Thanks For The Memories,Artur


It certainly seems like a long time ago-and 2005 was certainly that-but there was a time when Celtic had two problem positions,largely unresolved since the days of The Lions.

The best managers of our club in my lifetime are Martin O’Neill and Jock Stein. Each of them had a blind spot when it came to goalkeepers,and neither could find a decent left back,apart from the peerless Tommy Gemmell-who was not a natural left back,by the way,and right footed into the bargain.

Just ask Helmut Haller!

I have nightmares about the goalkeepers we had to endure after Ronnie Simpson left and before Artur Boruc arrived. Many of those goalkeepers had nightmares on a regular basis,like clockwork on a Saturday afternoon and Wednesday night. Then Artur arrived,and bingo. 

Once we signed him,we seemed to have a regular flow of top notch keepers,and it is hard to argue that Fraser Forster wasn’t the best of them. Just ask the Rangers players who peppered him for ninety minutes with everything they had one fine December afternoon at Hampden.

Or the Barcelona players who must have been sick of the sight of him!

Yet,maybe the best performance of any Celtic goalkeeper that I’ve witnessed was actually just prior to Artur’s arrival? And,yes,it was against Barcelona too. Nou Camp in 2004/05,as David Marshall held back the constant flow of shots from the home side,ably assisted of course by John Kennedy.

A pair of teenagers,against one of the best sides in the world? Unbelievable world-class performances that night from them both. Oh,I had such hopes for them.

Sadly,things happen,but David Marshall has had a very good career,even without quite hitting the heights I expected. And John Kennedy had his wrecked by an outrageous act of mindless violence against him in a friendly match while playing for his country. A disaster for him personally and professionally,and one too for everyone who could see how fine a player he was destined to be. Yet,sadly,destined not to be.

Artur will,by his own admission,agree that his own career never quite hit the highs that he looked destined for when we first saw him in 2005. But he had a magnificent career regardless of that. A Bournemouth fan of my acquaintance rates him as his club’s finest player ever,for example. 

His performances shaded towards the end of his time with us,as personal problems seemed to cause him on field issues too. That’s the kind of thing that many of us have seen for ourselves,bringing your personal issues to work with you. Maybe we’ve all done it,if we are honest! He moved on,his best days for us largely just good memories. Unlamented,in truth,as his form had dropped so precipitously.

Yet it was fitting that we should be the opponents in his final match,while he played for his boyhood club. He might not have been The Original Holy Goalie-you all know who that is!-and he might not even have been born a Celt. But he IS one,and you could tell how much he loved everything about our club.

Especially the bit that enjoys a bit of hunskelping..

Thanks,Artur. You were a wonderful example of the fine art of goalkeeping,and also of the truth in the old adage that you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper. And you could take a decent penalty anaw!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Magnificent keeper

That penalty kick he struck v Dundee Utd in the 11-10 shootout was something else. Postage stamp.

Echoing Bobbys headline – thanks for the memories Artur

Penalty kick clip :

St tams

Morning all.

Arthur, is my all time favourite keeper. We should have sold him after Euro 2008, where he was magnificent. We would have got a fortune for him.

Jobo, enjoy your golf ⛳

Prestonpans bhoys

Arthur is certainly my favourite goalie, Fraser was also one hell of a keeper too. However must say his performance in the final against Old Firm FC has been over exaggerated.

There were a few good saves but most saves were ones I would expect a decent keeper to make!


Morning all,

Penalty save against Spartak ✅
Penalty save from Saha. ✅
Penalty scored against Dundee Utd. ✅

Wow Wow Wow. !!!!!

Thanks for the memories Artur 💚💚

We won’t mention the squiggler 😁😁


Good morning all from Govanhill. Meeting at Shipbank today 1pm. All welcome no exceptions. Bring spare liver.


The atmosphere that night v Man U was incredible.

The noise when Artur saved this Saha pen. Deafening!


The penalty shootout v Spartak



Being there on those 2 nights was magical 💚

Atmosphere was something else.


Won’t make it today as golfing at Glasgow Gailes 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️⛳️⛳️

Awe Naw
bada bing1

Chalmersbhoy- from last thread,artists charge money for concerts that they couldn’t spend,it might be down to management companies, but a guy from Bruce’s background, should be setting the prices,Ticketmaster are the biggest touts going.



That has to be the worst penalty I’ve ever seen!



Enjoy the dayoooooot. Don’t forget to organise a couple of taxis,one for you and the other for your liver.

A thing of beauty

Astonishing prices to see Bruce Springsteen. I honestly think the world has gone mad.
Enjoy the golf. A nice wee treat as part of your 60th.
To other matters,
I see Barca have now sold 25% of their la liga tv rights for the next 25 years to an investment firm. This club is going to go kaput. Uefa are not interested in FFP in anyway shape or form. It might take a major club like that to fall for people to realise football is and has been out of control for years. Flips sake, Jesse Lingaard has just signed for Nottingham Forrest for £180k a week. Whit? This club have been in the doldrums for years and now have a chance to get back to the top flight and be sensible in their approach. Doesn’t sound like they are doing that to me.



Mr and Mrs ATHINGOFBEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

Sol Kitts

Happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs ATOB. Congratulations to both of you. 🍾🍾

Prestonpans bhoys

Congratulations to Mr&Mrs ATOB and on a Friday too 👍👏🍷🍻


Just got a text from my wee Scouse mate. He does NOT do politically correct.

I can’t make my mind up whether to retire as the local flasher or stick it out for another year.



The move for Lingard is interesting,for a number of reasons. He is hardly a player whom fans of any club would have had on their radar as a summer signing-yet he has been offered a deal worth £10m a season?

Thing is,though,that it is a one year deal,though I am sure that Forest will be in pole position a year from now to sign him up again. That suggests to me that Forest are not confident enough of staying up to offer him a longer deal at those rates,and that he isn’t confident of it either to accept a huge salary cut if they are relegated.

We have said on here many times that football will eat itself. I wrote an article last week about Barcelona defying financial gravity with their planned expenditure,and Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann made the same point earlier this week.

I mentioned my Bournemouth mate in today’s article. He simply could not believe that his club had hit the dizzy heights that they did. He also couldn’t believe the debts accrued while they were surfing the wave of EPL income.

It WILL come to a grinding halt one day,and there is the possibility that a cash-surplus club like Celtic will be well-placed to benefit from the fall-out. But that is like being around after a nuclear winter.

There’s no winners in that scenario.


Happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs ATOB


Awe Naw
What a diabolical effort. He’d never hit another penalty if I was his manager.


Happy anniversary to you both. Hope you have a lovely day.

BMCUWP @ 11.16am

Now, being a sick bassa masel, and, drinking in the Gallowgate, even I was shocked at this text from a mate during the recent heatwave:

‘It’s that hot I’m sweating like a blind Lesbian in a fishmongers’

HH or Ha Ha

St tams

Happy anniversary to Mr and Mrs ATOB.
Have a lovely day


Bobby / Calton T


Awe Naw
Awe Naw


over thinking it. straight down the middle.


I’ve seen that done before. Very impressive


Awe Naw 12.39.
That is superb!!!.
Lou Reed lives!!💚💚
Thank you.


Happy Anniversary to ATOB and her hubby.
Many congratulations and have a blast!!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Happy Anniversary to Mrs & Mr ATOB! 👏🍾🎉

I must ask, does he understand the offfside rule? 😁


Fab article, I’ve many fond memories of Artur.
He agrees with you, he said on Wednesday, he had a great career but could have been a bit more professional.
I think that’s part of why I loved him, he took no shit, no back of the bus for Artur.
I remember him refusing to shake Gets players hands after we lost at Ibrox, Barry, as ever, ran away, crying to his friends in the MSM.
Artur double downed, by saying. ” I don’t shake hands with people I don’t like”.


St Tams.
Melly messaged me, he enjoyed your story about the school reunion, plenty of laughing e.mojis.
Thanks to all, for the kind words, messages etc.
It can be a nice place, at times. 😯😂


Life throws up some contrasts….football is no exception.

On the one hand we have an emotional but dignified retirement from the game by Boruc. Then we have Griffiths scrambling to find a club, other than Forfar, willing to risk giving him a one season deal. I fear the Griff is about to face his greatest challenge in life….what to do next.


A thing of beauty

Thanks for the wishes guys and thanks for the song awe naw. To answer TLR Mr ATOB has zero interest in football but did find out today that we are going to the canaries in November. November he says? Yes I thought you’d like to cheer on Australia in the World Cup!!
No nee for any more wishes. Time to talk fitba.
Griffiths is now reaping what he has sown. He had plenty of warnings and heeded none of them. A man child who as you say will struggle for the future. I wish him no ill will but the penny has dropped too late for him.


AP in Sky interview saying we have to be stronger and more robust. The league is priority.
Also saying potentially another couple in, some going out.( CJ, AA?)


Awe Naw

Excellent. Lovely dedication to JNP and his sis and quality rendition.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, ATOB, CONGRATS, what a horrible wet day here in cheshire, was so wet it reminded me of our school bus runs from st augustines in coatbridge to the ayrshire coast, one year it was troon, the next year it was saltcoats ,and the next year it was ayr, rained every time, does it ever stop raining in ayrshire 😎😎 BTW is ayr ice rink still going, i was the ice skating teacher there in the 70s FFS i even taught jimthetim 53 and solkitts to ice skate, yes them were the days, another true story,😎


Packy I’ve still got the bruises from Ayr Ice Rink!

The Leopard’s Rimshot

Thanks for the reply, ATOB, but I’m stunned to learn your hubby has no fitba interest!

Your knowledge of the game is an absolute joy to read here and tell him from me he doesn’t know what he’s missing 😁

Also great to read of your record goal scoring exploits in the Southern League, you must have made a right few Sassenachs sick in your time 💪🍀🍻


Happy Anniversary ATOB. 🙂

big packy

JIM ,yes happy days, still cant remember if you paid me for them ice skating lessons or not😎😎


No but I bought you a pint!

big packy

on artur boruc loved the ghuy, especially when he blessed himself at the bigot dome👍

big packy

JIM yes, barrs irn bru 🤩🤩

big packy

when I was driving for a living, used to drive thru norwich ,wish it had been closed🤩BTW that delia smith is a good cook,another true story

big packy

JIM, have you been watching david suchet today???????

big packy

JIM did you know david suchet had a brother called john, who was a journalist and newsreader,anoher true story👍

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