A winning start

Sunshine, beautiful tifo, very strong bench, stands packed full of supporters in fine voice, an early goal.
Yesterday’s game had the potential to turn into a real spectacle, but it never happened.
Celtic werent scintillating, didn’t blow the Dandy Dons away, but accomplished the most important task in collecting all three points.
A winning start is important, well done Ange and the bhoys.


However a good performance delivers points and confidence. It’s a sign of the times many expect the team to win and play well, that was fast becoming the normal, and we heard about Ange’s teams becoming a better unit in his second year which added to the expectation of a real show from the Hoops.


Why did we not blow them away?
For starters they aren’t a bad team, workmanlike and defending in numbers, plus their defenders are big solid chaps who are happy getting their body between the ball and goal line.
Nine times out of ten they don’t concede that early Welsh goal. Each of the three taller stronger defenders seemed to leave it to the other two, their manager will be drilling them constantly to attack that ball and clean everyone out if need be.
It was a poor one to give away, cheap and unnecessary, but lady luck smiles upon us and our bhoy was in the right place at the right time. He was solid and scored, can’t ask for more from a backup player, full pass marks.


I don’t believe our team selection helped. The opening home game should be an attacking affair, the Hoops fully going for the jugular. That suggests playing your best attack minded players in an attacking system.
In that case it’s Bernabei over Taylor, and G-Mak before Kyogo for the variety of goals he can (and does) score. It’s notable that he had more chances per minute than his Japanese teammate. Kyogo prefers to run at defenders, and with the Dons sitting very deep, maybe the big bhoy leading the line was the better option.


Juranovich impressed me, but that has more to do with his composure on the ball and his reading of the game, often intercepting a pass. He wasn’t swashbuckling though did venture forward occasionally, similar to GT on the other side. Were our fullbacks playing with the handbreak on? Could they have offered more offensively?
Yes and yes, to these eyes anyway.


The victory didnt come through luck alone though. The team hustled and harried a lot, very intent on winning possession from those in red. Always a positive.
And we had a difference maker.


Jota was fantastic and my man of the match before he netted with that fabulous strike. Here, there, everywhere, he was a constant thorn in their side and by a mile the best player on the park.
We knew that, and that’s why we’ve shelled out the big bucks to capture his signature.
Quality players produce quality moments, and that’s exactly what happened to seal the three points.


But looking to Jota for a moment of magic isn’t a game plan. More savvy managers and teams would know how to negate his wizardry plus he could easily get injured.
In Europe the overall team shape and tactics are crucial,,we shall face clubs with a few difference makers and not just one.
To compete we must become more than the sum of our parts, which didn’t happen against the Dons.
We are in much better shape since Ange walked in the door, but must regain our match sharpness and quickly.


By Mahe

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RIP Yogi Bhear, another legend gone too soon.


Talking of funerals…an old customer of mine died unexpectedly last week, I went round to see his wife and find out the funeral arrangements. Friday 11.30 at the local crem, then onto a local hotel for a purvey. We’re going to my cousin’s wedding in the same hotel at 5pm! I texted my customer’s daughter to ask if it would be ok to wear a kilt to the funeral, to save me going home to get changed!! “My dad wouldn’t expect any less from you!!” 🤣🤣🤣
Then found out my mate’s dad had passed after a long-ish illness, funeral in the local crem on Friday at 12.30!!
Texted the girl again and said another couple of weddings and a film crew and we’ve got a money-spinner!!
“We’ll go halvers” 🤣🤣🤣


Shocking Twists. Had delays a few times at Preston… possibly the worst station to get stuck at, they simply do not give a Four X!! And it’s always freezing and raining, worse than Glasgow!!




Like the guy at a funeral wake at the home of the deceased.. Said to the widow “ what’s the WiFi code?”

She said “ go feck yersel ya insensitive bastard”

He said “ is that all in small case?”



bada bing1

McCaff- chase a refund..

bada bing1

.189 goals in 416 games


BadaBingBadaBoom! When I spoke to my bro he told me he was nearly crying when he was speaking to Customer Services at New St. He was explaining this was the first time the wee man had travelled on his own, he had luggage for a few days stay up here and his arm is in a sling from a bike accident last week!! He was still a bit worried when he was talking to me but did say he’d be onto Customer service tomorrow for a full refund and compensation. I’m not sure how that goes because the replacement was put on but a few years ago I managed to get refunds for late trains to Wales and BHam…it was Virgin Trains and a very straight forward process but I’m not sure who the wee man is travelling with tonight.

Jobo Baldie

Was just composing the results post when news reached me of the death of John Yogi Hughes. RIP Yogi. I hope it’s not seen as insensitive to still put out the following…..
A quite brilliant atmosphere in the ground pre-match with everyone remembering to bring their singing voices and an absolutely fantastic TIFO to welcome Scotland’s Champions onto the pitch. And we were all set for the new season.
And what a start with us a goal up within 4 minutes. Lots of good inter-passing and movement followed but I felt we were just overdoing it a bit and could have been a bit more direct. And whilst it remained 1-0 well into the 2nd half there was always the possibility of an undeserved Aberdeen equaliser. But Jota had other ideas with a strike that was netbound from the moment it left his foot – I should know, I was right behind it, albeit 140 yards away!
And with perfect timing as soon as we went 2 goals up we sang “Top of the league looking down on the Sevco…” (well that’s what I sang, anyway).
And so to the voting and what a fantastic response for our first competitive game of the season – a huge thank you to the 82 who took the time to vote. Those votes have now been counted and it was interesting to see that all but one of our outfield starters caught your eye. And the only one scoring nil – poor wee Kyogo!
The total votes cast for each player (with my own choices asterisked) are as follows –

Hart: 0
Juranovic*: 5
Carter-Vickers: 14
Welsh*: 56
Taylor: 49
McGregor: 12
Hatate*: 15
O’Riley: 30
Jota: 61
Kyogo: 0
Maeda: 2

Turnbull: 1
Abada: 0
Giakoumakis: 1
Ralston: 0
Mooy: 0

So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Aberdeen are –
Jota – 5 pts
Welsh – 4 pts
Taylor – 3 pts
O’Riley – 2 pts
Carter-Vickers – 1 pt

We now have 5 more sleeps to wait until our next game away against Ross County. It’s obviously more of a challenge to find a way of watching that game in full but hopefully enough of us are able to do so to make next week’s voting meaningful – remember, spread the word, anyone can vote after any game and join in at any time – just keep a note of the email address – sencelpoty@gmail.com
Hail Hail!



Thx for the update and your efforts. Appreciated


Meant to say earlier Twists, I found Octordle a bit easy…have you tried Gazillordle? I started it four months ago and nowhere near completing it!! 🤣🤣🤣


RIP John Hughes.
Sat next to his family at Webster’s Theatre last year at the Bertie play. Lovely folk. Condolences to them.

Well done J B compiling the results. Appreciated.
Matt and CCV just missed my cut.

NanaMouskouri C.sc

McCaff sounds like one of those professional mourners you hear about that hits the purveys for the free steak pie and drink

NanaMouskouri C.sc

What game did Yogi wear the famous white sannys


Jobo well done! Big Yogi would still be smiling!


Rest In Peace John Hughes
Legend as a player. Legend as a man 🙏🙏🙏


NanaMouskouri C.sc
What game did Yogi wear the famous white sannys

Was telling my wife about that. She wouldn’t believe me. Can’t remember the game but I’m sure the pitch was ivy.

The Real McCoy

I’ve mentioned before my first game was the Glasgow Cup Final of 1965 .
Celtic ( all green strips) 5 Queens Park 0 .
Got a badge before the game. It was , of course, just a black & white photo from a newspaper stuck on cardboard and with a safety pin to attach it to my scarf.
Cherished it till it eventually fell apart.
Was Yogi Bear 🍀💚
R.I.P. John Hughes 🙏🏻


I’m pretty sure that the game you reference, was played on the 30th of January, 1965. Celtic 8 Aberdeen 0. The following day, Jock Stein was announced as the new manager of Celtic.

Hail Hail.

Call me Gerry


Well done on posting your update 👍

Though, shouldn’t Hatate (15 votes) get the 1 pt rather than Carter-Vickers (14)?

I only noticed because I’d posted my top 5 picks (either here or on CQN), then chose my top 3 from the 5, and my 5 happen to match the overall top 5 (if Hatate is ahead of CCV) 😁

Keep up the excellent work 👏


Billy Bhoy

Thanks for all your efforts Jobo.

And I see big GG mustered a vote. Its lovely to see that his mammy lurks on here!

PS I still think wee Greg was MOTM.


Nana…with the current cost of living crisis I’m scouring the Herald and Evening TImes every night. You cannae knock back a free feed these days! Even a sausage roll and sandwich can save you buying a Gregg’s Meal Deal! 🤣

NanaMouskouri C.sc

Yes the picture I remember of the pitch it was like a ice rink Torvill and Dean would have struggled no to land on their arses. Think the big man scored a right few goals that day

16 Roads

Terrible sad to read the news that John Hughes is gone.

RIP Yogi.🐻


NanaMouskouri C.sc

The way prices are going the criminals will be hijacking Lurpack lorries instead of whiskey and cigarette ones. Guys will be comeing up to you in pubs and clubs asking if you would be interested in a tub

Jobo Baldie

Call Me Gerry @ 10:43 – you are entirely correct and I stand corrected. Here’s the amended summary –
“…So, the top 5 players receiving POINTS for the game against Aberdeen are –
Jota – 5 pts
Welsh – 4 pts
Taylor – 3 pts
O’Riley – 2 pts
Hatate – 1 pt”

Thanks for being so attentive.


Jobo…a disappointing error! How can we trust you to run this thing for a season if you get it wrong in Week 1! 😂🤣😂


Can’t remember the game but I’m sure the pitch was ivy.

Oops – no disrespect to a great Celt. I blame the beer.
Ivy = icy.
Seems game was in January so ice was likely

RIP Yogi 🙏🙏


Used to love having a quick wee blether with Yogi on a Saturday afternoon outside that pub in London Road (He might have owned it?)
I would tell him I was from Shotts. That made him smile!

NanaMouskouri C.sc

McCaff was it no Stalin who said it disnae matter how the people vote it is who counts the votes that matters

NanaMouskouri C.sc

We will probably end up with some East Kilbride player winning the player of the year


Nana…I’d be very surprised if Stalin gave a flying f### about votes! Was he not in power for about 30 years and killed one or two dissenters!

NanaMouskouri C.sc

One or two!! Try 20 million

Jobo Baldie

Nana at 11.25 – now that brought a smile back to my face.
Sleep well’ y’all
RIP Big Yogi Hughes 🙏


I own up. I gave GG a vote! As some of you will be aware I had massive streaming problems 1st half. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt. 🙂


NanaMouskouri C.sc
Hope your no having a go a Liz Truss (think that’s how you spell it)

Complete waste of space so hope she wins and gets found out before the election.

NanaMouskouri C.sc

I think you should only get half a vote if you are watching it on the telly you are not seeing the full game. The good work players are doing off the ball etc and also the ones who are not working hard enough tracking back


NANA 1119

No,that was Trump.



Disagree. There are no second-class Celtic supporters.

The Fenian Whaler

RIP Yogi

416 games and 189 goals for Celtic



NanaMouskouri C.sc
I think you should only get half a vote if you are watching it on the telly you are not seeing the full game. The good work players are doing off the ball etc and also the ones who are not working hard enough tracking back

I watched on telly but had Maeda as a pick. (Only 1 of 2 people)
I think he’d be a nightmare to play against. Total commitment and speed on and off the ball. Not the greatest final ball but he gets to deliver crosses when no one else would even bother to attempt to gather the ball. Harasses the opposition all over the place to regain possession.
Definitely not the most eye catching but Angeball personified.


Frodshambhoy…exactly why he pushes Jota on to the left side, Maeda’s workrate is incredible. In yesterday’s game had Hatate been able to pick out Maeda with the 3 or 4 passes he tried, or GT with the pass he tried, Maeda may very well have been a contender for MOM but unfortunately the final ball wasn’t good enough yesterday!

bada bing1
NanaMouskouri C.sc

McCaff check out Vasily Blokhin his chief executioner reckoned he did 15000 personally

NanaMouskouri C.sc

Rangers tried to sign Blokhin