And So It Begins…

There was only one friendly played in Glasgow over the weekend. 

The famous Glasgow Celtic put on a show, enhancing the clubs name with a winning performance, enhancing Ange’s reputation with some silky football, and showing the home fans in a positive light for their large attendance plus passionate support.

It was a good day for the club, to wrap up a good week.

There was another football match scheduled in the same city, on the same day, with the same kickoff time.

It was a friendly fixture on paper, but calling it friendly does not necessarily make it so. 

As we all know by now, there was more than just an onfield clash. 

And the season hasn’t even truly started yet. It’s July for goodness sake, nothing on the line, yet unsavoury scenes surface.

The fact both teams were entertaining at home simultaneously was lost on me until the actual day, usually the fuzz won’t give the nod for this, claiming resources could be stretched too thinly. They’ve a bloody cheek, the Tims need bare minimum stewarding, even less policing, while our rivals on the other hand require riot squads to be on full alert with paramedics on standby not to mention the very expensive ‘eyes in the skies’ helping coordinate the response to violence.

This was no Johnny Foreigner either but fellow butchers apron flag wavers. The rationale for the violence remains beyond me at this stage, but many locals were masked while the first picture shows dozens sporting a very similar look, presumably all part of some Ultra group or other. Both suggest this was no unintended event, no accident on the way to enjoying the game.

A scrap was on the agenda.

Having segregated both sets of supporters, the local police once again were forced to face down the mob, to bear the brunt of their ire.

I type this some 24hrs after the ugly scenes, and ‘Rangers’ are still trending on Twitter, casting a negative light on the national sport to millions. Again.

And the season hasn’t even started.

The good news is that the camera doesn’t lie. Videos of bad behavior cross the globe instantly, and once it’s out there it can’t be recalled.

The cellphone in everyone’s pocket can’t but help expose scenes that don’t belong in a normal society, football in most countries has moved on for the better.

The bad news is this won’t become a watershed moment, just like the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. The racist violent undercurrent that pervades the nations second biggest fanbase will not be dissected in detail by the once talented Scottish mainstream media,,those with their beaks in the trough cannot or will not raise their head above the parapet and call out such scenes as unacceptable. Ministers wont risk alienating a sizeable section of the public by ‘attacking’ the culture that surrounds that certain club. The upholders of the law could take a much harder stance, but that’s fanciful. Fuzz can hardly state they are too much for us, the overtime is probably welcome and many members would have some affiliation with the club.

Hampden stays schtum, always.

There’s no knight in shining armour, no strong collective to demand an end to the unsavoury scenes that all too often emerge. The cycle looks set to continue.

Which leaves only victims,,,


public servants

rank and file football supporters

businesses in public spaces

emergency unit workers

the occasional innocent bystander

the national sports image

to name but a few victims.

Notice how Celtic get mentioned. Another victim.

The comments on this webpage say more than enough

Turning a blind eye hasn’t worked, appeasement never does.

Acknowledging there’s a problem would be a start, until then get ready for more of the same. 

By Mahe 

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Apologies for the lateness of this article. More power outages in California,so MAHE sent it to me to publish. Unfortunately,I’ve only just found the e-mail!


Good morning all



Disgraceful reporting of the event by the SMSM,ranging from nuffin said to dragging us into it. Plus ca change…



And to the others who have popped in on the previous page to say hello.

Nice day outside-must mean I’m back at work after yesterday’s winter woolies weather!

Prestonpans bhoys

Now if we had a normal functioning PLC they would openly question the addition of our name to that article.

But no, they say nothing allowing us to be continually in the mix with whatever shite that mob gets up to😕

A thing of beauty

Good article illustrates that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Our board will never address the issue of the smsm and for all we laugh at Huns and statement o’clock at least they say and do something.
The only part of the article I take issue with is the part where you talk about the large crowds on both sides of the city. The Huns had a sellout and we had a half full stadium again. I appreciate some fans don’t like friendlies but there is a definite issue with the amount of people actually going to games in comparison with the Huns. Anything outside of the league and Europe is never a sell out anymore. Except games against them. A lot of people moan like mad about the board wanting the Huns back. The apathy in our support outside of big games suggests thousands wanted them back as well.
I used the Huns three times in that post to see if I could draw TGM out of his exile and let us know he is well. I also used it because that’s what they are 😂😂

St tams

ATOB 👏👏👏


Seems things never change, and the strange thing is, we don’t expect them to. Scum then, now and always will be. HH



You and everyone else knows that most of my friends back home are Rangers supporters,and terrific fellas too-otherwise they wouldn’t be my mates. They would back me to the hilt if I needed it.

Put any three of them together,any Rangers fans anywhere-and we’ve seen it in London,I’ve seen it too in Swindon and elsewhere-and it’s like a reminder of why the old Riot Act was introduced. One verse of the billy boys and they’re off. Mayhem. It’s like the fastest working drug in the world for them.

You’ll remember my mate Jimmy,doyen of The Louden and The Bristol? Couldnae believe that his best pal-and flatmate!-in Swindon was a f…..g Fenian Bastert? He would get annoyed when I refused to go for a drink with his few Rangers fans in the town. And even more so when I reminded him why. Though I did like one of them,who is still on my phone under CASUAL VIOLENCE. Smashing wee guy who I never saw actually hit anyone or threaten them,he even went ballistic at Mike McCurry during THAT game,saying it was the worst refereeing performance he had ever seen.

So,every time he went for a beer with his pals,same story just different venue. Barred,dunno why I don’t listen to you.

It’s catnip to them,and they’ll never change.



Correct. They’ll never change-because they don’t want to. And they always get away with it,why should they?

A thing of beauty

As I have said before, I have no idea why you would have anything to do with that rancid lot. They hate everything we stand for and whether they are nice to your face, rest assured it’ll be a different story behind your back. I get what you say about an individual basis but would I enter one of their hun hell holes. Not whilst there is breath in my body. Bigoted arseholes.


Morning all,

Prestonpans bhoys,

Agreed. Someone from our Board ( Preferably CEO) should come out and complain about the article, ask for an apology and confirm all the violence was at a certain Sevco game !!!!

No, don’t think so either !!!!!!

Cowards, every feckin one of them.

Sack the Board, Back the Team CSC. 🍀🍀🍀


Huns have been emboldened by their brethren in the Scottish government and police’s hear no evil see no evil approach to their behavior .
Don’t think it’s coincidental that it’s under SNP’s watch.
Notice they seem to be dressing like Moseley’s blackshirts.
Black and Orange are the new blue.

Prestonpans bhoys

Well the real thing starts on Sunday as we welcome Aberdeen to CP. Pity they couldn’t leave their fans at home who will no doubt continue with their vile behaviour. Must be a competition between them, huns and hertz as to who are the worse.


Will be an interesting season for us as we are loaded with skill but a little short on brawn and toughness.
Operation kick the fenian bastards has already been mapped out in Lanarkshire.
MSSM will be in full deflection mode as Tav’s sets world record for most penalties taken in one season.
If Mooy starts wielding a positive influence he will suddenly discover he has become a dirty bassa and collector of cards.likewise Jenz
Offside laws will bear no resemblance to the rules as written and Var will become an international joke with its selective interpretation unlike anywhere else in the football world.
This is a season where European participation will give them the chance of financial respite and success will give them the chance of more transfer sales aided by mssm exaggeration of actual player ability.
I hope someone at Celtic has given Ange a heads up on what awaits.
We have a fantastic squad but i still worry about overall team balance.
If Ange can find such then i believe that despite adversity and cheating we will face we should still triumph.


On the subject of board complaining about media linking us with huns behavior at weekend?
Celtic would have a very good case for financial compensation as the newspapers by falsely connecting us to such would diminish our brand and lessen our appeal to corporate sponsors.
Suing them for financial damage would force them to rethink their dishonesty about our club



I had a choice 25 years ago when I landed back in Kilwinning. Rangers pals or nae pals.

I met a buncha huns at that time,and five years later,left a bunch of Rangers fans. They had my back,I had theirs. Not a one would insult me because they knew what they would get back,but there was occasional ‘witty repartee’. Until they gave up,hiding to nothing.

Same everywhere,sis. You make acquaintances in a new town based on how you find them. Their preferences in football,politics,etc aren’t a topic because they will come out in the fullness of time,and speaking of come out,so will their sexual preferences. Who cares?

I’m not gonna change anyone’s sexual preferences,who they vote for,who they support. That’s nothing to do with me. But if they get their round in and are great company,that is good enough for me. I’ve learnt a lot of things from my friends over the years,I’m grateful always to have had them. Maybe sometimes,I should have listened more-but they were always there,despite everything.

I’ve been very lucky with my friends over the years. You know that,as you married one. I reckon I’m a good judge of people,maybe not all of the time.

I had five great years in Kilwinning before I moved here in 2001. I couldn’t have done that without having my family around,of course,but I couldn’t have done it without a f…..g incredible bunch of friends.



That’s a good point about the financial side. Any shareholder can do that too.

A lawyer’s letter costs a few bob,but there are plenty of lawyers around with shares in the club.

Re your point about Mooy,I see a Paul Elliott season ahead. And as for VAR,my scepticism on this is well known. I t would have cost less to run if we had outsourced it to the system in England,

John mcghee

Why does our board let these scum journalists into paradise because between the scum record the sun and a few other paper bring our club down all because that new club at cheating liebrox cant go to a football game without them fighting with other fans and then you get the rat media saying celtic fans aswell and it had nothing to do with celtic fans so hopefully the board start banning scum journalists from entering paradise give them nothing chase the scum away and let the fans do the rest.SCUM PAPERS AND RATS WHO WRITE FOR THEM THE SCUMHUN RECORD..THE RATS AT THE SUN…RATS RATS 🐀 🐀 🐀.

Prestonpans bhoys

One of the drivers on our supporters bus is a fan of Old Firm FC. Dam fine fellow and sensibly doesn’t drive the bus against his mob😂😂😂



Many round here knew the possibility of trouble and either gave their tickets away or abstained altogether. Would have had some effect on attendance.


Speaking of sexual preferences and my pals in Kilwinning,I went into the Abbey Tavern one night. Got there before the rest of the lads,pint of lager please.

Only person there was also at the bar,never seen him before-and I hope you will forgive me for this,gay was screaming from him.

So too was HELP!

What’s up,mate?

Seems he’d gone looking for a bit of rough trade-his words-and the other guy had kicked him out of his own house in the morning and was demanding £200 a week,otherwise he would tell the fella’s parents that he was gay!

I’m not making this up,btw. I’ve not been drinking either,as I’m off to my cot shortly for work.

Well,I reckoned that his parents already knew that he was gay,but the big problem was how to sort the big problem. Get his flat back,Hill St in Ardrossan.

At which,three of my friends walked in. They weren’t too pleased if I’m honest at bringing the fella over,but I told him to tell them what had happened.

‘Right,Lee. You’ve heard it. Do I make the call,or you?’

Half an hour later,a friend of ours walks in with the keys and the contents of the other guy’s wallet. He won’t bother you again,son. But be more careful in future.

I think I picked good friends in Kilwinning. And that’s an example of why.

A thing of beauty

We’ll agree to disagree as we always have on this subject. No amount of justification of what they do as individuals or as a group of friends will change their actions that we are all familiar with on here. Just ask father Tom.

St tams

You’ll wait a long time on our CEO, making a statement.
Invisible man.

Re. the violence at ipox The police and authorities were aware that there was going to be trouble, with sheep fans coming down to join Spurs fans .
Our SLO knew about this over week ago.


“I type this some 24hrs after the ugly scenes, and ‘Rangers’ are still trending on Twitter, casting a negative light on the national sport to millions. Again.”

Didn’t SMSM recently boast that “Rangers” must be the world’s favourite team as they had more on line searches than anyone else.
I think someone posted on here that it probably was down to searches to view the mayhem their fans caused.


Driving back from visiting my mum in her Clydebank care home.
Lots of radio coverage of Institutional Racism at Scottish Cricket. Apparently Sport Scotland are going to take over for a while and sort things out!!

Does anyone know if there was any mention of anti Irish racism in the report. Certainly no mention on the radio.

Also how can cricketers succeed on taking their grievances to the very top while football completely ignores the issue.

bada bing1

Frodshambhoy- watching the press conference now,hoping the question gets asked

Awe Naw

CASH ‘CALAMITY’ Rangers £40m legal bill will NOT come out of justice or Crown Office budgets – leaving it to taxpayers to foot the bill
Dan Vevers
22:17, 24 Jul 2022Updated: 22:17, 24 Jul 2022

NATS ministers have confirmed an eye-watering £40 million legal bill from the Rangers prosecutions scandal won’t come out of the justice or Crown Office budgets – as the compo farce deepened.

The Crown has paid out more than £35 million in payments to figures involved in the club’s takeover after admitting to wrongly and maliciously prosecuting them.

With other cases pending, it’s feared the total cost to the taxpayer could end up topping £100m.

And SNP chiefs had faced questions about where the cash to pay for the spiralling legal costs will come from – with the justice budget already facing a real-terms budget squeeze.

But in a letter to Alba MP Kenny MacAskill, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said settling the cases would “not have to be met from the budgets allocated to the Crown Office nor the justice portfolio”.

Last night, Mr MacAskill – a former Scottish Justice Secretary – said: “I suppose the good news is the already beleaguered justice budget isn’t being touched.

“The bad news is that the rest of us have to pay for it.

“Millions that could and should be spent on public services – whether on legal aid, police or tackling the cost of living crisis – are instead paying for the Crown’s calamitous errors.”

The East Lothian MP added: “In any other job heads would roll. Here, they carry on regardless.

“It’s just not good enough.”

David Whitehouse and Paul Clark were appointed administrators when the company that ran Rangers went into administration in 2012.

They were arrested in 2014 but all charges were later dropped.

In 2020, prosecutors admitted malice and lack of probable cause and both men were awarded £10.5 million payouts.

Former Ibrox chief executive Charles Green also won £6.4million in compo after a claim against the former Lord Advocate.

Consolidated Scottish Government accounts put total litigation costs linked to the botched cases at £39.92m.

It comes after warnings the SNP government’s recent spending review will slash the justice sector by 20 per cent in real-terms by 2027.

The Law Society of Scotland said this would affect “budgets for the courts, the judges, the prosecution and legal aid” – and hamper efforts to clear the Covid courts backlog.

In her letter to Mr MacAskill, Ms Forbes wrote: “Funding to cover the necessary settlements arising from the actions of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Services will not affect the delivery of justice.

The settlement of these cases will not have to be met from the budgets allocated to COPFS nor the justice portfolio.”

The SNP bigwig added: “As you will be aware, the overall Scottish Government budget is managed across the whole of the Scottish Government and, as happens every year, any overall funding changes required to support expenditure are confirmed as part of budget revisions.”

Both the Crown Office and Scottish Government have said they support a judge-led inquiry by Lord Nimmo Smith into the Rangers scandal once all the cases have concluded.


Thanks Bobby, woke up to power but air quality still very bad here.
Don’t like writing about that club or it’s support but even friendlies are an excuse for thuggishness apparently.

Anyways happy day of the moon y’all . Keep on keeping on.
Hail Hail


Good afternoon all from Shawlands.


Good leader. Depressing-but necessary-reading.

The Loyalist heroes, who rioted in Kinning Park on Saturday, are merely the public face of anti-Catholic and a anti-Irish sentiments, which exist in many levels of Scottish-and indeed British-society. The poisonous bigotry which exists within the Edinburgh Establishment, is even more pervasive-and dangerous- than that exhibited by the Orange lower orders. The Judiciary, the Police and the politicians, at the highest level of these organisations, have their kinsmens’ backs. That is precisely why, in 2022:

1. Anti-Catholic marches are allowed every year, all over Scotland. If these Neanderthals were targeting any other community, their marches would be made illegal.

2. Uniformed Loyalists in PoliceScotland, look on with benign tolerance, whilst places of worship are regularly attacked, and random persons are assaulted, by clowns wearing Halloween costumes. Despite the trouble that occurs, every time one of these marches takes place, the cops make sure that they issue a press release, praising the behaviour of the marchers, even when the reality at street-level, is somewhat different. The media of course, play their part, by glossing over any trouble caused.

Added to this cauldron of hatred, is the Ibrox club. This club attracts the self same elements, that disgrace themselves during public marches. ANY behaviour of the people running the new Ibrox club is tolerated, whether such behaviour is borderline illegal…or actually illegal. Any wrongdoing is wilfully ignored, by the media and the authorities. They cannot be seen upsetting those in charge of that Loyal institution. Of course, any instance of ignoring bad behaviour within Ibrox, whether on or off the park, merely emboldens the Ibrox mob, to up the stakes to a new level.

Meanwhile, the yellow cowards and parasites, on the PLC board at Celtic Park, say and do nothing, to stand up for the club and the Celtic support. Future Celtic historians, will not look to kindly at the behaviour of our glorious leaders…and quite rightly too.


On the lash again, I see. Fair play to ye.

Hail Hail.

Sol Kitts

I would never usually condone violence against any player, but this cheating Bassa deserves to get hit with a really bad one. Wish he’d come up against Roy Keane in his prime.


Sol Kitts, Roy Keane looks fit enough today to toe his arse.😁

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, MAGUA great to see you posting, yes the glasgow polis ,think most of them are in the ludge and season ticket holders down govan way, the smsm, same as, my god my country is still in the 19th century, orange walks go by with their anti catholic anti irish bile, nothing said, the infamous glesca rainjurs can defraud the authorities, they can ban the BBC when it suits their purpose, their fans can rampage around causing mayhem, nothing gets done about it, my god i thought when the reverend ian paisley died with his chant of no popery and no surrender, people in scotland would wake, up.another true story.

Big Packy

How are you and Joan? I hope all is well.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA fine pal ,thanks for asking, what do you think of present day bonnie scotland,?????

Billy Bhoy

Afternoon all from sunny Alhaurin El Grande near Mijas where its currently 37c.
If the name rings a bell its the area north of Malaga where there have been wildfires burning for the past week. Fortunately, they are under control, although the helicopters are still flying above putting out fires in the hills behind us. Thankfully our wedding on Saturday went ahead without a hitch.
Not MY wedding – sorry. I’m 62 and got married 34 years ago. I’m not daft enough to try it again. Plus with two grown up kids I’d never get an annulment!

I’m sorry to say that news has reached me in this tiny village that those pesky “Old Firm” fans have been up to their old tricks again. In a pre-season fixture too! Can they not even wait a other week for the real stuff to start?

I hope none of you lot were involved?

Oh wait, I’ve just received a text message from.a mate back home. Ah, it all becomes clear now.Say no.more….


You wonder about Anti Catholicism in the establishment?
The Act of Settlement 1701 (Still in force) states that the Monarch – The Head of State – cannot be a Catholic nor marry one! The heirs to the throne cannot be Catholics either. Indeed one of the Queen’s most notable Titles is ‘Defender of THE Faith’ that’s The Church of England.
This is 2022.
Prince Charles has said when he becomes our leader he is going to change it to ‘Defender of FaithS’ All faiths. Which is fine as far as it goes but not far enough.

It’s rotten from the top down.

To be fair I’d do away with the monarchy altogether.

big packy

JIM, no blacks ,no dogs ,no irish has things changed, another true story,


They updated the rules a few years ago to allow women equal rights to be heirs to the throne. So an elder sister is in front of a younger brother. If they were bringing things into the 21st century why not do so with religious intolerance?

big packy

JIM yes but if you are a muslim hindu ,jewish you are ok but us catholics, nothing to see hear timmy,,,another rue story


The monarch is the head of the COE Packy so I don’t think they’d be welcome either. But I get your point re. walks etc

big packy

we have been second class citizens from when adam was a boy, nothing has changed or will change, till the orange lodge and all its cohorts get banned and cease to exist.another true story


Packy it would be catastrophic to the O.O. if the monarchy was opened up to all faiths. Would they still be as Royalist?

bada bing1

Last train leaving Dalmarnock on Sunday at 16.13 pm,so no trains after the game, the shambles that is Scotrail…

Awe Naw

Severin Carrell Scotland editor
Mon 25 Jul 2022 15.16 BST
The BBC was guilty of breaching impartiality rules when it allowed the then Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, to accuse the Scottish government of corruption on air.

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom said BBC Radio 4’s news programme World at One had failed to properly balance Davidson’s allegations, made during a long interview last year on the controversies surrounding the Alex Salmond inquiry by the Scottish parliament.

Ofcom said World at One was guilty of three breaches of the broadcasting code because it “failed to preserve due impartiality in its coverage of the relevant matters of major political controversy and major matters relating to current public policy”.

The regulator launched its investigation after the BBC’s complaints unit rejected a complaint from a listener that the item, broadcast in February 2021, had been biased because it failed to find interviewees to dispute Davidson’s allegations.

She had been interviewed at the height of a complex battle involving the Scottish parliament, Salmond, the Scottish government and the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution authority, over the release of evidence to MSPs investigating the government’s handling of claims Salmond had sexually harassed female officials as first minister. Salmond had already been acquitted of 13 charges of sexual assault.

Salmond had pulled out of an evidence session with MSPs due the day World at One broadcast Davidson’s interview, after the Crown Office said some material could not be released.

Sarah Montague, the World at One anchor, had prefaced Davidson’s interview, which led that day’s programme, by referring to Salmond’s “possibly explosive evidence”; Montague also described the Crown Office’s decisions as “unprecedented and highly irregular”.

Davidson went on to allege that the controversies over the evidence suggested the country’s public institutions and democracy had become corrupted under Nicola Sturgeon, Salmond’s successor as first minister and Scottish National party leader.

“[At] the moment, the government is running riot and is denying the parliament its right of scrutiny and there is no liberal democracy in the world that should allow the executive to become over-mighty and be allowed to snub its nose, in particular to cases as serious as this, to the parliament and to those represented to defend the country,” Davidson said.

The BBC said it had tried hard to find a Scottish National party speaker to go on air, but failed, and that Radio 4’s later news programmes had provided the necessary balance by including counter-arguments and further reporting.

But Ofcom said that was insufficient because of the gravity of Davidson’s allegations; the fact World at One broadcast them at length without any alternative perspectives, such as Sturgeon’s stance; and its failure to tell listeners they could hear more on this later that day on Radio 4.

The BBC said it noted the Ofcom ruling, but is not obliged to broadcast or publicise it.

Big Packy

Modern day Scotland? Twould be a better place if Orange walks were banned…and Sevco went under. 6 feet under, to be more precise.

Billy Bhoy

Enjoy the holidays.

Awe Naw

A poster on Phil’s site made and excellent point:

If the BBC is now allowed back into Ibrox, will the licence payers be on the hook, for the 25grand charged for media access? It’s a fair point, I think.

Hail Hail.

Awe Naw


absolutely. A FOI request should already be prepared to be sent before they their first fee payment

Nobody will actually do anything. Like write to the BBC or their MP or OFCOM. They will let steam off in blogs and still buy their 52 quid OF tickets

Whit kin you dae ? 🙁

YoCanTakeAHorseToWaterButYouCannyMakeItDrink CSC

big packy

JIM good question, but why oh why do they hate us so much, we live in a small island together, but because we worship the pope its like we are the antichrist, just have a look on some of them biblical sites in america, all affiliated to the klu klux klan, the pope is the antichrist according to them ,a feckin bunch of racist sectarian bassas that you will ever meet. another true story,