Sunday Afternoon Blues


The football season is about to get underway,roll on Sunday! I had planned a visit to Chez SOLKITTS but the rail strikes put paid to that,unfortunately. And the announcement yesterday of more strikes on August 13th even screwed up our back-up option!

Even worse is that England Women won their semi-final on Tuesday,and with the final kicking off at 5pm,my chances of seeing it are pretty minimal. I’m sure I’ll find a way though. I could easily swallow my pride and watch it with the rest of Swindon Shamrock,but I barred myself over a year ago from the pub they watch it in due to the pub manager being an arse. Och,I’ll think of something!

Anyway,our first game is against Aberdeen,and they surely can’t be as bad as last season. We should be wary of going into this match in the expectation that three points is a given. Jim Goodwin may be a former Celt,and have our club in his DNA-but he is first and foremost a professional who must do his best for his current employers.

He is also a very competent coach,and I think he will have his team come at us early to try and stop us getting into our stride. It has become fairly obvious over the last year that we prefer to lock the game down early doors,as I once heard Bobby Murdoch say about the Celtic team he played for. If Goodwin can knock us off our stride early,has a game plan for it,he would be foolish not to put it into action.

And he is no fool,for sure.

But actually it is the match the following week which has been the one to hit the headlines. Our away game against Ross County. Now,I’m no great fan of the club,but I hold them no ill will either. They have been the grateful recipients over the last few years of some shocking refereeing decisions against us-but hasn’t everyone? The common denominator is the one we should be bearing any grudges against.

But this one,the statement released by them on Tuesday regarding ticketing issues at the game in question,is a strange one. After pointing out-quite rightly,in my opinion-that any Celtic fans trying to access the home end will be refused access or kicked out,they then add-

“We are cancelling numerous tickets bought by suspected Celtic supporters for the home end and refunds have been processed. No tickets will be sold on the day.

“Only those who have a ticketing history for home matches will be sold tickets. It is unacceptable our staff have been threatened and intimidated by individuals attempting to falsely purchase tickets. This will not be tolerated.”

Is it not possible,even likely,that people will want to go to this match who might have not attended a match for say,the last thirty months due to a worldwide pandemic? We lost a whole season of attendance,remember,when nobody at all was allowed in! We lost the end of the season entirely the year before-and even a year ago,attendance was severely restricted.

There is such a thing as the big-game supporter,and if you support the likes of Ross County but don’t have the funds for regular attendance-and remember,a lot of people have been seriously hit financially by the pandemic-this might just be the type of game you can justify attending.

And your own club are gonna tell you NAW?!!!

I’ll ignore the poor,even threatening,wording of the statement. I’ll even ignore the loud allegations that their staff have been victims of verbal abuse and even threats of violence. That is what the police are for,and I’m sure they can prove these allegations. In fact,I hope they can,and contact the police,for there is no place for that kind of behaviour.

But when every penny counts,can they really say that they have made the correct decision over their original ticket allocation? I reckon the answer to that will be seen in the actual attendance figures-which I trust will NOT include tickets sold,cancelled but yet to be refunded. I hope that they have got their metrics bang on with a near sellout,rather than being about 40% empty-as is usually the case against us.

And it isn’t only Ross County who do this,either. Maybe Hearts,Rangers and Aberdeen-in a good year-can fill the ground to 90% or more against us while giving us a meagre allocation. The others just give us a meagre allocation,to hell with the consequences. The financial loss,how that looks to the Sky TV viewer,etc. Piss off a good few Celtic fans,trebles all round,eh?


Above article by BMCUWP

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Cosy corner bhoy

Big Packy: BMCUWP and Mahe are the custodians of Sentinel Celts and I can assure you unless you step beyond the mark youll NOT be booted out.
Your insane posts give some a laugh and some despair.
C’est la vie.

big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY cheers pal👍ive spoke to bobby many times on the phone, and like you a true gentleman, ill leave it at that👍


Good evening all from Paddy Neesons. It’s a hard life.


Thanks for the heads up on the nag. Appreciated and good luck. Hope ye get 2 in a row.


Twisty, aye young fella. Mrs BRRB is wanting a new suite, carpets and probably a younger version of poor old J. I may take to the drink. 🙄

Awe Naw

Ht 1.0 Lanarkshire huns need two this half to stay in the tie. They are brutal. Mon the Rovers


Yer jockey for tomorrow night took a fall at speed today. 5f sprint, saddle slipped and poor Johnny hit the deck at 40mph! How he didn’t suffer serious injury I don’t know. Tough stuff jockeys are made of.



Good luck tomorrow

Was just going to say the 5lb claimer would negate the 5lb penalty but hopefully he recovers well from the fall.


Hope all is well with you and Goodwood has been kind.


It hadn’t been until today! Had a vg day. No doubt Musselburgh bookies will even the scores tomorrow 😁


A jockey getting treatment at Epsom at present. Racing delayed. Not sure who. Was out and missed the action.


Probably Laura Pearson. Unseated in previous race



Yeah fav just got home there.

I am amazed at the resilience and determination of the jockeys

I understand in relative terms they are well paid but to get up at 4 or 5 a.m. to ride out then travel throughout the U.K at the behest of trainers and owners has to be praised.

As we know not all jockeys are assured 4 or 5 rides a day and it is very hard work with as you say the possibility of injury at any time.

Can only imagine riding a horse at between 30 and 40 miles an hour and another jockey cuts you off and you have to take evasive action,dangerous stuff.

Is it still £115 per race for a flat jockey.

Awe Naw

Which Scottish football sage recently said

“So, now that Motherwell are about to kick it all off again on Thursday night when they face Sligo Rovers in the second round of the Europa Conference League qualifiers, let’s see this late start for what it really is – an undeniable sign that Scottish football is firmly in recovery mode.” ?

big packy

sean mcguire rest in peace ,sean was a till operator at tesco in helsby near frodsham frodshamboy will know it, when he first served us about 4 years ago before covid he came across as a bubbly scouse evertonian ,whom, celtic was his second team, we lost touch and then during covid he used to walk past me and the dogs on his way to aldi, he used to say if you smoke you wont get covid, he used to visit his father every day in the local hospice who had covid plus cancer,that was 12 months ago, had not seen him since, went to tesco in helsby this morning, guy on the till been there for years, just said to him do you remember a guy called sean that worked here ,yes he said he died from covid 8 months ago,,WOW, im guessing he probably caught it from his father, sad



Seen Whistledown returned 10 to 1 in the last.I tuned in late and it was 10 to 11 in running.😄


It’s around £125 flat and £170 NH . There are other perks of course depending on the generosity of the owner.

I just backed the 9/1 shot that turned the 1/5 over. Purely for interest as I was watching the race.

I was going over to Nick’s one morning in winter. Pitch black, freezing cold. I stopped in the local bakers and got hot pies and cream cakes for the stable girls.
I kid you not it was as though they’d been given a Rolex!

After we came back in from the gallops, I’m getting ready to drive home, but not the girls. They’ve still got a helluva work to go through. The first string were out at 6am. I joined the second string at 9am. Some of the staff are there 11 hours plus. Tough life, but, most wouldn’t trade you. Labour of love for most. It has to be.


Danny the fav looked ok until two out then it baca me clear it was in for a battle

bada bing1

Terry Neill RIP

bada bing1

Embarrassing Motherwell…..3-0 agg v Sligo Rovers….well deserved

bada bing1

Awe Naw- Keevins?

A thing of beauty

Awe naw,
Keech Jackson

Awe Naw

Close same paper. Think of a demented hun giddy on 2 years of relevance for his team after 8 years of journey. No attempt to analyse that the top 4 last year 6th – 3rd were 7th – 10th last season. So giggly with delight that as a supposed football journalist he failed to even notice. Huns daein well can write in OF angle with some kudos to Celtic so all is well with scottish fitba. Ireland 3 Scotland 0 mmmhhh…

Awe Naw


Top of the class

Prestonpans bhoys

Well I was about to write Keevins or Jackson and who is the thickest , I would have gone for the 70+ year old who should have retired years ago.



Loved that story.

It’s always a joy when you watch our high profile Cheltenham festival races and a stable girl/guy gets a bit of publicity when their horse wins and their elation is so genuine and heartfelt.

Contrast the smaller yards with the occasional winners but the hard graft,the love of the horse and the emotional rollercoaster they are voluntarily subjected to as you say is a labour of love.

Enjoy a profitable Musselburgh Twisty.

bada bing1

Rabbler Ralston?



I don’t think it is you I need to confirm things with- probably whoever was 2nd last December but I sent an e mail anyway.

Thanks for re-joining Superbru- we are up to 50 already and can match last season’s 60 if we get a move on – spread the word! Thanks

Jobo Baldie

Just a wee reminder that this season’s Player Of The Year competition officially kicks off in just 5 sleeps’ time 😊
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2. All each person does is watch the game, decide which 3 players in your opinion performed best on any given day and then stick the 3 names in an email to me at SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM .
3. You don’t have to put your 3 nominations in order and neither do you have to explain your reasoning behind your pick. Whilst I’m always happy to read every email I don’t always have time to reply to everyone so those detailed thoughts might be better put onto the blog? Especially those lurkers who regularly join in on the voting 😉
4. I then add up the votes cast and issue the results for that game, usually between 10.00pm and 10.30pm on the evening following the game. These will be posted on Sentinel Celts but, again, I’ve no problem if they are then copied elsewhere.
5. For each game, the Man Of The Match (as voted by you, readers!) wins 5 points. Next best gets 4, next gets 3 etc. These points accumulate on a game by game basis to eventually determine our Player Of The Year.
6. Finally, please remember that absolutely anyone is welcome to join in, whether you post on here, post elsewhere, lurk, or even just know someone who posts or lurks. So, I’m happy for you to encourage friends, family etc to have their opinions counted too.
Finally, if anyone has any other thoughts, ideas or questions on this please feel free to contact me at SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM . You might get an ‘automatic reply’ but I’ll try and send a more personal one over the coming days.
Thanks for reading this far.


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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Payday/Pensionday Friday to all who post or lurk on here.