It’s A Man’s Game?

There’s a small comment from Martin Samuel in Tuesday’s Daily Mail about Emma Hayes,the manager and coach of Chelsea’s ladies football team. That she must be wondering-what if?-as she watches England’s ladies team take their place on the world stage.

He points out that on two separate occasions,the role as England manager was hers for the asking,but she asked on both occasions not to be considered.

So what,you might say? What the hell do I care about women’s football? Or even their opinions about it,what do they know? Etc,etc,etc…

You all know my sister who posts on here,and a good few of you know her in person too. Not only the top scorer in the ladies league in South London for seven seasons-so she can walk the walk as well as talk the talk—that is one lady who knows her stuff when it comes to the game. SOLKITTS and I took her to her first game when she was about 10yo,and she couldnae wait! Everything on the way to the game was Charlie this,Charlie that.

One look at the sublime talents of Paul McStay and everything changed utterly!

Aye,seems that women know their stuff,and in the forty years since,that girl has pointed out quite a few things to me that I might otherwise have missed. Football-wise too!

So when I tuned in one Wednesday night to Radio 5 to listen to a Champions League commentary-this was about six years ago-imagine my utter shock at hearing a bliddy woman doing the co-commentary! And,oh my God,the glottal stops-this is the BBC,have standards slipped so much?!!!

It was Emma Hayes,and I had never even heard of her before. No idea who she was. But honestly,even via a radio broadcast,she transported me to the match. Her description of the flow was unbelievable. But it was her tactical analysis that struck me most. The right back has the winger in his pocket,he should switch sides,the Centre mid is slow on the turn,the keeper isn’t commanding the box. You name it,she saw it. Glottal stop anaw,I could listen to her discussing even just this one game for as long as she wanted.

We had a discussion on here a few days ago about whether women should be allowed to compete alongside the men in football. If yer good enough,yer good enough. And my Dad always said that if ATHINGOFBEAUTY had baws,she’d have played for Celtic! So too,btw,would another Ayrshire lass,Rose Reilly. I’m probably embarrassing my kid sis by saying that,so I apologise. But the point is valid for the bigger point,and the main thrust of this article.

I don’t think women can compete on the field at the same level as men. Not yet,though it will come. But Emma Hayes? There’s a top level coaching position in the men’s game which will be hers,and the club which has the sense to reach for her will be all the better for it.

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Sol Kitts

I heard you the first time 😂😂😎


Uwe Seeler Germany great dies aged 85 🇩🇪
Seeler scored 43 goals in 72 games for West Germany and featured at four World Cups.
He spent his entire club career at Hamburg, from 1954 to 1972, scoring 490 goals in 580 appearances.


No way did you just turn up Gordon! I just got an email from Ticketmaster…Springsteen tickets available on resale for £500!!! I hope you got yours in the general sale! A monkey to see the Boss…


Sol…had to read that twice! 🤣🤣🤣


Since your on, were you successful today for tickets?

Jobo Baldie

Bobby – it must give you a lot of satisfaction that today’s article provoked so much well informed debate throughout the day. Very good reading but it sounds as if it will be some time before I’m running a M(orW)OTM competition;-)

St tams

As far as I’m aware, the Kerrydale bar will be hospitality only this season.
There is a new bar opening at the South West area of the ground, but unsure exactly where as that’s where you get into the Kerrydale.

Sorry to hear that your not keeping to well, hope you and your sisters health improves.

I’m meeting up with Melly tomorrow.


McCaff & CB 👍😎

It seems that the Hibees have been thrown out of the League Cup, after fielding an ineligible player. 3-0 to the opposition. Such a pity, that Sandy Bryson, and his fellow bigots at the SFA, were not on the case, when the Huns, were fielding hundreds/thousands of the same ineligible players, during the EBT decade, of industrial scale cheating. Thank feck we had Dermo and big Peter, to plead our case. Then again…


Prayers said for you and your sister.

Big Packy

Hope you and Joan are well.

Hail Hail.


Was 5004 In queue got to check out at 9.09.
£432 for standing..I said f.o.
Fuck ticket master csc..


For a man that always singing about his blue collar roots that’s some cash to see him


Shocking you say a blue collar man!
Prices not down to him…my arse!!


And I thought Celtic were bad !!!


At least they are green collar!!


At the prices these top guys are charging I would want them playing in my front room


Its not the artist but ticket master.they are now the touts!!dynamic pricing!!.


But surely the artists could put the pressure on if they really wanted to or even the fans could just say no as well

bada bing1

JNP- Really sorry to read about your situation, hope things improve for you all HH

bada bing1

Chalmersbhoy- a pal got front standing tickets,basically the cordoned off bit in front of the stage £160…..just looked £610….


Feck you can watch Awe Naw for free on here he just needs to cut the arms off his shirts


Now that Bobby has come out as a Yes fan I need to come clean and say I am one as well


Its shocking that normal fans are missing out,ok if you are rich though!.even 160 is dear,do you not think?
This is like Celtic charging over the odds for a THE
rangers game ,oh wait a minute😁.
Prices are ridiculous




Where is Bruce playing?


That was some goal tally Uwe Seeler had deadly



ATHINGOFBEAUTY only swears when I’m around,and usually in my direction. All of it deserved,of course.

Earn it,own it.



You have amazing fortitude and spirit. I bow to that,I don’t know any other way of putting that into words.

Your sister will have the same,and we all hope and pray for her.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.
I turned 60 at the start of the month and one of the many kind gifts was a round of golf with my 2 sons at Aberdour, home of the annual CQN open. Teeing off today at 11.50 and thoroughly looking forward to it and wondering how my bhoys cope with their first time on THOSE 2 opening holes. Weather forecast not brilliant but any reassuring local live knowledge might reassure me!




Just crossed FRB on way North- dull, dry and outlook for later / May brighten up!