching Aaron Mooy. Was scouring the fanzines of his previous clubs.

Despite my misgivings about his age and previous status, I’m mildly encouraged by some of the reviews on him. My favourite ( admittedly it was a couple seasons or so ago) was this:

“Most dribbles by a Brighton player, Most passes by a Brighton player, Most tackles on the pitch, Three shots, One assist. In a game featuring the likes of Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Pepe it’s Aaron Mooy who ran the show at the Emirates.”

I liked in particular the ‘ most tackles on the pitch’ comment. We certainly need someone who can fulfil that role of a midfielder who puts himself about in a battle.



Where did the money come from to pay for Kyogo, Carl, JJ, JH, Liel, Matt, Reo, Guchi?



I’ve read he’s not so much a blood n snotters type of ball winner, more Nick it off yer toe type.

Sounds like he’s not so much a rampaging
Midfielder, more one with good positional sense.


An entertaining leader to start the week off. Cheers.


Cascarino FFS. Are ye trying to give me nightmares? 😀
Worst Celtic player that I have ever had the non-privelege to watch. A total waste of space. Full stop. Brady was at it when he signed this imposter. I was actually at Cascarino’s debut v Cork City in Cork. He played absolute pish on that occasion, and got steadily worse, as time marched on. He is the only Celtic player that I can remember, being booed off the park, on his debut. Some Derry Tims of my acquaintance, gave him absolute peters. Fair play to them, sez I. As an aside, a certain Roy Keane was playing for Cork that evening. Shortly after, he joined Nottingham Forrest. So Forrest got Keane, and we ended up with that big lump of wood. Sometimes, life just isnae fair. 😀

Big Packy

How ye doing bud? 😀

Hail Hail.

The Fenian Whaler


WT actual F? So assumptions based on nothing but positivity are fine however those from a negative perspective aren’t. And BTW the 2 senior Huns you mentioned in comparison to Mooy have a better footballing pedigree. Mooy having only played a few games for Brighton in 2 seasons and scored 2 goals?

The money came from player sales. This is the first season since WGS’s 1st that Celtic has actually spent money, in real terms, on players rather than making a profit from player sales. So out of all the years of big profits from selling our best assets, the club has thus far spent, in real terms, or in Celtic PLC parlance -making a loss, of +/- £9.5 million in rebuilding an entire squad. Oh, I forgot to mention that they do have £30 -40 million heading to the biscuit tin soon to make up for this wee shortfall. If you are happy with that level of spending then ok, me, I was expecting a bit more of a spend on players, especially on a top-quality defensive middy, or at least the best that would be attracted to play in Scotland – who knows that might yet happen. Now I may be doing Mooy a huge disservice, and I do hope I am sooooo wrong, but he doesn’t really fit the profile of what is required for us to at least compete in Europe does he?



Wt actual F yerself.

I’m not dismissing the player I’m giving him a chance- before he’s signed! It’s got nothing to do with assumptions/ you’re the one making those.
N I and Canadian internationalists?
You sure about that?

Exactly- those players were signed using receipts from player sales.

We haven’t sold anyone of note since.
So where have the funds come for Jota, CCV, Bernabei? You realise haven’t banked CL money yet?

We don’t have a magic money tree like they do down Govan way.

Maybe we should top the Huns £4m? bid for Davies?

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